Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 6, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Las Cn$s Sun-News Tueiday Afternoon March 6, IMS ' ' ' ' ' ' · ' · Las PuMi.bcd d4ilV. eiccpl Saliird;y-werk,] a , n f i r r n o M i i and* m t i m l n f i - br flic, LU Cructt, Sun Puliii.hiiiy Co., a i , 2 1 2 South M a i n .Si. Cruet*, N. M Rmtrrfl »t Lit Cruet t tram nf fie* n irrond cUu matter. WALLACE PERKY-- ,, ..;:.:.: .....P..lttftf ft. B, BOYJ.K , DtHlnnu Minuef N.liou.l A(Jrtrtiii"B K e b r e t e n U i i v c i h j U n d NV w. r i r VV It'^rtihfafU'c,. Inc., Cbfcago. Nrw York. St. I.miii, K a n t i i Ciu, Omah*. Atlinti. OP T!llt ASSOCIATKH T6e' AJtKiitrii Vrcm i* exelutlvely cnli'.Uil iu tho me lor iiuljlicauon of all ·cwi diifaiciipi tied I ltd m ii or not oihcrwut c r n t i t r d In tint taper irul »|*o to k*c*l new* imttlUhed lincin TH5 3REAK! #*«V er (£ emit » monili; lij- mnil in tJoiu Aim cuuiily. V» » y e a r ; (J.Sf m nmmrt*. 11.V5 thitr monihi, f$ rtnti a m o n i h ; hy m. il e U r w h e r e In Nrw Mriilco, I6.SQ n re*'. UJS i x month., 12.0-1 llurr m»n||i», '^ cent* a moniti; oiitiide ttzie, P O f J N D E l J IN iMl Nazis Begin io See Their Dark Plighi Dr. Rudolf Scmmlcr, Nazi propagandist, thus darkly envisions the dark plight of the Nazi "conquerors:" "Never In our history have we been in such a grave silua- | HOD; nevor have wo stood BO totally alons." And from this distance, that looks like a pretty fair sizeup j --one that we're glad the Germans are beginning lo realize, j Thi- Ire-ill tut (.·fS.icH oj the Alll'-i on both tin? wcsleni am! ctmtcni fronto plficcfl them In position for the finul Hiirgf; which will carry them into (.ho heart nf Int.- In the w«Hl we »rc uji ngainst the la«t g r o u t n i i t u r n l barrier th« R h i n e itm-lf. In tin; cast tin ' powerful ItijfMliin t h r u m almost to UK- ffatfifl 'f BiTlin'fl port of .Stettin 0affKUferdK tin? n-d n o r t h e r n f l u n k and puvcjt \ht: way for t h e offensive to end nil offcnHlvrfl. · Hltlerdom i.s tibmit to roller.t the full wngttt of nin rind Or. Ht-m- rnlcr Hhow« thai he k n o w n f u l l well what thitt In. This doeim't mean t h a t Uir Allies hnvdn't luiigh fljfhtliiB ulmud of them: on the contrary, the indlt:n- tlund are Umt thr^y hnvc. Scnimler nayH t h a t the "Clermnn cftmrnnud In prrtHcrvltiR the high- cut .ptwulhli* n u m l i r r of t r n n j i H lor th« declMlvn battle." Naa.1 Field Mnrnlml von riund- ntedt ftp])PUi'H to h n y p Huet'0i;d'-l in getting h very l»rKe nui. of Hi* firat oln-'is troopit--hia , 'i- Inft · armin«"- -nrrnnH to the »t nlJe of thfl Rhino. M n n y cr t i n - mnn he left to n « h t » renr-Kintnl ndion h f t v n been (JlntliuMly t h l r d - t'lOHN, (iltluiiig)] be tinnif;nc(i f l n t t - ItnO forci'H to the (lefi'ti«« of the HtrritrRli; l)Md(;rheh(l«. Thld· tn*ttn« ( h u t ho mriy br nbln to put up u « t l f f lljjlii when fii-n. Elnenhower pnln h i » fot-'-jH over t h e K h i n e for the drive to meet t h e RiiHHiaiifl In Berlin. The croHHlng bids fair to be one j uf 11 it* major aniphlbioiirt operations j of w n r - carried in p»rt by n a v a l ; iitiiLM, This wide and deep river, ' with I t H i roai-eurrenlH, IH » f o r - 1 rnldablr ot»lnele, eflpnclftlly with j · HtroiiK enemy forces gnnrdlnK the j · ejmt Imnlt. ' J The GerniJinn won't Itnow ---and moHt r e r t a l n l y wo ntny-at-liomu-S won't know ·-- when or where the crofwInRN are to be attempted un- t i l On. Ike suddenly riifihcn his equipment mid troop* to the cho- ««n. Hpots and makes whirlwind preparatlonfl for the iisfiault. PRIVATE OPINIONS COLD STORAGE MOVING Mid HAULING W« Coil HlTVn Vim fin Hhcjrl or IxHlg Hilllh H. K. TRUCK I'honn 210 brut thry criulil init-H. nil liiHtdlnipntH For a BETTER FINISH , on .every GARMENT N O E L CLEANERS IIAI'R EWTOR If our £nod home town paper will allow Bpiu-e wfi wlnh to suy w h n t wn don't want In \VenUI.a8 nicrB and tlml Is a « u«o, pi-M or whnt hiivy you. When 1 ciune here Hfini« ycnrw o tht 1 irddltinnn on \vft«t wide w«ro for Hit! iriowt part kind of for- looking cotton fields; 'tree, lutrt w«ri' for wnU* rcaBonubln, and j m a n y puctr but bonornble hnrrl i wnrltinj: p«oph of the t r u e Anicri- nin hoinc IcivttiR type were buying ; nnd b u i U h n g | mi inoiiger Inr nr Hoint 1 way, n! now and u HUlo inter mi. Dncfl anybody rnmpnilicr thoso fliiHhy (idvcrLlHcmi'iilfl iibout H to 10 yciirH HKO t l i n t run like this -Huy a Int. nnd we will build you n liuum- on iMisy tcrniH? Or buy n lot nnd we will loan yon money to b u i l d ? W«l! some wolkH wlKi Imd Just. iMion^h to purchnart snlil lot or t n l H went ftvcr In make nrrnrige- nu'iilH with aalil lonil concerns only to Ito tuld t h a t thin was p u m p k i n s center or little "Ockluy- liom-a" and that they would not j n i t out u t h i n dimu on n lot went of t h e i n i h o m l and we found they wen- hditcitt nboul w h n t t h o y Hatl. Hut by lotiK hours of toll, M\vriit and pliuinlrif; tho wcHt K\(\K folk.H bavi- In-pt on I m p r o v i n g , .tlrnv but .surtv Wr have a f l n o srhool, good nliH'Hfl ticctjini and its t o morn) nnd s p i r i t u a l n t t r t t n m c n t s wo tire lo iiu'iiHtirt 1 a n u R w i t h nny nl H ml, und its for bounty College .·fgnwo/ Sees No Value, To Valley, in New Defoliant Process ImHt'Rtlona arc tlint tlio recently* "The trouble with the use of it .f l u r n l l n n hiivo the other Women of Las Cruces! We Must Meet Our Fat Salvage Quota for March! '~T'llE NATION'S fnt-snlvnRc conl for JL March -h 26,550,000 Ibi. To realize thnt trcmrnduui nniount, tllit community- niul every oilier in the nation --must fill 111 quotu. Won't you to all out to help put Die drive over the top I hit month? R r m e i n b e r l Ycuir c o u n t r y U depending on Ihoae u«ed fotj lo help make inedicinei, tnilletl, lynthctic rubber, toipt for mllitnry nnil rivillih ute.and huiidrcdl of other cMcntUli, Check your own invinti by thii check Hit. Maybe you've been liver- looking ionic of thele Hurcei, * Approveil by OPA mid WFAj Paid for by indurtry. .hid. V'* U Sff-^.-^-astf _ -.»--'2Sa-"-iWS--' ! 5. S5Stsr-^' O e t » ' .u^^-- developed and much publicized Aero Defoliant for aiding In ripening and picking cotton will not meet Mcfrilln vnll«y nceda in the opinion of tt. N. Strom an, associate agronomist at AM college. The defoliant, spread by airplane, in reported to be meeting n long felt need In aectlon/i of California and the deep aoulh, but IcHLi conducted here last year by Olisnn Stutpii, (it that time acting HHHociate agronomist in charge of p!»!il brooding while Mr. StromHii was In the firmed service, fulled to lie impressive. An article with numerous plc- ttirejt of the une of Acrb Dcfollnnt appeared In u ivcetit IfiBue of Life. Tho object of the treatment is t n remove the leaves from the cotton stocks, allowing the sun to ripen Uiu cotton quicker, at a more uniform t i m e and to aid either in hiiiul or mechrinicnl picking. here is that the chemical must be contacted with leaves while they arc active," Mr. Stroman ejtplnln- ed. "Our season Is relatively short und It IB uncertain when a killing Frost will halt growth and development. Every week the frost is late, means more cotton for our growers nnd when the plant is defoliated, development ceases. It might be n great th!n£ here if we knew exactly when the frost was going'to come--but unfortlonately, we do In some of the California cotton growing areas, tho defoliant was given an extensive lost last neason and reported to be highly successful as the growing season Is longer thcry limn here. The yield was improved and cleaner picking was possible, the mechanical pickers proving very successful in picking the cotton once the leaves were off the stoi-its. Legal Notices THIRD J U D I C I A L DISTRICT COURT. DONA ANA COUNTY, May N13W MEXICO M. Httwlcy, somet lines iwn OH May McDonald I l a w l o y us Mac Mt'Donnkl Hawlcy or us Mm* M. Hiiwlry or as Mrs. M. M. Mnwlcy, P l a i n t i f f . Vs. The Hoard of Tnmtvea of the Town of Crucea, municipal jjorpornUon ; N. M., w i t h the fdllmvliig named ilefcn- U tints nnnin«t whom substituted service Is hereby nought to bt- ob- t a i n e d , ti»-wlt: the following nunu'd d e f e n d a n t s by tmme if living, If dccotiscd, t h e i r unknown heirs. to-wll: Orii M. Scott, Flora Sally Scott, Kinolino Julia Scott, James Siimpsim, Wtlbcr J. Sampson. IVrl 1C Sampson. Jnnics L. Sam- a« i n l i i L i n i l t r n t o r of the ea- nf Amolia L. Sninpson, de- CCHSIH), nnd Nnncy Krmicis i?cott; ihc u n k n o w n holra of the following named demised parsons, l o - w l t : Ami'lln L, Siimpson. Hi-njnmln K. Scott, doci'imt'd husband of SHid folks bpfttt! nioro wnya than a f a n n e r ean whip n mule. Now wo ilon'l have any rrnlestuto for flnlp; neltlMT i!o we nil voti- the artino tlcktMl, or tiKroe on who is tJio I'Cht looking wonmii hut wi are nil opposing n slaughter housti we«t of the railroad. And If nny i on* t h i n k s t h a t it won't have an ! odor or draw fUnn--- nnil will on- j Imnre tho vRhip of your property I Just t h i n k why not locate it near ; the court house or p i t y h u l l ? But of tho wrsi side «ro not DIP lUKtfr lawn" typot thank you. Wider P. U JONKS BAYLUS CADE PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT AlKIIU - Tut MMt*ra - Syltmu. 120E. Qrlgg. Ph.284,477-J Tackle Lines AND Hooks Rio Grind* Luibir ·nd FUEL COMPANY 111 South Church Phon» 3 defendant Ora M. Scott, and Ben- Jfimln F. Scott deceased luifibniid of said defendant Nancy Francis Scotl; anil all unknown claimants of Interest In the hereinafter dos- cribod prcmfaoa adverse to the p l a i n t i f f , Defendants. No. 0831 NOTICE OF TENDENCY OF SUIT TO: Each and all of the ahnvi! mimed defendants agninst wlioin sutistiliited service is hereby sought to I)L- obtiiim'd, CillBETINO: You and carh nf yon ore iieroby n n t f f l r d that the above n timed plaintiff has filed nor complaint against you, nnd each of you, in the abovp numbered cause, In the District Court of Dona Ana Ciwn- iy. New Mcxlro; that the grnurEii object thereof Ls to quiet the t i t l e of the p l n i n t t f f in and to those KT- tnin tracts anti parcels of land and real estate described in the mm- p l u l n t , which property is Im-atcd In the Town of La.i Cruces. County of Hotm Aim and Slate of New Mexico, and Within the Dona Ana d Colony Grant, and on the south fide of Amiulor Avenue and on tho west aide of Miranda Street. You are further notified t h a t unless you enter your appearance in ii cnusv on or before the 2EHh day of March. 1IM5. Judgment will be rendered ngalnst you, and *-iu:h if you, in said cause, by default. liolt Holt, whose po.stif!'U-e addifHs Ls Las Cruccs. N. M., are the tittorn«*« for p l a i n t i f f . WITNESS my hand and the seal of said DlfltrlCt Court of Donn Ann County, N. M., this t2 day of Keh- ruary, 1045. ( S e a l t L. A. CARPWELL nialrlrt Clerk Feb. i;i.21-27 Msr 6 N TUB) PROBATE COURT OF DONA ANA COUNTY, NKW MEXICO. In tbo m u t t e r of the Last W i l l 1 d Testament of C. P. Wilson, 'o eased. No, I^I'O , NOTICE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN; Nnllcc Is h#r*by Riven t h a t an i n n t r t i m a n t purporting in lie the sl Will A Testament of C. I», Wilson, dccpfUHHl, has been filed far prohftte In Ihc Pntbattt Court if DOHA Ann County, N»w Mexico, unit thnt by order of .intd Court! the 24th itny of Fchrunry A. D, j 1M6. ftt 10 o'clock A. M. M t h e ! C\iuri Room of imtd Court in the Town of IMH CniCra, New Mexico, | Ijt the day, t i m e and pluce for heitrinjr proof on Hftld Ijwt Will und T u t n m r h U TIIKRRIN^RK. nny pen on or pemoiu wlAhine to niter ohjectloau to the protiatlnn or aaltl Uaxt Will Miid TviUmenl «ix hereby notlfittl INJURED VET Pvt. Gabrial Lucero, a son of Mrs. Felipa Lucero, of Mesilla, above, is back in the states, but hopitallzcd, after service on the western front--mostly in Bel- glum--with the 110th infantry. He telephoned from New York that he is in a hospital there, for the present, but expects soon to be transferred to some southwestern hospital for further treatment, He developed, he said, a bad case of trench-foot. Two of Pvt. Luccro'a half brothers are in service--Tony overseas, Manuel in training in the U. S. Coke Drouth Ends In Slate Prison SANTA FE, March G--UP-- A commissary for prisoners war recently installed at the New Mex- co state penitentiary. On the opening day a long- term inmate bought a soft drink ind remarked: "First coke I've asted in eight years, nine months and two days." to file their objections in the of- 'icc of the County Clark of Dona Ann County, New Mexico, on or cfore the time set for. said henr- .iiff.. Witness my hand and seal of said. Court this the IlOth day of lanunry, A. D. 1045. Seal) ADELA OONZALES, County Clerk. Jan. 30 Feb. 6, 13. 20-1945. Has New Manager C. J. Boget has arrived in Las Cruces and IB taking over his dutU as the new manager at Price Creamery plant, 230 south All meda boluevard. Wallace Grume, who has been manager for the past seven and a half years, is being transferred to the firm's plant at Hobbs. Mr. Boget, a Dane, has spen almost his entire life in the dairy busines. Raised on a farm in Denmark, he grew up in close touch with dairy Interests and has kept that connection with the exceptioi of seven years lie spent in th Danish Koyal Guard. He 'has been in the employ of American - firms' for the past 24 years, holding his first such" position in Cuba where he established a new dairy for the Ward Baking Co. Which has a branch there. He comes to Las Cruces direc from Poplar Grove, 111., where he was manager of Our Own Diry, a chain supplying the Chicago dis. trict. An expert on pasteurization, Mr Boget assumes his new job as the Price plant here is being remodeled with the addition of a modern type pasturization plant. The Poplar Grove plant he recently managec specialized in pasteurization and condensing. Nazi*.KlllFawh To Save Grain for HumanConsumption LONDON, March 6--^-- The Nazis have decreed drastic slaughtering programs for domestic fowl in an effort to conserve the maximum amounts of grain for human consumption. All persons living in towns must dispose of their poultry, establishment of new chicken ranches was forbii/len, limitations placed on ;he number of brood hens that may be retained by farmers, and only peasants and poultry farmers will be allowed to raise chickens at all after April 1. : Previously the slaughtering of pigs and cattle to save grain for jread was ordered. Republican Vote in Senate Hits New High WASHINGTON, March :lepublicans counted a potential 40 votes in the senate today,- their lighest level since the 72nd congress of 1931-33.' At that time they held 48 seats. The death of Senator John Moses (D-ND) opened the. way for appointment of a Republican successor by Gov. Fred G. Aand- ahlj himself a Republican. 'Similarly, Senator Hart ^(R-Conn) re-' cently succeeded to · the seat of he late Senator Maloney, leaving he majority 'with 65 seas. Sena- or La Follette (Prog-Wis) holds he 96th seat. Dklahpma Husband Divorces L.G; Wile A decree has been entered in .he district court of Sequoyah, Okla,, divorcing Otto and Gladys Tripp. Copy of the decree was received today by Mrs. Tripp, who resides at 127 West Court street vitli her three children who have been placed in her custody. The decree was granted to Mr. rripp, who resides in Oklahoma. They had been married eight ·cars, and have been separated 18 months. HOME ON LEAVE First Lt. Daniel Sosa, Jr., 21, a son of Mrs. Margaret Sosa* 912 N. Campo, above, is home on leave after completing his combat missions, as a member of the oldest Liberator group in the European thearter. This group received the presidential citation. In addition, the young flier has been awarded the air medal with five oak leaf clusters. Kiwanis Plans War-Peace Task Basing its community service program for the coming year on 10 far-reaching objectives, the Kiwanis club of Las Cruces announce that "Win the War-Build 'or tieace" would be its administra- .ivc theme for 1945. W. G. Smith, president of the Las cruces club, said that Kiwanis nternational's more than 139,000 members in' some 2,250 commumt- es throughout the Uniited States and. Canada had pledged time and ·ffort to the fulfillment of the ob- ectives which were adopted at a ecent wartime meeting of the ser- ice organization in Chicago. They ollow: 1. Hasten total victory--accele- ate club war services. 2. Exert our influence to estab- ish and maintain world peace. 3. Enlist every Kiwanian in a lub or comunity project for ser- ice to returning veterans. 4. Cooperate in community post- r ar ernplayment programs. 5. Promote understanding and ooperation. among social and conomic groups as essential to ational unity. 6.' Intensify Kiwanis youth ser- ices--bulld future citizens. 7. Fulfill citzenship obligations est we forfeit self-government. 8. : Further the friendship betwe- n Canada and the United States Theatres Gel More [n March of Dimes - TUCUMCARI, March 6--«*-- 'lew Mexico theaters this year ·ollectcd twice as much money as ast year in the March of Dimes program in the campaign against nfnntile paralysis. Milas Hurley, state chairman of he theaters' program, said that $30,684.64 was collected by tho licnters this year compared with 10,203.89 last year. funiorN.M. Growers Eligible for Prizes Junior New Mexico vegetables rowers between the ages of 12 nd 21 are eligible to compete for 6,000 in awards in the production- larketing contest of the National unior Vegetable Growers Assn., H. C. Seymour, Oregon state 4-H lub leader and chairman of the ·est states region contest, an- ounced today. Awards this year will include a national championship of $500, our regional awards of $202 each, sectional awards of ?100 and state awards. Entry blanks can be obtained by writing the Junior Growers' advisory chairman. Grant B. Snyder, 103 French Hall, Massachusetts State College, Amherst, Mass. Contestants are asked to enroll early this season because a study course precedes actual vegetable production by each entrant. Try (Irat to get It In Cruces! *1*E PAY HIGHEST PRICES IFYOOHAVEA CAR TO SELL-BEING IT TO MESILLA MOTOR CO. 600 Norih Main Phont 203 Will buy all makts of cars ami pay top pticts. Midniglit, March 15, is the dead- ; line'for'filing both annual income tax returns for 1044'ami "declara--' tion of estimated tax {qrilfi'45, S. P, Vidal, collector of-interhaj ;re-" venue for New 'Mexico", warned today? Las Crucea deputy Collec-'- tors stated today. He points out that the la* re-:' quires, that a return must be'filed,' by every person, including: minors;; whose 1944 incdme-was' $500 : 6r. more. · - . - . · · ··/. · ..-. - / Declarations kre required . :. : in.-. general frbmi fjiisiri6se;and'profeB- sional people, landlords, inyeatora- and others who expect incomeV/af^ more than $100-this year, frtinv sources outside wages from which: tax is withheld .and, who expjiit: their total income from all Sources tt be $500-or more:;'A xaeclaration also muflt i be!'lile'a'' ) by-'a''wage earner who expects, to earn this year- more than $5;000 ,.pltu} ?500 for- each surtax exe'mp'tion exc'ept his own. However, Collector Vidal states, if a "person expects, more than $100 of income o.utSide.-^oft wages from which tax is'Withheld, and expects.a total income of $SpO ; or more, he must file a.declaration.': regardless, of the size\.g?''his wages.; Farmers, at,leasf;j'two-thirda ^.of; whose estimated gross income-is;, from farming, may postpone filing their 1945 declarations until Jan 15, 1946. ' , , " _ . Mom Tells Monty To Wind Up War ·-.;..'. LONDON, March 6i-UPI--Mar- shall Montgomery, Always : -an obedient son, has been told;'to wind up the European war by March 23. ; ' Lady MontgomeiT,.·./mother;, -at. "Monty," has predicted that the ·or will be over by the Evening standard ~said today, adding: ~ ; ... "And she says she. lias written' to the'field marshal 'to.make sui:e ber forecast is fulfilled/' Going aw»y, coaattg. home, H«.vn Ing a partj-? the Sun-NewB. 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