Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 20, 1967 · Page 20
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 20

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1967
Page 20
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jdaho Free Press Caldwell News-Trlbune, Thursday, July 20,19G7-A8 Astrological Forecast By Carroll Rigtiter Carroll Rljhtir CE.VKRAl T E X I I E X C 1 K S : One of your best possible days for so organizing and arranging your future on a solid and secure s t r u c t u r e l h a l every mi- nule of this vitally important day and t v e n i n K s h o u l d b e spent in con- t a c t w i t h (hose who are able to aid you to Rain the ud- v a n c em en I t h a t you feel can brinK you health, w e a l t h , happiness. ARIES: (Mar. 21 tu Apr. 19) Gaining prestige f r o m Ihose w ho are really bijr in y o u r field of endeavor is r e l a t i v e l y easy now. They Rive you support you need. Do w h a t e v e r will m a k e you b e t t e r knovv by (he public in general as well. TAUni'S:Apr.2pto.M»y2(» Die up the information thai will help you to f e t ahead in every s p h e r e of y o u r endeavor w i t h alacrity, gel fine results. Contact experts who can interpolate, expand y o u r ideas. Understand t h e i r reasoning powers. G E M I N I : (May 21 to June 20 rYour i n t u i t i v e faculties- are working famously and should now be utilized to y o u r finest «u'tanta£e. This is especially I r u e In business and romantic interests. Avoid going off on lanpenls because others apply pressure. MOON CHILDREN': (June 22 to July 21) Carry t h r o u g h w i t h whatever associates expect f r o m you and you can then get backing for y o u r own p a r t i c u - lar a m b i t i o n s . Out to fun ton i g h t w i t h partners. Make this a very f u l l day. evening. 4686 t.EO: (July 22 lu AUR. 21) Enlarge scope of y o u r success and t h e n utilize energy toward a c h i v i n g some at m a x i m u m speed and m i n i m u m of lime. Seek fellow u-nrkers w h o u n d e r s t a n d your ideas. I'lan lo labor together w i t h e n t h u s i as i.i. V I R G O : (AuR. 22 lo Sepl. 22) Some lime spent at recreation will give you more incentive for your w o r k later on. Get inspiration to achieve greater things. You have lo be more affectionate with mate in P..U if you really desire happiness. L I B R A : (Sepl. 23 to Ocl. 22) Show kin how t r u l y devoted you are and automatically you minimize tendency lo argue and fuss. Gel business arranged in such a way that you start up- trend you w a n t . Show t h a t you are level-headed. SCORl'IO: (Ocl. 23 la Nov. 21) lie sure to stale y o u r s t a n d p o i n t s lo olhers in a mor.l pos- i t i v e way now and you gel the results you w a n t . While you want lo operale alone, w i t h partners' aid you go f u r t h e r . Coordinate efforts inlelligenlly. SAGITTARIUS: (Nov. 22 lo Dec. 21) If you show olhers lhat you are logical and praclical, they assist you to cct ahead more quickly. Listen lo what business persons you admire have to suggest. Follow t h r o u g h w i t h their ideas. CAl'RICOHN: (Dec. 22 lo Jan. 20) A n y t h i n g nf a personal nature can be handled most sue- cesfully now if you express yourself weU. Use social nice- lies lo gain approval of congen- ials. He sure you get all your facts straight before you. express ideas. AQl'AIUUS: (Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19) Some quiet concentration will veveal bow to gain your finest personal ambitions. Contact experts in your field of endeavor and gel Ineir ideas for your advancement. Go · a f t e r t h e m seriously. PISCES: (Feb. 20 lo Mar. 20) Look to lhat fine person you k n o w who has your interests nl heart for the ideas you need righl now, c o o p e r a t i o n for certain plans. Then join at some social affair. Increase your present circle of friends. IF YOUR" CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he, or she, will h one of Ihose seemingly cold and austere individuals who hides a very w a r m heart and con be relied upon for assistance when olhers fail to give it. The m i n d here is a practical one and there is much ability at organizing, pioneering. Give as fine an education as you can. Don't neglect s p i r i t u a l t r a i n i n g . "The Stars Impeli'lhey do noi compel." What you make nt your life is largely up tn YOU'. Carroll Righler's Individual Foremast for y o u r sign for August is now ready. For y o u r copy send your btrthdate and SLOO lo Carroll Righler Forecast ( n a m e of newspaper). Box 1921, Hollywood 28, California. CROSSWORD - - - By Eugenf Sbefjer FROZENFROtTf WATER! CHEESE! CANNED MEAT? I'LL GO GET THEM AND BV MCMNO OUR LOCATION SOME 16O MILES EVHRY 24 HOURS, CAN STAY IN SEMITROPIC CUMATE. , ., 'S PLEASANT ZONE THAT AREA THE THIRD AND FOURTH DAYS AFTER'SUN- RISE" DURING MOON'S 14-DAY DAYLIGHT WHERE TEMPERATURES VARY FROM +55 T09S*F. HORIZONTAL 1, Splendor . G.Headwear 8. Trading center 12. European river 13. Blackbird U. Medicinal plant 15. Lyndon Johnson, for one IT. Title 18. Cask 19. Triads 21. Females 24, Manhandle 25, Among M.Dre««tnj« SO.Muthy land SI, Portion SZ.Extot 33. Surgical MW J6. Examlna- Uoa 16. Metal container 20. Discourteous 21. Propel lightly 22. Hebrew measure 23. Excavate 24. New England State 26. Bum effects 27. Scottish Highlander 28. Scottish- Gaelic 29. Hardens 31. Leg part, 34. Chattered 35. Glittering strip 37, Wire measure 38. Steals 38, -i Ludwlg 40. Quote 41. Musical number 44. Rural sound 45. - · Lupino 46. Peculiar T. Negative 3. Hebrew , letter 4. Established 5. Carry 6. Literary miscellany 7. Small amount 8. Pacific capital 50. Old None poetry . Snow- runner 52. Habitual drunkard 53. English tlUe VERTICAL 1. Shell 2. Lyric poem MARY WORTH H\K. 'H I YOU'VE. HEARD THE. OLD 5C.W J ^ SIN-! | ABOUT A5MLOR HMIS6 A *· WFI SHE'S A {HARMING Wilt PERSON!...AND. TENNIS-W.SE-DO I ill A LOVE-SET VOUR FUTURE? SW[£7HL«W IN EVERY fOK]?n A D A T E W l T H T H E G ' . R l i WHO Wf* HER1 lAVT WIGHT FROM THE BW1 Xing 10. Italian city 11. Golf mounds Answer to yesterday's puzzle. PTOWPS THERE'S SOME OTWER WM~ PERHAPS-ACH pu UEKW WHATB UWPENN6 TOME7...I WIST HME TIME TO THINK BUT. HOJ IVTOU1PHAVETO CHANGE MV MME, THEN I COUlDtJ'T PRACTICE MEWONE YES, SOUTH AAttRICA.'.,.I'LL TAKE WRY AWAY, CuT ALLTIES WITH THE RWT. PISAPPEflR. THIS SAWYER VJOULD NEVER FIND US. 3T.DUrt*nc*f S8. Renounce «, Tumult 42. Neglect 43. Pharmaceutical Buapeniion f Mlitha: Bmlntet. , Klx FMtura Bynd., Inc.) Today's Almanac By United Press international Today is Thursday, July 20, Hie 201st day of 1967 with 164 to follow. The moon is between Its first quarter and full phase. The morning star Is Saturn. The evening stars ate Venus and:Mars.,,.,-i.-' j,,.-,-,-.'", Born "on this day in 1919 was Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand, the first man to conquer Mt, Everest, On this day In history: In 191V, Secretary of War Newton Baker drew the first draft number -- 258 -- from a glass bowl containing 10,500 serial numbers. In 1942, the first detachment of "WACS" began basictraininE at Ft. Des Moines, Iowa. In..1945, the American^ nag was raised over Berl^)-aijdi|ie first U, .S. .Irwps^p'repjrea to take over as part of the occupation army. In 1965, Arthur Goldberg was named Ambassador to the United Nations. PHONE 466-7891 or 459-4664 to place your classified ad. BIONDII f 1IASIC but never boring -see hovv yoke repents square of neckline. See the diagram, see how railckly you can whin up t h i s graceful dress to rely on summer thru fall. P r i n t e d P a t t e r n 4 C S G : .Misses' Sizes S, 10, 12, II. HI, IS. Size H takes '1 yds. 45-tii. SIXTY-FIVE CENTS ill coins tor eacli pattern--add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special hanilliiiii- Send to Anne Adams, care of idoho Free Press Pattern Dejtt., 243 West ITtli St.. N'ew York. X. Y. 10011. Print N A M E , A D D R E S S with ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. FALL'S N'F.\V FASHIONS -see the best of tlie new styles for all sizes In our new Fall- Winter Pattern CataloR. (Set one pattern free -- just clip coupon in Catalog. Hurry, send -W rfslu no\v. WUST'VE 6or JP BY HlfA5ELF Hallo's They'll Do It Every Time K**N THE ALARM GOSS OFF YOU CANY EVErJ HEAR IT vysve HAD 'THE .BELL, REMOVED' kVHV DIDN'T THINK OP THIS YEARS ABO. So TWO HOURS LATER HE COMES TO,AND WHO SETS THE BLAME? K£E-RECK-/T'~ THE MOTEL OP RINSS AND RINGS TO WAKE JERKLEY AS HE REQUESTED, BUT NO ANSWER-- REX MORGAN, M.D. ' WHO--EXCEPT YOU V NO ONE; ANP MSS WINTERS \ THAT'S WHAT ---KNEW THAT M3U I MAKES IT ALL HAD AN APPOINTMENT / SO UNCANNV, _. TO SEE ME? i -'V. PR. MORGAN.' , ,, , TOPAV-- AND I WAS L-- TOLP THAT KJU WtR£ 601NG TO PUT M£ MWY IN A MEKTA'. WAT ABOUT MBS WINTERS? PO YOU TRUST HER COMPLETELY ? JODIE K A SWEET BOTH KARL AND I FEEL SHE'S EXTREMELY LOYAL.' BESIPES, JODIE WAS WITH ME ONCE WHEN ONE Of THOSE CALLS CAME WHEN DID YOU RECEIVE THE LAST PHONE CALL, MR5. KESSLER ? CALL FOR 7:30.' WHY DIPN'T YOU CALL AAE? I'VE AAISSEP A VERY IMPORTANT MEETING BECAUSE OF YOU! 61VE ME THE MANAGER! NO, DEAR --IT'S TIME FOR BED-MAY I SHOW . SOME MOVIES ON ) GO UP TO YOUR MY NEW SCREEN?,/ ROOM DONALD DUCK TSK! TSK! VOU FEMALES! HIT A NAIL. THE SAME WAV VOL) THROW A BALL! WELL, WHAT WAS rr yOU WANTC PICTURE AND HIT ,V,y THUMB! BEETLE BAILEY I 6AY THAT TV 16 MERELY AM ESTEslSIOM OF OUR SYSTEM AMP ENUWSE6 OOK HE ALWAYS HAS THE VAIADWkYA SAY, FIATO? MOST INTE5E5TIWS hlELLOS TW6 SAME WAY A5 TM6 CAR A'RPJANE- EWLAZS6 OU2 THE FLINTSTONE5 ET JH' UMAMENT, WILMA.' I'LL BET THE OLD SOY'S HALP DEAD.' CAM POP?? GO SACK AFTRR WE'RE FOR THE TANPEM POPS'.' en S ALL PAY,' :.\\ fi'RE THAT THIS ete K HE (i)Ei?E AE... I KNEWlT...THAl\V£A S16M OF

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