Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 6, 1945 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1945
Page 3
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TutmUr AiUrncwn March 6. 1945 Las Cnjtffc Sun-News PACKTRIBE Rev., %s. Jones Honoryisiiots service^ at the rch Supdjfiy night , ' ' ' ' CONCERT DRIVE CHAIRMAN Precedinj Presbyteriai at a buffet supper l by^Rev. and Mrs. Frank Jones. The honored guests were Irving Hunt, Laguna Indian; Rev. Higiniu Ruybalid, pas TOT o| the Spanish church atr- D^jwm^JleVjy^-Robert in northern/|paS'A^ejviccsaiifl Rev, Wm. M. OrY, ffefu fSpVeslentative of missions in Arizona and New Mexico. The dining table from which the guefts were served, was laid with lace. Pink tapers and snapdragons in various hues of pink formed the pretty centerpiece, while for the quartet tables the hostess chose pansies from the Jones gardens. » The picture of spring was completed by the use of cyclamen and violets In the reception room. Members of the church boards, officers of the church, and their wives and husbands were invited to 'meet the visitors. Enjoying the gracious hospitality of the hosts were Messrs and Mmes W. A. Wunsch, Evan Carj'o'fi, Rex Laughlin, Charles P. Stone,'Hugh Gardner, Fred Hartmen, Leslie Drum, Wallace Perry, M. Thomas, W.. E. Watkins, Roy France, Vance Wilhins, E. L, St. John. Francis Burke, Covey Baker. Fred Daniels, and Mrs. E. c. Wade. The group retired to the church in time for rlhe services. WITfe r lk)NA ANA COUNTRYWOMEN Home Demonstration Agent The girls .of the Va,do 4-H club told us th?'cjthejKjday that the girls taking baking ""have started on their work by making biscuits. They are to have a demonstration on judging" · biscuits and muffins at their nex't meeting. · Girls of the Fairacres 4-H club had their judging demonstration at the mtetfflg' l ^arcH : a., Son\e aJereisting pieces of handicraft are being made by some of these girls. Lenora Collier had a purse made if corks from the caps of soft drink bottles. It Ws ' aH nicely finished, with pockets in the lining, a zipper closing, and an in terepting zipper pull made of a fishliiie bob. Patsy Griffin, ba^j^, bridge table cover that she had tie-dyed very nicely: Kathyrn Nell Norwood had materials for a charm string and was-shown how t o - p u t them together to finish off her charm string. This group of girls is putting on a : short program at tho Picacho farm bureau on March 8, as a feature of National 4rH Club week ' *·"".'. The women at A:'B. C. had the first leason on one-dish meals to be given during; March for the Women's extension clubs. Six clubs are having this lesson, two are having ca'ke making, anc one will have a;.les30n In the uses of canned products. The one-dish meals' lesson seem- eld especially popular because man women are doing'inOre outside work than they have been doing and feel the ne'co" of speeding up the work of food preparation. The dish to be prepared will be a meat and .vegetable dish, that can be baked a long t i m e ' i n a meduim oven, so requires little watching. Mrs. Win.- S. Erwin, above, general chkirman of the campaign for memberships in the newly-organized Community Concert Assn.,"was credited by speakers at last night's dinner meeting as chiefly responsible for enlisting the more than one hundred workers who began actual solicitation today not only in Las Cruccs but in areas scattered throughout liie county. Seventy-six officers, committee chairmen and workers attended last night's dinner; reported that 109 women had agreed to serve as membership solicitors. PET OK/OLE DISAPPEARS AS LAST OF MATES FLY SOUTH Church Circle Sees Interesting Button Collection The usual procedure of opening the meeting with the serving of refreshments was followed when Circle No. 2 of the Presbyterian church met yesterday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Hugh Gardner, *ith Mrs. Charles Loomis co-hos- ·_ess. The pretty dining table was centered with a potted lily plant Mrs. Frank Wimbcrly poured ·.he Coffee. Following the social hour, Mrs. Cove'y Baker gave the devotional, and Mrs. E. T. Johns presided over a short business .meeting. The program was given by Miss Alma Sweet, who talked on, and exhibited, 'her .interesting collection ' of buttons. Attractively mounted and carefully classified, the collection, including unusual and rare specimens, proved a fascinating subject. Guesta at the meeting were Miss Lottie Sweet, Mrs. W. W. Wim- bcrly of El Paso; and'Mrs. Clyde Smith. Former L.C. 'Woman Sends Music Award Mrs. Hugh L. Sawyers, former Las Cruces woman, has sent her customary contribution for awards to Xegro pupils of Washington si'hool, Clarn Williams, a teacher at that school, reported today. She sent" her check for $5. For the past eight or ten years, Mrs. Sawyers has volunteered money, to be given as prizes for pupils making the most ndx-ance- ment in music during the year; last year, her contribution came late, but this year she sent it early to Le'surc it got here in time f o r ' t h e annual school exhibit. The exhibit - a n d the time for making awards- comes on Good Friday. Mrs. Sawyers now lives in Ros- wHI. Zeta Tau Alpha Elects Officers Newly elected officers of tho Zcta Tau Alpha sorority, announc- j ed after last night's mertinjr, will nemr during tho l!i^.V46 term. ! The nrganizfltion'i nr\v p r i s i d e n t j is Georgia Sue Holt. Serving with Miss Hull are Mury Hartcr.j 1st vice-president: .Janet Boyd. ' 2nrt Vice-president; Jcsn Pearson, secretary; Margaret KaHsen, treasurer. · Terry Stetz- man, treasurer; Lomhre Brazil. historian; Jftftty Crackel. gunnl; Qlgtrn J^Rfcmnmllnt. cnn- Ncwash, SUITOR'S NOTE: This is the seventh installment of the Life of Pete, the pel oriole--a series being written by Mrs. White for the entertainment (if child readers, My MKS. GORDON* WHITE Summer was almost over, most of the orioles had become restless and gone to the mountains as they do before the fall migration. Pete, too, was getting restless and, like a youngster with nothing to do and no playmates, was into everything. Pete Empties Ashtrays If an ash tray was not emptied as soon as it hfid been used, Pete would attend to it. And what a help that was! First, sitting on the edge of the tray, he would drop all the cigaret stubs to the floor, then hop down and pick them to pieces. There was a wall basket for flowers hanging above the breakfast table, and Pete had started a collection in it--in fact, he started several collections. Every now and then when the basket was emptied, we would find hairpins, but tons, dried cherries and figs, bread crusts, rose petals and little scraps of cloth. As soon as the basket was cleaned out and hung up again, he started another collection. Also Collects Hair He had one habit that was quite annoying, and very embarrassing when guests were the victims of his pranks. There are three doors that connect the kitchen, bedroom, hallway and living room in our house. This makes a kind of circle that he used for flying round and round. And any time he found someone standing or walking in the line of his flight, he would light just long enough to grab twu hands--or rather feet -- f u l l of hair, and continue on his flight, pulling hair as he flew. Yon can imagine what that did to a nice hair-do. More Restless After Kishing Home from the fishing trip Pete seemed more restless t h a n over, and for the first time, anxious to get. He had hud a real taste of freedom and liked it. The hours spent in the willows fit the lake, and. t h e , p l e a s a n t visit with the little Ken oriole were a mere foretaste of the long, lazy days he was to enjoy in .southern Mexico during the winter. We could have k»ft him at the lake, with the little hen bird to keep him company and to fly fiouth with him. but we felf that he would be more likely to return to us in spring if he started his trip from home. Few Orioles to Visit The only orioles left in our trees were young ones that remain in the valley when.their parents go to the mountains in August, and we wanted Pete to start his long journey south with them. Late in the afternoon of Sept. 8, I walked out the back door with Pete on my shoulder and watched him fly up into a tree For a while he flitted about from one tree to another, · answering when we called, gradually going- up higher and higher up into the big cottonwood tree. When the sun had set and it began growing dark we stood under the big old tree and said, "good night, Pete," and he answered with a steeply "teet-teet-teet; an hour PARTY LINE Mr. and Mrs. Seth Acres and son Larry, and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hooten and their son, Billy Dean, left yesterday for a visit with re- laMves in Quitman and Greenbrier, Ark. Dr. Brown "W. Randel and "Bill" Stubblefield of El Paso were Las Cruces visitors. Both men are well i^nown throughout the state of Vew Mexico in game and sports- nen','; circles. Mrs. Robert Ake and children, vho with Mr. Ake visited here ·ecently in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Williams, may be back shortly to remain until they can r ind suitable living quarters near their ranch in Colorado. Mrs. J. H. Johnson, who has been visiting in Long Beach, Cal., with lier sister, has reutrned to Las Cruces and is in the home of her son, Hugh Johnson, and family. Pvt. Kenneth Guynn is home from army training at the Uni- /ersily of Oklahoma, Norman, on a brief furlough. Cpl. A. C. Jack has been transferred from the army air base at Lake Charles, Tex., to the base at Alamogordo. He spent the weekend with Mrs. Jack and their son, Brian, 125 Amador street. ing we were awakened by a lout oriole call, and jumping out of bed I ran to the window and called: "Good Morning, Pete," and from the big cottonwood came a jolly answer. Soon he flew into a locust tree and called again. And for a while we called back and forth -AS he moved from tree to tree, always WSCS Holds Program Meeting Mrs. C. A* Miller was program leader 1 , when ,the Women's Society of Christian Service m e t , at St. Paul's Hethodiat church yesterday afternoon. The devotional was g Iven by Mrs, Emma Salisbury, and Mrs. Hudson Murrell furnished the instrumental music. Mrs. Billy Rives sang two solos; Ave Maria, and Trees by Joyce Kilmer. Five girls of the intermediate department of the Sunday School had charge of the main part of the program, the topic of which was "Four Lives Who Found Freedom." The girls taking part were Frankie Ann Davidson, Latlsha Ridge, Donna Mecheni, and Patricia McMahon. Joan Ovorpeck gavo a piano solo. Mary Martha Circle was hostess for the afternoon and served tea at the closo of the program. Flowering quince centered the pretty tea table. T W I N S T A R L E T S -- Pally and Barbara McLean. Hollywood's newest twin starlets, go through a dance routine for a new - film. Hollywood natives, they skate, dance, and sine- College Circle Elects Officers The College Circle of the Presbyterian churt'h met in the home of Mrs. O. C. Cunningham yesterday afternoon, with Mrs. Louise Buell as co-hostess. A program from the study book, "Indians are People Too", was presented by Mrs. Goldsvvaith, assisted by Mrs. Marian Smith. Newly elected officers of the Circle arc: Mrs. W. JE. Watkins, president: Mrs. Albert Elliot,-vice-president ; Mrs. Clifton Egcrton. secretary and Mrs. A. R. Leding. treasurer. Martin's high school class will present an open forum on a disucs- sion of youth problems, and nil purcuts are urged to be present. Progress Club meets at Rhodes ll on Friday afternoon at 2:30 Mrs. Covey Baker will review A. J. Cronin's Green Years. Election officers will be held. The Women's Golf club will hold a business meeting Wednesday at p.m. Hostesses at the covered dish supper, set for 7:30. will be Mrs. Lois Knight and Mrs. Nell Jordon. later all was quiet, and we de- nearer the south edge of our place. elded he must be asleep. Kenilmlers of Pet We knew now that Pete was saying good-bye to us. When lie That evening we sat on the lawn | was in the last tree he called a until late, listening for any little long drawn-out "teet-teet-teet- teet." flew across the road, across the fields beyond, going south as fast as his wings would carry him. Finally the tiny black speck that was Pete faded into the sky, and he was gone. noise that might tell us that Pete wanted to come to us, and finally went to bed with a little silent prayer for his. safety. Lying awake for a long time, we talked of the fun and pleasure our little feathered friend had brought into our home during the past summer, and were almost sorry we had released him. There were so many things that would remind us of Pete: The little holes in the curtains, a soft yellow feather under a chair, bits of bread and dried fruit in the basket, the Jittlo dishes that had held his :~ood. Whenever the sewing machine was opened it would be a reminder df Pete. How we would miss the little fellow! How still the house would seem without his cherry call ringing through the rooms. We felt as if we were losing a very dear friend, whom we might never .see ngain. Then He Says Goodbye Bright and early the next morn- I --.' Chi Omega Alumnae Meet Cocoa and cookies were served as refreshments at the Chi Omega alumnae meeting at the sorority house last night. Mrs. Forrest Scale and Mrs. Knox May field were hostesses. Following a short business suasion, a social hour was enjoyed and sorority songs were sung. Present were Mmes. E. C- Snow, P. W. Baldwin. J. C. Williams, Ezell Maveety. George Taylor, Hudson Murrell, Carl Freeman, Peggy Rosa and Miss HiUJure Anderson. Our Second Front Pfc. Ciprinno Maese in a letter to his mother, Mrs. Tomas Maese of Mcsilla, rcvealeu the fact that lie has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal for "courage and initiative and disregard for personal safety" in action somewhere in France. Presentation of the medal vs made by Maj. Gen. Robert T. Frederick of the 45th division, and a picture of the general pinning YOUR RATIONS By ASSOCIATED MEATS, PATS, etc.--Book four red stamps Q5 through S5 good through March 31. Stamps T5 through XS good through April 28; Y3 and Z5 and A2 through D2 good through June 2; E2 through J2 good through June 30. PROCESSED FOODS -- Book four blue stamps X5 through Z6 and A2 and B2 good through March 31. Stamps C2 through G2 good through April 28; H2 through M2 good through une 3; N2 through 32 good through June 30, SUGAR -- Book four stamp 35 valid for five pounds through June 2. Tv'-ext stamp scheduled .to be validated May 1. SHOES -- Book three airplane stamp! 1, 2 and 3 valid indefinite* ly. CPA saya no plans to cancel any. the decoration on the soldier was enclosed In the letter. Pfc. Maeae has been In the sen-ice for four years and overseas since June, 1943. Ho attended grade school in Mcsllln. Capt. Robert Caylor was In Las Cruccs on short leave, visiting in the home of his wife's parents, Dr. and Mrs. R. E. McBrido. Capt. Caylor Is stationed at La Junta, Colo. Child's Colds WICKS W VAPORUP Rdlne Misnj -Rubin HiM-Tisttd 1ttail OU* fa SAMPLE I .·"·***fc l «it» ~*» 1 *.*=««*:.'-It i **J* You wilt find yMimlf *nt of thi but informed : your community when you re«d Th« Chriititn Science Monitor , rfiulirly. Tau will Nn4 fwh, ntw vitwpointt, a full*r, rlchtr underttendlni of world ·((·in . .. truthful, ·ccuratfc, unbiaitd rtwi. Writ* fot MmpU copta t»diy, or wnd for a one-month ( trial lubicrlpttwi to thii international daily new»p*pir . . . . rht Christian Sclent* Publlihlna Soclity [ One, Norway StrHt, Botton 15, Mou.. j NAME.....\ | STREET......v, I CITY ... D PIeote tend lampll cofllti ! of Tht Christian Science I Monitor Including copy . at I Weekly Magazine Section. '! Pleme lend a one-montH I I~l Plet LJ woi Chriitla COMING EVENTS North Alameda 1' T A will meet i at the school house tomorrow afternoon at 3:15 Mr.s. Sarah Dr. John L. Kennedy DENTIST Masonic Temple Bldg. Telephone 54 Try f»m WfW'lt 1 ID CrurevI WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A SHIPMENT OF 550x17 650x16 600x16 GRADE I TIRES We Also Have TRUCK AND TRAILER TIRES MESILLA MOTOR CO. 600 North Main Phone 203 PEOPLE ARE JUST BEGGING US for small electric appliances - But They Simply Are NOT AVAILABLE! We believe that many people have discarded irons, toasters, etc., which for some reason were no longer serviceable, but were too good to throw away -THEREFORE we are offering fo pay you in WAR SAVINGS STAMPS for repairable Irons - Toaslers - Electric Hoi Plates - Heaters - Bottle Warmers - Waffle Irons VALLEY APPLIANCE CO. 108 SOUTH MAIN PHONE 69 TOO SMALL A SPACE ·- TOO BIG A LIST! - so all wo can say here is thai over 200 customers bought NU-EN A MEL products from our slock d u r i n g the 215-day month of February! .12" MISS K A T H E R I N E DICKS will assist you with' COLOR HARMONY suggestions. PHONE 69 Tor mi appointment. PAINT-n-YOURSELF HEADQUARTERS VALLEY APPLIANCE CO.

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