Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 9, 1977 · Page 36
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 36

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1977
Page 36
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36 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Thurs., June 9.1977 "CBS Reports' to feature exiles By JOAX HANAl'ER I'Pl Television Writer .NEW YORK (UPI) - Bill Movers began with two basic questions and wound up with a two hour documentary history of Miami-based Cuban terrorists who learned their trade from the CIA. Movers said in an interview that "CBS Reports: The CIA's Secret Army," which goes on the air June 10, d-lt p.m.. Eastern time, began with an attempt to learn, "Who are these terrorists and where did they come from?' The answers led along a trail of blood, assassination and betrayal that runs from the Cuban exile community in Miami to the Bay of Pigs, through attempts to assassinate Cuban 1 President Fidel Castro, through the \Yatergatebreak-in. There's even a little humor -as in the plot to sprinkle Castro's shoes with a substance that would defoliate his beard, possibly to make him literally lose face. There is nothing amusing, however, about current terrorist operations. The documentary opens with a rundown on the terrorists and their activities of the last three years, including the planting of a bomb on an Air Cubana'flight from Barbados to Havana. Seventy-three persons were killed when the bomb exploded. The extraordinary film records honorable men on both sides --among the Cubans \\lio feel betrayed and the Americans who believe they acted in the best interests of their country during the late 1930s and early 19605. Among the CIA men interviewed by Movers was Richard Bissell, CIA deputy director from 1959 to 1962 and subsequently the CIA official responsible for the Bay of Pigs operation and the Mafia plots against Castro. He has no serious second doubts about his work "in the context of the times when these decisions were made," except for the need for eternal secrecy, some qualms about the Mafia, and a twinge that the CIA took assassination too lightly. As for the Cubans, Movers said in an interview, "These were honorable men who felt betrayed by officials and politicians, felt they were loyal to people who did not return that loyalty." Now a few hundred of them use their CIA-taught skills to operate as terrorists out of Miami. Moyers was asked what he would do about them. "You have to arrest them," he said, expressing sympathy for the Cubans but adding. "You have to stop it. We cannot tolerate an American city being used as a base for terrorists. They learned from the CIA and we must stop what we let loose." Moyers said that as the war in Vietnam began to dominate American thinking, the Cubans* Jell by the official wayside. When he was an aide to former President Lyndon B. Johnson, he had no inkling of the "CIA's secret army." He said of his latest CBS Reports. "We did not set out to moralize or to embarrass the CIA or the country." But the former preacher couldn't resist a small sermon: "America docs best what it does openly. American does best what it does in the tradition of its best ideals, such as rebuilding Western Europe and Japan, or the Peace Corps, or engaging in trade and commerce. "We don't have a heart for dirty little wars that turn us into an imitation of our enemies." The top 10 network television programs for the week ending June 5, according to the A.C. Nielsen Co., were: 1: "Charlie's Angels;" 2: "Police Story;" 3: "Police Woman;" 4: (tie) "NowhereTo Hide (NBC Sunday movie) and "Laverne' 4 Shirley;" 6: "Bare'tta;" 7: "All's Fair;" 8: "Fish;" 9: Sonny Cher; 10: "Happy Days." Triple crown propects spur TV races By HOWARD SMITH AP Sports Writer NEW YORK (API- CBS has only got one leg to stand on as far as horse racing is concerned these days-- but this year it's a pretty good leg. Seattle Slew has already won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness and can become the first unbeaten Triple Crown winner ever Saturday with a Thursday evening p.m. 6:30--2 Dick Van Dyke 4 Let's Make a Deal 5 What's Happening 6 EstaSemana 7 Celebrity Sweepstakes 7:00-2 Adam-12 4 Pilot 5-7 Waltons 6 Preston Jones 9 Welcome Back Kotter 7:30--2 Hogan'sHeroes 6 MacNeil, Lehrer 9 What's Happening 8:00-2 Movie 4 Movie 5 Billy Graham 6 Masterpiece Theater 7 Hawaii Five-0 9 Barney Miller 8:30-9 Fish 9:00 -- 5-7 Barnaby Jones 6 Age of Uncertainty 9 ABC News Special 10:00--2 News 4 News 5 News 6 At The Top 7 News 9 News 10:30-2 Movie 4 Johnny Carson 7 Kojak 10:35--5 Kojak 9 Mary Hartmaa 11:00--6 Woman 11:05-- 9 All That Glitters 11:35--9 Geraldo Rivera 11:40--7 Movie 12:00--4 Tomorrow 12:50--2 News 1:00 -- 4 News 1:35-- 7 Marcus Welby Friday evening p.m. 6:30-- 2 Dick Van Dyke 4 Gong Show 6 Colorado Weekly . 7 Price is Right 7:00- 2'Adam-12 4 Sanford and Son 5 Wonder Woman 7 Honeymooners 9 Movie 7:30--2 Hogan'sHeroes 4 Rockford Files 6 Mac Neil, Lehrer 8:00--2 Movie 5-7 CBS Reports 6 Washington Week 8:30-4 Quincy 6 Wall Street Week 9 Movie 9:00--6 Agronsky at Large 9:30--6 Americana 10:00--2 News 4 Eyewitness News 5 News 6 Documentary Showcase 7 News 9 News 10:30-2 Movie 4 Johnny Carson 7 Movie 10:35--5 Movie 9 Mary Hartman 11:05-9 All That Glitters 11:35-9 Baretta 12:00--) Midnight Special 12:05-5 Movie 12:30-7 Movie 12:40-2 News 12:45-9 Movie 1:30--1 News 1:45-- i Movie 2:05-7 Movie 3:35-7 Movie victory in the Belmont Stakes. In 1975 ABC pirated the Derby through 1979. The network pays And CBS has the Belmont. away from CBS and this year · approximately S500,000peryear "I think the fact that we have ABC grabbed the Preakness. for television'rights to the Bela horse running for the Triple Creasy, who was a producer mont and eight other races. Crown will give us higher rat- at CBS at the time, was not Chances are they will have to ings than if we didn't," says surprised when the Derby pay quite a bit more than that Bill Creasy, executive director moved to ABC. "A business de- to retain those rights in the fu- of television for the New York cision was reached," he says. ture. Racing Association. "Churchill Downs wanted a ABC's telecast of the Derby "We feel there is a tre- certain amount of money for drew a 48 per cent audience mendous interest growing in the race. CBS was not willing share, meaning 48 per. cent of this race. I found myself root- to pay it. ABC was. television sets IN USE were ing for Seattle Slew in the Der- "It was the same thing with tuned to the Derby. The Preak- by and Preakness because we the Preakness. It was a simple ness drew a 42 per cent share. want the Belmont to be seen by matter of dollars." That was impressive, but the as many people as possible, The NYRA now finds itself in. over-all ratings, which measure and 1 know a Triple Crown pos- a strong bargaining position, all TV sets, not just those in sibility will help. ABC has two. jewels of the use, were 14.9 for the Derby "I believe we even outrated Triple Crown and would love to and 11.9 for the Preakness. the Derby in Secretariat's add the third. CBS has been Both' figures are down slightly year." burned twice and will probably from last year and ABC blames CBS. which knows a good bid high to avoid being wiped it. on the weather. thing when it sees one, is mak- out of the Triple Crown picture The weather was generally ing a production of the Bel- altogether. sunny and mild this year, so mont. Saturday's Sports Spec- "ABC has had a very aggres- more people were outside and tacular will originate from Bel- sive policy toward horse rac- fewer. sets were in use. Last mont and the show will include ing," says Creasy. "We're very year it rained in several areas the Mother Goose Stakes, sec- much aware that they would of the country on Derby and ond jewel in the Triple Crown like the Belmont to finish out Preakness day, so more people for fillies, as well ar, assorted the Triple Crown. stayed home and watched TV. ' features and interviews sur- "I must add, howe.ver, that T - n f l n / l l n r t tt,n K,',T no/ln ...»,.._ 1. _ I 1 ".,_' CBS used to be the undis- the kind of coverage CBS has Valentine's Day, the tradi- puted champ among the net- given us. It puts us in quite an tional lovers' festival in mid- works as far as horse racing -interesting position." February, has nothing to do was concerned, but ABC has CBS has a five-year contract w ' tn the two Christian martyrs been chipping away atthe title, with the NYRA which runs named St. 'Valentine. "· -·-. Daytime TV Schedule Monday through Friday - Denver channels: KWGN (2) ; KOA-TV (4) NBC; KRMA-TV (6) PBS- KMGH-TV (7) CBS; KBTV (9) 'ABC; Cheyenne: KYCU-TV (5) ABC, CBS . a.m. 2:00-2 Love, Am. Style 6 Sesame Street 5:20-7 Pastoral Call ' 4 Days of Lives 7MervGriffin 5:30--! PTLClub 5-7 All in the Family 4:30-2 Gilllgan's Island 7 Summer Semester 9 Edge of Night 5-9 ABC News 6:00--3-7 CBS News 2:30-2 Denver Now 5:00-2 1 Love Lucy 6:30--4 Cartoons " 5-7 Match Game 4 NBC News 9 Lone Ranger 9 $20,000 Pyramid ' 5 CBS News 6:35-2 Farm, Ranch Report -3:00-^2 Flintstones 6Mr.Rogers 6:40-2 News · 4 Lucy Show 7 News- 7:00-2 Cartoons 5 Tattletales . 9 News 4 Today 7 Dinah 5:30-2 IDreamof Jeannie 5-7 Capt: Kangaroo 9 Brady Kids 4 News 9 Good Morning Am. 3:30--2 Archies 5 News 7:30-2 McHale's Navy 4 Brady Bunch ' 6 Electric Company 8:00-2 Flintstones 5 Variety 6:00-2 Andy Griffith 5 Here's Lucy ' 6 Variety 4 To Tell the Truth 7 Cartoons 9 Emergency One 5 Variety 8:30-2 Variety ' 4 : qo-2 Superman 6 Variety 5 Price is Right . 4 Star Trek 7 CBS News 7 Corner Pyle- 5 Little Rascals 9 Mike Douglas 9:00-- 2 Blinky's Fun Club 4 Phil Donahue 7 Here's Lucy · 1 1 1 ,=«£» movie schedule 5 Love of Life 6 Sesame Street Thursday Perkins and Beau Bridges. -7 Tattletales N OO]II Channel 2 -- "Man or 10:3 ° Pm " Channel 2 "Born 9 Family Feud Beast" (BW) with Gotz George lo Dance" with James Stewart 9:55-5 CBS News and Katinka Hoffman. and Virginia Bruce. 10:00--2 Father Knows Best 8:00 p.m., Channel 2 -- "Joan I0:3 ° P' m " Ch anne ' 7 -- "The '4 Name That Tune O f Arc" with Ingrid Bergman Greal Ma "' s Whiskers" with 5 Young, Restless and Jose Ferrer. Dennis Weaver and Dean 7 PricelsRight g : c(| p.m., channel 4 -Jones 9 SecondChance "Charlie Cobb: Nice Night for a 10:35 p.m., Channel 5 -"The 10:30--2 Not For Women Only Hanging" with Clu Gulager and Great American Cowboy." 4 ChicoandtheMan Blair Brown. '2:05 a.m., Channel 5 -5 Search For Tomorrow 10:30p.m., Channel 2 -- "The "Lovin 1 Molly" with Anthony 9 Ryan's Hope Barkleys of Broadway" with Perkins and Beau Bridges. 11:00-2 PerryMason Fred Astaire and Ginger 12:30 a.m., Channel 7 4 Gong Show Rogers. "Longstreet" with James 6-9 All My Children 1 1 ^Q p m __ channel 7 -- "The Franciscus and John Mclntire. 7 Young, Restless L as ( Grenade" with Stanley nM a - m - Cl""" 6 ' 9 - " A 11:30-- 4 Hollywood Squares Baker and Alex Cord. 1 Bell from Hell" with Renaud 7 Search Tomorrow Veriey and Viveca Lindfors. p.m. Friday 1:45 a.m.. Channel 4 -- "A Noon-2 Movie Noon, Channel 2 -- "The Night in Casablanca" with the 4 Noonday Black Devil of Kali" (BW) with Marx Brothers and Sig Human. 5 News Lex Barker. 2:05 a.m., Channel 7 -- "The 7 News 7:00 p.m., Channel 9 -- "The Devil-Ship Pirates" with 9 News Great American Cowboy." ·, Christopher Lee and Barry 12:30-5-7 As The World Turns 8:00 p.m.. Channel 2 -- "Keep Warren. 9 One Life To Live · 'Em Flying" (BW) with Bud '3:35 a.m., Channel 7 -1:00--1 Another World Abbott and Lou Costello. "Decline and Fall of a Bird- 1:15-9 General Hospital 8:30 p.m., Channel 9 -- watcher" with Colin Blakely 1:30-5-7 Guiding Light "Lovin 1 Molly" with Anthony and Robin Phillips. by THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 40 Concur 41 Shortly DOWN 1 Former lives · 2 Apportion 3 Art process 12 wds.) 4 Seine 5 Biblical mountain 6 Crooked 7 Suffix with lever 8 Ideological barrier, figurative-' ly (2 wds.) 9 Daughter of Minos I Chessman 5 Addis 10 Medicinal plant II Consider 13 Animal's track U Blood condition 15 Measure tor wool 16 Table scrap 17 Prohibit IS One of the Stevenses 20 Singular 21 Without the chaser 22 -- of contention 23 French author 25 Gaited horse 26 Pitch 27 Philippine island 28 Altar constellation 29 Fireplace 32 Bulgarian coin 33 Generation -34 Kind of dance 35 One of the Reeds 37 "Animal 38 49'er's interest 39 See 18 Across LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE 12 One's "Irish" Yesterday' 16 "The Good Earth" heroine 19 Loval (Scot.) 22 All 23 Israeli greeting 24 Name meaning "golden" ·'s Answer 25 Chirp 27 Battle cry 30 Human trunk 31 Rugged chaps 33 Hackman or Wilder 3$ Man (Lat.) J! Monk's title 1NV 8 ':HVO' dW, E '3I1N03N I 'ANOd i - U M O Q QONIlWId L ..."iI-HVO 9 'NVO 'f 'ANN3d I -SSOOV SH3/WSNV DATLY CRYl'TOQUOTK-Hire's how to work it: A X Y n I. H A;A X It is L 0 X fi F E 1,1. 0 W One'letter simply stands for anolier. In this sample A is used for the three'L's, X for the Hf OX etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length ami formalin of the words arc all hints. Each day ihr code letters are dpicnl. V X B B E H CRYPTOUUOT3S V M X B X D Y C E I C W B U N R R F B I V X C V I T U N R R B T B E V D C R R : H N B M Q W N T N R N K C V N M E . - E Y B I A M E Yesterday's Cryptoquote: THE FRUSTRATING THING IS THAT THE KEY TO SUCCESS DOESN"j ALWAYS FIT YOUR IGNITION. - ROGER C. MEYER FERD'NAND byMik TUMBLEWEEDS I'MS0EIN,0UT|'M NOT PEUEVINi! MAY I REMINP YOU/ STUPII7, THAT YOU'RE MY ASSISTANT! -- NQTACHILPSTOYi by TOM K. PEANUTS YOU MijUNT FROM Tut LEFT SIPE ANC SAY ·!% By Charles M. Sdhulz HENRY By John liney HI AND LOIS By Dik Browne AND THIRD BASE WAS A MUD PUDDLE. DITTO, HCW COULD YOU GET SO DIRT/ PLAVIN6 I STRETCHED A DOUBLE INTO A TRIPLE... REX MORGAN, M.D. By Dal Curtis r YOU KNOW THE ORGANIZATION 1 APPOINTED ME YOUR BODYGUARD, MR. BELMONT.' THEY BROKE THEIR WORD WITH ME/ I REALIZE THAT I CAN'T TRUST · ANYBODY.' I DON'T EVEN KNOW A j ABOUT YOU LOOK, JAKE--WHEN I WENT WITH THE ORGANIZATION, THE UNDERSTANDING WAS THAT I'D RUN THEIR LEGITIMATE CORPORATIONS.' I WAS STUPID.' I KNOW NOW THAT IT WASN'T POSSIBLE TO STAY CLEAN WHEN YOU WALLOW IN DIRT

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