Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 31, 1962 · Page 5
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 5

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 31, 1962
Page 5
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Beaver Reports Increase In Programs, Participants ly PAUL EDSCORN Lyle Beaver has submitted his! last annual report Greeley Community ... The report for the year shows an increase in participation and an increase- in thl number ol programs over previous years. Beaver has submitted his resignation, effective Jan. 1 to return Vrtivity commissioners, Beaver .-ailed for a study of the existing - f « r : _ , persons in an iacreasiEfly cora-| Iplex focial stP'c'ure. , ! The youth center had 116 mem-! Ibers during the year with an ice: carnival as t!«- one Gradual Growth Seen for Greeley's Economy MOIL, Dw. 31. 19«2 GREELEY TRIBUNE f»g» f director of activities and services that would Activities, provide direction, and a possible steps to take in meeting the recreation and adult education needs of the community In the years ahead. WtuU MM) Area ChM(tf The reason for this. Beaver ex- blueprint reading and physical fit ness for men For the fiscal vear August 31. 19H. Community Activitie recorded tht participation of 12.445 persons. This does not include spectators at any of the events iponsored by Communitv Activities. in Revenue hours and changes [a th social structure of the community. "There has been an increase in adult participation in the Community Activities program, mak ing it necessary to shift the atten- tion. igns of an adtaocuif ecoaouy. his travel ever the state that Gn- He expect«i the growth to ccu-jiey is the talk of the stile. "Wi* Iticue "M the level of 1962 wi'.n|L« going on in Greeley?" · tie ·Combined trom page 1 itfce big jump in Ureeley's econ- a * rta " ! amount oi increase.' jquestwn he has oeen asked masy ··fds store being located on lie «ny came toward the end ol the] R«id«rti«l Hwiin) !times. i Ma.ot.Ulg VKIIlIVCi t3 l!if Ullr II7VV -JI ' U= S-UI t UClUg MJLcilCU W : rZ ··".' ·».»-"·». v«..«.%. ««; *."u v« ni-. ---....TM, . .n«,-,j had 29 cissies in the year 1961-t2Jtvent added during th vear. -i" oi the old post i-liice and the y«r after the farm picture had, jinif uill teU what impact the. with 788 pernns frolle^ for the! ~" : · " ' ' '"-""" J ··· ; ----·---·- --··--j -'· . . . . . . - r ! tourses. N'ew courses added dar-' ing the wear were electrical coding, investments aiid securities. o . - r The activities held ai the center v* building on the site oi tiw u.inuuily initiated o!J Crteley Building with a new Hester 1 store as ont of its occu IrigMened. "Livestock slxwed a|siate Farm Regional Ollice wi'i! "Greeley is becoming the shop{favorable trend." he dtclared. jtave in Greeley, Rissler said. H=iP'"S «n'w hub «f northera Co!The overaU picture lor lW2»as{pcrMinally felt* there would t* l0!a ° 0 " K ««st said in forecasting ,-nucb better than it had appeared joule an impact on reiidmtiil hat otn « r niajor projects are in pate. This provides youth oppor- Hi *aid these new stores should,^ the early part of thr vear " Hm jhousing. |=ight "There will be a tremendoij periods they are free to (unities to participate in .'heh make Greeley a |lluu i Ka w j/oiiivj^difr lu pidjlllllig. :K I JUOhe uireiev d yiuinyai Beaver had some criticism ofjexecutJon. evaluation and service.Mwtpinj; tenter lor Weld Coumy. ult e , al r 'a" said. He termed local busin-' adult education program. There! were not enough classed and there was not en-jugh variety to contribute measurably to the total educational improvement of the community. To date the adult education program has been geared mostly to the wishes of those with considerable formal educa- replaced by the Community Center 1 "I th-ak many *oppe« hW "Greeley proper should come ur said - ^JlUCfnt \t it mne* riiffi/.ult tn lh*^* 9r»ac f/irmM-lv onino In ftpn. -;~L» -I ...:»L IL . L..:»J: Rnhiirl Concept. It is most difficult to these areas formerly going to Den justify setting aside a building to ; ver aie now going to slop in Grt-e be used exclusively by youth, jlty." he declared There is too much of the \ear| StJie Farm M»y Draw OltMri when they are not free to attend Bum- felt that othei Revenue for the year was K«.- 178.68. Of this. 51 per cent was »p- propriated by the city, Colorado State College and School District «. The remaining 49 per cent was derived from fees and charges. tion of leadership to this area The challenge Beaver sees in without removing the emphasis on * 'wW is for the GCA to broad- a center youth activities." Beaver stated. "With the increased use of existing facilities and an expanded program of activities, particularly during the summer, tbt need for additional facilities, maintenance en the scope of the adult education The Community Center program to include courses lead-' ing towards high school diplomas, and to provide opportunities for learning to those who are unable types of activities availible ·uv4 ti VM 41 mil ict» one cniTKCa. ·"*""*»""«i ttikuiLica, liumuciiancc Expenditures for the year «. ere jcri'wsand qualified leadership hat I56.179.6*. ' ibecorne increasingly urjent." Hie proposed budget for the] Citiitni ttnmt RtcrtaliM 1962-63 fiscal year is SS3.840.32. ' C«nKi«n 11.N3 Partkipwrtt In the 1960-61 fiscal year there were 11,383 regbiU'red partici ol Gret-ley are becoming recreation and adult education conscious. -v.v .I,.**! irgiau-ieu pamci- u«u sum auuu etiucjiiou conscious. «cip«jw, uien nivcn uunp WM pants in Community Activities j "They are searching (01 ways to "**' *y 7M persons, the iuper- programs. ' ido When Beaver took over as *clur of Community AHivitiw 1351, the organization had a bud- gel of 122,503 and only 5,300 registered participants. In his report to the Community more than just keep busy. . - dir-i'lhcy want to improve themselvtt tiw fw Mi youagiUrs and the, by acquiring new skilU. gaining . ------- -- new experiences, developing deep- "O participants. v appreciations for those thinyi that add meaning and significance | v ' ar **re adult bana with 30 members, personal fiuiess for XITIII: OF n.\u. »HTTI.KHK%T a lh» C w M M t y Cu«rl IB N K 4 ( ur IB* I'oMBtr «r u»4 ··« *l*lr .if I N... «l! K i t a l r o f C A R I . A . B A t t l l V . - to pay. but have the desire to lean new skills, new appreciations and gain new experiences. 34 Special Activities IvMh . In the special activities p,»- Beaver stated that the citizens 8TM M event* were held during sure lne llew of Community Center Ctnceft mrch of northeastern ColuMtk Beaver explained, hourver, thatjand part ot sfftheastern Wyom the Youth Center concept is being ]mg. eis as mixed. "There were rtcwd iute Farm are anxious to become sa '« sales for some, and others had a'.. par t u f aar commu nity, and we ' .'ncii-ase in busintss activity," ne downturn " Surveys Shm iare anxious to have tliem as i ipart of our i-omraunity." the may- .or said · ! ght along with the new building srojects schenuled foi 1962." Hinman said in predicting an increase i.i the general economy for the area. Ht based his prcdicition on Persons of all ages need recre- seriuuj consideratkn when local .: -- ,....!.. . _ _ j , ... i n g ne* plants and offices following ih- decision of State Farm to .rga; .7atioa wUI give Greeley i ne SU n-evs made bv the biz bus- · .. :J » : _ ,, ...t t a * ... ° ational outlets and opportunities. concept lias, therefore, gained favor during the past decade. This does not limit or curtail the number of local here it grows or not, and it is growing Greeley and ihis are? ·· a great place to live," he youth. But. it makes a more optimum use )1 the available facil- ties and personnel. inuu w^ cAvtu^ni. me IULUH- The challenge facing the leaders growth and prosperity of Greeley messes that will move here during 1963 They checked into the hilure of Greeley and then mad; decisions to locate here, he nor?d David Jackson, president of the Weld County Bank said "Greeley 's in a very favorable period a Robert A. Reese, president of «1 Greeley Grows Greater, Inc.. the| corporation responsible for much "When we started GGG we weie pushing it. .Now GGG u pir-hing us to keep abreast of cfct d-vctopments" Reese comment- ol the new construction planned for the downtown area noted that newspaper stories over the past year ttll the true story of Gree- Iry's economy He said th Parking Pnbkm He warned of a "substantial problem" for Greeley unless more pu'king for the downtown area is developed. "This must be given immediate consideration." Re«se sail) He added that parking is during the pastinecessary to keep up with the several months he has found fromljjrowth o'f business activity. the yur with 4,124 registered participants. Glen Haven Camp WM , v!»*d ploypotad providtd activi- contin IK. "Opportunities to ejii the present time due to the expan- a liyin? in thj region and favo-ed sion of industry and business" "On the less favorable side b the readjustment that agriculture Us had to take," he added, "but land aie excellent. The lutur ,and commissioners of GCA. ac- wcms u- me to be assured But (.as had to take," he added, "bul cording to Beaver, is to provide^ur -.nlerprise and efforts nil; b? in ihe long run that will be iavor youth the opportunity to serve andirequiitd to attract new business,| a 5l e . IQO ·· help itself. 'ai'i'slry Copies of Uw annual report are'arra and commerce to our available in the Community Activities office. , summer bud and orchestra had New activities added during the for a richer, fuller life." The report also contains a review of the Community Activities programs for the year MW lnr*ll*aj in Otrmi In the area women with 14, youth welfare socials with 115 and the Hobby Ksii with 22 exhibits. Beaver said the sixcia! activ- a of sportr and games.|'' lcs program would be more ap- there were 6.717 participants in a'propriately titled "Creative Op- programs. The ice skating pro- poffaities." He explained that la l i a r v b y K I V F I I u,al I el my f i n a l r*pyn In t l i « C o u r l a t W r l d l - i . u n i y . and m a i . »»j iF i" »;;j|youlh swimming, i.joo- Kiiothole - ... and Bear Backers Gang. 900; and * e 8 r oups in the community. The gram drew 2.000 participants: w r l l l » i i Court or b f f . u a N A N C Y Q. B A I i l l V A i l n i l n i u r a t r l i -l r . i l b t r t f.T I I I . t!«t» MlTlfl: TO 1 UK N I L SI!? Young America Baseball. 720. New programs introduced in UK 1961-62 fiscal year were Gay 60's Shufflebonrd Club, sleddi"(; and golf for youth and every effort is being made to pro- ide creative opportunities for all mphasis U for participation by individuals rather than providing events for spectators. . adults, and youth. physical fitness for pd.. OKNRL'.Dl-;!!, All I^^r»or\ KAT»I:IH.\A in:n. l i a v l i , r a t f n - ( j U l t M l lo ( i l f I"WHI,C, I,, III, |-,,,, Wirld c»iin|v, Colo h * f n r « t h f MM) r t Ht], rr Miltl v l a l l n f l · y r r l - r t r r ^ ' i H K I ' . T H A W I M S i r . l l ii H U M AN HER(u:s'iu:ii:n K i t r u l u r r i i a r l « A K . i o w . t i T A l U n n t v fir K R t » t » i K l n n p y U l l l l i l l n K The area of sports and games included vi-arround activities, school year activities and seasonal activities. Beaver enplalned hat, as much as possible, oppor- unilies were provided and equal chance given to each individual to explore and find his favorite activity. The program was tempered to include activities for the delicate and the handicapped, as li f k y . . T.I !!.;.3I«1 Tin (liirli.) |iall T r i l i u n t I'.r. :. Jl. 1»SI, J l n . 7, II. l » t l i: or rivu, MI!T tiarl u **t fa «lmr u f l o l No. I R K . M a t . r.[ l . I I . A I I K L I . i : fil.AS- COE. LI LA I). CLASfOK D»c»aatil. N i i l l ' - c I I I l i r r irl\ I l i a t t Hi lli Excrtiflf New "The creative aspects of recrea ion programs." Beaver explained, 'offer to the participants exciting new experiences and enriching qualities of life during their leisure hours. The desire for self expression is inherent in man's make-up-he must express him- telf. The direction lh»t thU expression taket is directly relited to the types of experiences that man has been subjected to in his well as strong. C ..... n y C C J I H I of \\'tU (*ii]»riLlii. a n r l H i n t ; t t i v f l . x r l t l * t o ohjn;! t i ill. n a m e · h a l l f l i t w r l t t t n objection w i t h Hi. -.aid C o u r t 6n ir lit(oi« J . n i . r y !. »«J. TMI: FIRST XATJOXAL BANK of i;i««l.y. Colorado H LOL'IS C I t l E K K R TrtlM O f f l c t r K^culor Uiililfi and Waldo. A t t o i n f j d J--.hiii«n ButldlnK 1"I5 Tpntll A x u i i l f . (5rpf!*y T!i. Orc«l«r D a l l y Trllmut ]"c. :i. 31. mis. Jan. ;. 11. iss: ^OT1C^; op PIXAI. , for the quick luti the ialanct A balance of emphasis existe between Ihe formal, highly organ ized lypc activity .and the inlor mat, drop-in type of activity. Beaver saw the challenge in this area that the leaders and com mission of GCA must meet as tha of extending the opportunities for participation by increasing the facilities, obtaining qualified per wniwl. nnd providing addiliona supplies and equipment. At the same time programs and services routine ind boredom on the one must be developed for the hand LAGOS -- Nigeria will stop ac- "All one has to do to see thai Greeley is growing is to drive arnun.' and see the new residential construction, new shopping cepling foreign assistance in ihe cent'i's, new business buildings stablishment of her pulp radus- the growth of our industrial park ry- land tni- new highways and bypass- ff PretcriptiMi.--Mv. es," i'e concluded. Greeley National Bank Presi- tcnt Dale R. Hinmao noted that Study, Gradual Growth He predicted a steady, gradual nowth in the economy of the area, "no skyrocketing but not much backtracking, either " Mayor Gordon Rissler said ''the overall economy has been very eood in Greeley " He noted there i'ave been approximately 350 new single-family dwellings 'built hero curing the year and much indus Irial building, both of which are TO YOU-OUR PAVC.MITB CUBTQMBHI Gilbert's Upholstering 1215 Seventh Are. life. "The recreation leader has as ill primary . esnonsibility to lead Individuals and groups into ex- jeriences that will provide oppor- unities (or expressing t lemselvfs in a manner thai is conducive to a more meaningful life for both themselves and for their fellow men. The road to excellence of living is through channels of con structive activities, not through destruction. The creation ant identification of new goals in life extending one's reach bi-yond thai which has been attained, wil. bridge (he gap between a life o hind to that of meaning, signifi capped, the underprivileged, the cance and service on the other.' Ch«lknf«r In Arti The challenge in this ru is foi GCA to continue to provide oppor aged and special interest groups V Uuh Mucatfw CUwM The adult education prograi PENNEY'S K lilt r n n m l j of V!r\a ana Nn print a I. ol SI I . K U N A K L I N U N u l i c a it h t r t b y a:tv*n t h a t ttti v n d e r M R n i d IIM f l l f d l i a f i n a l r p p i , i : In tin C f i i i n t i iTourt of M'»lcl O u n l y , Colorado, ar.d mat a n JIITBOII i l ^ M r l n c lo i l J # c t to Hi- turn" t l i a i l li]^ \ v r l t l t n oli- )-iM"ii w l t i i tin. jal.l r o u r t on M h f f i r r r . U m m r v n. lilt. 7IIK K i n S T N A T I O N A L B A N K i ' | t - ; n K i : i . i : y . i-n In t.oris r n i K K K K T n i f l t O f f l r f - r A f l i i i l n l p l r a t o r J n i m \v H a n d a r x o i i . / l l n n i r v Tin, i;icfl«-y Daily Trlhun* !».· i n . IT, J ( . Jl, 1»6! PENNEY'S GIANT WHITE GOODS rolls Into fown W E D N E S D A Y JANUARY 2nd All Penney sheets reduced! Store-wide values! V Check your calendar... Don't miss these big savings) PENNEY'S WILL BE OPEN WEDNESDAY NIGHT I'.STATi: nK A t ' i J t ' S T A P K l T i : U . then Ih»t 1 flint m\ final tfr-iM m th» 'til 8:30! suddenly, it's tomorrow... U UOCK. The final heartbeat of adyingyearis seldom romembered-because we wait impatiently for the first ol th. new. And suddenly it's here-a new chance in a New Year. What does it hold for us? What wil! we see? Amidst the celebration, we pray silently for peace and a better life, but this is not enough, Surely, God will Suide us, but we must do U ourselves! We are responsible for the future-we must not fail. And only the combined effort of all people will provide the strength to accomplish the results we want so deeply. Each person must do his share-more if posslble-for tomorrow will always come ... we must be ready to meet Its challenge. /or the N* *,,. xcctis ami Happiitttt, frm fgf COMPANY . T h * i ; ? t r ! » M»c. li. Jl. I I . U«J. J a n . 7." I J «

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