Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 3, 1970 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1970
Page 8
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Page 8 GKEE1.EY T R I B U N E Wed.. June 3, 1970, 239 West Seniors To Graduate Thursday Greeley West High School will.Warner Henry, Robert Roy g r a d u a t e 239 seniors injllightower. Noel Bradley Hill, ceremonies scheduled Thursday Jan Erleen Hinkle, Diane :vening, 8 p.m., in the John Clayton Memorial Gymnasium. Set to receive diplomas are the following: Timothy Ackerman, Dorothy Mae Albert, Russell Lee Anderson, Sally Christine Avers. T h o m a s Howard Baker, Merinda Sue Banghart, Dan Alan Barr, Susan Lee Beaty, Delores Ann Belo, Cheryl Lynn Benich. L i n d a T h o m a s Allen (Buster) Anne Bergmann, Bergseid, Arlene Kay Bern- Marie Hoff, Maria Sue Hogan, Bill Jess Hokenson, David Warren Holm. Paula Samuel Kay Holub, Dean Holzmeister, Darrell Arthur Houtchens, Karen Ruth H o u t c h e n s , Thomas Floyd Hummel. Colleen Gail Jack, Dannie Chris Johnson, John Morrow Johnson, Vicki Joann Johnston, David Kent Jones, Diane Lynn Joseph. T i m o t h y Edward" Deborah Kaiser, Joyce, Dennis Charles Karrc, Dean Soloman hardt, Joy Annett Bertelsen, Robert Boekel. Keil. Sandra Lynne Kelley.^ Rita Breidenbach, Linda Sue! Janie Kay Kerns, Leonice Brothe Robert Daryl Broyles, ! Jean Knipschild, Phyllis Anne Deborah Anne Bruntz. KathyjKoIacny, Gene Edward Koonce, Diane Buderus, Cynthia Ann!Stephen Michael Kreutzer. Bunker I Allen Lammers. Marilyn Kae C l a i r Dana Carpenter.pubham, Karen Sue Leis. Thomas Lee Casseday, Shirley ' D f (ae Da "' se L , esh -, ,, , KaV Cazier, Jav Edwarfl Betl ; Ann Uvalo. bslro .no. , . i Lament Ludwig, Larry Lee Lujan, Kenneth L. Lutz. Chisholm, Michael J. Clark. "Roger Rex Claussen, Randy Marshall Cline, Kenneth Dean 1 Kathleen Joy McDermed, Condreay. James La Vern Cox, Karen Ann Crabb, Christine Csizmadi. Judith |Debbi McElhinney, Patricia Elaine McFate, Kim Issac BOOKS FOR PRISONERS - Student Senate President Barry Penucci, left, and Vice President Sam Cooper look over some of (he textbooks being collected by Aims College students to be sent to the Colorado State Pentitentiary for use in college level courses to be conducted for prisoners there. Text and reference books of all kinds are needed as are paperback fiction and nonfiction. (Tribune photo by John Dugan) Lea Richard, James EncelljSilva, Michael Charles Sim- Richardson, Susan Elizabeth m ns, Robert Leslie Simmons. M c K i n l e y , McKinney. Samuel Rife, Jerry David Roberts. Deanj L o w e l l Edward Roberts, iJanclle Diana Robertson, Richard Doug Simon, Susan Camrose Singer, Joyce Sitzman, dom, U.S. Expected To Seek Palme Help on POWs. By ROBERT H. ESTABROOK Tbt Waihington Post UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. Swedish Prime Minister Olof program Palme will be asked during his visit to Washington to make a new effort to obtain information on.American prisoners in North Vietnam, United States sources said Tuesday.. Secretary of State Rogers Is expected to raise the issue wills Palme when the two meet Thursday. Sweden maintains diplomatic relations with North Vietnam and Palme previously helped get information about 14 prisoners following visits to Stockholm by a number of American wives. A possible new angle to be explored is a provision of the Geneva Convention on prisoners of war that provides for internment in third countries. An agreement to release sick and First Lecturer Slated In Religious Program K i c k i n g off a 13-week musical of speakers groups under and the guidance of the Religious Emphasis Committee of the Greeley Centennial Commission Ibis Sunday will be Ted DeMoss, past chairman of the Chr i s t i a n Businessmen's Committee International. DeMoss will speak at · the Garden Theater on the campus of the University of Northern Colorado at 7:30 p.m. Sunday. · Also making its first appearance will be the Centennial Vesper Choir, a 100-voice choir composed fo members of many of the choirs of Greeley churches and oilier interested persrais. The choir rehearsal at G will p.m. meet for Sunday in d e g r e e in management engineering. In 1951 DeMoss established liis own insurance agency and now has agents and offices in Tennessee and Georgia. His home is in Chatanooga, Tenn., where he directs the InterOeean Insurance Co. DeMoss will talk on current topics as viewed by a Christian businessman. He will be introduced by Floyd Otis, chairman of the Religious Emphasis C o m m i t t e e and' program chairman for (he evening. The Kev. Charles Ivey of Hillside Baptist Church will offer the scripture reading and prayer. Seating has been arranged for 1,000 persons and all are invited. Room 35G, Frasier Hall. It will be conducted at the weekly , , . ., j , i uc iuuuu\^icu en. i in- m-v^iiij wounded is ci ed as having been| June sessions , wmiam 1Iow a major breakthrough toward a ,,,,,,,,, ml1cin : n ; l ,.,,,,, nr ... . In |, n W i l l i a m s , Steven Michael Korean war settlement in 1953. L : .S. sources have hinted that Willson. Debora Lee ,, , Shir- Daniel W. Smith. Kenneth Clay-JLeslie Neal York, Cheryl Ann might be possible on other;, ' - . . . - . . . ~ . i.. . n _ . -.-.. TM- . -- points in the negotiations al Eric Hunter Darst, Debra Ixse, Rita Darlcne McQuitty, Bar-|j ev Ann Robinett. Burl'Lewis'ton Smith, Randee Kay Sned-Yost, Randall Ziegenbein. pc eines, Miehele Louise De.bara Jo Margheim. Beat rice j K' O s e v e a r .\i m t Edward den. Pi upp, Dwayne Richard Deiit-;ir rances Martinez, Irene MariCjR 0sevear . ' j Urban Alfred Solo, Laura CHICAGO (AP) -- Traffic ac- 1 ; : Deines, Cupp, cher, Thomas Pershing ne : M a r tinez, Samuel Martini!/,. Vore. Delia Lee Doney, Joanne; Marie Mattenklodt, Drake, Terri Drobnitch, Mary. Mau idi n . Douglas Dean Max. Kathryne Dye. ! Werner Meglin, Donnie Jeanette Engel, ValiMcnkc. Dee Sandra K. Ruiz. ^ nn 'Eileen Soule, Arnold p^ j S p e a k c r , Thomas vocal music instructor at John Evans Junior High School. All persons desiring to sing NORWICH, England (AP) -The Royal Society or the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says the rising cost of living is falal to. pets. RSPCA blamed a Vicki Wingo, Sloven Ray Wis-if Hanoi were more forllieoming wiU] Ve sper Choir are invited j!' 1 Woolery, on the prisoner issue, more pro-j (0 altmd , he rc hcarsai and to 1 ,. . one-third increase in the num- Do in fulure programs. Moss will lead off the! J aris. Approximately 450 of the wcckly scries of lay s ROD Amprirans missinp in no i ,,,:.,:..! ...i,;~u ,, pets done away with last iycar on "the rising cost of pet I food as well as the the cost of living." ,500 Americans missing in ac- alld m j n j s tei- s which also has on over North Vietnam are! u. nown to 1 Stephens. Ncal Allen Slroh, 1 --a record for any two-day ob; no reports on men missing in,Hugh'Chance, Howard Eugene isngei, vaiiAjenKC. ..-" D o m i n g o Escobar, Sherrii Stephen Messick, Gayle Kay i '^ r " n » : l l rn:. X U . . T T T l f n l i n l l ! DCrii, Bonnie Jean Sauer, Lee Wil- | Clayton Delbert Stump Jr. r* I Pau ' "' S ? 8 U b a r a Timothy Keefe Taylor, Bar' ~ Carl cidcnts during the Mcmorialju'on over North Vietnam AlanjDay weekend claimed 39G lives,known to be prisoners, ilrnh, --a record for any two-day ob- no reports on men i jservance of a warm-wealheriSouth Vietnam, Cambodia a - VIle Dean h r Schccl 'iThomas, Xancy Rae Ann Todd. Allen C. Thomison, holidav. |Laos. tnam are lscnc( j u i es suc [j per sons as Don There arc, L o n i c Paul Anderson, Sen. " : " - Elton Trublood, or JBil'f Glass, Rev. Oswald Hoff- iman. Rev. Tim Duran and Miss The previous record was sell The. unspoken implicalion in : Vonda Kay VanDyke. Musical 1 " " over the 1959 Memorial Dayjall this is that tangible help 1 programs "include the weekend when 310 persons died from Palme would improve calvary Baptist Temple Choir, Jeannine Evans. JMiller, Timothy I. Mitchell, Jerry Neal Faber, Alberto:Kyle Ann Monfort. Jo Ann Farias, Richard Bruce FarrelliMondy, William E. Moore. Jr., Lisa Kaye Faulkner, Sheril Mark Moreno, Steven Morger. . . Kae Ferguson, Dovlc Hcrshel Mclanie Morris, Richard'.Pa^Pr Scliiiud. Allon Lee Sch-Tuck, Jay Gerard . _ Finke, Linda Sue Fiscus, May Morion, Carol Ann Musser. m i l n k Davld Michael Scholfield. David Wadlington. jpersons would die in traffic ac-'cnticism by 1 Louise Fisher, Constance FitchJ Jack Keith Xeergaard, John Daniel James Schommer. Keith Wayne Wagner, Richard;cidents over the holiday period,of U.S. policy Cynthia Mary Forsythe. John'M Nelson, Michael Dale New- Curtis Neal Schoonovcr, Dennis Barry Warr, Trudy Jean \Varta, ; that began at C p.m.. local x p e n s i v e demonslralions-ternaticnii] which has about OIK) Patrick Foster, Kim Elaine ton, Mark A. Nickerson. Jacyjjames Schott, Steven Ralph i.\orman Laxelle Weaver. [Friday and ended at midnight, against Ambassador Jerome 11. Ichaplers in the Uniled States GILBERT PHARMACIES _____ ...... ______ . Francis Joseph Schell, Greg-| Mary Ann Tranbarger. Kathic in street and highway accidents. Swedish - American relations. .i\ lc Denver Catherdral Choir ir.v William Schluter, Jeanjj e;m " Tucker. Thea Danelle The National Safely Council 'These have been strained follow- j an d LOS Mariachias de Colores. ' official 1 Verlinden, had estimated lhat 350 fo JSQ'ing outspoken Swedish official 1 DeMo=s ' Palme and olhers' : chainnan in Vietnam immediale past of the Christian and Businessmen's Committee In- Parker, Foster. Kalhryn Lynn Fowler,: Lynn A'offsinger, Kay Louise Francis. William;.N'onamakcr. Ray Frederick, Fry Jr. Kenneth J. Gallegos. Randall,Pankey, Joey Dean Gene Geist, David Willis Gib-, William Lee Parker, son. Robin Ann Gilbaugh, Jerry! Randy William Parris, Beth Duane Goldman. iAnn Patterson, Robin Renee Edwin Wayne Grant. Drag'Peters. Cindy Ruth Peterson, Douglas Grantham, Richard,Kathleen Marie Pfankuch. i Merle Green, Vivian Jean! John Mark Picker, Mclanie' Green, Raymond W. Gregory, Ann Picked, Lowell Smart, Claudia Rae Guest. : Pierce. Kerry S. Pischer,! Sharon Celeste Haley, Gary Hnndall Pischer. Vern Hall, Karen Ann Ham- Jancy Ramos. Susan Debra i mond, Guyla Sue Hansen, Kip;Raiidcl". Keith Stanlun Kapp.j Lee Hansen, Susan Elaine Har-',Shirli'y Jean Rawlings, Robert I man, Sherilynn Kay Harris,'Harold Rawson. I Dixie Lea Hauenstein, Mark, Gary Lynn Rewerls, Janet! William J. Woingardt, Gary-Sunday. Karen AnnjSchultz, James Haydn Sears. .- James Robert Keilbach, BrucejWilliam Wiedeman. Andrea; Gordon Wayne' M i c h e l l e Linda Osborne/Eugene Shepperd, Rose MariejDenise Wilkina, Richard Alan '.Michael Lee Osier. Linda Jean.~ USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS ! Holland. jand around the world. He is a graduate of Ren?salaeri London daily pay averages ?11. 'Polytechnic Inslilule willi n - Prescriptions Since 1909 CEA and UNION PACIFIC PRESCRIPTIONS All tour Gilliert Pharmacies n n w f i l l CEA nnd UNION P A C I F I C prescriptions. Save now orvali your Home Smprovement needs! Auto Service SPECBALS WHEEL 7 8 8 ! FORD, CHEV. Thorough alignment to restore steering control. We correct camber, caster, toe. 'Con wild iofiion ban -X^'/^px EXPERT MOTOR TUNE UP e cyl. c no Motor UiOO Plus Parts 8 cyl. $2.00 more. MUFFLER AND INSTALLATION 11.88 LOW AS WA3 Falcon^ COMPLETE BRAKE JOB · Finest materials used · Relincd, b o n d e d brake shoes installed by expert technicians Safety REG. 13.98 A PAIR RIVERSIDE " TOWN COUNTRY SHOCKS Town Country* keep your " C PAIRS tires on the road for a safer, more controlled ride. JUST SAY "CHARGE IT" AT WARDS Auto Service Center, 63,1 8 Ave. Non-marring end caps made from · tough Cycolac* Die-cast aluminum rung locks mean extra strength! Pivoting safety feet with no-slip vinyl pads Tliis paint is guaranteed lo c o v e r o n y c o l o r painted s u r f a c e with one cat (except rough v, ood hingles, s h a k e s a n d ucco) when applied ac- ording to label diiec- ons at a rate not fo xceed 400 iq. ft- per gallon. If this paint fails to cover as stated here, bring the label of this paint to your nearest Wards branch and we will furnish enough point to injure coverage or, at your option, will refund the complete purchase price. Outstanding Quality Superior in Valui Exclusive Featuras Lab Tested -Approvet 3.00 OFF! OUR FINEST ACRYLIC LATEX HOUSE PAINT IS SO SUPERIOR IT WON OUR "EXCELLENCE AWARD"! REG. 8.99 Great durability and color retention! Just one coat covers painted surfaces in good condition with no priming. Acrylic latex formula resists damage from both blistering and alkalis. Use it confidently on wood, brick or masonry. S e l f - c l e a n i n g w h i t e s t a y s bright throughout its lifetime; non-chalking white won't run and stain areas below it. Choose from 27 decorator colors. GALLON 5 99 ALUMINUM EXTOdBQN LADDER - REG. 20.95 Sturdy, lightweight and twist- resistant! Sections have total length of 16', maximum working length of 13'. Low prices on larger sizes, too! SAVE 3.49! WARDS FINE NYLON PAINT BRUSH SET! REG. 10.37 Includes I-J--, 2-, and 4-in. brushes. Tapered Tynex* nylon fi^ filaments for best results. ** SAVE $3 ON OCR BEST 6-FT. STEPLADDER! REGULARLY 20.95 Sturdy, lightweight aluminum! Extra-big pail shelf, tool tray top. Folds easily with one hand. '88 49c SAFETY PAINT SCRAPER P e r f e c t f o r many jobs. 6 blades incl. 1.29 ROLL OF MASKING TAPE Non-marking. Pulls off easily. 3/4"x25'. 815 10th St.-Greefey, Colorado WANT I T - C H A R G E 5T Open Friday Nights Until 8:30

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