Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 3, 1972 · Page 26
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 26

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1972
Page 26
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Spelling Spells TV Success By C Y N T H I A LOWRY AP Television Radio VVrltor NKW Y O R K - ( A I ' ) - "There exist only a limited number of dramatic forms that convert into n television series," mild Aaron Spelling. "'llio difference has to be- In the way It is done. Hut when a writer tells me, 'This '.show is about ecology, drugs, abortion or whatever,' 1 know il's wrong." S|Klling, who started out 19 .years ago as an actor nnd now heads his own busy production company, is (ho fellow who launched (lie word "relevancy" in Hollywood jargon. " " lived to regret it. "We slarled with 'Mod Squad'," he explained, "and it was a bit, so everybody jumped on the ypulh bandwagon am' ceding (ho controversial variety Spelling keeps lunilng oul pilot films, Imping that lightning will strike. His liilesl was "The liookles," .seen on ABC' early In March -- a luw and order that he probably '.vould like lo 'forget. "Mod Stjuad," however, continues lo be a real, mibslnnllu The Critic's View By WILLIAM GLOVER · AP Drama Grille .. NKW YOftK (AP) -- .Score another drama hit for I ho von- lurcsonic Public Theater organ- i/iilion "That Championship Scnson" which, opened Tuesday nlghl nl the off-Hroad- way showcase.' The . play aims Id say incisively a whole lot about the wny m a n y of us live, believe anil react today, and do It with talked annul being .'relevant.' a story, of deceptive con- Whal happened (lion w;is a season full of positive, prc- tcnlio'ns series .about (lie young- relevant and dull. "Hell, television had been do- vcntionalily. · It succeeds brilliantly. . Anlhor Jason Miller, an actor who lins had several prior scripts hailed promising, ing 'relevant' shows almost [moves right up among the hest brom the beginning. When I did a Western 'way back on '/Cane Grey Theatre,' about loneliness, Ihal was relevant: loneliness is always relevant,." Spelling -- frankly, openly and patently -- is a practical man who carefully works within the disciplines of commercial television. The result is that he lias waxed rich' and successful and yet insists lie has beon able lo make sonic philosophical, even political, points from time to lime. His "Mod- Squad" 'recently wound up its fourth ABC season and lias'' been renewed for a f i f t h . He turned out a round dozen "Movie of the Week" 90 mlnulc,programs Ihal included two pilot shows projecting series ideas. "We know that our business is entertainment," Spelling said. "We , also know that the audiences like to watch police shows and doctors shows. That doesn't mean audiences watch only., those series and I think television and audiences ' arc much under-rated in terms of . quality shows. "By and large, television has done a remarkable job -- jusl think about some recent shows like 'Tribes,' 'The Home Coming,' 'My Sweet Charlie,' 'The Snow Goose,' 'Brian's Song,' and particularly, 'The Glass House,' 'which was a naked, realistic look at prison life. I'm rather proud of The Last Child,' and even of the way 'The Night Stalker' a lilllc horror film alxnit a vampire loose in Las'Vegas, worked ou for us." He believes thai, with the of the on coming playwrights in this technically polished work which pulsates with warmth, humor and understanding. The locale Is one of (hose s m a l l Pennsylvania cities where John O'llara set his novels of uppercmst provincialism. The people Miller talks aboul ire a rung down the social ladler--four members of the team hat won the state basketball itlc 20 years ago and Ibeir coach. The five are prototypes ol niddleciass ambition or failure, ml Miller, (urns them into lesh-and-blood individuals, nol mere cartoon puppels. One . of the cx-alhletes is ihuul to run for re-election as mayor, another seemingly ininspired dramatic device 'rom such Norman Hockwel material, however, Ihe play smelts fascination similar to vhnl Arthur Miller, no relation did in "Death of a Salesman.' The focal role, splendidly ilayed by Kichard A. Dysart is he coach-turned campaignei wlm filled his old boys with ; noralily of winning no mallei ivhat the cost. Essentially this is an old ashloncd morality drama, up- 'nted In the shock language nd values of 1072. Will: Dysurl lire four superb- y atluncd aclors -- Walter \1cCilnn, Charles Burning, Ml- had McCiulrc and Paul Sorino. The directing by A.,). Antoon renehaully evokes every lell- ng moment of the' subtly aslrl- igeut text with relentless theal- ·ical tension. A remarkably accurate set- Ing of regional domesticity has jeen provided by Santo l.o lunsto, with appropriate cos- umiiig by Tlieoui V. Aldredgc. The Public Theater is where 'Hair" Iregan, and where this year's Iwo Broadway Tony winters originated, the drama 'Slicks and Bones" and llie musical "Two Gentlemen of Verona." "That Championship Season' continues that prize-worthy, tradition. It is a play for all seasons, it must he scon. Wed., May 3, 1972 Saved From Blazing Car ttHEBI-EY (Colo.) TKIIWNB 27 driver from n blazing car hi a multiple crash near London Airport today. The car and a truck hurst Leslie!into flames In a six-vehicle pi- lliclleup. Charterls, 05, was treated LONDON ( A P ) - Ch.irleris, creator of .......... 'Saint" thriller novels and tclc-lin a hospital for bruises and vision series, was pulled by hisjshouk. What other critics said: Clive Barnes, New York Times: "Wow! Here at lasl is Ihe Perfect Broadway play o :he season, perfectly acted am icrfeclly staged. . . I t is gor- ;cous and Iriumphanl.. .the Broadway theater at its finest.' Douglas -Wall, Daily News' 'A straight-from-the-shoulder knockout, .-.brimming with vi lality. Miller writes with itrcngth and insight. His people are invited and Ibeir situation becomes vital to us." Richard Walts Jr., New York Post: "Bitter, sardonic and al most steadily interesting dra ma." Leonard Harris, WCBS-TV "Another winner. This is you traditional well made realistii play: interesting characters revelations, surprises, con flicls." 64TH ANNIVERSARY -- Mayor Richard · Pcrchlik has proclaimed the week of May 7-13 as Navy Nurse Corps Week in observance of the Corps' filth anniversary this year. Participating in ceremonies at t h e Navy Recruiting Officer in Greeley Tuesday arc fro mlhc left, Chief Jerry Kober, local re- cruiting officer; Brila Brownfield, a junior in (he University of Northern Colorado School of Nursing in the Navy program; Mayor Perchlik, and LI. Edith .1. Maffco of Denver, a Navy Nurse Corps officer. (Tribune photo by Jim Briggs) Shutterbugs To Present Slide Shows at Annual Hobby Fair 3-30 Sbutlcrbugs lo Prcscnl ken i "All Men Seek God" will be Two "mini-programs" and a {shown by Miss Adams at 3:30 [nil lenglli slide show will high-: light, the exhibit presented by the Greeley Shutterbugs at the l l l h annual Hobby Pair Saturday and Sunday at the Community Building. Roy Cameron and Barbara Adams will present the "mini- programs," 10 to 15 minutes in length. "Mistakes in Photography" will be presented by Cameron at 2:30 p.m. Saturday. A humorous group of slides, Cameron shows what often happens t o t h e photographs. best intended p.7n. Sunday. This mini-program received the 1971 award as the best tape recorded slide series in Shutterbug program competition. Mrs. William 0. (Joan) Popo-| Bl " ldln k'- joy will present the feature pro-i gram Saturdy evening at 7:.'IO.| "Eastern U.S. blossoms" de-| picts flowers and foliage of Ihe I eastern United States. Her' photographs were taken during a recent nine-month period while the Popcjoys resided in New York. Flowers and foliage of New The Hobby Fair will lie open to the public from 1-8:30 p.m. Saturday and 1-5 p.m. Sunday. The Shutterbugs display wil be in the dining room across the hall from the main room in the C-reelcy Community Young Says Apollo 16 Mission 'Cliff-Hanger Due to Trouble 1 England, Washington, D.C., the Carolinas, New York City as By HOWARD BENEDICT AP Aerospace Writer SPACK CKNTKR, Houston (AP) -- Commander John W. He believes mat, will! tne Yo , Q(|a , lcrmc( i || lc A ,, 0 i lo arrival of made-for- TV films! 16 m - [ss]on a « c ijfM iarig cr" be- and rising costs, the days the big one shot dramatic special is past. "The words 'Drama Special 1 now have a special meaning for viewers," be added. "It means a play with a sad ending taped in New York -- usually a revival." His primary interest is in making a show entertaining. cliff-hanger" cause of the engine problem that almost canceled the landing on llie moon. He said he and his crew- The message, cidental. any, is in- Spelling, while on lop al Ihc moment, has learned his lessons under the Niclrcn guns. Some of his earlier efforts at production included sonic very shor- tlived disasters - "The Uoyd|TM n ' c mates, Charles M. Duke .Jr. and Thomas K. Matlingly II, ivere worried about a shortage of fuel because of extra maneuvering they had to do because of the trouble. The astronauts spoke at their first news conference since the end of their 11-day space venture last Thursday. In through and put us right back in the ball game," Young said. "It was a sii|ern performance and we really appreciated it." Tlie astronauts narrated a film and slides of the mission highlights, inclubing the separation of the two ships, (he descent lo the surface as seen through the lunar module engine, and a tour of the Descartes area as Young and Duke drove Ihoir moon buggy from feature lo feature. One striking shot was taken from SOD feet up Stone Mountain, looking back over Ihe Cayley Plateau where Young and ln ! Duke landed. ad-| Descartes site would definite evidence that volcanoes once erupted on Ihe moon and played a role in Ms formation. most of the rocks exam- Mountain landing produce the first BYU Upholds Dress Code PROVO, Utah (AP)--Brigham Young University officials . "'" ers ' st s l u d e 1 l s re featured. , . . , well as interesting Christmas w *° ,P ers ' st m ^W he doors in Williarnsburg, Va., willl 50 ' 1 . 001 S dl ' C3S a " d Brooming j cole ' ! Ihe code bans short dresses -r- 1 1 °" B " ' s an1 ' 011 S n a i r on boys. T a l K S Morc l h a n 20 ° names of violators have been turned in since U n d e r Way, Says French Paper PARIS (AP) - jpaper France-Soir The said today |that secret talks between N'orih i V ' l o f l l l l m iiml I l l n l l n i t n r l * ^ f a f n c and the United ined so far are breccias, orj l l a v c begun and that the United composiles of different mate-i stalcs h a s proposed a sevcn- ,.j a l s _ (j--- · ·-- ··-- "-·-·- - Whether they were formed by The day truce in the fighting. BYU president oaks newspaper, citing _ a asked that students report offenders, a S]X)kesman for the Campus Life Committee siid. The committee includes 60 faculty members assigned counsel first-lime offenders the code. . "If a violator does not respond (o counseling by cither (he Campus Life Committee or the standards office," Lyle Cur- committee chairman, said. tMiuiuu! iuuy tvuic- Lunubu uy -·"- "*·"T«I'^, v...... fa u i i i s , commiuce cnairmaji said volcanoes will have lo be delef- "good source," said Hanoi is in then he "faces Ihe prospect ol mined by microscopic cxa'm-j a PP ai '»nt agreement, but prob- , ro t being allowed to re-register ination of thin sections of the'cms have arisen over "terms O r of being counseled out of Young said the astronauts h a d j y o u r l . "The Descartes landing site ·is one of Ihe most dazzlinglyj s on Hi rocks, explained Dr. Paul Cast, a space agency gcophysicisl. "Everybody is sitting .on a fence," Cast said Tuesday. "The answer may not be available for some lime." of a cease-fire which would fol- sc iiool. low the Iruce." The secret talks lie said Hie process would al- rcsunieJ.'fow violators to enroll at other France-Soir said, after I lanoii schools without prejudice since Politburo member Le Due Thojothcr universities do not have 1 returned lo Paris Sundav. Lsuch strict standards. worrisome hours after !Maltingl.v discovered a problem . backup control system in the command ship engine just -10 minutes before Young and Duke were to land in the Bridges Show," in slar emerged on dry land after the successful seasons of "Sea Hunt," "The June Allyson Show," an anthology, and "The. , ,, , · Smoliiers Brothers Show," O lDescartes Mountains. situation comedy disaster pre-1 Mission Control told them to postpone the landing while experts examined the problem. (I was determined nol to be serious and llie lunar touchdown was achieved six hours late. Ground control had ordered ·-OR.IVE.r* JTHEAtfe 2930 S-11th Ayft PETEK CAREY, M.1). JAMES COBURN JENNIFER 0 NE8LL TKE CAREY TRE.RIM.EMT 1-iVHAVIblO'l' Everyone Wants CATLOW Ihe Iwo ships to rendezvous close together in case a decision was made to abort the landing and come home. "We accomplished a dubious first in that we flew two lunar orbit rendezvouses in one mission," Young said. The moon explorers also had lo fly a rendezvous exercise In rejoin Mal- lingly in. llie command vehicle after leaving the surface. "Charlie, Ken and I aware of Ihc seriousness o.f the Lsilualion because it lakes a lot jof fuel to rendezvous Ihe lunar] module willi Ihc command j module," Ihe commander said. "It was a cliff-hanger of a mission from where we sal in Ihc cockpit. "Bui l l i e ground came ig from up Stone Mountain has got lo be one of the most truly beautiful- views that has ever been seen by man." The astronauts ended their lunar flight last Thursday, splashing down in Ibc Pacific Ocean after a trip of 1.2 million mites. Young and Duke spent 71 hours on the moon. They were outside their landing craft for 20 hours, driving their moon buggy to various geological sites lo collect a record 213 pounds of rocks and soil samples. Since their return here Saturday, the spacemen have spent long hours debriefing on their mission and will continue to do so for another two weeks. Scientists in (be Lunar He- cciving Laboratory have packed a few moon rocks Ihe astronauts brought back have found some puzzling scientific fcehng lho mission "as I h a l h c : x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x at MINI FLICK Greeley HOOM 11--7 10:15 phis 100 IMKI.KS 8:15 ADULTS ONLY At Cinema 35 Fort Collins K I A ' I H A M A I M I J A N 7 10:15 I'lus "/." 8:1.") l . i i l v Shmvlnif Kvcry I'Vldii.v mul S a t u r d a y N i f j l i t I I :.'({) jil t h e M i n i I'll Hi x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x - FILM RATING GUIDE For Parents and Their Children GErJFHAt AUOIfNCEI P A R t W T A L GLNDAUCC SUOOCSTEO R NO ONC UNMH I 7 A O M I T I E D IA0*bmJl mtyvlrY t - MPAA CHEELEY'S FINEST T l I K A T H I , S _ 353 B404 733m ZSlhSI. TONIGHT'S PERFORMANCES AT 7:30 AND 9:30 2333 W. 28lh SI. WINNER OF 5 ACADEMY AWARDS TONIGHT'S PERFORMANCES" AT 7:00 AND 9:00 2OikCenli;ry-Fci THE FRENCH CONNECTION IN THE GREAT TRADITION OF AMERICAN THRILLERS. 352-3636 '1516 Eighth Ave. STARTS TODAY TONIGHT'S PERFORMANCES AT 7:00 10:00 THE . THE GREATEST flUg£ DEADLIEST COLOR BTMCVIL/*.HICOLORSCOPE AToho Corpiry ProiJuclxn "Dinosaurus 1 STARRING WARD RAMSEYAND\ KRISTINA HANSON PERFORMANCES , AT 1:40 CHIE ' 352-0245 '706 Eighth Ave. STARTS TODAY PERFORMANCES AT7:00 10:00 ' CATCH THE PINK ANGELS , ...IF YOU CAN! W ii T O N I G H T A T 8 : 3 0 CHAINED UKEAMMALS- treated Btctrosli ENTEKTAINMEVI

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