Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 31, 1962 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 31, 1962
Page 3
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Building Developments, Weather Made Headlines Here During '62 ' ir.-.,. .. :.i. ,..,.. ., .. .. ~ 'Continued Irom Page li end of the month and when it fin- ' ally let up, a check of she rec-' ords coalumed that the month '. had brought the most severe and ' most prolonged cold spell in Weld County's history. Fat«l Accident H Gilcreit On Jan. 21 a train was gn ce »gaia involved in a fatal dent. Roderick McLeod. of , , . - . , n ? Gr ""* 9 ' su P«iiitendent of sitating a 5.57 mill increase schools, to quit. ----- -- ~ -- ' v ~ .'ivwcw. ^i, Ol ii - · · - * -- »._. j iai«( vic^icy \iiv Gilt-rest was killed when his car . However ' Dr - Grimes said he Council and the Greeley Water " . ' - reeey aer was struck by a Union Pacific '"I'*., to '""'" tne (our . vears Board announced that an overall of , a)nlra rt and the rift increase in water rales of 47 ·treamliner at the north Gilcrest. e of s * [settled. Dame* Suiti Filed On March 26. parents of the Burglar. Hit Feed'Stere ' 5dl °° l ^ viclim5 ' ' The month of February slartedi SU " S t0lakling S275 ' tWO off on a crime note when bur^i "* ^"""'y lars knocked oyer a safe in Gordon's Downtown Food Store and made off with 5950. | U was the sixth time in five' years that the Greeley mayor's rem wou | d ^ needed to jn ' in court. itores had been hit Said the mayor. "Personally I think there's been too many burglaries in the Greeley area, not just in my ttores. I'm sure more night patrolmen. maybe some foot patrolmen in (lie downtown area, would help prevent these break-in April V«ting Mtthines 1 6 one of and are was dedicated in honor of Ralph essors emeritus. Old Elite Building Ram With new buildings going up i -- o auiiicu timing aown. water to the political announcements \Vrecking crews began razing the along 8th Ave t ti n razng e of recent times took place when old Elite Building at 8th Ave. and the Weld County commissioners 9th St. .May 14 The lot is now a announced they would buy 130 vot J "-.-... MM., luv »ui- .-....[iv. at jr jjatA uevdUSC ol a City ing machines at a cost of $259.519. beautification project by Greelev The machines caused mild con- Jaycees Greekv luiMinj Condemned Major improvements at 8th Ave. and 8th St. were announced May travcrsy until the primary elec . . - i lion - * hen th »' w"e first put to BrotW ef } Bu , Victim, KHUd j" 5 ' , ,, The onus of Dec-. 14. i%i, ron . · Varl v a " persons who voted on tinued to plague the Auburn community when on Feb. 7, John Brantner, the brother of twi, ol the school bus victims, died inl the crash of a pickup and a Another brother. James, was, Kfiously injure,) in 1(w acc j d( , nt PUC Hearino On Feb. 9. Duane llarmj told a Tublic I'liluies Commission investigator. "I have never been absolutely sure I stopped bclore (machines for the first .,,.., ipraised the system Cook 1 , lulljs New Ruildinj. First major building project got iy in early April as Cook's vice Drug started con- n of its new building on between 10th and nth - ng toppled. The building was condemned. ICC Report! en Cr«th On April 17, lhe Interstate Commerce Commission said its -- ·---.-.*.._, aut r , MUjmpQ [HMO!"? crossing the railroad tracks " i, vestl « atlon * "* Greeley school ii «·»»«· him.train ...-*. L · _ ! : . _ _ . i ., . llarmj was one of several witnesses who were called to testify »» the PIT conducted its own investigation prior to Harms' trjal : Ttmptrjturti On? Agiln Again in February weather look the spotlight when temperatures dropped down below zero Of par. licular note was the appcaranre Feb. J7 of two "sun dogs" in the eastern sky. The "sun dogs" are actually ice crystals in the at- moaphere which reflect sunlight In the form of a halo or artificial «un The very next day the mercury once again plunged to 22 below. bus-train crash indicated that Harms had not taken precaution. the Ault Farmers National Bank and made off with J2.000. A team of FBI agents was called in to investigate Serimii. enough Installed One of the most controversial in- - ble walk light at 8lh Ave. and !Kh St. was turned on. The Greeley Grill was held up No armed robbers on April 24. March Are* Cell Mlnutemen In March news at the lcginning of the month centered around I defense. I H was announced Dial Hie government would build Minulcman missile sites in Wyoming. Ne- hraska and Colorado. It was believed one or possibly two sites would be located in northeast Weld County Filleut Shelters Designated At the same lime 15 buildings in the Greeley area were designated as possible public falloul (hellers. Eaton High School became the first building to become authorized »s · falloul shelter. Jury Selected On March 20. the selection of a jury to try Duanc Harms got underway in Weld County District Ntw Bank was opened in Hillside. May Major improvements at Wei County Genernl Hospital wer heralded in early Mav when tw huge, new winps were dedicated. "'""I flooding of 1962. The flood Committee came into the news Reor««nlntlon Preeeedi Weld County School Planning action on the problem. Committee ca Cit Firsl clue to PENNEY'S Lakeshort Supper Club were an- 'Waif OiuuJ u* !«r^ , ; - ,, . ,, ,, i nounfed June 8 The tch St. "Wall;- sutject «!JOvitn ArcST ' ^ 3K 1962 GREELEY TRIBl'XE Pag* S State Letter Carriers held their [much controversy during the late! Aichakta wa« shot and killed^ u · conveation in Greeley June 8-9-W. summer, was opened up to allow!by his wife after he 4rchdeta ' a ' ** Ave ' *** ^ S! i^ 1 * 0 " » f tke Christmas Boat Hw*«- e Vetin, PrecincH Cut traffic through Aug 21. jhad shot Lonoworth' Loceworthi' 0 ""if* * Kf ^' s s:ore £nd to I Light ing Collet was the DM . Weld County Commissioners an- j The wall had been erectediis still in a Denver hospital 'J^ OT1(ie offrce s P ace N * Denver|McGloth!en home at 2202 ISth ft. ;iK)unced June 13they badadoiKed'acrov- 8th S'.. at 8th Ave. to al-lfoverin" " i D r y store will be bull! righ! On Dec. 19. State Sen. George ' · · · · · - - - - : arrows t h e street t o 'he north. Brown o f Denver, charged that ition sororities charge Legisla- Committ** March 21. when Board Board approved the largest budg- "«iuig a s.5/ mill increase -, , · ^^""""-"«" "" --- » Two days later Greeley Citv ,"* bulldLlg U * lread v * el1 removal Council and the Greeley Water HTM". wa - v on lbe south «*«' »' NCI . ,,,,,. ,,. NCS4L luilein* Started the city. More construction got under way Vkieut Cleudkurit when Sam Cooper Construction On June 30. the most vicious C°- started building the new Nor- -loudburst of 1962 deluged Gree- 'hern Colorado Saving;, and Loai ley in a matter of minutes. Rain Building at 10th Ave. and llth St !,,,, -·---v ~v, \IK iiiirai »H.1(JU5 *·"· «"*"**·« wuuuiug UK: IJCY* .WI* Ireeley's water "system" """" * udburst °f '962 deluged Grce- ^rnColorado^Savingb and Loan Lak Scheel Dedicated On May 13. Colorado State Col new Laboratory water washed a truck driven b Uidwig Frei off 8th St. Rd. He was drowned in the Ogilvie Ditch. Downtown Greeley was under d ° W n - W a t e r to th ' car emporary park because of a city On July 7. Greeley City Council vas informed by an engineering firm that a 50 per cent boost in flat rate water charges would IHU oui 01. wi're annOUilCOu M3V aA A / - - - -- -- ^-i - -·· -^ ... v . n i ^ u ....n..\, V bu:i· v^icir. *i(iu 6. the day after a portion of a "r^T Ce ""P 1 TMTM 61 " 5 8 a ' w h l | e lr 'mg to clean a cess- Recorder. Ann Spomer: Sheriff ire wall atop the Greelev build , r Sysiem and M * a S e ^ on their farm near Fort Lu P- ** «e'-*: County Treasurer ng toppled. The buildin,. was co n : tr ^TM nt P la " L . . . . t0n ' _ . . . . Charles Bursieh Co'unty Assess- GGG announced pur- the Greeley Building be ,, e Grw!e y Building'was orn down and GGG is in the pro- ver Dry building will be built across the street on the old post olfice site. Downeeuri Hit City On May 27, spring downpours lit the Greeley area and caused On May 30, three young Gree- ey residents were lulled in a spectacular, one-car accident 3'j miles esst of Greelev on the «h St. Rd. Killed in the accident w e r e novations of 1962 was put into n, ,,· T "*"' w e r e action April 23 when the scram- TM e Ktnnfih Ha "' Caro1 Ho «- i i .. . . ai-mm m ., n _ n j .1 ,. r . i . . j j man and Mrs. Kairyne Shedd. June New Dormitory Stirted - fr ° m 3 ha "' inth a " the '" AugU5t ' ay up to 4', inches just east of So severe was the storm that ne was retiring as administrator " 1 --' - · ' ' Weld County General Hospital 'ov. 1. He was replaced in that July .·apacity by George X. Stout. Plagued by hail most of the summer, farmers took another pounding during an early-morning storm Aug. 30. Part Office Railnj Begins On July 11, the old Greeley Post Office began coming down as Perlmutter Wrecking and Job- started its salvaging con- July II, the Greeley School ub!icans endorsed Johr ' Love tract. of the tireeley. Evans and Ashton School Districts by voting unanimously in favor of such a plan. Municipal Swim Peel Proposed July 13. the Grwley Junior rhamtwr of Commerce made its first announcement that it would iromole the construction of a new- municipal swimming pool. Greeley residents will vote in February on the issuance of revenue bonds to pay for the project. School ·tentrert Let On July 17 Johnson Builders. Inc. of Salina. Kans. was awarded lhe contract on the first phase of Greeley's new school construction. The firm bid $871.728 on construction of three elementary county treasurer and Fred Brunner for county commissioner dur- ng the primary election. Demicrats named Harold Ad- wk to run for congress although le was beaten ±,±r t -±,-^=--SS d ^ Robert f of Whtatridge. kUled his construction. General contractor is Carney Construction Company. Midnight Downpour A midnight downpour June 6 ive West Greeley its third and . helped pave lhe way to get city mon of me 9th Ave. August Aimed Valuation Again In reatei On Aug. 1. County Assesso: City Council is prcspntlv studv- again May 8. when it approved in 8 rigbt-of-way problems connecl- fnrmalion of two new school dis- «J with building a drainage ditch tricls in north central Weid Coun- or line and hopes to provide at '"· .. least lemporan- relief from the One new district. Re 2, includes flooding before spring, former Eaton. Galclon and Wy- Greeley Gtti Denver Dry Store all districts. The other, Re S. On June 7. it was announced includes the former Ault. Nunn. that Denver Drv would definitely Pterce. Can- and Ml. Ivookout dis- locate a major" new department 570. Un««son«l Storm , , On Oct. 5. an unusual and un- Anouier ot the summer's thun- seasonal electrical and rain storm derstorms struck Aug. 1 and hit Weld County. Deluges of rain ightmng caused a power disrup- halted scheduled Friday nijht ion in many parts of southern football games as well as "harvest IvPlfl PAHnti* (nr- .,.,,_ _ _ l . . . . Weld County for over an hour. ^he that Slate Farm would probably ioc.ite a regional office in Greeley and that construction was already I under way on Hie new Wilshire I Slipping Center in West Greeley. New Motel Announced Plans for a new 48-unil de luxe motel to be located next to the .- _ . ^. ..,, ..uui . 3c -i. tf i ItTdM UllP ] The town of Plattevilir was de- several accidents. luged with 2.50 inches of rainfall were uprooted thai area Cu»rd Welcomed Home On Aug. 10. Greeley's National ,uard-called up 3 year earli to a big welcoming celebration Greeley National Guard. The takeover will be completed sometime in February when radar towers are constructed and communication lines are installed. A train was involved in another! A naui was uivoiveo in anotnerUi ,; » tragic accident Nov. 1. when Har-j Heipital Administrator Retires Henry Hill announced Auq. 23. Crops were'batlered in the Gill lhe off '- vear S ener laton and LaGranee areas l saw John Love oust houses. On Nov. 28 th. 2000 Corporation announced plans to construct a medical plaza across 16th St. south from Weld Count On Dec-. 20. CSC officials re- no discriminatory clauses jappear in the constitutions of the national social fraternities and sororities on campus. rison Benard Rowan. 46 of La \ Salle. was crushed to death under a I'nion Pacific switching train operating at the Great Western Sugar Company. He was a member of the train crew. Still l Crouing Acciitnt another train accident Action en General: That ^ mf day the Greeley School Board postponed action on I the rebidding of Elementary School No. 4 slated for the Sher- November Weld Re-Elects All Officeholders November was highlighted by the off-year genera! election which .·la-med a life in 1962. Lawrencej Wood Park area Edward Satterthwait of 1702 3rd 1 ljfK bdi durin S 'he rebidding Ave. was killed Nov. 30. when hi5l pro;ess were sti11 higher than pickup was struck by a Union p a -!P rev ' ous estimates on the cost of '" switch engine "at a county'; lhe ^"ocJ- iroad crossing at the north edge Big news of lli e holiday sea- jof Evans. :s °n was the first White Christmat ; since 1948. But the snow brought ifreezing temperatures with ft. September Sept. 6. Ray Hixson and his P were suffocated by trying to clean a cess- | Steve McNichols for the governorship. All office holders in Weld Coun- What was believed to be the first earthquake ever felt in Greeley occurred Dec. 5. The quake Primary Election or Herbert H. Hansen: County On Sept. II. Weld County Re- Superintendent Paul Lodwick County Surveyor Willard Quirk; nn u.iii.f I1U1UI-IS in *eiu LOUn- · ""--»." *^\.. .». me qucute ty were re-elected. Elected and Or i8inated about 10 miles under- r e-elected were:County Clerk and 8 roun i at a point two miles west! of Derby. The shock many points or governor, Donald Brotzman County Coroner Ross Adamson- or congress, Charles Bursiel for County Commissioner Elmer Shultz. State Senator Carl Mag- Kathleen Littler, George Atkin son and Arthur Andersen. . Youth Shot to Ourh Decembei to a minus 13 degrees. The following day the low recorded temperature was a minus two degrees. wave was felt at in northeast Colo Stork Express Born to Mr. and rado. However no damage was re- -- -- '*· """o«u- ported away from the point of! C ' Rogers of u Jlira la. Calif., · origin. a son on Friday, Dec. 23. at i Long Beach hospital. Mrs. Rogefii; is the former Margaret Will, eld-:- est daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C'arl:- WU1 of Cornish. She is a graduate-: of Colorado State College and hasj taught second grade at Bellflow-A: United Fund Falls Short Grteley United Fund ended its drive with only 94.99 per 1962 State Representatives cent of the quota collected. Work ers collected $85.620, falling $4.300 short of goal. On Dec. 8, Ellis k Capp Equip- - er. Calif., for the past five years.S " High ment Co. announced it had start-' --- · n ; i i« i- C r M"«"uuTM. -·» suose-inrm had p On Sept. 18. a fti-e swept through quent inquest termed the death!franchises of TM* er. and his iru'a everely burned in the fire. On Sept. 29. Weld County commissioners proposed a budget of $8,060.259 for 1963. They reported the proposed judget would require the raising of tax levies for county purposes from 13.50 to 13.55 mills. October Snorkel Truck Arrive! Greeley's Fire Department re- abl The truck carrie On Nov. 10, it was announced hat building permits for contraction in Greeley would prob- a record for 1962. The Yule Home Lighting Wiweri Named CHICAGO - The 1962 income-;' tax law made 139 changes in the; United States tax code, Comv Imerce Clearing House reports;^ ing air. permits indicated total construc- ion of more than S7 million would be undertaken during the year. The figures did not include work on three new elementary schools and the new State Farm building in Evans. $11.1 Million for Beet Grower. A big boost to the agricultura economy in Weld County came in November when it was announce* sugar beet growers would get S12.2 million in the form of an initial payment on their 1962 On IW n ii I"TMTM Lieanng Mouse reports; : on Dec. is. u was announced.The law covers 103 page* of fire- the grand pnze winner in the 19621 print. : : , -=· ·· --"-i "TM»aui nt-i- trasn noruiwest ot ureelev Mrs nert H. Hansen reported that O'Brien was critically injured but Weld County's assessed valuation recovered had climbed S2.647.780 to J156 013 a boom that is capable of lift- platform 75 feet into the Tragedy struck the Eaton Community Oct. 1. when three sons of high school Coach William 0'- ,,,.., Brien were killed in an auto-truck crop. ---' northwest of Greeley. Mrs. Greeley School Board on Nov set at least one fire and caused Greeley Police Oct. 10. arrested ...^ .-. -- ...*,,i.- L ., .aimaji uieeiev ronce uct. 10 arresed dunng the hour-long storm. Trees four youths whom thev said "had w nd blown over in carried out a long string of bur- rejected bids on construction of a fourth new elementary school in the Sherwood Park area because it felt the bids were too high. GGG Announces Developments On Nov. 21. GGG announced SS million in new developments for Greeley. The corporation said a three-story building would - g ] arie5 t!, roug h oin tne c j tv and county. Police Officer Wounded On Oct. 13, a domestic spat . , a omestc spat in the Berlin Crisis-came home exploded into murder. Greelev Police Officer James Longworth .- o --·--....... . v.i\.r VSIIII.CI U H l l l o IjUIliJWUnn Guardsmen roared to Lincoln was shot and critically wounded I ark- by convoy and there reun- during a spat involving Nelson lied with wives and sweethearts. Joe Archuleta. a farm worker Aluminum . . . STORM DOORS WINDOWS CLIFTONS HOME SERVICE 352-6006 Greeley Plumbing and Heating JOHN C. TAYLOR, Own.r We Specialize In Repair Work PROMPT A N D E F F I C I E N T SERVICE Telephone 353-UJ2 1009 9th St. Greeley, Colorado Sewsr Service Specialty WORLDS Of MY Greeley Linoleum Tile 1922 9th St. PENNEY'S GIANT WHITE GOODS rolls Into town W E D N E S D A Y JANUARY 2nd All Penney sheets reduced I Store-wide values) \' Check your calendar,.. Don't miss these big savings! PENNEY'S WILL BE OPEN WEDNESDAY NIGHT Annual Sale Now In Progress! 20% Off Everything! 40%to50%Off'.' 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