Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 3, 1970 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1970
Page 7
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Gromyko Presses for French Cooperation in Middle East By ANATOLE SHUB The Washington Pott PARIS - Visiting Soviet F o r c i g n Minister Andrei Gromyko pressed here Tuesday for French cooperation in the Middle East conflict, but President Pompidou used the occasion to prod p u b l i c l y o n question. the Kremlin the German was clear and firm in support of west German Chancellor Willy Brandt's efforts for Bonn- Moscow accords on divided Germany and Berlin. Pompidou declared: "Franco-German reci ciliation, doubtless one of the most striking events since the war, is an accomplished fact. Several months ago, you yourself opened conversations to succeed. That is to say, they should be part of a general process of detente which permits the effacement of the absurd division between West and East and the re-establishment, from one end of Europe to the other, of balanced relations, founded on confidence and on respect for each people and state." While Pompidou's toast was well within the bounds of diplomatic politeness, observers considered it a strong reminder of at least two major divergencies between Paris and Moscow on European questions. First, France is not prepared to align itself with Moscow to exert pressure on Bonn, but r a t h e r the contrary -especially where allied rights in Berlin are concerned. Second, with regard to a European security conference, Moscow wishes the agenda and results "pre-cooked" by the great powers, while Paris wants an open conference in which the non-aligned states, as well as free-wheeling alliance members such as France and Romania, in Greeley to help them help could help break down bloc According to French sources, Fo r e i g n Minister Maurice Schumann offered Gromyko his choice of subjects Tuesday morning to open the day of intense bilateral consultations. Gromyko chose the Middle East. Most observers believe that the Soviet official was primarily interested in sounding out Western positions after last week's North Atlantic Treaty foreign minister's meeting in Rome. Neither side gave details of the discussion. Formal Toast At a lunch for Gromyko at the Elysce Palace, however, Pompidou in a formal toast referred only indirectly to the Middle East and other conflict areas "outside Europe." but Smoking Habit Discussed in Two Booklets The TB and Respiratory Disease Association of North Central Colorado has sent anti- smoking leaflets to physicians their patients quit the habit. O n e leaflet. Smoking, Why?" "Me Quit outlines the health hazards of smoking. The second, "Me Quit Smoking, How?" spells out the steps to slop. make "Kicking the habit" is|Ieadu\ especially urgent the assocwtionjwithin* divisions. Pompidou's remarks were considered significant in view of the current intermission in Bonn-Moscow talks, in which Russia has thus far refused to concessions on Berlin, to the second Brandt thoughts coalition said, for patients already suf-igovernment on how quickly to fering from diseases of heart and lungs. But it is important for all smokers to quit smoking, the the pursue a Soviet accord. West G e r m a n Foreign Minister Walter Scheel arrived in Paris association said. Allhniifih 21 million people have already ended the habit, too many people still smoke, the association said. And nalicna! surveys show that 84 per cent of the general people will not Tuesday for a meeting of Western parliamentarians, but officials squelched speculation that a Scheel-Gromyko meeting might be arranged. However, there will doubtless be contact among all parties quit smoking their doctors urge them to. These pamphlets should help doctors help their patients to quit, the association feels. People who want individual free copies of the leaflets can pel them by asking their doctors or by contacting the TB-RD Association of North Central Colorado. 201 E. 4th. Lovelaud. The association says. "Kicking a matter of life public think| concerned wi(h re g ar( j to next allied* Big Four meeting on Berlin, scheduled for June 9. Some public sign of Soviet "give" on Berlin then might permit Scheel (o go to Moscow, as planned, before crucial German slate elections on June 14. Thus, most observers read or breath." In the Courts cident near Brighton last Nov. DISTRICT COURT Canadian Ple*d Guilty James MalHiew Kennedy, 49, led Deer, Alberta, Canada, ileaded guilty to an amended nformation charging him with a short check felony at a re- arraignment in District Court " ere. Judge Hugh H. Arnold found Cennedy guilty of the charge after hearing testimony by 3reeley Police Det. Robert Jirsch. Tlie court continued the case for sentencing of the defendant. Kennedy was accused in the a m e n d e d information with [iving a check in an amount ver $100, drawn on the Weld bounty Bank in which he had nsufficient funds for payment, in March 18 to procure money and with the intent of d e f r a u d i n g t h e University Vational Bank of Fort Collins. Originally the defendant had jeen charged with three counts of theft, all involving the alleged taking of money from hree Greeley banks March 18. ·le pleaded innocent to these charges at his initial arraignment. Personal Injury Complaint A personal injury complaint !or $35,000 in damages has been : iled in District Court here by he. parents of a 21-year-old woman who was killed in an ac- Mark R. Schenk, 20. Two other icrsons in (he car, Miss Joann V. Smith, 21, 1714 22nd Ave.,',u.v the FBI because of the po- and Scott Soper Barker, 21 an-jl'teness and speed with which other Air Force Academy cadet,;he moved from bank to bank The four were traveling in a Hidden cameras had snapped small foreign car which Barkerjhis photograph from various an- was driving. The boom sheared off the top and one side of the vehicle. Surtax Death Will Fatten Wage Checks By JOHN M. PEARCE Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) -- Pay envelopes grow a little fatter next month when the income ax surcharge, imposed in Lyndon B. Johnson's last year as resident to help pay for the Vietnam war, becomes history. The t a x , originally 10 per cent, was cut in half last January and dies altogether July 1, he day the government's new : iscal year begins. Its passing will cost $4.5 billion in federal evenue. May Fill Need But strapped us the Nixon ad- ninislration is for cash, with judget deficits predicted for the old and the new'fiscal years, the surtax's death may help provide something needed even more: consumer buying to help end he near-recession before November congressional elec- ions. As a result primarily of the Pompidou's toast Tuesday as a surtax's political unpopularity, prod to Gromyko to meet thel" 1 ? .Nixon administration « . The parents, Patricia L. and Walter H. Danielson, Rt. 2, I'Jakm, filed the complaint against the Great Western Sugar Co. and the Colorado Fuel Iron Co. The daughter, Linda Patricia Danielson, was injured fatally when an auto in which she was a passenger was struck headon ay a long conveyor boom on a sugar beet piler three miles ] Suspect Nabbed After Caper By Dashing Dan north of Brighton. The complaint sets forth chain holding the conveyor boom broke and the boom swung across U.S. 85, on which .he car was traveling. The complaint says the beet Viler had been manufactured :y the C.F. I. and was being operated by Great Western Sugar. Co. at the time of the the robber, who plied Ins trade Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, said "thank you" for the neatly tailored holdup man got more than $35,000 in the series of robberies, the FBI said. Pavia was charged with rob- NEW YORK (AP) -- A Tunisian immigrant employed as a bartender has been arrested less than an hour after "Dashing Don" -- the well-mannered bank robber--pulled his 20th job in three months. FBI agents and city detectives, acting Monday on tips that resulted from recent newspaper pictures and articles on the bandit, had gone to Queens seeking to question Raphael Pavia, 44. Pavia was arrested as he stepped from a taxi at 2:05 p.m. near his apartment. Police said accident j' 1e nil1 ?''910 '" his possession, Also killed in the crash wasl l n c exacl amount taken from a :m Air Force Academy cadet,(Manhattan bank 45 minutes earlier. Dashing Dan was so named were injured. when a teller turned him down. INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- A secretary in the Indiana altor- ley general's office shook the contents out of a bulging envelope Monday--and screamed. glcs in the 20 banks. Authorities said the robber would hand a note to a teller, demanding big bills and warning that he had a gun. On six occasions, the teller denied having large bills and Dashing Dan walked out q u i e t l y . When he was not turned down, Wed., J u n e y, 1UVO U K U U L t i Y T R I B U N E l'a«e 7. bing a Jamaica, Queens, bank | in Manhattan, seven in Queens March 4 and faces a 20-year prison term and $5,000 fine upon conviction. However, the FBI arrest announcement accused the suspect of 20 attempted robberies--nine and four in Nassau County. Neighbors said Pavia was married and the father of two daughters and a son. USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY! ZALES JEWELERS 806 8th Use Your BcmkAmericord Open Fri. till 8:30 352-6957 West halfway on Berlin, as quickly as possible. Gromyko described the day's sticking currently to its plan to let it fade away. But Nixon has pledged to ask evenls as "interesting and Congress for new taxes next Graduation Cards 807 8th St. Phone 353-0246 useful," providing no details. SOMERVILLE, Mass. (AP) -- Somerville Hospital now accepts credit cards in payment of patients' bills. A spokesman says the hospital is the first on the Kast Coast to do so. Any one of three major credit cards may be used. January if conditions don't improve. He already has requested a new tax on gasoline containing lead. He is conlenl for now to let. a small deficit--estimated by his planners at $1.8 billion for the year beginning in July--stand, mainly because his analysts say it is caused by a drop in corpo-1 "The credit cards have beenlrate income taxes brought, on byi particularly effective in reduc-]lhr business doldrums. I ing losses in the hospital's out- Ending the surtax won't patient and emergency service much to the average taxpayer where charges are small and|--an extra 70 cents a week for billing costs proportionately' '--- ' !1! ~- -"'high," the spokesman reports. USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS STOLL'S MARKET North llth Ave., Greeley FRYERS Red Bird Whole ... R '° h Flavor 2i/ 2 can . Shurfine 12 or FLOUR roTL H . ORANGE JUICE PEAS, CORN VS10 o, OH IIC A PC Slgman's Double Delight OHUuHUC Pure Pork, 1 Ib. roll _ ,b. 29c 3 for $1 79c 3 for $1 6 for $1 PRODUCE WATERMELONS GPay ----------------------- ,,,. 7c ONIONS New, yellow .................... 5 Ibs. 2SC APPLES c 'l 79c Delicious, Macintosh, Romes, Winesap, Washington Extra Fancy. ALL BEDDING PLANTS AND LARGE GERANIUMS 59c POTTED ROSES IN BLOOM $1.98 OPEN FOR PLANTS 12 NOON TO 6 SUNDAY fnur-mnnihcr families with $5,000 yearly incomes, $1.7(1 if income is $10,000--but taken 1o- gcther it will be a substantial (economic stimulant, matching the one that accompanied the .'January cut. Dr. Harold C. Passer, the Commerce Department's chief economist, last week listed the expiration of the surtax as one of the major factors behind official administration forecasts of a business upturn. The others were smaller--$4 billion from j higher Social Security payments and $3 billion from higher federal pay. Happy at Relief The cut will be especially welcome to taxpayers with incomes of $5,000, because their withholding taxes actually rose in January despite the surtax reduction. Last year, $5.70 was deducted I from weekly pay of $90.15. Since then it has teen $ti.lO, an anomaly the Internal Revenue Services called a "quirk." It was caused, the IRS said, by bugs in the complex mathematical formulas needed to figure out the new low income allowance included in the Tax Reform Act Congress passed last December. The Social Security laws already have provided a minor bonanza for some higher-income taxpayers, and more will be affected as the year wears on. The taxes are collected at the rale of 4.8 per cent until they reach a m a x i m u m of $374.40 for the year. People making about $17,800, reach the limit this j week, and those making $15,000 'pay through July. Anyone who makes $7,800 or less pays all year. Greeley Medical Supply 804 23rd Ave. Ph. 353-0102 Medical Oxygen Wheel Chairs SALES AND RENTALS v - "TSf 1 ···»;«·)· !* ·-·-,,, -.^- ~T".' '·'-' ^^m\ £.,··*·* ; ,^*r:.1 ". ··Z~-'*V^* CARPET SALE! i j f » ^VV ^ /V ..= ;. S.-.--.-^W---' mm LOW PRICED NYLON CARPET SQ. YD. 49 REG. 4A9 I Nylbrook -continuous filament nylon pile prevents pilling. t*m i *·$! *· * r* ,.li.o. .^*«fj fibers :. Textures/ Low prices WARDS CONTINUOUS FILAMENT DUPONT NYLON 501® CARPET :CG. 9.99 SQ. YD. "CHARGE IT!" 0 Dynasty -- won't get worn in the shuffle ... its superior resilience stands up to heavy traffic. Random sheared deep sculptured nylon pile wears well, cleans easily. 6 solids. Tweed colors, reg 9.99 sq yd., now only 6.99 RANDOM SHEARED ACRYLIC CARPET /C Q© (D Crestglo-70% Creslan* acrylic, 30% modacrylic pile -- the blend with a sense of color! Its affinity for dye 1^7 creates vibrant color. Superior resilcnce. THAT CASUAL LOOK-SHAG P5LE 00 San Juan-2j" Dacron* polyester pile casually displays your good taste. Easy-care carpet practically takes care of itself. Solid, blended hues. Pad -- 64-oz. sponge rubber, rcg. 1.99 sq. yd. REG. 9.99 SQ. YD. R E G . ".9!) SQ. YD. 1.69 SHOP AT HOME-Phone Wards now to see color swatches, get a free estimate and information on Wards low-priced professional installation. -V^' i::, ; ?¥*-ai", v ^ ·*"·;·:·. %S-^$ ~%4^fe* ''N""fc$«"v .'%.J$V,''7VVjj; ··t'' : v'i^*^ *' j 4i i r.vs^ ,".·*. i .**. ..··-.'« ·3H WF IvPi '-**/· '-Via ¥ '-ma ,m FREE ESTIMATES NO CHARGE SPECIAL BUY! 3 OVAL RUGS IN BROWN, GREEN OR MULTl COLORS Nylon, rayon, misc. fiber over SET or 3 core! 103x139" room-size, 22x34"scatter, 24x72" runner. no VINYL RUNNER REG. 1.79 Grips carpet! RUN FT. Clear or tints, in 27" width. S3ERCULON OLEFIN PILE CARPET- SNSTALL IT YOURSELF! REG. 6.99 i so. YD. 815 10th St. -- Greeley, Colorado Ultimate -- 6 gay tweed tones go indoors or outside. Duragon waffle rubber back. Open Friday Nights 'til 8:30

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