Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 3, 1972 · Page 25
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 25

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1972
Page 25
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(Colo.) TUIHUNli Wed., Mny 3, 1072 AMNIVERSARY W I N N E R S - Alan Lord, Cache National Bank president, presents, a $30) check to Mr. and Mrs. Waller Riddington of 2fi05 W. lOlh St. Uiddinglon's name was selected by drawing ;is winner ot the Cndie National Bank's lOlh anniversary con- teal. (Tribune pliolo by Jim Craig) Hoover Blamed Permissive Parents for Rise in Crime By CARL C. CRAFT Associated Press Writer i[ WASHINGTON (AP) - In his : Vast, words to congressmen who '·finance his FBI, J. Edgar Hoover ,«panked permissive parents for sparing the rod and spurring a rise in crime. During his final appearance before the House Appropriations Committee, two months prior to his death Tuesday, Hoover was asked why crime " : (|nes up despite'new legislation :'jind more funds. ' "1 attribute that primarily to ·the ]ennissiveness which domi.nate: some homes where some : children are raised today with little or no discipline. 'Spare the red and spoil the child.' ,' That certainly has become true r : in many instances. : "As they go to college, this. ·· .tack of discipline is manifested! disruptive demonstrations,] · -· sit-itR, acts of violence, bombings of ROTC buildings and 5 that kind. - i ;·,;· "liiiii should be corrected at ijr'h; family, level. The church '·: rind the school can play a part in it but. they cannot do the job courts have shown is respon that the parents should do. sible for some of our "I know in this city there are lenities." children in their teens who are! picked up out on the streets by pl^r\UV( UJ/ U U L U l l L U C O L I C C i a UJT · · g f^ i police officers at 2 or 3 o'clock I r-p! a MH Si tp in tho mnrnino Tim nFrirorel B V-CI d I I U J I I C Of Chess jChampionship in the morning. The officers will take them home where mothers and lathers are highly indignant because they have been awakened. "They didn't care whether! the children were home or not AMSTERDAM, Netherlands or where they were." When Rep. Robert L. F. Sikes, D-Fla., said, "Undoubtedly a considerable part of our problems is the result of court rulings and lax court procedures," and asked whether "you detect any improvement (AP) -- The world chess championship was handed t o d a y . t o Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, a spokesman of Hie International Chess Federation--FIDE--said. The championship is scheduled to start July 2. The decision to go for Rey- JTop S.Viet Officers \Face Major Shakeup of the United States--was taken by FIDE's president, Dr. Max Euwe, the spokesman said. FIDE gave Fischer until Saturday morning to declare his willingness to play on the conditions set by Reykjavik. These are a prize fund of : SAIGON (AP) -- A major .shakeup was announced today }! : amo;ig high ranking South Viet: : namese military commanders · :in the v/ake of swift North Viet' ; :narnese advances in the north' lew part of the "country and the : liall of the provincial capital of ' 'Quang Tri. ' · - . ' . . ' Brig. Gen. Vu Van Giai, was .relieved of his command of the ;.· 3rd Infantry Division and '^placed "under investigation," a MILWAUKEE, Wis. (AP) -The heart of Milwaukee's central business district was without electric power for m o r e than four hours Tuesday evening because of trouble with a cable under a cilv street. Wisconsin Co., had to protect crewmen struggling with a Electric Power cut off power to who were cable fire which officials blamed on an in- su'a'ion failure. A 100-block area was blacked cut i;xcept for street lamps and a ftw buildings with auxiliary ' gencraltor or : special wiring ' sources. spokesman for the Saigon military command said. The announcement said Lt. Gen. Hoang Xuan Lem, com- in court procedures," Hooverjkjavik--which had offered to answered: 11 10 ?' th J games between title "Basically, 1 think there is a general improvement in the country as a whole, i think our present Supreme Court shows some indication of a change in its philosophy. I am glad lo see it. "I think the leniency some $125,000, with the winner taking $78,125 and the loser the rest. If Fischer, or his chess federation, fails lo give a positive reply on the stated deadline, the[ U.S grandmaster will lose UNC Briefs Cobb Paper Dr. U Glenn Cobb, d professor of meteorology, presented n piipor, "I'rcclpllnllon IMstribudou at Greeley and In Northeastern Colorado" at the annual meeting ot tlio South western atxl Kooky Mountain Division of American Associa tlonfor the Aclvniiceiiienl ot Science in Fort Collins. Anderson Writes Daniel U. Anricr,son, nsssis Unit professor of special education, has collaborated on a laper, ."Behavioral Sills for the Mental Health Worker" for Ihe Nashville Showcase ot Innovative Treatment Programs in Child Menial lieallh. Bacr Contrihues Dr. G. F. A, Baer, assistant iirofcssor of German, has con- ribulcd an article, "Die : r olge," to "I'Vankfurter Allge- meinc Zeilung." Knapp Hired Mrs. Clara Knapp, wife ol lievnard Knnpp, 1527 7th Ave., :ias been hired as a housekeeper for the central area. She nas previously been a restaurant cook and cook for the school lunch room at Grover. Fay Writes Dr. George E. Fay, associate professor of anthropology, has written three new sections of he ethnology series of the UNC Museum of Anthropology. They include: "Charters, Constitutions and By-Laws of the Indian Tribes of North America. Parl XIII: Midwestern Tribes;" and "Treaties, and Land Cessions. Between the Bands of the Sioux and the United States ol America." Lov/ry Speaks Dr. Betty Lowry, professor ol elementary education, spoke al Ihe Coloraod Council for Social Studies' recent spring meeting in Fort Collins on "Stimulation Activities for Elementary Social Studies." Houston' Collaborates Dr. Samuel R. Houston, assistant professor of research and statistical methodology, has written "llierarchial Groupings of Students According to Their Policy of Rated Teacher Effectiveness" for "Spate Journal." Matthews Speaks Vincent Matthews, assistan professor of geology, presenter a paper, "Geology of the Pin nacles Volcanic Formation am the Neenach Volcanic Forma lion and Their Bearing on the San Andreas Fault Problem" to jthe annualmeeting of the Geo- gical riglit to challenge Spassky, theiLaramie spokesman said. Tile right to challenge will then go to Russian grandmaster Tigran Petrosian, whom Society of America Mountain section, in mander of northernmost Mili-| F , i ? t ' hpr defeated in the world fary Region 1, would he replaced by Lt. Gen. Ngo Quang re -ichampionship semifinals. Truong, who has been com-j mander of Military Region 4 the Mekong Delta area south of Saigon. The 3rd Division was formed! last year and assigned the task] 'of defending the region just below the demilitarized zone. He formerly was deputy commander of the 1st Infantry Division. ^Legislature rnment Not Set Yet DENVER (AP) question around the Schmid and Houston Dr. John Schmid, professor ol education, and Dr. Samuel R Houston have collaborated on an article, "Topics in Human Factors Research" for the MS! Information Corporation. Weishahn Writes Dr. Mel W. Weishahn, assistant professor of special educa^ tion, has written "Study ol Graduates in the Education ol the Visually Disabled" for "Exceptions} Children." The big] Colorado The North Vietnamese offen-j Legislature these davs is when' sive that began March 30 gave Ihe 3rd Division its first major test and it was beaten back repeatedly. In the fighting around vail the 1972 session wind up. Nobody claims to know the answer. House Speaker John Fuhr, R- Quang Tri City, hundreds of| Aurora, made an official ruling troops wearing the 3rd Division Tuesday afternoon that the =es- shouWer patch were seen min-, s j 0 ] 1 was w i f n i n )nrec days of gling with refugees and movmgj c k ) S j n g But he must havc soutn - [known when he did not that his Giai came under some crifi-| timetable could not possibly he ,,. V1 , , _ cism after he was evacuated by, met and still include adoption An Austrian has climbed the 2 Climbers Die In Conquest Of Mountain KATMUNDU, Nepal (AP) helicopter from Quang Tri, but field reports said he had stayed there until most of his troops had pulled out. "These Four Bundles of Dynamite from the Dean Martin Show" THE DING-A-LING SISTERS with Willie Tyler Lesier fresh off the Flip Wilson Show Monday, May 8 Only -- In the Coach Room -Vr Deluxe Buffet * Prime Rib of T-Bone For Only |ft85 For Only SJJ25 Per Person 0 Per Person 0 Dinner Prices rfo not Include cover charge of SAM per person Serving From 7:00 to 10 p.m. CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT Starting at 9 p.m. The Sisters Show Will Be Presented at Approximately 10:15 H Reservations Suggested |] Call 307-638-3301 Sorry, reservations held no longer thon 20 minutes. HITCHING POST INN 1700W.Uncolnway of a legislative reapporlionnientlworld's eighth tallest mountain measure. over a previously iuiconquere The m i n i m u m time for pas- route hut lost two colleagues sage. of a bill through bothjafter the conquest, the ex houses is three days, and nei-!pedifion leader reported today, (her the house now the senatel Wolfgang Nairz, 28, said reapportionmenl hills have Uoinhold Messner reached Ib been brought out for dehate. House Majority Leader Carl Gusiafson, R-Denver, told reporters he hopes that the house' will can he debated late this ! week, but he made no commitments. Itouse GOP Caucus Chairman Clarence Quinlan of Anlonito was less optimistic. He said he doubts (tie hill actually will reach Ihe House for debate earlier than next Monday. 26,752-foot summit of Ml. Ma naslu on April 25. The two oth er climbers were losl on the same day and presumably were buried under six feet of snow Nairz said. Nairz returned to Kalmandi with Horst Fankauser, 2!), who suffered severe frostbite on both hands and feet in lh search for (he missing dim bers, Ajidi Schlick, 28, anc Franz Jager, 29. REVIVAL Sunny View Church of the Nazarene Rev. Albert Npuschwangor 3040 So. 11th Ave. Services Nightly 7:30 except Saturday Sunday School 9:45 Morning Worship .10:45 Sunday Youth Group 4;oo Evangelistic 7:00 Special Music --by John and Barbara Wells Public Invited Rev. PaulMcElroy Paslor ' J U N I O R CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OFFICERS -- New Gi-celey Jaycees officers are: Left from top, Don Sherman, president; Gene Dover, director and treasurer; and Geno Hill, second vice president. Right from lop, Jay Moon, director; Dave Rhoades, first vice president; and Tom Dan- nalt, director. (Tribune pliolo by Paul Moloney) Recreation News RECREATION DIVISION So This Is Greeley Uy Jim Hrigg's . Hobby. Fair The Department of Culture is sponsoring flie lllh Annual lobby Fair for residents of Greeley and vicinity. The object f Ihis fair is lo encourage more nterest in hobbies and provide m opportunity for hobbyists to lisplay their collections and vorks. The fair is for individ- jals and groups. The Hobby Fair will be Satur- ay from 1 to 8:30 p.m. and Sunday from 1-5 p.m. at the Community Building, 701 10th \ve. The displays are to be set up Saturday between 8 a.m. and icon. Displays may be removed after 5 p.m. Sunday. For information call Ibe ecreation office al 353-6123, :.xt. 231 or 295. Pcf Parade .The pet parade wilt be at 0:30 a.m. Saturday. There is 10 age limit. You must fill out a registration form at the ecreation office, 701 lOlb Ave. T call in the entry at 353-612:), :xt. 2S1, or 295. You will have o make your entry by Friday. Those entering the pet parade must be at Lincoln Pak al 10 a.m. All entires will receive a irize ribbon and free refresh- 1 ment after the parade. The entry blanks for the pet parade can be obtained at all the public schools and Ihe recreation of- ice. Painting Classes Two painting classes in oils mil acrylics will s t a r t on May and 10. The classes will be icld on Tuesdays from I to 4 p.m. in Room 204 of the Recreation Center and Wednesdays from 7 to 10 p.m. in Room 203 of the Recreation Center The class will last eight weeks and the fee is $16. I'lease regis- ter at the Community Building, V01 lOlh Ave., before the class slarls. Pottery Class A pottery class will be offered starting May 11. The class will be held every Thursday al 7 p.m. in Room 201 of the Recreation Center. The fee for :he eight-week session is $18. Please register before the class slarls at the Recreation Office, 701 20th Ave. Rock and Mineral Society The Rock and Mineral Society will be having a potluck supper at the Broadview Park Church al 809 30lh Ave. Ct., al 6:30 a.m. Thursday. Everyone is lo aring their own table service. Summer Recreation Jobs T h e Greeley Recreation Division has several part time job? available for the summer months. Jobs that are available are: Young America baseball coaches, Softball umpires, Babe Rulh baseball umpires, playground leaders, Softball score- k e e p e r s - a n d baseball sco re keepers. CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP) - A lack of interest by veterans' groups has been cited as one of Ibe reasons the 10-llh annual Memorial Day Pardc in Cincinnati has been canceled. All we had in (he parade last year was the mayor and about 30 people," Otis Writer, president of the Memorial Day Parade Association, said Tuesday. "We decided that if we could not get any commitments from anybody, wo would cancel the parade and work for a heller one r'cxt year," Wright added, added. TODAY'S GREETING CARD - HI lh»r», B«rbir» Osborno over tlicro ot Ihe Highway Patrol, hop* your d^y is going well. You're a sweet kldj ALPHAUBTITIS -- 1 ran across Iho following by Jnno loorlsell in some publication Ihe olher day, and 1 drought it «is good enough lo shnro wilh you good renders -- especially f you are trying lo lead: your youngster the alphabet, you bell A is for Alphabet which if there were no such tiling it vould be hard lo look up people's names In Ihe phono book, B is for Jied which unless you have one you have lo sleep n (be floor. C is for Circle which there is nothing else rounder Ihan. D is for Dime which if you hive nickels you ran change hem for. E is for Extinct which If dinosaurs weren't they d still be around. F is for Fal which if people didn't eat so much Ihey vouldn't be as. G is for Gasoline which when your car runs oul of il mi a descried road you're in for a long walk. I! is for Half which Iwicc as much of makes all there is. I is for Itcli which whon you have one, scratching it is what fingernails are for. J is for Jelly which if you have some peanut butler you can make a peanul butter nnd jelly sandwich with if you have some bread. K is for Kinfolk which people who are related to you are yours. I, is for Ixist which when you don't know which way to urn you are. M is for Misunderstood which most people believe they are ,'cry. N is for Normal which people who have the s»m» hang-ups as you have strike you as. / 0 is for Overwhelming which when you have too much to do life seems. V is for Past which is one tiling you're sure lo acquire more of the older you get. Q is for Quarrel which couples who claim that they never do are probably liars. R is for Rain which is somelhing dial when you lake your umbrella it doesn't. S is for Sex which if there were no such thing there wouldn't be hardly anything else. T is for Three which is a difficult number when hairdos \rere? V is for Violet which few girls nowadays are shy as. W is for Water which when you are really tliirsty nothing else tasles as good as. X is for Xylophone which if it were spelled the way it sounds it wouldn't be. Y is for Yourself who is the only person you can absolutely depend on, come hell or high water, to stick with you. Z is for Zipper which when it gels stuck is something you wish hadn't been invented. (I don't know what happened lo U.) * · * POLITICAL JOKE -- Here's a funny from the Family Circle magazine. "As an economy measure," said a political-rally committoeman, "we're going Jo dispense with a dinner. We've decided we'd rather hear Senator Blank speak than eat." "That suits me," said another committeeman. "I'vt heard him eat."--Lane Olinghouse * + * HOPE THIS WANTAD WORKED -- Cleo Giffin, Tribune Classified Advertising manager, passed along the following ad which appeared in a Roolhbay, Me., newspaper: "Will the perthun who fown the thet of faltiie teethe at Ihe gaththalion Thalurday pieeth call Ihixlh three -theven and atlix for Agnelli." * * + THOUGHT FOR TODAY - 'Tis better to have loved and lost than to be wed and be forever bossed. * * * FROM ONE THING TQ ANOTHER - Ever since f parlayed a $2 bet inlo $86 at Centennial liace Track one summer, the word "parlay" iias always been one of my favorite words. Consider Ihe word "parlay," a verb defined in Funk and Wagnalls as meaning "lo exploit (an asset) successfully." Then consider Nina Van Pallandl, a European singer who got lols of publicity in Ihis country because of her association with Clifford Irving. Consider that Miss Van Pallandl is going great guns as a singer in U.S. supper clubs these nights. Consider that her manager has announced the imminent publication of her autobiography -- not to be ghost written by Irving. Consider "parlay." * * * LUCY'S CALL -- Lucy called, bless her heart, to tell about the litHe boy at church last Sunday who asked th» minister about the plaque on the wall of tho church. "That contains the names of the men who died in service," said the minister. "Was it the 9:30 or IT o'clock service?" the little boy inquired. BOTTOMS UP down in the Boiler Room Presenting A Versatile Dance Group BARGAIN BASEMENT 9:OOp,m,-I:30.i.m. Wctl.-Sat. Kjje IJeager Cocklail Lounge--Reslaurnnt 353-5179 St. Grcolcy Bobby Coldiron and The Travelers country Music Appearing Wednesday through Saturday Night 9:00 to 1:30, Tuesday-Saturday 8lo Midnight Sunday RED STEER SUPPER CLUB Next Door to Farm Fare

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