Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 31, 1962 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 31, 1962
Page 2
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Stock Market in Review By CD MORSE AP Bvtiiww N*»t Writer NEW YORK (API - The market last week managed to maintain the Wall Street tradition ol a year-end rally, but not by much. Part history favors the chances «f a rise in stock prices between Christmas and New Year's Day. P»g«2 CREELEY TRIBUNE 1%J L i f e ' i k That Jures. compared with !8.900,752 at 57H: Bethlehem, off. '. at 2SV lor the full live-day trading week and El Paso Natural Gas up ' "receding it. at 164 ' "* Average daily trading was only 3.589,907 shares, compared with 3,70,t50 the week before. These compared with November's daily average of 4.802.857. This slackness, of trading, brok- !' lcsi(t « nt ·)«« Goulari plans to ere said, mirrored an uncertainty l|lsl ' !ule a "live-year government off on of 1982, the old tradition will be upheld The Dow Jones industrial average this week rose 5.02 to 651.43. Brokers explained that tax-loss selling has lieen going on for so long that this customary item in the year-end dealings was overbalanced by new buying on the part of investors and speculators. The margin to the upside, howcv- tr. was thin. The Associated Press average of 10 stocks advanced 1.70 to 242.9. It was the second s t r a i g h t weekly rise. The list was so muddied by tax transactions of one World Briefs nas and New Year's Day er£ said, mirrored an uncertainty 1 *""" u " r a '"'foyear government there is a fairly sharp sell °" llle Part of the stock marke't f ive . lo w "' '"''"acy i" Brazil. Monday, the final session community as to what the new e said aboul half ol lhe neon's :. the old tradition will be ' cai ' W ««M "ring. Wall Street 40 """"" 1 P eo l )le over 18 )'«ars old watrhpd Procirim,* i/ an .. n ,i.. i Ciituiot read or write. ^ Street watched President" Kennedy and his advisers lor some clue'as to the nature and timing of the 1903 lax cut promised by the President, but no really solid indication was forthcoming. Most Wall Streeters agree that, given a substantial and prompt lax cut, the stock market should a d v a n c e sharply. I Selective buying of blue chips to dress up tlie portfolios of investment companies was one fca- WINDHOEK. South West Africa Al'i _ Prolonged drought is killing almost 401) cattle daily in this territory. Twigs and grass are being milled for fodder. One farmer . said: "Our district ture of the week and this ac-eal disease may spread, said a counted in part (or the rise in the committee of the British Medical tort or another by big and portfolio special import could be read into the performance, «o far as 19G3 prospects are concerned. Volume for tlie (gur-day tradin wetk, cut short by Tuesday Christmas holiday, was 14,359.6 lurncd into a world of sandstorms, pervaded with the stench of decaying flesh." LONDON IAP) - if Britain enters the Common Market vener- averages. At the same time, there was considerable activity in stocks which have been battered , , ,. .%**, TM ' h ,T ,"* hs 7» C °TM'« only soiling to establish tax losses on 1962 returns but also buying Special Cash And Carry Pants Plain Skirts denned »nd l'r»sseJ 55' Now At College Cleaners · 915 8th Ave. · 835 ISth St, have plenty of room on the upside for 1963. Tlie New York Cily newspaper - --strike, now past its third week, offer s P K:ial tax exemptions, cul- continued, to deprive many inves- lural mlle! ' s ""d settlement fa which a good port of the dealings was attributed. light The Monday (Christmas Eve) volume of 3.18 million shares the , mas session provided the sharp, mediocre volume. Prices edged l off Irregularly on Thursday. A [idem:e RIO DE JANEIRO 'API _ has been Association. It declared that this could result from "greater mobil- among the of all the countries." MEXICO CITY iAP)-Tlu guv- on tlie theory that these stocks ernment tourist board is studying the idea of making twn or three Mexican cities retirement havens for U.S. citizens. The cities would tors of their usual "soiree's oTTi- cilltics - nancial news and buying ideas. TOKYO ( A P . _ subway con- It was M abnornwl situation »o stru , lio|1 W0rl[ is bej|lg ^ ^ night and in the early morn, ing to case traffic congestion here. --, But police said crime is on the session was an irregular one with increase in the construction areas because the loud noises mask the lightest in two months. It was the sounds of break-ins. last day 0(1 which stock could be sold "regular way" ifour-diiy de- AutHA , Ghana A P ) - Su- livery) in the time for entry in P reme Court Jud 8° N. A. Ollennu 1962 tax returns, The post-Christ- advocates establishing a final au- m*if *A*.: n .t ,,_·,..! J- j ii_ _ _i D03l COIirf ivlinvn piilinnv iiinnl.l - peal court wllosc rulings would est advance of the week, hut on k"" 1 "" African states. Ho says mediocre volume. Prices edged law courts can Mp establish con- among tiie states and ry on ursay. n rally on Friday helped keep the bui ! (1 one Iar 8e. powerful African irnfivniirJ i-nlln t i i l n ^ l IiatlOn yearend rally Intact^ r nation. Sentiment In the street remain-l cautiously optimistic, howev «r, some brokers anticipating Bains early in the year when all lhe t»x-losp selling is out of the way. The five most active Issues this week on the New York Stock Exchange were: Brunswick, up !« at , 872,700 shares; Sperry Hand, up It was only a tawny-colored cub, hrec months old and weighing olght pounds n, * i i . . . . . . un Lix't:ui Ulan*, aecreiary 01 me Kan alone the f ^£JS*tt££Sr? D ° U6lasDU1 °"-*-" - cus grounds, pry open the bars of a cage, and get the little fellow out without touching off a how! Photo PORTRAITS in bequtlful color. Call for appointment BERLIN (AP) - East German border guards arrested a man try CAMERA REPAIR 352-2412 ROME (AP)-Thieves stole a ion Saturday night from a Rome :ircus. wire fences lo West Berlin Satur day night. West Berlin police said Sunday lead the unidentified man away His age was estimated at about 40. ,,-.-, -let-national Development, held , two-hour conference Sunday with struelion economic ministers Korean military govi U.S. aid programs. Sanctioned Betting Scientists Say | n Seattle Stopped *sTANI«"llWI\ l'..\:[ . * n i *\_ DALE NIIJOM . A P ) -- O n \Vnus. the sun may appear to stATTLE Wash. (AP - Pol-^chiues rise in the west ana set 111 the ' . , . -- -- icy under which Seattle tolerates east, surprised bdentists have an- ^y^ j,,^ ^ reap .. ^ 1KUnW * 1 UUO a year in license l«s will This state ol affairs would be end on New Year's day if Mayor brought about L' the earth's cloud- 'Jordon Clinton has his way. T obscured space neighbor rotates City Council has other ideas, in a rtockwi* direction, as scicn- Under the policy, initiated in pinball lists tentatively '''"day , concluded here 1947. the machine , . Venus would rotate backward in games and other suth devices. relation to the earth and lu all But slate law makes gambling · · · · ether pisnets in the solar system felony and the state Constitution ----- . , -- ..^.o m lllt JJVKH ajaiciu with tlie exceplkni of I'ranus and uutlaws lotteries, which the courts »»""'» ° ..... have held to include all gambling. I.H cs-KBI agent and possibly Pluto. I The conclusions, subject to re- Clinlon, vision, came from data beamed lung-time , - r, o n e s through space by the Mariner 2 the city should comply with the spacecraft when it buzzed the law. and has ordered all gambling I did try cwritat »bout thi» «W Un*. «* I ««Wn't » *.,!«, planet Dec. 14. and from radar stopped experiments by Hichard H. Gold- Day. stein from Oct. 1 to Dec. 17 at the Goldstone Tracking Station in Cal ifornia's Mojave Desert. Goldstein's report was one of the legislature Bus/ness Highlight ly JACK LIPLIR AP Butintsi News Write NEW YORK IAP) - Business -pproached the new year during he week at a slow between-holi- * P" ««t expect takes orders from Clinton. Physical Society. Goldstein believes that Venus iu i' s * 3U-inan squad will start rotates about once In 250 earth ' ou f · d ». v crackdown on New days. He jaid his radar showed a Year's morning. He says anyone large feature on tlie surface ol caught out-rating or participating the planet, previously unknown, in a R ame of chance will half look for higher pretax prof- ttuil coul(l ** an Kelta "' ttmn - ^ tiaule(l "" lu )"''· buokt!(1 iind its in the firit h»ir «l KM ti, '"'" ""*'· Until th « cloud cover allowed to post bond ranging from .* IU-H nail 01 iw ttuui Mn ,,, pen.u.taj lhere ^ ,,,, way jaso (o ««,. Nol cvcn vhmh an! | days pace and In a moderately optimistic frame of mind. ....,._ The Christmas holiday cut into al equipment, hardwire initru- production in major industries ments, apparel, construction ma- and retail trade simmered down terials and food Industrie* Mid iftw an nth-hour spurt that tent they expect their capital jpend. holiday buying lo a record. ing in th, Jirst half tc b* above OAKLAND, Calif. (Al')-Pres. A strike ol 10,000 members of "» "vertge rate for 19U. l en ' J- ·· Ashby of Kaiser Steel he International Longshoremen's ChrUlmai turned out to bt a Cor|) '' del''" 1 *' Thursday the ·"'- Coast steelmaking firm -- , ------ ._..,,. ^u.^BMuivtuvu ^ unriauiias lu Association paralywd ports from happy one for , r merchanls who,;'"' """' "««"«»'"B 'TM Texas. Newspaper for « while, had felt that Santa . 1 1 19e ? wlth "P 1 TM' 8 !" d*j . , a ana strikes in New York City and Claus was lUtely to iklp torn Cleveland dragged on. Gift buying got off to a stow ilart! Much of the optimism about the but In the final days the lurgt outlook for 1963 hinged on the pos- got under way sibilily of a reduction in personal and corporate income taxes. The National Retail Merchanti Aisociallon estimated that dollar ers to hammer out final touches ...... """TM t P ini u$r guards arrested a man try- ··· u - jv "-wuuig uuemcBanrcn pui - ing to cut his Wiiy through barbed ' ici P atln fi in the annual year-end s m symposium of the Commerce and Industry Association of New York viewed 1963 prospects opllmistic- wesi Benin ponce saiu Sunday ·"-"*·" imw Hiuapcvis u[junn!tiiL-. tlieir men at the border reported cal 'y- Tllese opinions were tern seeing the East German guards pcre(1 b ? som8 anticipations of de lines or continuation of the pre of the South od that building of commercial of- "' cir ivernment on fice and luxury apartment build- lllan ings will slow down, A survey of 179 manufacturing USE THi TRIBUNE WANT AD5 companies indicated dial about ' " """ "* per cent expect a drop Host companies in the electric AbotH of knowing, change -- West » "· .TMvn-.«nun cciuiiaicu llMll UvUlI President Kennedy interrupted volume «t a record, exceeding his holiday at Palm Beach, Fla., * '961 level by three or four lo meet with his economic advls- per cent. The longshoremen's strike he- ° l lhc « an alon * the AUanti « an(i harf day cooling-off period Invoked un- would cnntribulc strongly to in- staff are now ready to put the program into form for submission detallf havp ucimu nave _,,, ,,,, .on-nonrej, Al; i dustrial peace. continued amnni? ,-" the Str £ e sll0uld Ia5t a lollg Asllby d «lared the price cut in thTadvkS ""' " stotfeci ' *'!' sTM* UK western steel products will tn. advlubihty ecollomy j^ p,,. hW) |. cargwl ^ Wot , moI , Hn)m(wH , v , ,,, ^ Most leadine businessmnn nm- Onjvc ? scls ln P° rt would ** lost mesllc markets and alao will com-, Most leading businessmen par- and ^^ , U( , h aj ^^ ^ ^.^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^ ports to avoid pileups. New York City's newspaper week to go. was 96.429,000 tons, sent level. s t r lk«. which hns clowd nine dal- about one million tons above the Representatives of the drug, re- lcs l* c aiW the longest newspa- same period o( a year earlier tail, food, cooper, oil, life insur- P* r " riko in lno city's '"'lory Stock sales for the week to- SEOUL IAP) - David E. Bell ance and securities industries w , hen , ". entered its 10th day. laled 14,359,630 shares, compared «^^uu ·«. , -- uaviu ij. nun, diice uiiu secunues muusiries -- t»w,i,u na UJIH qay. wieu H.WJ.UW snares, compared chief of the U.S. Agency for In- generally viewed the outlook op- Mure t lan ls were apprehensive with 18.900,752 the previous week 0 -------- , , . - . , vous wee timistically. Real estate and con- tlla ' " le ab sence of advertising and 17,252.520 for the comparabl colu ea e s a e an con- n an ,. or cutives p r e d i c t columns wo «ld do more harm to weok of last year. Bond sales "' cir J »nuary clearance sales amounted to $18,580,000 par val Kaiser Steel Looks to '63 lu continue operating the ma' Theoretically, tlie ['inball machines are for amusement o«ljr, with tlie player getting additional city Ik-enses punchboardf. card ,' « cash. is ^ IS U BdV Money limits are prescribed for card rooms, but critics oi the tolerance pulicy say they are not observed. Itamou says any machines on which payolfs are being made will scoutmaster, contends 1 .it B a m . New Year's The City Council has \olcd 6-2 to keep the tolerance policy in force until March 15 in the hope be seu«d when lhe crackdown goes inlo effect. The City Council's ordinance ·nding tolerance on March 15 also provides for an end lo pinball payoffs. Noting that the pinballs aren't Mipposed to pay oft anyway, one letter-lo-lhe-cdilor writer suggested this title: "An ordinance for amusement only, providing for the operation mcnt otl | v ·· several presented Friday in the something by then to get the cily second day of a three-day joint off the ho»k. The legislature con meeting of (he American Geophys- venes Jan. 14. ical Union and the American Police Chief Krank Itamoi; who! WINSTON-SAI.E.M-Export! ol done of uinball machines lor amuse- tobacco dom the United States arc now reported tn have ri^n 7 per cent in She last two years fraternity bingo games will be ex empt. Meanwhile, the cily continues to issue licenses, in accordance with Ihc council'i decision. Most tavern operators contacted in a spot check said they planned to rcnow tlicir pinball licenses in Ihc hope they would be permitted COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE · M«Jor Overhaul · Englnt Tune-Up · Brake Service · Body, Piint and Automotive Clatt We Scrvlcci Any Make ol Cai Uslne Only (ienuine Parts -- Expert Mechanic! -W A R R E N B U N T I N G MOTOR CO Eaton, Colo. Ph 45«.25!t spite a lots in 1862. He did not estimate the amount I of the 1962 loss. Ashby noted that aggressive eps were taken during the year. One was a reduction In steel prices announced by Kaiser last October. Another was drafting a labor relations plan with the United Steel workers of America Intended to lncroa*e productivity. Workers al walkout it,, Fonlana plant will vote Jan. "^ 11 on the plan which Ashby said R. Rommel's TUNE TWISTERS Wish to thank their many friends and employers for a busy and successful 1962, and wish them all the best of everything for 1963. West Coasl. could become scarce. American Association of lads ordered a halt to the of 1,874.000 tons was 2.3 per cent shipment of freight lq the struck above the preceding week The total for the year, with one . '" Christmas sales , , ,] own f r o m (|, c $27.1113.000 0 [ COME TO GREGORY'S STARTS WEDNESDAY - BIG SEMI-ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE of Clothing. Furnishings, Shoes Because of (he holiday-curtailed. ^ previous week and the $27. work week, automobile production skidded lo an estimated U8.000 passenger cars from 165,151 during the week. The total for the year will be i about 6.9 million cars, sn Increase (of 1.4 million over last year am isecond only to the record e»tab lished in 1955. Steel output last week, the latest for which figures are available, posled « gain after two weeks of umall declines. The total Bob Bruntx Paul Fuqua Don Rorhe Keith Wright BIG DISCOUNTS From ON TOP BRANDS! Kiiplienlieimer Suits Varully-Town Clothes Nunn-Bush Shoes Dnhbs Men's Hats Sporlswcqr M a n h n l t a n Shirts Ski and Winter Jackets SAVE MONEY SEE WEDNESDAY'S BIG TRIBUNE AD FOR LOTS OF BARGAINS HATS CLEANED BLOCKED WISHES FOR '63 May all your fond«»t wishes come true in the New Year! T* our m«ny friends «nd cuitomen, linccn thonk you, Moy we continue to ier»a yog in 1963, 1. 0 / ei66 /jeweler '6 (_/ No Chorgt For Credit -- \ A Happy New Year to All Wishing All Our Good Friends and Customers the Best in 1963 We look back with gratitude on your kind patronaga throughout the past year, and look forward with pleasure to serving you again in the future, SINCCRHT GKftriNOS ON BEHAtF Of OUR MANAGSMCNT AND STAFF Abe Winogrod "Gamely" Garcia Harold Winograd Don Veden Morris Judd Marjorie Calkins "Swede" Swanson Marine Montoya Phil Downing Terry Winograd WINOGRAD'S Beginning Our 46th year in Greclcy 5th St. ot 5th Av».

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