Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 27, 1973 · Page 26
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 26

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1973
Page 26
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w«U off Optometrist! scarce MEXICO CITY - Safflower- ST. LOUIS - A census by the seed production in Mexico in A m e r i c a n O p t o m e t r i c 1W2 totaled 325,000 tons, a 23 Association shows that ap- jer cent., decline from the proximately 20 per cent of the record 421,000-ton harvest of U. S. counties have only one i*? 1 - , . optomestrist. HOLLYWOOD HOTLINE the yummy corner special picnic goodies Harry's 8th Avenue 4,23* Hillli.l Mill EXCLUSIVE FIRST RUN ;He hung up his guns at the age of fifteen. From the producer of "Love Story" ' ...for those who love adventure. HE HUNG UP HIS GUNS AT THE AGE OF FIFTEEN starring and mlmjucog , JOHN MARlf Y B J.THOMflS BOBBY BENSON«isjl«10«RBKS · Sciffnplay y GfRALD HfRMAN and ROBERT IRVING . DiIKled by Kfiff FW1S Eiltuta! Piodocei ItCKita SUVA . Pitfuud br HOWABO 0 MINSOT · Woi bj Movidil] An Avte EmWii Phone 356-2499 Box Office opens at 6:30, Showtime 7 and 8:30 Dinah's flight honors friend Fri., April ?7,l»73 GKEELEY (Cote.) TRIBUNE Z7 The safety match was in- Andrew Jackson was ad- vented in 1844 in Sweden by milled to the bar before his 21st Gustav I'asch. birthday. By NANCY ANDERSON Copley News Service HOLLYWOOD -- Dinah Shore made a chartered flight from Utah where she'd been visiting Burl Reynolds to attend a University of Judaism dinner honoring her good friend and long-time publicist, Charley Pomerantz. Among other celebrities present to congratulate Charley were Bob and Betty Young, Susan Oliver, Ralph Edwards and Lucie Arnaz escorted by her estranged husband, Phil Vandervort. Both Betty Young and Susan Oliver were wearing exquisite necklaces. Betty's, featuring a huge, gold cross, looked like something a Crusader might have brought home from Antioch, but she said it wasn't even antique and had come from a local store. Susan said her necklace was designed by a Mexican artist. She also said that she's been asked to write a book about her experiences as a woman pilot and that she may do it. And it seems only yesterday that Susan was afraid of planes! As I remember it, she got over her fear of flying to please Harve Presnell whom she was dating at the time. Dinah Shore's remodelled kitchen is so spacious it now incorporates what used to be her housekeeper's room. However, the housekeeper is neither complaining nor out on the street. She's sleeping in the room that was Missy's before Dinah's daughter moved into a home of her own. One of the nicest parties I've attended in a long time was the dinner Mitzi Gaynor and her husband, Jack Bean,. gave in connection with recent television special, "Mitzi Gaynor -- The First Time." Guests got a preview of the show before enjoying a {east of goodies including strawberries so big they looked like apples which had been run through makeup. Two of the guests, Mike and Mary Lou Connors, were leaving the next day for a three-week vacation on one of the more remote Hawaiian Islands. "I'm not even taking a suit," Mike said, "just swimming trunks. We are going to do nothing but rest." + + + Michael Brandon, whom you may remember from "Lovers and Other Strangers," is living in a monk's cell while working in Playboy ' Productions' "The Third Girl From the Left." His home in the Hollywood Hills used to be a monastery. ... David Cassidy is doing his bit to hold down litter by wearing a bright orange "Keep Britain Tidy" T-shirt during his current visit to Blighty. ... Mobbed by fans in Sheffield, England, Tony Bennett escaped minus a tie, one shoe . and one diamond cuff-link from a pair worth $500. So what do you do with one diamond cuff link? ... Ali MacGraw's friends are complaining that she doesn't return their calls since she became so wrapped up in Steve 'McQueen. Alan Bates, a ranting, whining, funny, despicable "Butley," was applauded by a star-filled audience when he opened in the title role of the hit play at the Shubert CHESS TIME A master has to By JOSEPH MILL BROWN Copley News Service P o e t - n o v e l i s t James Dickey, the author of "Deliverance," once wrote that the only reason for being middle- aged or old is the possession of an absolute mastery of something. In chess a grandmaster's "absolute mastery" often encompasses the ability to forget, and much of what he forgets is what he spent years learning. "Of my fifty-seven years," wrote former world champion Emanuel Lasker, at the turn of the century, "I applied at least thirty to forgetting most of what I had learned or read. Since I succeeded in this, I've acquired a certain ease and cheer which I should never again like to be without." Lasker was not a know- nothing, but an intellectual .with a point to make: that, in chess, a strong memory is vital. However, at a crucial moment a player will frequently squander valuable time trying to recall prior history, in- 1 stead of exercising his imagination to create new ideas. This is one of the many themes in the best-selling "The Battle of Chess Ideas," by International Master Anthony Saidy, of Los Angeles. The book is a significant and entertaining compendium of insights into the playing styles and intrinsic ideas of important contemporary grand- masters. Among the charlotte russes are the extraordinary sacrifices of former world champion Mikhail Tal, one of Saidy's favorite subjects. "While gifted with an excellent memory that enables him to hold at his fingertips almost the whole of recent opening practice," observed Saidy, "Tal has hardly been an opening innovator. He knows that the middle game is the real arena where the vast majority of battles are decided by unaided skill." The point is reinforced in Saidy's chapter on Reshev- sky, which is subtitled "The .Spirit of Survival." It reminds us that no other title is more appropriate for a player who brings so little planning or preparation, by way of opening knowledge, to his game and still manages (at age 61, it might be added) to survive. Keshevsky, however, is more than a survivor; he is an enigma. Especially when one recalls the minor trauma suffered by the chess world, years ago, when it learned that one of the top players in the world didn't even keep a chess set in his home. To many yearlings the ex- Theater in Los Angeles. Among the notables congratulating him on opening night were: the Gregroy Pecks, David Janssen with Dani Greco; Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor (not together, however), Jack Lemmon with his wife, Felicia Farr, and the handsome Bob Stacks. After the final curtain, the Lemmons honored Bates with a party at Jade West. The role of "Butley" is a terribly difficult one, because, as Bates says, "Butley never listens." Bates is not only on stage throughout the entire play but is talking during most of it. It's rumored that Merv Adelson's swinging party for his houseman, Josh (Albert) Hailey, cost $25,000, and I wouldn't be surprised. Hailey has just recorded an album of gospel-revival music featuring himself and the Henry Jackson Singers from the Rev. James Cleveland's Institutional Baptist Church, and the party celebrated its release. The menu included 19 different varieties of hors d'ouevres plus soul food and a deluge of desserts. Altogether Adelson offered five entrees, 10 vegetables, and 15 different kinds of pie. The celeb guests were almost as much of a mixture as those at the Photoplay party, ranging from Lloyd Bridges, Jack Carter and Robert Goulet to Harvey Korman, Rod Taylor and Juliet Prowse. When Richard Thomas came West from New York to accept the Photoplay Gold Medal Award for "The Wai- forget citement of learning chess is more exotic than warm Pepsi Cola. After digesting baseball statistics and basketball tactics, the glamorous names applied to chess openings often serve to hypnotize agile young minds. Their scope of understanding becomes limited to the detriment of middle- and end-game play. By the time he's rounded out his first year in tournament' chess, a youthful beaver has memorized more openings than even I-arry Evans can remember. Indeed, Evans, a former co-editor of "Modern Chess Openings," is among .the deplorers of youth's absorption with opening-game study; counseling concentration on that aspect where, in his opinion, most games are lost -- the ending. tons," he came by train, alarming publicists and others who'd thought he was flying and couldn't Imagine what had become of him during the three days he was on the cars. ISRAELIS EXPECTED TO EXPORT RIFLE The Israeli Defense Ministry had had several requests to test its new assault rifle, the Galilee, and is expected to export it after first equipping its own army. The Galilee weighs 9 pounds and fires 650 rounds a minute at a range of 550 yards. Cinema ADULT THfATUES XXX it the MINI FUCK Gridey I SEXUAL FREEDOM IN BROOKLYN 7110:11 THE REIVERS 1:30 Late showing Fri.A Sat. 11:30 at CINEMA 35 Fort Collins ORGY OR REVENGE 719:45 3 ON A WATER BED 8:35 Late showing Sit. 11:30 The umbrella-like web between the arms of the octopus is used to enfold its prey so it is easier to inject the paralyzing saliva and kill it. International Clown Revue to be held here Sunday The PIAATATIOA, STEAK ono lOMTER OR fTEAK ond (RAB for TWO OAll| 19.95 /ATURDAY Everybody loves a clown, so all the kids from one to 100 now · can get ready to have the time of their life. The International Clown Revue is coming to Greeley under the sponsorship of the Student Chapter of Colorado R e h a b i l i t a t i o n Association for the benefit of Weld County Community Center. Performances are scheduled at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Sunday in the Greeley Community Building. The International Clown Variety Revue, now in its seventh tour, has brought fun, laughter, excitement, and thrills from California to the Mississippi River. From the International Showtime television series and direct from Hollywood comes the stars of this year's show: The Houcs, the world's fastest jugglers. For many years they have been famous for their outstanding juggling of rings, clubs, and a variety of other items and their teetering plate spinning. The Hartzells, one of the great family names in the spangled world. They astound audiences with their high flying trampoline and the amazing ostrich--Herman. Sharing the spotlight this year arc the Fishers and their Canine Clowns. These clowns have won the hearts of all that have seen them perform. The Wcndnnys, acrobats supreme, specializing in hand balancing. Miss Heidi, a very clever 15-year-old with a one arm hand stand, and her friend Bosco. Also on the bill this year--a pretty young clown who does difficult toe balancing--Miss Belinda. Fear is Uw Key iPCi;-3C-- -PLUS"Left Score Jessica Ob'Death" Box Office Opens at 7, Showtime 7:30 Com* As You Ar* -Visit Our Snick Bir Moose Events Sat., April 28th Dinner 6:30 Installation 8:00 Dance 9:00 1:00 a.m. Keith Frank and His Western Bar Four Call 352-9753 For Dinner Reservations THKATRKS HELD OVER! 2nd WEEK TONIGHT A T 7 : 3 0 9:30 SAT. SUN. FROM 1:30 A FUNNY THING HAPPENED TO KID BLUE ON THE WAY J* TO THE ROBBERY DENNIS HOPPER WARREN OATES PETER BOYLE BEN JOHNSON io!o 2 26th 6 Ave HELD OVER! 2nd BIG WEEK TONIGHT AT 7:00 ?:00 SAT. SUN. FROM 1:00 /· -Vincent Canby, New York Times MHfe Neil Simon's ^B The Heartbreak Kid An Elaine May Film starring Charles GrodirrCybill Shepherd / and Eddie Albert HELD OVER! 2nd BIG WEEK TONIGHT AT 7:00 AND 9:00 SAT. SUN. FROM 1:00 Debbie. .cynolds as ttarlotte. Paul Lynde as Templeton. Herav Gibson as Wilbur 2333 W. 28th St. TONIGHT AT 7:15 9:30 SAT. SUN. FROM 2: If this story ain t true... it shoulda been. IN THE LIFE AND TIMES OF STARTS TONIGHT! They ve come a long way since that summer of 421 Class ofjpjl Wini \\orn i) ui

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