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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Wednesday, July 11, 1951
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, OUR HOME TOWN : A new. 1,200] gallon, pci 1 minute walcr well Installed by tliis City of Las Cruccs should forestall any · Impending water shortage in the city, if all water is used carefully. Las Cr 'News VOL. 71--No. 83 »N IHD£PeHD£NT DfHJy AND SUNMY NEWSPAPER. S£W/N3 SOUTHERN NEW MEXICO THE WEATHER LAS CRUCES A R B A : Some Hlljjht overcast tod»y, aonlght and Thursday with cooler temperatures expected end of the week. Last 24 hours: Las Cruces 105-72; State College 105-70. ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE Hudspeth Plight In Drought Result Of Ganible-TheyLost ThisYear . (KtlilurVNote: This is a third in a .serins of articles concerned Hith Ilud.speth county's .water .situation. Previous stories have outlined roixlitlons showing Hud.sjmth manages to raisn some, prclly good crops--more alfalfa t h u n Doim Ana eounly--despite Its pYopiigandircd plight.) LAS CHUCES, NEW MEXICO, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JULY 11, 1951 CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS, Declares Clark Mistrial Hy UUII KOUSK (Sun-News Staff Writer) The plight of Hudspeth county farmers is comparable to the story a b o u t , the w u t t c r who returned a tray containing change bearing a. 50-cent piece a n d - a nickel. When the customer took the hulf-a-dollar and left the nickel at, a tip, the waiter just shrugged. "That's all right," he snid. 'Musi gambled and lost." Hudspeth county gambled on an adequate supply of water always flowing down the drainage ditches to irrigate rich crops, This year they lost. In a quoted article in the ^31 Paso Herald-Post Tuesday, J. T. McKlnney. president of the J l u d s - peth district and G. E. Spinner, Hudspeth farmer said: "Surely Hudspetii ( has some rights; more, for instance than the meager trickle of brackish water that cannot be prevented . from flowing across the county line. "Mmlspoth Deprived" "Yet the Hudspeth district, thin year, without advance notice or warning, is being deprived of any share nf benefits of the Rio Grande Compact, of the federal improvements, and of the contractual rights it has bought and paid for." the customer's How does that match" up with the c o n t r a c t ? - ·Here's whab paragraph 13 of the Hudspeth county contract says: "On account of drought, inaccuracy in distribution or. by. reason and requirements and use on lands within the Rio Grande Irrigation project or Ijy the use. of municipalities supplied by the waters thereof, or other causes,,there may Channel Money Is Included In Senate Measure WASHINGTON. July 11 (Special) - More than ?13 niillton earmarked for expendieum in New Mexico during tho next year wrapped up in the Department of the Interior appropriations biii now before congress. Seven bureius w i t h i n Ihc big Interior department will require anywhere from ?80,000 needed for the Bureau of Mines up to tin; £ million sought for the Bureau nf Indian Affairs to operate during- the 12 months, according- tD Senator Dennis Chavez, a member of the senate committee on appropriations, which passed on the money request. While effecting a general 10 per cent reduction In the f u n d s sought, and reducing expenditures for automobiles and chauffeurs, the Senate restored dashes voted by the House for the Bureau of Reclamation projects in New Me.s- co and approved new construction on the Kio Grande. Approves Shift The Senate approved this shifting of SI,463,000 from 1950 fiscal »'ear surplus funds in the Bureau of Reclamation i n t o the 1953 fis- he an insufficiency of water for ^al year with specific instructions (Hudspeth) district land; Facts Won't Fib According to the contract, there nrc 20,011 QLTCS of.irrigable lands iu the Hudspeth district. . At .the moment there are 18,000 of these in cotton. There should be, according to contract, only 2,01-1 remaining acres of a l f a l f a or truck crops. A physical check shows many, many more. Things haven't always been so tough in Hudspeth county as far as water cupply is concerned. Fine crops of cotton and alfalfa ai * 'evidence supporting that statement. Wafer Lines unshakeable (Continued on page ' f o u r ) A mistrial was declared th morning after a jury deliberated 17 hours in the trial of C. w. Clark, former Dona -Ana county school superintendent charged with embezzlement. The jury foreman reported the jury was hopelessly in disagreement, 11 to l. Whether the majority was for acquittal or conviction was not revealed. Judge Charles Fowler said, "a jury trial is not an endurance contest. So ' in this case a mistrial will be declared." The jury was dismissed u n t i l f l i r t h e r call. Disl. Ally. T. K. Campbell this morning had not set date fur a r e t r i a l . -Marked by Confusion Yesterday's court session was merited by a jerky start t h a t wheezed into a recess at 10:35 a.m. to allow Judge Fowler to study involved state statutes. Ordering: the jury to return at 1:30 p.m.. the judge retired to his chambers to wade through thV voluminous "opinions handed down by the State Supreme court when g-arbed embezzlement statutes were junked when found to be unconstitutional. The st-itutc under which Clark I wns charged is a separate lav from t ha t which cover public of ficia Is. Confiissioii Start* That was where the confusion started. Dist. A t t y . Campbell, after hours Of testimony hearing^ Clark'r, official status a t tho time alleged of- f'jnse occurred, s t a r t l e d Uvi courtroom late Monday by announcing that Clar 1 : was not being- tried in !HL capacity as a public official. That wasn't the only confusion Tuesday. By the time the district attorney and Ins -assistant, E. E. Chavez completed . arguments before, a (Continued on page four) Korean Cease Fire Talks 'Give Every Reason To^ Be Optimistic,' Las Crucen At Parley Says Talks On Tracks, Officials Hopeful State GOP Chairman Gets His Money Back, Decides To Call Party Convention BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Republican State Chairman John W. Knorr got back his S1.-IOO from the party yesterday and immediately called a state convention for July 25 in Albuquerque. It is regarded almost a certainty that the Republicans will unseat ICnorr, possibly in favor of GOP coordinator Harry D. Robins of Albuquerque. Knorr had refused to call the parley u n t i l the money was Even more u n a h a k c a b l e proof repaid. H c incurred the debt in s e t t i n c u p OOP headquarters at of that statement i.i a glance at-. Santa Kc Labor Pushes Truman Request For Tax Jump Hy JOK HAM. WASHINGTON. July U l/P The Amcs-ic in Federation of Lnhor pot behind the Truman n d m i n i s t r a - j t on's reqi:t-.t for $10 billion of no* 1 / Uxes todav. It proposed Uvu CO billion to $7 billiun be raided from increases in individunl income taxes to hit particularly at those w i t h liirger incomes. : The proposal was advanced by A r t h u r Elder, Al-'L tax consultant, in testimony t o . the tax-writing Senate Finance Committee. Mis plan would hiltc individual income levies by more than double t h e I 52 billion increase in a House-pass- 1 $7 billion revenue-raising; bill. Tho plan ol me big- labor organ- ation ran directly counter to sug:- I petitions of business groups. Tncsu DC changed so tlmt perwinlTnconle ' RIDGWAY H E A D Y . t o . t a l k peace. W i t h a q u i c k end l o - h o s t i l i i i e . s foremost in m i n d , Gen. tax increases would hit harder a l ! M a l l h c w B - H i d g w a y (second f r o m left) meets w i t h his top o f f i c e r s in Korea on t h e eve lower income levels. j of l r u c e ta ' 3ts w i t h the Communists. W i t h the Supreme C o m m a n d e r are (1. lo r.) Gen. More. Lou- income ! ^ a i n e s A. Van Fleet, 8th A r m y c o m m a n d e r ; Vice A d m i r a l Charles T. Joy, senior U. N. .The c o m m i t t e e for economic d e - ; delegate- (o a r m i s t i c e negotiations; Maj. Gen. L. C. Craigie, USAF., and Rear A d m i r a l velopmcnt, an organization of b u s - ; Arlcigh A. Burke, USN. ( I n t e n i a l i u n i i l Smndphoto) iness men, took this vie \vin lesti- " "~ mony yesterday. It snid more taxes should be siphoned out of the lower income groups as an a n t i inflationary .measure. Elder said the $10 billion"tax increase urged by President Tinman and Secretary of. the Treasury John Snyder is essential to bnlnnce the budget in the defense, mobilization period. The AFL spokesman strongly opposed any general sales tax eithqr in the form of H retail levy or a manufacturers' excise. Huc:i a tax has been urged by many business representatives. . ..--- i · Sales taj-es plus mgn prices "will operate to further depress the living standards of more than Half of the American families with incomes of less* than ?3,000 a year," he asserted. Elder also asked that the split income provision be knocked out of the tax law. Under this, B m a r - Las Cruces' Designation By Officials As 'Critical Housing Area' Eases Credit Rules ; has Cruets today was designated ·a "critical housing area" by the , Defense Production Adiulniytr.i- , tion. De.'tignatitm permits relaxed real i e s t a t e credit controls and is des- in'MHted to induce new home cun- ', slruiilion. Las Crui'cs Is one of three s o u t h western areas H.-I designated t o d n y . IJm Associated Press told t h e Sun- News. Tho others ;:re in Aliimogordo- eontinue lo depend on v o l u n t e e r s ! Tula TOSH ;irc:i :*im* Un: M i n e r a l - at least ihi-ough the summer. ! Wells W c H t h e r f n r d n i t - a in Texas. T) Marines To Draft Men, All Services Increase Quolas WASHINGTON. July J l i.1 - ' The Marine Corps ha.s joined i l i p j Army i n f a i l i n g f o r draftees i n ! the next two months, but both the Air Force and the N a v y will 1 -- i ne AiuriiicH yesieriiuv aaKeu i.- Aiaiius i-..v»aiiMi(in of the tax law. Under this, B m a r - /inn ri-,ru.,, L - in \ . I , , H L [ ·,-, i c nnn UUU (11 .U Lt't'S in A UK list a n i l u.t'tJU L-m I I'lici";' f l ( t i ' i i ' i t inn i-j i\nf rled couple om divide their income in Sl!1 , lcl i )l)el . hni ,,,t, u ,, f a s l u m p i t o t x ,,n o, ,f V u s' 1' ' v and make a Jom tax return, oven in voI ,,, Uec ,. i ,, K , im , nl ,,^ ot aom [ I "J"" j," ' " l l ° h l ' n d - " m ' hougl, only one of them acidly ,. csc ,. vc;; ,.,,,,,«,,,,, to h ,,, (] u I ' " « C """""' has an income. In some cases, this may save considerable in taxes. water linns on abutments in irrigation and drainage ditches i n t o the rich southprn valley. Photographs taken in Hudspeth, published Friday in the Sun-News pictured a drainage ditch from which Hudspeth's 18,000 acres of cotton and untold acres of alfalfa arc watered. In addition, of course, to some shallow irrigation wells. In that ditch, estimates on July 2 rnvralcd about 30 second-feet Robins is Governor Mechcm's choice for party chairman. Others .in the running are Lilburn Homan, state senator from Estancta who is a possible contender for the GOP.? n o m i n a t i o n for governor in '52, and John Coury of Santa Rosa. Robins and state Democratic chairman Waldo Spiess both say thinga ore going fine for their respective parlies. ·Spiess said he has found "unity and confidence" and has been as- year from November. He said he based his opinion on visits to more than 20 of the stale's 32 counties. Spiess, naturally, doesn't agree with Robins. And he said he felt to prevent "continuation of the confused and ineffective administration as we now have in Santa Fe a f t e r 1952". A man who has been mentioned as a possible Democratic candidate to oppose Mechem then is vacationing in New Mexico. Ralph of water was moving into H u d a - l f ^ "' a t ' t l l c P art X's whopping , h cmmly · 530,000 debt--Incurred during the Means 2 !'/Acre Keet 1 195 ° .^lection campaign- will be That, according to best avail- p ' nhlc figures, means about 2 '/, plrdifim Kcclrvtion arrc-foet per hour, or 60 acre-feet I R ° b 'ns said things couldn't be per day. If that amount continues, f *ettcr_ for rccle.cUon of^Mechcm^a a lotnl of 1,800 acre-feet per month moves into the southern county --- away from Dona Ana county and El Paso county crops. Thai's with the water level at fiiifficient low level to prompt - -; Hudspcth farmers to seek aid from j the Democrats could be countei t h e i r northern neighbors. nut, take another look at those abutments. The, pictures reveal the ditches are fit a new low level. Water {Continued on page four) Drug Inspector Probes Source Of Slayer's Supply RATON. July 11 /P -- The New Mexico Pharmaceutical Association "lins u man in Hobbs" checking on the source of nembutal used by t\vc brothers accused of murder while under the influence, of drugs. Goovffe Arnold of Raton, president of the association, said a man wns dispatched to Hobbs after 'Gene and Speight Parks admitted being; doped with nembutal when n Hobbs. policeman nnd a clerk were killed in a shooting. He said an "out of state black market" was suspected as the source of the drugs usod by tho two men. "The New Mexico Pharmaceutical Association and state board of pharmacy nro doing- everything within their powor to control tho sate of nfaiblitM," Arnold unld. Trigg of Albuquerque, assistant secretary of agriculture and a director of the Commodity Credit Corporation, saUK. he "probably would be visiting around ' the state." He talked like a gubernatorial candidate when asked if he will be one: "Jt is quite an honor for anybody to be chosen governor of his state. Naturally, anybody would be interested. This is my home and has been." Trigg said, however, t h a t he presently is visiting friends. "Lots of my friends are politicians," he added. The Republicans have their candidate -- Mechcm -- so they're concentrating on building up nn organization strong .enough to reelect him. ;Vy Need Patrmmgo Alii Robins said he could find nothing wrong in the state that a ; little more patronage couldn't help. \ This is the reason Mechem and | (Continued on page four) j Decides Indian State Good Home Corps blilow UK 20-3,000-mnn A shortage ol volunteers plist d r a f t s i g h t s f r o n t '212,000 t o ! 28,000 and to call for the s n m c ! n u m b e r i;i September. T h e ' A u g u s t ' call w i l l rnise t'i fiy.'J.OOO t h e n u m - ; her of Army d r a f t e r s since Mm | Designation n s ;i "critic;*. 1 hous- mp urea" follows an c ; n l i u r do:,- ipiiition n/i n "critical def ousts ·ircii." That d!.sip-n;ilinn was n u d i ; J u n e 17. d r a f t wns resumed I»M t p l e m h f - r . ! I l-Mily. W h i t i* K i i i n H c o m i i K i T i d a i i t . Mund.iy ni;;hi told t h e Me.niM.-i V;illcy Chamber ol CommclT(J tlu ' rtj Ls " J l » """"''"lati- Billy Shcarrow and his f a m i l y l i k ed Gallup hospitality so · m u c h they're going lo live here permanently. Billy is the nine-year-old Canton, Ohio, youngster bed-ridden with a rare bone malady, whose appeal for letters from the Indian country brought thousands of replies from all over the world lust year. Billy and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Shearrow, were provided with an expenseu-paid t r i p to tho a n n u a l inter-tribal Indian ceremonial last year by Gallup Civic and Service" Organization. Now, says Billy's mom, Ed has | been successful in obtaining n Civil | Sen-Ice position in Gallup, the f a i n - | ly home in Canton has been sold, j nnd the three will move to j Indian t:ap:lal in time for tho 30th .'July a n n u l cemmonml, Aug. 9-12. j Ccl. Billy, incidentally, is reported' Dec. improving- h e a l t h . The henvy casts ' 'Mar. which encased bin body from l h » . May .vaist down have been rcmovr-d, and he's able to get around a l i t i l r . although he iHill isn't walking. I need for :it I(j;i.s( 100 lujii.'ir.'i for i C o n t i n u e d on paj-o f o u r ) Coalition Moves To Block Truman Economic Controls WASHINGTON. J u l y 11 t/T A powerful coalition opposed t President Truman 1 .*; economic ron irols pro-rani cucked iU fist deliver new blows in Ihc Hons today. V o t i n g c o n t i n u e d on the la ready b i i t t r r c t l bill. Farm s t a l e members, togethe w i t h t r a d i t i o n a l GOP- Soutl Democrat a l l h m r e . socked h a u l a the r d m i n i . s t n t l i n n ' s mcM.iuru yus terrlny lo: 1. Ban all ll venture s l f i u g h t quol:)*;, as Mie. Senate hns al done. '2. I Jan for twri yt-iirs the i i i i p n of p e a n u t s , diilry product:), f n t s am oils if tht'y eumpcle, will] honn R I O W I I pioducts. :t. Rr.itrirl the President'.-i powi t.o p r o h i b i t hoiirdlng 1 . Tlu-.-ip and similar rfpctaiuns a i ' all subject to f i n a l votes. For Drew Pearson A l t h o u g h Ihc AM- t'ortc fell eon- I Kidcrably short of its J u n e soal of 650,000 men, ii pained some encouragement from J u n e r e c r u i t - ing. The m o n t h produced Sfi.OOO volunteers. : : omo 7.000 short of ex- j r p 1 1 I i /"^ · A f I pcctatinns. Tiie Air Force only | J i\ l.)j)Cfl AS L O i n i n i l l l l S t IVJcilliV^r 11,000 In May. " ' A N a v y hju!'.i';:i lepriiiff in .Iuiii b c t t c i ' U I H I I i n M n \ £09 new men u e r t Navy':-! vohmtceriiif; Koica, was the J a m i i ''I COTTON M A K K K T «;ourtfsy It. T.'Ilimivr Cn.) l»Rli 42.SO nri.or. J u l y 3-1.7'- ··"« K o i n i ! - " " ! W A H H 1 N ' ( : T O - V - I l l ! V u "I' 1 w h i - n o n l y 13.-J nn;w r ^ n .J n wnf . |i;inill(| Uj( , | : ' S !! l ! tl , U|) -, 1 .' 1C ! »« J! Ci»»niiinist p a r t y nicMilier. ' y SUIcup M i u i m : i n l , petite hiinse.wile w h o s p t m t t h e w a r years here UK a n uimtiicover, agent, for t h e l-'lll. i d e n t i f i e d him as ( l i e l a t e A n d r e w H. Older. She tenti- lied liei'ore Iho Hoiim; U n a i u o r l c n n a c t i v i t i e s commit tec. 1 Older "did p a i f - f t n i e wurk fi prior to the spiin;: of 10-17." "Upon hpann;( report* t h a t lu.- m l S h t be a srcii't m c n i l i e r of I h e communi.'t p u t t y , " I'enr.son added, "1 checked with the FUI, c o n f i r m - r.l the r e p o r t , and f n e d Older." Mrs. . M n i ( | i m i r l said sin- .saw 1.IIW .n.r.5 .'M.97 :M.SS ( HIM- j ·U.S.. | 3-l.'Ji.II!., n-I.S7-S»j :iI.S(i-!H i :M.81 j .'M.-lil ! i - i ' t j i s t n i l l i m i . ' i t d H in' Oidor of t i n - p n i t y ' s di:itiji:t NIL I. w h i c h i n c l u d f i l menib.'i-s f r o m ili, Dist r i c t nl Columbia a n i l M a r y l a n d , She .said Oldei wast a reporter for I'.'nrst.ii. covering the capital, f n - t i i l i t - t l In i!M7. He also served I'M n coi respondent for t r a d e joiir- nal.s. Mr died lit OrtnliiM' 1!»50. M I - H . Mnrltivird .snid she saw 'utirion saitl m » s t a t e n i e n f t h a t j wns i c c r u i t e d by the I-'UI in UMIl f " to mid* 1 !·liihc an i i n t l u r c o v u r as- u i M i i m c n l i i n u i n ; t h e '·I I h o i i ^ h t it wn.t H Ktiml opj: l u n i t y foi- rm- to set-iv my country." .--lie Kind. She t e s t i f i e d nlw wiiM activo in tiie p n i l y u n t i l O-tober HMD, wli Financial Crisis, Dust Storms Threaten State As Prolonged Drought Sears Farm Land By the Associated Press Tho specter of another black hlixxiird period hovers over New M OX I CD, Atop a d r u u g h t Inten.slfied by timioflt a month of record heat nim« warnhifis f r u m (wo .simrers today. . . Kepiomi) dirt-dor Cyril Lukcr of thi- Soil C«»nservntlon Servlee said chimer.i were increaslnp t h n l thr. huge, dust storm* of the Iff.tO* would return. And Floyd l^c of Sun Matt-o, preAldcnt of Ihe- New Muxlro Shrep Orowors Asiocliitlon, Niiiii credit ngenelt-A could not stand I ho htrnln naknt nf them hy ntockmen under n prolonged drought. Need In Urgent Grain ftnrf;hiiim plnntoil In *N«tern X«w Mexico »ft«r this year's wheat crop failed are in urgent need of moisture now, I.ukcr wild. Should Hull crop f u l l , he suld, the danger of wind erosion would b* inerrnsrri jjrwitly. Crnss now In s u f f e r i n g s«ver- ly from l;ielc of mln a f t e r n gnnd stnrt this spring over most nf Xtnv Mnxlco, LuUer reported. lie enutloned against too close grazing of the stunted remain*, explaining such practice run contribute to the danger of wind erosion. Full lire of Irrigated crops, he said, nisi) could lend to wind erosion In areus where water for Irrigation already Is short. Otvf.i Warning In ft talk be.ftire thn Xew Me.v- U'O Farm nnd Livestock board of directors In Crnces, yen- Irrdfty, L« wuriifd: "l.endinj; ugencles, p r i v a t e anil government, utnii-i j,n!svnl. set-up eouh' never stand (lit- 1m- piiot of credit demand during a prolnngcr drought." ' ' i^-c suggested If slochmrn are forced to sell t h H r herds, llnu' he g r u n t e d for r e i n v e s t i n g w i l h n u t Income tux being (alien iront hionry received I'rom t h e rmer- gcney sales. Kast 1'iires llcst I,niter summed up an SCS (Hurvey just completed by saj- Ing eastern \e\v .Mexico Is in belter c o n d t t t o t t I h i i n the rest nf t h e sdtte bnl Is s u f f e r i n g f r o m dry weather. The SCH county-hy-coitrily report: Union -- .Most fiivonible moist u r e conditions. Several hiui- drrd aeres lielng t»celrd t o ' g r n H s to control ivlnd erosion. (limy -- S i i r n h i i m n . succeeil- Ing vpoiled wlu'at cnip, m-ril moistiirr. Jriiv,s helm; sceih'd oil abandoned crop land nround Nar.i VisLi nnd San Ion. Curry--somo horglumis, sue- rcrding nilm.'d wlieat crop, h;td Id be r e p l a n t e d hriuuisc cf rain und hall damage In Clovls urea. .Uni*; :it s t a n d s t i l l In west side i:f ciiimty, and crop!* licavlty danniged liy wind erosion, Iloofevell--gnuvlng need for ruin. 100 funucr.H am) rancbejs have .seeded cropland lo grass, SCS representative Herb Qtvctl httld "tretneiulous" ainoiint rf coilon iilnnted on both Irrlgaled nnd dry land, "much of which should not be In cultivation." Ddliiui -- moisture "(ICIMT- utcly" nerdeil for new fn^H. I^CH--grnss turning 1 brown fur Inch nT n i n l n l u n s l-'iiruihiff itn-n :irniml llnjic s l l l l \ v l l h n i i l I n i K ; i t i n n w:itir; ler-d chijm rinliuit;- i-rr-il. C u l f i i x -- (jrims 'iiridr.i; lintivn, henvy hnil il:mi;ij;i'. . .S-in M i g u e l iiinl M u n i -- (-riiis hrlovv i i i t r n u d . Simla I r r---"\vhr-re cfiiiHrrvn- l l o n - i n f n d e d iiuirhi-rs huve gra?.- ed l h ( Ir In tid pn-pvrly," SCS re|iri'senJ;i(lvr ( i l c n n l l t j r n m - snld, IniTMivil pni^N urtiwlh K very nntlmihli* In i i n r l h iiinl p a t l H . N n t t l n v r n l \e\v .Mexico--Nn |r- rlf;nti(n wntt-r Nhorla;c hit! oth- r.rwlsr cvlren;rly dry. (Irani--wrlls ttrnl t]rln){s ilr.v- hi)-; up. Uvrshtrk i K - R l n n h i K in s'.iffrr. ('ropH undnrifcvrlopi'd. Niiforro--drought JtnVrrr, Imt II has "hrrn t l m t wuy hu IIIHR itetM'ptetl," S(XS n-p- I h n l II N more -,;.id ('. A. lieu resrnlatlvi'. Oti-ro ami Lincoln--.ininiy mu- clicrH hulldltiR- stork Imihn, rru- ·ddti control dnnis illIceN n n d Irr- raccs In hope r a i n falh t h U Spokesman Says Bv JIM BKCKKK MUNSAN, Korea, July 11-(/P)--Cease-fire talks arc progressing in "cold military formality" w i t h every reason to be optimistic, a United Nations briefing officer said tonight. "The talks now are on the . tracks," said t h e spokesman; Col GcurRo Ruhlen nf Las Cnu-cs. N. M. "An annlxUci' IK much * nearer tonight t h a n it was 2-1 hours ago." An o f f i c i a l communique, wa.s less enthnsinstic, but hopi-fiil. It said "A better uiuleriUiuidliip- between n e g o t i a t i n g partlcB" developed Wednesday. It credited a change of a t t i t u d e - by the five Communist generals. Arc Less S t i f f The communique said Uie. Red I'lirn dryest hi itTK ivliu nmny M-H- win nrr Ir- T.HTHiice--drought almost us serious us ItiHl- year, iiitiUtiirr needed urijenlly for hemi*. Hmidoval--crops siifterinp during luM i n u n t n from luck oJ llermillllo--. I r i l K i i l t u n water M l l u i i t l n n "not ut hiul iw It WHS i*\|ierlrd to ho ll rniipln of n m i i l h n iiffo." Wntrr production, firm M t ' l N not very ttiit I struct ory unit morn drilling In proffrfM. rohmet Ituhlen, U. N. nniiis- llce eomniKslmi sptikcMtiiin hi Mils (Hspnteli, W»H formerly sln- Uoned at Ft. Bliss. Me owned a home In tlte. lower utility wldeh he .sold to Thonui* Hiin-hHl, I.MV- er valley farmi'.r-lmr owner, he- A cliifii* friend nf IliirHiMI's Colonel Kiihlrn s l l l l K ive-, his former lower valley homi- n.s his mldrcss. The son of 1111 army officer, he gnuliialvd from West I'nllll hi Ul.Hfi. Mr has iil- Wnys lived on Army ptwls. His fiintlly Is now w i l l ) him In · His wife's parents. \\ IHIM- names are unavailable, live In San Francisco. U n t i l reeently I hey were. K\ resiilent.s. negotiators showed "less s t i f f n e s s and less formality". N e i t h e r the commuiiimie nor the b r i e f i n g officer mentioned thref C o m m u n i s t d e m a n d s reported, hy lied radios. But A l l i e d dele-gate.!!, returning 1 Wednesday n f t c r n o o n f r o m (lie second day of t a l k s In KHenrmy, ( C o n t i n u e d on png« t'our) Bilier Air War In Korea Rages, Ground Is Quiet H K A i ) Q U A U T K R S . K i f t l i A i r Force, Korna, .July 11 '.-Ti - U.K. Si'bru Jclw Unlay aluii, rUiwn thron C u m m u n i H t Mlp-15 j e f a f i n d d a m d a n o t h e r in a .ippclaenlar 2(1- m i n u t e itir b u l l l e over n o r l h w e s t - rn K u i e a . T h i r t y - f o u r A l l i e d planes tailRlot! 1th mi u K t l m u c c i l ,'10 Mlgs in dnuu- lic dogfights s o u t h of S h m i j u . The b a t t l e started when tho nnre jets wi-nt to Ihc Y.ud riv«r ordt-i areii to :Ty U'j i:uv».'i- for 1 P-sn Shooting Star jels which tlfii'kc-d mi am in u n i t ion far lory n i n t h of the river. Cnpl. M i l t o n .VH.-ton of Tair.uit. \ln.. He.nt (i Mig a j t i n n i n f ; down In 'liimcs nnd brought his score nf he RliHJilan-miide pbmes destroy o four, tops for Allied piloln now n Korea. The. ground win- in Kori-n hus qiiloted connldenibly w i t h Un; no- ttlnning of nrmt.ttlcc talks, hut here hn.'i been no lclii]i in lh« bit- «r nlr wnr. Th« U.S. ICIghth Army reported u i t r o l contact and i i r t M l e i y fliv roni Hid MmiHan area near t h e Jnilcd Nut Ions "poatti rump." i f o r . Allied ecasn-fiiu nt-gi- Mcsilla Park Youlh s Wounded Second rime In Korean War I'vl. Tominle U I t n l i l n t u n , son of ,Mr. nnd .Mrs, Samm-1 T,. Itoliln.snit, les|IIu Turk, has been wunmled in n r l i o n In Korea, ncronllng (u eu-tUally list No. .till received hen; .Monday, , I'rlvntft ICohinson K \ \ l l h U N forces In the Knmtn t m t - tk 1 urea. Thh t!f t h e srcmiil lime l'r|. vule Kohluson luis IXXMI wountlwl, )te \\-\\n ri|iorlrtl on a rJiiimlty hiht Mitn'h 7, Trlvutn Itohlnson wns nun nf tho fln*t nolillcrs lo set (not CM MHiirhurttut MO!) enrJIm- In the Korean cnnfllnf. His t k turo . upiwnrcd In intttonttl imiffHKliwN Aml^fHrntiirAitfrfi M nrtny irJf*w?. '

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