Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 12, 1976 · Page 8
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 8

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1976
Page 8
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The Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune, Friday. March 12,1*76-8 TONIGHTS TELEVISION 4 4:30 5 5:30 6 6:30 7 7:10 8 8:30 9 9:30 10 10:15 10:30 11 11:30 12 12:30 1 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) Gilli9»n'i Island Family Affair CBb Evemnq New* Nowscenin ? Nt*i The Brady uunch Doc Sara GE Thealle ,, ., Newsctfnter 3 CBS Late Movie Morning Headlines Ch.4 KAID(PBS) Mr. Rogers Sesame Slrcet Eleciric Company Legislature 'H Magnificent Adventure ., ' Washington Week Wall Street Week Masterpiece Theatre 1 Regret Nothing Ch.6 KIVMABC) Slar Treh Mickey Mouse ABC Evening News Big Valley Donny and Marie Friday Nigh! Movie c ir Perry Mason News Scene 4 Kirschner's Rock Concert ,, ii Ch.7 KTVB(NflC) Cunsmoke NBC Nightly News Nrwsbeal I To Tell Ihe T r o t h Hollywood Square- Sanfordft son The P r a c t i c e The Rockford Files Police Slory Newsbeaf 7 Tonighl Show Frienils :. ,, Ann Landers traveler's wife brings laugh BLACKER'S S|RV|C| - AILTV -» T|R| ° GE-APKIANCES--AU REFRIGERATION 459-08041 6:00 14. LEGISLATURE '75- Jeff Seward and Miiidy Cameron give a summary of Ihe legislative issues of the day from Ihe dipitol. 0:30 U) THE MAGNIFICENT ADVENTURE - This exciting production documents ' the biggest event in Hie history of ocenn racing, the Kound Ihe World Y a c h t Race, which began when ID class one yachts with 177 men and women on board left Soulhsea. England. September 8. 1973. 6:30 i2i DOC - Doc Bogcts "overhead" problems in- Program Highlights crease Iremcndously when he's forced to rent his upstairs a|mrlmenl to his not- so-favorite son-in-law. 7:110 i7i SANKOKD SON "Sergeant Cork" - Fred Sanford spins a yarn about his experiences as a wartime hero in Germany, a story thai relies a lot more on fictitious fun thiin fact. 8:0014' WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW - The series presents Ihe stimulaiing atmosphere of conversation, interpretation, and debate among journalists: an at- mosphere which brings viewers into Ihe inner circles of the capital press corps. 8:30 (41 WALL STREET WEEK - "Buy, Buy Bonds?" --Albert M. Wajnilower. Senior Vice President and Direclor of First Boston Corporalion is Louis Rukoyser's guest. 9:00 ( 4 ) MASTERPIECE THEATRE - UPSTAIRS. DOWNSTAIRS ~ "The Hero's Farewell" -- Episode Ten -- Lady Prudence, an indefatigable worker for war charities, stages a Red Cross benefit matinee at Eaton I'liice. 10:00 (41 I KGGRET NOTHING - The BBC-produced documentary lells Ihe story of Edith Giovanna Gassion, wlio became known to the world as Edith Piaf. "lire little sparrow." It captures her sad and tragic life through rare film fuolage. still photographs and current interviews with some of her friends and composers. Dr. Lamb Diet leads to wrinkles DEAR DR LAMB - 1 have been on a yo-yo diel all ray life and over the pasl year I have gained 15 to 20 pounds above my usual weight. 1 never have been normal for my height. I amfrfceH and now weigh 150- lo ; 155 pounds. After having this extra weight for a year and being 4-1 years old. is there any way I can diet and not have wrinkles and very saggy skin around the face and neck? Is there a special type of diet or some exercises I could do while dieting that could prevent the wrinkles at this age or is it loo late? DEAR READER - One of the hazards of obesity is stretching the skin. The skin is basically a highly specialized elastic sac. If you fill it full. it's going to stretch and if you stretch it too often it's going to begin to respond like an over stretched balloon. When you empty it. it's going to wrinkle Fortunately the skin does have some ability to repair itself. As a person gets older Ihe elastic lis?ues in the s k i n b e c o m e s t r e t c h e d anyway even il one doesn't gain weight. The older a person gels the more wrinkling he or she has when excess lal is lost I would prefer that people didn't get fat in the first place to create this problem But what's dune lias been done. There is no special diel at all lhat will help prevent wrinkling. The only thing .1 can suggest is that you.avoid those crash diets that lead to loss of muscle as well as fat. A lol of keeping a nice, con- l o u r e d f a c e i s t h e maintenance of the facial muscles. The crash diets Hut are so highly advertised not only eliminate fat from the body bul also a considerable amount of muscle. When the muscles in the face degenerate, (he wrinkling is far worse. So the only thing 1 din suggest if you want lo avoid facial wrinkles and looking old. is lo stay away from those crash diets. The proper diet is the slow, steady type which enables you to lose a small amount of weight every week and tins way the skin r;m gradually shrink back lo normal as best it can. Yoo can also do facial exercises lo help maintain the size of the muscles in (he face You can do this by facial grimaces, contracting the jaw muscle'; and the muscles urouiiil the eye. cheekbones and other are:is tin lo lhr mirror and see what you arc doing and put your fingers on your face and identify which muscles are tightening when you do certain movements of the face. By tightening and relaxing, lightening and relax" · ing. over and over, you can exercise the facial muscles enough to help maintain muscle mass. See if you can leatn lo lighten the muscles in the neck as well You do this sometimes by grimacing, using the mouth and jaw area. There is a layer of thin muscle attached to the skin around the neck and face area which is developed better in some people than others. If this muscle is kept tight and main- lains its tone it will help to p r e v e n t s k i n s a g g i n g Iplatysma muscle). For information on how lo plan a sensible weight control diet thai avoid the pitfalls of the crash diet programs send 50 c e n t s for The Heallh Lclter. number 4-7. Weight Losing Diet. Send a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope for mailing. Address your teller to me in care of this newspaper. P.O. Box 1551. Radio City Station. New York, NY 10019. NBC keeps new emblem LINCOLN..Nel) i L P d - N H C Television's Bicentennial season replacement for Ihe peacock, its long-slar.ding network emblem, is oul from under a cancellation threat The threat of cancellation was lifted with Ihe signing nf a S355.000 oul-of-courl selllemeni recently between the Nebraska Educational Television Network and Ihe National Broadcasting Co. in which NBC gained sole right to its new emblem, a stylized "N". The NKTV commission unanimously approved the sell- lenient. NBC aired its new logo in January after paying $750.OIK) for;: Lir.rt ;i whole new corporate image package only to find that NKT\ hnr! unveiled a logo of the sairii' type hut a different color i!\ nuiiilhs befiirc. NKTV's version :Ke work uf slaff arlist William Knrlms. nisi less than SI 00 NKTV filed suit last month in l.'.S. District ('curl claiming p:ior rights to (lie logo "The Nebraska F.TV commission recognizes the major in- veslmenl NHC ha. in its new corporate logo and is willing to give up its property rights (n the 'V logo." said Jack McBride. NKTV general manager, in -t T T » T BOISE ROADSTER SHOW MARCH 12, 13 AND 14 OUTSTANDING ENTERTAINMENT · 3 BIG DAYS SEE OVER 2 MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF THE FINEST CREATIONS ON WHEELS Western Idaho Fairgrounds Show Hours Fridoy 5 PM lo 11 PM - SAT. 12 PM lo M PM Sunday 1J P.M. « 10 P.M. GEN ADM. '3.00 - CHILJD '1.00 (6 »e 11) Phone 344-0411 IKA'NSIA Pootic Div. ChxnpiMtliip O Sh.w » » » r v » f M IJVnr njHn rutiTii W I T . ^nvu»pwii*"T "" -··-·»- ^^ T T T T T T M i m t M i i i i r 0 TV fare reemnmeiKling -· mission approval of Ihe settl ;;«(. MacHridc said t'ie "von agreeable sclllemuni" was Ihe resull of "very -.nlensivo negotiations" between Ihe Niil. legal s t a f f and NKTV. represented by In-: .S!ale Justice Department. The setilemunt include; .1 cash payment of $55.000 to cover legal cosls incurred in Ihe lawsi'il as well as ihe cosl of removing Ihe cir.Hem from NKTV tapes, stationary and equipment. In addition, $500,000 in used equipment, including a mobile color unii. will be turned over lo XETV. MUSOPUMS.SMrlMlMS Mahogany THE DOVE" MAMPAOJMVI-IN k I-I WESCP[KS:45, · Plus"BIG BUST OUT' CINEMA 1. CINEMA No. 2 "THE WINDS OF AUTUMN" l:JM 3S-S 40.Mi-) S3 Dear Ann Landers: I am laughing my head off over Mrs. X's letter. (Maybe I ought to be crying. I'm nol sure.) Anyway, Mrs. X is the woman whose husband has a new job, traveling, and she's worried sick because shesays, "No man can go six days and six nighls without sex." I'd like to introduce her lo my husband. He doesn't travel any anynjace and he can go without sex for six months and il doesn't bother him one bil. Yo^i clidn'l prinl Ihe name of the oily her letter came from, but I'live in Houston, Texas, and I'd tqve to meet the guy. I'm 32, nol bad-looking and in excellent heal{h. Sign me -- Have Suit- casej Will Travel Dear Suitcase: Sorry, dear, I never divulge the identity of my readers. Bui il might interest you to know thai al teasl 100 other women have asked to be put in touch wilh Mr. X. I've had lo tell them all "no dice." H- + + Dear Ann Landers: I am so mad at my cousin I could brain her. She has a scotch lerricr she thinks more of than she does her husband. (They never had any children.) "MacT.ivish" lias a teller wardrobe lhan most men. She even had a kilt made for MacTavisli when they were in Edinburgh last year, talk about loony, Ihis girl lakes first prize. A couple days ago my cousin came over wilh MacTavisli. Tlie mull's eyes were bloodshot. He seemed to be coughing and his nose was running. 1 said. "H looks lo me like Ihe doj has a cold." She replied, "He's jast fine." The following day both my Ihree-year-otd daughter and 1 came down with sore throats and miserable head colds. I am sure we caught them from ;he dog. Is Ihis impossible? My cousin says il is not. Whaldo yoii say'.'V Blowing And Sneezing In Wisconsin Dear \Yis: According lo two Chicago veterinarians, nothing is impossible, but il is highly unlikely (hill you and your daughter were infected by the visiling dog. Dogs du get colds but they nre rarely transmitted to humans unless a strep or a viral infection is involved. Dear Ann Landers: I envy lhat woman who griped because her mother-in-law laughs like a donkey. (She said it was an embarrassment lo take her lo Ihe movies because Ihe old girl hee-haws and snorts and everyone gawks to see who Ihe jackass is.) My molher-in-law hasn't cracked a smile in 20 years. Odd that not one lunny thing has happened lo her since I married her son. 1 am - - Jus I Commenting Dear J.C.: Isn't it nice lhat you can comment lo me? I'll bel when you read this letter in the paper you'll see the humor in it and feel a lol boiler. Dear Ann Landers: I'm 29 years old and feel like a fool asking you this question, but I do need an answer and there is nn one else 1 can ask. When someone says, "Has anyone ever lold you you have beautiful eyes?" or "You have such lovely skin, 1 can't stop looking al you," what should 1 say? It sounds conceited to reply, "Yes, I know il." Or "Others have lold me (he s?me thing." 1 just cringe when I get a verbal bouquet because I don't know how to handle il. Will you Super Truck Driverl "HEAVY LOAD" Sla'iinq Q.g Js*n rtigg Plus Co-Hit 'DELUXE SHORTS" Coming soon! 1 . "DEEP THROAT" "The Devil in Miss Jones" .2ND SMASH WtH! \ TOP CINEMA RATED XXX Under g Not Admitted CLOSED MONDAYS DOORS OPEN AT 5:30 454-1731 Deai Polion: H you would be of (ended by a 'i'm oi o ie*uol r-aiure youi potionoge is "Of iollciled. T L _ 1|_ _ i 8:00 (6) ABC FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE - "The Neptune Factor" -- Giant fish and sea animals menace: a sunken "Sealab" anil "a helpless rescue vessel iihder tht waters of the mid-Atlantic. 8:00 (2) GE THKATHE - "20 Shades of Pink" -- Starring Eli Walach, Anne Jackson, Keenan Wynn and Edwards Beims. The story centers on a middle-age house painlcr wilh a wife and Ihree children, who is successfully employed by a painling contractor. Urged by his wife to go inlo business for himself, he encounters a maie of bank loans, increased pressures and responsibilities for his workers arid family. 10:311 12) CBS LATE MOVIE "Cry For Help" -- Starring Robert Culp and Elayne Hailveil. PHUNK 468-7891 or 459--IGG4 to place your classified ad. "~NOW~SHOWrNG~~ - WEEKEND SPECIAL ROAST PRIME RIB of BEEF thick cut, served with (fl'ftC cnoice ol soup or salad, iblivtj baked polato, whipped · horseradish, Roll Coffee W Good thru March 13th Meet Your Friends a t . . . a03-12tr.Ave.S-, Nampa 46G-2181 Karcher Kids' Klub Presents "LOST WORLD of SINBAD" - Plus "DON DAREDEVIL" CHAPTER 11 SHOW AT10:00 A.M. SAT.- SUN. All SUITS $U SAT.- SUN. ONLY! »LL SEATS A young gM turns a friendship wtth a pig and a spider into a fabulous adventure. YM XMI«« t««l-««llliif rto*»l If n«« » CMOvlNo* mMfen pfctim. **i* «wi t**n E B Wilt's ·Charlotte's Weir f O ndt as TBIX*IW, Hnry tsoo « w«u ua «~ » Jowpri to tttt I v«uit Un fatamcto «^v * ?»»·«* Show Times. 1 :00-3:00 help me. please? -- Tongue-Tied Dear T.T.: Unlie your tongue and say, "What a lovely com- plimenl. Thank you." Then talk .' about something else. Mobile Bay, which extends · into southwest Alabama, is 35 miles long. THE CASTLE ·i719ClevelandBlvd BUD THE COUNTRY THREE THOROUGHBRED FRlbAYIS LOBSTER THERMIDOR NIGHT SKircherMal! S * «6-9311 Ftaluring Outfit · at Ihe Pinna ALL SEATS S1.00 KIDS' MATINEE SAT.-SUN. ALL SEATS si.oo A DOUBLE BARREL OF "TRINITY" FUN! Senorletmeblowmy own nose, please! Joseph E.Levine Presents vv They Call Me Trinity" Trinity's back in the saddle again and stm horsing around, i ; ; jv Joseph E.Levine Presc n is "Trinity Is Still My Name" ONE SHOWING ONLyT1:15 EVENING PROGRAM IN THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE, WARS WILL NO LONGER EXIST: OUT THERE WILL DE PerERSeueRs "UnoeRCoveRs 0 HBRO* xnsi : WED, THMIB. FRL SRT. 9 10 11 12 13 Ml W: "».».·»«., ML: 10 ».».- 6P.M.' 1813 Caldwell Blvd. -Nampa 730 Americana Blvd. -Boise »H»g«l B"H«c»Wr.,,,ryl« I-*.*,,.!,;.,.,.,. ,«,,,_,

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