Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 4, 1945 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 5
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Morning Much 4, 1945 ?.'"'ij..'. . f ' . '· . .'. · Las Cng*?$fn-NewB PAGE FIVE ·mint flt'c UBiitctPii m ft IMP PEOPLE S HABKET PUiCE ·· HELP « FOB ^ALE OR TRADE n "LOST AND FO'JKE HOMES WANTED, OH FOR RENT « «{*NT8 CLASSIFIED FOR SALE SPARKPLUG Week Special Spark Plugs cleaned and tested FREE. This week only. Aztec Service Station ! 888 N. Main Phone 833" .Alfalfa seed, £35.00 per hun- ' rt"M. (^''rTulwHon test 99.2. pure seed - 99.4. Henry Schlothauer, piiune OBS-R3. FOR SALE Butane and natural gas water heaters. Valley Appliance Co. .One modern rabbit hutch, six apartment,. See Bill Enfiquez at Safeway Market. 2 wheel trailer ^vith^new tarp. New pre-war -trombone. 212 East Las Cruces Avenue. -' ( ; Model T Ford Coupe, good tires, new battery, good running, condition. 715 West Las Cruoes, phone 646 of 51-Wi . , Strawberry plants, $1.00 per hundred, and alfalfa. \\: 'C. Strode, phone 598-R2. ." Electric range, good condition. Phone 588-J2 or 587-J1. T|AVEL ..'Kite ni?8p, Br»*'Pillows, knits. Three «chtdiiles. 333 South Miitn. Ptjpnp 774." HELP WANTED : -f*fersons'_hbw engiged In essen- Ual'vraf work -will not be Considered. ''·' '*' ' ' ..' Want experienced semi-truck driver for essehtiaP industry. Bor- Uer Truck Liner f Night .clerk. Hotel Hcrndon. ; BABY CHICKS We have on hand* at this time most large breeds. N*w shtp- ,'raent.each. Thursday. . FARMERS MARKET rtt'SUPPLY CO. ·Phoii»838 pn:pji RR .Tracks SAVEMPNEYON ; BATjfEttlES 15 Guernsey heifers, 1 to 2 vears old. Ike Rhodes, 8 miles north on Highway-85. Phone 580- R 2 . . : . - . . - · , . . . ; . . . , -.- -U. -S. Army Issue surplus used merchandise, at :bugaln prices. 30i- 0»0 pairs .shoes, · no ration stamp need£d"good .fgrad* · ??.1S, belt? r gtad*]' repairedr'^nev aplesv.iand heel*. jite^OO^.fitacoats ?2.1B. BOOO soft .'cather"pnT6»3 51.00 each Me«skits 40c,. canteens 40c, cups Me. Alia 7200. NSW U. S. Army extra h**»y i Ib. l 6 oz. olive drab Blngle'. cotton blankets, 6x7 feet, rid hot price $3.15. All postage; prepaid. No ^COD's. Send moneyj oi-der. Bla8k'ir,E:xchangei Wichita; ^ .One. fast battery ..charger, like new. Can be seen at 1101 West Picacho, or call 315W or 387-W. Heavy antique ranch living room: suite, also innerspring mattress. Stull apartments. 823 North Main. -BULK GARDEN SEED ONION'SBTS ^- HOT CAPS FARMERS MARKET '. SUPPLY GO. Phone 333. ' On RR Tracks Soft pastel colors -- Nu-Tone Plat'. Wall; FlnUb, - .made .by .the makers of : Nu-Enfcn^ ; 'i.8 made'in eight .'beautiful shades and white. Brighten up"'. your'.'jiome with .guot one cbat of the new paint discovery; !»2.98 decorates the average room. Valley*' Appliance Co. : 1936 Chevrolet "sedan. W. Q. Will**, 142 West Las Cruces Ave. : We. wl'l haVe baby chicks each Thurada} Place your orders or come! and. get them. Valley Products Co., phorie : (M.. NOTICES 30c QNIOM SETS White »nd Yellow; by'the quart FARMERS MARKET '····;* 'SUPPLY co. Phorie 333V: On HR Tracks ri. Phone 85i-W. , ,,.,... ..,--i.Acala,.,- ^feWouiaF-iaverttsedi 100-lb. net new 'braided cotton -bags, ;te- cleaned, per ton i;_;.$120.'00 rOB Santo Tomaa Ranch; .p. .·,).' Box 550. Phone 495-J1. Stahmann Farms, Las Cruces, N. M.. iSpecia! delivered price to Vinton delinking plant »122.50'per ton. GARDEN TOOLS and garden hose Ray's Park Texaco SERVICE STATION JENNINGS HATCHERY Biwdcr of U. S. Certified White Leghorn Chicks 251 to 328 effiit U.SJlJp.P. Sired Write for Prices and Delivery Dates 217 West Grnnd CLOVrS. ttEW MEXICO Alfalfa seed, valley grown, college tested,' F.. J. .Righey, Jr., .La Mesa, NewrMexico. Thre acrca : with newly decorated 6 room modern house, out buildings- Price $700ti;00. Phone 584- R3. = ' · · " " ' Kino modern home. Owner leaving town, -tec Reeves. Good autoVnohile and trucks. Your kind. Sell or trade. Camp 1.EOI10KN PULLETS rhe SoiKhwMfs finest In WHITE LEGHORNS. 12 other breeds and lybrlds. Gvor-nlRht fhlpplng dts- 'ancc. 29 ycnrn In buslnpu. Order VOW for MARCH delivery. W I C K S 1 ·The Southwest'* leading Hatchery" CI.OVIS. N. MRX. Standard Oil Products s-IAUendarits,;-. ; PRE-WAR SfeHVICE Aztec Service Station '"' 888 . Matt''-"-' Waitrei?ei Must Be experienced. Apply In 'person. Del 'Rio Cafe. ' ' Service, .station attendant. Op-, pqrtunlti' for. advancement. Apply Biiflo Service Station. " Maid for half day. 838 North Alameda. ' REAL ESTATE .One 2-bqttpm HM r 7 middle buster, for Parmali. HM. ...Jesse Richardson, Phone, 593-R2. ; -. Lots and acreage. Terms to suit. P. A. Bunch, -Box 189. or 714 East .Aye., Las : Cruces.. ' When : in need of anything in Uie real estate line, always" see Burton's ."irst. 115 West Qrigga, phone 381. FOR RENT -- Unfurn. House* 2'room house, 2 miles west'of Mesilla Park, on gas line. *Phone 4S4-R3. LOST teatn'er sewing machine, bed room suites, drag scraper, slock saddle, Hohner adcordiotv step ladders, 2 to ID foot: dish cupboards, kitchen cab- in«t«. "Chest of drawers, gas iron, chicken wire, hog wire, roofing, garden tools. Irrigation shovels, garden plows. "; "-li you trade with us, we will MTO you money. L O Z I E R ' S 321 NORTH MAIN ' Wife heart shaped locket lapel piti, gift from husband in Germa- 1 air. Return fo · Sun-News. Liberal regard. s -.Sun-News route book. Reward. Notify Sun-Ncw« office. Blue shen-riin glasses in blue ca'sE^t baakotball sme at -ollege. ' Return. Palm Liquor Store. We buy, sell and trade. BUtt's- Second Hand Store. 130.; North Main Phone 646. ,- Better SERVICE Belter CLEANING TSetier PRICES -better see MODEL CLEANERS ·' ·? 138 West Griggs ' WANT TO BOY Red cliill, all kinds. BarkeM Ranch, phone 599-R1. . · A Halax therapeiilic generator. Will pay cash. Phone T71'or 758-J. WANTED TO REHT Furnished house ot apart^iient. Wanted by bffi$9!K wife -nd waall baby. Phone " Kurnlsfted house or apartment.^ Couple, permanently stationed army officer. Write Box F, i Sun- Furnished house or apartment; Phone FOR LEASE 'Filling station lor lease. Camp earn $1.00 .hour^ full'.or part -time, .showing:! Maisonette rrockg to friends -and: -neighbors.. For Complete-J9amplei outfjit' : write Box M, Sun-New^!, Las : Cruces. Cloth covered buttons jmdhuc^- lea, iQuiok Service jGieaRerB. Slip covers, curtains. Telephone Miss Mutz. 459-W, evenlnga. Place Your Order N ; Q W ! for certihed 1517 AGALA Cotton Planting Seed $6.00 per 100 Farmers' Markel £{ - Supply Cpjmpa»y 104' Compress Road Phone 333 - Protect Children · Home accident rJatallues amonf children under., flve years of age show.ed a - 25 per cent increase Jast yeaf -over.-prewar 1941. One ;0f .the (irsl steps -is,, to see lhat medicines, cleaners and* out.ot children's teach. Provide gates at the head of .ptairs to,, protect .small - children.. :Keep matches .and sharp Knlres, : out'.x»f r ,reach.. . · . Train Cats In India atjd Dhlnj^its are trained no,t only.tOiCatch calflsb blil io brim .thrcm In. (K' 1 lr,irasff',r« v.,.' ,-. COLD STORAGE MOVING «nd HAULING Wp Can Sen-*- V^n nn Short or Long Hauls H. Ic K. TRUCK Phone 260 (flHH-I KNOW/ Bv Cnnllon WHB»?I DICKIE DAI? MF tf W/« IS THAT GOHtiA NOPk? THEY'LL SHOOTMEAFTEQT ·AH'IfEVESTAKTIlf' KlGHTOlJTOH THE ·EM! [Jt/ZT IVON'T =IHD IT! Clf/CH THE* S/lOOT Me IF f [GET IT---HE WANTS ME TOFIHD THE OTHER BOOT'. By Charles liik THE ADVENTURES OF PATSY By lee IraKk and PM' MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN * · COMt ON, DRAGON.' EVERY SECOND COUNTS/ f IFTEEN MINUTK TO SAVE -NARDA.'THEICE 'LADY LIED/ Frank Rofcbto SCORCHv SMITH THAT'S CAPTAIW T yef,\Kf 1 /J\ fEWMiwres J.ATEK- \ ** SMITHS', COPE \THIS MAP m~ M -.-^-r--;^,,---£-/ i- HEKE SOE5, CMET... i.WE.CAN'T SU1P. y TO SLAPSIE THIS HAP BETTEff 35 ON TME LEVEL, 762, Glv£ HIM THE 'Does your roof Jeak? Carpehtry work, building repair, light mason work and painting. Call For estimates. Want egg customers. Val Feyrer. Box 4-A. El Paseo Road. Old Smith place. FOR RENT Ten acres land, for cash rent. Apply Williams, 136.North Main. Tractor for rent. Camp .DeLuxe. FOR RENT - Apartments Small apartments, .-mgle cou- Dles, sleeping rooms. Camp Deluxe. Copcnhngen Market cabbage plants. Fltipntrlck, \\ mile south Mesilla cln. Truck loao! nic* roglstcred Hcrc- ord bulb, ages yearlings to two year olds: can He seen nt aim 'Llles pens on Highway 85. Owner, H. K. Ray. Anyone interested In buying modern home, see Lee Reeves. _ Unfurnished apartment for rent. 1209 Wc-st Hadlcy. ~" FOR RENT -- ROOMS Front bedroom and (tarage prlvl- II-ITK. For man only. S29 S. Miranda. FOR RENT -- Furn. Houses Five room furnished house, gar- don. 714 West Mountain. Sro Mlsa Kate Ackerman. F. W. Pollard, D. C . ; Palmer Graduate Chiropractor Office Phone 703 Home Phone 575-W First Door tforth Postoffice' Valley Loan and finance Company Complete 'Finatifciat Service LOANS Automobile ^-Personal Furniture DISCOUNTS We ibuy all types ol contracts. Established in 1938 129V4 S. Main St. Ph. 445 N. ¥. ttUu,.jj oiLii-irit in 1!)04 Tht New' York City subway sys- ! Divided Into tern, now the largest in the world, was not inaugurated until 1!W4. SPECIAL RATES ON SERVICE WOHK DUHING FEBRUARY Charlie's Radio Shop 120 North Church St. nutrient tests, to determine whether certain rare elements lire necessary to plant growth. BAYLUS CADE PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Audit* - Tax Mutters - BynWn* ' 120 E. Griggs Ph. 284, 477-J Zo'nland. urc divided into 20 Irjbcs. anulogous to thn Scottish clnnn. Dr. John L. Kennedy DENTIST Masonic Temple Bldg. Telephone 54 HELP WANTED P»rm«n*nt clMn*r or pz«H- cr, experienced but not of- wntlal. glad Io train you. JC0JHERN CLEANERS Yes! GOOD CLEANING and PROMPT SERVICE is still available! CLEANERS 133 West Griggs WE IJAVE JUST RECEIVED A SHJP$(ENT OF 550x17 600x16 GRADE I TIRES We Also Have TRUCK AND TRAILER TIRES MESILLA MOTOR CO. ioO North M«in Phons 203 M O N U M E N T S A nock nftAgcs-mcmorinl, with its matchless -bcailjy, Is guar-- antecd for till time and curries a Certificate of Bunded Ounmn-' tco, backed by the Rock ol Ages Corporation ntul Hie National. Surely Corporation. Rock of Ages corves Us tiny inconspicuous sraj on every me- . mortal. This seal is to granite whut Sterlliig Is to silver. It^' protects the purchbscr and shows that the product Is genuittfi. ^ Memorial Arts is the exclusive, authorized dealer of Rock-Off Ages memorials for New Mexico nnd West Texas. For partldr ulars and booklet, phone or write -M E M O R I A L A R T S , , M. S. ASHEM,, Oivnor \« !0.10 Montana St. -- El I'uso. Tcxns -- I'honp M»lnlSS XP USED CARS WE PAY HIGHEST PRICES V', . IF YOU HAVE A USED CAB TO SELL - BBrUC IT TO NESILIA MOTOR CO. 600 North Main Phone 203 ! Will buy all makes of cars and pay top prlcM.

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