Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 27, 1973 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1973
Page 24
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Fri., April27,1J73 (JREEI.EY (Coto.) TRIBUNE MIA wives are suffering lonely vigil « » 10 11 12 DISTRICT NO. SIX SCHOOL DIRECTORS For Six Ytir Twm 8A Carole A. ANDERSON (VOTE FOR TWO) 9A Donald E. COOK M.D. 10A James L, GOSSMAN 11A Thomat V. SCHMIDT Jr. 12A Eliat TAPIA 1 I 3 4 DISTRICT NO. SIX SCHOOL DIRECTORS FOP Two Ye»r Term (VOTE FOR ONE) IA Maria ARELLANO 2A F. Dale HAMMER 3A Louii C. RIEKER 4A Lydia ·RUY1E PROPOSAL TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS FROM FIVE TO SEVEN FOR Increasing the Number of Five to Seven AGAINST Increasing the Number of Five to Seven " 18 19 20 AIMS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DIRECTOR For Six Year Ttrm (VOTE FOR ONE) 17A Henry M. DEPETRO ISA Donald L. FELDHAUS 19A Victor R. NOTTiNGHAN 20A Karl E. SABOE Here's sample voting machine ballot for District Six election Tuesday This is a sample voting machine ballot that will be used Tuesday, for the Greeley School District Six Board of Eri'-ation. There are three positions open. A person can vote for two candidates in the six-year slots and one candidate in the two-year slot. There is also a proposal to increase the Greeley board from five to seven members. Voters are asked to vote either for or against the proposal. In the Aims Community College slot, voters are asked to vote for one of the four candidates. Polling places will beopen from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) ^- Overshadowed by fears their missing-in-action husbands may never return and predictions of a 50 per cent or higher divorce rate among returnees, the wives of many of the 1,300 Americans still listed as MIA in the Vietnam War suffer a lonely vigil. Twenty-one of the MIA families live here. "I'm not a wife, a widow, a woman or a lover," one of them told doctors from the Air Force Academy hospital. "1 have lost faith in myself and my ability to be able to get out of any situation that I find impossible. I am so numb that I almost feel as though I'm among the walking dead." Another says the lack of firm knowledge is destroying her OPENING MONDAY APRIL 30th QUOR Downtown Greeley's New Self Service Store WINE BEER SPIRITS Good Selection of Domestic and Imported 8th Ave. at 5th St. husband's parents, and she and her children. The wives are bitter about advice from friends and psychiatrists that what they need is sex. "That's not true--what we need is love. Sex with someone without love and respect has no meaning. It is no more important than sneezing," one of them told the doctors. "Emotionally I have been drained completely dry. You live with fear as your constant companion; hope rises and falls with each day." For Mary Dodge even the distant hopes must be dying. Lt. Col. Ward Dodge was shot down in 1967 and three years later his wife was told by a POW-MIA group that he was reported dead. When the peace agreement was signed the North Vietnamese also listed him as dead. But Mrs. Dodge clings to, hope anyway because Ihe U.S. government hasn't yet notified her officially, and finally. "If he is dead, I want proof, and so far that we have not had. "I feel if there is any hope whatsoever I will wait. I have been faithful and it's never entered my mind to be otherwise. I will wait the same time period again if necessary to make sure." The spectre of divorce looms, however, even for those who have been reunited. At least 50 per cent, and possibly 60 per cent, of the current returnees are being divorced, says the National League of Families, the major POW-MIA group in the country. A medical source here who has worked with the POW-MIA wives privately predicts that nine of 10 marriages will fail. Pioneer course corrected for Jupiter fly-by options MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) -- A course adjustment more than 10 million miles from earth will allow the Pioneer 11 spacecraft to achieve any one of several mission options in its planned 1974 bypass of Jupiter, scientists say. The National Aeronautics and One summer with an under-engineered mower makes a man ripe for a Toro J Any fool with a wrench can dap some hardware and a blade ogethcr and'call it a mower,' says Toro's Chief Engineer. "Toro aims for more. Every Toro" mower, from the basic $99.95" model up to the fully [·quipped $219.95* model, is a rugged, precision-engineered awn cutting machine." T IIK I'l'iusjsK of Toro engineering is iiuiple: to tn;iku your mowing ·bores easy and trouble free summer ifter summer. Toro is easy to start Torn "Key-l.ectric"" models start vith a twist of u key. Pull-stail mod- ils require minimum effort. A corn- met battery pack powers the starter, luj;s into house current for occa- nal overnight recharging. Toro is engineered for safety faro pioneered the design of the ·ear toe guard and side stone deflec- or found on all Toro models. STONE DEFLECTOR X-ray drawing shows whaI iiKikrs a Torn a Toro Vannim hue rlimin;tlf!i r.i Torn subjects every mwlel to in- ce.vwmt safety tests. In one test, a steel spike is rammed into Toro's llade while it nm\ at top peed. In len years of such testing, no Toro lade has ever broken. Toro makes lawns look beautiful Toro's blade and vacuum action "Wiiid-TMiinoP housing are engineered to whip grass upright for a clean cut. Toro is easy to handle A Tom mower is engineered for ease of maneuvering. Its aluminum bous- Kninl \vhorl iIrivMo]linn;il ing is lightweight. Wheels arc firmly bulled so they won't start wobbling come midsummer. And the self- propelled Toro mowers arc a joy to landle.They have front-wheel drive, as opposed to rear-wheel drive. Ad'antage: You don't have to fight your rear drive wheels to back up and maneuver in tight spots. Toro is durable, easy to maintain Toro mowers are engineered for simplicity, so less can go wrong. The rugged four-cycle engine has proven $».«·*· W5M5* 9m.M*» $119.95* , TheCiurdJn.* M 19*or2r wife 3 Of 15 HP. Hand a sett-propelled. Option*) IU*c Mcwtn. Hur «front engine deilfn. 5 U 8 HP. Rrcoil w Key.Lcrtifc itut Awcnoek* including cut, iwwper. itcdcr. trimmer, out over years of use. Parts (hat take extra stress are given extra strength. The home maintenance routine fur a Toro is almost as simple as maintaining a child's bicycle. Toro's gas and nil gauges are easy to read. Oil drains easily through a spout. Air filler unsnaps and cleans quickly. Blade unfastens with a single bolt. resharpens with a fife. Vacuum bag saves hours of labor The powerful vacuum action of the Toro mower, together with its vacuum bag, can pick up grass clippings. Space Administration's Ames Research Center said Thursday's midcourse correction was aimed at pulling the spacecraft in the middle of its target region. The craft either can fly close to or distant from the planet along the equator, fly over a Jupiter pole, go to Saturn or escape the solar system completely, an Ames spokesman said. Pioneer's speed was changed by 1.06 meters per second with fired thrusters, allowing Ihe craft a Jupiter arrival four hours and 15 minutes later, lie said. The trajectory was moved 4,500 miles closer to the planet, NASA said. The identical Pioneer 10 is more than 400 million miles from earth and nearly 80 per cent of the way to a December meeting with Jupiter. Cameras on the craft are to produce sky maps and pictures of Ihe planet. Convert your rent receipts into an investment starting right NOW! Move into a Brand New Mobile Home and begin reaping the benefits of owning your home! BRAND NEW 2 BEDROOM FURNISHED ORDER THE COLOR OF YOUR CHOICE 1972 MODEL CLEARANCE 20 HOMES -- Immediate Occupancy CDC C I IX l_ ·_ with your mobile home purchase at Hunter's in Greeley. Choose one: a. Washer b. Dryer c. Dishwasher d. Freezer e. 10'by 20'awning * Hitt-Graham Dodge 35th Ave. FRIENDLY VILLAGE HUNTER MOBILE HOME SALES 200 N. 35th Ave., Greeley Phone 353-3781 Open 9 a.m. to. 9 p.m. everyday including Sunday as you mow so you don't have to rake them. The bag fills, detaches, empties, and reattacties in half the time it takes to mow. rake, collect and empty a bushel basket of clippings. Thousands of dealers, year's guarantee Your Toro mower is guaranteed for one year against defective parts and workmanship. During that year, it will be repaired free, except for transportation costs. There is an authorized Toro service dealer near you. He is trained to service your machine. Sec one and inspect the complete line of Toro mowers today. 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