Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 3, 1970 · Page 1
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, June 3, 1970
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.AND-IT WAS LIKE THAT - Carl Lind- «trom, shop foreman of the main Weld .. Coiinty. Shops, comments to his wife about .. Jjw'anniversary greeting card given them ,'· (luring 'a special dinner in their honor Tucs- ' day night.. The greeting card was designed . brother county employes to celebrate Lmd- Garl Lindstrom Strom's 50 years in county government. The card contained drawings of the World War I surplus truck for which Lindstrom was first liircrl to drive. The anniversary dinner was held at the Farm Fare in Lucerne. (Tribune photo by Paul Edscorn) County Officials Honor Retiring Shop Foreman By PAUL EDSCORN Tribune Staff Writer · : ' It all began 50 years ago wilh a truck and; Tuesday night the dale was marked rath/an anniversary dinner for Weld Connly Shop Foreman, Carl Lindstrom. ; Lindstrom was hired by the county in 1925,''at the age of 16 because He was Ihe only;, person available who could drive a truck. The particular vehicle for which a driver was needed was a Wnrld War 1 turplus truck, No. 149. · Memories of the truck were brought back when Lindstrom and his wife. Ruse, were given a-greeting card upon which was drawn a dclapidatcd replica of lhal (ruck. A' drawing based on an old photograph of young Lindstrom and No. )4fl. , Lindstrom thanked the 31)0 persons al'. lending the anniversary dinner and recalled t h e ' progress of the past 50 years, from horses and one-cubic yard carriers. In Ihe 25-cubic yard dumpers which can travel down the; road at 50 miles an hour. During this time he served under 28 county commissioner's. . : In recalling the progress of the pasl, Lindstrom said he was looking forward to seeing another 50 years of progress. · Amid Ihe congratulatory speeches for Lindstrom and retired county employes, Lindslrom look (he opportunity to announce congratulations of his own--lo his grandson, Eldon Lindstrom who has been recently appointed lo the U.S. Air Force Aca- rleniy. Elelon is Ihc son of Mr. and Mrs. Don'Lindstrom, 2G32 13th Avc. The anniversary' dinner was arranged by Ihc Board of County Commissioners and niber coiinly employes. The Ihree commissioners, Glenn Billings. Marshall Anderson and Harold Anderson jointly presented a I'crlificalp of appreciation to Lindslrom. Also honored wilh certificates of appreciation were retired county employes Arlie Cooper, Old (,'olvin, Charles Goodman, Emmet Ogan. Charles Park, John Poffenrnth, Myrl liiggs, John Sandau. Frank Swanson, Floyd Alkire, Asa Smith, Cliff Markloy and Jacob Wolfe. In presenting the certificates Billings said these men represented 310 years of service lo Ihc county. Oilier honored guests included elected counly officials and former county commissioners Edward Dunhar. Millard Ewing, Carl .1. Magnuson, Tom Reed, Elmer Shullz and Oscar Johnson. Following Ihe dinner nearly al! those present took Ihe opportunity lo personally cnngralulale 1UY. and Mrs. Lindstrom and to sign Ihc greeling card. w AND Written by Horace Greeley in 1871 " . \^ THE GREELEY REPUBLICAN VOL. 62 - NUMBER 182 GREELEY, COLORADO WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3. 1970 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1870 Amendment Vote Fails 54-36 Senate Denies Ni Free Cam WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate today rejected a proposal to give the President a free land in Cambodia so long as Communists hold Americans prisoner there. The vole was 54 lo 3G. The selback for Ihc ariminis- .ration came only hours before President Nixon was scheduled ,o go before a national television-radio audience with what is expecled to be an optimistic rogress report on the cam- laign in Cambodia. The Senate test was on an ad- ministralion-backcd proposal by Police Chief Named Appoinlmcnl of a 30-year-old Menlo Park, Calif., police offi- I as Grceley's new chief of police at a salary of $14,000 a year was confirmed by City Council by unanimous vole Tuesday evening. Confirmation by of the new chief, Ihe council John Peter Cansas Dole Republican Robert Parkinson, and approval of his $14,000 s t a r l i n g salary hael been Carrol Long Ins been serving; members also sal in on parts as acling chief since that time, jof Ihe screening and interview- In Ihc selection process, sessions, applications of over 100 men lor' the position were reviewed with 12 outside of Grcelcy residents jand six members of the local police department f i n a l l y being given written examinations. the further number screening reduced of candidates to Cooper-Church amendment IhatL.'. by Cily Manager B.'fonr from oulside lhe city and although such con-jthree local officers. Six of these would bar funds for U.S. opera- ions in Cambodia after June. 30. Although defeat of the Dole: firmalion is not required by Ihcjwcre then interviewed pcr- Cily Charier. Isonally before Parkinson was Parkinson is adminislralivivselecled as a unanimous choice ^division commander and mini.slralivc assistant to He will assume his new duties i,:Police Chief Karl Towning sub! roposal, which called for allow- ng the President to use U.S. orces in Cambodia as long as American troops were belel pris- iner there, had been expecled,, n cre J u l y 1. he action reportedly would notj Thc new cmcf Wil!i affect Nixon's remarks, scheel- through a lengthy process which jled for 7 p.m. MDT. Ihcgan in January a f t e r former The President set his speeeb after meeting wilh defense and; . ·· . nililary leaders over the week- ·'""· ·"· Assistant Police duel end when he rcpeirlcelly was giv-' en optimistic accounts of I h e i Tionlh-old Cambodian cam: iaign.. i The Prcsidcnl's Indochina pol- cy also was under allack in I he] louse, today where a n t i w a r j ncmbcrs argued for a rider to a j lill raising the nalional dcbl \ imit lhal they said was aimed, it forcing a faster wilhdrawal if U.S. troops from Southeast \sia. ad-jof Ihc screening committee. Ihc Cruce was assisted in t h e ' screening and selection of Hie chief by a cilixcns committee composed of William Bohlender, city allorncy: Candido Vielma, cily personnel officer: James H. Shclton, dislricl attorney; Mrs. Richard Bocltcher, Dr. J. W. resignation. c f f c c l i v e i W i l l i a m s and Larry Anderson. A number of c i l v counci I l l l v 4 J U I " ^ Commemorative Is Set for Centennial move-el Tuesday Parkinson's a p p o i n t confirmed. "1 have nici h i m and J was e x t r e m e l y l a v n i ' a o l v impressed.'' Sodinan said. "I t h i n k he i.? an e x c e l l e n t r h e n e p . ' 1 Inwe-vcr. .Mrs. Lba S t a n l e y . who was in Ihe audience, riif::-- lionod "starling a new young man al this price'.'" Crnee said Parkinson now is he-ing paid .? 12.02-1 al Mmlo Park and also re-purled T i m u i i ' g was rce'civing about SI,Will a i n n n l l i when h e r e t i r e d w h i l e ; Long's salary has been -!'.VI m o n t h l y . The cily m a n a g e r also added lie t h o u g h ! mo^i in t h e local candidates for the- c h i e f s job had measured up very w e l l w i l h most of the oilier app l i c a n t s . Mayor K i c h a r d I ' e r c h h k - a i d (Continued on page C) City History Shows 30 Chiefs The vole on the Dole proposal, was Ihe first real indicalion orjP'TM^" Senate feeling concerning Ihc measure sponsoreel by Sens. Frank Church. D-ldabo, anel John Sherman Coeiper. K-Ky.. lo curb Nixon's powers in Camhn- dia aflcr June 30, lhe dale t h e President set for withdrawing all American forces from t h a t Greeley 11 ' S '"'""T^ f o ' i n lhe '"»niunity commemorative pro-l lioger Coman. c h a i r m a n Mrs. Lorcllo Chappelow, 1231 Greeley, since i l ~ original in- e'orporaliini as a lown on May 20. 1871, has had :;n eh;rlV. of Centennial i n r a m booklet lo be sold for $1 Ihc revenue, division for lhcip n 'i : ( ' hut only eight in Ihc last 'commission, said there arc Iwo 5" years, nl,reasons for Ihe Kfi-pag" bemklcl.! In th" early year - -'Spnnsnl'^llips nf (tip page? and had only nm pnlien I pal ron ads arc being sold lemnarshal, who was ; raise funds lo support many of each year. The first ' t h e a e l i v i l i e s of lhe C e n t e n n i a l Wright who served lycar: also, Ihc booklet w i l l u n t i l l(i'/3. jprnvielc a summary of the- Marshall U n t i l 1945 l.vear's cvcnls, an abbro.viale'd Macy A l l n u l f Drawing Koom.'history of Gre'doy, Mrs. Loretto Chappelow Dies Tuesday; Funeral Set I h " [own nlfir-.M- :. appointed was S. '-. Irom !."V1 counlry. Chances for a quick vole on;spanned Ihc Cooper-Church amcndnicnl' ilself rcmaieicd dim since 1 1 l i b St., whose leaching career Mass of Ihe licsurrcclion will summary of Hip i n - Mnrch 1 ," " corporate clubs and , ,,,,,. community. n ' c ,,,;,;,,,,.,,,,,,, ;i . ,,,.,,,-,,,,,, generalions of be sung al 2 p.m. Thurselay al i"-gani/alions in '"'";"'"'isluelenls, died Tuesday afler-|SI. Peter's Catholic Church/:" 1 ' , u-J!'p!^""' " w ' " n ,,V" l h f l r ! I I I M l "' hi ' ; ""''"'' ( ' l l i ( ' r "'" - c l h r c c ! "'-'·' Coueilv G e n c r a l j l ^ n i i e n l w i l l h c i n L i n n G r n v o ^ ^ but was I f l i n a l l y been in failingiCcmelery. Macy A l l n u l t M n r - , ,, " » , JmTM b ^ 'Than k n u w " iis a TM rf TM '""" I : l l i ' week-long lour of Cambodia a n d -- ' »»- "·»= s u f f c r c d a f a l l !' U a 'T * '" C h n r R ° ° f a r r a n R C ' 'l"l'Ii«.lc Ihc commission's -\ few Viol -im L '" 11M( " a a m l | H | her home several weeks agojmcnls. ;hk ' n| . v hnn ,. w r i | | i , n |n . ^ lermf , l f n n c ' 'She would have been 79 years; Mrs. Chappo!»w was hnni in | Th« Weather ' 1:30 p.m.' Temperature: 72 · (UNC repprl as of fi a.m.) High Tuesday Low 'Barometer Precipitation Tertal for year . Normal through June . 6.98 ,Tlie'highest temperature ever' P r "Ki'am. rtcofded here on June 3 was' Robert ·S degrees ;in 1940. Thc lowest j President .. 72 42 .10.30 steady none 4.4fi 1239 West High Seniors Graduate Thursday Night The 2.'!il-momber Class of l970;Snsan, will be among the al Grcelcy Wcsl High Schooligraduafcs. will receive diplomas Thursday! T , hc Spartan Concert Band. . . . ., . . .under lhe direction of night, 8 p.m., d u r i n g lhc! c ,, , c ,,, a ,,_ w i n pl ., y school's l i f l h conimenccmcnljprocessional, "Pomp and 0. Singer, jcumslancc." vice j Bishop of SI. Father Peter's Cal the Cir- Marvin Catholic New Mexico's Cargo Loses on record for lhe same dale was B "''"' (l nf I'-ducalion, will present M'degrees in 1954. the diplomas. Singer's daughter, ; -The :sun -will rise Thursday 1^5:32 a.m. and set at 8:24 p.m. fHDT). ; -NORTHEAST COLORADO Generally fair tonight and T h i i r s d a ' y ; slight warming trend, low tonighl 40-50. high Thursday 75-85. Precipitation probability- 5 per cent tonight »nd -Thursday. of the Dislricl Six j Church will give lhe invocation. The Grcelcy West Sparlones, (Continued on page 6) Republicans John Tower Texas and George Murphy o f i California anel Democrat How-' ard Cannon of Nevada se-hcel-l juled their departure loeiay, along wilh four House members, Ihree governors anel Iwo Nixon advisers. Sen. Church Tuesday called the Dole proposal a travesty. The t r u t h , he said, is "Ihc lemg- er our forces slay in Cambodia Ihe more vulnerable they w i l l be lo capture--and to being killed --by (he enemy." Sen. Edward M. Remedy, D- Mass., added thai if fair anel humane treatment is lo be obtained for prisoners, "we must stop lying t h e i r rights lo unrelated polilical controversies both foreign and domestic." old in about three weeks. Lcadvillc. June 2li, IS91. She Recitation of the rosary will was valedictorian of her nr.-ielii- be al II p.m. Wednesday in the: (Continued on Page (i) complement ralher t h a n eluplicatc the commission s hislory book, written by .Mrs. K i i i b a r a Smith, anil Ihe Grcele.i Tribune's CeHilcnnial edition. Sale-smcn are in lhe e-nm m n n i l y now seeking spon- !nside The Tribune differcn 1 l i n was Pave- f i was a p p o i n t e d in ·eel S. C K I I ' ·:l. C, (40 Pages) Abby Amusements Doyle's Column Classified Comics Conimodilics Crossword Editorial page Heioise Horoscope 10 25 4 35-311 . 24 . . li .. 24 4 17 .... 17 L n l e nrws Li-tlci's lo Tribune M o r t u a r i e s Needle .vork Of S m i l h and Men Real e.'ilale Iransfers Spoils Slocks TV end radio logs li, ,"!) ·1 0 17 ·I 2-1 2B-2I1 li 21's pages . lli-17, III Wallace Wins Primary in Alabama / soi-hhips Irom businessmen, re-sign-:!, l^amp wa: P a i r n n ads are being .solicited or ' '" "" flli v . a s . ' . n e r among prolcssional persons'" '""'" ''. v ''"'' v i i l . a i n . ]n ||,,, ,.j|y j m i n l e d again in 1.7W and ·· "Onr K oal is lo raise mon-'"" 1 '! . I!1! ." "'! I 7 11 ' " ' , v ' 1 ' l l h a n SV.dnn almvc expense's lo ( .' ml ' rt h l ' : l l l r l U| " · 'apply t o w a r d t h e l u u d i n g of,!'";'"""'"' '«" ' ' · " ' : o t h e r C e n t e n n i a l activities." Camp again wa · Coinan said "''"' ;| n'l s ' ' r \ f ' ( l u n i i l !! Larry K. Sears, editor of U K - h e was replaced by K n . bnokiel. saiel t h e first sale o f ' H a m s who i-erved ;m lhe programs will be aloni: tli(.,rclinguishin;: lhe i"i'-t parade route on J u l y -1. The I'amp who served a i i . i books w i l l t h e n he availablcl. v c ; i r s . I h r e n i g l i n u l I h e s u m m e r o r u n l i l ] Even w i l h C a m p ' : m a r l y l"i they arc solel oul. Some 7.50n|yrars of servie-.- o-.-pr a pen-.d copies arc huing prinleel. 'of 2:'i year- In doe-: nut hnhi Clubs and organizations h a v c ' l l i e ree-orel for I n n ^ . n i l y m UK-- iH'en Kc-nl e'ala slice-Is In f i l l eiul ollice. Thai iionor L;I»'-. in C. ' e - o n e c r n i i i K t h e i r hislories. The-y C. l l n n l e r who si-rvrel eon. are due' back to Sears Friday, l i n i i n u s l y I n r 22 year:, be-ginnin--; ;.-\ny organi/alion nol rccciving'in 10:17. an i n f o r m a l i e i n shcpi should l l u n l e r r e t i r e d in MWI and ennlael Scars al 352-3(121. ( C o n l i i i i i c d on I'a:;e li ) By CARL P. LEUBSDORF AP Political Writer George C. Wallace has wi SUnelay warm, high lemperalui «rid · low 90s lower cle up.per fiOs, and 70s mountains That slale's bailie of two anli- war Democrats saw Rep. John V. Tiinney. son of former hcavy- COLORADO . . . , . , , EXTENDED FORECAST i h l s h ' cl lo '' cci )P tl1 ^ Alaba » ln , s ' f) ii t-1 o n k Friday ihrouGhl s " v(!rllnrsh| P~ ll ' c l l k c l y P'' clu(le r n o L u v H · nn :'° TM M TM prcsidcnlia] race in. uciH-idiiy i d i i "" U !j n72 _ an( | j css unruh claimedicned lo launch impeachment 'lhe Democraiic nnminatinn:proceedings against President against Gov. Ronald Keagan of Nixon because of lhe U.S. al- weight boxing champion Gene Tunney, ahead of Rep. George K. Brown Jr., who once threat- day so far, wilh balloting i n | f i c l d of Monlaita, John C. Slcn-jiiam. and Gross, who bmkc w i i h eight slates, saw lhe rcnomina :nis of Mississippi, Harrison A. ' lion of four pemocralic scnalors Williams Jr. of New Jersey and -Majority Leader Mans- loseph M. Monloya ol Ncw , , ,. ni . cclcbraled his victory in Tuesday's Democratic, runoff over lack into Cambodia. The winner faces incumbent Sen. George Murphy, the one- lime actor and dancer, who defeated millionaire industrialist incumbenl Albert P. Brewer by j Norton Simon in the GOP pri- dematiding President Nixon mary. Murphy is a strong sun- low ; 4fls mountains. .COLORADO - Generally fair tonight and Thursday, slight warming trend. Low tonight 40s and -lower'50s at low clcvaliems " ( l l v p "n ''ai'l; our schools." wrier of President Nixon s poll- to 20s and 30s in Ihe mountains.! Nearly complele relurns gave cics in Southeast Asia. - . Wallace fi42,!f..|, Brewer filO,442.: Wilh 48 percent of lhe stale's RIVER FLOW in California, linruh, a 21,501 precincts counted, the · J u n e 3 slimmeel-down version of Ihc .secretary of slate's (ally show Ucatim D«pth Ft.Cu. Ft. Sec. man known as "Rig Paelely" : ed: Unrnh 775,448, Y o r t y Platte.' [while speaker of Hie slale's As-'284,07fl. D?nycr 4.75--.10 2,327--2I3jsembly in Ihe miel-lOWls, easily 1 Wilh 51 percent of 21,501 pre' Kersey fi.04-- .06 4,200-- 130|outdisianceel Mayor Sam Yortyicincls counted Tunney had Cache la Poudre j n f Los Angeles. Reagan was iui- ! 52!),543, Brown, 431,'01: Mur- Canyqn i opposed for Kepublican renomi- phy, 599,036, Simon 324,182. mouth 3.76+.20 2,010-I- 90,nation. the year's busiest political Mosquito Control s 'resident policies over the Mexico 'iinack, have heroine ,,' . ," ,, . , of Ihc Indochina war. Besides Keauati, two other. ,, , ,Republican governors were r e - ' , Bl " :i V m l ! l l h l i : l l l l l w : i r r ; m ( l '- nominalcd-ijoherl. D. R a v of ( l i l l r ' » ; -.vcar-old Loins Kadcn. Iowa, who was unopposed,' and: w a s ''f 1 '-'' 1 " 1 -1 "- 1 '" " hl1 ' '» Frank Farrar of South Dakola.! l " 1sp ;'" In Ihe day's only major upset, Gov. David'Cargo of New Mexi-- s ' l u e-o was defealcel for the Kopubli-j can senatorial nomination hy; ; '' l s '"" Anderson Carle-r. a conservative By F R A N K COLOHAN Tribune Staff Wrltei- t \ C n n n e i l Tuesday e'vening ·d lhe hueigcl ii'r mnsi|iii!o nil (hi., \-i-ar Irom JI..V10 lo nil anil direeleil most of Ihc I h a t I h c Ijrvic-lr- he cendurleil "from of l':ie ei'y (nil u n t i l li ui nmney " i I n - : i i - ' - ' i i i n i i i e i i d a l i n n . ge.~ie;l l i » - nil m i l l i v e mi'e; e i l v . ,-ini'p t h e can l l v l h a l George Wallace rancher and oil man. who now: A s i m i l a r o i i i p o u r i n ) ; ol faces Monliiya, v i c l o r i o i i s over '''-'' aged y o n ' h m a r k e d i ' ; i l ; ! i . ; - ' T" 1 ' i - o - . i i K - i l ' s a - l i n n was a Counly,il)ility former s l a t e Hep. K i c h a r d l-id-'nia's D e i n m - r a l i e s . - n a l n r i a l pri r ' - M i l i ol a resululion pre.-.eiile-r However d e - p i l e a i - u i n c i i l wards. i m a r y . « i i h M.IIIC H.MIIII s i u d i - n i i" r iy niembers of Ihe city's l h l , l n ; l i n ,,,,,,,.,, ,,, n i l l s ,. n l l ( 1 ,.., In \cw Jersey. Williams, a S-^nluntccrs Hocking lo Brown's envimnmenl eommitlec and a w |,i c h bollier c i t v re-idents !·; lo-l viclor over M a l e Soil. Frank!b-'»inor. ri\-ommciidalioii ny Glen K. outside the city ' the mi|onty J. Gnarini. will meet Nelson G.j In Monlaiia. t h e KT-vrar-old I ; ! N l - nnironmenta! l l c a l t l-'council opinion'.-ipprarcd io he Gross, former s!ale Republican'Manslicld crushed t w o ' nemo- fliredor of Ihp County HMllh| c a r r yi n g nu | -, p ro ni- a in outside c h a i r m a n who easily whipped cralic oppom n,. l i e is lieaviU· ncparlinenl. ; lhe " cily was "mainly ' t h e Iwo opponents. la\ored in \o\cmher ugamsl Councilman Tom Kapp, in rcsponsibilily of Ihc couniv. Opponents of War Kcpuhlicati Harold Iv Wallace, m a k i n g the motion lor in- Mayor Richard Perrhlik. in Rolh Williams, who once sup- a 3R-ycar-olrl Missoula spurting crcasini; I IIP amount lo he spent fact said he thoii"ht before Iho i ported U.S. mvolvcmenl. in Viel-, goods salesman. ,on t h e program, included a. (Continued on pa:;c fi)"

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