Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 4, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE FOtTH Sundiy Morning M«Tch 4, IMS Las -News PgMllbfd daily, except Saturday weekday ifternoont »nd Sunday mOrntn ( «- br Ibe Ui Crucei Sun Publiihim Co.. 11 212 Smith JUin St., Ui Crucei, N. M, Enttrca §t L,«i Crucei pen off ice BI tecond-clau matter. WALLACE P E R R Y _ ·. _ Uditijr H. B, BOYLE Ruilticffi M»naier Nation*! Advtrtliitijr Ktpidcrjlativr: I n l a n d Ntwearier KtjJictepUli»tl, Inc., ChiHto. Nc» Yw-t. St. Uuit. Kani4 Cily. OmHha. Allan?/ ' ' M H M U K H OH THE ASSOflATKO I'RKSS The AiROCiitrd Pro* · CKctuiivrljf entitled u the me lor publication pi ill newt ditpftlcliei crcdilt'1 l» it or nut uthcrmur ne'litrd in t h i i JUJTI and alia to local ntwi i.ul.litlied herein. TEIJJI'HOSK 33 OK i Subfcription mWi: By e a r r i i r in I,ai Cruco and tuburlian »re», U cent* * week ct CS crnli a immtb; l;y m a i l in Dona Ana c o u n t y , |6 a year; $3.W ilx Ki.iO a »e«t. H.75 nx t n u n t h * , 12.1/1 t h r e e imtiitlir, bS ccnit a m o n t h ; ouUidc Hate, p.W a car. Mail iul*cri|tloti» ptvjl-k in advance. I ' O I ' N D R I J IN IKS] Lewis Finds New Way io Crack Liille Steel ' While John L. Lewis, boss of America's union mine work- "ers, challenged, Saturday, an earlier assertion of the nation's coal-mine operators that his contract demamls would cost the industry $400,000,000 a year, there was considerable evidence U .support the operators' additional assertion that his demands, if granted, would make Lewis a labor czar "unparalleled in American history"--in command of a $55,000,000 political slush fund. For Lewis, by another twist of phraseology, has found a pew way (o crack the "little steel" formula for freezing wages. First In IdKt biennial cniunicul 1 -4 11 was "portaMo-purUl pay." mir. . m Missions Team to Visit L.C. Church; Indian in Group Irving H nut, a Laguna Indian, will Hponk on the work of the Presbyterian church among the Indians ut the Kirn I Preflbyterlan church here this evening ut 7 p. m., the Rev. Trunk R Junes, Jr., announced hint n l t f h t . Mr. H u n t , Mr. Jones said, comes from an old Christian family whlrh IUIH (Midnrcd much nernecu- lon fnr lln faith. He i» on active Idcr in the Caari Bluncn church, on UH: Luffttnu renervnllon. He was elected a commiaaloner to the general iiflsombly u few yours ago Io rcprt-Hcnt the Rio Grande pres- ' Now-- - I n negotiation/) for new contracts opened March 1 liu's dtmundln; t h a t the TTMWA bo paid a 10-ccnl royally on every ton (If coal mined as n "rc-ady-lti- ».TV«:" cnnipCiiRation for being 'Jfeftdy to «t-rve." The money, he nahl, would be UHt-d for mcdlca] and purgicu) .inr- vice. Insuram-e and rehabilitation of union members. Sine*- thla money t'ould not be uBpd by the mlm-m to buy "%nmln and rlwUel*" It would n o t , Lewi* cnrilcndei], be Inflallonnry. Therefore 1! would not conflirl with thi- Htllo MM wnp? formula. "and If you don't iiercdc to IL," the irilnrr bown told o|H-rntoi» referring to the extra t»P »« "mm-- thtnir for t h a t rainy day" - "we'll take that rlK"l a n y w u y . " In u Btiitement draft r-d nftcr the dvmandn wen: presented, thr »p Bald "W(»uid be In » poNllon to dlfipoflo of Uilfi .'turn politically and othi-nvlHc under the clniwe.calllnc for Itf HNC for Vco- nomle : proU*i tinn'." A n n t h v r demand hy which Li-win oinilil h u l l flhiniiHMit of coal to nny cnnRiimrr Involve] In a "Ifpal" B t r l k o wmild muter tho nilnc leader, t h r o| tern torn" n l u l i - - j Mr. Ruybnlld In a graduate of mcnt added, a "liitior c/.nr." j Mcnaul nnd a I'reabytorlun Col- A t h i r d propona! t" which tin 1 , j It'j-c. nnd t h e m;mlnary at Dubu- ojwntloiH nhjci't l» one providing inn 1 . Hi' has been on several speuk- for only «nr n n n - n n i n n supervisor \ nK t r j p H jn n,u Mr. H u n t In a succewHful flliccp alBrr. The U«v. Hlglnlo tlid, pnti- or or the Spnijltih diurch nt Dlx- n, w i l l tell of ihe Work among his icnple, itoth Urn (iVaiiBollulic work iui t h a t of tin: Hchuoln nnd hofl- · workers' -n mine. uld tic ( IIIH- and t h e r o - unit m i n e f' All other fi» m'd as "mliu' foj-o reqtilifd ; "Mr. Lcwln. t h n i u g h this llcin," the Htatemenl mild, "could Kathi-r into hi* fold a p p r o x l n m t e l y 00,000 mJpe.rvl»or» mid than i n f r i n g e upon t he normal prero^n I IVCH of inhnag'-mrnt." And Jilit financial demamlM, the o^ertitortt lidded, would cost the In- diimry 05 centK a ton for all coal mined, Kor, eilong with "royalties." the mtiitTH iwhwl for U^lH, h i g h e r viu'tttl friH 1 safely equipment, e of certain job d i f f e r e n t i ' utffvrim- nlltiwaiH'i-rt. nt. elimination t i n Is and re- H t b r n t l i u t of a ;iiVhuir work week. mjnplHnUfig tin 1 pri'Ht'iit (H-hour wpck, with lime and » h n l f for limits workuil In i'xre»n, U-wiM Saturday cunU-mloil .thiit Ihf royiilty f u n d ,woiild t'nal the oporntoni nothing. !!»· flK«rvI (lint whili- it might fflvu the union S^O.OOO.non Annually, the opmilurs could Rt-t SIIO.OOO.OOO buck in tux Kijiintmrttlff. nnd the rrnmlnliiR 1^4.000,000 Imi'k liy wining ihe price uf roal four cenU a ton,' Hani's t r c a m n y would bo Olit the J3fl.000.000 in taxes. Anyway you luolt at it · -- dc- mantis granted or HtrucU for Ihe public, In tho lung run. an well an U)C mine opciulma, w i l l pity t h r o u g h ' t h e nnup by the. Unto thla month** n e K O t l a t l o n H hitve ended. And the new wave of p t r l k e * already involvitiK ;ifi,(M)i) workt-r» , ~ gtvcw t h e t n l i n i H l i o n thitt t h e "pay" will In- by lli« n t r i k « route. Flrsl try t« grt It In Cnirm. Pholosiallc Copies Keep an exact copy of your tarmly records and personal Mpcrs. Consult Las Cruces Abslraci and Title Co. 1291/1 Main Phone 444 lolon Troubles Often Serious I^REE Book -- Explains Ckuie* A new, FKKK book contain* ·any d)»jrnunn, churl* find X-Hay Mcturt* of rectal nnd colonIc ron- JDtlona. Write today, Thornton A Vlnor Clinic, .Smtr I131t, 920 Mo?M St.. Kftruaa City, Mo, for the board f n a t i o n a l mluHifHiH. He Ifl thy pnntor of tin; largest Spanish l chureh In our New Mexico work, 1 nnd eoopernlej! with the day school at liixini, nnd tho ICmbtido Pri-fl- bytri'lnn honpltal a fe.W mllcfl away, HO he conies with n flrat hnnd knowledge of all thin work, The other nu'inber of the tcnm will be the n«v. Hobert HitniK, Sunday ndiool inlBalonary on the large Li ml r 1th parish in the northern part of Ned Mexico. Mr. Purns rights unow nnd mud to mlnlHter to the people over ft large aren, nnd brings to the pro- grnm n fine humor iui well aa thf expcrienci'fl of year» In this frontier work. H is In thla pariah that the Llndrllh health center, under M!SH KuUi }Ie.rron 10 functioning. Rev. Win. M. Orr, flold reprcsen- httivo of tho l»onrd of national mis- »lon« and tho board or ChriHtlnn lulucatlon In thr nynoda of Arizona and New Mexico, will ncroinpnny tlie national mlHSlona tonin nnd In- Iroduce the spenkerfl. Red Cross in t.C. Within $882 of Its $10,500 Goal f continued from papa 1) In honor ot his son. now In thfl nervlcc, who always Riivn $100 Io tin- Red (?ro«» fund, a l,ns Crurea f a t h e r jjiive J200 thin yenr. Mtfl» Klorem-e Moore, who used tu be n volunteer work In tho lied Croat* office hcrt 1 , sent a check for i $!(») f m n t New York,. Hun-NpWB Women llli Throo women nwioclatfld \ylth Uie Sun-NewH Mrs. H. B. Ilqyle, Mm Cordon While »n,(l Mr«. Will' 'nee Perry- were membem of t,enmn vvlilt'h taaig the mitacrlpUon bell for n foniblned total of tl. 0:14.50. Top pair of block worker* wcrt Mrs. llitylP and Mm. Wehley Mftt- tin, who ncUcd |3»7; c|oflp accprn^ were Mrs. IVrry and MM. Ilttrlow llyhuid, who sertintl JS80. Kwl HliJft Trfble* Dnn*llnnii llulh Cnillnm Hud BclinilUt e n l h u n i n R t l r In their prniar for tho eH«l Pide of town where mitny HphnlBh - Aiufrtciina f«8iU? .and whlrh ln«i year dmmtni' J32P and t h i n year trlpjiU-t) It with Much of the credit for the fine allowing win* gtvon tv the work. o( Mrs. Manuel Chnvcz. Mra. Alfred (Inmltcm and MM. Alfred Flor«*. Two County Soldl»ri Usiod as Woundtd Two )Vin» An» county nolrtlen - Pfo. Pru« A. Armljo, Jr., »nd P(c. Jo«c (J. Oii»rr«ro. both »f L* M«0i · wfra )Utrt by tho vftx tfe* pirlmtm Suturdiy «« wcundfd In notion. . Armljo WM woundM" If ILoly. ttm AP mill, Pit, (luiirro ·outtiwrat PittMflc. ELEPHANT BUTTi; IEMGATION WHTHICT November 1, lf«l Co Qctifor «1, 1»W BALANCK gllE*T CONSWCOTION FUNO ASSBT8 Albuquerque Nttional TruiBt and Savlngl Bank, A!buqu.erqu.« Tax As)«i«ment Receivable U. S. Ddf«n«e Bonds--SerlM "f"J ConntructUm Co«t--Irrigation Project .... , , . 8,7()?|»B5.T7 LIABILITIES . Construction Liability to. U. a. Bureau of Besjamatlon: Construction (harge 1944 Balance of Liability, not billed . by U. S. Bureau of Reclamation '.. J«,027,737.32 12i,321.82 Z,gae,4S0.92 3,010,752.34 MWI of AMi'tfl over I.I»bll|U«i: Equity, Irrigation project Equity, other anseUi 2,814,555.25 202,429.73 BKCEIPT8 AND DISBURSEMENTS CONSTBUCTIQN FEND November 1, 1948 to October SI, 1844 3,011,084.98 W,027,737.32 Receipts: . Tni rolloctlons 1029 and prior aBSesshienU 1D36--193S AHHCHflmentfl 19.10 ABscBsmenta 1040 Aasesnmentfl 1941 AfiSPHsmentfl 1942 A»He$flments 1B43 AsseSBmentfl 1944 AsseBsmenUj a Water contracU not on rolls' ....'..... Intercut and Penalties Total. Receipts lflnTM, Bknlt, Nnvemher 1, 1M« Alburiuerque Nalinnal Trust and Savings Bank I 131,987.41 1,629.85 $ 133,597.26 28,004.46 Total rash to account for 161,601.72 Rurfinu of Reclamation, 1943 charges ,_,, _ ... rionds -- FMlerfll ?9,*0!,6o, RcfuncJii ; 1»8.«8 128,562.66 Bonk Rnlance. October 31, 1944 : : . . . · i,. ' . ; Alliuquerquc National Trust and Saving! Bank 33)039.17 { lil,(l6i.72 October 81, H ASS1ETS 100.00 Petty cnsh In,, office Alb.uaUf rq'uc. ijjat'l f ru»t and . ., Saving Bank 7,875.72 Flrnt National Bank, La» Crucca 1,520.48' nomlB-- Federal, Series "F" Tax Assessments Receivable [iiventorlM! Gonllcr Traps Calcium Arsenale--45.BOO Ibi. Bt 8.3 cwt. , , Carbon Bl-Sulphlde , Lnnd and BulldlnRs Furniture Fixture*, Leu Dep'n . Tptal, l.lAllll.lTlKS 23.62 . . 1.1M.IS 9,296.17 7'.«6'.6il' 11,042.08 3,813.80 15,766.18 Excess of Asscla over Ui(bllltle» RECEIPT* AMD DM*)I18I!MENT4 . ,, , . atNjtSAi,, mm. :. ,,, November 1, 1»4» to Octnier n, 1*3)4 Tax Collections: . IBM--1035 AwMshienta . 10.10 A«sf»smcnt* 1037 Assessments 10.18 Assessments 10.10 Assessment^ 1940 Assessments 1041 AssessmentH 1043 Assesimen,^. 1044 Assessments Water contracli not ,.on rolls Interest and ^onuHlen Bulldlnjj RcntKl ^-' . . . . . U. 8. H.iroay of Reclamation .lanltor Service --. . . . . It. S. Buroiiu of R»oltrri«tlin Sale of Oopher Traf* : .-.,"....: Raid of Cntclum Ar«N\li((!,.,. Sale of Carbon Bt-Buiflhiile' Adjustment wlthholdulji tax $"V4',784.ri4 Total Rtaelpta . , ., i. Rank llal.nrc. NnVenHWr L I»4Sl Albuqnerquo' Truat «n^ ' Savlnga. Bonk ..... i,,,,,..,-...,,, ....... · First National Bank. IJU Crucea Total Cash to Account for Otshufsenients . t , ( , 1; t'ii' Hank llaJanor, OotAhw Sli lt«4t Albuquerque Nat'l Trtial and Savlnm Bank Flrnt National Bank, La« chiefs .. I 1.7B8.02 »'l6,84tl.46 . l ! i'661.08 152.09514 12.608.07 $ T.L . 1,826.48 0,196.17 (22.099.14 BALANCE si OPERATION AND M Ortohrr 81, l»44 Albuouerqiie N»U(jn»l Triuit »n* Savlnga BaBlj- ......... ,...,,, ...... ,. r First National B4nk, Ua Crucia Tax Aiemh)ieh.ta Receivable , Bsress Water Ass»Mihlnt« RtielvaTje Inventory. Wire Fencing rt)Nl) 1J,4|8.(8 1.944J4 $ 14,309,40 n9.9J17.00 129.8S8.M Fiirnlture and FIxrurei ID«preclattd) . IJARUJTIEH 4,«40.M . 111,*.') 4,132.88 lSJS.609.95 .00 .40 |3M,»0.40 1B.SM.B3 »SJJ,M3«B5 BECEIFTS .AND.. OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE FUND , November 1, IMS to October 31, 1944' tTCCEIPTS: TAX CoUctUoosi, . , -, . i-.- · Year* iB33~llp35 Assessments f 6,81 Year 103? Assessment* 4.69 Year 1937 AssewrnenU - ··- 4 - 6 ? Year 1938 A^aeMm^nta 6-63 Year 193? AsaesanienU 13.22 Xear 1B40 AsseaB'menU lp.14 Year 1941 Aapeaam^nta 467.08 Year 1942 Asfieaflni^hts, 1,765.72 Year 1943 Assessments 150,489.68 Year 1944 Assessments 0 $152,773.76 Water Accruals: Year 1935 and Prior $ 3.20 Year 1939 2.80 Year 1940, - 15S.5p Year 1941 171.15 Year 184.X ,..._ , S6S.70 Year 1943 (I,ess Discounts of $4,089!6B) 125,812.16 Year 1844 (Less Discounts of 18.22) 496.98 AVatcr contracts not on rolls IntereBt and Penalties . Fencing 17,291.35 649.77 27.60 Bank Bahjuimw. No.yeniber ],, 1043 Albuquerque ^tional Trust and Savings Bank,...,. , , S 1,300,81 First National Bank, Las Cruces 1,945.130 127,513.53 17,968.72 .qash to account for , . Bank Balances, October S], 1914: Albuquerque National Trust and Sayings Bank .................................... ..... $ 12,485.06 First National Bank, Las Crucea ........ 1.914.34 $298,256.01 $301,502.62 287,103.22 14,399.40 Total Disbursements and fund 5301,502.62 SUNDAY SERVICES IN LAS CRUCES CHURCHES SAINT PAUL'S METHODIST ' . C. A. Ridge, Minister . Mr. Hudson Murrell, Director ol Music Mrs. Hudson Murrell, Organist jPrelude--"He" Leadelh Me," Mallard. Hymn Apostle's Creed. The Morning prayer. Choir response. Anthem--"Prayer from Alceste," Fisher. The Scripture Cession. Offertory -- "An'dante in G," Lemmons. Choir response. Hymn Communion Meditation -- "His Broken. Body." The Lord's Supper. Benediction. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Rev. Frank F. Jones, Minister Mrs. Fred Daniels, Organist Mrs. W: P. Bixler, Choir Director Sunday School^9:45 a, m. Roy H. France, Superintendent. ChUrch Nursery:--11:00 a. m. Mrs. Florence Heizer in charge. Morning Worship--I 1:00 a. m. Prelude -- "The Lost Chord," lullivan. Offertory--"Incline Thine Ear," Himmel. Anthem--"Cast Your Burdens on the Lord," Brahms. Adding of Names to the Service Roll. Sermon--"Know the Enemy." Postlude--"P o s 11 u d e in G," Clark. Evening Worship -- 7:00 p. m. Vfrtional Missions team in charge of- the service. mon--11 a. m. Subject of sermon: "The Great Test of One's Religon." 4. Lenten Service every Friday at 5 p. m. 5. Service at Las Mesa--2:30 p. m. Hunter Lewis, Missionary. ST. ANDREWS' EPISCOPAL 8:00 a. m.--Holy Eucharist. 10:00 a. m.--Church school. 11:00 a. m. -- Holy Eucharist, sermon "With God or Without Him." 7:30 pi m.--St. Luke's Deming. Thursday 10:00 a. m.--Holy Eucharist, and prayers for the forces. Welcome! CHRISTION SCIENCE Brariigan Library Auditorium Sunday Service 11 a.m. Testimonial meeting first Wednesday evening of each month at 8 o'clock. ."Christ Jesus" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon which will be read in all Churches of Christ, STORY OF JAP ATROCITIES, ON TARAWA GIVEN RELEASE 16 MONTHS AFTER (EDITOR'S .NpfE: The following fttory written at the time or the battle of Tarawa, until then th.e bloodiest engagement In the history of tl^e U. S. marine*), Is now released after 15 months in navy censorship as the leathernecks are locked in an even greater struggle, the assault on Iwo. The writer, WH- Iiam Hippie, then an Associated Press correspondent, now is : covering the Iwo battle for Ihe magazine Newsweek.) By WILLIAM IIIPPLE WITH THE U. S. MARINES ON TARAWA, Nov. 28, 1943 (Delayed by Sensor) UP)--Two black-breaded French priests, freed from Japanese domination for the first time in two years, came out of hiding today and asserted that the Japanese had bayoneted, beheaded and Burned 22 Englishmen, New Zea- laners and Australians at Tarawa because they showed enthusiasm during an attack on the island by U. S. warships. Rev. Henry Jolivel and Rev. Lu- clen Grandgeorge, tasting their first white man's food in many months, thanked the marnes for their deliverance and made plans to continue immediately their mission work with the .natives. They told this story: The Japanese first arrived at Betio, Tarawa, in two warships Dec. 10, 1941 (just after Pearl Harbor), put 100 troops ashore and rounded up all whites, including a Catholic bishop, several priests and brothers and sisters, and British government employes, traders and merchants. The Japanese took everything they wanted, including the bishop's cross. They seized large amounts of stores and carried them to their warships in boats, then left. Meanwhile eight Americans drfted ashore in a' lifeboat after having been at sea 36 days after their ship had been sunk. The Americans found an overlooked crated engine, put it in their boat and departed with many of the Tarawa whites, leaving only the priests, two sisters, the bishop, se- Scientist, on Sunday, March 4. The Golden Text is: "There shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots." (Isa, 11:1). CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE East end of viaduct C. A. Higgins, pastor Sunday school, 10 a. m. J. C- Hudspeth, superintundent. Morning message--10 a. m. Community singing--2:30 p. m. N.Y.P.S.--7 p. m. veral government officials, an E^ff-j lish dpctor, a wireless operator aid' an old former ship captain Who declined tp go. -- . , In September of 1842 the, enemy took over Betio in force, bringing ashore 17 New Zealand soldier* they had captured at an undisclosed por'CTJiey £yt*the New Zeai landers to W6rk ;1 finproving the pier. r*; When AmerttiTL warships born-;, barded Tarawa- (probably during the raid ort'the" (Marshal and Gjlt bcrt islands led by Admiral Halsey in February, 1942) the English' doctor tried to escape by swimming to one-of the American ships. He was recaptured /by the Japanese, who then slit his calves from his knees to his ankles to prevent his running away in the future. .The Japanese also were annoyed by the enthusiasm their prisoners showed for the American attack. They later took 22 men, including the New Zealanders, tied them'tp. trees and bayoneted them. Then, they cut off their heads' and burned the bodies. · ···- They spared the bishop and an 81year-old : padre -who had been taken on Makin island. E. P. WOMAN LIBERATED WASHINGTON, March 3 UP}-Lillian F. Allison," whose sister, Mrs. Ed. H. Halatead, lives at El Paso, Tex., was ·-. among 1 civilians released from Japanese prison. camps in the Philippines, the war department announced today. Try first to get it in Cruees! AFTER THE DANCE OR THE PARTY We are now able to' offer you .a service you will appreciate^ and be glad to bring your guests here. La Fonda Cafe JOE Y. ROGERS. Mj*. ST. JAMES' EPISCOPAL Mcsilla Park Sunday, March 4, 1945 Hearty welcome to all! 1. Early Seryce--8 a. m. 2. Church School--10 a. m. 3. Holy Communion and Ser- R E C O R D S Many Besi Sellers in Stock! I ghould Care Candy and Saturday Night As Long as I Live 'S Wonderful Smoke on the Water He's Home for a Little While Rum and Coca-Cola Weep No More, My Darling Every Tinie We Say Goodpye And Her Tears Flowed Likd Wine Cocktails for Two Holiday for Strings Night and Day , Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Rnl Boogie Woogie I Dream of You AND MANY, MANY OTHERS, including Cowboy nnd Hillbilly Songs, at LOOMS CO. SIMILAR TO ILLUSTRATION SPRING IS THE TIME FOR NEW FURNITURE Here's your "packaged" bedroom ... ready io help you create a really charming room. You'll find each piece large, roomy and exceptionally well designed. The finish is thai nice mellow toned kind, thai improves with age and daily dusting. The accessories are particularly nice, and the spring and mattress ' have years of comfort in them. LAS CRUCES FURNITURE CO. 207 South M«ln Phone 46

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