Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 10, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1951
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR : ' . " · ' ! J f . ·:.(':. LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Tut«day Eyining, July 10, 1951, Las -News Founded In 1881; published daily, except Saturday--weekday after noona and Sunday mornings--by the Sunshine Press, Inc., at 241 N . Water. St., I^as Cruccs, N. M. Entered at Laa Cruces posto/flee a: Bccond-class matter. Stanley Gallup, Advertising Manager Orvillc E. Prleslley, Editor and Publisher National Advertising Representative: Inland Newspaper Rcprtacnta tlvM, .Inc., Chicago; New York, St. Louis, Kanaaa fJ.ty, Omaha, At lanta. Member of the Associated Press. The Associated Press is en titled exclusively to the use for rcpuhltcatlon of all local news print ed In this newspaper, as well as all AP newa dlspatchua. ( TELEPHONE 33 This ncwEpnpcr Is a member of the AilJit Eurctiu of Clrcul- . aUoiia. Ask for a copy of our latest A. n. C. Report giving r.uiHtbd facts and figures nho:it our circulation. A.B.C. -- Audit Euro,TM of Clrc'ilotlon« FACTS as a measure of Advertising Value SUBSCRIPTION HATES: Hy motor delivery In Dona "Ana County JIO.OO per year, MX months. M.nd t h r e e months, 51.00 per m o n t h ; hy mail In Ni-w Mexit-o. $10.on per year, $0.00 six months, $1.00 pe m o n t h ; hy City i-anier. Me per week. $1.00 per month. $10.00 per yeai In ailvani-e; outside Stale, $1.00 per m o n l h , $12.00 per year. -Mail sun- HcriptlonH are s t r i c t l y payable in advance. The Smart Salesman ··· Thai-e are m.'inv f i n u siilo.sirwn on (lie rnnd today--men who build (,'nnd-will lor llicii- company, for their products mid for IhemsHves. They do this w i t h ;i fine 1 n t l i t u d e when they call on Ihnir ciisluiiicr; by Becking lo i n l t p care of lhal customer; and by assuming t h a t Ihc customer, who is engaged in business, knows w h a t he is doing or he w o u l d n ' t be in business. Often limes Ihusu salesmen can render a lot of service and w i l l gladly do so, but the smart salesmen wait u n t i l their advice, counsel, suggestions and hell) arc- requested. There are oilier salesmen, however, who haven't learned Iliir lessons very well. They h;ive confuted persistence w i t h salesmanship and usually wine! up by i n s u l t i n g Ihe i n l e l l i - gence of Ihe i n d i v i d u a l they are seeking to sell. When they do they have not only lost the sale bul they also have u s u a l l y losl the right lo c o n t i n u e lo call on and lo contact that p a r t i c u l a r prospwl've customer. MOB! i n d i v i d u a l s know a l i t t l e something about (he business thuy arc operaliri; nr r u n n i n g nr they wouldn't, be in t h a i business^ Koine of (hem have been in (he business ti good many years and Ihey have bad a lot of experience. They learned long a/;o t h a t a smart, smooth t a l k i n g salesman could coinf along and sell them a hit of t h i n g s they d i d - n't need, could gel along w i j h o u l and l h a t Ihey c o u l d n ' t afford. A n i l so these individi;. Is don'l appreciate being imposed upon nr h a v i n g someone who has s u m e t h i n g to sell to come a l o n g a n d - l r y lo tell them how Ihey should r u n Ihoir business. Bul, as we say, Ihere are Ihose types and kinds of .salesmen. They are a l w a y s bobbing up hor'e'and there. Few of theitt' last very long because they soon run oul of customers .· upon whom lo call and Iry to sell. Mo.s.t of us reali/.e and understand l h a l if we w a n t to gel along w i t h folks; if we w a n t t h e i r f r i e n d s h i p ; and if we w a n t lo will them the product or the m e r c h a n d i s e we are seeking ... Ui sell t h a t we w i l l have to do il on liie basis of Ihe product - and the nierildf our merchandise. We can'l do it by nsult- i! ill); (he inlelligence of those we are .'.eeking In sell. ALONE AT LAST! Drainage Water Scheme Will Play Vital Role In Israel's Farming | years ago flourishinif land By Kit 1C ;TT(;KTi:i;i" A I* »u'sfnilun'S , , , j ol fields and gardens. "The sm'ill- KOSU PINA llHi-ael-Syrian fron- c .st village hrre has at least 15,000 i-r) - Nuw that Laid, llnloh is| | n ]i,i|,ltants" Ing watched hy I.iikc Success.), n a n y may try lo locate the Aliil- Flavins .iOKCpluis hrit jipol on t h e Tin; "]lHl(!li," iin ni-ca -ri'.'i. is t h e nulling pla m;ip. of SO.OOO e of four ma rnrminf,' tlic .lordon r er. A f l c r cio:i.s,'n;;» t h e l.-iUt vhicll is foil]' mile.s long anil three nik-fj wi(l(!. t h e .lordon flows ilraight Konth llirtiiiRli v h l r l i Is In: if a f a u l t ·iii-tli's m w t . Tlii' river cnil viijiiinilKs in (lie Dead Sea. m-e-.l to follow (he lim: or a rractui-u nf (he wrote. Demand For Bells Booms German Family Business By KICIIAIID K. O'MAI.f.KY SINN, Gerrnuny -- The Rincker family Is rinsing up profits again. The hell business is boombing. For 461 years, Rinckers harl iiuule bells. This ywtr the heirs of an historic family art expect to cast 4,000 to 5,000 bells. They are also completing a set of chimcn for Oslo, the Norwegian capital. The hard times which the Rlnck- er.s had in the Nazis area are almost forgotten in.this little Hessian ·illage which has butin the ance.i- li-.ll family home. Had Ti (.ivc l!p Hitler, Iho llmckers ha.l tc- lay aside their hell molds uid turn to making;,doi'ir handles and plumbing fixtures. Now..iirjany churches in west C'cnnany afe ordennt? be'ls to iv- thosc lost to ll!2 Kaxis war CifMI'l. Tiie Rlnekers .are Iimous lor -afi secrets they h:nc guarded. r generations. Phc.v hLlva their vri I'ornutla for bell which say should 7S jjer cent Many Tilings Can Happen M a n y lliiii|;a, "f cutirso, can lirinj; alxiul n change in the "present nilua and I hi: |irc:;unl i i l l i l u d u ([(ivcniiny (In 1 opcra- .-*·· tion.uf tin 1 c i l y - c n u n t y h u s p i l a l IKM-O. Tilt day and the l i m e mav ciniiu--if it is mil already horc i. -- w h u n . t h ( M i i a l t e r nf doll.-ir.s and mils w i l l rc.'sull. in Ihc up- cniii|! of the h u s p i l a l In all nf t i n 1 patients. ·The hospital has nut been able to i;cl 'ends In inui. 1 !'-- ·llic'incoming f u n d s lo l a k e care of all of Ihe uiiljjoinj;- since il was opened- Thai has now been over a year a^n. , I'..*.'".'. Thei-e aren't any i n d i c a t i o n s at t h i s l i m e t h a t Ihe 1ms- ' · ' p i l n l is ijoiny lo be able in du l h a t . .'' " Some nf those becuniin/; a e i | n a i n l e d w i l h lite h n s p i l a l ; '·". its m a n n e r nf u p e r a t i n n ; and llu: f a c i l i l i e s which Ihc 1 l a x payers elected, have already mmmenled we spent Inn much niuney in b u i l d i n g the I n i i l d i n j i and C f i n i p i i i n i ^ it. The lad is, help had lo be soctiml in donations to coinpletely f u r ' nish i t . (,'ertninly lljal should nol have been necessary w i l h ap- pro.ximatcly lhree-(|uarlers nf a r.-^llion dollars available for ennslriieting and equipping t h e h-xspilal. And the fact lhal we did b.iild a hospital where 1110 beds :-, are or can be available moans il just costs t h a t much more '··to operate, il and lo m a i n t a i n it. Good business principles lolls us that it should he paying its own way--il should at least be m a l t i n g expenses. Some hospitals,arc operated so tin · make a p r o f i t . Al leasl Ih'ey m a k e s u f f i c i e n t funds to buy needed additional equipment from their profile and to pay for lite c h a r i t y cases. We dn nol believe lhat tho taxpayers are going to con- t i n u e to be. inlerested in seeing $25,000 lo ;,.':1V(100 provided each year from their fiinds lo keep Iho hospital i.;-rn. And t h a i lias been tho case Ihe pasl year. Some- 'if Ihe economy plans talked have included Ihe suggestion lha. . "" wing of the hospital he closet! off and nol used u n t i l a c l n a i i v needed. That indicates t h a i we have loo much hospital at -the present lime. Certainlv we hope? lo grow i n t o ils use hut u n t i l wo admit all people and encourage all people to USD the local hos- p i t a l facilities t h a t is not going to prove to be the case. Today we hear argumenls l h a t wo need In boost our hos- p i t a l ; \ve need to null together; we need lo encourage the use of the hospilal. That is probably t r u e bul before that can and w i l l be done llii.'ii Ihere must he some encouragement lo those who want to do t h a t bul who can'l do il under the present set-up Al a limn when we needed more 1 patienls wo did several '... Ihings which cost us patients and has continued to cost us i patienls. Ono of these things was tho refusal to accept hospitalization insurance policies, And those who want patienls set up t h a t regulation. The demand for Ihe $50 deposit also didn't help some people. Thuy just resented it so they refused lo use or go lo Ihe hospilal. Those t h i n g s were done hy those who seek patients today. And Die fad we refused lo admit Ihe patienls of the ostoo- .jiitlh physician and surgeon and permit those p a t i e n t s lo have their own doctors also lakes away a good many patlonls .Ihe hospilal could have, and certainly il needs these palients. Uosidos, Ihe slalo law provides for the hospilal to be open In those patients and lo these doctors. The p u b l i c - i s n ' t ' f i n i n g to bo very sympathetic regarding the luted for more palienls and increased business for the hos- pilal u n l l l the hospital accepts all palienls available and pro? t vides the huspiuilr/.atkm Ihey are entitled In have, The lime lo prepare for Ihe emergency is before il ar- rives--u((eT'it appears is usually too late, II '.:: ijoliig lo take a lol of honest uffor'. and nonesl work . i f Ihe Republicans win Ihe nexl election. The Republicans linve ii long way lo go before they calch up w i l h the Demo- crals. · ' eel below Mediterranean level. The Hiili'h Valley in a tropical isi.i in UK near Ihe ei mon in Syria. Part of the forms The development nf Ihe Hlileh area lagged mainly for ownership reasons. In HIM. Ihe reclamation concession was granted by Ihe Turkish rulers of life. I h e n "Southern Syria" lo two Arab ftffendis in Damascus. There was a string a t tached: t h e drainage scheme had to he completed within cighl year.-;. As l h a l condition was not fulfilled, the deadline was extended b'y the l»flfl Mib.seqncnt rulers*Xs the British copper and Ihc tin. Bul niM- joining tjic two metals and pouring them into a mould will not guarantee n melodious bell, The tone of n bell, the Rinck- ci-3 say, depends on its size, shape one! thickness, in addition to its metallic content. The smoothest tone comes from a big-thick-lipped bell. The type originp.lly'manufac- turcd by Rinchcrs back in 1590 was shaped like a beehive. Also Specify IMtch Sunm churches, in ordering a KL-L of bells, .specify not only the sr/.K and shape but the pitch of each. This involves hair-breath accuracy of molds. A bell tone is a blend of five or more tones. Tiic molds are of clay, take up Little League - (Continued from page one) varez who fl truck out three Cuhs batters :-2-3.' The first and second innings u'ure BcoreleijB with both tiny teams marking two runs each In the third inning. Athletics held the Cubs scor.e- less in the fourth, while making two winning runs. Fifth inning was scoreless for the Cubs.' ' Finn I Kooro: fj ' Ff R Athletics. 4 2 · (j Cuba , . 2 3 . a Batteries: Athletics, D. Ncvarez (p), Etl Sanchez ( c ) . Cubs C. Garner ( p ) , J. Romero, ( c ) . Couftht'.s I'rnisttl The coache.4 of these teams deserve a lot of praise. They have taken the desire of these hoys and made "it into u polished nro- tluct. Russell Parsons and Gene Priestly of the Athletics, Sammy Vargas of the Phillies, Robert Tellcs of the Heaves, and Jimmy Bradley of tho Cubs have given the pity " fine' Little League. Wednesday's schedule is as follows: Yankees vs. Red Sox in the first game: Cubs v.i. Cardinals' in' the second game. POUCE PUZZLER DAYTONA BEACH. Fla. I/P) -Police were puzzled when W. H. Taylor reported a burglary which loot considered of two imitation flamingoes, used as yard ornaments, and a. birth bath. And they were.sfi'll-more baffled by the only clues horses. the tracks of three to two months to make and receive Fahrenheit. When a bell is completed, the eldest Rinckcr pronounces a benediction, carrying on the traditions of his house. Then the family and its workmen join in a friendly glass of schnapps before starting on Hie next order. i for Urn Mulch IliK of a Icmponiry side of t h e Jiiriliiii l Ocloljrr. ltij;i;ln£ for tins .l)iiili|. ·nnal »t tin; cl ( r u M i l l i - o f I.iiU" l l i l l i ' h l HlnrU'd in .lamiiiry. For M!V(i)Ml WcCl!!!, however, niiulih- if UK- ( J i r m o i - p l j i t o d i tnic- ( t u s ,, Hc'fajjcr.'i nnd i;x- I'nvalor.'i WIIN fri'tjiHTifly iin'ofli-. p.'iiiln] by T.'inM'l-K.vrian r.xfhaiijjc.s (jf f i n ' r : u j f i i n K c:i!ii]:Ljli('K on imlii M:iy 8, U.N/H .Soonrllv ordi-rol it in-iiNU-fiiv. On il hits hiM'ii nljjicmMl by idi- Kin-ly in .Inn.' ·'if!' 1 piMjccl w.'i.-i Htispcndcij by is- t'jirl In l l i r \\Muil I* (if (iV i U n i f l i t ; i r i K - t-il Hcptiun of l l n l l i l l r h to r ; i c t l i L : i t i /nii iiiVi'.sli};iition nf I h c myiu'i^liip ill 1 c r r L i i n landn. 1.smells say IliL'y are e n t i t l e d lu f;o 11)10:11! w i t h t ! i v.'urk in u region which i.-i uiiilcr l l t i ' l r polhlral Jni'i:;ili:lioil \s part if tin- Jewish State. The Kyrlai. ' o n t n n l i u i i in Hint any rccl-.inriUtin wiirlt in (hi.s n»-r|on clmii£C:i' t h n '.-iUlu.'j qim' prior lo the fii{*ning of the pi-arc livuly. (flvt-a lara'cl upon ih ailviintaijes · rlghls of 1-1 mm- I'.ik'.-illi gi'rs In Syria. ( ) V I T IH/, AlTI'l Oll I l l l t h slid': rivi'r hanli.s t h t - infringe: 1 Arab Hinall- 1 war on anil a and v,-il,l Jordan own 'i :mii ono-half .nrrcs. non explain. Thu a Hummpy pupyni.s punitlisf for hi if- ilm:K;i, was omv "Palestino Manilaib lion." But happci Adr.iinislra- LSul wheii again nothinp , -ned, tlie -iowisii founded ''Pai- i-.stinc Land Development Co." v.-.iij n h l r to accplire tile cojlL-cssioir; i:i 11)3-1. Kidally. after the ostahlisii- D O R O T H Y D I X · Silent Fiancee mcnt of Ihi- Israel State, it w . i s i transfi-.n-cd lo t h e Jewish Niitlor.. 1 .! i Fund "Keren Isayemeth." | Ouring the last f e w . months. land surveyors, Reologisls, Irri- ' gallon experts and engineers have linen planning the details- of the Mule!] ri't-lamaliim, the complete t x e r i i l l n n nr\vliii'ii may t a k e about! live yi-ars. Ciivi-innlent experts iiavc maile :;nft lioi-ihgs and . (JOO mil ailalyurs in the area. "Unit- el Xaliiins autlioritics" -- a Nat i o n a l Fund nnokenhian said -"were rcgul.n-ly inlni-mcil about all piTjuniliowi and were always very helpful." 'Mii- wlii'mi! 1 i:; r l i l i l y , i.ixl ilie much j;i cater A u t h o r i t y " . , projvn t'lviiMyJ .it'l'i:.;;itini] tioil nf Israel i.'i c:i .·in indupomlent ;;ti ou whether · Valley nl^ for tin; in- and eloi;tril'ica- ijj- not. . . N'evi.-i tholess. it .iili!y.--fui-ni part ' ' parliculiirly in Roman limes 'J.OOO D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D DOWN Work on thu HuU'.h iwlamatio-. divided inhi ·'Uu'i't! 'stngse. UriKKlciiing mid ilueponlng of Ihr .lortton Koi| 'thu Luke Mulch. This will help to lower l l i e l u v i ' l ( i f . t l i f t . M i i l . ' ' i L R ] a - , 2 . N e \ y ' In Mils JnrU«i7ur i a l - l i k « beds fin- tu-ti o f ' ( l i e fan. -- ' " small rivcrii In-: 1 -))- iiuy nmucrgo .ntn iluloli Lake. ;i, .Subsidlar.v i:::nul« Uirou-;h ' u l n r h ' :it;iKnant ,val(!r will nuilco il:; v.v.y iiilo. the Iwo new liver bed:;. Tin:; ik'-U'iiter- ·K *f the iiwampii will also con- I r i l j i i t o to K h r i n i t a ^ o of I ho Lake. Hvi'iiturllv it w i l l no longer bi_ a real lake- but Just an area ly controlled fish ponds. 'Gif/.Tafces-Bruta/ Method Of Breaking Engagement D EAR MISS DIX: I take it for granted that my fiancee has called things off because she lias passed into silence and I haven't been able to get a word out of her for the hist four wo.olvs. There is no reason for her change ol! attitude to- ·ward me as ·we have had no disagreement. I still write to her every day and every week end J. send her a J i f t l e gift oE some sort, as 1 have done ever since we became engaged. These are accepted hut not acknowledged. She liangs on to the diamond that I sllpimd un her finger with so much pride, although she knows darn good nnd well that f still owe a hundred bucks on 1 It, nnd because ol t h i s f am linlditiEJo the hope that perhaps everything will work out. H la her privilege to break the- engagement and if that is -what she wunts in do I will stop out of the picture, but I would llku to know where I stand. K. B. DOROTHY DIX ' · ' AXSWKR: Well, I'd say that the lady IIP.? ·wafted you out Into tlio air and that you are standing In the greti open spaces, romantically speaking. Also, I deduce that there ur* two reasons why your sweetie lias suddenly ceased to answer your letters nnd lot Uin silence nf t h e grave descend upon her. One is that she has fallen out of love w i t h you anil in love with some oilier iniin and she Is ashamed to tell you of her fickleness. But the iiiiiln reiiBuu is tliut she means to keep that diamond ring and till* doesn't Intend to enter into any nrRumeiit about It. ' American Soldier .. (Continued 'from page.onej ', the Korean struggle. Entrance of the Chinese Retls did more than anything else to make him realize there was a real need for Demo T cratic nations to draw n line beyond 'which, aggression could not * · Soldiers who fight long; and woll must come to helieve that what they are fighting . .. . '· . . , . ^lopt^Amerjc^ri*!. ,in'.. KqrefV.; came lo 'feel_tiiat. by "their ;cfforts there they were helping'keep .» war from'.Americfl. "."",,'.'· ^-And today I.ttijnk most of them' wUl accept · fair and firm "cease fire" as a victory, and regret the lost friends who' ( cannot hea their counli-y.'a verc'ict: . .-'HVel done.". . . . . .The Academy oC Natural Scl- encea . of Philadelphia, .'started in ' Try and Stop Me By BENNETT CERF ' : ' ; ' ACROSS 3. Broad- 1 topped hill 0. Baseball clubs 0. A yellow fruit 10. Marble J 2, Turn away 13. Snake H. Girl's nickname IG. Loiter 37. Close to 13. Contend 21, Groom (India) 24. The sun 25. i-nnd measure 26. Trouble 28. Kind of flop 30, From 32. I^nrpe roor- 34, A famous Scotch pnrnc 37. Younplinre ·40, Mulberry 41. Anger 42. Kf fcronro department * (newspaper) 45-Hindu musical instruments 4S. English author 40. Musical Htudy (JO. Demerit!* elites RI.Hlver (Rur.) 62. Vthlclft wllh . nmntn 20. Cake of 1. Llfi:litnrsi . tobacco 2. Fore^otiiiiff 22. Calcium (sym.) (poi-l.) 4. A caper 5. Ferry-boat 0. Past 7. Piece of furniture 8. Layers 0. Tibetan 23. Ireland 27. Ronmn house god 29. Depart 30. Fruit (U.) 31. Ferocity 33. .Jewel 35,1'ral.icd 30. Kscnpcs 38, Goddess of ueauty CHARGE IT TO IHXI'KKIBNCK So just charge it up to educational expense and forget It. A n d case I t h i n k your experience w i l l be worth all ·: cosls In the pangs of u n r e q u i t e d love and hard cash. For a mac Is luchy to f i n d out before marriage, instead of a f t e r w a r d , whether n girl is a grafter, and whether she ia marrying him because she loves him or because slio t h i n k s she can get luxuries out or him. llu is more- tliiiti lucky i[ a Klrl who Is changeable and liable to sliifF, Iho objects of IILT affections does It on the safe side of the alt-^." and t h u s suves him alimony. Any t-ngiiKcmnnt that can be broken should be broken, and 1C either u man or a woman doubt. I h e i r love or their s u i t a b i l i t y for f strict- fitch other before mnrrtiicc, not only MIR honest t b i n g but also (lie kiud t h i n g is for either him or her to break n promise-whose k»eni»t would wreck iheir lives. But the method your ox-fiancee lias taken of breaking Iho ungufcuiucut by Just going d u m b la so brutal as to liuvo no U u b t i f l c a t i u n . priests 11. Anfous 13. Goddess of dawn (Gr.) 39. Civil Drones 4V, Varying 19. Swab-like 43. Genuine wclRht implement 44, Courageous (1ml.) i 1~\KAU DOUOTMV l ) l . \ : Some'years ;if;o my sister and I bad a U quarrel in which aim sniii bitter t h i n g s that h u r t my feelings and 1 cried and vowed 1 would, never sponk to her agnln. My husband Hidotl w i t h me. \ V l t l i i n a few moiitlis my sister and I . p a t c h Oil tho matter up and. have been f r i e n d s ever since, hut my husband lias never Corelvcii her. He will not permit me to" co to aco her w let ho.- I'omc In our house or let our children mingle. Wla-n my sun and 1 do sou my t i n i o r and her chlltlren, ho accuses us oC ilouhlo-crossint; him and pluUhiK a g n i n a t him. Wo could bo a very happy f a m i l y , for my husband Is a ^ood ninii and Is gmiorous and khnl to us. If ho would, tinly j u s t forget ami forglvo. Is them any way that l can make blni u n d e r s t a n d t h i n ? 1'KKPLtiXHD W I K H ANS\VI-:it: Kvlileitlly your husband Is ono of tho stubborn men who have n lijl of foolish pride f l i n t makes them stick to a position oncn tlmy have t a k e n It, and so your ticst rlianco of getting him to drop thu old feuil i» just to lot Iho laauc die. Don't arcue with him about it. Pon't (llscusa It. Don't plead with him to let yiu RO to your sistt'r'ii. Just cover' tho whole matter with u pall r'of HlUuuio and In tiiuo liig old t;riuvanco wilt grow dim even In his owu mind. And U would liolu'a lot It you would bo u n u s u a l l y affection: 1 .!* mid a t t e n t i v e to your husband and make him understand tliat yo) nnd ilift boy are not siding with your ulster against him. What fcoM.i the f l u m o ot rtU bate U jealousy. Mo can't licar to t h i n k lluu you don't approve of him nnd consider that ho la being mean and Uttlu about thu in alter. H AVE YOU noticed how fat those new anthologies and s called "bedside books" have become? One brave soi actually tried to read a new bedside book in bed. Not only di the bud collapse, but it took 'two nurses to get the book oft of him. He always bad sported a notable' paunch, but the very next day a nearsighted man mistook him for the Grand Canyon. Ah, well, as Charles Poore puts it, one man's anthology is another man's door-stop. A director who was makjng a Western dray-mer for a notoriously cantankerous picture tycoon was walking- through a stretch of desert with a group of cowboys when a huge snake slithered across the path in front of them. One of the · cowboys' : Wi nbout to hit It over the head with when the 1 director pulli his hand down. "Don't do that," he warned.."It wuneor from the front ollice." Copyright, 1U5J, by Bennett Cerf, DlitrlbuttiTly Ktn C r;i(ur*« flyadlctl*. : S*a*« Nol- REPORT OF CONDITION OF : V- MESILLA VALLEY BANK OF LAS CRUDES . : ;..'·'··. IN'THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO AT TiiVcLo'SE di BUSINESS OH JUNE 30, 1951.' . ' ASSETS . . . ".'. Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balances,, and cash items- in process of collection .'. : ..$ 41G,44G:G(T United Stales Government obligations, direct "and'..' ' : '· guaranteed ' ::;.'1,587,836:70 Loans and discounts (including $511.25 overdrafts) . 461,294.19 Bank premises owned $00, furniture and fixtures '. . : $4,500.00 : ; . - . . . . '4,500.80 Total Assets : -..' ...;. '.:..$2,470,077,49 . . . . . . LIABILITIES ^ ' . " · · ' · ' ' Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations '...... ....'.:.,.- ; '.. $2,020,64 Time deposits of individuals, pa'rtncrships, and corporations . . Deposits of United States Government (including po:!r.' .-n^'ings) ; Deposits of States and.political subdivisions i : Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) Total Deposits .-..$2,291,671.94 59,65 188,9841 12,5771 1~\i;AU DOIIOTIIY DIXi 1 liuvo lieon ninrrlcil Iwont.v-fivn yoau ^ to u \vuiukM-rul liuslinntl. Our iruuljlo in his mollier, wli». lui« iMM'u ^ I t h uu for ftrii'i-n years, Slio IH 75 yours oltl, IB colifit.-tnlly na^Klnt; ntir H-yoar-oM thuiKliU'r unil IH tihvays Int^rfm-lUK lil'.ov nTfalvK. Wo can't IIEIVU a r l v u - m l u u t u t'.uuY^rAatloii alotio. Slin )KM Hivt-o otlicr i-lHli)i-cii. Don't you t h i n k uho suonlil spontl 'part uf htir thno u i t h tlumiT M. M. .\\SWKU: Xn Jimtlor liow inucli wfl lovo our' oldorly r(;lv tlVM, Itioy can b« tvyliiR lit tlinos. Having no activity of ihetr u\vn, tliry t a k u YlcitrloiiH iiloannrii In nilmlltiK tu-aryonc ntsti'n l.iii- misi- anil w i t h o u t belnc tartlo^k It Is vtvy illfrlrillt to 'InillOfttP t l i u t Hi 11 f.uiilly \vinilil iii-canlonally llki »oiiiii i»-lvacy. Slum IllT.'-tinu liils tliroi''.!)!!!!'!' rlilltlrt'ii, I aliunltl tlilnk lliu'il ulljoy YlslllltK wlt!l ttiotn (01-. a chanitti. Total Liabilities (not including subordinated r obligations shown below)- ·,,. $2,2fll,67lj CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital* ....:......: ." $ 'lOO.OOOj Surplus : .- · ;... ; 32,500 Undivided, profits :. :.:....:.:. .'.'. .-8 90E Reserves, (and retirement account for preferred"'' 1 '·'·" capital) ...:. : ;..:...:: :. .^v. ' Total Capital Accounts ·'$. i78,405.a Total Liabilities and Capital Accounli !..$2,470,077.1 "This bank's capital consists of: ; .- · Common slock with total par value of $100,000.00. "C. JMEMORANDA. ' . Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities'. . and for other purposes :.....' ; v , $ 780,OOCk We, E. L. Heath, President and W.iH. Gwyrlne, Cashier] Ihe above-named bank do solemnly swear that t h c ' a b o statement is true, and that it fully and : correctly'repres'eiii the true state'of tlie several matters, herein contained nif set forth, to the best of our knowledge and belief. · ; W. H. GWYNNE, Cashi/ E. L. HEATH, President^ Allest: ' ' W, H. GWYNNE,. "· ARTHUR K 1 . BARKER Dircclof.-ii Slnte of Mew Mexico, County, of Dona Ana; ssr Sworn to and subscribed Wore me this 9th (SEAL) of July, J95I, and Thereby certify that I am -notfo officer or director of this. bank. ·- n r K. R.POSEY, Nolary'PutJjlw My commission' expires Jan. 12, 19.54. .. M 1. ' Corrcst- E. L. HEATH, BLANCHE I. B A R K E R , ' L. K. GWALTNEY,

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