Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 27, 1957 · Page 26
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 26

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 26
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New Officers of Navv Mothers Club m oman I a%( f a June Meetings Held by WOC Fervent in Spirit. Serving the Ixrd was the tonic discussed al Ihr- | group meetings" ol Women of O u r j a n d to nolc lhe_changc of date. [Savior's Lutheran church last week. "~ I The Ionic explained the need f o r i A ) full lime and part time church H l workers ar.d explained the qualities which women must have in lions by .Mrs. llerbst and lopic and Dible study by 4lrs. Jim Brown. The sroiip YdrJ la hsvc £ picnic July 17, place to be announced. The \VOC board will meet Tuesday. July 2, at the home of Mrs. IVrle Franlz. Officers and department chairmen are urged to attend New officers of Navy Mothers club presided at their first meeting following installation when they inct Wednesday afternoon «t the Blue Flame room with 35 members present. Among the new officers are the above, left to right, scaled: Mrs. Helen Smith, adjutant; Mrs. Charlotte Burkharl, judge advocate; Mrs. Mary Meier, commander; Mrs. Anna Bess Powars. chaplain; standing, Mrs. Goldic Willis, second vice commander; Mrs. Wilma Kadlecek. musician; Mrs. Elia Sherrow. first vice-commander; Mrs. Edith Derksen. board of directors; Mrs. Ethel Johnson, matron-at-arms; and Mrs. Ethel bassclt, vice-adjutant. Guests at the mcclinp; were Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, Mrs. James Harris, .Mrs. Zola Crowder a n d | Jliss Linda Taylor. A covered-dish luncheon was enjoyed at 1 o'clock when birthday greetings were extended to Mcs- damcs Meier, Irma Muss, Stella Clark, Mabel Hasan and Josie Bradbury. Mrs. Bradbury presented a gift of matching necklace and earrings to Mrs. Burkharl, retiring commander, who has served for three years. She previously received her past commander's pin. Annual picnic at Island Grove park at noon was planned for July 24. Each member is to bring a covered dish and her own table service. Aug. 15 Ihe Navy Mothers will have their ennual picnic for pa- 'licnls from Fiizsimons hospital. This will also be at Island Grove. Ault members will be hostesses at the next meeting, Aug. 28, at Ault. Poultry Meat Is Cited as Top Value Just what do you pay for meat? We're Talking about Ihe cooked portion that you eat, after removing bone and fat. Ted Hartung, extension poultry specialist at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, says many homemakers have the mistaken idea lhat poultry meat is not economical. Few have informalion on comparalive cost of edible poultry meat. But studies show lhat in comparison with other meats it rates very favorably in cost--and perhaps even better--says Harlung. And here's an interesting comparison of cost of chicken breasts with chicken legs and thighs. Even at a higher price, the breasts yield the most cooked edible meat at less cost. For example, Hartung reports that in buying legs and thighs at 60 cents a pound you'll pay about 2 cents more to get the same amount of edible meat you get in breasts at 70 cents a pound. If bens and broilers are the same price, you'll get about the same amount of meat to eat. But if hens are higher, as they oflen are, your best buy per pound of aclual meat would probably be the broiler. Studies on pork and beef roasts showed that the cooked edible meat costs more per pound than would the same amount of edible meat from a broiler, hen, or turkey, Hartung says. One reason homemakers get the idea that there is too much waste to poultry is because oi the large body cavity, Hartung believes. He reminds us that though it takes up space, it weighs nothing -- and lhat the chicken bones are hollow and lightweight. Mrs. Garnsey HI and Daughter Return Home Mrs. William S. Garnsey III and daughter, Louisa, of 1127 Eight- tenth street returned home Wednesday from the East. Mrs. Garilscy left for New York May 27 and was joined a week later by her husband for Ihe graduation of their daughter from The Masler's school at Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Miss Garnscy will attend Bennett Junior college at Millbrook, N. Y., next year. June 15 the Garnseys were at Yale university at New Hivcn, Conn., and saw their son, Herrick, row or. (he freshman crew of the Yale-Harvard boat races. Garnsey then returned to Grceley and his wife and daughter remained Easl for the wedding June 22 of Miss Anna Gernsey Cramplon to John Holliday Zenlay at Ilhan, Pa. Miss Garnscy was one of her cousin s bridesmaids. CARD OF THANKS Hospital Gowns Made by Delta Club Member! Delta Extension club members turned in gowns which Ihey had made for palicnls at Fiizsimons Tuesday when they met at the home c[ Mrs. Everett Streedcr. These gowns will be taken to the hospital by the Red Cross. Eleven members were prcscnl. A picnic was planned for July 9. Mrs. Jennie Flood is hostess. A Decade Ago June 27, 1947 Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Martin and Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Helin entertained el a picnic supper Sunday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Grant. The occasion was (he couple's fifth wedding anniversary. Miss Elizabeth Paris was elected president of the GGGG club 'when members- met Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Albert Fine. Mrs. Mary Oliver is vice president; Mrs. H. C. Gilchrist, secretary- treasurer; and Mrs. Jennie Straight, reporter. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Adams of 1601 Seventh street announce the engagement of their daughter, Dorothy Marie Osborne, to Robert Wesley Trimble, son of MrJ and Mrs. Hugh Trimble of 1211 Seventh street. Norman Moser was feted on his twenty-first birthday Friday evening when his mother, Mrs. Mary Moser, of 315 Twelfth avenue entertained. GJesls were Eva McGowan, Jazz Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Elgner and Larry, Adam Elgner, Bradford Fowler, Mildred Fowler, Shirley, Dwaine and Clifford Moser, Eddie Dea- genhardt and Delores Carstens. Mrs. Harvey Adams of Durango was honored at a stork shower Friday evening at the home of her mother-in-law, Mrs Walter Adams, 1222 Eighteenth street. GC Luncheon af Garden Kitchen Eleven GC members' enjoyed luncheon at the Garden Kitchen Wednesday. A guest was Elissa Fine, granddaughter of Mrs. Albert Fine. Mrs. Fine received « birthday gift from her secret pal. A covered dish luncheon is planned for July 10 st Ihe mountain cabin of Mrs. Charles L. Lolt. Crow Creek Club To Meet Monday Crow Creek 4-H club will meet Monday at 7:30 p.m. at the Stow Witwer home. "This is an important meeting for the Softball list of players and 4-H camp names must be sent in," stales Wilwer, the leader. Members are to bring Iheir dues and 10 cents for the IFYE program. Flower Prints KOBODEL During my recent Illness at weld County General Hospital, I would like to express my prntlludc to the nurses and donors and lo Ihe trlends a n d - relatives wiin visited me nnd sent tloa-ers and cards. Thank you. I Mrs. Cleo. Kobobel | HOOT We wish lo eiprcus our sincere tliankn [or the curds, floral offerings, food and words of sympathy during the recent illness and dealh of our mother and grandmother. 7 Mn. Alice Meniz and Son ' Mr. and Mrs. James K u n e r nnd Son Mr. s n l Mrs. Stephen Hoot -- T r l h u n w Phuio by ,]|m Outdoor Girls Win Romance AP N«wsfiitures Are you a hot house flower? H you are -- ii may hinder your popularity. Thai's the theory of some young girls who've noticed their dates arc fewer than usual this year. "The girls in our set who- arc popular" says one hothouse type 'are Ihe ones who keep up wilh the boys -- hiking, swimming, horse back riding, tennis, golf, badminlon. It wasn't that way until recently." You don't have to be a tomboy to be a good sporl. The idea is lo be vivacious, nol boislerous. 'Tis true lhat some young moderns do not like to exercise. Fear may present a problem, but it is not insurmountable. There are girls who are scared of the water and have never even tried lo swim. A good teacher can change order to serve Hie Lord through (he church. Naomi group mcl at the Parish Hall with Mrs Martin Jobc and Mrs. Carl Guilliams hostesses. Mrs Ejner llansen led in Bible study. Mesdames John Morris, Ella Spom- cr, Herbert Morcy and Blain Souther, led by Mrs. Henry Hirsch, discussed Christian Service. The group voted a cash gilt for the church's homo for the aged nl Mcn- dota, 111. Mrs. Ed Woods will re- j c e i v e the group July 17 at her If home. Louise members gathered nl the h. me of Mrs. David Krcps Sr. She and Kenneth Kreps as guests. Ati other guest was Mrs. Clayton Kiel- 'cldl who presented Ihe lopic. Mrs. Reuben Ehrlich reviewed the lupic nlroduclion from the Outlook. The ;roup will have a picnic at Luther Park July 17. Mrs. Walter Hcrt received the uecn Esther group at the home of Mrs. John Schemp, Mrs. Dan Kricg- cr led in devotions and Mrs. Waller Jessen, in Bible and topic study, ruosls were Mrs. Ruby Brown and Beauty and the Bike . . . They go hand in hand. Exercise is good for form, face ind outlook HI life. Ihis. Local organizations and private clubs have swimming courses. A lifeguard is anolher good bet. He may be hired (or charmed) to teach you on his off time. Shy lypes could take lessons early in the morning or in the evening until Ihey get up courage to go it with the crowds. Laziness is no excuse for begging off from summer fun. A girl whv. doesn't like to stir herself or make small efforts in her own behalf may be suffering from malnutrition, a common affliction of teenage dieters. Undernourished types should increase calorics until they wake up some yen to spaces. Languid types arc definitely nol Admitted to Weld County General hospital Wednesday, June 26: Mary Margaret Welly, 1508 Seventh street; M a r k . Allen Walters, Route 1; Marcia Kayo Woods. Itoule 3; Deborah Drobnilch, Eat u n ; Jane Ann Klussman, Eaton; Mrs. Archie F. Mnyloll, Eaton; John J. Wacker, Route 1; Mrs. James M. Winston, Bcrthoud; Mrs. Roymand G. Peterson, No. 12 Long's Peak avenue; Patricia Orthman, 2118 Sixth slrecl; Russell Dcun McLau^hlin, Evans; Mrs. Harold Peppier, Gill; Leo Malcom, 1008 Berry drive; Mrs. Henry A. Cook. 1515 Eighth avenue.-; Mrs. Margaret Center, Weld nlroduced Mesdames Don. I!obc.-t Co!JnLy M llrsin g home; Mrs. And- rcns MH?lin, Windsor; Millie R u f f , Windsor; Michael Soliz, 912 D Mrs. Ricardo Alonzo, street; I.orcdo, Tex.; John Miller, Windsor; Jerry Peria, Millikcn; Fredigrcc., Trujillo Jr., 940 C street; Ben I joy." Etpinosa. ITH Fifth avenue; j Thursday, June 27, 1357 George Wfgelin, 16S2 Monlview rutl; Ui». Jiluea A. Newculnu, Millikea; Mrs. Donald R. Johnson, Torrington, Wyo.; Mrs. Joseph J. Springston. 1715 Twenty-second CREELEY TRIBUNE Page 13 avenue; Mrs. Burton A. 2437 Thirteenth avenue. Bond, Dismissed: Jine Ann Klussman, Eaton; Holm and Andy Conilc Jr., MUliken; Dcborab Drobnitch, Eaton; Jearld Putman, Kersey; Edward David and Laura Burruss, Fort Luplon; Mrs. Csriie Winn, 308 Twelfth avenue; Orlo F. Bliss, itlilliken Hound-Up Is Attended by SO Fifty enjoyed the annual picnic at the Millikcn park Sunday. The! affair was railed iho M i U i k o n 1 Hound-Up. , j The business meetinp. and pro-} gram following the picnic were held in Ihe home cc building. Lester Schropp, president, had charge. School Days TONKAWA, Okla. W -- An 84- year-old student walks four miles a day to attend junior college classes here. Walter Marsh, a former St. Louis, Mo., music teacher, is believed to be the oldest freshman In the slate. He is studying English and psychology but he is not after a dc- jusl "taking whatever I en- III II T°l · I · 1 1 T* W I H S U M JUtlOl ^IUD Wa t Darnels is present; Ralph , c|oses Y( ,, r - wilh PIl Christy, first vice present; I.,b | G i p s o n Social d N. Ninth avenue; Calvin L. | Officers were circled for next year. | Moudy. Kccnesburs; Charles Shav- - - · cr, 929 Fourlh street; Mrs. William Hood, 205 N. Ninth avenue; Paul Marin, 1801 Fourteenth avenue; Anthony J. Schcpp, Horse Creek, Wyo.; Charles J. Carey, Kersey; Robert K. Alkire, Pierce; Mrs. Leo Norris, Whealland, Wyo.; Mrs. Don McWUIiams and daughter, 2701 Eighth avenue; Mrs. Donald Hoffner and son, Route 1; Mrs. Carl C. Sehcllenberg and daughter, Eaton; Mrs. Eugene Fisher and son, Fort Luplon; Mrs. Wade Snorgrass, Kccncsburg. Ploct of Baplljt Picnic Changed First Baplisl church vacation Bible school and Sunday church school picnic Friday will be at Sunrise park, Eleventh street and Fourlh avenue, rather than at Inland Grove park as originally scheduled. The children will be taken lo the park at 4:30 p.m. jnd Ihe picnic dinner will be served at G:30 o'clock. Gipson Social Club Martin, second vice president; the Dcv. E. R. Anrlortim, third vice president; Elmer Lan^ston, O. L. Altvatcr and R. R. Wakcman, directors; Mrs. Vclma Wakcman. secretary; and Mrs. Daniels, trcas- The program opened wilh the..,, flag siilulc and the sinking of America. A memorial for deceased members given by Hex Wakeman. Mrs. L. A. ftamscyer sans number, nccompanicd by Mrs. W a k c m a n , pianist. W a k e m a n led in prayer. A trio, Pal Kriegcr, Rchr-eca Martinez and Viola Kaisrr, sanj;, accompanied by Pat Kricscr. Mrs. Ramscycr gave another number. Slides Mcnlc club enjoyed B picnic at Luther park Wednesday aftcrnon. Sixteen members were present and two guests, Mn- Edith MacKcnzic and Mary Ann Cunn i n g h a m . This marked the last meeting of the season. Mrs. R. J. Hockart, 'resilient, had charge. Hostess Sent. 11 will be Mrs. Fi-iink McC'ave of 517 Twenty-first street. Seek Settlers KUALA I.UMPUR in--Dato Sir Onn bin Jaafar, president of Parly Ncgara, says Malaya should follow the txamplc of Ihe United Stales and Australia in bringing in new were shown by Harold I seltlers. Etlcr. The program was closed wilh Ihe group singing of God lie wilh You. Auslria earned foreign currency I tourist trade. S115.000.000 in from its 195G In an article in "Kritik," a magazine of which he is editor, he suggested the immigration of Indonesians on a quota system to the unpopulated cast coast so that the Malays may not be outnumbered by the Chinese. Twenty-six Mrs. 'Ted Mrs. Eslher Lcbsack. calls were rcnorlcd. Blehm will be hostess July 18. Members of Helen A n n n TOUD were guests of Mrs. Parnell Clark, who gave devotions. Inlroduccd as new member was Mrs. Rex Erbes. The lopic was discussed by .he group and led by Mrs. Sam Wegcnast. Members will have a picnic al Ihc parsonage and Parish hall grounds July 18. Mary Marlha group met at the home of Mrs. Kcnnelh Kreps, who presented the opening devotions Mrs. Marshall Freeman gave Ihe lopic and Miss Wilma Schardt reviewed the chapter from Ihe Stewardess. Twenty-two calls were reported. Mrs. Freeman will replace Mrs. Otto Schellcr as vice president The croup will meet July 2* with Mrs. Max Ocsterle. Amanda group was entertained by Mrs. Fred Hillman at her ranch home, two miles north of Nunn. She introduced her mother, Mrs. Ernes Siegmund, as a guest and also Airs, Arthur Antholz of Grceley and Mrs. Leonard .Tansen of Nunn, who moved to lhal area in May. Mrs. Sicgmund and her husband ore here from.Gr.rmany on a year's visit. They came last November and will sail Oct. 9 for home. They live at Holzhauscn in Eschwegc. This is the second visit.of the Sieg- munds to the home of their son-in- aw and daughter, who were mar- rieo in Germany during the war. Mrs. Jerry Baird presented the opic and Bible study for A m a n d a members. Mrs. Henry Erbes reviewed Ihe Stewardess. At the next meeting, July 18. a silent auction will be held. Mrs. Hay Hemmcrle will be hosless. Sophia group was received by Mrs. Ralph Svalslad. The program included devotions by the hosless and topic and Bible study by Mrs. corge Weiss. Mrs. Kcnnelh Foos was introduced as a new member The group voted to send thread and .ransfers to the Mexican children n Texas. Mrs. Robcrl Lauhhan will bu'hosless July 17. Dorcas members held Iheir mcel- ing at Ihe home of Mrs. Arnold Dordahl who presented (he opcn- ng devotions. Mrs. Elizabeth Hay was introduced as a new member. The Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Wngc- nast were guests. The pastor addressed the group on Ihe program and Bible study theme. The group will meet July 19 wiih Miss R u t h morning with conquer those wide open Bor'chardl. J o h a n n a - M i r i a m members mcl wilh Mrs. Dan Hcrbsl. Program Blouomi After Dtrk . . . Th« flower-printed iilk ii · lumnur fivoritt in cocktiil and evening fashions. Cell Chapman deilgnfd thi ntw coekizM dren In printed whitt lurah. Watchband repeali popular this season. It may be true lhat a boy will invite you out for a nice relaxing sail, but he'll want you on deck if things get stormy. . A girl who prefers lo hover in an emergency is a dead pigeon for a fulurc sailing dale. Your femininity doesn't need to be overshadowed if you pursue a sport. T-nnis is a graceful game for ; a girl. Golf rnay he taken at your j o\vn pace, not wilh beads of per- j s p i r a l i o n dotting the brow. Horseback riding, Ihe s p o r t ' o f queens, may be just (he sport for a girl who is a nature lover. I Bicycling too, is a delightful pastime. K gives a girl an opportun- ty lo wear chic shorU, attractive blouses, trim shoes. It is fun for one or a group. The modern American bicycle msy be loaded wilh 11 sorts of accessories to please the hot-rod crowd. It's a good idea lo remember if you meet a new beau and he the outdoor type In make an effort to go along with him and enjoy the sport -- fishing, shooting or whatever. If you give it a whirl and do not enjoy it, an understanding date will at least give you '£. for effort. But nobody loves a kill-joy. Mrt. Chuck Johniton of northeast of Greclcy entertained the Y Pinochle club Wednesday. Mrs. Dutch Banek :nd Mrs. John Homyak were jucsls as two members, Mrs. John Sitimsn and Mrs. Henry Trupp, were away op trips. JllBh scorer was Mrs. p. W. Longland second, Mrs. Johnston. Mrs. Conrad Kochler of northeast of Grccley will be \ i i n \ r numbers included opening INSTALL A GATES UNDERGROUND SPRINKLER SYSTEM FREE ESTIMATE Phone 4156 OFFEN HARDWARE tth SL at 13th Avl. SJWWGS TAN WITHOUT BURNING USE SQUIBB'S Air Filter Room Cooler Milk of Magnesia 85c Value 54c VEL BEAUTY BAR TOILET SOAP SALT TABLETS, S-mch ZERO Electric Fan GAIETY Cologne OR Dusting Powder $1.00 Values 39c SI.OO Fits-All Shoe Trees 2 PAIR SAMPLE LINE, V: AJAX CLEANSER 2 «TM 21C WIZARD, LIQUID CHARCOAL LIGHTER Pinl Can Delsey Toilet Tissues 1000 Sheet Roll 6 ROLLS 65c STANDARD STOCK SPRAY Porta-File Box Sale Price 1. KRYLON S/fruty Enamel FLY-DED AEROSOL INSECTICIDE 7-Ycnr DELILAH Rubber Garden Hose 50 Foot JERGEN'S Lotion-Mild Toilet Soap 5 BARS 23c Alwoyi ready and · at? lo in*. No paint lo ml» -- no mtii to. dian up. Ji'it pmh Iht button and paint, ait. IB coJwi. Heinz Strained Baby Food FREE 5x7 Enlargement COOK With Each Roll of I'llm Developed nnd Printed al our CAMERA DEFT.'

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