Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 4, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Sunday Morn: ' ~ CORRAUTOS RANCH HAS A SPRING CROP FOR SALE; ITS QUARTER-HORSE COLTS, POPULAR IS. · ' ' " (Continued from pape l l * ' " n l n l n l n K a r h w k , asking me to+tjuy cra who are atiracted to New to ilr. BlBiicll. thu hors» coltB f o r j P l r f ll "" another home colt arid| M c x l c o will mean the more busi- Bluda and the mien for b r e e d i n g ; t w " JIlori ' Allies, j , :(:Hn or a n of us » ' I'foplc Himu'tiiiM'.s »Hk men," j 4 \. M. Adapted (t) IfurftC-Itylflltift; n t l n u i - f i Mr. iHrutell, "why I am | Mr. Bissell Is confirmed · in hla .lllng to at-!] my horse colts and t opinion J,hat New Mexico is part- pwpofuiH. SOIIIP (if Die horn; will doubtless find their way i n t o ! rodoo work as I n p roping hors*'!i. j Last year nil the CorralilnH cnlit-^ Bhown in Kl Pano wf»re Bold, Ijriiitf- S ill); from $400.000 to 51,000.000 ;i ; head. : "There'fl no d i f f i c u l t y In timiitif; j a nal*! for my qtjarlor-hfirpe rolls." j reports Mr. Illfiaell. "Rvfii t h r ! fillies ru'f In tfri-nl dfiiijmd, n l - ; though usually fill it H tin- a druf; nn thp mnrkt-i. Fnr hifitann 1 , last : year a man from Houston lifiiijiht . a horse (.'(ill from mr-. filler V wrote he wfl.s HO plKifct] Unit h" j wuhtcd flvp rilllcs ff t h e unim- type but from a d i f f e r e n t K i n d . man from C a l i f o r n i a '';inin "ill t the rnm'h not long a^n "iM iioiiiili thrco hnnm cults and two fiHk-.' Frlrtny nifflit I i f i - i i v r - d a l - - t t « - i liJllcB f o r breeding purpose. They i iciilnrly sec ni to t h i n k I'm foolish to get by a re luluptt'd to raising horses y a recent visit from the head ·»thi'i-n »lnrt«d in a htminriM wtyeh ' of ihe animal husbandry depart- u l i l i r m U - l y may compete with my I m c n t O f Oklahoriif 'A*M. Om:alitri.f r-olta. j ."This pcntlamafi told me." saya Tvc never .fell that wfiy about 'Mr. BI.wIl, "that while Oklahoma 1 I prohably hns e more lush growth "I i h i n k t h e r e IB nlwiiyw nn un- of range graft* rlud to the fact there ' i n i l i ' - ' l iimrkct for (he best. I want ; IK more rsl^fajl in lhat state than , our range grassei of New Mexico J i n New Mexie fine, reputation as | fire more, mttrjtioug In Oklahoma i f|iuirier-horseS ft IH not-canary (T iylvc the range i; wo thiH par!. · r i l l d up such ii pioduc'-r of j. luil peopb? u 111 romc here from · barren supplemental Hay and .*rain !; over t h e - country. Just as. for j fpprt. while here on the Oorralltos i r i i i v yt-firH, thfy have ; runfjt- we never ..think of feeding '.,:i(- io Okiahomn find ^nv nr i^ra : n Io our horses. When vyiti in n n'tfl/m widely known Ihp roltn prp v.Tfltied. wo see 1 they is- the home nt K'»od foundation gpl a pood Htar.t by feeding them rimrlrr-h'irflfi stonk. The mare for three months, "Wter that the . ·- mii-cR never.wl another mouthful 139 N. MAIN nf grain, ".-hen the a n d - t h e 'stallions only breeding Reason 11i«ni Buile District Has Cash Ahead With assets exceeding its liabilities by J3,016,93{.98, the Elephant fltttte irrigation district -rjpefutlofc and inainlen'inue fund receipts _or Lbb fiscal year ph/I'rifT Oct. 3t,~Jfl3r amounted to 5208,256.01, tHe audit report revealed today. Total assets listed oh the construction fund .balance sheet ainount to $6,027,737.32. This em- bratjes the .ollowirlg items: Albuquerque National .Trust d,nd Savings Banhj .$3.1,o;jQ;17; tax asecss- mpnts receivubJe, $245,612.38; U. 3. defense bonds. ttuctlon cost $8,700.985.77. $48,'l'JO; Con- BtiO]! project, sted on the construction balance sheet include construction' charge 1944 of $124,323.82; balance of liability, not billed by, "Hnreaii of'reclamation^ $2,880,430.52. - Tha general fund balance nheet nnji.WH assets Of $47,337.23 which Includes such items as, petty cash balances in Albuquerque and taa Unices, «iyrm fcupplwnatl mixed ·wiUil, Mflc£anienta defense bonds, tax 'receivable, inven- theft- MIL. but New Mexico rangej toHe , of m , accnttlleoi!8 ^ ma 1(Wd " ? f TM* dor» the rest buildings and furniture. It !n · iii'n io »re, in talking with , Total receipts as of Oct. 31, In- the general fund total Mr. Blane]], tlint Jtc looks on q u a r - l 543.48 which, with $5,501.H8 1944 $181 WAR'S 'HELL' TO LA MESA MOTHER flitt ' - · .. Yanks Liberate One Son in the Philippines By ALICE WILBUR When Genera! .Sherman--if, it WAR really he-saio 1 "Wai 1 :a Hell," ho knew whereof he spoke. * Mm O. W; Gray of La Mesa could fill in details. For the service record of the Gray family reads like an Arabian Knights fairy toJe. One of the Gray sens is on con- ·oy duty i.i the Atlantic-the Pacific forms a v. I '* "-.d *6t old-home, ·ecli baclcRroii ' for three sciri; and two sons-bi-law; and film an- !hcr mTih'Jt 1 of the family !s with the service--in army ordnance, now »tnti')ned at Philadelphia. One Out of lids Rrios "c sons hr'e /itty. George Gray who was freed from three lonf vonrs \indcr the fl^g of the RiBinf Sun with the release of Los Baho; prisoners in the Philippines; William, who is a marbie i warrant officer, based at Honolulu; Lt. Edward. Gray with the fleet in thr Pacific, and Latham, an army cap- tnli. vllh Atlantic. TW prjic-in-law are Seaman First Clara Royce Lewis, with an r l r t - M f f 1 carrier, and Lt. Russell Ferine, on a destroyer, both in the a conyay unit in . ' ' ' : lw-hor«« ralelriB not only as a business but nii an exciting banks, brings the fund to $22,096.14. Disbursements are ac i Bank, $7.070.72, First Na- tlonnl Bank, Las Cruces, $1,520.45. K-hby. .In fact, lie acknowledges, rountrd for us follows: general dls- I h u t t-ver alncc he was x\vcn a i bursmnents, ?I2.898.07: balnncen ir-*iy nn his fourth:Wrthday, horses jln-Albuquerque National Trust and linvc b'.-on his hobby. · When he bought CorralItos, the 200,000-ai;re ranch west of .town, finn of the first thing*) he did was to lake a good look at the remudo - whifh didn't, look BO good. "I r-indfr nn "my mind thrn nnd there," V ffriyt. l f ttmt the CJorralitoB rc- "HKlfl would lomft dny contnin the' ')i'A.t, row Dotjlefl in the BOUthweati" i Mult (In on TlKtrohrcilft .* [ ThO ^rorft**) 0f inmrovcmeht was/ 'tow, F'rat, he bmight up the boi , $ HP "oi'ld find for.O'hlindredf!"^ Around. Next.' he started a |f)MK-dr(iwn-oitt of. cUlUng. thoHe ytiHrs'he cullod find, «n'd over 'fotir, carloads ;0f ·mares, ' U n t i l row." he 'sayi .prldefuUy, "w« h a v n , . p herd of mafes thfct i-.' nnol he surpaKHcd; in-New Mx- i-'i. [inictlcnUy.. cvtry one avfce- ·; : .*:ti»rcd Amprirnn qiiartcr-hnrse." Army, Nuvy, Thcrn ynti have H--army, nuvy imtrinrs--- all in one family. Thrre wag speculation this week end on !hc possibility that two of f h f Ijrnthers--George and Edward in /rht be staging a small-scale Eawiml--"Snooks" to ex-Aggies, wi'.'f offshorf- from Pearl Harbor nl:out. 20 miles ,on a mine sweeper In HH1 when the Japs bombed us into war, starting the chain of events which threw his older brother in Manila Into the hands of the Jajmnr-op. ·Iiws Slop Ills Law Practice ·gc .attended A^StM college lltos has. produced some very fasti'""' yenr. then transferred . tc quartcr*horaB6 means tlmt Corra- i r !'' r "'R:e Washington law school li,tos. horses have been known to i ^'"'rc he passed the bar examina- Texas, Montana and Arizona. Broke geldings are being used "as cow ponies and riding horses. Horse colt* and fillies 'have been aold to breeders or to ranchers io improve their breeding herds. Rodeo Phd t*oln Ponies ion ^ . -Although Mr. Bisscll has resisted lBt '|all efforts to get him Into the rac- thc fact that Corra- To iniiw'oi'o hiRtromud.ft *tlll fur-. I her he went down .into KehtucKy nnd bouKhl olphl thornlirod Btft^-; lions. JU- at no nearuh«l,:New MCJK J ISO, lyxas tinrl, pltlfthoma Tor 'two f l^in b««t, j-flglRtefed American and Btalllons, Ji*or one,, of pound trluhiphanlly down many a i fltif«tch'bf 'traclf/ "My horses arcM really v e r s a t i l e , " remarks M r . ) 1 1 ^·as admitted to law prnc- f in the District of Columbia cnme to New Mexico in 1939 Blftaell proudly, "for they also pfo-' passed the bar examination 'n San v« ihemSelves excellent rodeo and tn fr"c- He planned to return to New [f'xico to practice law, after mon imprehcnsivG legal experience pblo ^poillcB, And when this w a r ' " Is; over and rodoos and polo come back into the picture, think of the fllilftnrtid market we'll have for The experience he has had, dur 'ftirfle's!" ·· i . ' · inR the interim, Is no doubt corn One reason Corralitos hot-sen are prehenslve, but not very much on so.'tJOpular ivlth buyers, nccoidinp ;I ' (1 leR?l "ide. He WPS internei t,o,Ml*,'BiSsell. i.i because he /lever fjl at S^nto fomas, later at Lo lttl liel'ls nn nnhlial until It IB thorough- '^nos. B vaw recerttly of- lv fentled, Andhe.himaclf puts thr Family Hears tmllrec.tly .ale of Bataan "where anything short of certain death was an even Teak" 'for the rnen who fought as ong as they could pull a trigger tr fix a bayonet, but who finally lurrehdercd to numerically sup- Ihey returned to. the .states last April; Mrs. Lewis lives with her parents, Is now teaching at Mes- f[Uite. The -other daughter, Mary Mrs. at 1308 Their five brothers live at the old,jhome county jriyfcxas. ·,·'.,·'- Six. Times Grand,mot]er : Six times a ,grandmother, Mrs. Krar.ces, Mrs. Russell Perme, is making her home in Santa Monica, on the off chance that her hua- ! band's Pacific destroyer will put j 3nto base.'occasionally. Long-Time La Mesa Family ' The^Grays have lived in La Mesa iince before the first world war. Mrs. Gray rn-jngs - o' the An- Jiony chapter of Eastern Star, works in the Red Cross room*.. makes enchiladas for the famous ...-·--- ·:,-·-.-,- -T Mexican dinners the La Mesa on ,a form at La Me; Methodist church gives. Both fine- But soldiers Ih^y are, and she and her husband are Farm Bureau has a .right tp, be, .proud, of all of members, and have been active them. . . ; ' · , . Gray can claim to ^ i x A M ajum- i--ali but : orie sbh h'nvift^ attended Cho didn't' rajse her song to be soldiers-- o'rie^lhdbks) wanted to write, and majored in journalism; C'eorge ' wa"s il'lawyer, two;of them engineersi ! one."a j mechaiilc "-- '- all ·lice, peaQefu|ipursuits. The daughters are both:SGhopl-.teachers; their mother, ^oo.^taught school; for ; 12 ··"srs/ag Jennie Latham back in. before she .. . , married Warren Gratf, and settled fir«d t h r o e times what ho paid for Mm. Hill thorr wfi« no snip. Knnrh I'rodiioiw Two Typo* AR HIP rffiiilt of the purchase of Mils rir«jt-cl!iSH Mlocfc, the Corralitos Is mnv producing two types of | qimrlcr-horsi*. ant* Ihi- mire bulldog and .Ihc other ft threc-quartcra quarter nor«6 and a cne-qUarier thorohred. Both .of these types are desirable, the bultdojf having perhaps more muscle and power, tho I horobrod more entlufancc for a Ion ft ridr. It's t n k f i i nine yt'ftrs to change ) h « t Indlffererjl renuida to the pre- si'nl iicnl of splendid horars now dii the Itiact'll rnneh. IJul thf RTOW- 1h of tin- rorrnlitoH reputation -ti )w nn inoftns R slow process. 'CorraUtos hornet! are not only in j Now Mexico fllsblnB and on New ''Mexico nuidien. They have i;ono to Cnllfornlii, Oregon, Oklahoma, Beauty and Smartness in ci fuol H n l l r n find i f d i l for o t i r j;av nnil .. ."liiitttrn-iit" Mi|i|iurl... cclttl lino , . . nni'ful (U'tuil l hlitfk mttruniin nntl nnvv. v n nnd Mitt'K ^iil $6.50 WHITE HOUSE of La? (truces ~ MRS. O. W. GRAY erior forces whose real advantage ay In the fact that they had _ e ood and medicine. The Americans had neither. · That much was told by Lt. Col. Warren J. Clear who was evacuated by submarine.' He wrote of the thousands of Manila evacuees joining the fighting forcrs on Corrcgidor. . ] George Gray, New Mexico farmer's son turned lawyer, was too , ill to be evacuated however. j Rack to the Marines Warrant Officer Wm. Gray was a mechanic with the SCS: he and Mrs. Gray lived in Albuquerque.; But, having served two terms ( 6 i vears) in the marines, previously, j he was prompt to get back into service; he was stationed for a · while in the'cast, and Mrs. Gray! spent n few weeks with him there, but after he left for sea duty she and the two children returned to New Mexico, and now make their home in La Mesa. Lieut. Gene P.nd Mrs. Gene, with their yen?- old daughter, have .lust returned to Washington, after making a visit hero. Mr?. Gray is a Washington girl, whom Grne married whilp working with army or- ·Ir.anre 'here. Had AM Commission Captain Latham Gray (Rosy, he touches on nny a n i n u i l . The family has never heard, WRg cal]e(] in col ] e g e) is also mar - thnt rails for cxtfR expert enrv. \ directly,- either throiigh the form "We've got. n reputation we don't want tnrnishfd." and; quotes w i t h a ?mile a remark made once by an did neijro hnndlnr employed by 0. 0 Olivi-r of this state. " Moni CorralitoH babies, dey nebrr kicks, io rlreel" Sldellni- of Cnttle Ranch All this work with horses hns been merely a sideline with Mr. BIssell, whose main time is oc- cunled with his cult If nuich. What he hns done HH a hobby with hl.s hnr^efli he has dune HS n serious husines propoeition with his rnttb*. Imnroving his range nn linn Is through the nnrrhjisi 1 of fine rfplaterfd Hereford stock. until in tilne years he Mas brought up the standards of tho ranch so that today one-third of the range citltle. are roRistered anlnmls. Mr. BisscU la thoroughly convin- cod.that his buflitiess motto "there i* nlwavs an unlimited market for the bout" Rpnlies to nil Hnsscs of products, cattle as well na horses. thn f awny, i-nminp hnmr. pnrtyf Pleime tslc Try fimi to cards supplied by the Japs to war prisoners, or through Red Cross fommunicotion channels; they did hear, indirectly, after the Grips- holm made its first excnnge, through a friend, who wrote that he was studying Chinese and Japanese, practising piano, and diversifying his Interests by operating n chicken farm. He was mentioned in a short- wave broadcast which was picked np by friends and relayed to the :'umily. All one knows, limn, of his life for the past three years is from natched bits of information. "Even Brrajli With Heath" There was, of course, the pitful New U.S. .Senator Dies Soon After Election ROCHESTER, Minn., March :i (fit--U. S. Senator John Moses I D-Nd) three-time governor of North Dakota who won his national office by defeating Gerald P. Nye last fall, died early today. MOBCS was the firat Democrat ever elected to represent North Dakota In either house of congress. ried; they have three children. Mrs. Gray, the former Ethel Mcas- tl^y of Dcming. lives MOW in Silver City. He carried an ORC commission from AM, left his civilian posi tion as SCS engineer at Sells, Ariz., to brush up on tactics at Fort Benning immediately after Pearl Harbor. Mrs. Gray kept up with him through his shifting around until hr left for convoy duty. Meets Daughter in Canal Zone Of the s^hs-in-law. Seaman Lewis met Sue Ella Gray Lewi: when he was working in the Canal Zone ns an electrician for' the government, she teaching there. Gay, light-hearted spring is here. Open your heart to all that is new arid 'beautiful in fashions for you, your home and your family. Las Cruces lips her hat to.spring millinery . . . . Typically American is the chic with which you wear your hat, and the dash with which our designers create. -- Here are sailors, bretons and toppers for all spring and after . . . little things ' . .'like ood- 'looking bags. H6J3 our accessory department . . . L Y l f S STORE For Men and For Quality and Style, Shop at Lyle IQfi South Main Street '' .· Phoi F I N E Q U A l i T Y G A R D E N H O S i 2.95 A gtenlor nnintlty of rubber »nd l»«vier rtlnforoing y»rn lirtp «lvo Kmaor llf« »o this «n« airton ho««. RltyFool Hoi. ................................... 5 -* S °" M«llc Hoi. Noul.l R A Y ' S Texaco Service SlaJioa . MESILLA PARK PHONE 493-J2 ECONOMY BEGINS ON THE 'HOME FRONT,,. '" Assure our fighting men that you're doing your share keeping the family.%n^gel%'fihe, and getting anti-inflation value out of every dollar you spend -- and they'll enjoy a more secure state of mind with Which to perform their war front d u t i e s . . .

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