Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 10, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. LAS ClttJCES (N. M.) SUN-HEWS tu«UrEY»nii»g;:July 10. '4.VHIHT MESILLA VALLEY FARMING ·-::·- RANCHING -::-- MARKETING farmers To Recontracf ''"KccpnlVacting 6f Mexican National farm laborers whose co'i'uracis ^Pia-d J u n e 22'is scheduled for Dona Ana County t h i K i w c e k ' i The Las Cruccs area will rcconti-act J u l y 11. RuconlVactmg'for the'sbuthern section of the county-was to start-.·tutjay... · , _ . ,, .in'hc'Dona'.Ana County Farm and Livestock Bureau is the f - o n t r a c t j n g agency and contracting for this area will start at 8-30 a m Wednesday at the County "Farm Bureau office on Compress Road, W. A .Kisinger, county executive secre- lai'v, announces. . , _ ... ,TMT-he-ennlraut will be for a three month period. Fee will btj S5 per laborer contracted. · [mo i ."contractinp period floes t : ~~ ~ ', m d i n c l u d e I ' J J i ' niitiic iriCJ include I'JJi) men i c t c i l in Mny. IflSI. r polnl.s out thai laborer* i (fjUrnoi'-d in HMil run not be: j-c- . u f i t i i i c l r i l mill iniiat Itu rolurncd tn ( Mexico by their enijlf)'crn. The riijplr.-ycr Hhonid lulu! the men to thf Si fin to Stnsot bridge in tfl I'fiwi for thi-tr return I"' Mexico. j-'ami,Tb. Hifiin^LM- HtmoH, Hhtnild \\iti IVIK-W rontriiuts fur men not iicf'ilcii boLwotn Jiuw mid cotton |ii(:Iinji suiiKon. He MiKKCHtH elini- infitlon of n i l worlttTH v. p lio nrc now d'ljntf iinsutlJifiictoi-y \vdik*". Kifrtn Labor mil I'atsitKC jj'hi- iiiiw Mexican fit mi labor lull jiasHcil Con^reHS last we«k ' li tin; heavy Hiippnrl of I he [c fiiitl niiLlonal Kin in Hitirnu. l u n i R l i II \K tint tin- t-xact foMn i i i - r l by the I'arni Humm group, am MIC In'.si men.sun! thai could n - j i n i t . In i l n f i n a l form, the Dollf;- IMS A iiicii'initmVrtiilfth WuUHirtvc miiili- it a I f i n n y for a fanner to i lAplny 11 Mexican Itihoicr wlio VVHK i n ' n i i s c i i u n t r y illegally, wao utrle- li,-ti 11 oin I In- bill hy CdiiK'^n". n i h i o i i ^ l i nuiiiilncd In the Stmalc bih. was uitTicriMitjvHi -by the uoii- fci.'iicf ruinniittt'f which n'u!iK(!d . llil i i n l a l i n r r . M of tli« hill, not only ·to! I In- i-it]|ijoyi'r. but to the (Mill] 1 !. 1 M c v l c n n irir-!!. nil iv) olhor imtion ' Wrfri Ini-liiilcil In Uic ainoniliiicnl il Untiia*. Ask \Vh 'AltliMi:i:li tin 1 l u b i H u n l n i i H luiVn' a]|)'i-;ih-l ti P i c u h l H i i l T r u m a n t(| v*'Ju I be uHHiKUn 1 , It IK reported f l f t n WiishlliKloii tluil the plVHl- i l ' ^ i l . l u l l y n w a i i s jf tin,' K r y ( l t - nt't'd 1 | M t - x i r u n nalionabi an f a r m le b i y c i N in t h i n rotmtry lo grnw and h H J V f K l , lhr wnr-i-niprKoncy crops, wl)l KiB» lh.« I.HI. / f HlKiii-ii. Vft iii^uie w l U j vlrfi- for iink'i-ly conl meting ..of .\l(-.\lcnn .JJntl^iialH M larm labor- rris t ) i rut!}* h titivi-inmcnl agency n r j l o n . Thr Inbur unions, dfiipltc i h r fad t h a i past yciim nnd prnn- crrt litllnj: ootidllloiiH rlearly Itidl- cajlc Unit rnnnerx cnn not ciftiu^li American labor to grow "'vl-Jl'm'l^Lk'l.VJi','! 1 '"!^' n(ll . lt l n i 1 ^ thoru. lit. plenty, of A n u j i l c a n labor nvHiliibli'...ri«BldunL ..Trumiin'tt ml- (,'(atoiy farm labor comiiilltci», \\itlt only one f a r m agency reprtv 8tjiitntK'i- and no f a r m e r or rancher In) Us liirj;!* mnnbiirhhlp, also held Hfi'M 1 WHS f i u f f l r l r n l Amerli-an la- ,bi;r a v » l l a l i h to^oj^e^ fftyii liuM*. (("UII^M^.SK pilled ' I 111): ( U f l H S U l C , , liy\M-vi-i, ilcitplli''^^!) li'lvoran GJH'i-' i n t l i - e t-eiwil. ' T ·"· , « . - . Farmer Buying-:. PqiilJryTips Hy H. I, .MATIIKWH ICxtc»V|on rmillryman July is the month lo go through the flock aml'nill rvory hen that is Hlowlnp- down' or 'iipw. Htojipcd toying. This can be rjonc fairly arciiratoly by the UHc'of n'ciitchintf hook,- without hiuidHnff .oHeh Individual bird. Treat for lice by applying HMC (ItenzciiR hcxiiL-blorldc) to roo«t polon. This w|ll tflkf; lc»« than 10 niinuttf.s to trcnt n IIOIIHU of '^00 henn and the cont !K anialh Kecil K''owln); pnllftU all the Krnlii they will ent alonp with their niiiHli, to bullil up body weight. The moro ventilation you i-'aii .vi your chlckcn.i In July t|iu !tt«r. Don't be a f r a l i l of drafts. An c.xhamjt fan fit Ihc hlRhoBi point In the ehlcltrn IKHJHC will licljj to Itucp thv hoiiHe cool. VacclnnlUm for fowl . pox and Newr.antle should be lionu before t h e piillctH bc({ln.laying- . Piovldc .slindi'.-iir aumc kind for Rvaflnblc. the, I'tuigo Hlioltarn mlRht be covi-tcd .\vit1i-iiluminlini for 1lic comfort of .'.the blrdH? Slrrtw or IjniHh tuhor mip|iortiMl by polo* may be built which mitUcti (j'ootl sbade. i Fruit;; Vegetable Inspection Fees ; Are increased Inercascd fees, directive July 16, for the Inspection of fresh fruits and vcjeUbles and other products have been announced by the U. S. D«p«rtm"e'nl iif Agriculture. The depai-tmcnt' listed the new fee schedule ^a: . ; . . - , . - (1) Carlol,'for auallt,v"and condition, }8. (Formerly-$7.nO) · . (2) Half-ear or less, Jfl. (Formerly' ijfij . CD Carlbt, for condition only, Jl.m. (Formerly $01, ! ( 4 ) Half-car or less, condition only, (H.SO. (Formerly $1.00) f'sj Hourly, foe, .$,1.00. (formerly I R I Nuts, cairlnl, 512. (Formerly 510) Maxini'nm cftrlot fees have been Increased lo $18 (formerly Jllil loi- qunllty and condition inspections and $14.-10 (formerly $12) for conlllllono only inspections. Haxlmum fee for an appeal in- 'spc'ction has been inercnsod to $2-1 (formerly $20). The department said this action has been taken under the authority of Ihe Agricultural Marketing Act of 1IM6 and the Department of A|,-rlculture Appropriation Act of 3051, which require "payment of such fees as will be reasonable anil as nearly us may be lo cover the costs of .the services renil- ·ed." The department said t h e crcasus announced today arc. llce- ssary because of increased costs ' the service. ·Icxican CalllcBjin ''ight Flares A^ain MF.XICO CITY, July n I/I 1 ' ' rlft-hl by U. S. cattlemen lo l i f t ic ban on importing cattle may c carried to Washington. Cattle from Mexico have been arrrd by the United Stales since 147 when hour and mouth disease as rsvagln;- Mexican herd;!. The disease is just uimul wbilp- ed, cattlemen in the U. S. t:ny. lid many Mexleon cattle are be- i£ wasted because there Is no mrkcl north of the border. nil 111.' 1B47 rcr'onl of 17.H hll- h GOOD EVENING Pleasant Liilsning K 0 B E 1450 On Your DU1 TONIGHT -- TUES. r. M. Kvcnl'iiR Duytrn Oillde MOII So] vici- t'l'iinoiiiisl, nut tills | itiiiiin,- \vill nut buy n9£ wlieit* ni'tir Ihi- nliiount II illd 111 ilP47. 'Also, t h e y i t - p o r t , tlni. fariucitt will mil KI-! as liii'u^ K'-'.Mmri' ,if t h e n i d i t i n a l inciunc usiillioy 'dld J^-'ct inciuni-H of farmeis declined in'llMfi. HHii uml..lH00. they ilariiti. q ihi- ntht-r hnnd. pci-winnl In- runu's of non-famjcrs lias set a nn\v li-coril i'ye|-y yosr since IIMO. (Kami prodm-Uon t-xponlios ore pinicr Ihli- rumlltlnii. each your MM-* a lifeline 111 tht numbi'r of l a p n prodin-frs and farm workers \vlfo arc i t l t i n c l c d to dty jobs w i t h far higher pay than the f a r m - ri'niii afford In mi'ut and kiwp In bunliu-ss Mipplyinn the food And filiiM fur the nation. Jnsiyo and; Be Surtt tof L^SS PROTECTION : Aifio - Fire-Polio « LIABILITY* ··" "" Be sSre and 1 insure with ^ B U V C M K o h " Gonifal Jnsur«nt¥ Agtnt ! CWLTON'LOAN V" INSURANCE CQ. · i fl;i .Woj.Ctmrrh HI. . - 4 :.'IO rj:00 rr.ItO (1:00 0:jri oi.'in OMfi 6;oO 0:55 7:00 7:15 7:2T 7::t(l 8:01) S i l f i · 8:s(l 11:00 Il-Jfl ll::ill ' !»:5ri 10:00 Mert'n Rcirord Adventure. 1 Hohhy HiMiMOn llnlirlrl l l r n l t c r iniittm l^wlH, .Jr. Let's w»ltz UP Nnws Sport Onst Hill llonrj' and Urn News Civil Uefcime Program Conrcrl Mltilnlurn 'Kildy 'Arnold " My.Htrrlnua Ti-iivclnr A Lull [or I.clsurn V. A. Uf|iort IIP N«w» M m l n e Kliuw Official IVlfctlve Mutual Neu-d SIR" U'f TOMORROW -- WED. A. M. , . G:00 UP News 0:0.1 ir.l t'nrrldo Mtxlcnno 0:M. UM Hlcblc Nowa 7:00 tlobort Hurlelgll 7H3 Kni-m Family 7:30 UP Nowa 7MI5 TrndlnK Foil' 8:00 Cecil Brown' S:15 anther Round, Kids 8:211 News 8:,10 MornlnR iiuycra Ogldu 8:65 n ' a l k - H i i c k with !Ill|| 1 Kellon · 11:00 Mornlni: Devotional '(1:15 Throe Sons ll:2B Ncwa Jl:30 Queon for a I»y 10:00 Fuctfi and Tun tor Everyone 10:1.1 l-nnny Hosi 10:25 iNow» )0:JO Cwlrlr Ko»tcr 10:45 Curl MrtKHOy 11:00 Tony Kontnlno 1J:!S Now.i 11:^0 l.tlnchcon with I-opcr. if.M Stan UoinKx Spoils Vli-v, 11:60 Ncw« 12:00 C!»mc of the Day. K O B E Your Krlrmll.v »l«lln« A MllTIIAI. NKTWORK AKVI1.IATB FOB FINE COTTON! l ;,;:,; ! MODEL CLEAMERS Potato Start; Quality Reported Fine ·Harvest of Mesllla -Valley potatoes started-last week immediately a f t e r the July 4 holiday'flot equivalents have a l r e a d y ' b e e n shipped. The potatoes have moved by truck to San Antonio, El Paso and Albuquerque for distribu- Demand is heavy and the price was' around $3.75 per 100 pouhd-'bags of'graded, and washed potatoes; W. A. Wunsch, supervisor of F r u i t ' a n d . Vegetable Service,' reports. Acreage in the valley Ii ununii: --·-- : .'. .. : ^ ally low this year, a survey reveals, come vircil. uaiablinhed in many Carl Nakayama. Las Crucw,; and large city .markets in thfi past Albert Frnnniy, of Hatch area, arc yc'aro 'and. It .la probable' that 'in the largest growers. · - years to uoinc a_crcage will..cliinb Quality is fine and Indications back to that o f ; a few years ago. from curly digging Is that "yield The ci'op Is about' is., sure as will be about average. i cotton, the 'scientific .experts, fit The walcr shortage . Slid the AftM college. h«Vlnj,' figure;! out government's request for a.banner the answer to pest con'.rdl...Yields cotton yield have com'njniid'tb cut usually, are heavy and when.mark- down potato and other vest-table ct conditions arc good, the crop acreage In the county tills year, generally; proves profilable.jdcspltc Manila valley potatoes huvc bo- the heavy cost of. seed potatoes. Grand Onions Find Ready Market In Eastern Distributing Centers With 230 carlot equivalents already shipped to the big market centers, the valley's Grano onion growers arc expected lo finish harvest of the early crop this week. Late crop shipping probably will start around July 25, according'to W. A. Wunsch, supervisor of Fruit and Vegetable Service; Growers hit a fairly go.od market throughout the season, with prices fair and demand heavy. Yellows climbed up to a b o u l - $ I . G O - a ,50 pound bag at weekend and whites are holding f i r m in the $2 a bag'range with heavy demand. Indications arn that the crop *: ; · · . ;~ is about 80 per cent off, which would make the total harvest around 300 carlols equivalent. Market for the valley's-famed onions is HO stroiig in the big eastern distribution-centers, shippers report. Washington, D. Q., Philadelphia and Chicago wholesalers are entliusiatittc about the product and a large number of car- lots have gone Lo points. Truck shipments have hit closer markets. Quality is fiae this year,' grow- rn having no trouble milking U. S. loo mUch' culling." Buyers- here report' they have had no kicks on the onions, which have left the volley in good condi- tion'and have arrived at the mark- et'centers in unusually fine shape. SUU'HUH SIJKVKi" I.VOXTAKIO .FORT FF:ANDES, Ont. \IP\ -A new search for sulphur deposits is under way in the Nicklc Lake urea near here where six hole; about 1,000 feet have already been clrillpd. Of the large area, · being surveyed, much of the property is No. 1 grade when desired without owned by Fort Frances resident*. BOLSTER RAIL LEVEE TO HOLD BACK THE MISSOURI Wbik cliEW lOlStiM'rall cmbaiikment which serves as a Icvee protecting St.'Charles. Mo., from the rampaging Miisouri river. Already thousands of acres arc under water. Gondola' cars, are loaded with crushed' 1 rock whlch-is'dumped at points where water threatens to top levee: '(liilerimttomtlSmmfkhotol New Sbrew Worm Remedy Replaces Old Smear No. 62 1 EQ335. the new screvwonn remedy developed by the U. S. Depart : menl'of Xg'ricuiturc, is now available through regular commercial channnels, -Dr. James W. Benner. extension veterinarian at New Mexico, said today. The now remedy .replaces EC^62, or S m e a r ' 6 2 as commonly know'n. · . No Ilitrniful. Effect . EQ335 contains (by weight) 3- per.cent Hnclano, 35 per cent pine oil, -12 pur cent white mineral oil, 10 per cent emulsjfier, and 10 per cent silica gel. This treatment, which is ; applied/ · to livestock wounds'with n small paint brush, will kill maggots deep in the wound (j^r deposits in this A home freezer is just like mi ncccnml in the b;ink: You put fodrj in when' H is plentiful and in season; yqu draw it out when you need it -- and there it is in all its original freshness and flavor. That's economy, especially w i t h 1 today's high food'cosls --'and it's convenience, too, when unexpected, gueats arrive. Sec your appliance dealer today and let him tell you the advantages of an electric home freezer. , ' SEE . YOUR APPLIANCE . DEALER · L » A S O B L I C T R I C MESILLA VALLEY DIVISION. ;* U $ I N - I S S - M A N A 0 E D, T A X - P A Y . I N O U · l : I C U T I L I T Y young- maggots as they hatch from :he eggs, and flies attracted to :he wounds. I-3Q335 will have no harmful effect according: to directions. ' ' The new remedy is superior to, QB'A Bcnncr says," because (1) one treatment will last for seven days, (21 treated .wounds' heal quickly, (3) it will not deteriorate on standing, ana (4) it does nut contain lamp black .or other color- ing cheipicais-that, stain clothing,' wool, or hair. · · Usud Oh Sheep Severely infected wounds, (should be treated'again 3'-or 4 days after the first-'treatment ami'."at seven- day intervals'thereafter, until the wound is. healed, Henner-advises. EQ335;. when .diluted ( wiLh nine parts of-'water/'is also effective as a. treatment -for wool maggots on sheep. ' . -' · . ' COOLER New FREGIDAiRE Electric · Cook-Maiicr Oven Control · High-Sp«rd Broilor, w«itl-high · Porcelaini finish,'insldo.and cut · full-Width Storage Dra'wir --bakes and · broils at same lime, or.quickly -- biggest oven in any household range COME INI ASK ABOUT ALL THE NEW FRIGIDAIRS ELECTRIC RANGES, NOW! BUY ON G. M. A. C. PAYMENT PLAN ' Model RO-35 " . Trade In Your Old Appliances Now FOR A NEW · Frigid»ir« Electric Hangi · Frigidairs Home Frteier · Frigld»ir« Waior Heater · Frlgldalr* Refrlgeralor · Frlgldalre Automatic Washir AT THE DRUM E L E C T R I C 113 W. Lan Cruce« Ave. Phone 340

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