Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 27, 1973 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1973
Page 19
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·at UUKKLEY (Cott.) TRIBUNE Kri., April 27, lt» 'Ouch, My Corn' shown to Social Science Circle SUCCOTASH -- A favorite of American Indians, it goes "mod" with the help of Spanish olive oil. Succotash has gone 'mod' Succotash has gone "mod".-.. Rather than serving the variety familiar to everyone, try today's version -- where the Lima beans are in the creamed chicken and the corn is in the pancakes. The season for fresh sweet corn will soon be at hand, so this is the perfect time to savor the delightful flavor combination.of this updated version. Always buy ears that have rows of plump, well-filled kernels of corn 'that are golden in color. Deep' yellow corn indicates over-maturity. Corn pancakes are easy to make because they contain few ingredients. Based on the convenience of Spanish olive oil and -pancake mix, these pancakes turn out light and fluffy. To insure ease of cooking your pancakes, season your griddle with the same olive oil until about 3 inches in diameter. Cook until cakes are puffy, bubbly and the edges are cooked. Turn and cook the other side. Serve with creamed chicken and Limas.. (x),or cook and drain a 10-ounce package of frozen corn. Creamed chicken and Limas: 6 .T. Spanish olive oil "6 T. flour IVi tsp. salt 1 Isp. dry mustard "~1 envelope instant chicken broth l ! /2 C. milk - ~"lVf C. half-and-half cream 2 C. cubed cooked chicken .. l pkg. (10 dz.) baby Lima, beatts. - ... ;.,"·'· ',..'/i C. chopped pimienlo In a saucepan, combine olive oil, flour* salt, mustard and Keith Jump presented an interesting slide-lecture .. program "Ouch, My Corn" . when he and Mrs. Jump were hosts for the Social Science Circle April 24, at the horde of ·^M'rs. Ray Mueller. He stated that 1970 was a .crucial year for American corn 'belt agriculture. Corn leaf blight became a known major corn disease and reached _ epidemic proportions, sweeping over most of the nation's corn growing regions from south to . north. The drier western states were practically unaffected but the moist southern states were devastated. The scientific agricultural community has developed methods and resistant strains -of seed which, with the cooperation of - the weather, have controlled the disease. Such widespread interruptions in food production and similiar threats in the future, create grave concern where over-all desperate needs to increase the food supply are required as world population continues its rapid growth. In the early 1800s Malthus stated his theory t h a t population tended to increase faster than available food supplies and that,'unless some measure of population control was instituted, the world faced famine: Now, 170 years later, many are fearful Maithus was Social Calendar Sunday, April 29 1-5 p.m. Open House at the Greeley Tribune. Public is ^ encouraged to visit the newly chicSin broth; stir until wei) remodeled building at 714 8th blended. Gradually stir in milk.. St. Monday, 'April 30 . and.cre3m. Place over medium from Spain. Simply add eno^h-j^fetT'cbolc';siirring;constantly' 11 -a.m.. Monday Morning to cover the surface (if .yqtff. until thickened and smooth. Duplicate Bridge Club at the griddle. Place over medium Add chicken, Lima b.eens and-= home oi Mrs. Alice Holmes, 147 heat for 20 minutes,.then care- pitai«nto. -Continue c6oking 16th Ave. fully pour off (he oil (which can while stif ring constantly until 1:30 p.m. TOPS Club No. 155, beans are tender and mixture is thoroughly heated. Serve with corn pancakes. Serves 6. be used for other cooking). Wipe the griddle surface thoroughly with absorbent toweling. Once--seasoned, your griddle can simply be wiped clean after each.yse instead of washing it. Creamed chicken utilizes cooked chicken, which could be left over from a . previously, roasted chicken. Olive oil gives Bookmobile schedule "Itte 'schedule for the Weld County Bookmobile for the the sauce a creamy-smooth ensuing week, April 30:May 4, is:. texture. Adding baby Lima^. s g^f5ii OW j. ,, . · '_'.· ' -beans to the creamed chicken - M o n d a y :--^"'G r o v e r ; completes Ihis modern-day ver- Briggsdale. .Tuesday: La Sailer' · Wednesday: 'Kersey (town stop), 1:50-2:15 p.m. Thursday: Stoneham, 9:15 sion of succotash. · Indian Chicken Stack -; Corn Pancakes: 1 e'gg, bealen '/a C. milk 2 T. Spanish olive oil' : 1' T. sugar l'/i C. cooked whole-kernel Corn, well drained (x) 1 C. pancake mix Combine egg, milk, olive oil, sugar and cooked corn; mix well. Add pancake mix, slirring only until moistened. Drop tablespoons of batter onto hot' oiled griddle, spreading each cake wilh the back of a spoon La Grange Club elects officers New officers were elected at the April meeting of the La Grange Country Club at the home of Mrs. Paul Fritzler. The officers are Mrs. Sigurd Carlson, president; Mrs. Ernest Tigges, vice president, and Mrs. Paul Fritzler, secretary. The next meeting will be at 2 p.m., May 3, at the home of Mrs. Lester Goetzel. 9:45 a.m.; New Raymer; Keota. . Frjday: Milliken, 'p.hv. -.: ..-'·,,..-'- ' Qbermueller open house planned Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Reinold pbermueller will be guests of honor at open house, Sunday, April 29, at their home, 2280 1st Ave., Space No. 11, to celebrate ttfeir 30th wedding anniversary. Friends and neighbors are invited to call between 2-4 p.m. ·Hosts will be their Children, Darla Van Doren", 'Peggy and David Baloun, and Candy, Brian and Jackie Obermueller. There are five grandchildren. The Obermuellers were married in Lincoln, Kan., April 25,-1943, and came to Greeley three years ago from Westfall, Kan. Obermuel of. Counlryside Sales Lot. 'Cerebral Palsy slide show prepared For The Very Best In RUSSELL STOVER Chocolates At All GILBERT REXALL PHARMACIES Al Hillside Mall GIFTS AND BOOKS · Ph. 356-1199 Store Hours: 9:30 (,, » Monday thru Friday. 9.-30 to 6 Sat- "rdays. Closed Sundays. .The Uniled Cerebral Palsy %ssocialion of Weld County has recently completed an 11-minute slide presentation of the work activity program for severly handicapped and physically disabled adults of Greeley and Weld County. This narrated presentation is now available for showing to any organizalion or interested :, is manager., g r o u p a t n o c h a r g e Mobile Home The photos were laken by Roger Dudley of Datura Productions at (he cerebral palsy work activily center. Dudley is a media specialist and has been with Ihe Special E d u c a t i o n I n s t r u c t i o n a l Materials Center at the University of Northern Colorado. Narration and musical accompaniment arc unified on a Nelson with Mrs. Frank Walker slcro casselle, synchronized and--Mrs. Mary Lorcnz as with the carousel projector. All assislanl hostesses. Mrs. Carl Sanden Gilcrest Ladies Aid welcomes Aftefie Riippe Mrs. Arlene Ruppe was welcomed as a new member when the Gilcrest Ladies" Aid met at the home of Mrs. Hans read "Vangard" by Margaret E. Sangster as the opening thought, and welcomed one guest in addition to 19 members. The group completed 27 wrappers. Mrs.^J'Yank Walker was in ·cTmr'ge" of the entertainment. Donna Ruppe won the prize. The next mooting will be n Mothers' Day Team at 2 p.m., Friday, May 11, at the Gilcrest Baptist Church. No special Invitations arc being Issued, and everyone Is welcome. of (his is available lo Ihosc interested in showing this presentation by c o n t a c t i n g James Uoland, workshop director at (he C. P. Center, 3530662. Staff members will, on request, give (he presentation at schools as well as lo any civic or business organizalion. The English, wilh insular affoclion, have long favored . roses as (heir bridnl flower, hence Ihc popularily of June weddings, the monlh of roses. right and many people in generations to come will have insufficient food. Jump said "It seems obvious that food production must increase and population should slow its rapid growth. Perhaps we, as a world community, at least in certain areas, are becoming aware and .concerned and the Irends will change for the better." He continued, "It can again be said that, if man has sufficienl know-how, t o create and operate a vehicle which takes him lo the moon, he can cope with and sdlve'this great potential catastrophe." \ The final meeting of the year will be the annual dinner at 6:30 p.m.. May 8, at Ye Village Inn. Dr. John A. Weaver Jr., will present the program and, with Mrs. Weaver, will host the event. Kensington Eastern Star plans meeting The Remington'of the Order of Eastern Star will hold a tri- annual meeting Tuesday, May 1. A covered dish luncheon will be served at 12:i5 p.m., at the Masonic Temple. Primarily for sociability and fellowship, there will be an appropriate program with a committee, including Alice Moody, Lutie Repp and Juanita Corley, in charge. Hints frtim Heloise ' ' By HELOISE'CRUSE _..|V' ·All correspondence:-- pertaining lo ."it*-. , : |,i.. Heloise column should be mailed directly ..j.., lo lii'loise. King Features Syndicate, 235 :;i ;i )|(l E.4filh Sired. New York. New York IWiy---*^ FRIDAY, April 27 Dear Heloise: A common complaint among the young molhers of my acquainlance is "overwork." I do feel lhat this is a legitimate gripe. And so many of these molhers bemoan Ihe facl lhat they don't have lime lo _ anything from a child tomorrow, -v \. if you don't expect anything_c*;f|.j. him today. ·* · . . "BeenThere" :' Women's pages Blanche Dempsey, editor/- Rose Mary Koob, assistant Margaret Nolin receives honor Awarded the district honor of Order of the Golden Rose, conferred on an outstanding member of the Business and Professional Women's Club, is Mrs. Margaret Nolin of Gill, a member of the Greeley BPW. This honor was passed on to Mrs. Nolin by Marianne Sanden of Loveland, who held the pin last year, at the district 3 meeting held at Boulder Elks Club recently. The purpose of the golden rose award is to give recognition to those BPW members who arc always on the job, giving a helping hand to someone else, many times doing special little things to which no particular recognition is given. Mrs. Nolin has a record of perfect attendance for five consecutive years in Greeley, although she resides in Gill, a distance of 10 miles, where she operates a beauty shop. She has also attended all of the district meetings and five state-conventions in six years. She joined the club in 1967 and served as its president the next two years. She was ways and means committee chairman in 1970 and 1971 and is currently serving in that capacity. In 1970 she was one of five women in her community to receive a recognition of honor certificate during National Business Women's Week. Currently she is serving as foundation chairman of her club. Not only is she active in BPW but is president of the Gill Lioness Club, treasurer of the Gill Ladies Aid and treasurer of the Greeley Hairdresser's Association. She is an accomplished seamstress and shares her knitting and crocheting with others, even with the BPW Club. Recreation Center. 6:15-8 p.m. Soroptimist Club- Wine Tasting Clinic at The Yeager. 7 p.m. Colorado Tops Club No. 150, downstairs at the United Bank. 7 p.m. Heritage Association of Northern Colorado, annual meeting and potluck supper at the Blue Flame Room. Mrs. Kenneth Davies of Historic Boulder to speak on "Preservation of Historic Sites and "·Buildings." Open to public by making reservations with Miss Josephine Jones, 353-7022. 7:15 p.m. Evening Duplicate Bridge Club. 7:30 p.m. Weld County t'30-1'45- Chapter of the National Organization for Women, St. Peter's Church rectory basement. 3:30 p.m. Al-Anon, for friends and 'families of problem drinkers, 103 N. 23rd Ave. For more information call 353-2732 or 356-0871. By Abigail Van Buren (9 1TO K CniUH Tribimt-N. Y. Newt Sfni, Inc. DEAR ABBY: I am divorced with an 8-month : old son, Timmy. Last weekend my boy friend invited me to go to Las Vegas with him, so I left Timmy with a friend I'll call Carol. Carol has no children of her own, but she has practically raised her younger brothers and sisters so I thought my baby would be in good hands. When I came home and went to pick up Timmy, I was shocked and heartsick. He was all bruised and black and blue. I asked Carol .what happened to him, and she said he fell oft a chair. Abby, he can hardly sit up, and what would an 8-month-oId child be doing on a chair? He looked as if he had been beaten. I took Timmy home, and now he cries all the time and seems so weak and unhappy. What should I do? Carol won't admit to having beaten him, if that's what she did. I'm so nervous and upset and have no one to talk to. Help me. YOUWG MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: Take the baby to a pediatrician for a thoro examination to determine whether he has suffered internal Injuries. You could file charges against Carol for abusing your child, but you would have to prove it, which would be virtually impossible. Next time, leave your baby only with one you are sure you can trust. DEAR ABBY: I have been married for six years and have two children. My problem is a husband who never likes to go out, and I do. Well, one evening my husband's brother came over with his wife. The brother wanted to go out, but his wife didn't. The wife herself suggested that HE take me. My husband told me to go ahead, so I went. I hadn't been out in such a long time I jumped at the chance. We went dancing and goofing around, and had a good time. We got home around midnight. I asked a couple of my friends what they thought of this and one said, "You're lucky to have such an understanding husband." Another said, "Any man who lets his wife go out with another man can't love her. He must be seeing another woman." What is your opinion? And do you see anything wrong with what I did? BEWILDERED DEAR BEE: I'd agree with the first friend. [P. S. An occasional night out with your brother In law is all right, but don't make a habit of it, I DEAR ABBY: Two years ago I had a child out oi wedlock. Because I was pregnant, unable to work, and unmarried, I filed for public aid. After the baby came I was advised to file a paternity suit against Roy, the baby's father. Roy admitted paternity, and the court ordered him to pay me child support every month, which he does. Hoy is marrying a girl who lives about 50 miles away. He says his fiancee knows nothing about the child and he has no intentions of telling her. I think he should. The child carries Roy's last name and if anything should happen to me, he would have to take -the child. Roy is 30 years old, makes a very good living, and this will be his first marriage. Would I be out of line to let Roy's fiancee know about our child? If I were in her place, I'd want someone to tell m s- CONSIDERING IT DEAR CONSIDERING: Tell Roy he li unrealistic, unfair, and kidding himself If he thinks he can keep this Illegitimate child a secret from his wife forever. I would not tell the girl, but I would advlM you to »rge Roy to before the wedding. Hale I* write fettenf Sew) |1 to AM*, B*x HTM, LM A* K el«t, CM. MM*. f*r AWbjrM k**kfet, "HiW to Utten fcr All OccmkM." r m a n d m o t h e r a n d I firmly believe that children should be loved, petted and spoiled to a degree. 1 don't belie,ve you can ever love a child too much. But I also believe that children should be given .responsibilities in the home and should have certain, duties that they are expected to perform. Moreover, if they fall short or fail to meet these responsibilities, they should have to give up certain privileges. 1 think if this understanding is firm in- the home, the mother and the child will be the winners in the long run. . Mothers will not be cross from overwork and frustration and there's always time for games, picnics, etc. In other words, a happy home is where everyone works and everyone has lime to play. I grant you, I'm not an authority on (lie subject of child-raising. I've never been lo college, but I have reared four of my own children and am a grandmother. I slill believe as I did 25 years ago (hat you can't expect Dear Heloise: Wilh Iwo little guys at home, I . find thai every minule i even al lunch time. Soup hot dogs is one favo menu. "i I found that to cul the time for preparation in half, all I had to ; do was pul Ihe hoi dog (cut up to'"; bite-sized pieces) right in.,l*c -· soup pot lo cook. · ··· ; Serving the soup and Ihe hot" dog in one dish lasles just as ; yummy, plus there's only one - ; pot and dish lo clean. ,, '_$ f My oldest son just loveS'15"..' spoon oul his hot dog plus it's J easier for me, loo. '·'' ·.·;».; Besides, it's delicious. " ·' ; Mrs. Lynn Williamson ; Letter of Laughler Dear Heloise: As a bachelor who can't cook,--; I consider frozen dinners equal ' to the discovery of electricity and (he invention of the wheel! . LonnieA. Mrs. Margaret Nolin Thomas Schmidt Jr. " ' Move in now; settle into your luxurious new apartment; and watch your summer grow .. . beautiful! 2 Pools Clubhouse Playground Beautiful lake Wonderful willows LOUP-MILLER Companies Development/Construction/Managernent

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