Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 29, 1969 · Page 29
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 29

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1969
Page 29
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Page 30 GUEBI.BY TRIBUNE Wed., Oct. 2:i. 1969 A Political Speech for All Occasions By MEG GREENFIELD Th« Wiihlmjton Post (Tli« following document 1*11 hit* our hands by inert- chance. W« reprint it, as a a public service to ease your anxieties in these troubled times.) Good evening, my fellow Americans. Tonight I would like to talk wilh you about a problem that is a great concern to us alt. It is the problem of rising - - (crime, interest, rales, air pofulion, voices), and it strikes at the heart and pocketbook of each and every one of us across this great land, eating up our savings, undermining our allowances, and poisoning the minds of our children. Now, many of you may have asked yourselves why--and you have every right to ask that question. Why, you may ask, am 1 unemployed? Why do there seem lo be so many young people who are not in jail? Why does a peanut bar still cosl five ccnls when they don't make them as big as they used to? And lei me be very frank about this: These are good questions and you have every right to ask them. Tonight I am going to tell you what we think the answers are. For Ihe past five years, until January 20, 1969, your government in Washington was following policies designed to encourage the costly and dangerous rise in for whether they can do It or pie have had enough of tlia't. whether it even should be done --five years, in short, of policies directly resiwnsible the upward spiral of - · for And in this connection, let me going lo (ell you. I make one thing clear; 1 do not I go along with those who would | blame this problem on someone jefse or make it into a partisan | issue. No--I think the American p«o- I think they arc only interested In knowing what we are going to do to stop the shocking rise In and tonight I am rose by 7 per ccnl, for example, in 1965. In I960, it rose by 8 per cent. In 1967, it rose by 9 per cent, and in 19G8 it rose by 10 per cent. .N'ow let's see what lias happened since we came into office. Surprisingly, in view of the momentum that had been built up, in 19(19 it appears lo have risen by only 42 per cenl, ami 1 am also able lo tell you tonight that there is evidence that we will soon be reversing (lie trend. Now. let's not kid ourselves that this will result in a bigger peanut bar overnight. It wifl not be easy lo overcome the cumulative effects of five years of overpromising, five years of criminal mismanagement, five years of taking power away from the people and concentrating it in Ihe hands of Washington bureaucrats, five years of telling people what to do without any consideration at all Weld County Real Estate Transfers Document fees listed are at the rate of one cent per $100 of the selling price. Property s e l l i n g for lees t h a n $500 Is exempt. OCTOBER 24 fiobert L. and Eileen M. Foster lo Lenharl A. and Gladys B. Mellin, Lot 15, Block 3, Third Addition to Maplewood, City of Greeley, DF $2.60. Mike Jr. and Rowena Sekieh to Wyco Pipe Line Co., the S 250 feet of Ihe S 523 feet of the SE54 of the SE'/j of Sec. 14, T 3 N, R 68 W, DF $.30. Walter and Raymond Danielson to Lester Hotaling, Lots 21 and 22, Block 7, First Addition to the Town of Ault DF ?.10. Char/os C. and Joan M. Bickell to Floyd J. and Betty J. Alois, part of Lot 3, Arlington Gardens, DF $.85. Leon 11. and Edith N. Olson to Lyle Carpenlcr, Larry Carnahan and Mariann McAleer the S'S. of the NW/4 and the N a » of the N',4 of the SW'/i of Sec. 6, T 3 N, R 68 W, DF $.70. Steven E. and Marilyn M. Alusgrave lo Sieve and Fay J. Galindo, Lois 19, through" 24J Block 4, Town of Galeton, DF S.10. Ben and Celia Leon to Felipe and Florinda T. Pesina, the S 40 feel of Lots 15, 16 and 17, Block 7, Town of Gill, DF $.20. Elfie L. Anderson to C. M Koark. Lois 11, 12 and 13, Block 2, Town nf Roggen, DF $.10. Raymond G. and Audrey J. Pelerson to David E. and Ann L. Trcvartnn, the N 75 feet of the S 275 feet of Lot 9, First Addilion (o Mountain View Acres, City of Greefey, DF $ 65 Broadview Construction Co to Donald L. and Suzanne M. Roquet. Lot 17. Block 17, Broadview Acres Eighth Addition to Ihe City of Greeley. DF $1.90. Howard T. Herdman and Burl K. Harrison lo Vivian J. Recce part of the EVj of the NW'/i of Sec. 20, T 7 N, R 66 W, DF $1.55. The First United Presbyterian Church of Greeley to Harry K. and Eran L. Cameron, part nf Lot 1, 2, Block 67, City of Greeley, DF $1. Lambert and Son Inc. to Cuitis H. and Shirley A. Craig, Lot S, Janssen and Young Subdivision, Town of Fort Lupton, DF Minujj" BEEF STEW First let me tell you what we are NOT going lo do. We are not going lo over-promise, qr mismanage, or take power away from Ihe.people, or tell people what to do without any consideration at all for whether they can do it or whether it even should be done. Wo arc not going to do a lot of other things. For instance, we are not go. ing to encourage crime. We are not going to gouge the taxpayer for programs that are no good. We are not going to try to lake away his voice and his vote in matters about which he knows best. We are not going lo create programs and policies that will further shrink his paycheck or imperil his domestic security. Now, I know that these would all be the po- medium, the crystal set, an litically popular thing to do. Bui we are not going to do (hem. There are, of course, those who say, but why don't you do the politically popular thing, why don't you raise taxes --snd they have a perfect right to ask that question--but let me say we are not going to take the politically popular course'at the expense of the American people. Now I would like lo tell you a littfe anecdote. V/ell over a generation ago, on this same American president held out a vision to the people--a vision of - - - - - · - , and those on of two chickens in every garage. It seemed visionary at the' time, as visions so otten do, and--if it. We wilt realize our dream you will permil me a personal by taking a middle course be- answer them here and now: I realized that dream and there upon that secret weapon that is a lesson in it for us. Because we did not realize that dream by following the advice of the extremists on both sides, and we will not realize our dream today by heeding the advice of extremists--those on the one call on the Congress of the side who say that we -should do something about the problem the other who say . that we should not do something about note--I remember that it seemed visionary to me. But we have doing something and by calling tween doing something and not would make the problem worse. has served this nation so faith- trouble, sheer dumb luck. To put this program into im- mediale effecl, I am announcing several steps tonight. I will United States, sometime before next July, to pass no legislation that would be harmful to the interests of the American people. I shall be mailing instructions to all members of my government to do nothing that And finally, I appeal to you, the American people, to tighten your bolts, keep off the streets fully' and so well in limes of after dark, and return your In. ternal Revenue Service forms- promptly. Working together in freedom and a spirit of bipartisan fairness we can lick the problem of rising - - - . NATIONAL BRANDS AND QUAL EXTRA FANCY APPLES Red or Golden Delicious. Great for Hullo- ween Treats. T-BONE STEAKS U.S.U.A Choice. Tasty- Tender Flavor Perfect DISCOUNTERS PRICE SIRLOIN STEAKS DISCOUNTERS PRICE FARM FRESH PRODUCE RED POTATOES Tasty-Tender Boneless Cut. Chuck Wagon Steak . Ib. All Purpose New Crop U.S. No. 1 10 Lbs. 49 GRAPEFRUIT New Crop Sweet Large Reds 10 for $ Clulnln Tit* Boneless, U.S.D.A. f OiriOln I ip Choice Steak Ib. Round Steak S^TM*' ,,,,...,. 93c OLD TIME FEATURING MONEY-SAVING 29c CHERRY COCKTAIL TOMATOES CANDIED JIDDI CO Tasty Hallo- «J HIT LCa ween treat £ for Nationally Famous Frozen Food Favorites k Hills Bros. Coffee S l86 All grinds. Ib. can HUNT'S or LIBBY'S PEACHES Yellow Cling Halves, or Sliced. No. 2'/ 2 Cans DISCOUNTER'S PRICE .... 33c Albertson's "SPOOK" ICE CREAM A real Trick or Treat favorite. Vi Gal. -Birds Eye Orange Plus, 9 ox. can 44c Aunt Jemima Waffles, 9'/2 ox. pkgs 3 for $1 Birds Eye Coo( : Whip, Lurge cfn 49e Johnston's Pies. Pumpkin, Minco ond Apple. 35 ox 59e Totino's Pixxa.. Sausage, Cheese, and Hamburger. 15 ox 54c SHASTA ASST. Canned Pop for KRAFT ASST. Caramels 11 oz. bag. $1 33c ROYAL SCOTT -- Creamy, Easy Spreading Margarine m,.-cubed _ 15c KRAFT AM 7c off label 32 oz. bottle 62c PAPER Scott, assorted colors. Big roll MARSHMALLOW Kraft : 10 oz. jars *f for Creme KraftBrand JOHNSON'S L 27 OK. can Vl.._, Lemon or Regular 83c KRAFT JET PUFF -- 10 Oz. . .. Marshmallows 2 f0 r 33c AJAX DETERGENT For Tough Cleaning Job*. Giant *l» box. 85c LIQUID CINCH Clean»r itrongtr than dirt 22 oz. bottle 75c KEEBLER FIG BARS 21 oz. 49c BOUILLON CUBES Steero morted flavor*. 5 Count . lOc

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