Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 27, 1957 · Page 21
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 21

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 21
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18.Weld.Boy-Scouts- Will Attend Jamboree Three weeks chock full of acli.l ties will be 'enjoyed by II Weld County Boy Scout* July 421 as they take part in the 1917 Valley Forge (Pa.) Boy Scouts of America jamboree. Sixteen of the boys are from Greeley. Tom Castrn, son ol Mr. and Mrs. Dick Casten, and Steie Osborn, son ol Mr. and Mrs. Francis Osborn, are from Windsor. The Greeley scouts are: Jack LeCuyer and Philip J. LeCuyer, ions of Mr. and Mrs. Jack LeCuy- cr; Steven Vantlne, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen II. Vantine; David S. Glllespie, son of Mr, and Mrs. Alejandro M. GUlespie: Robert W. Hibbert, son of Dr. and Mrs. Russell HibbeH; Charles B. Brown, ton of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Brown; Charlei T. 'Ahlstrand son of Mrs. Ruth E. Ahlstrand; Roy S. Swanson, son of Dr. and Jlrs. Roy A. L. Swanson; Wendell 1. Ball, son nf Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Ball; James R. Mellbye. son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence P. Mell- bye; Thomas M. Dran, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Dean; Donald (Laddie) Richmond, son of Mr, and Mrs. Donald E. Richmond; Richard W. Leach, son of Mr. and Ask for it by name.. Mrs. Riy Leae B ; Siegfried E. Efken, ion of Mr. and a'.rs. Fred F. Efken; Bill Crosier, ion of Mr. ind Mrs. David P. Kelly, and Dick Farr, ion-of Mr. and Mn. W. D. Farr. Ltavo Denver July i The b o y i will leave Denver July 5 after setting up practice camp In Loveland July 4 in preparation for a week'a atay at Valley Forje, near Philadelphia. The group, representing Troop 4, Section 28, on tbe Long's Peak Council, will return'to Greeley July 21. Heading the Weld county troup is J. D. Brown, father of one of tbe scouts. Joe Keisler, Long's Peak assistant Scout executive, will serve as Long's Peak contingent leader for Northeastern Colorado and Southeastern Wyoming. 600 scouts will represent Colorado and three Wyoming counties -Carbon, Laramle and Cheyenne-at the jamboree. Suppor. with Steve The Colorado and Wyoming scouts will join forces In Denver July I and will enjoy supper with Colorado Gov. Steve McNichols. McNiehols will present the boys with the Colorado flag to be flown at the Colorado campsite at Valley Forge. The 600 scouts will leave by train that night, making an overnight stop at Chicago. On July 7 the boys will stop off in Detroit, visiting Greenfield Village ind the Museum. Niagara Falls Slop Next stop will be at Niagara Falls, N. Y., July 1 The troops will then arrive at New York City, July 9, at which time they will visit the Empire State building and the Statue of Libert). The scouts This Week's Special 3 days only! Save $130 on the pair . . . . G-E Automatic Washer and Dryer! 6-E AUTOMATIC WASHER G-E ELECTRIC . . . with neilbl. A u t o m a t i c C L O T H E S D R Y E R ' ' ', . . . Activator Wa.h- *j^%$T. 1 J. ·,,·,,,".- in* Artlon . . . flu« a 5-year lt]OJe n . K ··,,!,,,·· f o r y o u r written warranty. Fave now convenience. 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Two performances will b« given at the Roitdalo circus grounds Saturday. will lake a boil tour around New York islands in the evening. The United Nations building will be the scouts neit stop, July 10, followed by a tour of Radio City. Thr boys will then entrain for Valley Forge, Pa., July 11. Historic Vallty Forgo A tent eity will be erected over the rolling hills of Valley Forge. The tents will be located where General Georse Washington stationed his troops during the bitter winter of 1777-78. The jamboree will officially open July 12 and will close July IS. Some 50,000 scouts from the United Stales and territories and several foreign countries will take part in the jamboree. Fourteen hundred of these scouts will take part in the Jubilee jamboree at Sutton Park, England, Aug. MJ. Dick Farr, from Greeley, will be one of the U. S. representatives. Giant Assemblies Highlight! of the week's stay in Valley Forge will be Iwo general assemblies in a 35.000 capacity amphitheater, scouting displays, scouting competition, eampfircs and swapping of scout handicralt work. J. Hurley Hagood, Long's Peak scout executive, will serve as brad of sectional cainpfircs which will include a group of 1,300 boys. Religious services will be held July II. A huge Protestant service is scheduled. A Catholic field Mass ! will be recited. Other services will I be held for those of other denomi- j nations. Newspaper Covorago The scouts won't slight tne pub- \ licity angle either. Boys, Including | Jack LcCujt.' for ibe Tribune, w i l l ' be sending stories to home town newspapers. The scouts will also produce their own Jamboree Jour- nil. The city of 30.000 tents has a sizeable food problem too. It will lake 15.9fiO charcoal cooking fires to prepare the food. Twenty freight car loads of charcoal briquets will be shipped to Valley Forge. The daily fresh milk requirements -- 74.4SO quarts -- if from one herd, would require 7,HI rows in full average production. The franks consumed by the boys, if laid end to end, will extend over 17 miles. 53.0M Chicken L»gs, Thighs Fifty-three thousand chicken legs and thighs will be prepared for the scouts. The boys promise to consume $11,000 worth of ice cream, $19,700 in cake, pie, doujh- nuti and cookies, and 111.690 in jam and jelly. It will tike 1.500,000 gallons of water a day to sup| ply the cimp. The Weld county boys will t a k e i the Cincinniti · Philadelphia j major lenue biscbill game July i 19. On July 21 they will arrive in Washington and will tour ML Vernon, George Washington's home. and the capitol. A capitol building tour is slated July 22. The scout! w i l l r f t u r n to Denier til St. Louis ind Kinsis City. Arrival date in Denver is July 24. Thrtt Prtvieus Jambore«t Three previous jamborees have been held. The first was in Washington, D. C., with 27.232 scouts attending. Valley Forge was host to the second jamboree in 1950 with 47,000 attending. The 1953 jamboree was held at Santa Ana, Calif., with an attendance of 45,000. Other Cooks ROANOKE, Va. i* -- The Girl Ihe Literary Guiilepflst ··By W.G. Rog«u M ALIAS 0. HENRY: A Bingraphy of William Sidney Porter. By Gerald Langford. Macmlllan. It was almost a century ago that 0. Henry was born In North Carolina, almost half a century ago thit he died in New York, his Bagdad- on the Subway, the city which he knew as a "tourist," as Idngford notes astutely, and which he celebrated in m a n y short stories in such collections as "The Four Million" and "The Voice of the City." The. most popular short story writer of hit time and even now with a pseudonym better known thin any other in our letters ei- rept Mark Twain, Porter hid a following too devout to put much credence in unsavory rumors: That he didn't get aloiig with either of his wives, that he indulged in tawdry affairs, that he embezzled, that he drink. l.inffonl grants 0. Henry a big place in our literary history, perhaps more than I would cire to five the mm who confessed his surprise endings were just a "trick." But he is a stickler for (act, he thinks Porter the man as unrealistic as O. Henry the writer, cites chiptcr and verse, down to a count of the empty bottles, to prove he drank, and is convinced thit the embezzlement for which Porter served three jeirs in the Ohio Penitcntiiry actually occurred. ' This (till leaves a unique individual of great fascination and originality, a man more significant, as l.ancford regards It, thin his talent. His reticence ind shyness, his spendthrift wiys, his bland uninvolvement in the rights and wrongs of his times, his bewildering moodiness, the blind devotion of bis friends--thest mile Colorado Zinc Mine Will Be Closed Soon Thundir. June 27. 1957 (7REELEV TRIBUNE P»gt II cuitom art, will i!io be suspended, fallen 1 rrnti a pound la loti eenla , The decision, according to the pound In the put Iwo moolhi. \f ' .--. : iC announcement, wn based on re- Mine at Crested Buttt. Colo., »1i scheduled Thursday to be closed soon because of the falling price of line. The property la owned by the American Smelting 4 Refining Co. which gavi no shutdown date in its announcement but said procedures to effect the closing would be started immediately. Two other line mines and one mill will be closed. The action will curtail production by about 3,000 tons a month. The company said it will shut Ihe Northport Mine at Colville. Wash., and the Ground Hog Mine at Vanadium, N. M. OpcuUcs of the mill at Demlng, N. M., which processes ground hog ore and some decreasing deliveries to Ihe jov- ercni:n'.. The price of zinc hit!German firm. Egrpt Is buying 11 large diestl- electric locomotives from a West Seven prescription entrants to servt you at your friendly REXAU. nores: "Sill" stamps at Gilbert Biihop Ind Weldorado Drugs.-Am. I Does Your Lawn Have Burned Spoil or Hard To Sprinkle Areas? Install a GOODYEAR umlerjrround sprinkler system and pet uniform cm-erase . . . GUARANTEED apainst damage from freezing nnd corrosion. WE HAVE EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL TO INSTALL THESE SYSTEMS AVAII.AIILE UNDER F.H.A. LOANS 1'p to 36 Months To Pay CAM. CONSUMERS OIL COMPANY For Free Estimates Phone 456 · A I" W Scouts of Troop 10 were present but they missed their cooking l e s - j « most curious picture. Langiurd'i son. j biography provides a superb 0. Mrs. Pauline Baccary. home I Henry ending for 0. Henry's life economist for the Roanokr G a s ; and career. company, bought the food for the ] W. G. Rogers lesson and brought it to Greene I Memorial Methodist church. She i Half of all Peru's impart were deposited it at Ihe kitchen door | mpplitd by America list year, and went to set the kry. It was Lima learns. pone when she returned five min- utrs later.. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS STRAWBERRIES 10 and 30 Ib. cans CHERRIES 10 and 30 Ib. cans ILS.I).A. Inspected and Graded BEEF '/«,'/, or Split Halves ('/, of'/ 2 ) Custom Slaughtering Cutting, Wrapping, Freezing Complete Line nf frcf?lnc papers and cartons G R E E L E Y LOCKER MEAT CO. Phone 618 1115 7th Curves don't eomr too sharp or hill" too f trep for this nimlilr new Chevrolet. TTith its new velvety V8 power, new road- ability end ride, rna're the relaxed master of any road you travel. Bring on the mountain?! This new Chevy takes steep grades with puch an easygoing stride you hardly even Rive them a thought. There's lean-muscled power tucked away under that hood, just rarin' to handle any hill you aim it at And no matter how curvy the road may be, a light touch keeps Chevrolet right on course. You'll like the solid, everi- ked way it itays put on sharp turns. A car has to have a special kind of build to handle and ride like a Chevy. It has to have Chevrolet's low, wide stance, its out- ricjer rear springs and well-balanced weight! Drive this sweet, smooth and sassy performer at your Chevrolet dealer's. vonr n:opi.E DRIVE CHEVROLET? THAN A N V OTHER CAR Hills dorit mean a thing to a Chevy i R I D B O S S - jMe r h Kinnln Is Ike new dlrctlor ·( lUvlel state eftnamk ptinnlnj emtmlalin. Hell ran Kremlin's Irastle new protrim «f frcettrallsiitf, Sovltt Irdaitry. ; I CC'.:f:CN.3-T!'"U»'Ut!S UOI TO OtWI-A! t.tfi IOW COST. GIT A 6!UONSTI»T:CUI Onlv franrhiieH Chevrolet dealers (.;.·'."/ r . f ( c j r ' e -- O t v - o V · v l - J f tt f - ' L ' ' . rliiplav this fimotK tri'l'mirk See Your Local Authorized Chevrolet Dealer

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