Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 3, 1972 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1972
Page 15
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· GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wed., May 3, 1072 MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE lleclrlc P«ik, Resolaj or D;ip King's Coffee [Itcln P(rk, R« !u |j| 0 ; Diip Maxwell House Coffee MsiwHI Houis Instant Coffee Jif- duothjf or CrtOTf Peanut Butter 3lb.Can Jlfc. Can lOotlir 18oi!ir liquid Deleijwt Cold Water All «*», Ktn-Pollulinf Triumph Detergent Njn Pauling Triumph Detergent N«l Pellulrnj Triumph Detergent Huh Alliitdc . Hungarian Flour 4981 ' Pacluje Mm. Package 17? W. Pi Chill 10 Ib. ' Baj 2.19 1.62 1.55 71c 82c 89c 1.48 2.96 1.11 2.05 1.48 1.45 67c 72c 79c 1.33 2.66 1.01 CLOSE UP TOOTHPASTE r Regular or Mint Flavor eo 6,2 oz. Size OoC Minf Flavor 3oz. Size lllir Groom and Clean f.Sot. Ttbi 47c 83c 62c 78c ·HMVrf«b SPE( UKR TOP FROST HALF GALLON c Tutors ISPECU BIRDSEYE 9 OZ. ORANGE DRINK KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE ·Dtutalid Cclon (2 Rcll hdujt) : Bounty Towels \-^^. litiptrul bf-Sjrtjd (2 · I 01 Ccps) If1urgann6 Pd^nJPicVa~ie Flihchrai.-ns Soft (Z · ! oz, Cups) : Margarine, · rmir,^, 51c 49c 53c 41c 44c 48c i^OO; (j r vuyL/j'Mf)^tjrj^wcvy» Pleasin* 28 Worrell's Fully Cooked/ Moisture Added Shank End Lb.' MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL BACON j(Everyday Discount Price 1.65) 2 Lb. Pkg. MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL HAMS 59 C CHUCK ROAST Boneless, King's Sooperb AOiT Aged U.S.D.A. Choice Beef W v Lb, W 1 OQ MANUFACTURER'S S dy BOLOGNA Sliced, Sigman's (Everyday Discount Price 83c) Lb. Pkg. MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL SHRIMP BITS 139 cAusIrF Flying Jib (Everyday I V V pMUJMUi: Discouni Price 1.45) Lb. Pkg. A Hormel's Little : KING'S OWN 'SAUSAGE Italian or German, Your Choice , Lb. . Pork - Sizzlers,' (Everyday Discount Price. «5c) 12 Oz. Size' 99 $ PATTIES PORK OR VEAL, Breaded or Plain, Aunt Matties Your Choice UVi Oz. Pkg. Chdiy or Bluebmf- Fiozen Sara Lee Pie 33 01 P«j. Cuil) Noodle »i|h Chicken Campbells Soup usacm Plain or Gallic Bel Air Croutons £5oz. Pke. Bleu Chetst, Cheese aid Gaillc, lulian Cheest Bel Air Croutons "£ SO P« Cenl Acidily Reclaim Kava instant Coffee lemon Flaw red Nestea Iced Tea Mix Soz. Jar 12 01 Jar lemon Flavored Nestea Iced Tea Mix "£ Smuckers- Bulltrscolcli cr Ctiwolalt Fudge Ice Cream Topping Her.' Jar Snuciers- Asserted Jrlivots Ice Cream Topping ^ Hen Cat] Creamer Coffee Mate II 01 Jar Assorted Flaws Rice-A-Roni p« m . Per Pound 56.8c Pet Pound 32c Pei Pound 2.37 Per Pound 1.32 20.9c pei Ounce 5.4c Per Dunce 4.3c P« Pou«i 44c Pei EacH 48c Per Pound 1.01 Per Eat h 33c 1.17 21c 37c 37c 1.67 64c 1.03 33c 48c 69c 33c Tiam Concetilrile- KUtle Mlid Lemonade e,^, Hunt Mlid- fioitn Lemon Juice ws^t., MLicle Mild- ftattn Lemon and Limeade J' Fftnch Sljle wilh Almsadj- Frnta Birds Eye Green Beans '£ Buds Ejt- frozn HlliB Artichoke Hearts '£ Birds EJI- Fioait Broccoli Spears m^,. Frozen- Xpoll Sara Lee Pie .««nt PerPeil 42.7c Per Pint 41.8'c. PtrPint 40c Ptf Pound 76.5c tti Pound 1.05 Fir Pound 56c PrPoand 41.1c 16c 15c 15c 43c 59c 35c 97c |IU oior«iTU«» SPE CREAM OR WHOLE KERNEL KUNERS /70Z. . WAS i MmiHii and Cheese Kraft Dinner Krafl- Tansy llalian Style Spaghetti Dinner Snickers Gld fasV;atd Grape Jam Mayonnaise Salad Dressing Muacle )Vhip Salad Dressing Kern Inlander Punch Concentrate Tani- Inaanl Breiklast Dm* Orange Drink Mix 7.25oiSi!e Sn. Pkf. 20or. lar 4 Sot Jar 32 oz. Sin 32 oz. Sin Quail ISoz. Jar Caupbells- 6-Pjcli Tomato Juice :^n t M«ron House Baked Beans 25oLSi» Spaghetti Meatballs 15 £ Ellis Beef Stew Ellis Corn Meal Mush ins Lima Beans and Ham i^ ^^ 7*C -- -- -- -- -- 15 c;. Can 1! 02. Cl.l 15 or. Ctrl Per Pound 46.4c PerPoand 60c Per Pound 37.6c Per Quiit 71.4c Per Q.jrt 37c Pei Quail 47c Per Quart 82c PerOunce 4.9c Per Quart 54.3c Per Pound 26.3c Per Pound 35.2c Per Pound 47c Per Pound 16c Per Po-jnd 44.8c 21c 30c 47c 1.07 37c 47c 82c 87c 61c 41c 33c 44c 15c 42c T. a OJSp'MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL I BANANA NUT BREAD ( Everyday Discount Price 49c) Loaf , MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL I Butter Pecan (Everyday Discount Price 69c) 'COFFEE CARETS? SOFT TWIST :BREADE19 C I Fresh From King 's Hot Bakery ' . ' MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL ' DANISH DUTCH iAPPLE ROLLS.. ^ (Everyday Discount Price JC /I C( 5/C) 6 for KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE EI!ij Corned Beef Hash ;«*, ECis Vienna Sausages 4«b. EUi- R*ju!ar or Hot Chili with Beans !»»,, Ellis- Rejjtir Tamales 14.75 oz. Can Ellis i Jumbo Tamales n ai ^ M^l PerPoimc!. 51.2c Per Pound 92c Per Pound 38.2c P« Pound 33.7c PerPoaad 25.8c 48c 23c 37c 31c 45c - · - . _ · Beel « Cnklin'Bi-Plck ~ La Choy Chow Mein US^CH U Choj Soy Sauce Sttya L« Cboj Chow Mein Noodles 5.5**. Rlii«i Rosarita Beans n».tm Cieal Weslem of Hollj Beet Sugar m,. Puie VejtlaMe Crisco Shortening 3 ib.c,n fssoiltd Lajir Cake Flams Duncan Hines Mixes *,, Eiimii a fli?sli Martha White Mixes IM huitut *n(f it Spmd flj/oit Dutch Pantry Frostingiio,. S([ , bllttit 7'-ppinc - Adosol Lucky Whip t tttn ^^^^^^^·^^ -- -- Per Pound 40.3c PirPoand 80c Per Pound 1.02 P«f Poand 16.6c Per Pound 10.8c Per Pound 29c PttEjcli 37c Perlach lOc PerPoind 41.8c Pirfinl · 9Q.7c 1.07 25c 35c 30c 54c 87q 37c lOc 47c '·sife

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