Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 27, 1957 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 19
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Page10 CREELEY THinilNE 1 Thur»d»v. Junf 27, 1957 Steer Wrestler Approaches His Work Carefully Falling from the siddle of I gal horns of 4 snufly, 900 pound steer impresses most people is I hazardous way of making, I living. Hut to the rodeo contestants who specialire in steer wrestling, it's j u ' t mother job. The steer wrestler prepares for liic work is carefully -- and is mailer of faclly -- is a binker studies i possible investment. In hnlh cases it's largely i question rf miking the rijht drci'ion at the risht time. Practice is essential lo this event and some bulltlogging e» perls even improve their pnclice sessions by studying movies of other steer wrestling greats, care f u l l y noting f l m s in liming ind tricks of balance. Time i* a basic factor in the e v e n t . Wilh a slip or trip costing valuable second, a cowboy must m a k e good start out of the chute, whether Ihe loct! rulei require starts behind the barrier o' Up and tip. Steers are given i pre-determined head Mirt in most lirge irenis. A scoreline' is marked sevcril feet in front of the rhute, and one nf the fliemcn stands n e x t to this line, with a line lo i spring litch holding i rope icrois the hot where the contestant wiils. When the steer dishes irross the scoreline. Ihe flagman drops his flic, simultaneously pulling Ihe rope barrier from in front of the bulldogger, and the race is on. Rut if the overanxious bulldog- crr breaks Ihe birrier, slirtins before the signal, a ten second penally is added tn his time. Con- \erfely. if he wills loo long, Ihe tries off tearing it top speed down the ireni, the cowboy's horse dodjei and hedgei with the steer, no loo of which react in the sime way. Another cowboy rides is i hirer on the other side of the itcer, to keep the iteer running straight. The sleer might "set up*' -- stop Just is tha wrestler lunges from his saddle -- ind the cowboys take I bij (rib it Ihe lir and i big bite of dust. Once i cowboy gets a firm grip. on the head of Ihe critter, he must j tiring him to a complete stop by throwing his Unit heels into Ihe dirt ahead of the steer. He'll he dragged along helplessly if his feet get behind him. As sum as the steer fills on its side wilh ill four legs free ind Ihe (eel ind held pointing in the lime direction, lime is up. The flag- man, mounted nearby, drops his flag and the timer's witch is slop ped. Rut if the steer falls with its legs under it or spread eigled -i "dog fall" -- the cowboy usuilly has tn let him up ind stirt over. If Ihe sleer gets loo'e. Ihe dogger may lake no more thin one step lo recipture it. , A sleer can't be thrown by accident. "Houhhinning" -- jumping i on Ihe hr-ri of !.V steer so it's I knocked off its feet -- is tiboo. If Ibis hippens. the dogger must let him up ind they're o f f - igiin. "Pegging" -- driving a horn into |Steer Wrestler in Action Pravda Calls Ike Firebrand MOSCOW OH -- rravda Wednes- diy eilled President Eiirnhowrr a "firebrand." Other pipers in the Moscow cip- itll blossomed out with articles unfriendly to the United Stitei in u n i t ippeared to be an attempt to counteract unfavorable publicity the So* let Union rrcitvrd in the recent U. N. report on II insiry. Rarely doei the Soviet preit it- tack President Eiienhower by nime, but a headline in the official Communist party newspaper referred to him n a "firebrand' for eipreiiuij hopes for the free dom of Communist states in East era Europe. The headline appeared over a Tass dispatch from Sew York on the President'! speech at the gov jernors' conference in Williamsburg Va.. Monday. Tass said Eisenhower took the occasion "If interfere 'crossly in the internal affiirs of a number of sovereign East European Hates." The Soviet A r m y newspaper Red Star md American forces on Formosa have started miss exile of 500,000 Formo«ans to remote Pacific Islands "where slow death awaits them." The U. N. report on Hungary came under the attack of Izveslia. Thf; Soviet government newspa- pcr labeled the U. N. commission'! 1 report another eiample of United Nations failure to fulfil) ill jrtB- 'eiplei because it followed Aneri- can leadership in "unworthy ip*e- dation on the so-called Hunfiriia problem." Izvestia so far bn not published any arcounlt of wh»t th« report laid. '. One Too Many MCKEE. Ky. l*-Four prisoner! who l.roke cut of jail hid a breach of peace char;- fiied against them after their recapture. They tot out of jail by uwing bars, then entered the sheriffi office by smashing a glais door. The prisoneri then found IS ijiiei !of confiscated beer and two pliloli. ' The noijy celebration ended when 'the sheriff returned. Ihe ground lo gain leverage is also outlawed. Steer wrestling is i minsited job, regardless of how scicntifical- ly it is ipproiched. Out of the saddle it a full gallop and onto Ihe horns of in unruly pack of muscle and bone will never be safe or easy. Matching muscles with · 700-pound ttttr, tht stotr wrtstlt-r gtts a good grip on tht horns and prtpirts to dig in with his httls to bring tho trit. ttr, which ovtwtighs him 1 to 1, to a sudden stop. Thtn, working agilnsl o stop witch, ho'll twist . _ him down till ill four fett iri fr«t, pointing in th« lime direction. Kitping tht stltr running straight is th« hntr, tht mounted cowboy at left. This il.nd.rd rod«o «««nt is firt of tho Grt«lty rodto July 3-4. Wants 'Unholy Alliance' of Baseball and Pay TV investigated by Congress WASHINGTON ijfi - New York | City Council President Abe Stark, ' b i t t e r l y protesting the contemplil- ed move of the New York Giants ind Brooklyn Dodgers, nUcd on DALLAS, Tei. ifi--Kippi Sismi Congress Wednesdiy In investigate Dead Issue be "the prospect of easy m o n e y ' AlicllS ItlCrca.SC and windfall profits from toll TV',"; , Sl .SUr"accused the two club presl-i WASHINGTON * - I.a-t Jan dents of lacking sporUmanship and uary's cen'iis of aliens in the Unit Inyilty in w h i t he termed their ed States showed a total of 2.833, "pursuit of the a l m i g h t y dollar." 732, up nearly 7.5 per cent from . ; t h e previous year. Ihe I m m i z r j Wt gii 'S * M' Or«en S U m p i j t i n n Service reported Wednesday · I four friendly (Unit Storos-- i The total by states included Col Cilbtrl-Bishtp ind W o I d o r i d e i n r a d o 19.SJ7; Montana 5,626, and sleer gains yardige and morei" 1 University. seconds are lo«t. friternity boys «old Ihe used heirse they bought as a cheap meins of transportation. "It's not Ihit we're superstitious," slid James Wilhclmi of TV rnrni. Wi'h . it Southern Methodist .... I money." "We need the Once nut of the chute, the sleer FOR YOUR CAR Real Cntern Arm R*.«t CnTeri Fonm Rubher Cushion Tnppern FOR THE HANDYMAN Dell* Power Tool* Black A Decker PnrUbl* Elerelrir Tools Stanley Hand Tool« FOR THE COOK Charcoal Grill* Churroal ind Accesisorie» Picnic Ha^VelB Titled Picnle C»»MI In«uljled Ila|rn TV Tr»y§ * CarU FOR THE CAMPER Sleeping- IUg« Air Matlremen C«1tm»n Slnvw -- l^nlern* Ice Cheulo -- Aien Cr*kln«; I'lensil*-- Tenls "the unholy illiance between Ihe bisebitl barons ind the ply-television forces." In testimony before the House Antitrust Subcommittee, Stark slid the mayors of I/os Angeles ind Sin Frincisco. prospective new 'homes of the Dodgers ind Giants, 69 FOR OFFICE, SCHOOL OR HOME c Fri.-Sat. Only This Cerf/ficafe is Worth $4.31 Thi« certificate and 63c entitles the bearer to rme of mir cenuine Indestructible PRtSSURE FILLER FOUNTAIN PENS. INSTANT-TOUCH WRITING! NO MORE L E A K I N G ! NO MORE S H A K I N G ! A lifetime. Gutrintee with each pen. On* liie only for ladies, men, bop, and girls. Assorted Colors! The Pen With a Lifetime Guarantee 1957 DELUXE STREAMLINE PEN Thii pen holds 2WiVe more ink thin «ny ordinary r»n on the market. You can writ* for three months on one filling! No repair bills. Every pen tested and plaranteed to t« unbnak- »hle for life. Get yours NOW. THIS PEN CARP.1ES a factory Guarantee. THIS PEN GI\ EN FREE if you buy one in the city for less than FIVE DOLLARS. Thi« certificate good enly during advertising sale. The Perfect Pen for Students ADI) lOc FOR MAIL ORDERS MMIT t rrN* TO FACK CEBTIIICATE THId PEN WILL BI IMS jinn KILE WELDORADO DRUGS soo 9th street Drugs--Ad. ' W y o m i n g 2.S37. I Now While Available! Only one of Ihe girls they took j "think t h a t privacy is the proper o games and dinces in the hearse !wajr to develop the nilionil sport objected. . I ind lo serve i s ' i n ejample for She slid she wouldn't he caught 'children to follow." dead in it," Wilhelmi said. j But, he went on "there is an [even worse monopoly in the mak- _ . |ing. And t h a t is the corrupting al- StU(l)' , i l u n c r between baseball ind ply NORMAN, Okli. ijP--The tr.eet-1 The motive behind the t r a n s f e r ing ftf the health committee of t h e ' of the two teams tn Die West Coast 'Chamber of Commerce had to be -- which the subcommittee has | postponed. All were sick. , been told is not settled--seems to rteo* Electric I,anlern« TkermfM Bottled ind Jugi FOR THE CHILDREN Rwlnf Seln Play Tent* FOR THE HOUSE Northern Colorado'* m n u t complete selection of Awn- inss. Canvas Rednood. Steel, A l u m i n u m or Fiber Claw, K i l h e r Stationary nr Hull I'p Combination Storm \Vindown. A l u m i n u m Storm Doors and Door CrilK Ornamental Iron Railing's and Columns Ornamental Iron Hou«e Drackel* and Numbers. The Greeley Tent And Awning Co. A SPACIOUS Pl^YnOOM. almost .11 feet wide. Is nnf nf the most attractive features of this ranch-style Fplll level. Since service, dining ami bedroom areas can b« reached so easily, living; room Is kept footprint free. The plan measures 1,000 square feet and Is S16AP1623, by Architect Herbert C. Struppmann. Room .12 Cltltens Dlilf;.. 8 JO Kucliil Ave., ClcvcUn'! '.«, Ohio BIS Mh Ait. Phone 35S STICKER TIME! Official Brake and Light Station McARTHUR-WHEELER Ytur CADILLAC-OLDtMOSILI Oiiltr 7th Street I'hont 399 Super safe NYLON at BIG saving Gates Air-Float Deluxe (Regular list $26.65) ... ONLY Gates Air Float Deluxe takes you and your family safely over the miles, at today's highway speeds; safely over chuck holes, rocks, and other hazards that blow out ordinary tires. i( All «yl»« cord--pound for pound, stronger than steel -- five* the« tires 2}£ to 3 times more resistance to road shock. The tempered Nylon cord body U virtually BLOWOUT-PROOF. it 100*. cold nbbf r tr«od wears far longer than natural rubber: (ives thousands of eitra mile* of wear. "tf 1,000 gripping edqts in the advanced tread dec!;n five sure, filent traction on every l' n l °' ro *d *urfac«. ·o/ 470-15 iwU in*, (Jui MI l r»torroW« Siniilir lew prices «n «lh«r sisis, iflclwding whlftwalls. Gates 1957 Air-Float Haven tire at economy price Gates NYLON Guarantee Protecfi ogoinit blowouti, bruises., rim toll, in fact, any tin failure --for Ihe full life ef the long-wearing tread. NO TIME OR MILEAGE LIMIT · \M \J *w I I plut your recoppabl. frode-in putt these Gates tire.1 on your family ear/ Up to 6 monthi to pay. . SHEDD AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY No. ll:i A v r n u i ' P h e n i OK lil 11I1KH \\Kl.DKItS 103 N. t t t h Av*. Ph. »54W K.\ri"S S K U V I C K :SO! 1Cth S*. P R O B t H2J C. C. K K H S K V C A K A C K WKI.I.S MOTOH CO.. INC. S11 llh St. Miur-ct Burcr.dgt IIC1 Kin A v t . Pntni ^9 or any dealer in \\cld Co. diplayinc Ihe Cnles Tire »ien.

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