Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 27, 1973 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1973
Page 14
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Watergate blamed for sagging morale, paperwork piling up Fri., April27,1173 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 15 THELOCKHORNS By GAYLORD SHAW Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The Watergate scandal, its impact rippling through vast reaches of the government, is cited by officials sources as one reason for the White House's inability to fill nearly 50 top-level federal jobs. Sources contacted in an Associated Press survey also reported instances of paperwork piling up and employe morale sagging because of Watergate, because of President Nixon's second-term reorganization plan, or the lame-duck aspect of his administration. White House spokesmen reject suggestions thai Watergate is to blame for Ihe lag in rounding out Nixon's second- term team or that it has slowed the bureaucratic processes. "The processes of government are going on ... the work of government is being done," said White House Press Secretary Ronald L. Ziegler. But other sources report a near-paralysis has set in at some policy-making levels in the 10 days since Nixon announced he had launched a personal investigation of Ihe Watergate case after major but slill undisclosed developments came to his attention. The AP survey slretching into widespread sections of the federal establishment also found: --A White House breakdown shows 2(i sub-Cabinel posts remain unfilled three months after Nixon began his second term and launched his reorganization plan. In (he upper levels of some departments, the vacancy rate exceeds 25 per cent. ---Ambassadors are yel In be named for 23 countries, a vacancy rale of HI per cenl in Ihese lop diplomatic posts. --Latest statistics indicate more than 400 vacancies in low- cr-and middle-level "Schedule (.."' government jobs, meaning that about 30 per cenl of these jobs, filled by political appointment, are empty. --Reports mandated by the President or Congress are long overdue in some cases. At Ihe Department of Health, Education and Welfare, one source familiar will) Ihe lagging bureaucratic pace said "people are waiting for new bosses lo get new directions." --Low morale is cited virtually everywhere in government. "You'd be surprised how Watergate has affected morale," said an Agriculture Department source. "The trauma lias really set in," added a Social Security Administration source. At the While House, some staffers have noted a sudden slowing in Ihcir usually hectic work pace. One Executive Office Building secretary sairi lhat for the fist l i m e in years she's been able to go home before dark because "nothing is coming in from Ihe departments." The President's own work pace has increased, however. He's been spending "a great deal of time" on the Watergate matter, Ziegler said, "gelling in very early and staying late at night." The presidenlial spokesman said Nixon is also spending a "good deal of time" on his regular functions, such as assessing economic, foreign and congressional developments. When asked Thursday about the large number of suh-Cahi- net and ambassadorial vacancies, Ziegler responded: "I don't have the answer lo why that is the case ...." Other White House officials said the process of filling exec- Women's Justin Tony Lama Boots BankAmericard Master Charge Western Wear !H2!HhAvc. utivc positions has been slow because "we're trying to get top people." Some prospective nominees aren't interested in taking pay cuts to join the administration, one spokesman said. Caspar Weinberger, Nixon's new secretary of health, education and welfare, cited another reason in a recent conversation with newsmen. The biggest problem, he said, is that the wives of potential government executives don't want to uproot their families and move to Washington. But another administration official agreed "there is a certain amount of truth" to suggestions that the Watergate scandal has made some people reluctant to join the administration. He also said, however, that the reluctance was discovered prior to the latest Watergate developments, adding that some qualified people tend to shun what is "essentially a Recruits sought for frontier military post replica FT. BRIDGEH, Wyo; (AP- Recruits are being sought for this summer to help recreate life in an old frontier military post in southwest Wyoming. The volunteers, who will be paid a token sum to help defray expenses, will man historic Ft. Bridger as part of a living history program this summer. The outpost dates back to 1842 when it was set up as a trading post near Ihe Black's Fork of the Green River. It lat- er, was a Mormon religious settlement and (hen a military post. Applications for Ihe volunteer '. program must be submitted by . May 20 to officials at Ihe Wyoming State Museum. "I CAN'T UNPERSTANP WHY HENRIETTA PIPN'T TELL you'. I POSITIVELY. TOLP HER NOT TO TELL YOU!" lame-duck administration." Cabinet" are currently vacant: The White House compilation But at some departments, more shows that 12.7 per cent, of the than one-fourth of these posi- 205 positions it ranks as "sub- lions are empty. Carole A. Anderson Board of Education School District No. 6 6 Year Term Sponsored by Employees and Friends of School District No. 6 HURRY LAST BIG WEEK! STEEL BELTED PRICES SLASHED ! AAOrVrTGO/l/IE DEEP, WIDE, AGGRESSIVE TREAD DESIGNED FOR ROAD-GRIPPING TRACTION 2 ARMOR-LIKE STEEL BELTS RESIST IMPACT, AND PUNCTURE DAMAGE NOT 2, BUT 4 SMOOTH- RIDING PLIES OF POLYESTER CORD YOUR 2ND STEEL TRACK BELTED GRAPPLER WHEN YOU BUY 1ST AT REGULAR PRICE PLUS F.E.T. AND TRADE r'/./// , : , / / t SECOND TIRE E78-14 TBLS. WHT. PLUS 2.61 F.E.T. 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