Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 9, 1951 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1951
Page 3
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Mondiy Evening, July 9, 1951 LAS CHUCKS (N. MO SUN-NEWS PAGE THHEE COMING EVENTS The Library Story Hour will he from 10-11 .a; in. Wednesday. Mrs. W. U St. John will luive the program. ·*·' American 1 Legion Auxiliary will have a covered dish dinner at G:45 p. m. Friday in the Legion hut. * !\ Wesleyan Guild meets at 6:30 p. m. Wednesday in St. Paul's Moth- o'llst. church for Ihelr annual chicken dinner. ·A Pilot .Club meets at 12 noon Friday for business meeting. ·ft Si. Andrews Auxiliary will meet at 10:30 a. in. Tuesday in the home of Mrs. E. C. Snow. 1)09 Alamcda. Mrs. Ollic Isaacjts will be co- hostess; * The. Ilockhbund. club will meet . at 7:30.p. m. Friday 'night at Mo- riillla Park school. Mr. and Mrs. Vfadfi Brooksen will be In chargn at the program. They will show slides of their collection of beautiful agates. j/lsitDi-s will be welcome act thist meeting. Club Recreaiivo Has Social Heeling In Mjs. Chavez' Home Mrs. Joe Chavez .was hostess to Club RecreatiVo Tuesday in her home on East Griggs. Lovely mar- coni daisies were used in the reception room for decoration. . Mrs. F'rancis Miranda won the raffle and door prizes. Mrs. Tony Beckett was high at bingo and Mrs. Alice Saenz was second. Refreshments were served to Mesdamos Francis Miranda, Tin! Rivera, Hortencta Romero, Alice Saenz, 'Pearl Alidih. Tony Beckett, Amelia Garcia and the hostess, Mrs. Chavez. The next meeting will he in the home of Mrs. Bertha Luccro. D O R O T H Y D I X \Faith(ess Man '.Woman Well Kid Of Insincere Suitor DOROTHY OIX American Red Cross Home Nursing Classes To Be Held This Week Red Cross Home .Nursing Instructor clnsse.1 opened at 0 o'clock today in the Red Cross chapter room. Classes are to be held from U to 12 and from 1:30 to 4:30 through July 13. Registrations may still be made by 'phoning Mrs. Hazel Invin. 355. The course is under the direction nf Mrs. Margaret Taylor, national Hed Cross representative, and will include 30 hours of instruction. The following week, classes arc to be formed, in which the newly trained instructors will bo the teachers. Those registered to date include Mrs. Ann Pollard, Mrs. Nellie Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Arregue, Mrs. Frank Feather. Mrs. Charles Smoot, Mrs. C. C. Chase, ami Mrs. N. B. Snyder, Alamogordo. D EAK MISS DIX: Several years ago 1 met my first "Ma" and went with him for six years. We. loved each oilier very much niul promised always to lie t r u e to each other. Uul iiround Christmas lime, n year ago, w h e n ] would telephone him on Sunday, as h u d been my custom, he begun to gel very evasive. He would be busy around f l i c house and c o u l d n ' t t a l k , or he'd promise to call fond; hilcr ( w h i c h lie never did). Sometimes his sister would answer and sny hn had (jono out but no one know where. Incidentally, his f a m i l y anil I always got along very well together. Well. I f i n a l l y f o u n d out ho was going with a younger girl, 17 years old. 1 am 29. While wo TVcro going together, ho always evaded tho subject of man-lago and whenever it caino u)i bo said ho bad lo lake eoro of his widowed mother, lie married thia y o u n g Birl nuarl.v a year ago, ·and 1 still can't get over t h e heartbreak. 1 am f r i e n d l y with bis mother and sister Ail tliey say they can't understand why bo treated mo so shabbily. 'I jam can't seem to get over h i m . Since bo m a r r i e d , I havo mot other men who seem Interested In me, but I . j u s t can't go out with them. On tho olhor hand, I bato lo slay homo because I think of him so much then. Another I h i n g , tho girls at tho place I work arc always asking mo about my former friend and It is very embarrassing. I hulie you can^ hcln AiN'SWEH: 1 halo to scold yon, Constance, when you are already pretty down in Ibc dumps, b u t really your first clue to your friend's insincerity bhould havo come when ho shied a w a y , irom tho marriage question for six years. No man in lovo goes with a girl that long without having marital thoughts in his mind, and even though be may not t h i n k marriage- feasible lit tho time for reasons of family responsibility, he will at least discuss the isnuo f r a n k l y and not evade it. He seems to me to have acted altogether in a cowardly, craven manner, and you really should say Good riddance to him. MAKE SEW FHIEXDS You will undoubtedly f i n d friends ot infinitely greater character among tho men you mention, and 1 think you'd' better give them an opportunity to show you what real peoplo can be like, .- lead ot s i f t i n g homo sobbing your Heart out over a faithless sweetheart. i, ... Potty people do love, to get in sly digs to someone in a silua- 'tlon like yours. They arc not easy to bear by any means, but the best way to t a k e them is with a smile, no matter how much It hurts. Toss oir the embarrassing remarks w i t h u laugh, and you'll bo surprised how a b r u p t l y they will cease. Throw up your head, stick out your chin and face the world w i t h a smile. Oo out as much as yon c a n -- b u t with peoplo, and lo places where you wouldn't be asliamcj to be seen. Keep your sense ot values high, and your heart will soon heal; EAK MISS DI.X: W h a t do you' think of a -mnlhor who keens Raw peanuts were part of cmer- Kency rations during World War II In British lifeboats. l i k o D I3.M1 BUSS I M X : I ivoiilfl l i k o to k"" w '"'» li; l!1 ' 10 a this. We n r r an elderly roui'li.'. tmlli "f " r '" lllcs lu '° l1 °" rt ' My i-hlldrcn nre m a r r i e d ; ' Ills aro tocn-agcrs. The first t%vo inoiitlis I knew him lie v.'ar, the most ivonderf'il man. H u t lie lias cliausort. A l t h o u g h he comes to EOD HIO evciiy n l g h l . ho is never aftotlonato. l l o jn»t cornea In. eiilr, the good dinner I havo iireiiared for him, t h e n listen lo tho radio or reads u n t i l It Is time to t . ) GOOD EVENING Pleasant Listening K O B E 1450 On Your Dial TONIGHT -- MON. P.M. 4:30 Evening Buyers Guld.'. 4:45 Las Cruccs 'Furniture Calls 5:00 Mert's Record Adventures 5:30 The Singing Marshall . 5:55 Mell Allen Cltlh House 6:00 UP News 6:15 Fulton Leu-is, Jr. 6:30 Let's Waltz B:45 UP News , 6:50 Sports Cast . 0:55 Bill Henry and the News 7:00 Rexall RhyUiin 7:15 Concert Miniature 7:25 Eddy Arnold 7:30 Box 13 (Alan I,add) 8:00. Falstaff Serenade S:l!i 1'Love A Mystery 8:30 Jackpot Jamboree 8:00 Baukhngc Talking 9:15 Jerry Qrcy Orchestra . ,0:30 War Front, Home Front 10:00 U. P. News 10:05 Sign Off TOMORROW -- TUES. A. til. 6:00 UP News 6:05 El Corrldo Mcxlcano 0:50 I-es Highlc News 7:00 Robert Hurleigh 7:15 Tell Your Neighbor 7:30 Morning News . 7:45 Trading Post 8:00 Cecil Brown 8:15 Gather 'Round Kids 8:25 News 8:30 Morning Buyers Guide . 8:55 Talk Back with Happy Fclton 0:00 Morning Devotional 0:15 .Music of Uio Troplca 11:25 News 11:30 Queen for n Day ]0:00 Facts and Fun for Everyone 10:15 Stan Lomax Sports Views ]0:in Lnnny Rosa 10:25 News 30:30 Ccrtrlc Foster , ; 10:45 Klrt Masscy |fill:00 Tony. Fontaine . FllilO ' News 5 All Star Game K O B E L N1CTWO** A N K W K I t : The a t t i t u d e of your swain is t y p i r a l l y masculine. He" lias R o t t e n past "tho days of wine nr.ll ITCPS." "f romance and n f t e e l t o n . and w a n t s cxaclly wlmt you are K l v l n s h i m - -I'.oo.l fon.1. comfort and a l t o n l i o n . He'd probably be satisfied I" s e t U p » ""5 routine for tho rust of his life. If you w a n t h i m (.. Mipsrsl m a r - riage he'll have to l;e j o l t e d i n t o It and If you '·«·»' I h i n k ot n u y - thlnB to t u r n tho I r i r k . h e l l e r , m a k e t h e proimaal y u u r j c l f . VIC-TONE GIVES YOUR CLOTHES RADIANT LOVELINESS MODEL CLEANED , I; DY£NAMIC iM IY-Quick Servi'c« "Don't just stand there, stupid! Toll hor about Quick Service Cleaners." l-'or Prompt, Efliclonl, GourtoouEi Service PHONE 402 Todayl QUICK SERVICE CLEANERS MRS. BLOCK'S LATEST WEIGHS NEARLY 14 POUNDS Annual 4-H Club County Elimination Contest Day To Be Held July 12 Al Junior High.School The iinnunl I-H cluh rimiily { .·liiiuniilion ciiiiU'st ilay "'ill lir hrhl Thuraday, -Inly 1-, at the Junior Migh pcliool. Classitii-alions nnil U'lulprs in the girls t:onti'sts ;irr: dniry f(ui[|.s | dumonstniUon, Mi.s. Wra Liitiiner.. Garfield: rlothin;:. M r s . Forrest I Johnson: fiirnls, .Mrs. J i m - ] my Apoilai-u: iinmo economics. Mrs. An/.lie Taylor and Mrs. Oscar m u c k : public snciil'.lni!. Mrs. MKK'i'iNfi rtis'rro.NKi) j The meetiliK i'f !hr Sr-w and So , c l u b schedule;! for July 11 has ijt-cn I postponed u n t i l J u l y li. r i. SCf l£5 TIP {with a clang) at 13 pounds, J2'.l ounces for baby ot Mrs. Dcvona Block, biggest ever born In Moyweod hospital, Los An S eles. Her other three children weighed 10 pounds. (InlmmU-nalS^ndfUolo,! Texan lifiisi D her IS-yoar-old d a u g h t e r at liome every n i g h t of t h n week be- ^ caure she is g r a d u a t i n g and has to study e v e r y n i g h t ? She isn't al- '. lowed iiny dates, not even nil week cuds, and when slio goes out w i t h her girl friends sho has. to be In airly. 1 don't t h i n k it's f a i r lo (ho d a u g h t e r . Khe can't c v n n t h i n k of lioys wilhoul her mother r e m i n d i n g her about school and homework. , I · - ' UOltlS A.VSWEK: This cruel parent prolialily realizes t h a t DaiiKbler w i l l nol g r a d u a t e unless she lir.cklos clown and . irks. _Aml 1 t h i n k Daughter had better co-operate .on the Imok.: and gradualo w i t h fairly good trades, or she m i g h t f i n d herself spending another year in high .school w i t h even less i l n l l n g time t h a n she lias now. 1 don't envy Jlolher her job of keeping our w o n l d - l i c social biitlor- Jly at h u m p night*, ' h u t when diplomas are given o u t . s h o u l d bo -an honorary one for M o m ; 1 t h i n k she's worked harder to get- it t h a n ' her d a u g h t e r has. Cheer up, lloris! G r a d u a t i o n is just around t h e corner. "SWIM FOR HIALTH" queen of 1050 is Carolyn Wynn, ]f), Texarlmna, Tex., who displays trophy atop n, New York building. A committee of business executives and photographers picked her from among 14 finalists. Statistics: weight 121), height 5-fcct-D, bust 3G, waist 26, hips 37. "Swim for Health" week la June 25-30. (Intcrnalionall. Thermomeier, Tin Can Develop New Garment For Cold AP Ni'WsU'iitiircs FAYETTEV1LLE, A r k . -- A tin can. thermometer ami wind tunnel have helped produce a new type lightweight nmtcri;il for cold j wcnthcr wear. The fabric may have j mililary value. I It wan dcveUiptnl by M. E. Hark- ] 1 or. a chemical engineering profcs- j .sur nt the Univursily of Arkansas. The fabric, culled Barker cloth. comprises a nuw cotton product with wool felt grids. II IH just us warm. HiirlH-r flillms.'iis the wurnirsl ^nnnoills lie Icmnvs--fun* ur fahrles |nul- dinl xvitb tluclt or ilnwn or lined ' w i t h s.vniln:tl« i i w i l a l i n n . The ii(lv:int:ij;e bis cloth b:is. lie Ha.VS, is its light weight, hick ul blUk iuitl iucxpriibivejicss. The icscnrcb project, which he jjarguly. financftl liimself. r e q u i r e d ! | more than two yearn. Bar-liei\ a j ·1-former Army colonel, ilcclincd to ; : discuss -- ext:pj)t off tin; record ! the posbiblc mililnry value of hiH j . discovery. · j His interest in clothinp lu coin- bat the clciiicnts stems from bin ] game hiintinjr smd Army Kurviw in varimis p » r t s nnd chmntc.s of t h e ' · worJil -- Sibpna. tlie Philippine*, j .'! Alaska, I t a l y . Cniiiid.'i, North A f r i - ! ! ltd am) Okinnwi. ! A f t e r joining the f n c u l i y ln'rc, ' Barkrr .set out tn :;cc if he could ·j rievise H n i a t c r i n l that would keep ' - n person warm but wasn't bulky. ' I heavy o r nnnnmfmtable.. ! Usinfr a gallon can to simulate the h u m a n hndy hn Tilled it with water warmc'i lu the temperature Air Force Amaleurs To Accept Civilians In Radio System The Ah- Force is now accepting* civllinn amateur radio opL-nitors for membership in the M i l i t u r y A m a t e u r Radio System. Applicants must be over 21 yrara of age and hold a valid FCC a m a - teur license. They imisi Unvc in their possession and in operation, the equipment to operate in Mar-i Network. Persons interested in becoming nicniljprH of the Military AmahMir H n t l i n System M - G a.';!;L'd tn ton Inrt dipt. N u r r l s , plume 800 exl. 205 for f u r t h e r details. of n h u m a n body. He put a sensi- livu tlieriiunncter in the water and cuveml Hie ran w i t h various fabrics. Then he subjected them tn wind, rnin and other simulated nlonitMits. Tin; thiTiunmrtiT suiipHi-d ilii- i imswrr. SOIIIP fiilirirs IH t h e wind Irak thiiiufih. OlhiTs VVIMV slow In dry « n « r bi-inj; molstviifd. lliirlirr itrlrrmlm'il kipping mil the movcnirnt M' air was Hit u l t j r r t * Ivr. He hit IIUIHI cotton wild h-lt Drills, cii!t;ilninii small holrs and pliK'i'il mi iur-h apart. .lli.SS HIlmlPK. Contents 1'or buys inrlinli: denion- s t i a t i n n s i:i poultry and livestock los;i nrevenlinp. Ue^i.-itratinn w i l l t't: f r o n t ! to i-J n. m. Thursday. At .1(1 n'clocl; aU contests :irn K f h f i t i t l e d lo begin ami will run simultaneously. At ;! o'clock then: will be ;i dress revue practice. . A ilinra-r for out of tmvn -l-Jrcra will bu bcM ;iL , r ) p. in. in Mm Temple .if A f - n c u l t u r e mul will, bn spuLiSiU't'il by the Kstonsion clubs. T h O ' h o s s revue '.\-ill !r n t 7::i() and ;it fi;:;0 awjirds arc lo be presented. .ImlfjpM for i h u roiiU-HL will In- ·linlc Mi.sil:imes Si-aborn Col HUB, l l u t h Overpcrlt, nave Johnston, M;irf,-:iri-l Jobe. F. K. Ncale. Mario ncll. V i n a Gnrdiicr. M a r t i n Thii:-pe, Kilenn Woft'nrd. Miss Alda Murii- Campbi'll: Messcrs Carl. G. I l n w a n l . J. L.. Porrin, 11. L. Muth:i. Richard Mernck, L,c(n Waff- Icy nnd John Krivueaiiich. W. J. LITTLE HEALTOH IlKAI. KSTATK LOANS First National Hank Bldg. I'll. - 270 or ISO.I RIO GRANDE* TODAY TUBS. Hero's Action!! Filmed In New Mexico! HER FAMILY'S Inslslcnra that UILM-O is ".sfuncUlillg iny.'ltoriouti" is causing nutllorRk's to lnvcsli|;ntc tlciitli o[ Mrs. .Ilunos Stillman, -11, round dead in hr]roum ot tile nu-anlt Wf.slchi'Kter county, Now Ynrli. Homo of tho Stillraans while her InisljanJ and two of I l i e i r four children were away nn a llsllinjr t i l p . As Lena \Vil.'iotl. [i Rirl of 17, she was ljrou. n ,ht fiom tin; Canadian hacUwuods in ir"L!7 to lioeonin the liricie of Stillman. hi'ir to lianl;- ing millions. ( liilcrmtllatmll KIDS UNDER 12 FREE -WHEN WITH PARENTS . ! I EFFICIENCY is just as important in tin OFFICE as it is in o PtANT WritQ , .. GEORGE S.MAY COMPANY "Buiintw- £s*yMi"JMj V / o . I B I I I U i v i . i o n 291 Goniy Sheet, Son Fionchto 2, Colll. Ill 1950. Americans t-onsnnicd lOSl.rdo.iri'J gallons of distilled spirits. Tliis an average |cr capita cons-.nnption of I . M r;^l' in; '. Insure and .Be Sure of LOSS PROTECTION. Auio - Fire - Polio LIABILITY lie sure ;inrl in.stn'L 1 with Bill C h i l t n n General Insuranco Arjonl CHILTON LOAN INSURANCE CO. 123 No. Church St. No Wa».- NOW When you attend the RIO GRANDE and STATE Theatres Decker Hardware Auio SUPPLY Las Crucos Drua Quick Sorvico Cleaners 7h e Farmers MM. The Music Box L., Cruc- TurnUuro Tho Worry Go Round The Budget Shop Fashion Shoo S.oro I :YOUB OPPORTUNITY TO L ATTEND .THE MOVIES TWICE mm THE PRICE OF ONE! WtLe*~***J30-7*r/'· 5,600 ! MOVIES 4«ninURlHAN TO! Admission 50c - We - lOc Phono 413 Lasl Time Tonight , 0 f f U.i60CrUOlll«SO*D OPEN AT 7 NIGHTLY! ENDS TONITE! /SJ EXTRA - Added . , . ! "BEAVER VALLEY' Latest Fox News! Disney Carioon "We Can Dream, Can'i We" Movietone News TONIGHT TUES. ALL FIRST 'RUN Marios y Miercoles TITO JUNCO "Yo Male A Juan. , Chnri'osqucado" NOW.., don t have to be rich to enjoy rich LOWERED PRICE! Buy now-savc! Co lo your 1^ '"'"oriic .Icalcr al . l%? "" rC "'"' ' CC ' llC $j£t «lnrlling | ow |)ricc "»w in effect! "A B A R R E L OF Q U A L I T Y I N E V E R Y IJOTTLE!" T1,U whiskey if four )·»» olil. 86 proof. Old Quaker Dialling Compuny, Uwrcnccburj, InJ.

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