Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 27, 1957 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 17
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Ttinrsdiy, Jan. 27, 19S7 GREELEV TRIBUNE Paje 9 College and Greeley High Bands in Parade The Colorado State Colleje summer marchinf band and the Greeley fclfh school marching band will represent Greeley in the Fourth of July Parade this year. The CSC summer marching band ia one of lii banda at Colorado State College. The "Pride of the Sockies" football band, the large and small concert bands, the varsity pep band, the Air Force ROTC band, and the summer concert band are the band groups that the divUkm of music sponsors. The marching band is made up of lummer school itudectv This year the band will be under the direction of Wayman E. Walker, a member o( the faculty of the r I Weld County Res! Estate Transfers Itivcme itampt on real ca- lata trantfera are at thf rate ol 11.10 per thousand. June IS Fred O. Anderson to Frances A. Anderwn. Part of tots 1, 2, 3, 4, Blk. 4:, in the Town of Eaton. No rev. Pio M. Navarrcle to Domitila Navarrete. Lota 3 and 4. Blk. 10, in the Town of Pla'tteville. Rev. tl.10. division of music at Colorado State College since 19)1. He came to Greeley after advanced band study at the University of Southern California. Walker belongs to Pi Kappa LamMa. national scholastic music fraternity, the College Band Directors National association, Colorado Music Educalort association and Music Educators National conference. Under the direction of Esrl J. Faulkner, the Greeley high school band, with its 70 student members, will represent the public schools of Greeley in the Fourth of July Parade this year. The Greeley high band is divided into ssvera! parts. The pep hand, composed of a few regular band members, plays for basketball games and pep rallies. The swing band, also a small part of the rcg ular band, plays for school and Youth center dances. Faulkner, director of b?nds in the secondary schools, received his B. A. and his M. A. from Colorado State College. Taiwan (Formosa) is In build a $3.000.000 coking oven with U. S financial aid. Sixty-five Bristol Britannia turboprop planes are on order, five for America. rtErortT or rosmTiov VVI-.I.D roi \T\ IMM «r n r t t l r r In t h » Pt«i« of i'«inrado »i "· ·"" Caih. fcaltnrf* w i t h oth*r p « n V p . I n r H i d i n , ana eaH litre. In proc»»« of c o l l e c t i o n Obliittinni of f t a l M in* p o m i . a l nihdulr. Lnni ind rilpcountu (including- 1121.27 ot Furniture iod fl*tur*» -- · S t a t e H a n k N o . T of I ' U ^ i n r * * o n J u n i \r M i n t a n d p u s r a n t ^ II.lin.14! d 2,«::.t:i . I S I . S S 1 . l TOTAL ASSETS M A m L l T I K * I.m«nd d.pMltl of ll«lTldu«l«, r««n'"hlp«. ind ( m'piwItVof'lJs.lUd 8t»tn aoitrnm«nt ( I n c l u d l n r pom! of MatrTaVi political ur.*M«len» Oth»r d-rnjit. [ c e r t i f i e d and o f f i c e r , chf-V«. »tc . ·-.- TOTAL IlF.POSITS |l.«i,l.».«I O t h e r ll.Mlltle, -- Capital* _|S,017.11« 41 lVAr.rlMrTn^.r^^ TOTAI, CAPITAL ACCOUNTS -- -- ------------ ...... ---- TOTAT, UABIMTIRH AND CAPITAI. ACCOUNTS -- ·Ttili b«nk'« enpltil ten»Ut« of : . . Common .t«k ,lt» '»« 1J JJ.VonANDA --- ' » »r » . l « n . « to ·ttUT* llabtlUUl anil for A l i r l . cl I. _ ... JI. «-ntra»d b a n k , f l n ...IT ft.?-t»: c .VEi"TM"'; r,' .'Avis-tS"'? ·-",·-.ft T»pr»»*nt.« th* t r u « »t»ti» of lh*» *«fr*rtl mitt-ri h*r*In c " n t » l n ' forth, to t h « b*.t of mr k n o w l f d n t and ^^'j/'jj J ( l f V t o n rrff \ . l l f t . A A A ( Corrirt--A C»rt B fcfrtbr r.rtlfr th»t I im n«t in M f i c Mr remmUkilen »irlr*» Oct. 1. I t l . . J u n * JJ. 1 « » ? Wurnuin, N o t a r y P u h l l * ATTENTION Dog Owners I)OR license* bernme delinquent if not paid on or before July 1st. Summons win he served on those failinc to comply w i t h this ordinance. GREELEY POLICE DEPT. Local Accordion Students Compete Krieeer Accordion itudioi participated In the eighth annual accordion contest tponwred by the Rocky Mountain Accordion tocie- ty Saturday and Sunday at East Denver High school. About MO sola contestants from Colorado am! neighboring states took part, aa well as 200 duets, trio* and quartets. Forty-two bands also entered the competition. Charles Uaganle, one of the world's most Jamous accordion soloists, compoer and arrangers, judged the advanced solo and band groups. He nave a concert Sunday evening. Included in his program were several o{ his o»n compositions. Solos were chosen from a specified list and the contestants were divided into categories according to the grade of music played and the age of the contestant. After all contestants had played in each category, playoffs were held for the six finalists in the group. Trophies were awarded to the first, second and third place winners in each of the seven categories. Winning trophies in the solo? from the Krieger Accordion studios were Alan Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith of 1817 Thirteenth street, first place in category 4-B; Butch Zeller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Zeller of La Salle, second place in category 4-C; Janet Combers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Combera of 1407 Eighth street, third place in category 1-B: Debra Lynn Foos, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Foos of Kersey, third place in category 4C; and Carol Winter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rhiny Winter of La alle, third place in category tE. The numbers one through six designated the graded music division and the letter following designated the age group of the contestant. Alan and Carol are pupils of Harold Krieger; Butch of Lawrence Magnuson; and and Debra. Mrs. Harold Krieger. Ir, the six finalist playoffs, of Jie best solos were Eugene Rein, on of Mr. and Mrs. John Rein of versey, Dennis Nauman, son of klr. and Mrs. Don Nauman of 21M Davis street, Julia Coursey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Coursey of Johnstown, and Donnie Hirschfield, son of Mr. and Mr». George Hirichfield of northwest of Greeley. Eugene and Dennii /re pupih of Mr*. Wayne (Dorothe) Grant; Julia, Mrs. Krieger; and Donnie, Krieeer. In duet competition, Karen Deer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Deer of 714 Nineteenth street, and Steven Greenwald, ton of Mr. and Mrs. Casey Greenwald of Windsor, won third place in category 2. Third place In category 3 went to Dennis N a u m a n and Keitb Eitemiller, aon of Mr. and Mn. R. M. Eitemiller of 2114 Ninth street. Second place winners in the top category went to Carol Winter and Donna Elsberry, daughter of Mrs. Cecel Johnson of i 142SVi Eleventh street. In trio competition, first place winners were Diana Burton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. 0. ', Burton of 1003 Glen drive. J. D. Priclcclt, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. , I Stevens of Eaton, and Debra Lynn I Foos. Taking third place in their' I category with a trio were Patty Kerbs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kerbs of Eaton, J i m m y Bur- , ton, son of the L. 0. Burtons, and j Milton Krieeer, son of the Harold | ! Kriegers of 1122 Nineteenth a e - ! nue. i In the advanced category, sec- i ond place winning trio was com- j posed of Carol K a u f f m a n , dauf liter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kauff- mm nf Fort Collins, Barbara lloff, daughter of Ml. and Mrs. In Hoff of 1011 Fourth street, and Jerry Walters, ton of air. and lira. Henry Walters of GUcrest. Mrt. Grant waa on the judging staff for trios and quartets, but did nrH judge any catefory In which Krieger atudenta were entered. In the quartets, second place in category 4 went to Barbara Schel- lenberf. daughter of the Carl Sthfllenbergs of Eaton, Marina Bemhardt, daughter of the Jacob Bernhardta of MUUken, Gloria Torgerson, daughter of the Norten Torgersons of west of Greeley, and Julia Coursey. Bands were entered and judged separately in categories 1 through 6. plus a virtuoso band group which could be entered by teachers and professionals, as well as sludetya. Winning third place in band Jerry Hettinltr. David Splvey. Larry Bauer, Jimmie Lantj, Johnny Kunnelli. Gregory Morgan. Gary Stencel, Betty Tateyama, Bobby Coursey, Edward Roberts, Janice Holmes, Duane Torgerson. Robert Ehn, Vickie Sn;der, Ronnie Rothe, Clifford Johnson, Sheryl Boles. Tommy Fischer. Kenneth Ross, Bobby I.arson, Dickie Anderson, Dianne Maiey, Gary Etherton, David Klintenberf. Johnny Johnson, Charles Johnton. Jerry Barnaby, Susan Kawakami. Wallace Moore. J. Kuney. Ella Fritz. Eugene Tateyaroa, Jim Wood. Gary Parris, Daniel Busch, Norman Sameshima, Dick Kur- jyna, Sharon Stoll, Bobby Brunner, Rita Nicks, Anna Fry, Curt Krieger, Gaylord Huff. Ronald Felte, Bruce Johnson, Dorothy Kammenell, Anita Nicks. Douglas Ruff, Stillman Floth. Vernon Wolfe and Gary Curtit. Reunion in'the Rain Arkansas Valley Alfalfa Aphlds fail To Develop category 4 was a group playing the Caprieeio Italien by Tschai- kowsky. This band was trained and directed by Mrs. Wayne Grant. Second place winner in top band category was Krieger't band which played Finlandia. DENVER Hi -- The feared ir- Third place wat also won by lurn O j tn , alfalfa aphid, the in- Krieger't virtuoso band group | l r c t v hich left eitensive d a m a g e j who played DCS Mastersingers a n d l j n the Arkansas Valley last y e a r . l the Dance of the Flowers. Playing:has j,,i fc i to materialiie. i with this group was Miss Viola j An official of the Colorado Dept. | I.undberg, who is a former pupil ] o f Agriculture credits the l a l e l of Krieger. For the past two | spring and cold rains for their i jears, she has been in the em- jbsence. Those conditions were i ploy of Lloyd LaVaus, accordion (considered responsible for a g r e a t - j Police Court CdRHICTION U , Clyde L l ' l i e r , MM Jiekson boulevard, wn found fuiltr lice court fctre on « -charge) of uiinc profine and oHemlr* llnf- liter. He was fined I1J.50. TT« court later suspended Die ft«, which wn not it tint reported; USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS artist and composer from the e«!t, who is well known to Greeley audiencei. Miss Lundbcrg has traveled extensiiely in the United ly increased number of parasite insects which feed on the aphids. F. Herbert Gatei, chief of the Agriculture Dept.'s Ho-Hum States playing " professionally, i plant industry, said none of the i Lawrence Magnuson, student at j destructive insects has been found I CSC and teacher for the Krieger in Colorado this year, studios, also played with this i group. I The young people from the Krieger studios, who took part in the accordion contest, besides those already mentioned, are: Calvin Moore. Robert Magnuson, Kathy Wiedeman, Sharyn Geltman, Ronald Wiedeman, Ronnie Willow, Karen Johnson, Larry von Trotha, Rodney Brunli, Janice Molhershead, Connie Combers, Ttars n» oljdntu pour at Kanawha Airport, ChirUiton. W. Va.. at two tistirs who hadn't it«n tach ethir f.r }i »«art wtr« rtuntttd Jun. J4. Mrs. Clara Golf of Charltston (rljhl) is hr htr sisttr, Mrs. Htltn M.rris, e« Btath, Ctlrf., (backI and«w Craig Morris, ». (AP Wirephel.) ,, You Must Be Registered By JULY 9 COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo, -- The bear-hunting season in Colorado last fall was pretty much nf . Game and Fish department co- 10th Art. and 9th St. Phone 4050 ordinator. said abnormal drynesi j in the mountains was responsible. This caused beart to go into hi- bernaton eiarler. In the twinkling of an «ye, death and destruction can meet you on the highway! Be your safest with Safe Vision. Have your «y*s examined now, for your own protection. 38 Years Service In Greeley SEE HAEFELI and HAEFEU OPTOMETRISTS and OPTICIANS PARTICIPATE IN THE FREE Vcmdy's Specials HUB CAP EFT PREVENTI PROGRAM ON R.|t. 1C.7J -.«^r;» Sporting Goodl Fly Rods! 4,95 5,95 _7,95 t Hods. Spinning Reels _ _ fl.50 _5,95 Junior Siie. R«K. Hi Senior slie, Fisbinit Cre.l with Pocket*, net. IK Snelled Hook.. Piclaje of « . .- O AQ **^° Boating Supplies · Oars · Paint · Class Cloth · Life Jackets · Canoe Paddles · Used Outboard .Motors Fisherman Map 1,50 Reduced! Power Mowers Ileff. 51.50 Now only! 50 f t G a r d e n Hose 2.66 i-n ot :i Colo. Mapi Mill End Spinninc Line* 41 yard, to I) yards POP GEER. 4 BLADES 89c 1,25-1,49 HOT 'N COLD Picnic Jug 1.44 Onl Weed Cutters 3 Motor Driven Demonstrators 1 '/2 Price Landing Net Used Bikes »·(. i n Knw Onlj* 98c 2fi Inch. Now as low as . VANDYS Portable. I AM Spot Light I .ft Itntim Cooler with OQ QC Squirfel Case Fun WV.wJ Rain Jackets With Parka 1 CQ Reg. X9.'. I«v3 Phone 857 1015 8th Ave. HERE IS WHAT YOU DO SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 29: 1. Drive to the Police StoHon at City Hall, Seventh Street ond Ninth Avenue, between 9 and 11:30 o'clock. j 2. There officials will Vibro-Gravc the control number from your automobile's registration card. This will give the year of the car and the last five numbers of your ID number, preceded by a "3" to designate Weld county. '· 3. The numbers will be small, though visible to the eye, and will be marked on the outside of the hub cop, next to the valve stem. There is no disfiguration to your hub caps. 4. The electric vibro-engroving operation takes only a few minutes. You will not be delayed long. There Is No Charge for This Service To Weld County Residents Cooperating in thi§ Hub Cap Theft Preventive Meaiure Are The Greelty Automobile Dealers Association, Weld County Tire Dealers, The Greeley Police Department, and The GREELEY-WELD Herbert T. Aipinwell Davit, Iniurance Agency Martin G. Field Flood and Petcrion M. E. Hagan ASSOCIATION (SPOXSOKS OK THIS A D V K K T I S K M K X T ) W. L Happel Agency, Eaton Price Hopkins Morg'aret L. Johnion Albert S. Keys Agency Kinney Loan and Finance ArVilion Iniurance Agency, Eaton Fred W. Noe, Insurer E. E. Sears Don J. Shaw Agency Stgn Smith Agency J. C. Vanderlip Agency

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