Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 28, 1962 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1962
Page 16
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Classified Adve Classified Rates CASH WITH OKDKR ON OUT L Or COUNTY ADS Fin-t Insertion, per word 4^ ler word ._ j j M i n i m u m charge 60c Lice rat*. I*T nwmth. minimum two Ij n«i ·· - . aSi.W Classified ftdvti".i*injt: e»-bj«t to lOTc E\er other tm ads to be char^td « one day ntl*-. Blind boi numbers 25c e\in. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY M in imum on* i ach. No cuti or bordt-rs. SI- 10 i*r column inch, (Volume ratem ui«on application* F.KKOKS TO BE REPORTED AT ONCE. The Tribune will make no »1- lowancv for more than one incorrect Iniertion c»f any ndvertiiement. Classified Index Auto Service and Suipliea 52 Board and Itnnm 9R Building Material S4 Coal anrl Woo.1 3f. Construction E.|ui(mtnt 50-A Pllatnm Wept ]. Education and 1 nit ruction S . For Kent-- Huildlnpi 20 Vor Rent-- GarattM IS For Rent -- Mt. Homes, Cabins 21 For Rent-- Off k« Space __ 22 Fruit,, u n i t V f f f o t i h l i x 30 HBV. ( . r a i n . KM*,. Straw 40 l l t I p Want*.! 7 · Unmo ami A n ' n IV* It or* f.3 - Urii«»hnM CvuU 3(1 Iff* Swap 90 ' *TM!tMfc 41 · M n n c v tn T w i n n SI llr-npv W(.ntjr1 S'' M n v i n p anH Smi-icr I S P«l (.Ntntn IK S.^d«, P l a n t s , Klnivort SS ThftI Ori M anrl Truck* Kl W x h l n p M n r h d i M 45 p,r»..l, . GUARANTEED watch and clock M pair inc. Graybea] Jtwelry. A U A N O N . WANT to ride daily to and from Brentwood urea to vicinity of collcire campus. Call 352-2603. FOR drinking problem! contact Al- coholici Anonymous, 2608 7tb Ave. P.O. Bex 1209. Ph. 352-6601. 352-G695. SUGGESTIONS for Chrlitmu tnter- mai trees, bell center bricks and roll*, egg nog, fruit punch. F-berle's Ice Cream Store. 1517 8th Ave. Ph. 853-1592. Transportation · 3 ELLS Rent A Car. 922 N. llth Aw. 362-7660. We deliver. Anytime ANYONE interested in ridine or iota- inK a car pool to Denver, Call 353-2192 or 33-35B3, CAR rentals, daily, w«kly, monthly. Griwley Leasini Company. 262-9174. 1100 Bth Ave. Announctmcnti ' THINKING of bicycle. 7 Think of Alkiro'i Sporting Goodi. 852-9501. Professional Services 5 LIFE -- Hospital -- Income infltrance. Call Stan Williami. I'h. 153-HCi. PIANO tuning and repairing. 353-0611. Dak WMSOIU GUNSMITH Is town? Y« iirl At AUD1TAX. Short cut to bookk«pinn and tax service. W« BO to your home. 352-7332. Box 659. Butincu Servic* ' GREELEY Curtain Cleaner*. No pin marki. 706 9th Ave, Ph. 353-HB. · eervice yours. No diaper raih. Bac* - teria free. Call 852-8192. Alkirt's Sporting Goodi. Camficl Hotel Bids- 362-9501. WANTED -- Experienced interior pain er. Phone 352-3135. .DRlVER-salesmRn f o r eatablished route. Give age, work record an( salary expected in first reply ·: Box E-17. c/o Tribune. · Q U A L I F I E D teacher, needed. Euro in an active teachers placement b . -.reau. S4.6DO to 17.MO. Western State . Teachers Exchange, Box 201, Bou der. Colo. IHMK01ATE openinKB for full or pa ' '. time representative* in cor.* urn · sale?. Product nationally advertise! . - · Liberal carninjtB, (100-5125 per wee 1 Ph. :in2-C3.!5. WAN. PKC H2 to 30. tc be trained ir supervisory work in aewinn factory Future is brisht for man who car q u a l i f y ant! is willing to work har ( Cive education, work re-cord and ag« Write Box E-12, c/o Tribune. , ... HELP W A N T E D Waitress and Cooks Apply in person PAT'S CAFE in LaSalle SEVERAL GOOD OFFICE POSITION'S OPEN NOW Is Your App.irniioi: In Our Kilos? GREELEY E M P L O Y M E N T SERVICE 817 ',2 3th SL 353-018 Olrs.) Gwen Cravfn, Mgr, 2 MEN NKKDED f f i r !ii/- (Jrcftlcy i J i f . l r i f t who ar :r.'Tli;iTii(ii!ly inclined ;nnj n , He of iicimiKiriK A |iii«iii".*s t t h e i r own iiwlflr ^nitlnijr-v ;ti triai);ief?iiif*nt of Hie oldrst ;I.IL hirynst compel ny In UK- fiHi M u r l i i n r r y repair. wrlHin^ n Kales fxpfrtenrc helpful. Ahm fM-THKf famine?. Must hn\ [! ki,j* or panel. SKK r.'AI.K MA.IORS 22'7 12'h SI ltd. Monday. n»r 31 8 R m. to 5 p m. UlKCfriM ·· ImtructHM S ESSONS. Al} mufcieal nutfuoawnta licml instrument*. 352-7332. Can You Qualify I for employment' for advancement? * "Training Makes the i Difference" Day and Evening School 1 Classes slartiug rdduury. iyfj.* a Applications are now being processed ] Admissions Office open 9 · 4 :30 daily i Including Saturday Greeley Commercial 20 Ninth St. Greeley 302-0745 It Pays" C location. I'h. 3S2-2Q6.!. FOR RENT SMALL CAFE * nquire at Sunnyside Motel 1742 1st Avenue Situotioni Wonted 1 0 ILL d.» tialiy »ittin» at nik'ht in ywiir hume. 352-415LI. (1 IT huustuork by the hour Mondays. References. 363-.M76. KVV1NU - alteration! - aproni -- K U N I N I i in my home. Call 353-2712 ABY sittinif in my horn. In Evans. ANTED-- Ironing. Phone 352-6501. ANTED-- Ironing In my bom*. S2 bushel 1901 Btb St, ILL do ironing in my home by the hour. 2706 7th Ave. A1NTING don* reaionably. Call 352-1123. ITERATIONS -- 1740 1th Ave,. or 352-7311. OUSE doctor. Remodeling and repairs. Brooki C. Cole. Ph. 35..-577*. estimates. Dale Teetman. 353-0518. Romero, 352-6079. after 6 p.m. ON ING. CIoi. to eolleffe. 33-4S16. H1LD care, licensed and experience! 353-474*. ONING. 3B3.2101. LTER AT IONS-- Ladies', men's cloth- fie. Grace's Alteration Shop. 812 Vj Sth St. alSS-SDIS. HLD care, daily in my home. Rea- 3IC. Free inapeetion. Ph. 363-1768. Rex AINTING. residiQtitl maintenances a iptciilty. Fint clan work and material. L. S. McDaniel. Ph. 352-0250. AINTING-- Exterior and interior. We save you money. Call: R. Rosin, 352-3352; G. M.y.r. 352-3011. ing stations, etc., quarterly and monthly returns, sales tax, payrol 353.3875 after 6:80 p.m. PAINTING, exterior, Interior. Rea eonnble and courteous service. 45 2617. C. E. Myricki 352-1096. W. Obbirdt, Custom Work 1 352-372S. CUSTOM corn ihelllng. Wilb«rt Rob- SMALL dozer and carryall work. Bo Lanon. 284-5552. lor Cabinet Shop, 2606 8tb *Ave. lANURrJ hiuling. Clark Mack* 352-6872. HAY grinding and hauling. Ca Luther. 352-94S3. CUSTOM manure hsuling from Mon fort Feed Lots. Call Sam Both, 234 6B30. TRENCHING for water lines, acpt tanks and leeching fields. La Sal Plumbing, 284-7832. Jean H. Brown 284-7833. DOZER or carryall wont. Small leve !ng jobs, corral or anything. Also loader service with a Hough 1^4 yarc Pkyloader. Trenary'a Farm Serric Ph. 2S4-7B02, or 284-5404. wide, 5 ft, deep. We go anywher fast mobile unit Our pricei a comnctitive. Also rrnl ·avlngs o Plastic t'ipe. Central Trcnchin Service, Ph, 352-4864. llth Ave. Bth Stroet. Trash Hauling 1 H K Trash hauler. Anything, an where, anytime. Reasonable. 852-80" ASH and trnah hauling. Fred Olivas Ph. 332-1389 anytime. IF IT'S irssh we haul it. Call Johr Kline, 3- r 2-167a. CESSPOOLS, «ejtle tanks, itrcaw traps pumped. Whittaker- 32-DO7 ASH and trash hftuiinif' Uco. Rupp G GOT TRASH T Call Vic. He'll com HUHUISH removed. Phono 153-1209 CESS.'OOI,S. ««ptSc Unkn, gnxr, traps. 352-7255. or 3. r 3-i368. Wayn WLKKL^ traab rcrv.c*. No hurntn neresnary. Furnitthtd container I'h. Ucitway niipoBnl Co. 3j2-7M? Moving and Srarag* 1 M O V J N G an-j MnriiOT problems? Cn Lnffprty Movinc and fitflrnit TRACKS for rent by hour, day o week. Kvcrythinc furn. cACeut Iriv rr. Trark KcntaJs, Inc., 408 2Ct St.; 4. Wanted (o Rent 1 KPI-jf. I A I, nt**nt ff*r Pru'lpnlin] In*u nnri- Co., iv iff; d r i l l 2 * - n a t JUJCM | _ ^-- - ' I! " V ' l '-' 1 '' r '' 0 ' T H'''R« l . " 1 fir-..].' m.*,rralc, 2 -r 3 Mr'-. q'li'-t nMKhb.irh'i'i:!. Nn V h i i . i n - r i · I ' t n k i n K ir *mf.kin«. C u l l f, s C-2g \nff\i- frnni Denver l,v J i n 1 I'J.-.i.- U,,-y UI,MI."." :·!- i-.:, , Wl.ij.tri.ijr,... r For Rent -- Houtet 1 101! IlKST 'L l.Mr.-.rr. ,. me. f u r i i K . K)H KKN'I - On* t*i.r,nm (.iijiif r .'''J-T'-'l frnm 8 to t o n l y . n KOI'P. nr-m ht-i** fm rpnL Call e-. ,, r.itiK.. r,7,.r,i74. i^'l^n!^^ I^V/'m'uh S-'T-,: /'riii'r;-!:. """"· 1? "° : '" h S ! r O J i "tlKNT" 1 r-wm r/:;. c » r,.-. , A itk ( ^** fcai.sjfr-- --Aaati. 17 rtising i^^us-^-- -* ·^ I r L H N SHKi- ? b^rw^n avt. Vtilitirt. c ,, . .. ., K l f i K i y H t U bamoH-ut apt. One o*- T: for Beat -- Houses 15 wo K:,. C'.iht=« paid. 1319 I5U. K MAM. ^ f f,»r ,,.«·.. - ·Hmr ".-^M:»Mi.n. ',940 l l t h A\« UK It N . .J tvi.i ho-.-c j.i.nly f u r TI h,-:. i' a :i SiL'-ly.'J. I - a i t J . f u i r . yr u n f u r n . ".il'j lith UK K K S r - H v d r t n i Ud.^m h..u**-. i, .·lusi* in. ?·.! I.IT truiith. A.«iUlIr J ^ n . } . WriU- I!,.* E-l!-. c o Tribune \\'U l*-druuDi huUa* fi-r rt-nt. Carpw ' \\ U bcdriAim nuxlvrn homv. 2 »crf» ] Kn.und. K*st of tracks. $TO month. dUbli.K hajmni. el.xtriclty. water. ' *pai-t- Included, oi'tion to buy. 352-7^. UR KKM-- Four r.^.tn fim,. houiw. I ^·as hvat f u r n . . baby welvvme. Scott "jlClt" month." Will le^.' U-1 *H«1- f u r n . at a2I Main St.. L* Salic. house. '_' beilroumi in tmiwuenL 11)14 '.'th St. Call 353-U6a, Joyrier Remlty. N K be.! roo to duplex In Garden City ] with itove and rt-friKtrator. tiS.OO plut utililies. 352-7794. "WO bnlrvom hoiine. 2131 filh St. 1 (75 per niunth, plui utilitifn, bnliy Hvloome. Availattle Jan. i. I'h. 5S7- \\ (1 tnKrnjni house, u n f u r n . Fi replace, ft-ni'»?(I in buck yard. Karaite. lUl'SK fur rt-nt. Two bedrooms, car. jn-Utl, itarait*-. Jlflo w month. Avail- Hu!e Jan, 1. .'hunt* 353-03T8 or OK UKNT-CIean two bedroom un- f furnishtt! houie with Karaite in Kvani. $CO per month. Kurnish your ow-n utihtie.H. Two children welcome. U t SALE or rent- M.xitrn furnished Hillside home. 3 bedrooms, finished apiu'ious Int. with Harden npxce. nicely landscaped. Convenient to Jan. 2K .inly u, dependable party with BiMd reffri-ncM. 3508 17th Ave. Ph. 353~t:iGt. OLI.E(.K approved rooms, kitchtn OUM for n u r k i n R lady. Kitchen prlv. ilt-Kts. Write Box r^lfi c/o Tribune OOM. private entrance, for man. Call n f i t ' r . r .:an. 170S 15th Ave. 352-9.!79 O U S E K K E l ' I N C : room for one p«r- s«m. IU2.« Uth Su Li;AN. wleepint room for working man. :i3;!-.;273. ICE, f r o n t room. Cloit in. Reaton- JLLECE men. Furnished roomi and modern kitchen, colleze approved. ICE, clean bedroom with private bath. Reiuonable. by week. Motel Hoover, 21.1 l l t b Avenue. .EEPING room, close In, clean, next to both, TV hookup. 1014 10th SL 352-7713. or without kitchenett«. TV hookup. OOM for rent. Working nun or »tu- dent Cooking privilejw. 19-10 llth TEHLING HoW. Room, with or without bath. Monthly or weekly. Maid service, phone, cafeteria. AH conveniences. ERMANENT roomi from .520 month in annex flection. From 13 month in main lection. Room and meals from $80 month. All conveniences. ParkinK lot, phones, wakeup aenriee. We will glv« you free moving «erv- ice. Mr. Wation, Camfield Hotel. For Rent 1 --- Apts. 1' BASEMENT apt., furnished. 163* lOt Avenue. 352-7728. FOR RENT-- 2 bfdroom apt., ntwl FUBNISHPD 3 rccm apt., private FOR RENT-Unfnrnlihed 2 bedroom apt. No children or pets, 353-4305. ONE room kitchenette apt., furmihed 112 per week. Adults. 852-0067. 705 13th Ave. 352-2765. THREE room furnlihed apt In Ker sey. 352-3121. FURNISHED basement apt., redecorated. Adults. Ph. 352-3272. j A R G E , upstairs, furn. 8 room ap REMODELED 3 room apt. Clou to CAIUNS. tlM and op p9i month. Span i«h communitj. 862-2783. SMALL furnished apt Suitable for or 2. Call 352-3776, G to 8 p.m. 7th Street 362-3826. FURNISHED apt. Colletw boyi. Col le«c approved. 1700 13th Ave. CLEAN, furnished apt Utilitiea furn 414 9th Ave. CLKAN. warm, furnished apt Ixw price. 352-C459. TWO room furnished apt. Cloei in Prefer lady alone. 1019 Sth St apt. I'h. 353-4910. NICF^, clean, 3 room furnished apt. 70 12Ui Ave. Innuira 213 llth Ave. TWO or 3 bedroom apt furn. 302 13th St. 3- r )2-i660. W A N T E D -- Adult finanla for ntcel f u r n . apt., downtown. 31)2-3735, T W O lic-irwim h-int-menl apt. Utilitie paid. Lnrsfe kitchen, privnlt en 'IHUKI-; n^jin l»a*»Tncnt n|it., u n f ; n n Utilities paid, lire at 11W 8th Ave or call S52-0312. TWO berli-rcmi m a i n flunr apt Kvcr c thintrs f u r n . N«ir (.(il!r(;c, ('JOJjf :.:.2-W«. nflcr 6 p.m. · " W O ntoni t u r n , mit for rent. Km t l l i l i t i r n f u r n . 1C04 U t h Ave · L A H t ; K ", r»im upMnir* npt. IHiUllr j-aiii. 2 lilnck« frnm town. Cft * - A I M I K S nxmi iKmcment MA. In I/ Kail". l_..ilji of clwct itpac«."L.i Sail COMI'LKTEt.Y furnished on* and tw liodTiXim apt*. Ijlililir* paid. Wcrl r ly raU-a. 24»i.» 10th St h T1IKKK r«.m f u r n i p h H j,pt., e lpn niiH cimvpiiionU Uliiiti«». (H5. ZfiO ^ C I . K A N . :t r..',m f:irni°hr.t opt. f H COi^UXirf K i r l f . A i - n r o i c i ) *,·!. Eslr Hv-ine r^n;. lo'iuire 1941 10th Av n TaTniTK r.'.lm'" b ^ r i i - t i i l n , ' I ' l i U J f n r n l n h M . A - l u l l TM ..),!,. M23 Mh S n F(lU U h K T - ~ T w o l^'lr'Xjm «jit. App 3. anri'V drnin:* f u r n . ?,.'3.]K(if, r FU!( I t K N T - 3 room s«-mil)nm-rappt f i . r .i.hi..l npi. All utlliticH. W«.hin B nr 5 -,T.,.'P HI,.') t,-fri f'-..r. (4:.. C i. u t i l i ' - . . - |.ni'l. H'M t ] ' h SI. *'n "' C ii;!i^ K [ ! Hr^r^ I !^?r^li:Vf"r^'' , TWO -r. i-: ;. l.ii'h. ·.«·'!.·. f - i n i» ^ "-.'.."i ^.,"" ! " '' '"' l! 1S " 1 " h '· NKV. u i i f ' i r r . 2 hf-'m'Tn «[·!. A *·'·· ". t'liri'iffhoitt W««»t»r air) dryer. N *^it(on, I/t ft*lU ; tU-Sf.11. V OlC UfcNT- Nkr. eleftn 2 l*.!r^m »!·:.. *»rm *nd x-z-, c!"-*« in. i r a i W ho:ne. Cn» hettl, air fun- f. .Sitiotir.1 "jni* loth St. M A L I , .urn. main fkwr apt. with utilitl*-. I or 2. CuUem vicinity. (4'. 1)-20 !llh Av*. OZV f u r n . 1 bedroom »pt. Utilitiw paid, TV hookup. Adults. 1306 Utb Av«. Ct. 450. OU RKNT--Thr«* room furn. apt. l'-*t in. around floor. mdulU. «2 Uth St. WO bmli-uom f u r n . apt. for four 1 iys. (.ollnje approved. Clo** to F.DKOOM and kitchenette apt »uit- ablr fur one p*rton. 352-2254. «1 OH RENT-Nle« 4 room apt., fur- iiithr.) or unturn. Reasonable rent. I ' t i l u i w ft:rn. Phone 35Z-S694. Worklmr eoupl*. Full b*lh, private .-ntranc-v. 352-6772. NFURNISHICD basement une b«t- room apartment. Clote in. $55. Uiil- it « furnished. Phone 353-267H. XJK HKNT-Small furn. apt. above iraraire. 1'rivate shower and toilet A- o l- only. 811 13th St. WO bedroom ha««m»nt apt.. p*rtly f u r n . Own thrrmoiUt. 1905 13th St., or 352-7618. e«r«tc. immediate poiM«alon. (hO. C«ll SS7-15H2 or inquire evenlnrs after 5:30. at 2205V- Wth Axe. Cl. R A N D new 2 bedroom u n f u i n . apt 15171J 10th Ave. Carpeted living arm. TV hookup, dbpoial, range. rt-fngprator. no children or pets. |85 P ua utilitiM. Call 352-1385. OR RENT-- Two Deflroom apt Lar«e ivmg room, complete modern kitchen. AccummodattU either gat or electric range, automatic waiher and dryer. Hai jtarbag.! dLiposul. iltam heat. Semibaaemem at (W per month. Like to n« itt Call at i22| Uth St., between t and 12 a.m.. or 2 and 5 p.m. --arge, 3 room (urn, front apt. paid, tile bath and 106 7th Ave. PAPT^ PT APT? A D^G Furnished or unfurn. buffet ipts. Sleara heat, hot water and $30 per month. Apply 27 Sth St., Rm. 210. Ph. 353752 or Opdyko Agency. Inc. h. 352-5747. OR RENT-- Block bldg.. 25-10. Bus - netg or storage. I'h. 352-0152. 0 t RENT-- Two warehoum with large fenced area. Bth Ave. and 8th St. CaJl WinoErad'a. 352-6722. OfKct SMC* 22 MALL office apact available. 1002 Sth St. 352-1036. or 362-05D6 St Ph. 352-0132. floor. 815 20th Ave. 'OR RENT-Largt offiet at 012 10th St. See M. E. Kagen at 914 10th St 'OR RENT-2 and 4 room office auitn, available 2nd floor, Park I'Uee Building. 821 Bth St Inquire No. 210. Ph. 358-0762 or 352-6747. FOR RENT -- Steam hetwd offlc apace. 1 or 2 room iulto. Ind floor, Coronado Building. Wheeler Realty Co. 353-0316. George Roecher. Trail** Sptct 2) LARGE convenient parking ipace. |1 per month. Rapp'i, 2601 10th St Room and Bo«rd ' 2 ROOM and board. Excellent mult b week or month. Reaaonibl*. Camfield Hotel. M.i»II«n«ui 27 FOR SALE-- Lady's fur coal, like new medium nize. Ph. 352-3fl62. WA NTEJ1 to buy-- Good used fu coat, jacket or *t 0 lt. 362-6232. Ph. 568-3355, WellinRton.' Colo, 42. Call 332-4177, THE STOCKMAN-- FOR RAI.G-- Cheap food typeirrlter FOR HOUSE moving tee filgbee. P 352-6126. Also building* for lale. GUARANTEED uied and r.bul GOOD UB«d gas beater*. 18D AMP welder, ?40: 180 amp Form- welder, J100; a!mo*t new acetylcn welder. R2-fuH. JOHNSTON" power | H wn mower; hand mower; miic. yard tools: Horn f u r n i t u r e . 352-5322. FOR iiENT-Portable .pwd hea-cr* (Jreelry liuilding Supply, 830 26 Street. 352-6844. LAUNDRY problems? Call CryiU White or bring it to 914 l]tb Av oppoiit^ new Po»t Office. 362-819 GLASSES r^julrcd. Broken Icnue* d Iilirntri. New frames. Greeley 0 ttcal Co.. 912'/, 8lh Ave. S62-6672. TIRE liabncing-- Only 11.00 per ixui wiiRor tiro. Wciehti free 1 0. K Ku...irr Welders, 103 N. llth Av« . Cir.AWElTKS. Kin* B!B«. *2.«0 : rrit nlars. $i.». .lim'n Knmtlpr, undc now mnnnKi-ment. 102 8th Avf. . KIHST claxjs recovering and repair ns of truclf sttAin. Canvan work. Wood Cnnvnj, Producta, 193« 20th St fi.W [·'i-rroll Woo) Ynni. 818 3rd. AVP ,, CAH1MKT work, ntorm BMh. Compkly 1 dh-rk c-f v.-r(t coB^t liimbfr, Wir 1'laninK M i l l Co. Mi'l-1Wi\. ,, AMKK1CAN Wrrrklni A 8*lvait Ytnl. We buy nnylhing. Vft «rll v ' f r v t h l n K . 402 Mh Bt- Ph. 32-3WC 0 TUHKLKSS pnn^nfrr flnts rtpnlr*« and dunranlrH. $1.00. O.K. Rulj tier Wpl'feri. 103 N. Uth A«e. n CI.KAN c'itl*:n rnKi wanted. No nm« . pi.vr.n. */ch« or tTnuBrt*. {Jrwlr Trilmnr. [ K r n n k l i n Scw.trr Knlc-i. 2826 $. In Avrnii". Ph. 3S2-MU2. lo l.OOlj B«llf.n rtpllrity. On«? rfn'y In K(ji1lntiiri in your fxcAvatir-.n. Ci M-iffat nn.l S»n. H K I Y C I . K S . Inrttr H.-Icclloi. f r n m $l.f ./·. Atkirr'.t Sp-irtinc 'GonHt. 721 "t St. 3B2-WII. T LUMtlF.R hardware. p«lnt. Kvrrythlri In ImiM «nythlna. W« Rtvc fioirt Bon r- Pl^mpp. Orwlpy Riiilrlinti Supp d Inr., f.30 2fl1h St a:2-r,H44. « A L U M I N U M i; "'·' Stoi'in Doors » "' Storm Windows ^ Awnings }. ·-'· Siding ; Grcclcy Glass Shop 5003 90i St. ' »BJ.S26a MJK« i IT EU Kwiivtfu .L .cwtttaue, Hv . bl*. SU. AW WiachvUT ud Bru«a- OK SEAT tfn»»6*°W prtcOog you will find thi* mom ibup u excellent selection. We fotiov copy carefully and *r give you quality *vrk et r«**on*b!« coat. Bring LU your print lag work today. Ph. 162- *:.»· exchange. Uvd butterin. »3.5i! Battery rrpairinK Rebuilt grnera- tor* and Uartrr*. All type* of auto tuneuyt and repairs Ut*d ear* and lickup. Low price*. *«y Urdu. John Thompaon'i Garcze. Ml Sth H*i.*t,oU GM^S 30 O V I N C . Make offer on wa»h*r an-i dryer twin,'. 353-4*73. SfU) Hvtpulii. »«ctrle rangt. $4i.lW. OK SALE- Upright niknu. 454-2639 after 6:30 p.m. OUR dark oak di,,ini(». fint KKORK you »*h 01 buy, give u» a try. Bvani t-^trniturc, 552-0 «9I. -5 I N T E R N A T I O N A L motor and P ptr. 852-372*;. W O b*d» complete with ipringi and inaUn-«e*; 1 -ft. Co run ado rcfrig- R SALE -4 bucket chain; boy'i bo..kea*« bed «ud chwt: baby crib. OR' SALE-Thrrr roumg pranirally n«w furniture. Will .ell toother or AN1TY dnk for wlr. like nvw. Four drtwcn. blond fini.h, tll.95. 352- C7SO. )){ SALK -- 1962 RCA Whirlpool must Mil. Call 352.6691. ty cabinet, chain, clothe* chnt. 3S2-fi7:iO. HKMISTRY hai developed a new fin. iih containing acrylic for vinyl floor! ealW Seal Gloss. Komac Paint Store. ELV1NATUR refrigerator. $^0. Can fa; een at 619 10th Ave. Utl Ucd- inner. 352-3542. KFRH1ERTOH, 1356 Hotpoint. 7 cu- t)ic ft., good condition. 151.95. 352-6730. hra!er ani) Kdvloator appliance*. Wntvlrw t^MUt to Coait. 241U 10th KLKVISION. Zenith Space Command. ISO : MayUt deluxe Ironrr, |GO ; metal ttoriEe cabin K. 18; firiulare lamp, chain, lawn toola. 32-324C. REENWOOD Fumimre - tUrgaini ga or* in uied furniture «nd mlicel* aneom. We buy. ull or trade. 2506 7th Ave. Juit MUtlt cf V.F.W. Hall. 15^3481. Gary Greenwood. Manager. DEC. 29th IS YOUR LAST DAY To buy carpet 10?,, above cost! Must nell because of taxeH. ylon Lilac Tweed . $4.06 onlinuous Nylon Double Lock back, green . $4.57 cTilan Double Ixick back, brown and beige $6.59 SVool Wilton. Sand tones -.$5.75 Vool Axinlnster, Modern earth tones . .. . $4.95 All Carpet in Stock Cut HOUSE OF CARPETS 113 I6th St. 353-3221 LOAN money personally ff you want ft first, lecond. or third mortgage or ft buiintw loan. Also buy first and iccond mortcattM. Gal) 8am for rait aervicc. 352-0132. Farm Ranch Loans LONG TERMS - LOW RATE ASA T. JONES, JR. 36 Yean Loan Correspondent Kansas City Life Insurance Company. Clifford G. Campbell, Mgr. 1019 Sth A.V8. Ph. 352-6417 LOANS FARM and CITY Low Interest Rate Courteous and Fast Serrlc* 1018 8th AT6. 362-6747 Representing THE MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. of N.Y. Building Moteriol 3 6, COO CLEAN uiti brick. 1710 S Strttt. USED lumber, pipe, I beams, w i n d o w s , doors, plumbing, brick. Perlmutter Jobbing and Wrecking Co. Corner of 6th Ave. and 9th St. Bool, H Suppliei 3; JOHNSON S-a-Hor.t ,«!,, ,,,,] ,,,, ice. Wlll*r'a Outbonrd Marine. SIO l»th t;tr..Tt. MKRCIJISV oiittxMrd mol^ra. ComnrU marine galc^ antl ivrvicr. Reynold r/inlpmrnt Co.. 401 I f j l h St Sporting Goodi 35-/ WK W A N T la hnj rlfloa nnil ihnteun" Any in'ikc. ftEe or conflllldu. Alklfa' H[xrlinK Coo-ia. 121 7l.h St OIII1 italr of ne» in and u ,,,,,, 24. ll.lrllcr Sporllni (^)od.. H »l2 it CUSTOM )tnndlo.i{)lnit l!l.[uwrr rtn anirn-t. All popular cnlllirr*. JZ.O , i"r l«i In your rmplin. AUtin- 1 j Fruils ond Vvgctoblti 3 WK.ST Slop, anilca. d l f l r r r n t varkllr ' vrprtJililw. DB!I'B K a r k r t . i!r)7.?fl2 " W I I N I i K J t l - n L K l r f o r p r o r » Inr witln J r a n n l n t . 12 I m - h r l ; W l n m . p gppli. . r r n l l ' t r i K l c . 1! nljht ApDla tror' * 201 Uth Si. Hoy, Grain, Feed, Straw 4 W A N ' m i i,, i,,.v M B V . n u r l h w a l t H i l l S A l . H S l r w . W A . ' . I H I KfT Tom. rvirltirrii t-'pf nn.l Cri.Ijt. Kal'.i:. IV!.. I'h. r.(-'^.fl S T R A W r..r ..It. »MI»rri). R. P A H K I I A V . I ( i l f a . .li.« IIHK.r» tint an.l .r!l. ll/m K.ily. J52-949 T»K s'lnrrnan- Liveitotk 4 UVESTOCK~aMa»iiu'roT.r"!ir7«i " n«7*.((j. "" **' U.^Mt 4| lu-uei. """ ** *^ ClU it SIOCliMAN UKTISS araficui t»««|lH awlce. S7.W a tua.4. AUn Boar. 'SU-altl KTIKICIAL Mvdmi. Coortwai rf- fici«at arrvi«« wiU A.B.S. proved .ir» iSt-SXK. OK SALK-- Ca.tUa rhut«. rail tabVaa an4 tUxk unka. Ouod prict*. Wca! vitw CUM! to Cout ZI10 Idta St. OK SALK - 75 taci-inatal Hol.«in beiffn. 761} IHUD| avvra^c atll van «r all. JK-itsi). Kalpb Caary. Kt S. Bvi 154-C. Crtwlcy. FARMERS. RANCHERS ID Greeley Area i and (S cub paid for tread dead cow*, and horses. f5 to 110 for crippled and down hones od cows. (Call as Soon a Possible After Animal Olesl Immediate Service Seven ay» a Week - Night or Day Call Collect: Creeley 352-1788 LEE BI-PRODOCTS CO. I'M St«k 4} PUPS to tiv, a.ay. 352-4975. OH SALE-- 2^ month old female Mexican Chihuahua. »W. 35S-17SZ. MAI.I, 6 wtflc old pupa u b* riven away. 1 3H.280Z. 0 nk Ll v»'sffii° llt °' " fl "« r « 1 "» ct - 1AMKSK kitt*n. Mw B. 35IU3IOO. KC r«(i*t.TM Hc.rl* puppin. 1U mi n itrabcht touth of Krnty. KTS for Chrutma!. Glr t Collie pup«. Ph. 352-8663. .v.hin f .. KOl'IUAL fUh. luldfUb. «qu»r1umi. fjlt*r«. air pumpi (A*r»tor»). r r n n k t S«rd «nd H»tehtry 709 10th Strwt Mwini MvchlMi-- Vicuumi 44 1NCKR .wwinc muhtnr. f u l l ·!» embruldain. Four yaymenli o( 15.95 or 12.1 cnh. Will cuiulder U«dt. No I-ayp-nt *)u* till K»b. 16. 86i!.»332. TV-- ftWi*-- $«fvk« 4« ICTURE tube* tniUUed. 129.95 Full r«r KUiriDtw. Una*. 1SI-16S1, ^KW TV plctur« tub*t. liuUU- ·d. I-jij tvrro*. IS2-6UO, 4 TV irrv'c* e»lU, d«r or nl«ht. All work gu*r»nt«ed. All nakct. Prompt i*nrlw. .lu«t)*» TV. U4-WZO. V »irtT Call TV HwplUL Compitt.. ·rrvlct aJl makf*. Phonf 852-011S, SKD TVi fully r*«ondltlonrd and EuaraDtiml, $,19.85. 110 down, 110 month. 352-5130. SF.U TV ifU. fully ruaranuvd, aln ntw Srlvinla TV. Ui-KI and Btrrm. TV HoiplUl. 1214 7th SL. KT.DI. ss;-on:. J2-6JW. Muileal Initrymtnti 47 mndltlon. Phont 352*424 K'. I K K n*w eomblniUon radio and r»c- urd pUx«r. .13. 4 and TH itw«d.i. .tauonablv. Sw at 1214 Uth gu or ph»n» 3f.J-770S. 1'INKT organ, UW( | but like ntw, can b» ie«n In thU »lclnitr. lake cii-nr small paymtnU tr will dlic'iunt for ca»h. For Information without rxprni* or obligation writ*: Credi Mana(«r. L»k«id* I'Uno Co., (TTO Wwt 441h. IVnvrr !!. Rtol titatt 41 'OR SALE-- S bedroom homt. iClKtri kitchen, partial carat* tod drapn 1450 down. 35I-6IflW farac* at Kcn*T. CbarlH Wak*. roin. 1221 12th SU .1ST your prop«rt7 wlUt Cd Hot Urookj KMlty. Hctmty and conrUf a protnltr CALL me re»arrtlnr loeom* prowrty M.I Bedlnver, 15.M642. Hif»n Aicn cy. S52-1S88. UY OWNER -- TBTM t*droom brie full flntihcd btucment two ear ca ragt, family room. Mtpltwood XS3-23B1. campui. Two bfdroom home, wall wall carpet in r. full bwwn«n FOR SALE by ownw, Flri room hooic all redecorated, Wall to wall carvtt, fenced back yard, lance In rax* Small down payment. 2411 9th it 351.3925. age 14 GREELEY TRIBU aUajl llW. 41 SHAW Realty Company REALTORS 1NSURORS 10 »tb Art. 35Z-S1C7 NEAT 2 BEDROOM ! HOME 'car ahoppiiif i-eutf r aud c chool. close to college. Firm ·· 11,500 takes It. ( NEW 3 BEDROOM BRICK with full basement, uear Krank- 1 n bchool. J13.500. t BRICK DUPLEX bedroom each Hide, will trade or older home or what have' ou. FOR RENT bedroom home 595 per month 105 32nd Avenue. FORECLOSURE Iwned by FHA. Let us show ou thi» 3 bedroom brick with ull basement. IO.SOO will buy an linnuvulnte bedroom home on 12th Street load. Orvllle Ruler 352-4158 Sonny Johnson 353-33S4 C A R L S O N REALTY CO. 013 Ninth AT*. 8534244 -jirge near new hrick dn- )lex at 2324 7th Avenue. Sach unit has 2 bedrooms, arge livinKroom and tile )atns. Income is $2,160 ier year. See this today! Another good income property is located at 1220 Sth Ave. This unit has 5 one- jedroom apartments. All f u r n i t u r e in the apartments are included in the selling price. Total income per month is $272.50. Extra nice 2 bedroom home ull basement, 2 car garage, nice carpet and drapes. See 2216 10th Avenue. Lovely 4 bedroom brick in nice neighborhood. Close to all schools. Has all electric kitchen, 1% baths, double garage, fenced yard with underground s p r i n kling flystem. Included in the sales price are all carpets and drapes, and automatic washer and dryer, 'Perk" Carlson 363 2718 Jak« Pllolger 353-1724 PRE-INVENTORY CLEARANCE SALE 20 to 50% Savings! Hirschfield's Furniture 2207 9th Street 352-3187 ·h Free Parking £ Free Delivery ii Terms OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL 8:30 Greeley Furniture Co. 2GOO S. Sth Ave. ph. 352-5-M1 Year End C Bnnkcnsc mid WaRnri Whe Three-piece Curved Sei'lio i Ilide-a-Hfd Sofa . TV Trays, per set ; Corner Sect ioniil, pinul ir · Tul)le I/amps 0 Kondy-mailc Draperies leoronce Sale el H u n k Beds . .. . Save $5 in , new $M!).fl L'over ., ?!!!!.! 1 Pi-i,. - - 20'; or l.tvinif Rtinin Loiuife ('hair S'^i') I'ortnlile TV Set '' Karly American Hedroum K o l v i n a t o r Applianres !)x)2 Axminster Kiijtn ... :. FREB _ Sil'.l'l ni.wx $i7.r,n (,;,,,. 20', Of S j )EI,iVF,KY 1 OPKN K V K N I N C R Til, R::«i · I'l-KNTY OF nrt , VB n r ' FRB? PARKING A N n 8AV XE Fridav, Dee. 28, 19«2 jtitl ftftaHaj 4al I'ASTKl) u bur. Dry laW M « )vur farm bMtr J(J»iat«WB. Whfcoa- ur »,,! vl C.n'j,. CaUI IJJ-U4I, of -ril, K'.. 2, B»i !«, fiatHYiUa. Vu^-iulu. Wassemiller Realty 503 Sth Are. Ph. J5UJ»J TART THE NEW YEAR )UT RIGHT, INVEST IN A HOME 121 23rd Ave. Fine well kept unit, lovely kitcnen, garage, vcrvihiiiK on ground floor, no H'ps to climb. !iu« l l t h St. Nice 2 bedroom ome with 2 rooms finished In awiueut. Cliwc to Maplewood cho«l, only Jl'J.OO. 215 12ih Kt. Blond b r i c k reality. Many titraa In this fin» nine, im-luditiK 2 large bedrmB., t i l l t y room, fireplace and b*W irul rar|u-.|inK. Owner moving, A'antM quick action. MS 14th Ave. Ct. 2 bedroom irick hoiiiH. rinlKhpd basement, enix-d yard, and u lovely patto, ssuliio gtKid iotin. «12 21*t AVI-. Owner movlnj;.- ,u rk j)oshesnlon on thin nlca irlck binne with bedroom and lath finished in bimcment. ·2 acrr- K. i M h St. Modern mini', large 2 .ar garage, work hop. ·jitv uiiliiicK, price reduc- fd for (niick nale. BUSINESS AND INCOME PROPERTY Ml 9lli St. Nice hnmn with laHoincnt apartment, 2 car ga- ra;:e. .Make offer. I'lox near new brick, rolleg* iwation, (i"od Income. lotcl and binlnseH building In \iilt. Only MO.IKIII X). ^nmll cnu'iTv and llvlni! nuar- ITS. J i n . ion on. ce v e n d i n g swl delivery bu.i. II'SB i'a«y in hnndlti. Mold Deluxe I'nitn. excellent iiialncHs, sell or trade. See «. FARMS Wo have Kvvi-ml sood 8« A. fnrinn cliwo to (; r wlty. 1963 jwj. ·si-»«lon If you hurry. FOR RENT Two hi-dnxim home with Onlnh- u baKcmcnt. 2 car garage, J9B. Vi extend our slmwe greet- nn« and best wishes for ti« New Year. lelcn Wllllnma 35M6S5 loy Bootli 35M611 Dave Swift 162-IHi MCORE REALTY -fa Realtor ^ Colorado Theatre Bldg. 1514 Sth Ave. 352-3437 LOCATION SUPREME Kirsl llmi) n((irvil, 2.000 feet of nmclouB livitiK in Heath. MlKll School nren. Brick, full flnlnlu.'d baM-ntont. 3 lyedrooma and ilen. ilonble enrage, sjirlnk- UTIK »y.iHiiu, fireplace anil many extras. INCOME A well train home with rontiJ up nml rlown. Ha«iment all rollgli- i'il In for kil.-licn and bath. With not loo much additional expense, ihv luiN'inpiit would be rendv for occupancy. I'osRlhln Income IKiO per month, l^jok nnd make offer. SPLIT LEVEL I l i - a u i l f u l :i bi'drimm wlih a m n i i n l n l n view I l i n l will novir end. :i linlliB. nn. tarai;e. 2 firp. )liicr-H. ftpnnhlli]^ pvsit'tn, all li'vi-ls arc flnlnhod (inn of Hi,, nicer linlnlr locai lions. P O N V RANCH i" on n t ' , ncrc ullc, t v n lii'drooinii. fnmlly nmni, f l r r . Kiirni:i.. jimpr.rlv fe.,,.. '·'1 In w h i i , . . :i stall p, mv ], nrn ; m u l l pony lnun, irrigation well, nnd Hcvci-nl oilier ilcslr- aliln c \lras. XOTIUNC, DOWNTO O.HALIKIKP C,I ami yon can m ovi. into a mil nlci; :l hi'ilroiMii brick. AH «le r k i l H i c i i . f u l l liasnincnl. nil. Ka '. r:iK". Illi-clv hiuclMiiipcd ynrd. ) fil'i's o',,'"" k ! ' i "'' 1 ' """'' '""'·' I X C O M K - l '", 1 , l " e " ""'··' ''»li". K,ul, unli i ; W i l l i j hi.(|rooin!J. l i v i n g room ' k l l c l i i . n (lin.-M". invn t i l l l i i l r p ') A l w a y s ,-,.,,!, .,|. I'ri,.,,,! | 0 srn ; H '..j ArilE TRACT illi-!,ulirii| :i l,,.,lroo,n. Hi liathF p m l i t v . ,,il ,,|,.,i,i,. idichcn. l«. f a m i l y room, all l,,.,ln«im» cnr- f ''· 'an-.. '!, :;r n i l . earner. ^ »' re |nin\ and i-orral. ngirlnk- i jj«|: i:^.n.m Vra.'il w n i i l to ,-,, r LOW DOWN PAYMENT 1 "" "'" -*cri- fan,, Well lucnt,.,! , N "" ""·'·»i" d i i l b o r In,, f |.i,n,.iM..,il., 1:iu ,,| .,,,,,,),, ,,, mi , v ",- o*i"' |ir fil " 1 "-' 1 1: "" cl ( 'rn'p RALKSMK.M Trunk K. M,,,,,,,. ,;,.,, , ; ,j j,, a T! Al Mi..,,,., u-., i-,^jn(| El Kan UHbaujl^ ib,. Utl«lT

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