Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 20, 1975 · Page 18
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 18

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1975
Page 18
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Tin- Idabu Ki ceJ'ress. Thursday. February 2U. 1075 - .A-8 Grants, other monies permit lower 7975 Caldwell budget CALDWEU, - The CMwctt city budget lor ID75 is S12U.IHXJ less lhan 197-1. even lliough llu budgeted expenses reflecl an increase of for a lolal of C'aldivcll Mayor bob I'aslcy explained il lliis way when the budgei was presented Tuesday night in Dip regular city council session. !ranls and reimbursable monies ac- counl fur some $355.816 of the 1975 budget. IHit (he cily can't spend any money during the year which lias mil been budgeted. Therefore.' these monies, which are destined for construction of the nctv airport, a library, the sewer system and participation in the CKTA II program. must be included in Ihe year's budget. S7fi.OCil has been budgeted for CETA. which is a 100 per cem federally funded program lo provide vork for the unemployed A U'hillenherger Koundiidon grant and a stale library grant account for an $185.000 increase in the $2.i5.0flO library capital improvement Imdgel. An inlillration study and work for the sewer system, to he fully federally funded. , accounts for $60.000 of the S307.2W budget for sewage expenditures: and Ihe airport budget of SI ,405.621 includes S4I.B1C in federal monies, with ihe city's porlion of Small children (lie conslruclion to be provided through the sale of ihe old airporl. Concerning the 1975 budget, a delegation representing the I'arks and Hccrealion Commission proposed recommendations concerning thai department's operations al Tuesday night's council meeting, only lo lie told thai iheir suggestions were "appreciated but unfortunately Ion late." as the budget had been prepared and was ready for presentation I'asJey further slaled lhat lack of money pre\enled following the proposals. Introducing Ihe recommendations lo the council was Dan Soran. chairman of the Parks and Kecrcalion Commission. Soran read a leller which had earlier been senl lo Ihe council, and which proposed lhat registration fees not be charged for grade school and high school age children participating in established cily recrealion programs: thai Ihe .2714 mill recrealion levy i$44.394.5'li bt' used primarily for recreation-related programs and nol for pool maintenance and repairs and the parks and recreation director's office and siilan expenses, as is currenlly being done. As a "second choice." the commission requested "thai al le.isl one-half of Ihe parks and recreation director's salary and office expenses, a total of S12.5KO, be paid mil of the general fund rather than from the rm'caliim levy," and Ihal the oilier balf be used fur recrealion programming expenses. George Tavares, vice-chairman of (he commission, said il was Ilie commission's feeling that these activities were a faclor in Ihe city's low juvenile crime rale, and dial it "is heller In spend more now in (his way. than later on in a differenl wav" through police and com! involvements Kiilph Lyons charged Ihe council was "nol treating il fairly lo charge all the administration against Ihe levy and none against the parks department." Hespondiiig thai the "parks department lias mi income and Ihe recreation department does, and that's why Ihe ad- minislraliun charges are all put (here." r.-tsley said Ihal these cosls could nol he taken from Ihe general fund "because Hie general fund is already operating in the red." O'ounctlwonian Alta Williams reported Ihal during 1974 $70,0011 had been channeled from the general fund inlo Ihe parks and recreation dcpartmenl. I'asley then closed the issue with a comment Ihal "further discussion would only lead to addilional impasse" and requested the commission lo "worry along with us. We're all Hying." The t o t a l 1975 recreation budget established by Ihe council is $56,501!. Do you have budding genius? SEATTLE. Wash. lUHii - How can parents tell if they have a budding genius romping around the house? A team of University of Washinglon researchers is setting out to answer Ihal question. Headed by 1'rof. llalbert B. Kobinson of the school's development psychology laboratory. Ihe researchers from various fields of interesl wiiiiin the university will endeavor lo find a feasible ivay of identifying exceptionally gifted children at a very early age. The team also plans to extend Hit investigation inlo a long- lerm study of the intellectual, creative and social development of such children. The study primarily is funded by a S4C.OOO grant from the Spencer Poundalion in Chicago. Of course the first requirement for such a program is to find children-in this case under three years of age-In study. Robinson believes such youngsters can be found in all segments of the community, among the poor as well as the affluenl. in familiesof every raccand ethnic background. IM because this study is breaking new ground, the means of identifying these children is nol very precise. The in- vesligrdors. however, offer some suggestions for parents, neighbors, physicians or anyone else who might come in contact wilh such children. They also emphasize thai some other indications of exceplionally rapid development may be i alileasl equally valid. Here are some of the tentative guidelines for determining whether youngsters qualify: By age 12 months. --When asked, can point to at least three body parts ihair. mouth, ears, hands, etc.) on a doll, himself, or another person. - Child uses five or more sentences which contain a minimum of two differenl words and which express a complete thought, such as "mamma bye-bye." "all gone mil):." "see man," "night-night daddy." -Child can find an object hidden under one of two cups, two out of three limes. Child watches adult hide an objecl and then picks up the correct cup first By age 24 months: --Child understands many common prepositions such as in-on. over-under. outside-inside. Example: Child can place apennyonablockwhenaskedbyiheparent - Child repeats three numbers Parent says. "Listen, say 2." Child repeats "2." Parent says, "Now, say 4-7-9." Child repeats successfully. --Child can answer simple questions appropriately, such as. "What do we do when we are hungry' 1 " i "Tell mommy." "Kal." "What do we do when we are sick?" i "Say where." "Tell mommy."i "What do we do wilh books?" ("Read." "Ixiok pictures."! - Child frequently notices similarities among the things he sees "l'als and dogs are furry." "My ball and my cookie are round." By age :ffi months: -Child can add or subtract or otherwise indicate Ihal he understands numerical concepts. --Chiid can read -Child can copy a square the adull has drawn, wilh the corners true, sides straight. Uobinson says this project differs from previous studies in that it will explore precocious development in children beginning al an early age and seek lo follow the development as Hie children mature. Most investigations of exceptional children have looked al a larger group-tbe very bright but not Ihe highly iinusua! children On the record MAC.ISTK.ATK t'DI'KT. Sri-. 2 Judge Millun flirnbaum Robert Dwight McKarlen. '16. Hox 11. Star, after an indigenes 1 hearing was granted a court appoinlcd attorney on a charge of embezzlement by a leasee; proceedings were continued and the defendant, charged by Nampa police, was remanded to the county jail in lieu of S1.01H) bond: Ihe complain!, alleging the offense last Sept. 13, concerns a double decked till bed trailer belonging lo IC'P Construction Supplies. 724 Firsl SI. S.. Nampa. Klmer Lee Atherton, r.o age listed. 914 I'ourth Ave N.. Nampa. changed his plea lo guilty lo driving while inloxicaled: granted withheld judgment, placed on six months probation, fined S250 plus S7.50 court costs and ordered lo attend L'ourl Alcohol School: cited last June 5 by a deputy sheriff. Robert David lillis. 39. liov :1G4. Middleton. pleaded innocent lo driving while suspended and requested n jury trial; ii pro- trial conference will be set; al liberty on $200 bond; citcd-Kcb. 12 by Middlelon police. Richard Alan Pate. 24.411 141h Ave. N.. Nampa. granted a continuance on driving while intoxicated (OWI), lo return wilh counsel; $300 bond posted: cited Feb. 15 by stale police. Lester Dana. 24. 1109 Elgin. Caldwell. pleaded innocent to assault and ballery and requested a jury trial; pre-lrial conference lo be set; S150 bond posted; complaint, signed by Russell U. Cross, alleges the offense against him Jan. 31. Michael D. Stanley. 22. HI. 4 Caldwell, pleaded guilty lo reckless driving and was granted a continuance, al the defense attorney's requesl for more lime, on another citation of driving while suspended: both mailers continued lo Feb. 24; al liberty on lotal of $350. bond, both citations issued Feb. 4 by stale police. Cory I. Dunn. 31. 8211 Crcn- sbaw. Boise, pleaded guilty lo DW1; pre-senlence invcsligalion ordered with continuance In March 4; cited Feb. 14 by a depuly sheriff; $300 bond posted. l.orcne Couch, 44. HI. 7 Caldwell, pleaded innocent to charges of dislurhing Ihe peace and deslruction of private propery and requested a courl trial, date to be set; both charges were brought by city police concerning an incident at the Western liar. 707 Main, Caldwell. Keh. 11. and (he In Her concerned broken glass in the front dour of Ihe bar; at liberty on her own recognizance. Judilh Ann Keim.23, G10 Ninth Ave. S.. Nampa, pleaded guilly lit failure lo appear, fined $32.50; also fined $12.50 on a traffic citation, expired inspection, issued by city police Oct. 23 .Icihn Carnall. 1729 .Juniper, Apl. 31. Xampa, $300 bond forfeiture and bench warrant ordered for failure In appear for a scheduled jury trial on DW1; new bond of $500 directed on the warrant: cited Nov. 24 by slate police. John Robert Norlbcrn. 33,1324 Maple. Caldwell. changed his plea lo guilly lo a traffic citation, failure to slop al a railroad slop sign; fined $21.50; cilcd Feb. i; by a cily police; previously requested a court trial. Christine Beth Kose. 34, Rt. 2 Caldwell, pleaded guilty lo petty larceny al Penny Wise Drug, S02 Cleveland, Caldwell: fined $50 plus $7.50 court cosls: charged on complaint signed by store employe. Dennis L. Ayres. Feb. 13. Carlos C Espinoza, 19, III 3 Rox 2048. Parma, pleaded guilty to a bench warrant for failure lo pay a fine: sentenced lo 10 days in Ihe county jail; the fine, S250. was ordered last June 12 for Dtt'l; also pleaded guilty lo drunkenness, fined $32.50; cily police cilalion Feb. 16. AGC affiliates with new group UOISK (U'l) - The Idaho Associated General Contractors has allihalcd wilh the newly formed Idaho Associalion of Commerce Induslry. The AGC was founded 40 years ago in Idaho and includes about 500 members and associate members who are general contractors and sub-contractors in the state. John Molilor, executive secretary of Ihe AGC, said the Idaho Associalion of Commerce and Industry will represent (he inferests of all industry in Idaho, and since the AGC is one of (he largest industries in the slate he feels it's imperative to support Ihe new group's goals and objectives. Management development Workshop classes slated CAL.OWEU. -- A mamiKemcril development workshop program will lie continuing its class schedule al Ihe College nf Idaho from Keli. 24 lo May li Trie project is financed partially rjy Hie program IMI'A(.T of the Higher Kdticalmn Act of l%5. The program is a community service nf higher education Workshop classes available! or management improvement include a communication techniques and solutions seminar which will he held on Keh 24.27 and.\larch3and 6. Success and failure factors and management succession workshop v.ill he held on Keh. 25 and 20. The total program cost will be SI2. This seminar will research the reasons for success and failure lo small businesses and how to evaluate a person's own business strengths and weaknesses. A safeguarding business and management succession seminar will he held March 12. Hand 20 An employe motivation seminar will be held March 17 and 19. Tlie basic objective of Ihis special non-credit program is to assist individuals in understanding themselves, Ihcir coworkers and to create a more productive work environment. Total program cosl will he SI2. The marketing seminar will be on March :!1 ami April I, 2. :!. 7 and 8. This workshop is a six session seminar w i t h six different speakers covering the marketing mix, why cuslomers huy land why they don't i, marketing research, aspects of sales promotion, effective advertising and pricing The (oial program cost will be $Mi. The accounting and taxes seminar will be held April 14-lii. The three sessions w ill include coverage of financial goals nf snuill business, cash flow planning and how lo intMsurc limmnal [icrformances i ratio analysis i. The total cosl for (his program will he $1K The seminar on inventory control will be on Anril 2:1. This class will discuss the basic lypcs of costs associated with inventories. Ihe reasons for inventories and several lypes of optional inventory systems. Cost for his program will he S« A seminar (in "basic management ami principles will Ix 1 held on May I'M:! This seminar will deal with Ihe basic fimd.imcnlals of management and him they are useful lo the small businessman in operating his business, t'osl for Ihis program will be SI2. The final seminar of Ihe workshop will be on credit man.igcmcnl ;ml finance held on .May I i-l.i. This course «ill cover nol only Ihe nature and roll of credit bill the functions of credit, the management of credit. Ihe handling of interesl compulations anil discounts, Ihe establishment of financial management and policies. Ihe cash budgeted, understanding income statements, understanding the investment returns and how lo determine what is really profit. Cost for Ibis program will b(' SI2. l-'or more information of Ihe man.igemenl program and rcgislralinn for Ihe seminars conlacl Kathy Tliiiren. assistanl program coordinator cenler for business and economic research. Hoise Slalc I'nucrsily. lioisc. di72S. Nampa man recognized PORTLAND - Jerry L. families. CUI. local Standard I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n y representative, was recognized us (he outstanding man in the slale of Idalio for'January, according lo ati announcement by lloberl li. Brillain, vice president uf individual insurance sales. His selection was liased on the sale and service of life insurance. fnrnilles joined Standard jn Iit72. He is a two-lime qualifer for membership in the company's Leaders Club, a group composed of (he leading representatives. A native of Idalio, C.ornilles serves on the board of the C o m m u n i t y Involvement Program which sponsors the Nampa-l'iildwell Hot Une, drug education and ['elated programs. Local men at session SAN' FRANCISCO - ikirold Wiseman. Max Svrindell mti Hex Swindell, ul] of Kunslead Motor Co., parlicipnled in Iho recent 58th annual convention of I fie N'iiliimul Automobile Healers Associalion here. The five-clay meeting and exposition, largest of its kind in [tie nation, vv;is attended by more than Ki.nnn franeliised new ear and truck dealers and representatives of the mutiufactum-s and various allied supply industries. Highlighting the meeting were 150 workshops un specific dealer problems and interests covering economic, government, c o n - sumer affairs, s a f e t y and overall industry issues. Low salaries BUHLINGAME. Calif. (UFI)- The average starling wage of teachers in this state is about S7.500. lite California Teachers Association says. LEGAL NOTICE N O T I C E O h A P P L I C A T I O N POR W A T E R P L R M I T Notice is hereby given thai . G A R Y SECOR, Rural rtl. » 7, Nampri. ID, has on K'b 6, 1975 submitted Application No. 63 SOB-i for n permit to .ippropriore 0 2 cubic feet per second ot vaster irom Gcounclwafer source by means ol ?;eM anti a sub nio r sable pump w i t h in I he N W ' a N W ' « , S O C . H, T. 1 N, R. ? W. B.M Ciinyon County lo be used from Jan 1 to Dec 31 lor- Domeslic use wiiiiin Ihe' N W ' . i N W ^ S e c . U, 1 ? N, R, 2 W. B,M. II issued, fnis permit will be subject to all prior water righis. Protests cigainsl Ihe graniing ol thepermil musl be tiled with Ihe Idaho Depart men t ol Waler Resources, Slafehoust?. Boise, Idaho, 83770, on or before March 10, 1975. R. KEITH 'HIGGINSON Director F e b r u a r y 30. ?7, 1975 N O I I C L I O B 1 D D L R S The Division of Purchasing lor Ihe Slalc of Idot-o will r e c e i v e scaled b;ds al Room 1 3 ? Len fl. Building. 650 West Stale Streei. Boise. Idaho, until March -J, 1975 at the time s p e c i f i e d b e l o w , f o r t h e Following: Requisition Number I S S 0862 6375 lor Floor and Concrete sealer lor Idaho S t a t e S c h o o l Hospital al Nampa. Idaho a^ 11 30 A.M A l l birts w i l l be puhlicly opened incl read .if Ihe a o o v e lime and place, f o r m s billing Ihe conditions must be secured b e f o r e bi tiding. Those are available from the Division of Purchasing. DAN R. P I L K I N G T O N , Administrator Division of Purchasing February 16, 19. 20. 1975 NOTICE T O B I D D E R S T he Division ol Purchasing f o r me S i a f e of Idaho will receive sealed bids at Room 137 Len B. Jordan Building, 650 West S t a l e Slreet, Boise, Idaho, until March -i. 1975 al the time s p e c i f i e d b e l o w , f o r t h e following. Requisition Number 637-1 For Disc Memory System ,il 1 : 1 5 P M For Ihe Dept of H e a l t h 8. W e l f a r e .it Room 303 Len B Jordan Bldg , Boise, I D A l l bids will be p u b l i c l y opened nntj rearl at ihc a b o v e time (ind place Forms stating the conditions musi be E,ecurcJ b e f o r e bidding T h e s e a r e available irom the Division of P u r c h a s i n g DAN K. P I L X I N G 7 O N Adrmnistralor Division of Purchasing F e b r u a r y 18, IV, 70, 1975 N O T I C E T O B I D D E R S The Division or Purchasing for ihe Siarc uf Idaho will receive sealed bids al Room 137 Len B. Jordan Building, 650 Vic-st S t o l e S t r e e t , Boise, Idaho, until March S. 1975 at the lime s p e c i lied bo low, (or the following: Requisition Number 115 75 for Micro Film Reader Prinler at r 15 P M. For it.c Deparlmertf of Lands. S t a l c h o u s e , B o i s e , Idaho. All bids w i l l be publicly opened and read at ihe above lime ond place. Forms staling ihe conditions must be secured be I ore bidding. These arc available Irom Ihe Division of Purchasing. D A N R . P I L K I N G T O N Administrator Division of Purchasing Feb. 19, 20, ??, WS MOW · ·SUDDEN SERVICE ·EVERYDAY. LOW PRICES / LES SCHWAB Bolivar Sez -"Better Get MOOvinf Only ONE WEEK Left To Get Your... I IMP*, DM ELLIOTT TM OUTIttk NVSSIIVUE -"^L|$ SCHWAB ntr#*-t SALE MASCOT WITH TIRE PURCHASES Far a limited time, your Les Sc/iwob Tire Center wilt give you a... $ C 00 Beef Certificate, good at the store of your * choice, with Ihe purchase of any two new tires. 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