Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 28, 1962 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1962
Page 14
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Fw Rc*»--Afh. 17 27 For Kent--Room* ._ Fruiu and Vegetables t, Furnaces Hny. Grain. Feed, Straw -Help Wanted --. House anil Auto Trailers __ · Household Coeds _ Irrigation Systems Let's Swap ,,._ livestock 1 Lost and Found ^Miscellaneous . Money to Loan .Money Wanted Motels Moving and Stnrane Musical Inslrumenti TM . · . Personals Pet Stock Poultry Professional Services Real Estate Hoof in K and Insulation --. SM*!S. Plnntd, Flowers Sewing Machines-Vacuums . Situations Wanttd Sporting Goods . Trailer Space , Transportation , Trash Hauling TV-Uadio Services -Used Cars and Trucks Wanted To Kent Washing Machines 35-A 23 Pmonati GUARANTEED watch and clock n- pairing. Graybeal Jtwtlry. AL-ANON. 355-1170. WANT to rid* daily to and from Urentwood area to vicinity of college campua. Call 352-2603. FOP. drinking problems contact Alcoholics Anonymous. 2608 7th Ave P.O. Box 1209. Ph. 352-G901. 352-6^95. SUGGESTIONS for Chrlitmim entertaining. Flaming inobmlls, Christ mas treci, bell center bricks and Tolls, *dg nog, fruit punch. Eberlets Ice Cream Store. 1517 8th AY«, Ph S53-1G92. Transportation ELLS Rent A Car, 822 N. llth Av« 352-1660. W« deliver. Anytime. ANYONE interested in ridinfj or join inc n. car pool to D«u " 353-2192 or 353-3683. CAR rentals, daily, weekly, monthly Greeley Leaaing Company. 352-9174 1100 8th Ave. Announcement* THINKING of bicycle* T ThinV Alkire'i Sporting Goodi. 852-9601. Prc.feiiwr.ol Strvlcn LIFE -- Hospital -- Income insurance. Call SUn Williami. Ph. 853-1404. PIANO tuning *nd repairing. 353-0611. Data WaKton. GUNSMITH IB town! 5fea rift J Alkirc'B Sporting Goods. SG8-9SOL AUDITAX. Short cut to bookkeeping and tax service, W« BO to home. 352-7332. Box 659. Buiincti Servic* GREELEY Curtain Cleaners. No . marks. 706 OLh Ave. Ph. 253-1485. DIAPER servica -- Wt r«nt or will - service yours. No diaper raih. Br ' teria free. Call 352-5192. · BICYCLE repairi, all makes, mod* Alkire's Sporting Goodi. Camft Hot«l Bldg. 352-9501. Hcip Wanted WANTED--Experienced interior paint- tr. Phone !t62-3136. ' " CRIVER-ralesman for eaUblti route. Give ace, work record Ralnry expected in first reply . .: Tiox E-17. c/o Tribune. ' QUALIt 1ED tencneri needed. En - in an active teschcn ?TM=«3== 4 - tu . .reau. $4,500 to 17,000. Western State . T e a c h e r s Exchange. Box 204, Boul Her. Colo. IMMKDJATE oppnin(rn for full or pi " . lime rrpro^entntivM in ;ilp.'.. Product nationally ftdvertisei - .Liberal earnings, flQO-S.25 per '· Th. ar.2-1-,345. MAN. age 22 to 30, to be trained in supervisory work in tewing factory. Future i* bright for man who can o n a l t f y and is t/ work hi d Adve E4tWQti«* mm4 Imtruction 1 LESSONS. All omichl .utrumeBts r'iru Itntoo frw durinx lo«^nbr on j. Your home. We buj wld aiu- ~ sica] Instrument!. 352-7332. Can You Qualify ! for advancement? "Training Makes the Difference" Day and Evening School Classes starting janui-ry. ijts.' Applications are now being Admissions Office open 9-4:30 daily Including Saturday Greeley Commercial College 1920 Ninth St. Greeley 352-5745 "Training Doesn't Cost -( It Pays" SKRV1CE .l.lioii for Ituc. Eic.llenl location. I'h. 352.2082. FOR RENT SMALL CAFE ' Inquire at Sunnyside Motel 1742 1st Avenue Situations Wanttd 10 WILL do baby alttlng at nieht In yoi r home. 352-415'J, L1C11T housework by the hour. Won. days. References. 353-2176. SEWlNti sltwjti dull clothe*. Heascmnble. 353-4315. 1 I H O N I N U in my home. Call 353-2712 , RfHT B:30, eveningi. 2 352-3900.' * WANTEU-lronlng. J Phone 352-6501. S WANTED-- Ironing in my bom*. 12 4 bushel. 1901 6th St 1 W I L L do ironing in my home by the * hour. 2706 7th Ave. * PAINTING dont reasonably. I Call 352-1123. C ALTERATIONS -- 1740 7th Ave.. or 8M-7SU. t HOUSE doctor. Remodeling and re- D pairs. Rrooki C. Cole. Ph. 352-5774. - PAINTING, interior and exterior, free PAINTING and decorating. Gilbert IKON ING. Close to collie. 363-4315. CHILD care, licensed and exptrienc»J. R 3G3-4744. " IRONING. 353-2101. 1018 31il Avt, . ALTERATIONS-- Ladies' , men'* cloth- Inn. Grace's Alteration Shop, 812Vj ' 8th St. 3S3-2973. d son able. Excellent reference!. 353- a 361G. h. CESSPOOLS, fitmw traps, pumprd Free inspection. I'h. 353-1768. Rex i PAINTING, residential meintenancw · « specialty, hirst class work and ma c. t*ritl. L. S. McDanici Ph. 32-020 PAINTING-- Ei terior and interior. W n- save you money. Call : R. Rosin all 32-335Z: G. Meyer. 352-8011. y, ing itationt, etc., quarterly an '4, monthly returns, ulm tax, payrol 353-3875 alter -.30 p.m. -- PAINTING, exterior. Interior. Rea 1 Ron able and courteous service. 4fi "^} Gebhtrdt Custom Work I ce. 352-372?. · CUSTOM corn ahelling. Wilbert Rot SMALL doier and carry*]] work. Bo . MILLWORK and prfrhung doon. Beyd ;ur MANURE hauling. Clark Macke SG2-6872. ~~i HAY grinding and hauling. Ca 6 Luther. 352-0493. ac'l TRENCHING for water lines, «yt tanks and leech ing fields. La Sal Plumbing, 284-7832. Jean H. Brow els. 284-7833. tlj DOZER or carryall wore. Small eve ing jobs, corral or anything. Al T -- Ph. 284-7802. or 284-5404. wide, 6 ft. deep. We go anrwhei n«l fast mobile unit. Our prices a »"d competitive. Also real wings t" piutic pipe. Central Tronibi Service. Ph. 352-4S64. llth Ave. ro || 9th Street late, Trash Hauling H 4 K Traxh hauler. Anything, nr pitrt where, anytime. Het son able. 852-80 mer ASH mil trnsh hauling. Fred Oliv iseii. Ph. 352-13^9 anytimr. eek IF IT'S irnnh w 0 baul it. Call Jo Kline. ar,2-lfi"3. rtisinq For tent -- Hou«i IS MAM h..u^ f.r «.ni. r rsi-w 1 * WO Uiirixjni nous*. Gar»{e. Inimv- ·liaif t ( ..^-.,iun. 1S40 Mlfa A»*. U U U N - ^ r.-yin Lou-f i-iirtly (ur- ii ; hc, . '"all 33:MWM. IIKKr, i-.*,m. ckan. huinf. b l-arth f u r n . i-t u n f u r n . :T21'.. U'lL st. n:2-:3i. OR HKM'-MiAJern * t^n^tn h-usr. (. V 'KM tn, »^j i-cr iiuinth. AtuiUlle WO t^dniuni houj* f.-r font. Cun'W '1 kixl drkiH-s. One or 2 fbiMrvn wt-1- L-urj!e. Jit','9 4th St. (70. 3W-M74. WO t.fijruoni nwK-rn hvnu-. 2 »cr« r jrr.furH. Kast of tracks. (TO month. 353-W74. dOlill.K horn*-*, ri^tricity, water. ' fpaa- tncluiled. oi'tion to buy. 352-7;^. OR KENT-Four room furn. houw. (· i;as ht-at furn.. Imby we!i-ime. Scott Trailer Sales and U. 52vJ llith AVE. 6 linlrooui. l j i balha. t (10U month. Will lra». Mrl HnJ. ingt-r. 3.»2-^.'i42. Turn., at 321 Main St.. La Salle. 553-U191. '0 t ItfclNT-- U n f u r n . 2 bedrvom orick hnusp. 1! bvJruomj in lia^rtnent- 1014 'Jth St. Call 353-llfia. Joyner Realty. JNt bedroom duplex In Garden City with xlove and rt-frij,'i. r»tor. 155-0* n us utiliti«. 352-7794. tT5 JHT month, plut mi lit ins, baby we come. AvaiUbU Jan. 4. I'h. 567- 4r,j(l. .1- hnatuwn. r\\ O l^room house, u n f u r n . Fireplace, fi-m-fd in back yard, garage. U'tit tuscnirnt to citlleKe itudenb. iOL'SK f»r rt-nt. Two b*drtoma. car- Ix-U-d, k'arftzv. (10J iwr munth. Avail- nb!f Jan. 1. Phono 353-U37S or 3^2-HSC. 'OR KKNT-Clean two bedroom un- f irnished house with garage in Kvani. SCO per month. Furnish your own utilities Two children welcome. N'o pets. Call only after 6 p.m. 3.12.1125. FO t SALE or rent-- Mmlvrn furniihed Hillside homo. 3 bedrooms finished bawment, jmtio with fireplace on t]inc ou* lot, with garden apace, nictty landucaprd. Convenient to schools ami ihoppinvr, Pnfseasion, Jan. 2H only to dependable party wilh Rood rvfprcncH. 2506 I7th Ave. Ph. 353-1 3fii. For Rent -- Rooms 1 6 COLl.KOK kpproveil r«.m«. kitchen ROOM for wiirkinit lady. Kitchen priv. ROOM, private entrance, for man. Call nfn-r fi:3fl. 1708 15th Ave. 352-9279. HOUSEKKKIMNG room for one person. 102H Hth SU CLLAN. nipping room (or working man. ;i:i-2273. NICPJ, front mom. Closa In. Reasonable. 810 12tb SU COLLEGE men. Furnished rooms and modern kitchen, college approved. 2021 8th Ave. Reasonable, by week. Motel Hoover, 213 IHh Avenue. SLEEPING room, clone in, clean, next to bath, TV hookup. 1014 10th St. 352-7713. FOR MEN-- Clean, warm roorai, with or without kitchenettes, TV hookup. Turner Manor, 809 7th St ROOM for rent- Working man or »tu- dent Cooking privileges 1940 llth Avenue. STERLING Hotel. Rooaa with or without bath. Monthly or wockly. Ma d service, phone, cafet*rit. All eon ven ienc*s. PERMANENT roomi from 120 montb in annex section. From (35 montl in main section. Room and mcali from |80 month. All conveniences Parking lot, phones, wakeup iervic* We will give you free moving aerr ice. Mr. Watson, Camfield Hole. For RenN-Apti. 1 BASEMENT apt., furnished. 1634 101 FOR RENT-- 2 bedroom apt., new FURNISHED 3 room apt., priva FOlt RENT-- Unfurnished 2 b«droo ONE room kitchenette apt., furnl*he SI2 per week. AduUa, 852-0007. 705 13th Ave. 362-276B. Key. 352-3121. ******* * pt in K * «i. Adults. Ph. 3B2-3272. " LARGE, upsUln, furn. X room ap R KM 0 DELED 3 room apt. Close collate. 353-1069. - C A it INS, t24 and op per month. Bpai lah community. 862-2783, c SMALL furnlahed apt, Suilabla tot e or 2. Cali 352-3776, 6 to 8 p.m. 11 TWO bedroom apt. in fourplex at U £ FURNISHED apt. College bnyi. Co e. CI.KAN, fnrniKhed apt. Ulilitia fur 414 9th Ave. h CLEAN, warm. furni«hed apt. Lo e. price. M2-G453. " TWO room furnished apt. Clou H 1'refer Indy nlone. 1019 Hth St. at FOR HENT - Three room furnish njit. I'h. 353-4910. _ NICK, clcun. 3 room furnishod cpt. 7 * 12th Avr. Inquire Zi'A llth Ave _ TWO ,r 3 Vwfin-om apt. furn. 8 J, 13th St. 3. r ,2-80CO. .. W A N T E D -- A d u l t tenants for nlc f u r n . opt., downtown. 3^2-3735. bn TW() Ixvlroom banememt apt. lilllit LR RK.N T -KurLuhrJ «i-t*. Utilitiv yzi'L .'t lltb Av*-. L'KMSHEU * U-.irw.--m »yt VuliCrt. !'JJ- 22nd Avt. ft. L R N L S H E U ba^Dieot apL Oat i*r- son JC/ Utilk'M paid. 1310 Utb 0 i RENT Kicr. cleac 2 b^lrwm »it.. wkrm and tx-^y, cl-.-se ID. :i'/J.*WI. trailrr hdtur. (In hpxt, air fun- ditionv-i :'409 10th St. M A L L .ur D . main flwr apt. with uti itie. 1 or 2. College vicinity. t4 r .. 1H2P IHh Aw. OZ V f u r n . 1 WJrowm apt. Utilities *ii1, TV hwkui-. Adulu. ISO* Uth H K E K tnrttc rito-n furniiht^ apt. 415V. C uac in, ground floor. edulU. 625 12th St. WO b^ir'Xm furn. apt. for four boys. Collek* approved. Clew* to KDUOOM ind kitrhenrtte apt. luit- !3th St. OR RENT-- Nice 4 room apt., fur- nishwl or unfurn. Reasonable rent. U t i l i t i m fur.i. Phone 352-8(94. Working coupk. Full bath, private eitranrv. 352-6772. 'NTUKN1S1IED baiement tine SM- room apartment. Clow- in. (55. Utilities furnidhed. Phone 365-2«7t. \)R KENT-- Small fun,. «pt. abovr guraee. Private shower ind toilet. A«lu 1= vnly. Sll 12th St. tt (1 b«!room ham-rneiit »pt.. partly f u r n . Own thrrmnMat. IMS 13th St.. or 352-7618. earagt. immediate pou*»lon, (SO, (^1 5R7-45h2 or inquire evening! nftt-r 5::in. «t 2205V- ICth Ave. Ct. 1RAKD new 2 bedroom unfurn. apt. 1517ii 10th Ave. Carpeted living art-a. TV hookup. dUpoial. rang*, refrigerator, no children or peti. |85 plu« utilities. Call 352-1385. "OR RENT-- Two oearoom apt. Large liv ng room, complete modern kiteh- tn. Accvmmodatn either gu or e ectric range, automatic waiher and dryer. HRI garbage dhpom). iteam heat. Semiba B ement at $90 per month. Like to see it? Call at 22 Uth Si., between t and 12 a.m., or 2 and 5 p.m. Large, 3 room turn, front ap Utilities paid, til* bath ana dralnboard. Couple. Cloat in. 1106 7th Ave. PARK PLACE APIS. Furnished or unfurn. buffet apts. Steam heat, hot water and utilities. 530 per month. Apply 127 8th St.. Rm. 210. Ph. 35352 or Opdykfl Agency, Inc. h. 352-5747. For Rent-- Buildingi 20 OR RENT-lll«k bldu.. 2S-M. Biul- nOM or sur«Ke. Ph. 352-0132. FOB KENT-- Two vwhoiun »ltb lurer fenced »rM. fith Ave. and «th St. C«ll Wlncurtd'i. 352-8722. OIHu SMC* 22 SMALL office ipic* *vaflabl«. 1002 91h St. 3S2-10J8. tr S52-06D6. FOR HENT-- Office., 8th Avt t Uth St. Ph. 352-0132: FOR RENT -- Offic. sp.c«. grouod floor. 816 JOth Av.. FOE RENT-- Lirgt offlct at 812 lOtb SU See M. E. llagen at 914 10th St OR RENT-- 2 and 1 room olflc ·uiten, available 2nd floor. Par PUc- BuiWin,. 827 8th St. Inqulr No. 210. Ph. 35S-07B2 or SS2-S747. ^OR RENT -- St«am beat*d offlc ·pace. 1 or 2 room lultei. 2nd floo Coronado Bulldinz- Wheeler Rult Trailtt Sptc* 2 LARGE convenient parking ipice. $ per month. Rapp'i, 2601 10th St, Room and Bwrd ' 2 ROOM ind board. Excellent mials b week or month. Reaaonabl*. Can field Hotel. Misctllanious 2 FOR .SAL-J/ady*. fur coat, Hk« ni* medium nizf. Ph. SB2-3982. WANTED to buy-- Good u B ed fi coat, jackrt or fltole. 362-*232. Ph. E6«-3355. Wellington, Colo. FOR SALK-- Man'i winter coat. · 42. Coll 35Z-H177. TIIE STOCKMAN-- 834-8387. P * t"*^' 1 362-G126. Also bulidinKi for lale. G U A R A N T K K D uiwd and rebu welders. 3S2-8686. GOOD uied «n» heaters. Call H52-B949. 180 AMP welder. $40: 180 smp Forn wclrjer. $100: ulraont new acety c wrl(!i?r. 3Z-7099. JOHNSTON power Inwn mower : h»nH mower; mine, yird tools; nor f n r n i t u r f . S52-6322. FOR KENT-- Portable speed he*l* Greeley BuiWInK Sapply, 630 2G 02 Strw). 3ri2-6844. LAUNDRY problrm* T Call Cm IP Wbil^ or brinjt it to 9H Uth Av upi«wili! nt-w Podt Office. 352-81 PJ, GLASKKS repaired. Broken Ifnm ' n . pHrntcd. Mew frjimw. (ir«lcy C EW Kwimtwu .- .vlvcn*'.!*. ftv. 1- WuLeh«»t*r IO-5U. SU . i^lv^·» Jou- bg Hayaunu. Bmctlej SiwrtiDS Ouodf, ^lr bth A^c OK N£AT dependable prlBtmt TOU * cellent letauoo. We fotluw cvpy A orpfullj- »nd »* civc j-ou quality wiirk at reatonalile \Mt. Briny ut KW baiitrtn. f utrantMd oof year. J7.9? exchux*. Uwad tuttrriea. »3.9i. Battrry r*v»iring Rrbuill genera- r tors and ·tarttr* All ITP*» of acui tunrupa and rrpmn L'trd car* BDd P ckupa. Low urict*. mr terra*. John Thomp»on'» tiaracr. £01 Stl Ave. Ph. =M-1S4S H MM ti«U GM^S 30 IOV1NC. M B k- offer oa wa*twr and dryer twlac. 35?-i.73. SKI) K.'tiioint electric r»n|[«, liS.Ol). S52-H^ Olt SAl.K-Ui.MKbt piaiu.. 454-2^9 after 6:30 p.m. OUR dark oak dining ch*ir». tine , rumlitlwn. 135. 532-1667. L Kf'OKK you aril ur buy. civ* iu a try. Kvini Furniture. J52-06VS. £·6 I N ' t K H N A T l O N A L mutur aud pletf. 352-37Z8. rWO hrd* cotnpl.-t* with iprinxi and mattrrun ; 1 Con.nedo reffig. * «at.-r: d«y bed. 352-1305 or 352-4005 'OR SALK-- 4 bucket chkiri: boy's * bcnikcn* bed aixl chet ; baby crib. 'OH' SALE-- Thr** riKimi practically new furniture. Will itU tofctlwr or { setKirkU. ^W-S043. V A N I T Y dYHk tor »iTr. like m-w. Fiur ftrawpn, blond finiih, liy.96. 353- f,7:iO, FOR SALK - 1962 RCA Whirlpool waiher-drytr combination. Moving, niuit ell. Call 3^-ttyi. lly cabinet, chair». rlothei chnt. SS2-fi7:iO, ClfKMISTRY hu developed a nrw (In- Uh cotiUinlnK acrylic fur v i n y l floori KKLV1NATOR refrigerator, |20. Cm bf i«tn at 619 lO'.b Av«. U«l Bcd- n lf r. 352-3542. RKFIUGKRTOR. 1956 Hotpoint, 7 ruble ft., swd condition. tss.9l. 352-6730. FOR SALK-- New and u»ed Si«ler heater* and Krlvlnator BDpllancr*. Wedtview Cout to Coast. Z41U 10th St. 352-4302. TK1.KVISION, Zenith Space Command. (SO : May UK deluxe iruner, I6U : metal iUr«Kf cabinet, tS; fireplace IK, fS; floor poliiher. 15; inile ump, chain, lawn touli. 362-3245. GREENWOOD Pure Hurt - Barvalna Eftlo» in uied furniture and mlicr · lanftjus. Wi buy. «ell or trade. 2506 7th Ave. Just wutb of V.F.W. Hill. 153-3434, G»rr Greenwood. Mxnager. DEC. 20th IS YOUR LAST DAY To buy carpet lOTc aliovc coat! M U K I Hell because of taxes. Nylon Lilac Tweed . J4.06 Continuous Nylon Double Lock hack, green . 14.57 Acrilan Double Ixick back, brown and belj^e .. - $fi.5fl Wool Wilton. Sand tones J5.7S Wool Axmtnster, Modern earth tones . . . .J4.95 AH Carpet In Stock Cut HOUSE OF CARPETS 1113 16th St. 353-3221 Montr It Lent 11 a fint, second, or third mortcuKe or a biutnMi loan. Alao buy Urit ani lecond mortnatiM. Call 8am for faat a.rvlcl. SK-0132. Farm Ranch Loans LONG TERMS - LOW RATE ASA T. JONES, JR. 5 Years Loan Corresponden Kansas City Life Insuranc Company. Clifford G. Campbell, Mgr. 1019 Stb Ave. Ph. 352-841 LOANS Low Interest Rate 1018 8th Ave. 852-674? Representing THE MUTUAL LIFB INS. CO. of N.Y. Building Maliriil } 5,000 CLEAN uud brick. 1710 « Str«t. USED lumber, pipe, I beams, w i n d o w s , doors, plumbing, brick. Perlmutter Jobbing and Wrecking Co. Corner of 6th Ave. mip»i« «l I )K SALE-1U wtinlio, »«. Call 3d2-Md. Ht S I O C K M A N WnLrrowcv L'KTISS uufleul brmllv «.rvit«. tl.Ov a Head. Alto Uou. IU-I71 KTIMCIAL M~j. M . Coutawi. cl- fici«at t«rv)c« witb A.B.S- protri tir«» »2-zy2. OK SA1.B-- c»tu« chuua, e«J» UDMa and lUx-k unlc*. Gwod prico. W«t View Cout u Cout. 2410 IftU t Ph. .15Z-13(tt. OK SALK - 75 lacdnaud Holiuln he fert. 750 pound a\rax«. Mil lan or al . S:,J-S1M. Ralph C.K-J. Rt. I Bu 1544'. UrrrltJ. FARMERS. RANCHERS in Ureeley Area 2 nd 15 cub paid for freib dead cow* and bortei. f5 to tlO for crippled and down horeei and cowa. (Call as Soon ca Posaibll A f t e r Auliual Dies) Immediate Service Seven )aya a Week - NlRht or Day Call Collect: Greeley 352-1788 LEE Bl-PRODDCTS CO. P« $t«k 4} PUPS to live away. 3SZ-»75. OK SALt-24 month old fem«lt Mexican Chihuahua. ISO. 35M7SZ. away. 35:|.?80S. ·OI.LIE iupt out of refiiured atock. 1AMKSK kitten. After t, 351-3100. mile* atrakht aoutb of Kener. PKTS fur Chriatmai. Clu Colll. pupa. I'h. 352-S663, ...nil,,,. THOPICAL flah. loldflih, aqu.numi. filurn. air pumpa (Aerator*). Frank'! Swd and HaUhrrr, T09 10th Street. Stwint MulilMi -- V.tuymi 44 SINCKII aevrlnf machine. lull alie poruble. Monoiram.. mendi. ant emlrrolden. Four paymenta of 15.9! or $2.1 eaah. Will eunaUtr uadi. N. lurment due till Feb. 15. 552-tiSSJ TV-- «.·-- Wrtct. 44 PICTURE tubTM Iniulled. I2I.». F»l year vuarantw. tenni. 152-1691. NEW TV plctun tutu. I».H IrjUII- II TV .ervlc. ealU. oar or olthL Al work iuaranu«d. All niket. Promp aer n. Hufbo TV. 2B4-B32Q. TV a ck T Call TV HoaplUL Complett ·ervlcc all makta. Phone H2-011I USKU TVa full! reconditioned and cuaranteed. S39.95. 110 down. 110 month. J12-S13I). USKD TV icta, fully cuarantetd, Blw new SyNanla TV. HI-FI and Stereo TV lloipllal, 1211 7th SI, E.anl 32-D11I. I52^B50. Muiicil Initruminli 47 FOlt SALE- Spinet piano, eice len con* Itlon. Phont 352-42*8. L I K E nrw cumblnatlon radio and rec ord player. 33, 45 and ~R apevji Reasonable. See at 1214 8th Bt. o phone :t.'i2-770S. SPINET organ, uaeil but like new ran be le«n in thii vicinity, tak ov«r kmall paymenta or will diicttun for caih. For information withou expente or obtfxation write: Credl Manager, Lakeiide Piano Co.. 577 Went 44th, Denver 21. R«ol £*·!· 41 POR SALE -- S bedroom borne. £!«etri kiuhen, partial carafe and drap«a KM down. IK-KI9. faraze. at Kertey. Charlaa Waki man. 1221 llth tit. LIST your property wlta Ed Hof Urooka Ke*lty. Uonuty and courta* a promfie. -ALL me recardlnK Income propert Hel Uedlnicer, IE2-3642. Hatan Axil cy. S52-7358. f u l l flniabed huemtnt, two car c rage, family room. Maplawoo 163.238]. FOK SALE-- 1076 IBlh St., block fro campu.. Two bedroom home, wall , wall carpetlnr, full baaemen {·OH SALE by owner. 7Ua room bout all redecorated. Wall tn wet) carpe fenced hack yanl. Urge carat Small down payment 2411 tth 1 31!-3Z6. "Igt 14 UKKKLKl iniBl . IM! btakt 41 SHAW Realty Company REALTORS INSURORS )10 »tb Art, 362-5407 NEAT 2 BEDROOM : HOME S'var Bhopping t-euter aud c, ichool, close to college. First ^ f l 1,5(10 takes It. C NEW 3 BEDROOM BRICK i witb full basement, near Frank 1 In school. 113.51)0. c BRICK DUPLEX -' bedroom each tde will trade : for older home or what have' you. ] FOR RENT I 3 bedroom home 595 per month. 1105 32nd Avenue. FORECLOSURE Owned by KHA. 1^1 us »how ·ou this 3 bedroom brick with ull basement. illl.900 will buy an Immaculate 1 bedroom home on nth Street load. Orvlll« Ruler 352-4188 Sonny Johnson 353-33S4 Let Vandenboi 352-SC48 C A R L S O N REALTY CO. 1013 Ninth Ave. J53-I2U Large near new brick duplex at 2324 Tth Avenue. Each unit hn» 2 bedrooms, larfje livinf?room and tile baths. Income is $2,160 )er year. See this today! Another good income property is located at 1220 8th Ave. This unit has 5 one- Dedroom apartments. All f u r n i t u r e in the apartments are included in the selling ^rice. Total income per month is $272,50. Extra nice 2 bedroom honu near Arlington school. Has full basement, 2 car garaRt?, nice carpet and drupes. Sec 2215 10th Avenue. Lovely 4 bedroom brick in nice neighborhood. Close to all schools. Has all electric kitchen, 1*4 baths, double · garage, fenced yard with underground s p r i n klinp · system. Included in th( A sales price are all carpel; m and drapes, and automatic o washer and dryer. £ 'Perk" Carlsoa 853-271 ·;_ Jake Pdelger 353-172 Houwhold Goodi 30 Ho»«hol. Goodi 30 PRE-IN\ · CLEARAI 'ENTORY vICE SALE 20 to 50% Savings! HirschfielcTs Furniture 2207 9th Street SB2-3187 \t rriaay, utt. £», i:r»i RM! litae* 44 ANTKU to buy. Dry IjuW M «f uur farm near Jobnetowo. Wfawiwv or «eit it Greeley. C«ll I!MM«. oc write Kt. t, Boi 161. FlarWetlle, (.Vluradc-. Wassemiller Realty 503 6th Ave, Ph. 15S-32$I TAUT THE NEW YEAR JUT RIGHT. INVEST IN A HOME 121 :'3rd Ave. Fine well kept onie. lovely kitchen, garage, veryihliiK on ground floor, DO tups to climb. 90G llth St. Nice 2 bedroom uinu with 2 ruoiiits fiajstivd In aMMnent. Clone to Maplewood c KMil, onlv JI'J.GOO. 215 12th St. Blond b r i c k iuuty. Maiiy cxtrati in thin fine ome. including 2 large bedrme., tility r(K»i). fireplace and beau- i f u l rarpeiini;. Owner moving, v u n u rjuick Httiou. Of.r t Hth Ave. Ct. 2 bedroom jr ck home, finished basement, eiu-^-d yard, and a lovely patio, spuniti sood IQHH. 112 21fit AVP. Owner rnoTlnr, iu ck iiosjii-sHlon on this nlcs tr ck Iminc w i t h bedroom and mth f i n i n h c d In tiaseinent, ,-j aiTf K. I S t l i St. Modern K»m»;. larj!j 2 ' - nr Karate, work, thop, c i t y u t i l i t i e H , price reduo fil for t.nic'k Fale. BUSINESS AND INCOME PROPERTY «1 9th Si. Xlrp home with tiisi'iiipnt Hpaniucnt, 2 car ga- rw. Make otter. 4 lox near niw brh'k, collet* tK-atiun. ijoud int*onie. llnh'l nnd IniHln^eH building In Mill. Only JlD.OWUiO. ^inall cnr»rv nnd living nusr. ITS. fin.Liin.on. Ice vcndliif! anil dollverj bull- ncMB ciisy to hnndlt?. Mi H Deluxe I'nltii. eirclltnt liUnliit'HK, Ht'll or trade. See ua, FARMS Wo have* sflVRral nood 80 A. f a n n » I'loHi- to Orpplny, 1963 poti session If ou hurry. FOR RENT Two lifdiooni horot! with finish. «l biwmpnt. Z t-ar Karate, $96. \Vo cxtcRrt our filiKcre greet- ngp and bust wishes tor the New Veur. Ed \v,iesei!iiiler 352-4341 Helen Wllll.-.tns 35J-J5S5 Roy Booth 3BS-461I Dnvq Swift 162-4311 MOORE REALTY ft Realtor ^ Colorado Theatre Bldg, 1514 8th Ave. 352-3-137 LOCATION SUPREME Firht lilliu offLTud, 2,000 toel of KrorlniiB U v I n K In .Heath. MlKb Scliixil iir«n. brick, full flnlBlied luiRvmont, 3 Ircdroosns and den. double garnpp. Hprink- up HVHtpin, fireplace and many lixtrus. INCOME A woll hullt home w i t h rontal up nnd down. Itnnomont all roURli cd in for k i t c h e n and hnth. With lint l«K iniich ndilillonal QxpenM ilit- buwment would bo read} for orcuimnry. I'oHRthlo income J I M ) per .mmih. Ixmk nnd mnko Off IT. SPLIT LEVEL H i - i i H i i f n l 3 iM'dmom M-Ith P n i t n t n i i . l n view t h n t will nove em], H imtlis. ntt. narnf;c, 2 flrp plitrcH, sprlnkliiij; svKteni, nl ·nl Co.. ji2y. gth Av*. 352-HS72. TUIK tialnncinj--Only Jl.OO per p»w- WciKhU frcel 0. K. 10* N. tllh Ave. . Kinir «l7.c. J2.00; rrit- (J.M. .Jim's Fnintirr. under f manfiRement. 102 8Ui Av*. CKJiSl'OOLS, icptlc tanks, crpaxe traps pumped. Wbittaker. 352-9057. hatliinu. Give educ-'ition, work jecord and ag». Write Hox K-12. c/o TrihunK. !!. r )2-ril21, rccorrlcd number. He'll GOT 1KAKHT (Jtll Vic. HELP W A N T E D Waitress and Cooks Apply in person PAT'S CAFE in LaSalle r'IRST clruw recover....! and k nejitn. Gsnvnj, work. Woodi Product*. 1939 20th St. ri.W. F J I t K I ' L A C F , wod'i. dr^. pitch pin*. I-rr*-ll W(wxl Yar'l. ftlR Sr-1 Ave. A M K H I C A N W r r r k l n K A 8»l Vni't. W* luty unylhti-K. Wf rrvtliini. 4'J2 Glh Ht, Ph. 3S2-93I.C, im"cnH T f,*U r«pnlrH tntm.. tl.dfi. O.K. Rtib- -r*. 10S N. I H h Av*. . N SBVKRAI, nooi) POSITION'S O I ' K N NOW furnljthnd one and ililifi -J4'i9 I f l l h S', Is Your A t i p l i r M i o n in O'-i Kiif-a? r r t r s-ptlr. M n k e . BOfl rupufity. On»» rfnj In your " Ion. Cil l.irr'- «'k*-ilnn fr ntnininilion. ft-hlnn »ir'1w»rf. nylhinir. Wr K!" GuIH Ortr'cj Hnil'lin.t S k u j i or pan**I. S K K DAI/K MA.TOHS l ? ( h SI M o n d a y , Hpr. 31 Rtoiin Doors Storm Windows Awnings Siding Greeley Glass Shop 2043 9th fit w i n u u w s, uuors, plumbing, brick. Perlmutter Jobbing and Wrecking Co. Corner of 6th Ave. and 9th St. Boots Suppli«i 3j JOHNSON Soji.nor«« Mlw. *nl tcrv. ict. V/IDwr't Ouibonrd Mirlnc. 2102 B Kith Strn-t. . MKlli;UUY outbcnrd mototi. ComDfll* miirint SHU-* nn'l er«lcp. Hcynold* .-,i!l,imrnt Co., 01 I8!h St. Sporting Goodi 35-A A WK, W A N T bi tmy rifle* nnrl «h,,tKnns. Any rri'ikr. Hire or cunililt'io. Alkin'i r SportltiK (.ojdi. "721 7th St. · U1IK Rfllr. O f new i n ami K! BCUE- 61 gun* nn] n m m i i n l ' i t m rlmr* On*, ·d Z4. ItfirUcy KporllnK (^ynli. B I Z JiUi j. Avrnitr. cilKTiii.niiini.lo.idlnR HI-PHWH tMl" II MDim'i. All ti'T'ulir r,iH!irn. t'l.)\ j (n-r lion in your ««miit,M. A Ik ire'* SlinrlltiK fifio'h. 7..1 Tih KL 3r.2-9r-01. ,j Fruiti ond Veqclobltt 3' WKST Slop* »|i-ik», d l f f r r M i t vnrtotk 1 ". M HmmniiK, .irnnt-r* nn-l R r n i ^ r r u h . "· I'tiUUii-it nn-l -iMlfmn. (JlVirr f t n l U mi 1 vr^rUlile*. n*\*'i Mirk^l. a»2-5(i: 1H',3 Mt St. W WlisT-KIM-Tr,, K l c f f r p f u m for M i l n e '·· -*nnlnn. 12 iiii'hrl; Wlnmtp «|.pl*-i r |i ?;, l-m-hrl . riM.VinK Jo'inttmn. (1.7 I.IL.-..X-!. hrf,lr,| |,! B .-r tn p»* h t f r u i t t r u r k . IZ n i g h t . Art]« t r u c k n ,j 20J |4l.h St. Hay, Groin, Ftcd, Straw 4 W A N T K I l l,, l.iiv M»c. h'(rth»n«t « "ni("sTl.K " s i i n w . eh. .i:.;.vi'.i. W A N 1 i-.Ii J"j.r r.,tt,. N-irthi-Tit Kif a n l C r f l n . r'»!i.r.. r.,1,, I'K 4 M - M ? STKAW f-^T -mr n«tu-»rrH. R. fjiMj.m. I'll, a^a-^w. WANTfiTnTtlinIlnf h»f. r3-2"H P A R K M A Y . J t l f u l f V tlTJiw. lH!tw« RUT *n-t ··]!. Don Kcllr. ?.S ?.-?*? TilKTtrTk^in- W N i * t n » M f . Liv«if«V 4 LIVESTOCK inr*rln». Otcr 20 TWi «pir.«nr». Bnintnttr. fk. IBMH 1 « R'T-4449. f J Hirschfield's Furniture , 2207 9th Street SB2-3187 " M- Free 1'arkinR · Free Delivery · Terms , OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL 8:80 / j Greeley Furniture Co. ; GOO S. 8tli Ave. I'h. 3!2-5141 Year End Clearance Sale InokcRHp nnd \Vnftnn Wheel I?link Beds . . Save $rOJ Tiiroc-piMi! C'urved Seclionul, new $!l!).flr Hidc-ii-Kcd Snfn _ ... $180.1)5 TV Trayn, per net _... .ffl.:. 1 ; Corner Srr-i ioiml, plastic cover S!VI.!)fi Table I/amps .. , U I'ficu !{cn(iy-mnle Draperies _ 20',. Off 'Av'mK Knoin LOIIIIKG Chair W.l.;!. r PoHal.lif TV Set . _. $!i:i.«,f) Karly Anierinin I'cdroom (lhairs _ ?!7.ri() Kuch Kelviniitfir Appliances _ afl'. Off 9x12 A x m i n s l e r UUK« ..._ ?-18 FRKK DELIVERY OI'KN KVENINCS 'Til, RrtO n.KNTY or nnivr, or? TOKB PARKINO AND S A V E fvi'ln aro coiiiplcloly flnlRhr.d. in" ot t h o nicrr liotnlr lorn- PONY RANCH I l l s l l l H l l - i l 11 p-lll IIITM B|l|ll level 11)1111' (111 H 1 I , .'IITII »||(., ( w n ifilruoiiiH. f n n i i l y nmin, flrn- lilini'. » p r l n k l l i i K nyslcin. 2 car i l l a r i i c i l cir:ii:i. iimporlr fpiic. "(I In wlilic, ;i sliill puny hnrn, ;! n i i i l l p u n y ham. Intention well, iiiul Bi-viT.'il oilier lc»|r. NOTHINC, DOWN TO Q l ' A U K I E D CI mill yon ran n:ovc I n t o a roAl nice :l hcilniinn l i r l r k . All e!e.r. k l l c l i c n . lull iKineiiicni. n i l . M ' n i c e l v laii.h.,n,,iMi il 1,11. k 5 ,,ri|. iion'i. ysrd 'nils* INCOME i=li unit K room, li'llltlnc. to nrll. !IH8 ACRE TRACT il 8 lH-(|K«iin. I'-.. tmlli«. .-ill cli-i 1,1, liiiciimi, | Rf . nvirniiiiis rnr^ all. i:nrr,ci, . ( , rrn l aprlnk- W n|,| d, , on 1,0\V DOWN P A Y M E N T K' A. re f . i r i , , . Well In.lilefJ :n:nhlni. . |, n | (llhfr ]p. Km,,!, aintilc mpppjy SlniVH cmiil crii' "I. us Ihla K A I . K S M E N K r n n k K. M..,,, r e. H,., s;.j.j.i|j Al M.,.,,e. i;,... r.iiino IMID Ullliaugli, Uo«. UVNtt

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