Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 18, 1967 · Page 12
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 12

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1967
Page 12
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Idaho Free Press 4 Caldwell Ne*s.Trlbime, Tuesday, July 18,1961-A4 HINTS FROM HELO/5E "We're going to call our turtle Myrtle, Mommy-are you coming to the christening?" TELEVISION LOG Responsibility for five correcfntii of television programi red entirely upon the television stotioni. This newspaper can assume no responsibility for errors in the Listing], Channel A Channel --i KBOI-TV L TUESDAY, JULY 18 4:00 Bowery Boys 5:00 CBS News with Waller CronJelte (C) 5:30 KBOI News Today 6:00 Gilllgan's Island (C) 6:30 Spotlight (C) 7:30 Petticoat Junction (C) 8:00 Away We Go (C) 9:00 Peyton Place 9:30 CBS News Special (C) 10:30 Ten Thirty Report 10:55 Movie Time "I Was a Teenage Frankenstein" Whit Blssell, Phyllis Coates Since admission to the Onion In 1819. Alabama has had six constitutions. T^^k I^M ^ ' f j h l t ··*··· AIMn* · cMl- "^ OT^^H rmnnm li£r\ -- -V^l H*. \£y teiwrfMI Call ·« 459.1505 1 "* h KTVB-TV / TUESDAY, JULY 18 2:00 The Early Show 3:30 The Fugitive 4:30 Mister Ed 5:00 Hunlley-Brlnkley (C) 5:30 Blfj News 5:45 Weather 5:50 Sports 5:55 Business News 6:00 Tarzan(C) 7:00 Tuesday Night Movie "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" Robert Wagner, Jltl St. John 9:00 Fugitive (C) 10:00 Nltebeat 10:20 Weather 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight Show (C) UOlOr Idmlrol'" T V *te£T 1 iii *"**·*_ . j B Curtii Mcilnti Service *"*"»* MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 7:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:00 Joseph Benti Morning News 8:25 KBOI Morning News 8130 J** L*V*» (c) 9:00 Andy pt flayberry 9:30 Dick Van Dyke Show 10:00 Love of Life 10:25 CBS Mid-Day News 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Guiding Light 11:00 General Hospital 11:30 As the World Turns 12:00 Password 12:30 Houseparty (C) 1:00 To T*ll the Truth 1:25 KBOI N4ws 1:30 Edge of Might 2:00 Mike Douglas Variety Show 3:30 Secret Storm WEDNESDAY, JULY 19 4:00 Jungle Boy 5:00 CBS News with Walter C rot* lt« (C) 5:30 KBOI News Today 6:00 DaKtarl (C) 7:00 Green Acres (C) 7:30 Comer Pyle USMC (C) 8:00 Frazler vs Chuvalo Fight (C) 9:00 Virginian (C) 10:30 Ten Thlrly Report 10:45 Sports Final' 10:50 Weather 10:55 Movie Time "Terror of Steppe" Kirk Morris MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 7:00 Today Show (C) 6:00 Snap Judgment (C) 8:30 Concentration 9:00 Personality C) 9i30 Hollywood Squares (C) 10:00 Jeopardy (C) 10:30 Eye Guess (C) 10:55 NBC 'tews 11:00 Dating Came 11:30 Let's Make A Deal (C) 11;55 n'BC News 12:00 Newlywed Game (C) 12:30 The Doctors 1:00 Another World (C) 1:10 You Don't Say (C) WEDNESDAY, JULY 19 2:00 Early Show 3:30 Fugitive 4:30 Mr. Ed 5:00 Hunlley-Brinkley (C) 5:30 Big News S:45 Wealher 5:35 Business News 6:00 Star Trek (C) 7:00 Time Tunnel (C) 8:00 I Spy (C) 9:00 Aviation Revolution (C) 10:00 Nltebeat News 10:20 Weather 10:25 Sports 10^30 Tonight Show {C) Before the widespread use of cats as motiserf. ferrets were used in homes all over Europe. Road Accident Reduction Aim of Farm Safety Week Ann Landers Cone Makers: Here's a Scoop BOISE-- Reduction of road nceldenfs involving farm machinery is a goal of Idaho Farm Srfery Week, July 23 to 29, How- aid Tanlcersley, secretary of Miho Farm Safety Committee and safety specialist of the University of Idaho extension service, said today. The weeV has been proclaimed by Governor Don Samnelsoa. tt Is part of a national observance. Public education on use of a slow-moving-voMcle emblem will be emphasized in Idaho, Tankersley said. The theme was selected by the state committee. William Maxwell, Pocatello, is chairman. The emblem has proven effective in several states, Tankersley said. A stidy is under way to determine possibility of introducing a law requiring the emblem in the I960 session of (he Idaho legislature. The triangular sign mounted on slow- moving vehicles alerts other drivers to the hazard of roach- Inery on a highway. The safety effort Is particularly related to tractor operation. Tractor accidents claim the lives of about 1,000 people annually In the United States and are among the leading causes of farm accident fatalities in Idaho. An estimated 15 per cent of the accidents occur when a tractor is being moved to another worksite. While concentrating on the slow-movlng-vehlcle program, the committee said, efforts will continue during Safety Week and throughout the year on water safety and prevention of accidents In the home. In his proclamation, Governor Samuelson said: "Idaho farmers suffer an annual average of 25 deaths and 2,400 disabling Injuries in accidents that cost an estimated four million dollars, Idaho can lllaffordtheselosses. Attention to principles of safety can reduce the toll I urge farm and urban people to make con- sclenticus effort to eliminate hazards a;?d careless habits, and to give their attention to prevention of accidents on the farm, in the home, and on highways." Cannery Group Reorganizes HOMEDALE- The Homedale Cannery Association held a reorganization meeting recently. Officers elected were Mrs. J. Frank Brown, of Wilder, president; Mrs. Mlldren Look, Wilder, vice president, and Mrs, Mary Stuthetl, Homedale, secretary- treasurer. The cannery opened for business Friday with Mr. and Mrs, Leslie Carpenter again in charge. f · * The wood thrush Is the ot- flclal bird of Washington, DC. CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS Dear Ann Landers: Am I a dummy or what? A very close friend of mine joined the WACs last year, and she seemed to love II. When ahe returned for Christmas leave she gave us all a snow job about what a great life she was leaning. Well, last week she came home five months pregnant with no wedding ring. She told everyone lhat she had become involved with an officer and didn't realize until it was too late that he was married and could not gel his freedom. She insists she received an honorable discharge from the WACs. 1 say her statement Is an Insult to the intelligence of a thinking person. That girl must have been discharged dishonorably under the circumstances. Wasn't she? Please answer ia print. I want others to see this, too. -. DUMMY? Dear Dummy: What difference does it make to you if the girl was discharged honorably or not? It so happened that your friend didn't receive a dishonorable discharge from the Army. It was simply an official document separating her from the service. Dear Ann Landers: I plan to be married in the Fall, The problem is my parents. They want to remodel the back of our home and make an apartment for us. They have hinted about this for several months and my fiance and I have talked It over and neither of us wants II. We had never said no, straight out -- until last night. It caused a lot of hard feelings and I am sick about tt. My mother called me a selfish brat. She wants to know why we would rather pay out rent money to a stranger than give it to Dad who could use it. I love my parents very much and have always gotten along well with them. They have made many sacrifices for my and now I feel like an ungrateful wretch. But, Ann, I really think we would be better off completely on our own. Please tell me if I am right or wrong. I need your thinking. - NEWSDAY READER Dear Reader; I believe you and your fiance are entitled to make this decision without being pressured and, in my opinion, you made the right one. The fact that your mother trier) to make you feel that you are a selfish brat is pretty good evidence. I hope you will stick to your position and not collapse under the burden of unearned guilt. Dear Ann Landers: A friend of mine told me about a vinegar diet which sounds wonderful. She lost 19 pounds in two weeks and all she did was drink via- egar In warm water. I think It was equal parts of each. I want to try it but I am a little leery. I know you check with doctors, and I would appreclatfi your advice In this matter. 1 like the sound of this diet because vinegar is harmless. Thank you. - CHUBBY Dear Chub: Vinegar can kill you if you drink enough of it. Forgac about that kooky diet. Excessive acldily CM wreck your intestinal system and give you stomach trouble for the rest of your life, if you want to lose weight eat food that has a low calorie count. What awaits you on the other side of the marriage veil? How can you be sure your marriage will work? Read Ann Landers' booklet "Marriage - What To Expect." Send your request to Ann Landers in care of this newspaper enclosing 50 cents in coin and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper, encloslngaself- addressed, stamped envelope. Methodist District Leader Plans Talk WILDER - The Rev. Dr. Wendell Coe, superintendent of the Eastern District of the Idaho Conference will be guest speaker at the meeting of the Methodist Men's club on Wednesday evening July 19th at the Wilder Meth- odisl Church, according to J.J. Flemmtng, pastor. Dr. Coe will address the group on "The Future of Mankind". Refreshments will be served ai the close of the meeting. Project Completed At Parma Cemetery PARMA- Tlu Ontario Asphalt and Paving Company of Ontario, Ore., has completed grading, gravelling and black topping of approximately a quarter mile of driveways In the Parma cemetery, the Cemetery Board has reported. DEAR HELOISB: When making a duuble- deckcr k-e cream ume -especially at children's parties first put a scoop nf ice cream in a small dish. Place yuur cnne upside down un the rounded .«ic»jp cr ice cream in the dish and press down gently. Then holding the edge of the pJate, turn the cone right side up. This gives you a flat top cm which to put another scoupful. After Ihe second one i:. plunked on, just tup It lightly with the scCHjp. This leaves you with one portion in und one ;ut of the cone \vilh no feur of loosing the top layer. L-'iimi Sumtrville * * 3 Tills is a mil ilonln, l^iurit. Suves leor.s as well us urou|nl ice creHlli. Why licit ml* flavors, too? Kotlom vu- iilllu uncl top ch'icotale nukes H guy anil tusly (-one. And don't forget to plunge your scoop hi cold water after cuMi serving KO the Ice main will (V Pjislrr In clip up. Hrlolse. 4 t * ' I;EAK HELOISE.- When I'm sunning myself on the patio, rather than take the chnncfc of overdoing' It. I just set the timer on the clock radio. When Ihe music «tcip.s 1 know it's time to turn over nnd sun the other side. 1 reset tile timer and cun lie back and relax until the music stops iigttin. I figured this tint after Ki'ttintf "overdone" one day. .Mrs, ilclrtl Klwnlie c * * IKAK HKLOISE: Have you ever had a gwwl purse, but the stitching came out of the strap? I iron on rug binding and stitch il over the old stitching. As thin binding is available in many color*, you can buy it the exact shade of your I/ui-se and cut it as nntroiv us ni'Ciled. This is especially great for shoulder strap hags. Mary Murar * » * DEAR HKLOISE: I stumbled on a good thing; recently. When using the attic fmi mien minimer, f have a great den! of lint collecting 'on screens when the windows are raised. 1 always look mine down and scrubbed them with a stiff brush and soap. Then one day 1 picked up a clean dry "iotige and whisked it over my screens. It cleaned the lint off of them In a minute! Try it. Sui-e saves time nnd lots nf hard work! Mrs, L. V. Hamrlch, JACL Sets Picnic Date HOMEDALE- The Boise Valley chapter of ihe Japanese-American Citizens league will hold their annual familypic- nlc Sunday, July 23, starting at 1 p.m. at the Lakeview Park in Nampa. An area is being reserved, according io Mrs. Takashi Koyama of Nampa, co-chairman of the gathering. Taka Kora of Homedale is serving as cochairman of general arrangements. Others assisting on committees are: Selchl Hayashida of Nampa, securing a public address sytem; Yosle Ogawa of Caldwell, races and games and Manabu Yamada of Nampa, beverages and ice cream. Following a buffet-style picnic, races for children ranging from toddlers to 11 years will be held with prizes being presented. WWI Veterans Given Report PARMA-- A report on the Department of Idaho convention was given by Orville Harman to Ihe July meeting of Fort Boise Barracks, Veterans of World War I Harman reported that a change was ordered in the Idaho Department's constitution and bylaws to bring them infoconforro- ily with those of the national organization. He said a motion to transfer the Homedale and Parma barracks from the Fourth to the Third District was defeated. Barracks members met with an auxiliary for a social iiour alter (tie business meetings rf the two groups. The next meetingwillbeapot- luck dinner In September. · · · Florida produced more than 21 million long tons of phosphate rock In 1966. · · t Iceland's parliament is the oldest In the world, dHflnft to »30, I'm a monkey's uorli* If it dorxn't work. Von gnls tr,' II on any M'rwa whether you havo un ":ilr- imdllloni-r" fun or not. Vou'll just km- II. Ili-luisr LETTER OF LAUGHTER DEAR HELOISE; I had a most fabulous hint to pass cm to you, but uni'oi- tunatcly I can't remember what it was. When I do remember, I'll be sure to wile il to you rij(hl away . . . Mitki Chileott HEAR HELOISE: Don't throw away outgrown or worn nibher Ihun^ beach sandle.s. 1 use the heels of lliese old thongs for dofirslop.s. I cut about two or Ihiee inches off the heel and discard the front. They make perfect door- stop.4 that never slip and IwlU the door securely so drafts won't slam them shut. Justin Diireen UttAU I have a helpful hint fin 1 Lent campers. To prevent c/umpni'SH mi clothing, purchase a plastic hut bag with shelves in it. u liook m tdp mid u zipper dmvn the front, After setting up ynur tent. put a hooV-type screw into the main pole of the tent. Then hting up the hut bug. plucc the clothes on thr .shelves and zip up the hag. No moisture \vill get through. After the bag IK hung there will Htill be space under it tu spread nut a sleeping b;ig" thus no gvnund sp;ice is wasted. \Ve wouldn't pu tenting without cnirK, Homedale Scouts Win 27 Badges KOMEDALE -- Tweniy-seveB merit badges were earned by 15 Boy Scouts of Troop 74 (luring their week encampment at Camp Billy Rice at Warm Lake. The group returned home Saturday boasilng records of placingfirst in camp inspection and first in the "critter" race. Anton Jereb, assistant scout master of the troop, ras in charge of the troup the entire *eek with Scoutmaster George Kubosumi spending one overnight and Lonnie Godlevsky, scoui committeeman, spending two days. Transportation was provided by Edward Alora, Harold Wilson, Boyd Jemtnett and Merwin Funk. Scouts earning merit badges were: Jimmy Yamamolo, soil and water conservation, forestry, piopeering and Indian lore; Ricky Jerel,soilandwater conservation, Indian Lore and nature; Ricky Breshears, nature, soil and water conservation and canoeing; Tim Funk, forestry, nature, canoeing, Indian lore and soil and water conservation; Gary Godlevsky, swimming, basketry and nature; Monte Fujishin, swimming, basketry and nature; Daryl Jemmett, swimming; Charles Van- DerhoH, swimming; Doug Pottenger, canoeing, rowing, nature and swimming. Scouts earning their first class advancements were James Funk and Wayne Alora. Others working on their first class requirements were; Steve Yam- amolo, Mike Beavers and Wesley Jemmett. Scouts earning emblems for swimming the one mile were Tim Funk, Alan Godlevsky and Kicky Breshears. 1IKE PAYING - GUESTS? R«l Ads get them! Coll 466-7R91 459-4664 now for t helpful ad- writer. Stateiine Grange 'Market Day' Set HOMEDALE- An "Old Fashioned Market Day" is beingpro- motedby the Slateline Grange on July 22 at the Homedale city park as a final all-out effort to complete She community progress project winch the organization spearheaded a year ago. Mrs. Ben Kotschevar, project chairman, reported that the local Grange is entered in the National Grange Community Progress contest which is being cosponsored by the Sears-Roebuck foundation. Cash awards of $200 for firsf place, $103 for second place and $30 for third place are being offered in addition to a $50 savings bond to one o'jt of every ten Granges that participate in the program. Deadline for the final progress report is Aug. 1, according to Mrs. Kotschevar. In addition to the slide that was purchased for (he park's recreation area, a number of portable cedar picnic tables are being constructed,this week through finances made avail- Tavern Burns BOGOTA, Columbia (UPI) Fire Monday destroyed the Bisque Tavern in downtown Bogota known by tourists as a hangout of bullfighters and their fans. There were no casualties but damage was estimated at more than $30,000. able by fiebekah Lodge, Kiwanis Club, Royal Neighbors of Anerica, Stateiine Grange, Order of Eastern Star and the Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Kotschevar said that it cost $15 for material for each table with members of the Grange donating the labor. A platfie will be attached to each table naming the donor. The most recent donation was made by the Homedale IDS Church members who gave a tetherball to the park improvement program. From the net proceeds of the Market Day, tentative plans to build a merry-go-round are being considered. Ttie money received will be added to donations made from each of the three chapters of Beta Sigma Phi and other organizations. Artlclesfor the Market Day will go on sale from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. rTM BACKACHE--i Joint Pains VOL iong to ease those pains, even lernporarily. until the cause is cleared up. For palliative, 01 lemporaiy, pa in relief tryOeWitt's Pi Its famous for ove; 60 years DeWitt's Pillscontain ananalgesic to reduce pain and a very mild diuretic to help eliminate retained fluids thus flushing out iiritating pain causing bladder wastes. DeWitt's Pills often succeed where others fail. If pain persists always see your doctor, Insist on MSJNESS.OPPORJMJES-. CANYON COUNTY'S LARGEST, FASTEST GROWING SHOPPING CENTER IS SEEKING TENANTS FOR AN ADDITION OF 50,000 SQ. FT. OF RETAIL STORES AND SHOPS. WE WILL BUILD TO SUIT NEEDS OF TENANTS. CONTACT MR. WILBUR KIRK, OWNER- HOLLY SHOPPING CENTER Ph. 466-0568 or 466-3070 Nampa, Idaho 83651 TWO GOOD REASONS TO OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT At Bank of Idaho where your money earns 5 r ; guaranteed bank interest on savings certificates, insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. You can bank their future at YOUR PROGRESSIVE SERVING IDAHO WITH 2O OFFICES AfFILIATED WITH WESTERN BANCORPORATION MEMIE* fEDfUl DtfOSlI INSURANCE CORPO.AMON · MEMtEK fEDHM RESERVE SYSTEM

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