Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 9, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Monday, July 9, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN Your best" sport entertainment of the season 'will' be tonight's opener In full-length Ljttle League baseball. For real baseball, played with no holding back, see tonight's game. Bstr; Las Cr OM JHDEPeNDtHT DAI HMD SUNDRY N£WSPflf£A SERVING SOUTHERN NEW ./7£X/CO THE WEATHER LAS CRUCES AREA: Possible, early e v a n i n g ihiuidershoweis, clearing and cloudless loinon-ov/. Temperatures sllglitly lower. Lust 21 hours: Las Cruce.s JQ9-71; State College: 103-07. VOL. 71--No. 81 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO,, MONDAY EVENING. JULY 9, 1951 CENTRAL PKESS P I C T U R E S PRICE FIVE CENTS Korean Armistice Parleys No Guarantee Of Good Faith, Peace, Ridgway Warns U. N. Performance Is Only Real Key, Commander Says By NATE POLOWETZKY 81£OUU Korea, July 9 #) Gen. Matthew E. Ridgway warned toniglft there was no real guarantee that peace in Korea will come from armistice negotiations opening- tomorrow in "Ke'asong. With the. start of cease-fire talks only hours away, Ridgway said . "Whether there is to be good faith or not is only to be judged by performance, ami we havt-n't come to the performance stage. Agreement on an armistice must precede a cessation of hostilities." The supreme 'commander was addressing correspondents on news coverage of the full scale negotiations. The correspondents have demanded western press representation at the hlstoi-ic event. No Newsmen Ridgway indicated there .would be no western newsmen at tomor- t r.ow's session -- but that there might be at later sessions. He disclosed that lie personally selected the five United Nations peace envoys und that he reserv- ) od the right "to change the delegates at any time." Peiping radio In a broadcast late Monday night gave a bare report on the preliminary meeting and v said ' "representatives will now start for Kaesorjg to attend the meeting which begins on the tenth.". .' ·* -Earlier Monday. Ridgway flew . I o . Seoul from Tokyo with three J -of Jils envoys. Shortly thereafter " they traveled by light planes to the. advanced "peace camp" near ^ Munfcan, where the other two members of*"the'.- delegallbn ^ were waiting. . · Givt's Instructions ^ Ridgway gave,his envoys their final, instructions, then returned to Seoul. Th'e peace camp is only a few minutes by aif from Kaesong', the V ancient capital where nn end may be found for the Korean war, now i n - i t s !55th week. The talks probably wjll begin about 10 a.m. Tuesday (5 p.m. t MST Monday). Ridgway will keep himself available during the talks. Will Adviws General Vice Adm. C. Turner Joy, chief ' Allied delegate, will confer with Ridgway at the end of each day's i-session. Joy is commander of U.S. Naval forces in Korean wa- I tors. Other Allied representatives are Maj. Gen. L. C. Cralgie, U.S. Air Force; Maj. Gen. Henry I. Hodes, f deputy chief of staff, U.S. Eighth ' Army; Hear Adm. Arleigh A. (31 knots) Burke, U.S. Navy, and M:ij. (Jen. Paik Sun Yup, Republic of Korean army.- The envoys declined to discusa . v t h e i r historic mission with newsmen. 'A Peiping radio broadcast, monitored in Tokyo,, said the Comniun- -,/ ist delegates had returned _from t h e preliminary talks Sunday at Kapsonp. H reported full scale negotiations would open Tuesday ^ and mimed the Allied and Red negotiators, but made no comment. Communist Generals , Communist representative;; at ' Kncxong will be Gen. Hsieh Fang, and Gen. Tung Hun of the Chinese (Continued on page four) Charging Allies Forced To Flee. By Fierce Reds. U. S. EIGHTH A R M Y H E A D QUARTERS, Korea, .Tuly 0-t^i Allied troops storming Mount Taeu on the cast central front were driven .back today by Determined Red counterattacks. The United Nations soldiers started their pincers attack on ihc mountain stronghold Sunday morning. Twelve ^hours later they neitred their .objective. 12 air mllea northeast of Yiuiggu. The Reds hammered back with mortars, small arms, automatic weapons and machineguns. Allies Retreat The Allies withdrew. The.action highlighted an otherwise comparatively quiet day along the front as time drew near for peace talks to begin in Red- held Kaesong. No ground action was reported from the Kaesong area. Allied F-86 Sabre jets shot down Russian-made Mig-lfl jet in north-western Korea M o n d a y . Capt. Milton £. Nelson of Tarrant, Ala., scored the kill, his third of the war. He was in a flight of Sabre Jets pi electing B-29 superforts raiding the Red airfield at Sinanfu. lg-ji Jh^stroycd Three other Migs ware destroyed and two were damaged in" an !i(r battle Sunday. A pooled dispatch from the front said 11 shells and sporadic, long range small arms fire were thrown at. Allied positions on the key mountain terrain of the Chorwon- uiuhwa-Pyonggong areu. ' Services To Be Held Tliis Evening For , William H. Page , nosary services for William Henry Page, 79, who died in the local hospital Saturday, will be held at S tonight in Nelson's chapel. ' Funeral services are planned for S a.m. Tuesday In St. Genevicve's church. ,, Mr. Pa^e was a pioneer resident of the county, living here for more than GO years. He Is survived by three daughters, all of Las Cm- ces. They are Mrs...Leo Valdez, Mrs.' Fred, M. Garcia, and Miss B. Justine Page. * · Also surviving are a half-sister, Mrs. Maude Hold, and a half H" brother, David, both of St. Lckfls: two nieces, Mrs. R. II. Huvcna Riverside, Calif., and Mrs. John IjVfalc, Karmlngton, N.. M. §·(. Pallbearers Will be Prank'TJwio. tenny Paz, Jesus Gutierc.z Santos Rnmlrlz, Augustine Page, and \v Harland. . . Harriman Offered As Mediator In Iran Oil Dispute WASHINGTON, July 9 VPl -'resident Tinman offered today to send Averell Harriman to Iran to elp try for a settlement of that country's oil dispute with the Bri- .ish government. Mr. Truman said this conflict :hreatcns "a collapse of oil opera- ions" which would be a disaster." ie declared thM "the lime available, is running out." Harriman is foreign affairs adviser to the president. Mr. Truman made hi;. --"icr in a message to Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh. The Iranian chief wrote him two weeks ago asking American support for Iran's nationalization of its oil resources. The President said in his reply! "You know of our sympathetic Interest in this country in Iran't desire t o control its nalura 1 resources. From this point of view we were happy to sec lhat the British government has on its part accepted the principle of nationalization." In Tehran, shortly after delivery of the- PrcKident'a letter, the Iranian government* announced it has informed the United Nations Iran will not abide by any rulings of the Internationa] court of justice. Filed, Five Are Held In Slaying Murder*charges are- being pre- purecl against Felix Garcia; Me.x- ican national, -in connection with the f a t a l .stabbing Sunday of Santiago Cabrera Jr., at Placita. Five other men arp being- held for questioning (n the^case, the .sheriff's department said. The- stabbing occurred at I'la- cita Bill*, north of Rinoon about 1 a. ni. Sunday. Cabreras died about 5 a. m. Sunday while en- route to a Truth or Consequences hospital. The six men arrested about 7 a. m. Sunday morning after an all- state alarm hat! been broadcast. They were found near Hnynor anch north of here by sheriff's officers Frank Z, Romero and Ralph Higginbottom. The six meii were in a car driv- i by Esequitil Castro. The vehicle was owned by Ventura Le- garte. Both men were held as m a - ' terial witnesses together with pas- j senders Raul Borago. Bonifacio I Garcia and Francisco Diaz, all Mexican nationals, 1 i The slabbing occurred, officers said, when a fight ocurud. outsidu the bar owned by Jose Bcrtoldo. Placitas. Corbrern, an employe of the Santa Fe railway at Rincon was found lying about 100 yards from the bar with deep stab wounds in :S ChPSt. Eyewitnesses identified Garcia n.s the knife wielder, officers said. Carera is survived by his widow two children, a brother and sister. Snapsdark Trial f or All Cruces, College Records Wiltcil Millars' 1 and perspiring . liruivs continut 1 to he Urn unl- fc-rm of f i x 1 ' d a y for Dona .Ana ruuntlans. With n zooming: thermometer slmttwing nil records for high temperatures with I OS-doom's Sunday, the valley cntc-reil ils twt'iify-second day of lOO-degi'cc heal. · Tin* lOfl-ilPgirp mark also, at Stutf. College, hroltt; all records in hlwtury at the Xcw Mc.vlco AM college Agronomy slulidii. The l:isl - meitstireable rain in the vallt-y \VIIK .03 tnchvs rrenrd- pd on .May 24, with the hiiivicst rainfall in tin; rurrfiiC year shoivti on April ^4, with » 11:1]try .84 imrhes. Ltnv murk for the past '.J I hours iiidieaie 71 degrees nt Lns Cnices and 07 degrees a t th;- The ntfflit ever rt-fordeil in I.ns Cruer.s was 73 on iluly -I. 1'revtons high in Uis Cruces WII.H Jnne 28 when the mercury reat'-hci) 107 degrt'cs. \\'nrm: i st temperature iMiiore Uiat mark was I0(i degrees on .fuly 10, 1U-IH. Tho wrafhernian saiys "more of the same." He hinls flt "w.'it- lered Ihnnderstorm.s" state, hni. llnds noiu immeilhile sectlcn. over the for this My Tlif*. Assoelated Press Sundny was the holiest tht.v of ii scorching* year in .\e\v .Me.v- Icn, ami tbcre'K l i t t l e relief In prospect. Mighs over the sen Him] ] La |f (if the » h ) t i u-erc. over tin- 100 imir!;. The. peak was 1 to degrees at Oarlsbad. Other southern [minis u'eren't fur behind, has Oniccs and Co- luiuhus both recnr(]fd KM). ICrm- well Imd 108, Siiforro and El Paso. Tex., 107 unit llolihs. Truth or C.'onseqiniecs ami l{o- den '11)5. It (Uiln'l cool off iuue.h Snn- ·ilay night in t h ? sr,u:iieni hull of the stato, either. The low al Truth or Consequences was a warm 81. It got d«wn to 8(1 at Columbus and 77 :i(. Soeorro. Tribes cf r.ilu at Hobhs, Raton ami l^is Vt.'gas didn't help much. The district weather 1: Cruces Little Leagw Full-Dress Season Tonight Tonight is tho nlffht for tops in | DllJ ... was , lfri ., I1I)v ^claimed by Controls Battle Gets To Voting Stage In House WASHINGTON, July H /Pl -The battle on controls got down .o the voting 'Stag-c In · tlie "House .oday with the members in the center of a nationwide argument over_ whether the government should have greater or less power- fix prices, wages and rents. A f i n a l House vote may net come until the end of the week. 'irt it must dispose of some 80- odd proposftia -- things that various legislators want tn put in or take out of the present economic controls law. Ones the House passes a bill -assuming it will pass one -- some final legislation will have to be worked out with the Senate, which has already passed'a bill of its own. Hold Conference 'rncth; Conffivs.sioiial leaders hud Ilefore the House met. Speaker Rayhurn (D-Tcx) and other demo- era tic congressional leaders had their regular Monday forenoon conference wilh President Truman. Rayburn said they talked about controls legislation, ' b u t he declined to predict what the House would do. He did say: "We are hoping to get a little better bill than some people think is apparent at this time." The administration was g'oii f all out to win the board control powers Mr. Truman asks. Figl.-ls Scrapping 1 Eric Johnston, Economic Stabilization Director, was one of those carrying the ball f o r . t h e administration. He argued the nation would look for "a much cheaper dollar" if controls are scrapped. sports entertainment. Little League ballplayers present a full 'dress performance at Lions park with two games slated to open official play in the brand- new league. The first game, between the Braves and Phillies, opens at 8. The se.cond game features Cubs vs. Athletics at Ihe end of the first match. Admission prices are set at $.25 for adults;'$.15 for children. The games, and Little League, are sponsored by the Las Crucea Optimist club as part of Its yot.'h program. Seven teams for the leagtie have been organized aJid equipped. "They prusenlud their Opened In Court C. W. Clark, former Dona Anil county school stipprintendent, went! on trial on embezzlement chnrges this morning in Third Judicial District court. j Twelve jurors for the t r i a l were selected 50 minutes ai'ter court j convened nl 10 o. m. Seven ware: excused by reason of clocc luisn- \ cialion with the defendant. Clark i.s specifically charged with : selling a county-owned sewing; na- ' chine, value;! at Sl.';2. to a school | rmployee. His indictment was the. only one relit rne-d by tho 1951 non.-i. Ana county grand jury. witness this morning was ' A . O. Bin-dwell, who ullejrcJly purchased the sewing nut chine fnmi I Clark. j Ifcmlwetl Teslifles ; liardwell. an employee of the I Board of Education, testified he purchased the machine from Clark : and tool; it to his home. Ho s:tid ; after Clark !efi tho H i i p e r i i i t e n - ' fnrrr:iM mile chl:ij{f hi temper- j »'enf« office, some .Inquiries arose' nlures for .Monday,nnd Tuesdiiy. ;concerninc the purchase, and he "--J--- \ - ; returned the machine to the ware- j ; house. Clark euniploted his term ! , B a r d w c l l testified thai Clark re- j funded the purchase price of iho | machine. He identified a SH.'t check he said he jjnvo Clurlt "for the machine. Hf also testified he and Clark | both had n key to the warehouse where the machines were .stored. The second witness today was Prank Butler, also a Hoaril of Md- Mayor Samuel Klein. The "DEFENSE mobilization program must and w i l l L'oiUinuo whether '-or nul f i g h t i n g stops in Koro;i," says Defense Mobilization Director Charles K. Wilson in his report to Pro^idunl Trunifin in W a s h i n g t o n . The report .says olir armed forces have doubled in a year, but aircrttt'l and innlv deliveries are 20 per cc :t behind :-eheduU'. ( I n t e r n a t i o n a l ) Ueyularly-scheduleU games w i l l be played in Lliis small-fry league each MonUuv and Wednesdav throughout the season;. Wednes-1 ! lca . Uon , I" 1 !" 0 TM- Hl day night sees Yankees pitted n- gainst Red St;x in the.-.'opener and : , Cubs vs. Cardinals In the t a i l - ! ( 'V!"" 1 .."!T": game. Nearly 1.000 spectators attend- removcd the sewing mac! Bai-dwell's home to the u Forecasts TM- Rain This MonJh Congress To End War In Germany I WASHINGTON. July u /n - - j President Trmmtn a.slunl Cmij;rf-ss ; today to etui t h e slate of - w a r IKJ- ! tween the United Htali 1 !; ami Cer- · many. He said t h a t i m . f u t m n u l y Ru.s.sln had marb n final [n-airt; settlement impossible nl this time: Mr. Truman.s action WHS p-irt l of a coordinated innve by l!ie wcs-" ; tern Allies. The French cuiiinet ' approved a dt'Cive of the symo : end, nnd B r i t a i n I'ntlmvcd s u i t . : Three members of the B r i t i s h ; .Commonwealth aeliny in ml; vance -·- ended Iheir state: of w n r ^ i w i t h ihe Germans. They were Auiitialia. Tow XeiUamt n n « i Smith ; A f r i c i i . New Zealand also a n , nn;mce.(l the eiufof it:; state of \viir ; w i t h Austria. i I\vrholii K iral Move ; The move wus of major importance in the east-west h a l i t e for . t h e minds nmt mipporl of the Cior- , man people. ! it also has sonic praelirftl :ul- i Vim tapes I'm- the Germans, ttl- ! though it w i l l mil end the oceupii: tion by the western powers. ; W i t h Ihr .state of war at an end, i Germans will he nhle to Inivel or : do business in the United Stiiti-; [ a t nnlionals of » friendly govei n- · ment railier limn a.s enemy aliens. . i3erm;ins also will he a n l e m ] bring ; : in U.S. eourl.s. Specifically, Mr. Triinian asked · t l l i i l (.:uM«!-e:i,s udnpt a rt':;olu!ion | d e c l i n i n g the slate of wur wil h j Cenu.uiy shall he U'lmmatnt nt ; such da i o as t he president pro- I i ed the firsf-nighl presentation Insl week. Optimists hope to top t h a t number at tonight's first sehedul-1 cd B'ainea. Moritlay, the tiny ball all 12 years old, or under, played Uiruc-guiiK! ehibilinn tilts to ills- Ho was unabh 1 to i d e n t i f y sewing machines entered as itencp by the state. "They look .,.",,. like it," B u t l e r jjaid, "but be sure." Butler's testimony was tninsktl- '"'"' DENVIiK. -luiu- ltd hold:; c I c a n ' t ' l - l l l l H l j cd from Spanish to Etif-;lish by pluyers. court interpreter Vita C dt- B:ic;i. ay to local sports first public appearance Mon- j ability to fall Into a day night when "Little Leagiu.! real-time ha.seball. Miss Garrett, suporm- tendenls office employee, was the Farm Bureau Hears Ant Hills Menace Third OC State Range i Anthills- which have made one- third of New Mexico's range laiuis "look l i k e they have smallpox" will be fought by t h e State Farm and Livestock bureau. Tlie bureau's directors derided nl a quarterly meeting here today i that a campaign must he launched; against hill-building' ants. Floyd Lee, San Ma IPO, director af HIP Farm Bureau and president nf the New Mexico Wool Growers association, said "A I least one j third of uingc acreage is clo.seT spotted with ant hills." "The range i:s beginning to look, like it hnd smallpox." he added. "There arc effective met hods of destroying these hills and steps should be taken at once to eliminate them." He suggests t h e Farm Bureau thoroughly investigate the sitn.i- lion and seek to have the pnipei government agency sun intensive elimination program at once. Directors, opened their session at stale Farm Bureau heurlquaiters on Griggs slrcel shoitly bei'oie noon todfty. Delmar Roberts. j;ci- inn, presided. i final witness before nisi. o f - C h a r l e s M. Fowler ordered a n:m:i ' recess. : Her testimony concerned vniich- ; era under which the machines wore , i purchased. MIH.H Barrett's h-.sii- ' · m u n y was; marked with objections' and (·roK.s-objection.s between ni:;l. i | Ally. Tom K. Campbell and de- = fensu attonii'v .T. Ben.son NY well. ' ! who bickered nvo: 1 .'}ij!U v · o f certain li'siinmny. p i M v i i t i n y the Mexico says t h e dn brolu-n liiis m o n t h . Dr. l i v i n g P. K r i i - U . pirs nf the W a t e r KC.KIIIU-CCK Hev ment Corp.. t u M n t e p o r l e r t Si.- is c u t : i i n "ln-fuiv month I.s _ nver, t h e drought K r i c k s-iid t h a i J u l v "Slate of \Viir" This c o u n t r y has been in u siati- of u-iir w i s h Gerni:iny ninee l.vr. 11, 1SM1. Thi' Pri'.siiii-nt'H ioqiie:it w:i;; madi' in U'tli-rs to (he presiding uffii'ui-s uf tin 1 KiMiatf tuul Ho-.iii- Vicu President llarlilcy und Speaker Kiiylmni. Tin- cnmimmR'iitlmi hit ivpi'iii- t.'dly a I Kujisia. t h u s fniphii::i£hi|! psychologic:!! import unce of the move. Mr. TnmiJin said tho wci.teiu Allies luul ttiui'hl to huild up ;i frci-ly e.k'cli'd G e n n u n g-iivct j i m . M i t i t i n l return t: l h Ccraum |n-up[ ( - on p;if,"' I'' 1 "! ) lesented at the nrs Cfaience Stringer, Bering, W. j only t i g h t toui-h of thu I J . Thorpe, Lasit Cilices; .John : Further U'ltnes-^es Oth -ST.rrlary Of alion In New Augustine, executive v; .1. \V. Bran.snn, i (Continued officiu d i i v i - l page f o u r ) jCollon In State | TripynnCDC "Rv 9 9 ) iilwi OUOGO JJ J tl.Za ^Percent Over 1950 .WASHINGTON. July £1 (/P) -Cotton in cultivation on the nation's farms July 1 was estimated al 2!l.hin,0(m acres by the A g r i culture Depart men t today. This compares w i t h IS.OlK.fiOO a yi-ar ogo for the short ]!)50 ciop. The department made no foie- caat for production. At last ye;:r's average yield to the ncie. the cMip would be about- ]f).;;20.000 hiHos of ISO!) pnu nds »TOSH weijiht. ii'.sscs whn exper-leil tn | he mi t h e .41111111 t b i n afteiT.fifin i n - ' i I'iltded [nvscnt County Sc-h-nl I s n p i . I l n s l t o l !',. S m i t h , due in L;n; ! Criifos from Francisco, r . i h f . . . j tiii;: a f t c i n o o n ; Trncy Fox. f o r m e r county treasurer; .lim F l a n a ^ i i n ; I ( l e ) n i t y Sheriff; | O. \V. Allney. .Mcsilln V a l l e y : i bank; L. II. Rumincr:!, and 1'. fi. · : Cochrnn. expecleil to hi- expert ; witnesses in connection with the I viitue or worth of the sowing m a i chine; ami the defendant, v.'h;i was · i sworn as a witness in his own b i - - ' half this morning. ' ·Members of the jury prniel \veiV: selected a f t e r .seven'of tin- :»i-man ! panel wen; dismt.s.scd : i f l e r they ; j a d m i l l e d prrdjmticc or h a i l i nssnciiilion w i t h the d e f e n d a n t . · The t r i a l , f r n m its general a p - ' Ipearanci; today, is rxiiect. 1 .! Io f;o ; | Io n jury sometime !ale this a f t e r . , j noon, unless Jiiilgn Fowler lOiouliI : Such a crop would compare w i l h ( l i r c t ' L Ulp vmli a govenuncnl production poal ,,f jtl'.'^^!! rounscl. HI least 16 million bales ami w i t h ! " ..... " O f : W A K I M N t J T O N . .Inly ! i/l'i A I'nnni-r iiniii'Dci-'-eiiu-y of Hi IH'.-isiliy I t i l , I Srn.lldrs i i n i i i y t i n crea.s; bill w i l l prmti'i!'- ; i i : l ; ! l i u r i-allier I h i i n i c t a n l i t . Koswell M i i g i l l . nnw :i Xrw York altornry. ::aiil i l i h i i.s t r u e Wcniist of j:iiif inmM:i in c ( j r | . u r n i i u n l-ixo:- and til" l.-vii'.s on t h e n i i d d h - :niil upper iinn'kei iiK'nmcs. n e w inns'.mi'nt u n l nliilion.'H p i n - pritVH t. the foii:iim; ul p:irl of tlie iiiriva:. inxe:; w i l l have \. h.' piissi-d on." M c g i H ti.ld the Suti- Tln- a i t o i n c y is rhainnan m die r n j i i m i t l e r mi f e d i ' i a l liix p'.ii-y. Mv V.-TS imiler-.seci i - t a r y m' Hi. 1 L I I M I M H V in liJ.'i" a i i l I!i.:s. M a g U I pr-Hi-iili-.l a f a \ p i - i - i i - f i m u l i - i t l M M l w i t h Dial olu-,-.l his! w. i-k by Ihe N:ilinu:i| A roasury S(*(S r \\\x .iVI^asuro ^ ^ i - n i - i i i l rn;'ai-lu:-er ; :' i-x- in- :uid bdler u-niiM In- .-.-L- nr i * X C i - v i ' p l n r i t ! : la.xi-.". Th" · i i i l l pinpfrii-.s ti'i niiui- -ibi.ii.t l l i ' i i i a m n i a l l y f i u t i l j l i i - ; \"ixoii nl' the i c f t - h i n g Unit iric.-il Wurki-r.-t Pniun. pi Unit Hi.- h n i . l . ;n of la\os In ed away f i o m li»w-ini-,mje tes by siiai piy iiu-ieasiiif. tions m the i n d i v i i i i K i l incnr l-':n w;iy t u ':un)ial t i o n t h a n prir Dona Ana county also was rep- last year's 10.012.C30 bales, f o u r t h ' I Kinnllesl in Ihe last 2fl your::. DI-KCC Hobbs Policeman's Killers Hidden Awaii As - "--'--: r~ S~\PC' TT T - » « « iff t -TT' i m-. nn nc'iti! sli"itii K c. Tn |)rot,Tt do- Officers Fear Rising Mob Violence Threat To B i l l HOBBS, July 9 Wl -- TSvo brothers who killed a Hobbs policc- j man and u drygoods clerk have been hidden away because police feared mobb violence if they were left in Hobbs. The brothers. Gene, 24, and Speight Parka, 30, were removed from Lea county yesterday. The shooting look place Saturday. Speight was taken from the Leu county hospital, where 12 fiuagc shotgun .slugs fired by a polici- niun were removed from his chest, to another hospital which police refused to name. Brother Transferred Hia brother was transferred from the Hobhs jail. Police sold both men were doped up on "yellow jackets (addicts lame for nemuutnl) when they took Patrolman Robert B. Butlcr'n gun ami killed him and Irn Gran- 'ham, 6*1, a clenk in the atoro to which Butler wan driven. Butler was 68. A Hobbs druggist an Id Ihe. men tried to buy "Red Blrda" (c^conul) from him before the shooting. Police told this story: Bullcr accosled the men as they were staggering: (town the .street. The Parks brotheis jumped him and look his gun. Barks Into .Store Butler hacked into the K. C. Drygoods r.tore and the men followed, waving his gun. Insidi: they shot and killed Uutler and Grantham, siore owner Phil Uener t-s- rnpod through a rear door and called police. One was arrested near t h n scene by Patrolman It. C. Hamlin. His brother stole n series of four cars, wrecked them and wn.s nine miles northeast of town stealing a f i f t h cor at gun-point when police caught up. Police said Parks drove 1D5 miles an hour during the chase. Deputy Sheriff Bruce McCnlhim ordered Porks to come from licit! tut the car with his hand* empty. Pitrk* HI', In Chr-t Pnrk.s ramc out holding Ihe pistol token from iho dead officer, and McCallum pulled the trigger of a 12 gunge riot gun. Parks wan hit in Ihe chest und arm. officer. They quoted him f.stic users. Ihe goveinmeiit has imposcrl rij-id limittition.s on exports. The department's first official estimate on production v^ill be l e leased Aug. K. Who,, taken to pollTM ,,e il( I, |U ,,,- |,,""!""; , l " at ""·· »»« ?«"'» ters. Gone waa aakeil by police If! p " om '; «'«"·" '"···· til «w- h. m,.«nt to kill tho 0 S.y,, 1 ,-n l ,lj' : ' nnunt , c " n " nl --' Q TM l'TM^''"'" .,,,..,, m ,.... . . . . I "nil markctiii|;.s. SucJi TOiilrnlB last year, couplcil w i t h!cl (luiiijif^e and Ullfavniahlt: weather, out pru- diletion alinonnally Icnv. Thr- lO-yrar .ivcraKi! ahamliin- im-nl nf rollnn {n:n,-a^L' froir] na- t l n a l pases, inilicati; acn'auL 1 In cultivation on J u l y 1 anil thn p c i - iTiita^o incu-ast; over last yrar'n acirafit 1 . n'.sp(.-c:tivo]y, inrliliU'd: Texas 2.-I, U,1^.1.000 anil ISii; Xew Mexito 2.2, 3.18,01)11 ami lll'J. "You're daunl rlKht we did. I'm Slad the olil a. O. 1!. Is dead." Until Ihivn .The brothers have police n-roids at Politics and Ilobbi:, »nd KprelKbt solved IS monlbs in the state prison for assault on H. .1 M r C a n y In I-'ohniai-y HMO. Tlie Hobbs city dircctoiy lists WASHI.NCTnN, July !l i.Ti : I J I I (·.inKii'.'sicitial Icnilcrs iii|;i'cl I M r e i - . " . · ' M l ilrnt Tinman l i n l j y 1" si|;n a h i l l ' \vtiich \ v o i i l r l allow and reinilale j (i-^ Ihe i i n p n r l a l i o n (if M e x u a n f.inn · j-,,,.,.^; lahmvis. l u n l i l i i i ' R e n a t c DiMlloirialir leaili'is M r - ' j,. . iV((! .]' I-':irlanil of Ari/.ona siliil Ihe l i ' a i l - i) I ( , f,. n ITS I n l i l Ihe I'mililrnl al then l e u - ! umlei i "'·'I nioininf; roiiferenre I h n E Ihe Irihorers are nv^enlly nee'leil if southwestern li.nners are In meet Kovelninenl Jtro'hirlioii (:iml.n. The leailers said Mr. Trmnnr did not express nny onlnlon on the hill hilt ,'iaid he wus liiu'm» il studied, llnlh m i - A P I , and Hie CK) have him to veto 1 1 . | A ( o n i i ( ( " i l y Fire Is Conlrolled, ' L i l t l o (inv^k Hums Itself Out the- brothers as employes of the National Steel Tank Co. at Hobbs. !!OnBS, July 0 t.Tl -- Gene Parlts, one of two brothers chatp- cd with slaying two men here Katurday, told State Patrolman Joe Avcn he "always bad br«n curioua about Old Spniky." "Now It looks lille I'll liile out on Old Spnrky," lu« said. Me ilu-anl the electric chair. COTTON M.Utlir.T ( It. 'I'. Honvcr ("'».) .Inly Oct. Ucr. Mi:h. May r,.7S New July W.11 New Oiii. .VJ.fifl New Due. llllih 44.,'!5 :ia.2.s M.SS ", I I..H ·I-I.O.I ·IliWS rn.ii.'i ,1:1.1:1-17 Hi l a n k Irn.-li I'laaii 1 :! u':.!i-r m slo:id w.'ilcjl uvi-l' i'lllller=! !:M! ni^'li ' liurns Sell ( M i l SKKVH'KS I'Oll INI-'ANT ' Me.inivlnle t i n'llle fillva. t l i r e e - a r i a t l i - o l d , iiiJ,;!,',,.,. i l H | M | . , ilan^hlei 1 of Mr. j i m t .Mi.i. Si:non | n,..\.,|;i|,. f u r t|i Silva. will he hurled tins a f l e n i i i a n . H(1 |f (ll u In Kl'aveHldf nervire.^ l.ili-ille diet l-'iiefijiliter.; al hor honii! al IM2 N. Me?;i| " ' Klreel. A L A M O S . .Inly !l '.Tl A fire whl.:h laa K ,'iv,l hutlsmp Inp-sei-ret a l o i n - aad di-.ill'oyeil Tfi a;n-.-i OM ed Ln.-i A l a m o s project is ml ml. The fire hroke out S a l n r i l a v an,I ir a t i t i l e \vas litiltin^; its \vav lo- .ir.ln lahoralones. T h i r t y |»ofessiiinal A l u m i r En- hail Si.\ nuillde Illc m ,,,, ite led to hnvi- j l l i n l.itlle Cieel f i r e In f.lla Na; l i i ' i i a l Kurrsi u n d e r control shorl- . Iv. ' The fire lasl of Ihe liljt ones ^ ; whieh have heen p l a ^ n i n f f New tlmher lands KKCOIIT K A H T I K j l i A K M MIJXICO CITY, July (I i/l'i iOnrp e a r t h q u a k e shnolt snilthern j Mexico's pinched Mexico yesterday afternoon but j wa-. i r p n i t e . ! |i(l p there wcic no t e p o i l s of danuijle.' last yesteiday. The Irrllililur nwayed bainilllR i The l . i l t l e 'crceh lihi/.e has llBhl.i. In Mexico City s h n i l l y a l - | s l r o y e d 1.1.000 IICIT:. nf Pond Tilr- l'0r'-:!l S e l V i C C CXpre;,:,-;'. I hope that i t would hf Ml.' l.isl nt 1 Ihe hllHC fires Which haVil .lc.;!r;iy- f i l nearly SO, (100 iicre.-i this year in New Mexico. Moie t h a n 2,"0 fires mosl nf t h e m s m a l l - h a v e beou ri'pnrle:! tii the Kniest Service since .Ian. I. SII.VKU CITY, July II.. ..l'i . LlJllttnin^' set I'lie to ."00 acres nf timber in the r.ila forest nf rMirth- weslcrn New Me.xlcn yeulerday. bur c o t i t i n l Wits qulcltly clainprd nn t h e bla/.c. N i i l l l i c n x t Of City The new flu- iii the t i n d e r dry fnriMis is iilinul so ii'iles uorlh anil a l i l l l e enat uf Silver City. It l.l only 2(1 miles m n l h ami east nf the L i t t l e Creek f h o thai de- strnyed 15.000 acres. One of t h e homeward boun.l crews from the Llltbi Creek fire was c a u g h t Vn l o u t o and s h l f l c I to the new fire on Kill mcilmlrviu. Alnn^' w i t h cqulpmunl from n lo|;camp, the fire lines were, es- 33,20-97 | let 0 p.' m. tCSTl. I p l l i e 'JO mlka n m t h or Silver City. | tablished last nlulit: M e a n w h l l o l h e l.lttlo Creek firn (Continued un pugt four)

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