Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 28, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 28, 1945
Page 4
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fAGE FOUR Us Wednesday. AS«rnMm Febniwy 28, 194S PORTS By IIUOII ri'U.KIITON, .lit lNE\v YORK, K.-I,. zs (/h i i piles. 17-year-old l u i n k e l l i a n i ' t h e Westerly, H. l. hii;h »,-h l .aim (underrated In M gam, ban Bcored 641 point* in 111 gair thla neaflon . . . liob lias hil high as 05 points a gam,-. II,- lias drop/ted In a.s m a n y n-i 20,-u- live free throws bcsid.-.s 2. r ,7 field goals . . . Nole 10 i-oll,-g.- l u a r h e n : Bob is six r,-el f,,m- i,,,,| a senioi KILENT PAIir.VKII This one may I,,- u],l l,,ii \\-,lli, Kamm. formei \ V l n l , - s,,y a n , I Indian* thlnl m i c k c i , n u l l n-:|. ,l . Heemi, Willie and f'.-,1,-lier l - ' i a n l c i , Pytlak om-c wnrlii-d m i l a "!,,-,] proof" s.-t ,,f Mgnals lo us,. n.,;n:- pfler pop men . . In i h , . hi,,, f Kiimin ra,-,-,| l , , r a hi:;li uu, "pg "! gnl i l " and f,-!l -a!,- V'hfn he b,-:,rd no ai,.-.-.v, r as he I n n , In-,1 I I , e l.;,||, | 1( . rolllded w i l l i I ' y t l n l , . . ,\ |,,f|,. hnnoyed. W i l l : , - aski-d H F i a n h Jladn'l hcnrd lilin. "Sin,- I ,n,l." Pytlnll r e p l i i l . "uu,I . l i d n ' l ,.-,,,; lieiir me wave yun ,,!: -."· illORTS AMI SMDI.l.s 4 CornHIVi fit,;il r.ff !U M c K e e v i i i - j i a y I P . M I . V o t i , - t South l!,-n,| l . v a , u n . . . i d , - i a l , l , - lim b u t will- I , . , , I , - U l a n I ' ; , ; ' OotbHll ill I l l i a - a . . 1 '1,-u I,. T " r o r n i n l l n n l u u t l n i l l loi us,- i n BCboul.. iHoIre Dame's Coach {Shifts io Cornell ( ITHAC'A. N V . l-Vli. ;!([ '/I" · *IXI1B |-;i M r K r c v n , \ M , r , : , . 1 ().(.( aVotl'e I : i i n r t n i i H i i d l l.'. i m v , n ; i VifllH (.1 I I I ( M . p . i i t - I n C o l " . noli Una I - I M I . V A\\ ii I .1.. much. K i l l i c , C WcKiM-\-cr y,".|cl,lay U,- i h d i,,,l I'd Carl S i i i n c l «!,,. i , - i i : i u - i l n f l e r Hie I I H - I K i n l - , - : , , , i i i , , 1;i , t o I l i c l ' i m , - i n ; y , , | N U I I I , r,,,,',. U n a . OrlllllUlril S:l« Tuluj. the Cievk. |, ,:,,,| l r l |, ;l ,.,, Il Ihe l i i v e n t i i i ,,f it,,. .,:,.,,. ||,. 11)0 Jiiu'lmne i,f ;, 'in:,!:,, lo cu| iiih :i small | .,. ,, r vvuml - t l ' - l , " I A r ; i l i a 111,-I I ' l - e H l i l e n f I'!UM....H.|I a l , , i H r , l a U K. \var- .'·l.ii, n e a r ' I ' a i r u c i m l r i l i u l e s a Siassen GeisDewey's Ideas on Peace Plan A I . I 1 A N V . N. V. l-'cb. 1M) A1 ' An, , ,1, c l a r u m t i n - i i a l i n l i b,-ui ' -b.-d i u l a l :.,,,. r,,,nmai!,lcr l l a i . , 1 , 1 I-.. Sla.vcu c a r r i e d away H u m A l b , m y t u d a v ( i , , y . Tlioiiuis K Di'M-i-.i': imdi..,clu.-c,l views uu IIIA-.- I n i - n l u i , , - \ \ n r | i | peace. Tin- [ui;ner I,'c|iiil)|jcaii t'.o\-enior .,1 Milllleinla. rhn-'en l,v 1'reM- i l i - u l K..OM-V,'!! a.s on,- ul ;!,,I h l i - i - C ( l l ' ineihbeis ul Hie V. S. 'lclci:ali.,n I , , I I , , - S a n FranciM-u c u l i l l - n - l i c c on u i g a n i / . i i t l i u i ,,f in- I c r m i l i o m i l - e r u r i l y , , , I | ,.,; l ) , - v . , - v ^ opinions lasl uii;lil Ma:,.,-n said al a inev, cimfcr- ' ! , ' , . i . t l c m l r d |,y llewcy, Hint " t i n - l,'i,i|,-.|,-.., nl A m i - r i c a ha.- i l r h i u l i ' l y l u l l c n l a l l u l i i M I l b e - h i n d , " and :,dd,-,l. " I h a l a|,plii-. Shipyard Sirjkers Slari Jobs Return l ' . - \ S I ' A i ; i l l l | . A . M i l l s , Feb. ;« '/I' 1 A ] , ] , r u x l i i i a l c l y l . M l l l uf 111,- Denison Shivers In Winter Storm; No Lights, Heat DKMSOX, Tex., Fr-h. 28 W) I * In*- l-oiids of the worst *( n t h i n Kfctinn over cxperi- (I. Den i HOD today \v;w a city Ih t ]cctric power, with fai]- f 'A t · .slmpply and almost no heat ii community where ancient t s Khted to the ground by f-h t 1 ci', w h a i e d possession nf streets v.-ith bro'u-n power poles and miif.s nf ircshciLlhod wire. One man v/a.s dciid---h.'J-year old W i l l i a m S. (.lihnon.s, a- farmer cruKh"(J by a falling tree. La;:t n i^ lit families Jviidflle.d f round J«TOHI-IH- ]junjn and oan- dle.s (in'l in hundreds of homes those tiny lUche.ring flames meant w a r m t h as well tin light, for there -.vii.s no other heal. A n d there \van no immediate rc- li-f in .sight, The shimmering ice coat t h a i niadt* DeniKon a winter wonderland may. oflidalR say, cost i h » - city it.s electric power for '.vcchs lo come. One failing: eiwr- K'-wy pump chugged between Deni.'ion and an neute water shortage i M m c thtui 000 local trlfjihom* ; v.-cn- nut. i Hold Woman on i Gas Counterfeit j Klj PASO, Feb. 28 -I/PI Charg- I ·'! w i l h ll»! embezzlement of 1,0-10 : fir«t q u a r t e r gasoline rationing T jcuupun.s-, Mrs. Doris Dcdrick. 27. j a c c o u n t a b i l i t y ,:|,.,-|, ,,,,,! ,.,,sli,[|ian j uf all rationing currency an,| coii- pmi.s in Hi,- KI I'asn OI'A office, is under arresl here. A r r a i g n e d l,,-l'i,-- II. S. Com. · A . J. Kclimld. ad,, waived hearing anil furnished SI,000 bund. I She prcvluusly had made a de- ;lailc,| stalemcnl tu OI'A enforcement officials, which Is I,ring used In I racing 111,- T coupons. Tin- missing coupons carry fa,-,- vnlui' uf .Mini gallons of g'a. President Home; Parley Report Due Tomorrow I Continued from page 1) marines were lurking nearby. First Huriifi Military Aide Before moving into catch-up conferences and a stack of chorea that piled up during his absence, Mr. Roosevelt faced a sorrowful interlude the burial at noon today In Arlington 'national cemetery f Msj. Gen, Edwin M. Watson, who died at sea Feb. 20 of a eerebral hcmorrahage. Wabion accompanied the chief c-xeeutive tn Yalta us secretary and military aide. The accounting to congress and the nation on the second meeting of the dig Three will be broadcast from the well nf the house chamber, It will he his first appearance at the rapitol in more than two At a news conference aboard ship. a.H his cruiser zig-zagged toward American shores, Mr. Roosevelt already had reviewed the Crimean conference and spoken of his aspirations for f u t u r e world security. Plan Gorman Occupation ' [ He disclosed to reporters for I three major news services, who met him in Algiers and traveled home w i t h him, that the original plan for occupation of Germany \-ii.s for Russia to take over the ·astr-m area, Britain the west and mrlhwrat and the United States the smith. This country was to have the urea below the bend of the Rhine f i t Mainz, 'including the provinces of Badcu, Bavnria and Wurttcm- herg. with a supply corridor to Rampaging Reds Race within 20 Miles of Baltic (Continued from page a) rldor. Tilt- German high command announced that Mp.rshul Gregory Zhultov'.s first White Russian army had expanded it Oder river bridal-head south of Kuestrin, .'19 miles east (if Berlin. (iKIMIANS REINFORCED Koknssovsky's armored vanguard was fighting fiercely to advance In the low hills clntted with small laites in northeastern Pbmerania along four secondary lines leading lo the major coastal railway. His guns were almost within range of Ko^slin. Moscow said. But the .slushy, wooded terrain forced him to stick closely to the roads where . the German army and Vulkssturm received desperately needed reinforcements. Marshal Stalin announced last night that Rokossovsky's army had driven 44 miles northwestward into Pnmeratiia in four days from the cajilured Polish stronghold of Chujnice. A Moscow communique credited Roknssovslty's troops with capturing mure than 100 communities in thi-ir four-day sweep. Missouri Voters Ok Streamlined Basic Law ST. LOUIS, Mo., Feb. 28 UP) -Voters of Missouri have put their approval on a new million-dollar state- constitution, which advocates say will streamline the government ( and halt abuses growing up in 70 ; years under the old code of laws. j Approval was emphatic, latest I unofficial figures from yesterday's i election giving it a majority of be| tween 100.000 and 150,000 votes. In | 3,263 of 4,543 precincts, the af- j Urmatlvcs totalled 286,376 and the j negative 140,084. I Bipartisan delegates from every section of the state spent one year and about $1-000,000 in writing the document. Some legislators believe the legislature will be in session two years rewriting from 3,000 to 10,000 laws to conform to the new code. The constitution provides for the grouping of more than 70 state agencies under 15 major executive departments. Nephew Faces Charge In Aged Woman's Death Klectrolilc Microscope Evolved An electronic microscope capable of making -A human hair. look like a redwood tree and or enlarging a blood vessel corpuscle to the size of a nillo'.v h;is hern announced ENDS TODAY Alan Ladd - Lorolla Young "CHINA" and Mary M a r t i n . Dick Powoll in 'HAPPY GO LUCKY' Investigation started when 10[ coupon.* wen- found In the ]iosse.H slim uf a Dallas t r a v e l liureai operator, OI'A ICntm-cement Of lien- I,. 10 Flanagan slalcd. Mm. lledriclt is Ihi' daughter o Ward Mart, for twu years n mem bcr ,,f ||,,. Kasolinc ,,a,, P | ( l f ,,,, lui-al O I ' A . Sin- secured her posl l i n n I h r n i i g h elciirance f r n m ))], I'. S. , - i v l l service commi.ssion Her huslinnd Is serving in ih, armed I'urccH. Bond was furnishec by lit-r fill HIT. Warplani Sirikers Vole Down Reiurn HKTHOIT, Pel,, is l.l'l Fm- i l l l , - r I n t c r r n p l l o n In Chrysler \M-I-,- expected today following nn- uther ,1,-clsiun by s h i l l i n g Dodge l m a i n p l a n t worlu-ra lo conllnne in- d e f i n i t e l y tht-ir di-riam-c uf bacll- IO-WOI-K .-irilera. illici-r.s ul llu- I n l e r n a t i u n a l I ' l i l t e d Aliliiiiiohlli- Wiulu-rs r c i O l a n i i . l n . i i fur l i n m c i l i a l , - work rev i i n i | i l i o n waa r,-je,-te,| last nitjlil nl n mass meeling ul ])o,l B ,- lui-al X.i. :i. 1 Try flr»l I,, K ,-t II In (-nu-csl 00(1 s t r i k i n g slilpyard wui-| u -rs at t i n - I n g a l l s fi.rp. yards relunied In lh,-lr julw Indny .-is admlmslrn- l i v e ,-iii|,luyees Ilin-w Iho el,-,-lrical .--uiu-h.-.s in slarl cun.slriu-Uun ina- l i i m - r y llolli ri'tuniiiii; wurliers and tin- j « » - t i , Ii Ilipnv.-rs 1,rave,I a K i- ( , i n u ,,i,-li,.| In,,.. Th.. u u r k . - i s w l i , 1,-n-d Hi,, j v^.1,1 h ^ l a y r,-]in-.s,-iil,-,| n ,,,sl uf I ,-|l Hi,- - - l , - , ' l r l , i a n a . ' j i I h e sea at Hremen 7 on the north. The arrangement is subject to change, particularly In the proposed British and American zones, because of a decision to offer [·'ranee an opportunity to keep a |!humb on part of the rcich. The president was not. ready to j say how long American troops might remain in Germany. Sees Better Postwar World Mr. Roosevelt viewed the conference at Yalta as one of a series of slena toward a better world. Almost with exultation, he said the Anicircan public and press were quite right in saying: with v i r t u a l u n a m l m t y that the parley was a great achievement. He said he believed the United Nations organization will develop into Hi,, best 'method ever devised for stopping war and eradicating ! some of its causes. j Mr. Ruosevell even visualized j (id-many and J a p n n as f u t u r e members of Ihe organization; al I such lime as they have proved! themselves worthy of places in u. , Axis M,,,| 1'urge Srlvra ;' Hut he wns Insistent that lh,.y! ·si must purge themselves, re- 1 rse militaristic tendencies they I ive shown for decades and de- i uonstrale an ability lo live pea,-,- ! ibly among nations. j "Do you think." he was asked, j 'that Germany und Japan annul, ""ver in Hi,, foreseeable f u l u r c I,, K-rniltled to renrm?" No, In- replied, adding t h a t h, loped armament would derrca..,' ill along the line, cvim among I he \llied big five America, l i r i l a - n {nssiu. r-'lilnn and France. Admlls Secrel llmjcrstamlings Mr. nouaevelt Is incpared to in- lorm that, u n l i k e the Tehran eonfereni-e w i t h Churchill ami Slalin. the Yalta meeting -I,,I lu-oduce some secrel undrrsliind- ings. He regards Ihi-se as n,-,-e- sanrlly secret, allhoiigh they ,,,-,,. l"ibly will become apparent u, One declslnn The chief executive still is thin- cr than he was a year or so ago, ill hi.s color .seems mud] im- While he had a trace of a cold T the t r i p to Europe, he got over quickly. The voyage home loitnJ a cruiser gave him ample me to rest and relax, and lip was the best of .spirits whenever re- rter.s 3a\v him. ! LAS VEGAS. Feb. 28--UP) --Murder cjharges were filed against Ramon Ernesto Padilla, 27, Trinidad, Colo., today in connection with the death last Wednesday morning of Padilla's aunt, Aurelia Pacheco de Martinez, who's battered body was found on a West Las Vegas fit reel. E. R. Cooper, assistant district attorney filed t h e complnint charging that Padilla hilled the woman by beating her. Although in a confession before state police Padilla said he acted alone in the robbery-death. M. E. Noble, district attorney, said his office was continuing the investigation due to the fact that witnesses at a coroner's inquest testified they saw several persons in the street at about the time the woman was believed slain. French Vote io Sit In S. F. Conference PARIS, Feb. 28 -- UP) -- The French cabinet voted today to accept, the Yalta offer to be a cosponsor of the San Francisco security conference alongside the United Stales, Russia, China and Britain. The action followed a report from Foreign Minister Georges Bidatilt, who returned yesterday from conversations in London with Prime Minister Churchill and Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. MOO Heavy Bombers Hit Nazi Rail Yards . LONDON, Feb. 28--UPl--More than 1,100 U. S. heavy bombers struck at least five major freight yards in a 100-mile circle behind :he Rtyne today in the third week af a non-stop offensive against German communicationa. Targets in this ."scattershot attack included Kassel, Socst, 15 miles southeast of Hamm; Siegen, 10 miles east of Cologne; and 3agen, both in the southeast corner of the ruhr. Seven New Scouts Inducted by Troop Troop 62 of St. Paul's Melho- j dist, church held iis regular weekly meeting last night with 22 boys present. A candle light investilutre ceremony was held for the induction of seven boy.s into the troop. Scoutmaster A. V. Peterson | made a short talk to the boys and | the parents who were present j about Scouting in America today ) and the youth movements in Europe. The Tenderfoot ceremony was conducted by Field Scout Executive R. W. Cox. Those who received their rank of Tenderfoot Scout were: Gus' Burden Karl Hurdle. Michael Las Chic^ Soldier Amonjgfllitw Wounded WASHINGTON",-Feb. 28--#-- Fifte$$ more soldlojrs from New Mexico have been' wounded h battle-4 in the European area, th war department reported today. The L list included Pfc. Alfred A Aaron, whose wife, Dollie, live! in Las Cruces. SLASH GEUMAN RATIONS LONDON, "(Feb. 28 (#) --Ger- .an food rations were cut agair today because cf the "necessitj for feeding refugees from the occupied areas of the east," DNB announced in a radio dispatch. Set Style Shoes a'nd sandals were unknown! lo the Romans until they' encoun-J tered these among the ' barbarians." lohnsoh, Jack Kennedy, Lee Per- j dns, Robert Talbot and Arvel | Thomas.. SPECIAL WAX ., $1.00 Applicator .. 1.20 Waxer, ^ day .50 ·· $2.70 This week only 1.70 SAVE ·/; $1.00 VALLEY APPLIANCE CO. 108 South Main Phone 69 TREATS Libby's Apple Sauce.. No. II gls. 36c C H B Halves Apricots -- No. 11 tins 30c Del Haven Whole Figs . . . .No.2jtins41c ·n f«- nfii^B^li..!." Thurs.- Fri.- Saturday 2--SMASH HITS--2 I N T I C H N I C O I O R RDNRbD CObllUIH tries I a III I I I u ho In I. nn* b i ^iv ^* KISM mu.T4-i.Utt -HIT NO. 2 TK. KINO ·I Nit COWBOY5I ENDS TODAY LA M U J E R SIN CABEZA' and "CHAZY KNIGHTS" i'il when Turkey dei-lared wa :crmanv , m | .laj,aii, was Ula [lower not in the war wnnli n v i t e d to Ihe t l n i l e d Nun,,,,, ting al San Francisi-u. ii'ulii, ntchcs have mentioned Mar,-l: Jlie ileadline for llms,. ,.,,,,,,. to get i n t o u,,. war I Stays ul Home accompanied Mr. IJuusev.-Ii vadia palace, only |,| N ,,,.,-. I chief of s l a f f , A d m i r a l \Vd- I'- I.cahy, and lib naval aid,.. A d m i r a l U'ilsuu llrown r,-- ·d w i t h h i m e .ilners left III,' p a r t y ,,| v . lr . |mlnl» and ,,n various miss- P r i w u l e u l l a l C,,uns,.| Samu.-l I A l K l f i - s In hel|, pi-.-pare u i u l e 1'roaainc 111,- A l l a n t i , - Ihe ,-,- I ' l u culler, and lu dis, n.«. en ihan ', s u p p l i e s fur liberal,-,| nn-as. Mrs. .lulm lluelliger, Ihe ,-|,i,, f ' · ' l i n e H i ] , , bill nu( jn an , , M l , - i : i l capn, i l v ; she |,i,,| t .-a,-,. ,,,· ,,,,..,,,. delaiU. MI,-|, as de, IdiiiK who u o u l i l dine w l l h h e r I n l l i e r l-'al:,. Hie president's S,-ntt;e u -,« lell al l i . H i i e Presideni's Heallh Slands Crimea Sirain WA.SHINUTilN. Keb ;s i.V, Vice A d m i r a l Itux., T, M . - l n l n , i!d I.Hlu.v 111,,! IVes.deul House-, v.-ll's heiillh sl,«,,| up well iui,|,-r! Ihe s l l a l i i uf the tollmen confer-! The president's physician ac.' Del Haven Spinach . . . No.2!insl5c Madonna Tom. Pasie... 6 oz. tins lOc Uncle William's C. S. White Corn... 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