Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 27, 1957 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 13
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Six Trapped Men Are Rescued Alive from Mine in Ohio STEUBENVILLE. Ohio (Jv-Five miner i, trapped II hours by a eave-in, were rescued Wednesday tight. All had survived the ordeal In good condition. A hugt auger drilled Into the hillside under which the men were trapped. At a depth of about 200 feet it struck into the chamber into which they had been walled by the slide. As the U-inch-dlam- tier bit wai withdrawn, the men crawled through the hole, behind the dril. No one had to go In after them. The hole which provided the avenue to safety for the five miners was the third drilled since the mining auger arrived at the scene late Wednesday. Rock slides had blocked the other two drilling efforts. More than two score rescue workers were spurred In their efforts earlier W e d n e s d a y night when the second hole drilled enabled them to hear h u m a n voices Inside the mine. That holt had goat in 160 feet. The workers said they yelled at tht trapped men, heard ivoices in response but could not distinguish words-and could not tell how many men were alive. The rescue workers thought at that time they were about 100 feet from the men, but they decided to bore another shaft at a different angle to avoid rock falls. . All day, under a broiling sun. they bad worked to open the mine shaft near the bottom of a 50-foot pit in a desolate strip mining region. There Is a clllf above, and the shaft runs back under the clifl. The men wtre identified as Joseph Supinski. 47, of Mount Pleasant; Fred Sabol, U, of Harriiville; Hank Horvath, 33, of Glenn Rob- Hns; Kenny Hamilton, M, of Adena, and Martin Kovalskl, «0, of Mouit Pleasant. Kiwanis Elects Lumber Dealer ATLANTIC CITY. N. J. Ifl H Park Arnold, a Glendale, Calif., lumber dealer and machine pan manufacturer Wednesday w a s unanimously elected president of Kiwanis International. The 61-year-old Arnold, now treasurer of the organization, will succeed Reed C. Culp of Salt Lake City when he takes office Aug. 1. Pope Pius Receives 25,000 Visilors Wed. VATICAN CITY I* - Pope Pius XII Wednesday received 2i,ooo pilgrims and tourists in general audience at St. .Peter's Basilica. A C O M P L E T E E V E N I N G OF PLEASURE The finest in food* at moderate prices The Manor Room 2009 9lh EU West Fair Shopping Center, Closed Thursday The finest in entertainment at prices you con easily afford THE RIVER LINE Frasier Hallr-8 p.m. Thursday and Friday · A COMPLETE EVENING OF PLEASURE Better Break for Migrants' Children In School Promised DENVER un - Children of migrant farm workers will soon gel i better chance for i normal education la the United Suits, Dr. II. Grant Vest, statu commissioner of education, said Wednesday. Dr. Vest said that his department will use two new grants la aid for research projects to pioneer a pattern for other statn in providing well-organized educational progrcms for migrant children. One grant, he said, will provide tlOO.OOO annual for three years to carry on a research project entitled, "A Comprehensive Survey cf Ways for Improfing School Organization and Administration to Meet the Needs of Children of Migrant F.rni Workers." The U. S. Office of Education will foot the bill. The National Child Labor Committee will provide an undetermined amount of money to pay for a summer workshop for teachers of migrant and bilingual children, Dr. Vest said. The workshop is scheduled July 1S-2S at A d a m s State College In Alamosa. The three-year research project will be carried out under the Colorado Education Dcpt. supervision and will seek to: 1. Identify and overcome existing obstacles in migrant children education. 2. Establish progrims of in-serv ice training for teachers nf ml grant children. J. Improve community 'understanding and cooperation in dealing with this complex and delicate problem. I. Develop belter systems of records. :. Develop reciprocal under standing with educational author iUes outside of Colorado. 6. Find better methods of leach ing migrant children and Integrate the program with tht total Colorado school program. Fulghum Heads of J.P. Courts DENVER III - Ben. Carl Fulghum, Glenwood Springs Republican who served is Germany while la a judge la the irmed forces after World War II, was named Wednesday to head a sweeping Investigation Into Colo- of justice of the Man Held by Police Attacks 2 lOfflcers Two Greeley patrolmen were i injured Tuesday night when a prisoner they were searching slugged one of them and kicked the other. . The patrolmen, Paul Martin and Leu Malcom were treatefl ind re jlrased from the Weld County Gen ; eral hospital. Martin was rckistd 1 Wednesday morning, M a l c o m Tuesday night. I The prisoner. Ross Green, 56 i had been picked up for drinking police said. As he wai being searched, he hit Martin across the back of his neck with his riih am. on which he wore a east. A about the same tine he kicked Malcom. Charted with assault and bat lery, Green is being telj in the covnty jail. rado's system peace courts. Selected to serve with him were Reps. Ed. Byrne, Robert Holland, and Eeit Gallegot, all Denver Democrats, and Rep. Peter Dominick, Englewood Republican. All f i v e committee members a r e lawyers. Th' appointments were made by Sen. Ray Dacks (D-Denver) chairman of the Colorado Legislative Council, acting under a resolution passed by the Legislature. "The problem is whether to re vamp the present system or whether *e should start over,' JFuljhum told a reporter after se lection of the committee. He said he Is approaching the problem without any preconceived ideas and that the committee ''will lave to do a lot of investigating." Working with the committee will be special units of the Colorado Bar Assn. and Junior Bar Asm. The justice of the peace court System has been a controversial ubject la Colorado for many years. There have been attempts o abolish the syitei., but all have [ailed. Fulghum said there are ITS jus Ices of the peace in the state, many of them in isolated areas where other systems of justice might be difficult tr establish. Rep. Albert Tomslc of Walsen- )urc, Democratic floor leader ot the House of Representatives, commented during the Legislative Council'! discussion that In rural areas many justices ot the peace lave three major functions: levy- n£ traffic fines, serving as a col- ection agency In smalt casts and providing a place where minor natrimonial roned out. GREELEY SAT., JUNE ROSEDAI.E JUNGLE-BRED RHINOCEROS R E A L L I V E G I R A F F E S ! 5-TON TRAINED HIPPOPOTAMUS! A C R E S OF T E N T S 4 5 0 P E O P L E 218 ANIMALS TICKITi ON SAlli IHOWaROUNDS 9iOO A. M. OINUAL AOMIISION »UTi-- QHMniTAMO StAt* -- Prominent Rancher Dies CANON CITY HI - W. A. Me- f.eniie, an-active rancher for a half century, died of a heart attack while riding a horse on his land Wednesday. The 67-year-old McKeniie counted at his, at various tines, the Stirrup Ranch in the Gulfey re- jgion. a ranch at Gardner, the Red I Creek Cattle Ranch near Colorado rprir,;s and large holding! eait of Canon City. problems can be Humphrey Sees No Reason (or Interest Rate Rise Indetinitely WASHINGTON in -- SecreUr; of the Treasury Humphrey sail Wednesday he sees no reason to believe interest rates will continui to go up indefinitely. "You havt pressjres la one di rection and then couater-aetinf pressures in anothe. direction," he laid. "There is every reason to believe ther. will be fluctuations as we move forward." Humphrey gave this view ia re- ponse to questioning by Sen. Marin (R-Pa) at tne Senate Finance Committee's inquiry into the na- ion'a financial condition. Mart'i said Sen. Kerr (D-Okla), i-ho questioned Humphrey Tuesday ad left an Impression that an upward trend In Intereit rates could e expeclfb to continue with no nd la sight. Much of the committee's inquiry as centered on the rise In Interest ales. Humphrey has contended ie rise was needed to check In- lition Club Lido Proudly Prw«nl4 Chunga's Turn-A-Bout Follies 15 Men ind a r.lrl Opening Friday Night · JoO.flOO in roslumes--Styled by the world'i leading designers. · Mnsl startling «how you'll ever lee anywhere. · nillhnard'.s most extraordinary female Impersonators. Admission {1.00 . . . Reservations Ph. 1491 Elderly Denver Man Is Held over Shooting cf Two Teenage Boys DENVER IP - Two boys were ·truck by shotgun pellets fired in a vacant lot la north*tit Denver Tuesday night. Wayne Applehani, 11, was la serious condition In a hospital will) wounds In the back and left arm, Wednesday morning Edward TruJUlo, IS, reported to |-o- Ice he also had been shot while with Aplehans, and showed pellet woujds in the back. Detectives questioned Matthew Godtrit, 75, who was taken to jail or investigation. Detective Paul Montoya said the man related he carried a shotgun to protect his sroperty from prowlers. He said he saw four boys near a shack he owns and fired at .hem w h e n they began to run. Rocket Expert Says Army's LR Missile Is Best HUNTSV1LLE. Ala. of the world's great rocket experts. Dr. Wprnher Von Braun, aid Wednesday the best long range nissile this side of the Iron Curtain belonged to the Army. Von Braun. the foremost pioneer in the development of liquid- iropelled roikets, thus touched for he first time on the Air Force- Army feud over roles ind mis- ions in the court-martial of Col. lohn C. Nickerson, Jr. The Air Force has been a s - j Ijned to the development of a n ; Intermediate R a n g e Ballistic Mis Ue, a fact a;aint which Nicker Governors Ask Low Interest on Public Debt By JACK BELL WILLIAMSBURG, V'l. UP - The nitlon'i governors called on Prenl- dent Eiienhower ind Coocrtii Wedneiday to tike ictlon to lower interest ritei ea biUioni of dolliri ol itite. ichtcl ind local bondi. Wlndini up their 49th innuil conference, the jovernon elected Republican Gov. Williim G. Strat- Inn ct Illinois n their chairman, succeeding D e m o c - a t l c Gov. Thomn B. Stanley ol Virginia. They voted to hold neit rear's con. ferenee In Floridi. In the conference's closing ses. lion, the governor! whipped out a lerici of reiolutioni. One fit these met Prejldenl Eisenhower's per tonilly delivered request for appointment of representatives for a [task force to survey the possibility of rollback of federal sovern- mcrit functions to the states. Put in a surprising action the joiernors also endorsed what 'amounted to an attack on the El- 'senhowcr administration's "tisht _ On? money" policy. Democrats have Thurntty, June 27, 19S7 CREELEY TRIBUNE Ptgt 7 Fireworks Accident Results in Heavy Damage Suit Filed STERLING * -- A d i m i f i suit for 1105,000 was filed in District Court Wednesday by the fither of a 12-year-old boy Injured In i fireworks accident June. 17. W. E. .Vhite. father of David White, filed the suit afiinst George F. Stolti, owner of the Star Coal and Lumber Co., here, and Earl Estes representing the Mile High Fireworks Co., Denver. The plaintiffs asked (30,000 for actual damages, fju.OOO for exemplary d a m a g e s and ts.000 for mrdicil expense ejpected to be ireurred during the neit year. The complaint charged that the boy purchased a type of fireworks r a t a t n i n f m a g n e s i u m which omehow eiploded ia nil pocket, he father charged his son was everely burned about his side, ipi and back and was "perma- CEtiy injured, disfigured and in- apacitated." Logan county officers have en- orced a severe crackdown on reworks dealers since the acci- cnt. made it clear they Intend to make this policy one of the chief Usues of next scar's campaign for control of Co.iRrf.ts. Aircad Work on Schedule COLORADO SPRINGS UH -- Al most 100 million dollars worth of on has wajed a -sort of one-man contracts have been awarded for war. the U. S. Air Force Academy and The former German scientist, \ror\- is on schedule to permit who developed the V2 rocket dur- cadets to move into major build- ink World War II and who is con- ings by September, 19JI. Idered chiefly responsible for lhe| This information was contained now operational 200-mile R e d - J i n a process report Wednesday tone missile, was a«kcd which by the Academy Construction iervicr had the superior weapon, j ^ - c n c y . ,"ln my opinion." said Vcr. ! About IS'i million dollars la Jraun. "I have no douht that the work has been completed. This is far superior to the includes sewer and water systems grading, roads, foundations, water Most of the steel has been erect lupiter Thor." The Thor has been developed by [reservoirs, electric substations the Air Force, the Jupiter by t h e j j n d structural steel for service Arms team of scientists headed ' n d supply areas, by Von Braun. Jed and concrete poured- for th (six-story cadets charters built I ins; most of the iteel has bee I reeled for the academic buildln l a n d foundations have been pourr " ' f o r the administration and phy CENTER LP - For years f a r m - , jr ,| ,dication buildings. Colorado Urged To Use More laramie Water ers in Wyoming and northern Colorado have feuded over the amount of water in the Laramie River and which state was getting the on's share. Water right litigation involving the two states and the stream has Bid* will be received within th neit U days for street lighting a dining hall for'support person nrl, cadet social center and the atrr and science building. Latest bid opening was for a water system for fire protection wen in the courts for years. A i | C ( j irrigation. Aparent low hid- e«r ranchers on both sides of l h e ; t j n n Co. of Denver with a bid of itate line have cone about their !j],667,211. i-ork armed, protecting their water rights. This year the streams are ni ning bank full into Wyoming am he farmers don't like it. "They're asking why Colorado [oesn't use more water," said Col-!r n | n rado State Engineer J. E. Whit- ! * W I U t en. "It's the first timf I've e v e r | .card that complaint." nnd! Bright Fulure ls Predicted for lock Prices Fai! o Hold Advance NEW YORK * - An early id- ance was erased by the stock market Wednesday as v o l u m e nindled to the lightest in nearly me months. The market's initial rise was a otlow-through from Tuesday's chnical rebound but prices grad- ally turned irregular. Selling ear the close put the list dcfinite- y in the downside. Volume of only 1.870.000 shares ompared with 2.000.000 Tuesday ed was the smallest since April Airtrafts rallied late in the day n news that a Senate appropria Big Tip for Question GEORGETOWN. Ky. !fl -Two waitresses asked a customer U he wanted a glass of milk with nil lunch. Tit answered by handing them SS each. The customer, Li. Guv. H«{ry Lee Waterfield, bad won the U first prize In a milking contest la promote June Dairy Month last week. He was told to give the money to the first waitress vho asked him to have milk. Famous Rail Line Will be Rebuilt Trains Mifiilr.f. I f a ' m ; itii;»- zine about railroading, says in its July issue t h a t a famous old Colorado rail line is to be rebuilt. The railroad is the San J u i n and Crystal River It was a standard f a c e line t h a t extended jnuth from Carbondale thru Redstone to Marble. The Geneva Steel company plans to rebuild the line as it wevelop Urge hir,h trade coal deposits for its steel mills. A Orceley railroad man. familiar w i t h the area, told a Grecle'y Tribune reporter that richt of way is now brine secured for the line. The road was junked In the late thirtlfj. It ori?inally extended to Marble, famous for Its quarries from which marble was shipped all over the United Gtates. At one tint there were narrow gage tpurl leadinc off from the broad gage line which served coal mines ol the area. John 0«;ood of Colorado Furl Iron fame was the developer of the region. · General Sets Aside ! Marine's Conviction CAMP PENDLETON-. Calif. JT~ Ma). Gen. Reginald H. Ridfely Jr. ons subcommittee \cd'to" re-IW'edncsdiy set aside the convie- tore about a billion dollars of the *'« of Marine- Frt. Peter H. I billion cut by the Houie from (Green, who was tried by courts - - - - martial for refusing to accept a, rille. : Pvt. Green has now teen as- lUnfd to non-combatant duty pendinn a fuial decision on hil status as conscientious objector. e armed forces budget. But their rins were trimmed and In some aies cancelled by the close. American Telephone, heavily traded, equaled Its low for the year before recovering partially. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks declined 60 cents to (181.00 with the industrials down 10 cents, the rails down 30 cents and the utilities down 30 cents. Ol 1,161 Issues traded, declines outnumbered advances by i8 to 421. There were 63 new 1957 lows and 21 new hifhs. Ming Hmber Kills- Baby Girl al fhornlon ec. Benson Starts on Western Trip WASHINGTON of Asriculture Benson left Wednesday for an inspection tour of national forests and watershed de- GI.ENWOOD SPRINGS * - A national li;ure in the coal mining I industry predicted Wednesday that i "for two Rood reasons good timei are inevitably ahead" for Rocky |.Mountain coal induitry. Edward G. Fox, president of the Bituminous Coal Operators Ann., told delegates to th! RocVy Mount a i n Coal Minin; Institute thit "Rocky Mountain" some day will THORNTON UH -- A heavy plank .os'ed from a roof Wednesday fa- ally injured Sheryl Ann Denuji, ear-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. alph Denuzi. The child died of a skull frae- ure a few minutes after she was dmitted to St. Luke's Hospital! i Denver. Her 11-year-old uncle, Anthony oone, and an older brother were t work tearing boards from a lection of the roof of their home. Anthony said he shouted a warning and looked, teeing no one, before dropping the plank. Mrs. loll Bocne tali! her grandchild apparently had crawled out of the house while she went to another room briefly. NOW SHOWING -BOCK PBETTr BABY- wllh til MlnfO «nd Johnny fiaion ·GABY" with Letlle Clron and John Kerr Also a Color Cartoon , , ,. ... , i i u i k ; .iiuumaui s u u i c u*/ «ui velopment project, m the «es . , J ,, m u r h , ^ , 8f " "«!£' '.V be ·^_'".T. h ! S , I real production ,, i, "Appalach- office here the creitcr part of the next two months. The secretary was accompanied lan" today. "I hesitate to predict Just when me secretary was accompaaiea (hf youn!lm c j f ^ ^ by members o his f a m i l y »ho , h mdustry's bright i planned to fo to Salt Lake City J" , l r r l m l i n , r h r , d f d ,,,' , for a visit a f t e r slopping with h i m ,,.., for inspection l o u r s at G r a n d :, n ' . J u n c t i o n . Co'.n. T h u r s d a y -J Stovflake, Ariz. Goodwiil President Reelected in Denver DENVER .r - FlirhaH of San Diejo. CalJ . was rer.omi- nated without opposition W e d n r s !da as president .if GOTJIM!! In- dustrie*. rone! 1 .!'!:?; it* b i a r . n u a ! | Delegate A s s e m b l y hrrr Nelson his f i s i s h ' d a h i r j e a r term. He JTII cominited to a two' y e a r term this time future." Fox slid. , n u i i n i i w o jood reasons good n j t i m e s a r e iseutably a h e a d . j "\Ve5trrn population, percentage, is uicrrasin; f a s t e r t h i n any othrr a r e a ja the United States. a v e only the wed coast. By 1SW , i h e Rocky Mountain region will | h a v e f.TSJ.iyx) people. l t n , i "New people need energy. Th»y need m a n u f a c t u r e d (oodi and these goods in turn need energy. STONIGHT DONT K N O C K THE ROCK Bill Haley, Aim Dile, Alan Freed RUMBLE ON THE ROCKS Tttn-ije G a n j Wae Introducing James Larsen Cites Open 6:43, Show at S Equipped with Stereophonic Sound DRIVE IN Chicago has more than 200 mil's of wide boulevards, most noted being the one along Lake Michigan. Attend The ROCKY MOUNTAIN REGION'S FINEST HORSE SHOW IN GREELEY JUNE 29 and 30 General Admisxlon--11.00 deterred Seat*--11.50 Box Seals--J2.30 t v t n i - ] She*. BltH Nl|Ml. a P.M. Junltr RHirs' thtw. Ju«l M. · "f Tickets AvalUMe it Greeley Chamber of CflmmtrM P.O. Bit WO. Orttitr. Celt. P l t s t t tncieia · itll-Hdrima in* lUmpti' enveliei far man · rf.rt. £r.rr;y for a t r e a t part needs r n a l . or liter Rocky Mo-jn-l l a i n »i!l shire in the fruit; of t h i ' i de.-.iar.d. O i r r an e e n Irmjer h a u l the nocky Mountains' great reserves arc :o:=! to become one o' the principal sources of the nation's enerfy. To avoid ruk of a t t a c k s by hostile tribesmen in Ir.dia'i N i f a Hills, trains are btlsi run only Li daytime between some points in Loner A i s i m . Gsuhsti reports. The Camfield Hotel's Crystal Dining Room --Alronflllionfd-- THURSDAY'S SPECIAL S:J9-9:iO p.m. AN I COURSE DINNER-T H E C A M F I E I D S F A M O U S RED HOT BIO S I Z Z L I N G S T E A K -- R E D HOT PLATTER. Special $1.75 S M O R G A S B O R D F R I D A Y OUR SPECIAL $2.00 |SsNoTIJ ^NG|^ NOW! sne (0 ; 2 p.m.. COLO* ·» oe Line ClNEMAScoPt: t»*«C»"tV ··*»! PAUOONE · Um MOORE C010SAV01U Relax In l Contort!

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