Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 11, 1976 · Page 21
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 21

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1976
Page 21
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Biblical A "Swgr 10 PIJYIQUS Pu ACROSS I Uolhei ol Selti 4 F.I si jc*, S h 12 Pclaive lab')' 13 Slaio U Poem 15 1 HaOdon 16 Haiangue 17 G.'l s name 18 Aq.tales 20 Consi/T.e' o' looa 22 r.icii.: 23 Heallh rescrl 26 PfOfrono'y 27 Biblcal eg.on 29 As-an hcl day 30 Sl-osnor.can Indian 31 SiOuan Indian 33 Faf oil (con-.Q loim vai ] 34 Chaiged a!o.-n 35 Ligni lojch 1 2 3 « Was sealed pan 45 Sacked sorg 47 K.ri 49 'coll ) 49 Blood *e 53 Hebrew lube 54 Greenlaro The I da ho Fro c Press 4 The News-Tribune, Thursda y, March 11.1975--A-5 WIN AT BRIDGE Thursday, Match 11 Great play pulls six clubs 1 2 Chaste' m 3 75 2J i[a"a"n ' 'umcane 25 Trtey -e d 4 He/dsran ol David « ng · fekoa 2 8 TOOX looa 4 13 16 -- b 6 7 8 9 10 11 XORTH A A II) 8 2 » 8 4 » A g itn A J 9 4 HAS I 10 li 5 2 ! ttEsnni A K C J J M V A J 3 » ' K S 8 6 A K S U I T I I A n A A Q [i] 8 7 5 2 Nurlh-Sculh \ulnpr.ibto M'esi Xunh K.IM Suulli 1 * l'.iss ).,s 2 A ; « 3 A :l A J. A I'jss 5 A l'.i« ('ass I'.HSS Oprnin; Icjil - K A s p a d e , led the jack of diamonds covered by king and ace. niffed another spade and ran off all his trumps to leave himself with one diamond and (liree hearts. West had to throw his ace of hearts lo liold lliree diamonds and the spade queen. Now A r t h u r discarded dummy's Usl spade lo leave it wjlh three diamonds and a heart. Kiisl «as down lo hearts and diamonds. h'inaUy. Arthur cashed dummy "s Iiij4h diamonds and Ird that heart Kasl tcok his king. but Arthur's (|iiet'n was his I2lli trick. : By Oswald \ James JiU'oby Y r s t e r d a y ' s h a n d is repeated today Playing in five clubs. Arthur Hobinsun o! Philadelphia was able lo mark West with the king of clubs because ins opening lead of the spade king marked Kast with cither (he ace or king of hearts So Arthur dropped the singleton king and was sure ID make his yarne contract. H o w e v e r , (lie game was duplicate anil Arthur proceeded to make six. The play is worthy ot note. A t trick three he led a club to dummy, then he ruffed a A California reader wants lo know the youngest and players lo win the McKenney Iropliv. Oswald Jacoby's fourth ami lasl win occurred in 1%2 at the age of 61. Uarry Crane's first win occurred in 1952 at the age of 24 or thereabouts. Paul Solow.iv and I'etcr Hank each won it al age 27 (Do you /lave a question tor the experts? Virile "Ask tlie Jacobys" care ol this newspaper. The Jacobys mil answer individual questions il stamped, sell-addressed envelopes are enclosed. The most interesting questions iv/W be used in this column and v.-ill receive copies ot JACOBY MODERN ) THE BORN LOSER ' PW6H HCO IF ' by Art Sonsom CAMPUS CLATTER with BIMO BURNS by Larry Lewis I'M 'DESPONDENT ABOUT NOT GeTTiNS ; A MASJ, CHAPLAIN HAVE FAITH THAT ^ SOMEOAV A MAN W I L L i LOOK AT vou WITH CHARITY IN HIS HEART ' .^ -/ SORRY... A1Y \. '' CUP Of 7 SAO JOKES \ \ RUNNET^ OVER, / TOOAYJ FRANK AND ERNEST by Bob Thavcs j THAT'^ A 6APD} IT MfflWf YOU ^AN 60 To THE HEAD OF TH6 UlNE ANY TlM6 WAMT Tol ALLEY OOP by Dave Groue Y'MEA"? I VES 6'JT I CAN'T SEE ) SOJNDS BIS- TiVi-r ? 4wvTHiNa...TnE MIST I WHAT 15 IT zA ? / 4NVTHIN3,-. . / IS TOO THICK.' THAT, MY FEIENDS, WAS ONE OF THOSE BIG.OU LKAROS MDU'EK LOOV-IS) 1 R I'VE BEEN R09BEP! 'VEKENCHEWEP! COMI590NER AW NAM£ FRKFlffP METATAK5AL ITS LISFV ALU RIGHT, THAT'S THE FACE IN OUR FILES,CHIEF." DEATH, WHILf. TAKING _HER OWN BLOOD PRESSURE? v\ WHO KNOWS? STANP BV FOR PIX. SEND THE MEDICAL EXAMINER AND OUR PHOTOGRAPHER.'' THAT'S OKAY! IT'S ME THAT SHOULD C H ' I AP0103I2E V APOLOGIZE!- FOR C OR KEEPING you \ "OT 1 -VKSOW WAITING IN T HL COL?' 1 WLR ROO\ SOONER I WAS OS T-.E P«»iE! if VOU L KE YOU V 6O R'GHT CAN DO IT /\FTER I AHEAP ANP I LEAVE/ I'M / PACK! I'LL CHECKING OUT'/ STAY DOT CF YOUR WAY' TELL ME- -I 5LPPOSE, Y NO--BUT I'VE IN VIEW Of YOUR A6E, HfARP MY IT'S (JSELES TO A5K / PARENTS TALK ···BUTPiP YOU EVER A ABOUT HIM! v' CHARLES ELK.N5? / D A P D Y , « F . E T \ / H A , HA.' LILA WAS TELLING AIF ABOUT F ' MOT 50 GALLANT AS ( Wf "HJSBAND/y ( THIMKIN6 HEK PASSPORT WAS v - - -- -- A STOLE V E T YOU ARE, VM AB, PEPPER. \ . CONOVER. _ILA PROMISED t_ STOLEN. VERY GALLANT OF YOU \ . -- - ---- -· .1^ ncFfC YOU'D PAY ME ·3,10,000 TO POSE I PEOPLE USE ALL XI\OS OP YOU MUST KMOW H M- HE .POTS KETCHUP O\ H.SAPPl.E HAS MY HoSBA\? SEEN r IN i-ER - 3 / 1 ^ f 7 \ ^ i ^/ .'/.iisf.Ui- \ -- REX MORGAN, M.D. ir MUST BE "\VES,SIR,ITIS.'you ^ DIFFICULT FOR )»E --ELIZABErH-DMTS I THE TWO y MRS. PRESCOTT-- SHE'3 OFTOJ/ A. OUK DAUGHTER/ I'M NOrSURE, DOCTOR i. SHE isAtR.pREScorr x PHONES JUST TO AWARE THAT VOU FIND OUT HOW HE IS ' AND TO TEU WIFE ABOUT S\ IIS ABOUT lirrtE GLENN' HE REAUV DOESN'T LIVE AT THE HOUSE ANYMORE ' HE HAS AH APARTMENT IN TOWN-BUT HE DOES STOP BY TO SEE HOW HARRV AND I ARE GE1TIWG ALONG/. _ A s -IAP SOME GOO? APV.'CE , ..S 1 THEFLINTSTONES ARE you KIDDINS?... THE CAT IS OUT v TMr SHE WO.M'T BOTHER VOU / BUT- IF YOU ~J MAVBE CAF5RV VY SHE= CAN THIS, I T6LUIW SIGN/ / I A MAN / \ / NOW-(SO OUT THERE AND 6ET US SOME FOOD, LAWRENCE CALL ME WH9J VOiJ GET HtCW.E IF VCa THINK CF

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