Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 2, 1970 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1970
Page 16
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18 GREELEY TRIBUNE TUM., .Tune 2, 1970 Scientists Take First Step Toward Artificial Human Cell Tlw WMfciMjtwt Post WASHINGTON - A first step ow»rd «n artificial human cell las been taken by two New York University scientists. It is the creation of an artificial lysosome -- a body whose main job is to destroy unwanted or invading agents like bacteria or viruses. Drs. Gerald Weissman and Grazia Sessa have thus built :he first man-made organelle, or unit of a cell. This is an achievement in large scale that is akin to making artificial DNA or artificial enzymes on a more minute, molecular scale. Like those achievements, the new one should lead both to new understanding and still more syntheses. Already, the NYU scientists and others are trying to make artificial mitrochondria (the units which do a cell's breathing by carrying an oxygen) anc artificial red blood corpuscles. Crrating artificial red blooi corpuscles could mean making artificial blood for human transfusions. TV Programs KITV, Chunnel i; KLZ, Ch«nnil 7; KOA, Chinnel 4; 1 K R M A , Channtl f . j Within 20 years, Weissman predicted in an interview in New York last week, "I think we will see people building entire artificial cells, or at least early models of cells to duplicate specific functions." The cell is the basic unit of all living matter. Only a few generations ago it was Ihoughl of as mostly an enclosed sac ol protoplasm or living jelly, with only a few finer structures outside the cell nucleus. Today, as a result of electron microscopy, biologists know the cell is no empty blob but a densely occupied factory, with many jobs. structures doing many Tuesday, Junt 1 4:00-KLZ: Andy Griffith Sh'n KOA: Major Adams KWGN: Blinky 4:30--KRMA: Gene's Junction KLZ: Corner Pyle KWGN: Batman 4:45--KRMA: Friendly Giant 1:00--KLZ: News KOA: Can You Top Thil KBTV: News KWGN: Flintstones KRMA: Misterogers 4:30--KOA: News KBTV: Pepper's Newi KLZ: Ch. 7 News KWGN: McHale's Navy KRMA: Sesame Street 6:00--KBTV: Dick Van Dyke KOA: Huntley-Brinkley KWGN: Gilligan's Island 6-.30-KLZ: Oral Roberts Spl. KBTV: Mod Squad KOA: Jeannie KWGN: Best the Clock 7:00-KRMA: Drug Revelation KOA, Debbie Reynolds KWGN: U.N.C.L.E. 7:30-KOA: Julia KLZ: Gov. J. J. KRMA: Making Grow KBTV: Movie 8:00-KOA: First Tuesday KWGN: Perry Mason KLZ: World We Live In KRMA: NET Festival 8:30-KLZ: CBS N«ws Spl. I:00-KLZ: Lancer KBTV: M»rcus Welby KWGN: News, Wtr, Spts. l«:Oo-KBTV: News KLZ: News, Wtr, Spts KWGN: Peyton Place KOA: News 18:So--KLZ: Merv Griffin KWGN: Movie KOA: Tonight Show 11:00--KBTV: Movie KRMA: Inform 12:00-KLZ: Movie KOA: News KWGN: News 12:30--KBTV: Night Watch 12:45-KWGN: News WednMdiy, Junt 3 11:»-KOA: Jeopardy KBTV: All My Children KLZ: News KWGN: Steve Allen KRMA: Americans All 11 30-KLZ: As World Turns KBTV: Let's Make Dtt KOA: Linkletter KRMA: Music, Gr. 2 12:00-KOA: News KBTV: High Noon KWGN: News, farm rpt KLZ: Love is Spl. Thing 1Z:15--KWGN: Capt'n Dooley 13:30--KOA: The Doctors KBTV: Galloping Go'met KLZ: Guiding Light 1:00--KLZ: Secret Storm KBTV: General Hospital KOA: Another World KWGN: Jim Conway KRMA: French, Gr. 5 1:15--KRMA: Social Studies 1:30-KOA: Bright Promises KBTV: One Life to Livt KLZ: Edge of Night 1:45-KRMA: Science 1:00--KLZ: Dialing for Dollars KBTV: Dark Shadows KOA: Names Droppen KWGN: Fashions in Sew. KRMA: Science, 3 i 4 ::JO--KOA: Days of Our Lives KBTV: Newlywed Game KWGN: What's my Line KRMA: Furniture J:00-KBTV: Dating Game KOA: Concentration KWGN: Movie Game J:30--KOA: He Said, She Said KBTV: Mike Douglas KWGN: Cartoon Time 4:89-KLZ: Andy Griffith Show KOA: Major Adams KWGN: Blinky 4:30-KLZ: Corner Pyle KWGN: Batman 4:45--KRMA: Friendly Giant I:»»-KLZ: News KOA: Can You Top This KBTV: News KRMA: Misterogers KWGN: Flintsones 5:30--KBTV: Pepper's News KOA: News KLZ: CH 7 News KRMA: Sesame Street KWGN: McHale's Navy 6:00--KOA: Huntley-Brinkley KBTV: Dick Van Dyke KWGN: Gilligan's Island 6:30--KLZ: Beverly Hillbillies KRMA: What's New KWGN: Beat the Clock KOA: The Virginian KBTV: Nanny Prof. 7:00-KRMA: Bridge KBTV: Eddie's father KLZ: Jim Nabors KWGN: The Avengers 7:30-KBTV: Room 222 KRMA: On the Rockies 8:00--KOA: Music Hall KLZ: Movie KBTV: Johnny Cash KWGN: Perry Maion KRMA: Insight 8:30--KRMA: Brandywine Tr'd. 9:00--KOA: Then Came Brons'n KBTV: E. Humperdinck KRMA: News in Persp KWGN: News, Wtr, Spls. 10:00--KOA: News KBTV: Carl Akers News In France in 1955, Dr. Chris tian de Luve deduced that a still unseen cell body must ex ist to "lyse" or dissolve invad ng matter. He gave it the name 'lysosome." With electron mi croscopy. the lysosome -- a sac 'illed with [ysing job enzyme to - was seen. do the When a bacterium or virus in vades a cell, it is generally en gulfed by the, cell's cytoplasm or main .body of matter. Then a lysosome fuses with the in Federal Probe Asked in FBI Investigations at Kent State instructors had complained that By JACK NELSON The LOJ Angeles Times WASHINGTON -- Two groups acting on charges by students and faculty members at Kent State University have asked for a federal probe of an alleged ''Bl investigation into the teachings and political beliefs of instructors. The FBI has been investigating the violent confrontation at Kent State on May 4 between the National Guard and students that left four students dead and 10 wounded. Kent chapters of both the; American Civil Liberties Union and the American Association of University Professors sent telegrams of protest to Sens. William B. Saxbe (R- Ohio), Stephen M. Young (D-Ohio) and Rep. J. William Stanton (R- Ohio). Stanton whose district includes Kent, said Monday he had referred the ACLU telegram to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover more than a week ago, but had received no reply. FBI spokesman Tom Bishop said Hoover would have no public comment on the complaint but that Stanton "will be getting about any faculty member who advocated getting rid of the jigs on campus?" He said he asked the agent to explain and IB replied, "Well, the forces of law and order." Harris Dante, chairman of the Faculty Senate, said that body also had expressed concern about the FBI's actions, but had taken no formal action. Dante said he knew of 10 students in one class being questioned as to whether their instructor was radical and added, it's rather silly. We have a conservative faculty, we don'l lave any revolutionaries." .a written reply." Bishop said to digest the i n - j n e did not know when Hoover would reply. Extensive Concern Louis K. Harris, vice presi- vaded area truder. In Cambridge, England, in 1965, Dr. A. D. Bangham and Weissman succeeded in putting together a series of layers of lopids (or fatsl to make arti- dent of Kent State, confirmed that the university faculty had expressed "extensive concern' ficial membranes - much like a b n u t (he FB1 questioning, the membranes of lysosomes, as H a r r j s sai(1 he earlier gavc well as other cell structures. This was at least one part of the first step toward an artificial cell. "You couldn't have an artificial cell without such membranes," Dr. \Veissnian reports. "You might say it takes jacks or better to open -- these are jacks." His next step was to get "something interesting" inside the membranes. This took five years of work in a laboratory at New York City's Bellevue Hospital. The National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases financed the project. Ignoring all the intricate chemical and physical manipulations, he explained: "First we picked an enzyme -- lyso/.yme. There are 25 dif- In No Search Warrant the ACLU telegram Slanton and the senators, Gorden charged that the county prosecutor had all dormitory rooms searched and had no warrant. He said this, together with [he FBI's questioning, raised a "fear that overzealous witch- hunt tactics contribute to climate of hysteria common to Joe McCarthy era." "Requests that your offices investigate these reported prac tices and provide cause to be lieve that possible intimidation by investigators will be halted One thing this grieving com munity does not need is further disillusionment with our pro tectors." Gorden told the Times severa --Believe It orNat/ ferent somes for different functions. Lysozyme is (lie one responsible for digesting bacterial cell walls. We dried our lipids to make a thin laver in a flask. We then KRMA: Soul! KLZ: News, Wtr, Spts KGWN: Peyton Place 1»:»-KLZ: Merv Griffin KWGN 1 : Movie KOA: Tonight Show 11:00--KBTV: Movie KRMA: Inform 11:30-KWGN: News enzymes found in lyso- class enrollment lists to the FBI on "good faith," but would no longer give them to agents except under court order. The lists identify students in each class subject being taught and the instructor. In behalf of the FBI," Harris said, "their story is that the only thing they were searching for was the type of presentation that would provoke violence, that they were not attempting o ascertain the political ideology of faculty members." the Kent Record-Courier reported that professors and students questioned by the FBI "say the investigative emphasis is veering from the Kent disorders to the type of books used in classes, courses taught and political philosophies of the professors." The newspaper quoted a graduate student as saying the FBI "tries to turn your questions around and make you admit WHILE ON EftRTH MY KNEE WAS LAME I HflD TO NURSE AND HEED IT BUT NOW I'VE GONE TO A BETTER RACE !j;; WHERE I DO NOT M EVEN NEED IT £ plT ' A 'li!l PLEASAK1T GROVE CEMETERY, ITHACA.MY. -1 BANQUETS THAT ALWAYS ENDED WITHOUT A SINGLE DISH TO BE WASHED GODFREY MAIBONE of NEWPORT. W, WEALTHY SHIP OWNER, GAVE M ANNUAL DINNER FOR HIS CAPTAINS AT THE FINISH OF WHICH HIS GUESTS WERE DIRECTED TO SMASH EVERY PIECE OF CHINA USED DUKIHG THE MEAL , , INFANTS IN THE TORTOISE TOTEM OF THE OSAGE NDlftNS WERE GIVEN HAIRCUTS INDICATING THE HEAD, PAWS AND TAIL OF A TOKTO'SE udents were being asked if had been «sked If they h*i · ' been among "The Twenty icy considered their teachers D be radical. He said a politi- al science instructor was asked "Jew University Conference, n beral group comprised mostly f graduate students. He also said some professors Three," a group of professor* that met with the university he had been a member of the ombudsman the day before the National Guard gunfire to discuss the potential danger of having the guard on campus. DAILY CROSSWORD 3. Tiny 4. Moko piquant B. otherwise 6. Indian weight 7. English royal family 9. Sinpiig 1 voice 12. Sprits 13. MeUiUio rock 14. Ti-ansprrcss 16. Frosty IB. Siesta 20. Sweet potato 21. Flower 23. River (Scot.) 21. Scouts 25. Defeat 20. Youth 27. Prize 28. Kind o£ shirt 30. Omitted (print,) 33. Entrance ACROSS 1. Female whale ·I. 1'Jaco 7. Knamclcd inetahvaro ·;. Scheme 10. Incite 11. --of Man 12. OldNorso work 33. Bodies of water IS. Law (Fr.) 10. Wrath IT. Dlpthong 18. Anatole , writer 20. Tall talo 22. Song 23. Child's game 24. Point 20. Wail 29. overhead 30. Period of time 31. Fish eggs 32. Lodged for the night 35. Infant :iG. Silk wiisto 37. Method of learning 33. Peace symbol 39. Jewish month 40. Color 41. Pro DOWN 1. Liqueurs 2. Girl's name DAILY CRYPTOQTJOTE--Here's how to *ttk tt: A X Y D L B A A X B 1« I - O S G F E I . L O W Ono letter simply elands for another. In this Itrtplt A ll used for the three I/s, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length nnd formation of the Wordl ·!· all hints. Each day the code letters ore different. A Cryptogram Quotation Z K J F P Y Q V J O J Q L I S 1C T , B V F H F K R Q J U V B S Z I V J D V J P O l t J P B W L E F Q B V P V F L K B I L K W.-'-IiA.U A q B J P F N J K K F C C Yesterday's Cryptoquot*: MTJBTO WASHES AWAT FROM THE SOUL THE DUST OF EVERY-DAY LIFE.--AUKRBXCH . c 1970. Kine Fcalurei HENRY By John Liney things that really never happen-] poured in a water solution with the enzyme. We shook the flask, ed. They try to get you lo say The lipids -- the kind we use -- ^something about your instruc- lended to form circles like soap 1 ' bubbles, with enzyme locked inside them, captured between layers." if he suspended these tors." A senior was quoted as saying she was asked if an instructor had discussed how to make molotov cocktails. liquid containing bacterial cell "I thought they were out of walls, he got a thick, cloudy suspension. If he then added a detergent, or drug or toxin to break down the artificial lyso- somes' lipid walls, "Hie cell walls broke down," he said. "We got lysis of bacterial cell walls, exactly the same function lysosomes perform in the body." He had then a lysosome model _ "not a lysosome itself," he said, "but a useful model for functions we want to study." their minds," the student quoted as saying. "And then after we got talking, they asked me six time.? if I was a ber of the Students for Democratic Society, and I told them six times I was not." Chilling Effect Dr. William I. Gordon, Asso- 12:06-KLZ: KOA Movie News 12M5-KWGN: News 12:30-KBTV: Night Watch Radio Programs KUNC-FM 91.3; KFKA 1310: KGRE-FM 92.3; KUAD 1170; KYOU 1450 ciate Kent professor of speech atj State and local ACLU chairman, told the Los Angeles Times that the FBI's investiga- Models of other lysosomes, Uon ., lends to nave a c hjlij n g with other enzymes, are future effcct on tlle use ot frce cxprn s- goals. Some lysosomes destroy viruses rather than bacteria. Some break down other cellular constituents in normal bodily turnover. When a cell is overwhelmed -- by an indigestible body like a sliver or by injury or massive infection -- so many lysosomes i sion in the classroom." He said. 'It's absurd to link what is said in a classroom to action." An English instructor who asked not to he quoted by name said, "I know for a FBI Tuesday Jun* 7 4:W-KFKA: 4:SO-KFKA: 4:45-KFKA: News, Music Editorial, Music Want Ads 5:00-KFKA, News, Wtr., Spts. KYOU: News 75 6:00--KUNC: News, Periscope Circle J R Ranch South of Border News, St. Coun. News, Music Chuck Wolfe : News : Music KFKA :1S~KYOU: 7:00-KUNC: 8:00-KFKA: KYOU: KGRE »:30-KGRE 10:00-KFKA: News KU.N'C: News, Sound 70 10:15--KFKA: Van Corousel KYOU: SportJ, News 11:00-KYOU: Sign Off 11-15--KUNC: The Drum ll:3o-KFKA: News. Wtr, Spts 11:45--KUNC: Nightcap 12:00-KUNC: Sign off 12:*5-KYOU: Paul Harvey KFKA: Saletime, Mkts. 1:00-KFKA: What's Hap'ninj KYOU: Chuck Wolfe 1:1-KFKA: Music 2:00-KFKA: News, Music KUAD: Scott Signoff I:30-KFKA: Profile, Music 2:45--KUNC: Profiles, Sound 3:09--KFKA: News, Music KYOU: .Jim Cox S:30-KFKA: Spts, Music 4:00-KFKA: News, Music 4:30--KFKA: Editorial, Music KUNC: Review, Sound 4:45-KFKA: Want Ads 5:00-KFKA: News, Wtr, Spts. KYOU: News 75 5:45-KFKA: This is Greeley 6:00-KUNC: News, Periscope KFKA: Circle JR Ranch 6:15-KYOU: South of Border KUNC: Intercom 7:30--KUNC: Drum 1:00--KFKA: News, Music KYOU: .Jim Cox KGRE: News KUNC: News, Ascension 8:30~KGRE: Music KUNC: News, Concert IO:00-KFKA: News NH5-KFKA: Varsity Carousel lliOO-KYOU: Sign Off KGRE: Sign Off 11:30-KFKA: News, Wtr, Spts 11:45-KUNC: Nightcap 12:flO-KUNC: Sign off maybe aroused and so many nearby cells destroyed that the result is redness, pain and swelling: In short, inflammation. Sometimes the inflammation lecomes so widespread and asked students and some members such general s as, 'has your instructor made inflammatory remarks in class?' and 'Is he a radical?' one-lasting that it destroys the . . fuction of a whole bodily area !»' e May 4 violence, said an [n this sense, lysosomes, or heir enzymes, can be harmful as well as beneficial -- playing a role in the inflammatory process or arthritis and rheumatism, for example. All these are reasons their understanding is highly important. The artificial lysosome, Weissman believes, should permit research that could lead to control of such mechanisms. It should also permit extensive test-tube study of the of- Wtdrmdjy, June 3 11-00--KUAD: Waters Show KFKA: Ne*s, Music KYOU: News KGRE: Stereo Music KUNC: FM in the AM 11:15-KVKA: Music KYOU: Spts Weathtr 11-30-KYOU: Nefls 11-45--KYOU: M»cy Allnutt !J-dt-KFKA: Monfort Rpt. ~ 0 r j DENVER RADIO , . KOA- 850-Musn... news on A hr. lations of slate and local govcrn- WO-Music, news |ments mailed out a press re- In some cases they repeatedly press the students on qucs- jtinns." The instructor, who witnessed agent who questioned him asked "Do you know of any rumors or opinions you have Soviets inaugurate New Flight feels of drugs and chemicals oii; n e lysosomal activity. "II. is aj r o u MOSCOW (AP) - The Soviet iAeroflot airline inaugurated ils w Moscow-Paris-Montreal - . i route Monday stepping up its model system." he,, scrvicc |0 No ;., h America. help us learn very m a n y , Tass rcportcd th . lt j mn ther things that we're very about." many excited Economical Economy Commission route to Montreal, via London, will be starred soon. Both the Paris and London flights lo Montreal are scheduled weekly and will double Aeroflrit service to North America, which up to now consisted of twice-weekly flights from Moscow lo New York via Montreal. BALTIMORE, Md. (AP) The Maryland Commission nn I Governmental Efficiency and Uses State Theater DANVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Hollywood film-maker, Bert Tenzer, says he will use Pioneer Play- Weather _ Weather, SpU KUNC: Sound 7o KYOU: Music 2-JO-KFKA: Farm, Ranch KHOH: 630-Music, news KBTR: 710-News 24 hours Economy certainly believes in economy. i The private organization house, the Stale Theater of Ken- Iwhich keeps an eye on the oper- lucky, to produce low-budget 1 - ' ' films. Tenzer said the pictures will which arrived at news he produced in local surroimd- Market Music KIMN: S50-Mns., news 24 hours-cents jorganizations Monday with six due. ings, with the playhouse used as a sound stage. UNDERSTAND YOU DO «3T HAVE AN AUTOMATIC CJISH WASHER Bob Montana I FINA.LLY INHERITED IT FKONA OUR FAMILY / JUGHEAD, THERE ARE NO MORE SCHOOL. INSTRUMENTS AVAILABLE/ HOW CAN YOU JOIN _ THE ORCHESTRA? WASHINS MACHINE/ By Dal Curtis REX MORGAN, M.D. »£* EESAINEP CON5IOU9NES5, JUWE .' OK SHOULD I 5AV THAT Wo £.* ARE OPEN AMP HE'S LOOiIN6 AKOUMP--BUT V.E'6 NOT 7AL!S.'S AND HE DOESNT NIZE- ANYONE/ I'D LIKE HIM TO SEE VOU : HE JUST WESIT COWN TO SEE DK. MOESAN / HERE HE COMES NOW. HOW 1-5 HE/ DOCTOR? LETS dO INTO THE SOLARIUM fOK A FEW MINUTES WHBEg WE CAN RELAX / Pe RAMT THER-GOE?- Frank Robbins JOHNNY HAZARD !] CHAUFFEUR--IS HE I HERE TO MEET SOMEONE Li'l Aimer K«. U.S. Tat. Otf. Li'l ABNER VA CAUT SENP A MOMKEY OM A MAH'S dOB.'.' I'LL DO IT Htt- 4ELMF -BECUZ TH' EVIDENCE I S I M H I 5 UMING!! WE COULDNT GET TH'SUIT OFFAFOSPICK,

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