Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 11, 1976 · Page 20
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 20

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1976
Page 20
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me l«UhoKree Press 4 The News-Tribune. Thursday, March 11 1976-A-t All stunned, for a moment Scoreboard Prom I'nitpit [nss liilenmlional .MVimiMAI) AI.I, I.OSK A VKUItAI. DKUSIil.V? II alnuist happened in a London Gym Wednesday when the heavyweight' champ mot his wniild-be liriiish ctiallcnger, liichard Dunn, who musl beat licrnd August April 0 to prolpci a projected farjU.uuu World title dash with Ali in Munich. · Mimicking All's accent, the Yorkshireman iiud former sciiffolder recited. "Muhammad All. you are a square. I'm gonna retire you to a rcckinB chair. At 34. you ain't so young, you're gonna get whipped by Kiclinrd Dunn." The Louisville Lip was stunned, momentarily. "I'm going to scare the socks off you," IK- finally told Dunn. "I'm not scared," said Dunn, "you're loo old." Dunn then opened his mouth too far when he talked about his sergeant status in the territorial army parachute regiment. Ali "You jump out of planes' 1 " Dunn. "Yes, G7 limes." "Sixty-Seven limes'! Then you're used lo Liking a dive." cnncludcd Ifii- champ, who marclitd out chanting ·'Dunn-Hun. Dunn- run." MIKK MAitSII.U.l.. u-iiliin hours afler his arraignment on four misdemeanor charges, was calmly tossing a baseball in a turf arena al Michigan Slate where he'd been arrested twice before for doing the same Ihing This time. Iliere was no arrest Marshall, the Doiigers' ace relief pitcher, w a s (reed Wednesday on a promise lo June 15. He fares a possible SIUO fine and Mi-day jail term for each offense. IWKMi.M; THHKri-MII.K CIIAMI' .IllUX N(iKM) df Washington Stale will lead a seven-man WSL' team lo the NCAA Indoor championships in Detroit. Ngeno will be mining for his sixth NCAA gold medal and is the NCAA outdoor record holder at t:i:R-l. HAY l.AMI'KIN. Tllr-: I'OIITI.AM) I.KiHTUf.'Id'll'r. was retired from boxing in Sea York Wednesday by the State Athletic Commission there for "medical reasons." l.ampkm was on a cnmeback trail afler ·suffering serious injuries in a title bout with champion Roberto Uuran in Panama SIIAWNA HANSON. TUK NAMI'A girl who started nn Idaho Slate's women's varsity basketball team this year, finished Hie season with a 7-pmnl scoring average and (5 rehnunds for the 8-5 Bengals. IMM.UTI.AT.VS M1CIITY MAIS, (he nation's No. 2 women's basketball team, is Ihe top seed in its regional tourney which starts today. Delta Slate is Ihe nation's No. ]ranked team. C A I . I K O i t N I A ' S ANOi'.I.S SICNKI) 110HHY BONDS yeslerday. and now only « Angels are without a contract. Bonds. 29. was obtained from Ihc New York Yankees during Ihe winler in exchange for Mickey Rivers ant! Ed Figueroa. I'TAFI. AND SALT I.AKK CITY, has a professional soccer franchise now and Nick Kampolis. Ihc former New York Apollo coach, has been selecled lo guide Ihe team BOBBY Olill. rumnrod to be ready In gel back inlo National Hockey League play, will not. That's what managing director Harry .Sinden of Ihe Bruins said Wednesday. "Orr will not play," said Sinden. RO.VMK I.KK. OREGON'S All-American guard, became the first player in history to be named AII-Pac-8 four years in a row. Lee is joined on the first team by (our juniors - Uich Washington of UCLA, Marques Johnson ol L'CI.A. James Edwards of Washington, and Greg Ballard of the Ducks. II.1K NASTASK, banned from al! future tennis action by the Internalional Pro tennis council Wednesday, may be playing his last malcli for awhile in Hampton, Va. Naslase's refusal lo pay a S6,OM fine because of his "not trying" al the Canadian Open final last year against Manuel Oranles forced drastic action from the IPTC, which cabled its decision lo organizers of Ihe March Sports wire 22-n American Airlines Classic in Palm Springs, which would be one of Nasty's next slops. Meanwhile, playing at Hampton. Naslase ripped Chris Lewis G-2.6-2 and then scoffed al Ihe junior champ's lennis prowess. "There are a hundred like him in Ihe United Stales," said Naslase. who refused comment on Ihe IPTC decision. KAY SCOTT. TUK K011MKII Detroit Pistons' coach in the NBA. became a "student-coach" Wednesday when he was given a four-year conlracl to coach bnskclball al Eastern Michigan. "I'm going to major in basketball." chuckled Scott. Later, he said "I have no idea what it will be like, going lo school. I've been away 15 years." Scott, 37. says he's two years shy of his bachelor's degree, and he'll be going after Ihat along Kith recruits and victories al Eastern. IT.Ml DIDN'T MAKK IT TO TUK NCAA tournament, but Ihe Ules showed up at (he lop of Ihe Western Alhlclic Conference in several categories. Utah - raled to finish sixlh in the WAC but eventually Ihe No. 2 team al 9-5 -was (he best shooting team (50.11. tops in free throws iTfi.'j). and all-game offense lll.G. THK MlSSontl VAI.I.KY conference increased to eight tennis Wednesday with the addilion of Indiana Slate University, a division I school which competes in football, basketball, and nine other sports. Tilt: NKW YOKK MKTS said Wednesday lhal visas of two roster players, ulililyman Jesus Alouand pitcher Anulfo 'Nino' Anulfo, boll) from Hie Dominican Uepublic. have been suspended by Ihe U.S Labor Hoard for Ihe direction of Ihc baseball squabble between (lie owners and Major League Players Association. Several major league stars are affcclcd by the visa luling. including Canadian pilcher f-'erguson Jenkins, of Ihc Hoston Kcd Sox. and Iwo Venezuelans, in- fieldei' Manny Trillo nf Chicago and infielder llave Concepcion nf Cincinnati. NAIA TOURNEY NAIATOURNAMENT UNDKOUND! Ala -M»nti»nn ;i, DM M » fefffr. SI. U, Wli,p»rtiiw, u H.Wfriw H, IIKlMli.Wttlfyui w Lake SvftrkM SI. 74, Edintoro SI. I) Llncm Mtn. HI, Ci«(. iiptiil 7) MiryniNM 14, CtM. Wn)li st ,, Ne.Herrr CXI. »S, Grind Clnfdl SI Teus Swnwrii K, Fairmont si. 7s N C A A D I V . ) PLAYOFFS ( 1 S T ROUND) CilSakwsiiHd |j, en Dayls II ChtynerSt. I), Hartukk )) (Oil E III. tS, SI. jKtph'SUM.) W Evartnill, |), Wright sl Is Pu Tutilt II, IdHlKi SI. (NY) 41 Puget iourxl H, Cal Poly Pomon. U NCAA PAIRINGS KANSAS CITV. M«. - Tl* pjlrlntl lor Ihe opening round ol Ihe NCAA bllketball tournament March 1} (lit limes Eaitprn Standard time): EASTRECIONAL HT CHARLOTTE, N.C. Southern Cettltrence champion (VMII vs. Southeaitern conference Mo. ? (Tennessee) 3:«s p.m.; Atlan'lc Coast Con. fercnce champi»n (Virginia) vs. DePaul MO p.m. ATP«OVIOENCE,R,I. t v y League chftmolurt (Princeton) vs. ECnC Metro New York-New J e r s e y champion I Rulers) ll : is p.m.: Easl Coast champion (Holllra] vs. ECAC New Englandchamplon (Conntcticul) 3 : I S p m MIDEASTREGIONAL AT DAYTON, OHIO Southeastern conference champion I Alabama) vs. Atlantic Coast Conference No. 1 (North Carolina) 13:15 pm.; Ohio Valley Conference champion (Western Kentucky] »s. Marquetle 3:15 p.m. AT SOUTH BEND, IND. Mid-American Conference champion (Western Michigan) vs. Viroinla Tech 11:45 a m . ; Rig Ten champion (Indlina) vs. ECACMelroNe* York-He* Jersev No 3 ( S I . John's) 3:15 p.m. MIDWESTREGIONAL ATDENTON.TEX. Southwest Confprenc* cliampioA (Texas Tech) vs. ECAC Upstate champion (Syncuse) l:«5 p.m.; MiLsouri Vallei Cpnterence champion [Wichita $!«!«) vs Big Ten No. 3 (Michigan) 10:10 p.m. AT LAWRENCE, KAN. Big Eight Conference champion (Missourj) vs. Paclllc I No. 1 (Washing on) 1:1) J m . r Metro Six trump,on (tin. cinnafil vs. Moire Oame 1:15 p m. WEST REGIONAL A T T E M P E . A R I Z . Wesl Coast Alhletic Association champ ion (Peppsrdine) vs. M«tro Six No 3 (Memphis Slate) ro5 p.m.; Weslern Alhletic Conlerence champion (Ariiona) vs. ECAC Soulhern champion IGeoigelovinl 11:10 p.m. ATEUGENE.ORE. Big Sky conference champion [Boise State) »s. Universilv ol Nevada a Las Vegas. io : gs p.m.; Pacific Coasl Athletic Association champion (San Diego Slate) · S. Pacitic Eight Conlerence champion ( U C L A ] 11:10 ,m. NCAA LEADERS rVmtlOK. Kan. { U P I J -- NCAA Divivcn I ilalnliea! \t*atn Ihrcugh March i: Scoring G TP Avs k, Ro9«rs, Pan ftni 35 91? ](j 1. Williams. Port ST J. Fur law, Mich ST 4, Danlley, Matro Damp 5, Cair. NCarST *, Dixon. HarrJin-Simmoni T, Tripucha. Lafayette Birdionq, HouiTcn «, King, Tennessee 1C, HicV-i. Nolll FG Pnt i, Moncriel, Arkansas ?. Brawn, ETcnn 3, Thorpe, VirTech 4, Shure, Tei Arlington 5, Abrarm, Solll FT Pet I, Krovic, VMI l. Dulelmeier, Loyola 1. O'Connpll, SI.?ton 4, Rood. Hoh.ra ·, Drake. CcnMkTi Reboundi 1, larnett, *mfK4l 3, lrvi«», Holllri 4, Thomas, Cwmeclicul 5, Rl«, McNNS SI 1 3 3 S 4 1 I S H 411II 7 17 m 11.1 14 V.l 11.7 FINAL PREP POLL CLASS A 1 1. HKjMindiiMKi) u 1. Capilallll-21 II ] Idaho Falls 1 71 «) Ml U 4. AAtrMianlU I) 14 i. M«1C«W[17-S) i Othtfs ric«ln| votMi lolse, Lewlslon. C L A S S A - 1 I. MaridVllly(n 11(11 M I. SHIKyllJ.i) 11 1. MleUiHendt-si II 4. SI.M*rlet(17.|] 11 5. Buhl(l4-7l 4 Others recelvlnf votes: BMsntn Ferry, Granieville, Vallivue, Siuke River. CLASS A-3 I. TetM?i»)(ll ID 1. G lewis Ferry CM.4) 31 1. NewFlymouthl2|.|) » 4. Kimberlrf72-3) II i. GeiMseelie-4) it Others receiving voles: Rlrle, Kendrick. CLASS A 4 I. Cascad«l2(7)(7i 17 1. Camkrld'Kdl-'] 17 1 Rlchlieldllf-S) 14 4 ElkRIverlltlllll II S- R a l t R i v e r l l l - 7 } tl Others repeiving votes: Clark Counly, Neiperce, Deary, Troy. THE NBA Boslon Buffalo Philadelphia New Yerk Washington Cleveland Houston New Orleans Atlanta Western Milwaukee Detroit K a n s a s Chicago EaUern Conlercnce Atlantic Division W L Pel. G O 31 .471 37 17 .,71 | 31 11 .117 *' 31 H MS U Cenlral Division W L Pel. C *1 :* .Hi 37 1* .si; ^ 33 31 :JDO 11 37 ,Ot IV n 14 131 n Conlerence Midwest Division W L Pit. H 34 .OS U 31 .111 ] IS 40 ,3SI ]' 10 44 .313 I P a c i f i c Division W L Pel. G 47 II .713 13 35 .41! I S ' 33 34 .4S I S ' 30 14 .44? 1C 79 3* .433 1* ResulH 71: Cily S l a t e Golden Seattle Los Angeles Pltoenix Portland n e s d a y ' s Houston 113 Portland 110 Seattle no Milwaukee 101 Boslon 97 Los Angelei a? UvUldlq 173 New Orleans 105 Philadelphia ll^ Phoenix IDS Thursdiy'i Games Ph3enix at Allanla Golden State al Cleveland THE NHL Campbell Ccnl«renc« P a t r i c k Division W L T Pli Phildlph 4J 10 14103 NY niaiKicn 37 17 14 St Atlanla JO 30 10 70 NY Rngn 13 35 1 15 S my Ihe Division 17 834 30.1 17 7?3 ?(.4 17 771 11 .4 IT 741 17. S ir 707 14.2 34 i/» 1.1 11 730 H.I 15 *W ?S.l IS »S 1S.O FG FGA Pel Ht 224 .4tS 111 174 .til ISI 141 .653 131 1C9 .411 141 274 .447 F T F T A PCI 45 73 .110 71 10 IBS Chicago Vancovr SI. Louis Minnesot K a n s s C1 Y Wale i Kerns Montreal Los Aagli Pllibrgh DelroiT WJShn^ln Adams Bo i ton Bulfalo Toronlu Catilomi 14 14 17 41 11 28 13 4? 14 31 17 40 11 44 4 40 U 41 10 34 Conference Division W L T Ph SO 9 ID 110 31 19 7 71 :» is n it 10 If. f 41 * SO f IS Division W L T T»1s 41 13 11 «i 31 19 11 | 31 15 11 7S IS 34 9 Sf Wednesday'^ Resulli GF GA m us 2JO 110 113191 imn GF GA 703 139 131 US ?at i4i 14 1SI tu m GF GA m 147 1 7 0 3 3 4 116 7SI 174 J13 IBi33l G F G 4 7 S I 1 1 S IIS lo; 351 333 311 344 . Pel fern, Buffalo TR Av? It 4H 10.2 Owners throw a curve NKtt 1 YORK (UI'I) - The "numbers game" between baseball's dubnwnerf and the Major League Players Association gels more emu plicated every day. II w a s Ihe owners' turn Wednesday lo throw a new Baseball curve at (he players and they did with an offer to allow a player lo become a free agent after seven \cars of major league service. The owners' previtnis proposal would have allnuerl n player In become a free a^ent afler eii;ht years Marvin Miller, exeiulive di rector nf the Major League* Players .Association, has repeatedly taken the stand tha;the Messersmith-McMally decision by a lederal arbitraior. np- porlcd three limes b\ court rulings, cannot be bargained iiva He says any pb*r uould '.hen have the right !n sue ihe players association and pitcher Mike Marshall nf t h e l.os Angeles Dodgers has already said that's what he'd do. Miller has compromised to the point where he says he could negotiate a six nr seven \e;ir reserve clause for players of Ihe future hu' that lie hasn't got ihe rifjhl lo do so in rofriri! in nxisting contracts The Bin l.'-S Circuit Court of \ppeals Tuesday upheld earlier arbitration and cour! decisions under which Messersmith and McNally had been granted free agent status regardless of (hoir number of years of major league sen ice The nwners' neiv pro|x)sal t!ave Ihe players ih" right to become free agenls after six vears. wilhoul the option year by r- :'iesling a tr.iile The player uould be allowed to designate four teams la which hcdirin'l waul to he traded. If he were not traded, he would become a free agent during the next spring training season. Under that proposal, a free .igent ttniild lie selecled in a special drafl by as many as eight teams, with Ihe rliihs choosing in inverted order of Ihe final standings. Monlreal S Chicago 1 Atlanla 4 MinneiflTa 1 St. Louis 1 Tcronlo 1 BuHala ) pliubur^h 6 Calilornia 4 Detroit 3 VAncouver 1 K a n s a s Cil KarcherMall the direction for Spring ... Casual with * * American Gentleman "Vctran" is an up lempo slip- on with wood wedge heel and crepe sole. Topslilch trim on Copperlone leather give o look (hot's young and spirited. 26.95 "Bomar" goes Ifom casual lo dress wilh ease. Stacked heel and wafer platform for today's lolal look of casual sophistication. Brown. 29.D5 CHARGE IT TODA X A 7 THE BON MARCHE. No account? Just call 467-3393 lor your tppllcatlon. The 0-o-o^d R«-»«-liabl* SPRING TIRES ON SALE THRU SAT, MAR. 13th I DUE TO THE HUGE RESPONSE TO OUR SALE LAST WEEK, WE'RE EXTENDING OUR SALE PRICES | THROUGH SATURDAY, MARCH 13th. 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