Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 8, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1951
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR- LAS CRUCfcSW M.) SUN-NEWS. ·«'·· «·- -- Las ·News Founded in 1881; publisher! dally, except Saturday--weekday afternoons and Sunday morning--by the Siunnhlnc Press, Inc., »t 241 N Water St., Las Cruces, N. M. Entered at Las Crucci posttifricc a« second-class matter. Stanley Gallup, Advertising Manager Orvillc K. Priestley, Editor and Publisher National Advertising Representative: Inland Newspaper Rcproicnta- tlven, Inc., Chlctljo. New York, St. fxjlils, Kansas C*ty, Omaha, Atlanta. Member of the Associated Press. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the war: for republlcatlon of all local news printed In tills newspaper, a» well ns all AP news dispatches. TELEPHONE 33 Vspapor is a member of the AuJH Bureau of Clrcul- .lons. A«li fnr a copy of our latest A. 13. C. Report giving facts and figures aboat our circulation, - Audi! Bureau of Circ'ilatloti.1 _'s a measure of Advertising Value ·^ · I I ' T I U N HATES: Jty Iiiuliir delivery in IJunn Ann Cfillllty. ' JI'IT .VIMI-, Sli 'I" six inmitllH, S:i.r0 ilircc i n n n t l i n , $1.01) l^r nioiilli; hy m n l l In Now Mrxlrii. $10.00 |«-r yoar. ?G.CIO six muiilhs. $1.00 |iiir niimlli: liv l.'ily r i i r r i r r . We per wi"-l'., $1.00 IIIM- iiiunlli. $10.00 pi-r year In nilvaiiri': "lili.i'l': Ht'l'-. ?1.»0 per nuinth, J12.00 jicr yuiu. Mull sin. K H I | I | I I I I I M m e :ilrii:lly |i:i.vnW" in .'"Iviilicc. Thai Liiile League (Jno uf I h c f i n t s l pi-iijctls cvrr I n n i i c h u d in I h i s comnnin- i l v is t i n ; ' L i t l k 1 J.eauui:' !"-'i"K sponsored :nul proinutud here by llir Lns Cruces O p t i m i s t club. This. le;in»f K''ts i i i i r l e r w a y l i t r e \vitl) a grand o p e n i n g tomorrow, M o n d a y (.'Vi.'ning. Snme .seven t e a m s an; now e n t e r e d in the league--all n.-imed l i f t e r the l)i|! leaRHi; teams. The seven teams are all D i a l can hi; .-n-commodatwl now. The hope is t h a t in a n o t h e r year the league can b r a n c h out w i l h Mime 10 learns- eight in each le.ngiie. They w i l l c a n y the t i t l e s nf the big Iciiimes A m e r i c a n and N a t ' i n n a l . The t e a m s here w i l l carry the name.' ol I h e teams in t h e big leagues. The hope is. nf course. I h a l c v c n l u a l l v the Las Cruee.s learns can p a r l i c i n a t e in Ihe /.one play off and e v e n t u a l l y ii t h e " L i t t l e World Series". A t o t a l of 7011 vninujslers re/poivUd here when Ihc plea was sounded l o r those u n d e r \2 y ars of age desiring to p l a b a l l . A large pen.-enl of t h - y e did not report when p r a c t i c e /;ot underway! However, l u n d s are not a v a i l a b l e f o r the en lire g r o u n hut il is hoped e v e n l u a l l y t h e r e w i l l be s u f f i c i e n money tn c a n y on the p r u g r i m . The O p t i m i s t e l u b has r n w been able to secure a lease foi f i v e years on Ihe old race t r a c k on H i g h w a y No. 70. It is go ing to be c n n v e r l e d i n t o Hie f i e l d for the L i t t l e League anc all games w i l l be played there. The admission charge to be m a d e is tn h e l p pay the ex , pensfs of the clubs and lo assist the O p t i m i s t s in e x p a n d i n g the program. Hut. w h e n we go lo look around to f i n d s u m e l h m g which ii a i d i n g and h e l p i n g In e l i m i n a t e y o u t h delini|iiency in t h i s community ulease die us a f i n e r project t h a n I'.iis one of the O p t i m i s t elub. W h e n we slop and reali/e t h a i some If) to 21) active members in this c l u b have organiml, nrnmol-'d and now l a u n c h e d I h i s p r o g r a m -- w e l l , it just goes to show w h a t can be done : when we really w a n t to do something. i i ' 1 " Tho O n t i m i s l club, of course, needs on:- help and assisl- " ance. If you w a n t In p a r t i c i p a t e in the prngi-am j u s l m a i l or Send t h e m a check.- They can use y o u r g i f t and your c n n t r i :, billion in developing Ihe L i l l l e League, in h e l p i n g to p r o m o t e ·* interest in these youngsters and in g i v i n g theTM youngsters a ··' chun'ce Irt 1 play b a l l . ·· A n d - w o can begin by being present for Ilieh; opening on Monday ' n i g h t , for the o p e n i n g game. J u s t give your check ' · · Benevidcrr W L JQRJXN£THER' 'N.AR"nTICSJNyESTIGATIOr .pTING, ^'Su - Congressman Asks I · ; Force To Demand ij Release Of Oatis WASHINGTON, July 7 UPi -Senator .lenncr (K-Indl proposed today that the United States demand release of William N. Oatis |jy : Communist Czechoslovakia "01 we will send an air mission to Prague and take him." 'Jomicr, frequent critic of the Administration, said in -a state- meat "it is time for this adminis- ti-ation to put up or abut up." .lonner said t h a t Oatis, "a quiet unassuming young neWHOapeiinan tcnccd to ten years uii^onmcnt | ·,» a spy by the Communist ^*" ; r-rnmcnt of Czechoslovakia' and , added: D O R O T H Y DIX Life Of The Party ' A Bore Af Horne '.-. w -·· · ' "ijic crews Illivc ui:i;ii [, k * "That Stain Department docs I v ^ nl . s ;,,.,, ready . . . waiting i absolutely nothing." word," he said. (Inhrnatiam Soviet forces attack in Rep.- Clarence Cannon »,,,, ...issouri, said in Washington. "Tiie crews have been picked, tl» for led/ Officials % have said t h e y are stllf'.Vint; all possible means to obtain Otis' release but have not disclosed any steps they may be taking. A State Deparlmcnt statement Wednesday denounced the trial and conviction of the newsman as an effort ;o intimidate the Forest Fires lour; year and an accumulatcii deficicn- :y over ISO years, the Gila forest HIS been a Under ready lo be .Olli-hi'il off by a mere spark. Tn.'aly For .U.j.ancsc l u J 3 c Discussed. To WASH1NGTON. July .7 I/Ti - A Japanese treaty .lignlng ton- lias been scheduled tenta- is People eJ'eiul Country BUENOS A-IRES. .Inly 7 I.-B President J u a n D. Pcron called 01 f , the people last night to defend Al- the lively to open Sept. -1 al San Fran-1 j. c nlina. which he claimed Stale "Little Hoover' Approves Program.' SANTA FE, July 7 IIP' The slate Little Hoover commission adopted a woi-1; plan lor its study of the state government late ye_s- te.rday. . · The commission reviewed the materials and assistance it will | need to meet its J u n e :;0. 1932, i deadline, and appointed six persons to study various aspects of Kince Ihe first of tlie year, fires six u n t i l , m i l foiests in the state have de.'ilioyed or damagi-il 7r.77:i acics of timber, tile forest scivicc said. Meanwhile, mup-up CK.-WS were carefully w a t c h i n g the last rin- bcl.'i of the slate's u t h i r i big hiaz- es. t h e .-Iil,.'i00-acie l.lhick R a n g e j f i l e III Clio finest, tin: ]!I.OOI)-acre Apache l i r e i i b t l i d e the New Mex- k-ii-Altoimi l i o i d e i . and Ihe li.OIMP- aere lire on the J i c a r i l l a Apache re.-iCl v a l i o n in noltliern New Mexico. Tin, foiest service, ill ttie meantime, han completely rcsccded the a burned by tin- Capital! fire Kl-lliill ili'i'il was d r The fl om Tho Samo Old Message Any (lisnissiiiii of c h i i r c h i i f f i i i r s ; . c h u r c h pruurunis and L-luirch sci'vii-rs is |irclty i n n c l i I h n s.'inio. It is the n l d . n l i l stury. And it is Ihi- c i l d , i l d slory \ic- c.-uiBf niiiybe must i-vi'i-yliiiii|j i-lst' in Ihi.s world 1ms dumgc'd b u t r v l i K i n n l i i i M i ' l . Jlul'yjiun is vi'i-y iniii'li H I M same I m l a y as H mis a l u w yi'iii-s :'Hn nr I!)(IO yi-iirs a;;ii wiiiin Christ w n l l t i - d Uu- c a r l h . .O'J^.^rujnjsc's lie niailr t|.i n i a n k i m l Ihi-n arc Kiiod nuw. 'I'he assui'iineus Ik- (Jiivc all liit-n an: as guild t o d a y us lliuy w c i f C h r i s t ' s way uf l i f t ' is t h e .same--il has lived UmniKli these 1HIIO years a n d ' e u n l i m u ' . s In live. is one nf (he greatest ariniments. nf cnnrsi'. whieh can be ads'anced t h a t Christ did live- did serve h u m a n i t y ; was hi man; t h a t he was seized, tried f i m v i e l e d , enu-ilied, died and arose f r n m I h e dead. Sumi-thini} iliu-sn'l l i v e l l l t l l l years if il has hi-en faked t i r if il is a I m a x -- i t has t(i be Knnd I" last I b i s liintf and those who are honest and siiu-ere ami believe- t h e y have learned l l m l the messai;e He HHVI: was li ,ie and t h a t il is t r u e today. There 1 , of ruurst,'. arc a K"i'd many reasons fur i n d i v i d u a l s h e l i i i i u i n n ' t o eluireh and seeking to follow Ihe way of Christ. Perhaps t h e greatest reason is t h a t il is the n a t u r a l thin;; for m a n m ' W o r s h i p a Sunreme Bi'iii(j. It is the desire of all in- d i v i d u a l s w h e t h e r t h e y do it or not or w h e t h e r they ad.-.ilt i t , lo worship a d i v i n e power. . . We all k n o w and wo a d m i t w h e n we are honest t h a t it is Christ's way of l i f e we w a n t . We may lei other things Kel in the w a y ; ' w e may feel neo,n.irin|j w e a l t h and power are. Ihc t h i n e s we w a n t bu'l there comes a day and a t i m e when wr leali/'e ihese are only t e m p o r a r y things and t h a i w h a t wu really w a n t e d m l i f e is s o m e t h i n g p e r m a n e n t and secure, last- "'"'Only l i i u l lins remained the r u l e r of tin- and only l i e has continued Jo (jivo and to help and lo e o m f o r l those w h o seek H i m . ' , . , , 1 II is to God we t u r n when e v o r y l h m R t h a i man has mndc and evi.-1-vtbinK t h a i man does f a i l s US. I l is to Clod we t u r n when we can not and do not f i n d the help, I h e cimUorl and .Ihe u m l m t n i u l i i u ' we need. 11 is to Him we t u r n when we seek those special f a v o i : and the ; pcdal help. Il is lo H i m we t u r n when illness nre- vails and the help we need is not available. It is to H i m wt turn when sorrow ( i l l s our hearts and our minds and nollun.f else really matters. , Through the years il has been t h u s . 1 line hasn t ehantfen - the I'ower He posse.-ises or t h a t He can and w i l l give lo those who seek il, . . . And so Ihc message, we .say, delivered in the p u l p i t o Ihc church and by those who arc sccklnj! to serve C.od am 1 their fellow man, is p r e t t y much the same. It f i l l s the siimt needs; II provides the help we m-ccl and want; it serves us phini'S to inoleut rich land In-low from erosion and ashes. Kome of the au-a. worth more t h a n SI.000 an acre, is desnibod as among the lilOht valuable In the.state. Hi-us M.diilaliu-d Still in effect are forest service i-ins against smoking and campfires in luiest to forestall a ne.w u n l r i o p "f de-dnn-llon. K. I.. 1'erry ol I h e regional office nl the Forest Service in Al- biapn n|ue said "drynesa Iris allowed fires lo spread more rapidly and t h u s are much h a r d e r to get under t n n t n i l . l i e said I h a l although tlie number of fires In Ihc slate since tin.- lirsl nl Ihc year numbers 1^2 compared w i l h 'J7U t h r o u g h the comparative ptTiiid last year, damage this year has been more e.xten- slve. l.asl year al I h i H t i m e , fires hail dc.vlroycd ZU.-Uil) acres. GOP Meeting ll'fiiitiiiiu-d I'nmi ]i3K" " 10) ci'sco. Koine 50 nations will lit invltiMl. U. S. officials Kulit yesterday the iTiviULLioiiij are u.\ijuulcd to be isponKorcd joinlly by UIIK country and Grc:i1 Britain. Most of the countries which wiuv and lech- nicnily still oro at war with Japan lire expected io .send K-ptc- f.']ltfltiveK. | 400'Hoi'semen Eiiln: Rodeo Do Sim La Fc SANTA KK. July 7 ^'J --- Motf Itiitn -100 liurKiitnim am expected for the piirailu ojiL-ninj; t h e font- day Rodou Ue Santa Fe which bnfiins here Thursday. Hodon Association President Paul RutledKC said mounted sluT- iff's posse will conic frmn a _ towns in N u w Mnxtcn and six in Texas . r ur the parade tn }i*. led Governor Mcchem. Mrs. L. S. Lopez Dies A I Home Friday Ubradn 3. Lopi-z died at her Iwirit;, -I-2G N. M a i n street. Friday nifchl. Funeral nmiiiycinents aru pending. She WHS 71. In n d f l i t i n n to her (Iniighlcr Cl:u,i slie i-s nisi) 'survived by two sons, Louis and .hian. buih nf Las Cruces. Two sister.", Mrs. Tonias Madrid. Kl I', find Mrs. Martin Lopez. l-nH Criiccs. ul«o. survive. Nelfitm'a funenil home is in i-liarfio of aiTJingisnicnt:-.. . threatened from abroad. I free \vovld press. President Truman on Thursday idorsfd t h a t alntcmcnt and toh In a natiuinvide Ijroadcn.^t, Per- · -- - on told the armed fnm-H t h e i r job U news i-unferencc that he is to defend the c o u n t r y - - nJt to ei! *H i:i advance. support a n v -r.wrnnient as such. -I^nner. calling for more dirccl Any miiitn'ry a t t e m p t to! a.Mion. sclU th« administration n n ' unpopular government. he should "buck up warned, would lead to "ruin". ! force." . . ,-ell informed on tlie issues -of the day. I .·»*«- f. live in church work, and am -a Bood X hon 1 ,vas sinBle fhad my share of dates. -1 try hard to e He a good wife and mother, hut I'm distilled with my husband's attitude, \yimt can Ido?^^. V . . . . . ... .. ... " " ANSWiSK:' About the best tiling you rah; do, Judy,. is to faeB t h e apt Lai you're married to a -show-off and that any pleasure or amusement you get out ol Win 'will be in -muil'c. SIGN Oli 1 l.MMATUIUTV · . = ; ' Your husband's a t t i t u d e is ono of the most patlietic signs of DIX I chndish trait. ,».t are more td be " u p TM ol "herc'sno f u r t h e r necessity for t u r n i n c his .i your- -direction. A ' ; TM£ "Z " r : ' c o n a , Pete, come, ' OIL ARGUMENT RISES S|ie il in him. ,lie.1.1 Mblr- with Mi;- ·lli'in wi-n- viin-i-liaiiimn I'Jetu-pe ·Irai-h lit Allnn|iiri-qiic'. pni-ly i;»- inllliiili'i- l i i i n y Hi'litiw "f Allill- iui'|-i|li'. I-'H"! Mn^'\v, s l a t e tax ·Irii-f. unit l'»l I l i i n i i l t n i i . n-vcniic i;innnii-.s WIIH \Vi\s- good man and Had a A,n 1 beins childish about this? U S AMBASSADOR I-lcnrv P. Lirady interceded In Tehran (1) in an effort rrSr"la° 1,,-cahoil of ,u- E otialio,,s between . I ran and Anglo- I r a n i a n oil dele«atiou from Britain after the Iranian government an- n , e d intenUon of seizing the giant oil installations in the Abadan " 2 ) area British consul at ucarhy Khorranishahr Is advisnifi British , mihes io evacuate. If British lives are endangered British paratroops recently sent to Cyprus (SI may be used as a protection. M a n y b. S. nUonals are on Bahrein Island d ) , almost in shadow of crisis area. A S S WK«: You undoubted., c rounscl as readily as his family's. Miller Elected iCf.ntliiileil I'rimi |:i;o ! 'il[;h -"iiiinl.s nysUMn. Mrs. S.-.-ili C. Oiiiiplicll of HK- -Mil.m. Ohio i~ait'iolil lilKli sclioul wiis ch-ctMl wllliinit nppwllion ,'iisl vu-i 1 plt'slili'iil. Dm- in tlu- iviulullons r;rmn- ·iirnilnl llli' llsi' pt li'li'Visiiin us '4 ivii-liin;; nioill'.iiii. \Viilrl- iif'-c nf TV 0- s II A'liisarnonl il.l was iii-i;.'il iipini tin 1 tcm-lii'is liy I'nlil A. Walker, vice f l n i r n i n n tho Veile oiniiilssion. al (..'onimunli-allons just as He has always served us. The church Is the re Oil iN'tiliuiuili'/.ulioii Is Pushed By Iran TK.HHAN. Iran. .Inly 7 -i.Vi Inin pushed alioaO ttnl;iy wilh pliin.s lo taki* over tin- hUllon-tldl- llir prniiritii 1 !! irf the Ansl'""'»"l»" Oil C'uinpany, tollmvliii; v l n l f n t illi't'l (li'HK)nM!nil 1011^ nKitlll.-it n cunipnmilse siisijosteil by the In- uin:itlonnl (.'niirl. ShiiuthiK "le«tl\ t: Al';"l« Amnrieiin Ir.nin-mllsm" mill "ilentl ive of Christ and Cnd. II lo til J i n * ciHircn is uir i rpi f M T i i n i u ^ L- » v.iin«-*t «··»· - ...... niiiv fall-Bhiii'i.uf.reiichinu its Roal; its nu-nthm may not live · ' u i i to all Ihal we i-xni'd llu-ni In live up lo; It may nol do al Hint we t h i n k il should do and yi 1 ! il is openttod, maintatni'd and controllal l.y humans-and humnns ofloii err. Thfi'i' was only One perfect i n d i v i d u a l Who ever lived, M a n y have approached Ihal «oal but never a t t a i n e d it. M«».V have mad! 1 «renl conlribulions lo the work of C,od Many churclifcs have, proven o t i l s t a n d i n « and been snceessful. They wlU be more so when all join hands lo help In lid nnd « lirliL. nbout Ihc kind of a world we w a n t ; ho kind o w o r W o c wanln in jirt-vail. ou c nuM hnvo; nwl Ihe kind of n wwW that (,o,l . IhiRlli- Court", tileycle liri nf 10.000 yullns pro-Coin . mlinliil« rode tlirouKh Uic clty/la.i n l K h t pi-olrstlnn Hi" court's mlln Unit Iran suspend Us nnllnnallta tlnn laws. About lOfl persons \v«r Injun'd, Tin 1 longest la wild t» hi- many ceiilmlf alial in tlie worl built lir Chin n|jo. nno The Amazon Ulwr pom* Int tlw Atlantic Ocean nt n niti- · llvo million Kiillons n necond, sres a HUDSON to fit your budget ·., i .. *J. · · DRIVE THE NATION'S NSW STOCK CAR CHAMP! Try the. power, islnminn and «afclyllalliav«innilii(licllmbiou Hornet n Tour-lime winner in 0 mini National Stork Car Uaeea. ::ip.'«i-v.»,.-. FOUR R U G G E D S E R I E S Powerful Hudson! ore priced in four brackils,b«tiinning b e l o w t h o s e o f many smalltr.cart.' R l i i i t r NOW yon can Bavu on a beautiful new Hudson-in your choice of four N-rlrai all with exclusive "Btrrlown" ile- niun for the most mom 'ind Ilio world's U'sl and safest riilo. Alort power Is your.i, loo, with Hudson's rilRBeil. liiuh-conipn-9- Ht'in unfiines. Como In, Ki'l Uic Iwt flrnl over on tho .finest lluilsnns ever Iniilt! BE5T DEAL EVER OH MOST DURABLE CAR YOUR MONEY CAN BUY * «r* uihjri't In c A. B. GRYDER GARAGE 717 W. ORGAN PHONE 742^

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