Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 11, 1976 · Page 18
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 18

Nampa, Idaho
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Thursday, March 11, 1976
Page 18
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Tte Idaho Frw Pre « The News-Tribune., Thursday, March n,an^^K ^^_ ' "TM "«*v i «·*«! ^11 11, 171 o -- rt"£ Mac Court was Boise's start ByJohnlt.Klllen BOISE - Early last December, when Boise Slate University dropped a 76-64 decision to the University of Oregon on Mac Courl in Eugene, Bronco coach Bus Connor (old his learn that he was proud of Ihem, even in defeat. "I (old Ihem lhal if they conlinued lo play that well for the rest of the season " said Connor Wednesday, Ihinking back lo the early season, "thai we'd be back Ihere in March." Well, (he. Broncos fulfilled their coach's "if" and Saturday evening, Boise State takes on the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in Ihe first game of (he NCAA Western llcgional on Mac Court. Game time is set for 8:05 p.m. (MST) and the contest will be carried live on KTVB Channel 7 in Boise. But now lhat the Broncos have made it as i far as Eugene, what do ihcy do wilh Ihe Las j Vegas machine lhal scores an average of · ; 110.8 points per game? : "WK KNOW THEY'RE extremely quick Broncs returned just like Connor predicted '. and that they score a lot of points," says ; Connor, "so I guess the (irsl thing we have lo - try lo do is keep Ihem down In a tempo that's . within our capabilities.' : "It's no secret lhat we're the decided un- dcrdog in this game and lhal if we're going to : have a chance, we're going to have lo play . errorless hall. We're going lo have lo keep ; turnovers lo an absolute minimum." Connor's plan of trying ic control Ihelcmpo - doesn'l jive with strategy used by Ihe one : team lo beat Vegas. That was Pcppeniine. The Waves did it on their own floor and they did it by outrunning tlv Hebels. "Thai's what they did all right," said Jerry Tiirkaniiin. Ihe Vegas coach, irho was also : contacted Wednesday aboul preparations for Ihe upcoming game. "I'epperdine just oul- . ran us. ft surprised us. We didn't expect (hem · to do il." But Connor doesn't plan (in trying (tie same . strategy. "Colson (Gary Colson. lhi I'ep · pcrdine coach) has a lot of fast guys, and while we aren'l slow, we don't have lhal kind of speed. You can slow things down better than you can speed up. "I'm not talking abou: slowing way down and not shooting, but I do Ihink we have lo Iry to bring things down to a Icmpo we can handle." That makes sense. If the Hebs are allowed ' lo run around (he way (hey usually do. ils hard lo say what they mighl do. Once this year, al Ihe game against llilo-Hawaii, ihcy ;sd an NCAA record of 164 points. ONE OF THE REASONS Vegas can put the . - ball up so many times is lhal the Rcbs use iml i'just five players on a regular basis, but eight .; Tarkanian runs them in and out of the game while Ihc opposition docs its besl to keep up. : The group is led by fi-7 forward Eddie ; Owens, who averages 2:1 5 points per game. . Krom Ihere, it's (!-·) Sam Smith 116.2). fi-6 Glen ..Gondrezick iH.lli, G-10 Lewis Brown i] ;fi-6 Jackie Itobinson 112.21 and li-7 Hoyd Balls n:i.:li Chipping in are 5-11 Itnherl Smith (8.6) and 6-6 Reggie Thcus (6.1) Robinson is Ihe club's leading rebounder with an 8.9 average. "One Ihing," Connor says, "we'll match up preuy well wilh Ihem size-wise if not speed- wise." While Connors says Vegas' speed will be lough lo conlcnd wilh, it's nol as bad as having lo play a team lhat's much laller "If they were a learn like Washington (which Boise played last year), wilh really superior heighl, that would be verv hard for us because a learn like that ean'iust lake every ball and put it right back up. "But wilh a team like this, if we can do something about ihcir speed, and if wo can handle Iheir press, we may be in business." The press Connor refers to isjusl part of the seldom talked aboul bul very effective defense lhal Vegas plays. "1 KNOW ALL OF Tark's teams have always been very tough defensively and [his one is the best yet," says Connor. According to Tarkanian, defense and super running ability arc the things that have put its team among Hie nation's elite. "Last year, we were just picking up people at half court," says the Rebel coach, "hu! this year's bunch can pick them up right on Ihe mbounds pass and stay wilh them all Ihe way." Tarkanian says he doesn't plan to change a (ding for Boise after walching [he Broncos defeat Weber Slate lasl Saturday for the Rig Sky lille and Ihc NCAA regional berlh "I saw lhal game and I was really impressed wilh them. Connor (Sieve) is an outstanding ball player - great shooter -and thai big man (Pal Hoke) is anolher good one. [ was impressed wilh his forwards loo (Dan Jones and Trent Johnson I and Ihe other guard (Terry Miller) really seems lo be in conlrol out Ihere - he looks like a real smart Iwll player." "Boise is a very disciplined learn. We can't afford lo look past Ihem." Tarkanian says his learn seems lo un- dersland thai, as well. "We've been having real good practices," says Tarkanian. Tarkanian adds thai playing on Mac Courl makes liltle difference one way or the other to him, but Connor hopes that "The I'll" mighl work as a positive factor for (he Broncos. "I Tlll\K Till-: people over Ihere liked our learn when we played Oregon and maybe they'll go with us for (lie game." If Ihe Mac Courl crowd does decide In support Ihe lironcos, il could prove a factor. The Eugene fans have lime and again proven themselves lo lie aiming Ihe niosl raucous anywhere and if they support Boise like ihcy support the Oregon Ducks, Tarkanian's learn may feel like (he bad guy in a Grade B western. "I hope they'll identify wilh us since they've seen us before," says Connor, "and because, geographically, we're nearer lo Ihem. And Ihen, Ihe natural lendancy is lo cheer for the underdog." hopes Connor. Docs Connor have any special plans lo stop Ihe Vegas scoring pfforl? "No, Ibey want to show Ihe hall, so Hie besl thing lo do is jusl Icl Ihem have Ihe outside shot. The most im- porlant thing is recovery make Ihem shoot and then get Ihe ball back. They don't work for the inside much. Eighty percenl of theii fr-mie is coining down (he floor and Idling fly "Unless Ihey're super hot. and if we don't Icl Ihem run away from us. t Ihink we may give Ihem a game." Jabbar says ref showing prejudice By I'niled Press fiilcrnininiial . Who in his right mind would hold a grudge against a 7-fool 2. 2:iS-pousd man wilh a 90 inch reach 1 ! Kareetn Abdul-Jabbnr, Ihe man with (hose incredible dimensions, believes NBA referee Hob Hakel is holding a grudge against him because .labbar accused another official of ineptitude lasl year. He also accused Rakcl of racial prejudice. Jabbar spoke after his Los Angeles Lakers were defeated !H-«9 by Ihc Roslnn Cellics Wednesday nighl. (tubbing sail inlo Ihe wound was Dave Co'.vons convening a free throw mi .labbar's sixth foul to give lioslon a W-K'.i lead with 4S seconds left. "One of Ihe officials is holding a grudge against me and I Ihink il has something ID do wilh Ihc color nf my skin anil I Ihink il has lo do with an incident lasl year." said .lahhar "Hememher. lasl year I had lhal incidenl with Jerry Lncher and Hob Hakel was officiating Ihe game with him. I guess he and l.oeher are friends. I think Itakcl is carrying a grudge against me " Lasl u-ar. Jabbar said l/eber "set a standard for ineptitude lhal is unequalled." Jahhur now claims Hakel is looking In call fouls on him Jabbar. who scored 2H poinls. had four fnuls by halflime and gol hit wilh a lechnical when he squawked aboul his fifih riiers [-.". Suns NIK - .Itie Hryanl scored a career high V, poinls and Gcnrgi 1 McGiimis had i:l of his 17 points m Ihe final period lo help Philadelphia rally In clcfeal Phoenix. · Braves J2f). .la/z W '. Hub McAdoo anl Handy Smith scored :12 jxiinls apiece In lead Huffalo pasl NViv Orleans. I'elo M.iravich scored 2fi [minis in three periods lo lead Ihe Ja?7. before Coach Hutch van llrcda Kolff Rave him a resl ir. Ihc final period. !Sanies Mil. Mm Ic. Id | Kruce Seals scored 18 of his M points in the game's final Ifi minutes lo lead Seattle The win was only Ihc Sonics second in J2 games al .Milwaukee and snapped a four game Seattle- losing slroak ·jtnckrls ii:l, Hlazrrs I in ii Calvin Murphy scored :il poinls and killed :'A- final 21 seconds wn'i :i drihliliivi ("ihibilirm In preserve Houston's victory over Portland. Pacers 1211. Nuggets IIS Indiana overcame a 42 poinl performance by Dan Issel lo beat Denver Don Muse sparked Indiana wilh a learn record I'l assists, fiuse added six lliefts. Hilly Knijihi led Indiana with II poinls. Colom-ls I2S, .Spurs 121 \Vil .loiu-.s scored six of his 12 points in 'ivcrimie [ogive Kentucky ils fourlh straight victory. Johnny Neumann paced HIP Colonels w i t h :ll p«inls. Spirit 1 . 99. Nets ii.-, Marvin Harncs scored 23 poinls and lion Hunne 20 to pace Si. Louis. Julius Krving had IK nf his W points in the fin;.] quarter in a (mile offorl In [mil Die Nels even Red Heads, Kuna squad will battle KI'NA '['he lied Heads. Ihc storied all- woman professional touring basketball (cam. will appear for a game and half lime "sporlacular" Saturday evening at Ihc Kuna High gymnasium. This year's edition nf Ihe lied Heads is celebrating the 4i)ln anniversary of Ihe well- known exhibition basket ha 11 loam and Ihe group that will appear al Kuna is the "College Kdiiiim" which features several girls who excel cut oniv in basketball but also in softball, tennis, (nick and oilier sports. The exhibition is .sponsored by (he Kuna Lions Club and (.'lydu Cornell, secretary of Ihc Kuna Lions, emphasi/cs lhal Ihe event will foalurc a name anil not just a show. Cornell says lhal the Ited Meads will play a loam made up primarily of members of ihe Sta-Kile Trusses, a lop learn from Ihe Hnise City basketball league. Playing againsl mens' learns, the lied I leads boast a winning average of aboul 800. At halflime of the game, members of Ihe lied llrnib; learn \ul] put on a special sporls show. Admission for Hie game wilh advance ticket purchases is $2 (or adulls, $1 W for students and $1 fur children under 12. Al [he door, it's J' foi '-ills, $2 for students ami $1 .Ml for HID under 12 Ml Advance tickets are available Ihroiigh members of Ihe Kuna I.ions Club. Proceeds (rom Ihe gamp will go to various Kuna community projects. STOPPING THE HIGH-FLYING REBELS WILL BE NO EASY TRICK UNLV, 28-1.neaily got lo final four last year in regionals Gophers won't appeal but suspension rankles them .MINNEAPOLIS UJPli - L'liiversily of .Minnesota leaders, who just swallowed three u'ar.s NCAA probation Tor their basketball loam without appealing, urge that the NCAA slap "Star Cliiimher proceedings" in investigations and simplify Ihe rule hook. Officials didn'l object lo Ihe penalties. Alhlelic dire-dor Paul Giel said they were "very fair." The NCAA ordered llire.e years probation lor various violations, including alumni anil others giving illegal benefits lo players, players selling complimentary game tickets lor high prices, free plane trips for players and parents and oilier things. Al leasl 115 players, including eighl on the current learn, were involved in violations, all during four years Bill Mussclman was head coach. Jim Dulchcr succeeded him as coach this season. The NCAA onlercd basketball scholarships cut from six to Ihree for Iwo years, barred the learn from playing in any post season NCArt games unlil March -1, !!)78, and banned the Gophers from playing in any televised games under NCAA conlrol for two years. Replaces 6.00orA76-13 6.50orB78-13 6.95orD7a-14 7.35orE78-t) 7.75dfF78-1'l 8.25orG78-l-l 8.55orH78-14 7.75orF78-15 C.25orG78-l5 8.55orH78-15 9.0QOfL78-15 9.15orL76-15 $40.88 S43.88 $44.88 $49.88 $53.88 $57.88 $64.88 $56.88 $62.88 $68.88 $71.88 $79.88 Dayton i Steel ·\ Size [.\BR78-13 i|ER78-14 { FR78-14 f GR78-14 :7HR78-14 |/ GR78-15 HR78-15 LR78-15 BLUE RIBBON 78 Radial Whitewalls Price $38.95 $41.95 $44.95 $47.95 $51.95 $47.95 $51.95 $54.95 F.E.T. $2.16 $2.55 $2.67 $2.89 $3.09 $3.17 $3.31 $3.46 · «· x»-^»-»»-*» p ^^^i^^^^ RETREADS For Sizes 600-13 650-13 Blnckwall E.ctiange 7fln H O PlusF.ET. /UU'lO LARGCRSIZFS 1)3.95 EXCHANGE FWS F.E.T. DUNN'S TIRE SERVICE % Mile West of Karcher Mall on Highway 30 PHONE 467-4601 AtDoral,it's Jack Nicklaus, then the field MIAMI (UP1I - J.C. Snead will admit Jack Nicklaus is Ihe favorite to win the Dora! Open golf tournament bul don'l suggest lo him lhat the Golden Bear's presence means Ihe rest of Ihe field will be playing for second place. "If we thought Nicklaus would win every week, we'd just give him the prize money and go home," Snead said before today's first round of the $200,000 event over Doral's famed "Blue Monster" course. "I gel tired of everybody writing lhal we're playing for second money when he's in a tournament," the Virginia golf- KCID fo carry Vike, Fa/con and Tro games CALDWELL - Radio KCID (HDO on dial) of Caklwcll will carry all Class A-2 Stale Baksclball Tournament games involving MiddliMon and Vallivue, starling Thursday from Pocalello. and Class A-3 games for llomedale when Trojan lusslcs don't confict wilh A-2 play. The first HomMlale broadcast can't be unlil Friday. In Thursday's openers, Vallivue plays at 2:30 p.m. against Grangeville, and Middlelon goes at 8:30 against Marsh Valley in A-2 action al Pocalello in Idaho Stale's o|d Heed Gym. Homedale plays Thursday also at B:M vs. Glcnns Kerry at Twin Falls in College of Southern Idaho's facility. Thus. Thursday's KCID play- by-play broadcasts will be of Vallivue and Middlelon games in A-2, excluding llomedale in A- ersaid. "If you bel on him every'dend up losing. There are loo many great players." If recent performance is any indicalion. Snead would have to be considered as a threat to Nicklaus. Ihe 1975 Doral champion who did not compete in lasl week's Cilrus Open in Orlando. Snead has a win in the San Diego Open plus a second and a third in the lasl four weeks [o rank (bird on Ihe money lisl. He is off to one of his best starts over despite the fact that he loses 30 yards in length on every hole in which he uses his driver. "The courses haven'! been lhal long and the rest of my game is making up for my shori driving." he said. However, at Nicklaus' lasl outing two weeks ago, he buried the rest of Ihe field on the final day of the Tournament Players Championship at fnvcrrary to defeal Snrad by three shols. BONDS IN FOLD ANAHEIM IUPII "- The California Angels have signed outfielder Bobby Bonds lo a two- year conlract and five other' players lo single-year pacts, leaving eight members of Ihe 39- man siiiiael still unsigned. HAND GUN SALE Now in progress WIDE SELECTION NOW IK STOCK! · BUY .SELL .TRADE TRADER'S DEN 713 Arthur -- Cildwell Phone 454-8223 THINK SPRING! THINK POLYESTER LEISURE SUITS FROM TOBIAS! INNAMPA: 1031 NAMPA- IN BOISE: CORNER OF FAIRVIEWtr

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