Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 8, 1951 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1951
Page 3
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·Sunday Morning,. July 8, 1951 LAS CRUCES (N.' : M.) SUN-NEWS PAGE THREE Old, Battered, Scratched Home Made Movies Can Be Fixed To Look New By I K V I N G OKSFOH At* Newsfraturcs is 'the topic, for. .this week flnri,.llk(! a June Ijrieic/it'il haye-pomethlnff- new^jiiomething old and .something borrowed. · Something new 1 .., .; for the amateur home 'movie fans. 'After five years research, Ansco of Bingham. (on, N. Y., announces they now have available 8mm daylight type Annco Color film in . .magazine loads. This Is the first new 3mm color film since Kodachrome was introduced 15 years ago and comes jimt in time for the increased summer- market. At the same time- magazine loads In 16mm daylight Ansco is being marketed. Film for "artificial -light In both sizes will be added later. Can Bo Ri'iiewert ·";·" '. - Something -bid , . ., like.battered. ocratchcd-up home movies that had scon their best viewing days, can now be rejuvenated -and given a now lease on sight. The. service I till now available to visiual aids groups like museums, educational groups and business concerns, is · being made available to the 16mm home movie field. Machines to take care of the Smni fans are. coming shortly. it- lakes a combination of chemicals and ' scientific machinations to remove scratches from old films -- -in eolor as well as black-and- white -- and make them viewable, · but the demand is growing and the process is perfected according to Jack Bernard, president of Rapid Film Technique, Inc., of New York GOOD MORNING Pleasant Listening K O 6 E 1450 On Your Dla! SUNDAY City. A doctor friend of Mr. Bernard dramulized the need for making the service available to individuals. About Ifi years ago sonic movies' were' made as the doctor performed a rare surgical operation. Through careless handling Jit fi'e-. tjiitiiil medical group showings, thin film was in bad condition antl had been put aside. Recently the doctor had a similar surgical case and wished lo refresh his memory. Coull Mr." Bernard restore the film? Opc.nilion Successful "Our operation. on the film," said Bernard, "was as successful as the doctor's on the patient. . . nnd almost as miraculous. It was the start of many individual requests as word of it spread." Practically all surfaces cratches' on the film can be removed. Improper film' gate adjustment in' projectors is responsible in. many cases. Where the scratches are on thu emulsion side, the film passes' through three different tanks. Through various chemical solutions, Mr. Bernard explained, the emulsion is raised and swollen, closing the tiny tracks of the scratches till it disappears. It takes four other processes to similarly remove scratches on the gelatin side of the film. A co;it of lacquer is then applied to the film which protects it in future handling. A certain amount of moisture is retained In P. R. Burn Leads Seniors, Rives Paces In Junior P. R. "Burn at last broke the Senior league first-place race this week when it defeated Stevens Furniture Friday nighi. Uolh teams had previously been undefeated. TJurn now remains Lho only undefeated team in the Senior league. Vicing for cellar position are Tur- rentinc Chevrolcts and DeMolay, who both have, won one nnd lost four. 3n the Junior league.'Hives Studio has a tight hold on the crown. just one pame ahead of Liars Lbdjre. These nre the standings: SKNIOR LKAOUP W. L. P. R. Burn 5 0 Stevens .Furniture 4 1 Ijas Cruces Furniture 2 '2 Columbian Squires ., 1 3 Turrentino ' ' 1 4 DeMolay ' 1 4 JUNIOR LEAGUK W L. Rives Studio fi 1 Liars Ijodge 5 1 Shook Uecappcr 3 1 Popular Dry Goods 1 4 C. R. Anthony 0 5 The first fans-Atlantic yacht race .was held in 1806. Thirteen Games Scheduled Next ·'; Week In_Sofiball Thirteen games in three leagues of Uic summer recreation snftball program were scheduled Saturday for,the next week by officiate in the program. . The schedule is us follows: making this a valuable reference book for all those interested in this field. Magnetic Miracle Recreates Voices Of Singing Greats From Worn Discs .JUNIOR {(ijtmc Tlnu-: li p. ni.. .Junior ,, , Monday -- Shook Recappch; VH. Popular Dry goods. Tuesday -- Liars Lodge vs. C. R. Anthony. Wednesday -- Ktudebakcr Kids vs. Popular Dry Goods. Thursday -- Shook Rrcappcrs vs. Rives Studio. Friday -- Shook Rccappcm VS. Studebaker Kids. SKMOK LEAGUK (Game Time: 7 p. m. Lions Park) Monday N --' Lns Cruccs Furniture vs. Columbinn Squires. Tuesday -- Stevens Furniture vs. Turrcntlnc Chevrolet. Wednesday -- fGilrs* Game) Torlugns vs. Dunlaps. Thursday -- P. R. Burn vs. Do- Molay. Friday -- Columbian Squlrcii vs. Tinrentine. A D U L T LEAGUE (Ciinm Time: 8:15 Lions Park) Tuesday -- Veterans of Foreign Wars vs. Myers Company. Thursday -- Scott Chcverolet of Anthony vs. Cothern Cleaners. Friday -- White Sands Proving Ground -1119 Air Service "Unit VB. Stahmnnn Farms. ' Hy HOWARD IU.AUKSLKK AssDChilrd J'n-ss Sclwirr Edllnr NEW YORK -- T h e Phonograph ·uiccs of Caruso, Svntli, Farrar, Kehuinan-Heink and other eariy- ·initury masters are being resur- ·erted by a magnetic miracle that uakus them clearer and truer to- Oay than when recorded. Other old masterpieces of music re similarly resurrect oil. The source is records of -10 years ago. These records contain mechanical faults and occasionally shrill ir unclear tones due lo slips in singing or playing. All are corrected. These now records arc the Treasury of Immortal Performances, from old Victor and British rcc- Ncws ( .; " Sunday Sojcnado' s Clinton Anderson A t ' Y o u r Service Church' of Christ Assembly of God Back to God . Reviewing. Stand Voice of Prophecy Hazel Ma'i'hcll ·' ·. Frank Ernest St. Paul's Methodist A.M. 7:00 7:ia "7:30 '7:15 ' 8:00 .8:30 · 11:00 0:30 10:00 10:30 10:45 31:00 I'. M. 12:00 - . Chlcago-vs.- St..Louis ..3:00 The Shadow .^3:30 True Detective 4:00 Challenge or the Yukon ·1:30 Nick Carter B:00 Gospel Hrotulcast 5:30 Baptist Hour 6:00 Sports Newa .6:05 UP News 8:20 War News. 8:20 St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh D:t)l UP News . : '. 9:15 'Here's To Veterans' ·- l):30 Wild Bill Hlckock 8:55 U. P. News 10:00 Sign Off K O B E Your Friendly Station AFiniJATR A MUTUAL NETWORK tlie film and sealed by the lacquer coating to avoid brittlencss* New film can be given the lacquer treatment to prolong its life. "The business of fixing up old film is not new," Henry Lloyd, another official of Rapid Film confided. "But the growth of television saw a market spurt in thu saleability of old films. I needn't remind you how Hopalong Cassidy became a national figure. And these old films needed all the rejuvenation they could get -- which s much cheaper than making new prints -- to offset the viewing dif- "iculties of television itself. "As pioneers in the restoration nnd ' preservation of movie film, we perfected our own machine and improved the processes, more than doubling llic life of used films." "From the criticisms I've heard of TV film fare," he added, "perhaps that isn't much a good idea!" However if Bernard and Lloyd wished to point with pride, there was the rush job they did for the Army a while back. Some film, captured from the enemy in Korea, was sent to their plant, under armed guard, for restoration. They worked through Iho night and the verdict was "mission accomplished." Something borrowed . . . and cnn be borrowed us well as rented and bought . . . is given comprehensive listing in a new handbook for the 16mm film user in "Ideas on Film" by Occile Starr, ( F u n k and Wagnalls. $4.50). Here you'll find reviews of the top 200 IGmm documentary nnd educational films available in the country with a statc-by-statc compilation of the sources where they can bis rented and the libraries from which they can be borrowed. Twenty experts also cover the various aspects of the 16mm non- theatrical film field in 2D articles SIPHON TUBES r · · A * \ Y * STANDAID SIPHOH-R/;Ad/.// Ultttlt ft'frfjr 4 hu-ign. lt*t-Uin«t nfkm t*lt. I'/.*, 48" 4*4 CO" Un N-O-T-I-C-E I want the public to know that I was not selling firecrackers. I have never intended of breaking the law in any shape or form. However, some Roman Candles were sent to me with the rest of the Fireworks. The Police took them, with my compliments, and I was cited into court. Thank you all very kindly till next ; 4ih of July. VAL'S MARKET lOlZW.Picacho VALENTIN BALKAN orcls, by VIctor-R. C. A. The project started IORH than two years ago, directed by Albert?I'ullcy. the Company's chief recording' engineer, here in New York. SIv sound tcc.hnifians wi-rr as- 1 .vignrd to use inicru^cnpr.s on Mm old rrniriK They followed each soum! groove, !mikitl£ for bumps, dents nnd other irrrgidnrilles. ' Most nf thi'SP wen- due to mi-- rlmnionl muses. WHh sharp in- stnimrnt«i thi-y smoothed nil Hm fretions they could see. n sound expcrl listened to sic played from the .smooLh- ord. Ho marked spots of cctinn that the microscopes Records were rc-exiimincd noothcil as, much as six Ncx the i oil i impcr times. A ft IT thai the old record was playeit to the magnetic recording [ape, n paper-thin .single strand half as wide as a postage stump. The t n p n records by magnetism, a process t h a t puts nothing visible on the record, and that strings the suttnd record out in n line hundreds of feet long. The tn|ic transfers thu sound directly into electirir - current, which in t m i i urns a speaker that converts it into music. These .sound:; nro perfect re product km of whatever is on the reeoid. They show up further faults. Sume of these are tiny popping sounds. A pop i»:iy 1:ll£l * "1* "'"'fly iin Inch leiigtb oT tape. This inrli is cut on! \vith the scissors mid llm n-nialuing- lapr mils rejoined. The loss mi tiijir Is so small t l m l I h i imiMi* is n u t alTccteil. Tlieie remain, finully. the fault: n singing or instrumental 'music t h a t were originally recorded. Tills music as it mmrs from the sptiakor IH a combination of many "mnea or sound frequencies. The · speaker can .select part of those .sounds and make them dither louder or Bofttsr. and this change corrects .singing mid playing f a u l t y . If the voice lacks elearm'.ss, part of the uiTHirneiOH, but not all of them, aiv made Inndr.r, If Loo shrill p;u-t nf the frequencies, but again not all nf thrin arc made softer. When all the faults have l»rn correeU'd. t h( voice of thu electrical spiirrr ia recorded uii a new inithit'i- n-L-onl, a reproduction of MIL- old. but a. belter lecord^tlmn """"^1 \ Tim Unilnil SUUCS llils ti.OQO.OOO farms. us'e'ft] nil i-efni | The while fitork Is heliuved v .- or id, f ' he strictly nionogninouK. ' uti-y eiv C O M F O R T A B L Y C O O L these C a l i f o r n i a made S p a g h e t t i S a n d a s Q a l i f o r n ' i a Stylc'd Sites to 9 Y o u ' l l w a n t f o L i v e i n t h ' e s e n e x t t o n o t h i n g C a s u a l s ! ^Anthony £ v e r y D a y Xow tyrice'd $198 1 Colorful, comfortable, spaglietti sandals . . . self-tie plostic lace and covered platloim 01 laded bluo danim self-tie and covered platform. Stilclied on compo sole. Colors in-plostic . . . while, Women's and misses sizes 1' · to 9. LAS CRUCES AdANTK -- AT...... I'OR ItEAL SAVINGS ICs ANTHONY'S during ihis Giguniir July Ck-nrnnce - Slop in -Sliop-lha inin\ oilier nnmlwi'lincd ni/i/c.s. Malic. Anthony's your hvutlijuurtcrs ir/icn you wish lo CASIl'YOUR PAYROLL CHUCKS! ONE GROUP OF LADIES' COTTON DRESSES Regular values io $8.90. NOW $6.00 or LADIES' SHOES Broken sizes in Ladies' Hi^h Heel Dress Shoos. While, Rod and Brown and Whilo Spectators. Values' lo S9.90-- Special Buy on PURE SILK DRESSES Not all sizes left. Regular S1G.75 Dresses LADIES' SUMMER SKIRTS Iludutod Irom S5.90 and SC.90 Io Only RAYON nnd COTTON DRESSES In all slylcs. $9.90 and 310.00 Dress. NOW S'/.UO c.ich or LADIES' 100% NYLON KNIT SLIPS Whilo and bluo, in sizna 32 lo 40. Regular $5.90-- LADIES' SUMMER SANDALS While and colored Casual Sandulo. In values up lo $4.98 Now $0.oo L LADIES' STRAW HATS Whiles nnd colors - regularly priced lo SG.95. Enliro sloclc BETTER COTTON, and RAYON DRESSES Thai »oll up lo $H.75. Clearance Prlco $9.00 oach or 2 for

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