Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 20, 1975 · Page 9
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 9

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1975
Page 9
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Children of alcoholics share jfPeriences at Alateen meetings ., . __ ttiiM^niaiuidlian 3 group of teenagers listens rapilv to a speaker outlining his Minis fin a hlarkhnar/4 In * jn a com... ,_jurban San ;o, a young boy lallcs ear- ...---ly of his family experiences Jfl.^oCi'y. a church hall is ' " " y o u n g people in * Bes b rooicd S in h tors in the U.S.. Canada. Australia, reports t'he Inslilule ' These are all children of alcoholics. Their -- teenagers, also . of alcoholic parents, i ne idea was lo share Iheir experience and gain insights "Ho Iheir situation by discussing common problems 'and helping other youngsters solve the difficulties lhal an alcoholic in in* family can add to (lie normal members who range in ages from 12 lo 20 (Ihe m e m b e r s h i p is secret to preserve lhe a n o n y m i t y necessary] meel usually once ii week in churches, community halls,, libraries, hospitals and school rooms. Present at each meeting is one adult,' sometimes .' ('.. H. who allcnds Ihe "Alaleen" meetings In New- York. Her words are typical of Ihe ambivalent feelings many youngsters share aboul Iheir alcoholic parenls when they firsl came In "Alateen." The weekly programs help Ihe youngsters gain new altitudes and leach (he philosophy lhal tin- family's besl defense against the emolional impact o[ alcoholism is gaining knowledge THE REV. ,\ND Mrs. l.orin \V. Short will be honored « Saturday al a reception commemorating Iheir asth wedding ^anniversary. The event will begin al ItfOp.m. al the Nampii Firsl Assembly of God Church, :!04 16lh Avc. N. The liev. , Short is paslor of the church. Hostinj; the affair are Ilie % couple's children, lhe Rev. and .Mrs. Art i Cindy i Kviins. Mr. '·$ and Mrs. Ken Short and Hod Short. Friends and rehilii e.s are inviled and Ihere will he a money tree. ( Hrmm I'liuto i . Prenatal glasses tp begin *CALDVVEL1,.-- For expectant mo.lljers%*arta Sjfathers, an aljeirnale lo evening prenalal classes will begin February 24, sponsored by the Southwest District Health Department. . Doting. "We wanted to offer 111^ public a daytime alternative lo the existing evening classes' lhat are offered at the various hpspitals," Mrs. Irene Kanla, administrator of physical health for SWDHD announced lhat classes will be held each /VJinday for six weeks, from 2-4 inMhe afternoon. Featuring demonstrations. films, lectures, discussions and qijest ion -and -answer sessions on th£ care and development of the mother and infant, lhe series wUl be under lhe direction of S^DHD public health nurses. Gu'esl speakers from various specialties will be presented. £he classes will be held al CIS Main inCaldwell and are open to the public without charge. More information may be obtained by cofitacling the SWDHD offices aP459-0774. enior citizens plan tours NAMPA - A d v e n t u r o u s senior citizens from the local area will be joining in lours to such far-flung spols as Mexico, · lhe Bahamas and Honolulu this spring. D e p a r t i n g from Spokane February 27. area seniors will join nlhers in a trip highlighted by a nightclub show in l,as Vegas; a jaunt over lhe border i n t o Mexico; a day at Disneyland; and a special tour of the NBC studios in Hollywood. They will return to Spokane March 18. Plans are also underway for a Irip lo Florida March 3-April 4. with a cruise to the Bahamas and a bicentennial-oriented lour of lhe southern stales; and another lo Honolulu, Hawaii, March -I-H.' All senior citizens are invited lo join any of the lours, special arrangements are made for ihose living outside the points of origin. Information is available from Mrs. Irene Cantw«ll at the Ponderosa Apts., P.O. Box H665, Spokane, Washington 99214. White stages a big return for spring. Often it's in combination with color. Look for beige and white, black and wttte, navy and white. While Ihere are 110 exact figures on the number of children who have problems ·with an alcoholic parenl or parents, estimates run from in m i l l i o n to over 20 million youngsters who are involved wilh some of (lie nine million problem drinkers in (his country, reports Ihe Insliiutc. Besides taking an emolional loll on families, alcoholism also exacls a physical and financial toll, one life insurance company study shows. Excess mortality among alcoholics has usually been found in all major disease categories and has been especially pronounced in cases of cirrhosis of Ihe liver, cancers of lhe upper respiratory and digestive tracts, accidents and suicide. In a d d i l i o n . excessive drinking, reports lhe Institute, costs lhe nalion more than $25 (jillifin a year, arising mainly from absenteeism. losl production, motor vehicle accidents, and medical expenses. As for the "Alaleen" membership, Ihe youngsters learn in time not lo criticize the alcoholic parent--nol an easy achievement. "My dad is lhe greatest guy in the world when he is nol drinking, and I love him- bul when he drinks-I hate him," 'The more distorted lhe emotions of (he next of kin, such as Ihe wife or Ihe youngsters of the alcoholic are, Ihe less adequate (hey nre to help (he alcoholic," says an "Alaleen" spokesman. The children learn to accept Ihe fact that they can develop lhe ability lo detach themselves emotionally from Iheir parenls' problems and become more tolerant of Die drinking parent. "The idea is nol lo change our parenls," one teenager explains, "bul lo continue to love (hem." The program has helped Ihe youngster who used his or her home problem as an excuse for nol doing Ihcir school work, as well as those who were afraid lo invite Iheir friends lo Ihcir home. "Now I feel better about my parenls and feel lhal my friends would understand," says one youngster. There are also children who used In feel lhal people on lhe street would look down on them and think, as Carole G. says, "Ihere goes a kid wilh problems." The fad is, she says, "now I know lhat Ihe problems are my father's, nol mine." The Idaho Free Press. Thut sday. February 20, JK75 - Rebekahs to meet M E U I U I A N - Acm* Qiapter of Rcbekah Lodge will hosl- lhe dislricl meeting fcr Rebekah I .edges from Eagle, Stir, Kuna. Idaho City. Boise and Meridian, Saturday. Keb. 22, al Ihe M pridian American Legion Hall. Hegistralion will be al 8:30 a.m. with lhe school of instruction beginning al 9:34 a.m. The lodgi- meeting will convene il 10 a.m. A salad luncheon will be served a I noon for 12 per plate: Keservalions for luncheon must be made. Mrs. Joyce Balderr slon, 375-8857. may be contacted for reservations. ! 1975 O K K K K K S OF T1IK Treasure Valley Traffic Club Here elected recently. Krum left they are: Charles Wise, Holse Cascade Corp.. secretary, Terry Hrlesl, J.H. Slmplol fo.. t r e a s u r e r : Jesse K c k r o a l . I J a l r j men's Creamery Association, president-. C'rjlg Jensen. I'nion I'aclfie Kuilroari Co.. chairman il Ihr tward: and Al I'aris, t'omplon Transfer and Storage Co.. vice president. Don Samuelson to speak tonight at Traffic Club NAMPA - Don Samuelson, nasl stale senator and governor of Idaho and currenlly regional representative for the secretary of transportation will be IJir featured speaker M a dinner meeting of lhe Treasure Valley Traffic Club lonighl al Kenny's Korncr in Hoise. Club members, carriers and shippers concerned wilh air. water and land transporlulion of ivities announced by Meridian groups the family today M K H I D 1 A N - Upcoming Meridian club dales include the Chapter AD, P.E.O. desserl luncheon Feb. 22 al 1:30 p.m. wilh Norma Gale, Mary Taylor will cn-hosl the event The business meeling will convene al 2i30 p.m. Piist Nobel Grands will meel al 1:30 p.m.. Friday. Feb. 21. with Mrs. Nellie Racr, Franklin Hoad, Meridian. Circle No. Five of lhe United Methodist Church will meel al H p.m.. Mnnday, Feb. 24. wilh Margarel Judd. Gladys Hales will give the lesson. Meridian Shrine Club will meel al 7:30 p.m.. Inr a polluck supper am! me'eting Friday. Feb. 21, al lhe Masonic Temple. Seninr Citizens will have a noon polluck dinner. Monday. Feb. 24. al lhe Occident Club. The Gnud Sam Recreational Vehicle Club will meet at 7::m p.m. Monday. Feb. 24, wilh Mr. and Mrs. Hay Langley. goods, will gather al 0:30 p.m. for the cocklails. followed by lhe steak dinner al 7:13. TJie program will commence after llic dinner. J o i n i n g Samuelson as a speaker al the a f f a i r will be Bob Manahan from lhe Federal M a r i t i m e A d m i n i s t r a t i o n i n Sealtlc. liolh men will be speaking on subjecls pertinent lo the work t h a i members are involved in. Kenny's Korner is localed in Thi' Outrigger. 5022 Fairview Ave. A SO t a r i f f will be charged lo cover the mea! A RECEPTION HONORING IHary ami Hob Hughes on lhe occasion of Iheir rth wedding anniversary will be held Saturday, Fob. 22 at lhe Easl Canyon Elementary School. Hosted by lhe couple's children, lhe a f f a i r will begin al s p.m.. wilh a program al I I . All friends ami relatives are invited to attend; il is requested thai no gifts he brought. The school is located two and line-half miles norlh of the sugar factory. Ye Public house 1201-lstSt.So.,MMPA 466-4212 ! SHAKE?'! INTRODUCES SUPfHB 'SPAGHETTI , Scrvfrf during o«rWrgi 1 · T«md Gr«*n $al«J · fentatfc M*at Sauce | · ToitY Garik B**«d $]IO CHIU'$ $125 . KATES I ADULTS CLIP THIS COUPON $ 1°°OFF! 50* OFF! 25* OFF! FAMILY sin PIZZA DOUBLE SIH PIZZA SINGLE SIZE PIHA EFFECTIVE THRU FEB. 26th Come-In and enjoy one of our 21 varieties of Taste Tempting Pizzas or make up your own combinations! BUNCH OF LUNCH! · Pizza · Spaghetti · Chicken · Jello · Mojo Potatoes · Tensed Green Salad · Macaroni Salad REASONABLY PRICED.' £ iM T | I NEW! , UNITY by COLLECTABLES IN RED, WHITE AND BLUE.. Now you may add an item as you see fit for the newpsl looks. Create non-stop variety with these distinctively .styled pieces of apparel . . . go-togethers lhat add up to a complete wardrobe for every occasion. Come And See! You'll Thrill To These! Fashion Sports Apparel 1 1 0 - 1 2 l h A v e . So. --Nampa FRKE P A R K I N G at our Vail St. entrance Hearing Aid Battery CASH REFUND (Willi Prool of l*o Specially Marked Packages) ' BEAT INFLATION! Save Money 3 Ways 1. C««h nhind !«bow) 2. Join our Bitttry club ind ta«»20%olrttall. 3. Aik about tht Slhw Dollar Club. For Ottalli - Priori* COUECr orCOMCtN! TELEX HEARING AID SERVICE (Across tram St. A'pfonsus Kosp.j 914N.CURTIS-ROAD, BOISE ^-375-7778 Boneless Full Cut ROUND STEAK RIB STEAK Chokt Cut, Lb. , . . SHORT RIBS L«,n*M«ory, Lb.. . . BULK WIENERS Fruh, No. I Gradt, Lb ORANGE JUICE AVOCADOS Salad Favorites. . TOMATOES Salad Size OLEOMAftfiAKINE Table Maid, Lb 43 WHOLE KERNEL CORN A $1 Del Monte, 12-oz. Vacuum Pack . "t FOR I 49* 49" Pintl OLIVES libb/s 300 Size ZEE TOWELS Jumbo Roll [ LONE STAR MARKET 135 Lone Star Road I

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