Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 8, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO LAS.ckUCESXN. Mi) SUN-NEW3 "Sunday Morning,;July. : 8^1951 While Sands Down Scoiiies By 5-3; P. R. Burn Edges Undefeated Stevens 'ONE'OF 1 -K Cruccs "Little Lcaoun" teams is pictured here. Two games for the t i n y ball n v , ° ire s l n l " l M o n - ay nn.l Wednesday n i g h t . Seven teams i n a l l m a k e u p t h e league ,rf 0,'umisl p l u l , sponsored hail players W h o w i l l be in action each Monday and Wednesday n i g h ! at Lions P a r k . , NEW KING 'AND QUEEN OF MARBLES MAYOR OF ASB'JRY PARK, N. J., Ocoriio A. Snnii-k I I niljusls till- crown , : , !·,,,..,' N a l u I Miubk'S Clla inn, Shirley A l h - n . 13. ol I-'alrdali', \Vi .1 V i i s m i : i , ar. I('.:i JIMII II'i|iliinV i:i, ol I'li-^-lallil, Ohio, llu! dills' K;itio;i::l (.'hampiun, oltrr:: coucratula'.iona. ( l i i l m i u l i u n i i l Soundiilicjlu) \vin-ii- tli'-y i^lll UK'i-t t i n - CnlhuIII: Y t n i l l i (li-giiur/.ndnn ti-am. fi-iini A l i u n i i ul i |i. I". Till" w' 111 I ri-lurii mulch n r i i - r lln- diidililni; adiillnlsli.ri-il I In- C'VO .Inn.- 'U. w-ln-ll I I I " Itlin- S'l^ i-nn-lgi-il vii-liirs .S.-i. Ailiiilsslun liu- tin- l-a Mi-sa K ,,nu- "II M '·'·III'- '"'· : "'" l|s and ''·' crllK for i-ldldri-u.' I Legion Juniors Open First Leg In Champ Series Ami 1 ]Iran Jji'yiMi Juniors travel lii.lny tn T i n t h IK- Con.,uqiU!iii.-e« to n.i-irt' t h e T nr C I-HBion lwim in llu- first ftf a serlrH fur hi-tlislrict ·Ilii- loi-nl LCHiou Junnrs will ho sei.-1'.inK Lhi-li' Kcwml Kiati? championship UilB year. They W I - I P 11100 chnnl|iinn« I rum N'ew Mi-xico rcp- rcsi-nli-d in nalionnl playnrfi. Tin- American Ix-yion post in spimsorini; Dudley BroUicrs C n i n l V f i l Hhiiw.s now appi.-;irinK at Coin- pri-s;! ili.-niionil in La-i Cnircs in !,n lo l i u p p l c m i - n l luKKinK fumls ' w i t h whii'h to finance- tht- A i n c r i - enn Lrfciim .lunlorn team. As ninny B U P I » M U M B us HIT ·i"ln I n (/o lo T or C I" boost t i n - Inenl I r a n i m i - iifliwl to n t l o n i l tin 1 Kami-. (Jiinu- tiniu is '1 p. in. Thi 1 aviT.if; U..'i. potato yield from IS!!) to IMS was I HI Inishels. '. P..M- am-. Hy l!' !i(| , llu - " v '- 1|1;1 iyli-lil had risi-n to ZSS hUMhcls [ powerful \Vhitc Sands Prov- 2-3 count. ... B CroundB noftball team edged out Scott Chevrolet nf Anthony, j-3 Friday night in Adult league play at Liuni; pai-K. . Pone pitched all the way for the White Sands nine, compose! or incmhers' of the 411!) Air Service Unit. The game was ueoreleBK until | JV ' some the third inning when White Sands scored one mil. Scotl came hocll In Ihe f o u r t h to tie Ihe score, hul were dumped in Ihe fil'lh when Ihe WSPC nine rolled In Ihreo scores. I,TMdlii|[ IlllU-r Uivell was lending hitter for the losers with two for three. The GI's top hitter was Hensley with 2 for -1, including n home run. Team- males Tucker ynd Petnert followed for the GI's with 2 for 3 each. Rives Studio defeated Popular Dry Goods 11-1, Friday night in a-lop-sided Junior sotttjall league game at Junior high 'field. Ruiz allowed four h i t s ' f o r the losers, with -Moreno opposing pitcher for Popular. Lending hit- ler 'for Hives was Eddie Barn- cnstle with 2 for 2. while Salazar sparked the Popular nine with a 'Male, In Mailman London IIP) -- It's the male In them Unit's gelling London's mailmen down. Mall sorter W. S. Pcllitt told a gathering of Union Post Office Workers that 144 postmen lufl one MR London mail sorting office in the past year hccause of the night work there. "How can a young postman on a permanent two to ten p. in. duty do his courting?" he asked. P. R. Burn softball team slid into first place in Senior league play"'Friday night Ijy virtue of a 5,3 over undefeated Stevens Furniture. Oru: (H Hist The gome, one of the best current season play, was marked of the most sparkling plays of I he-season. Lawrence Lopez, moundsman foi the victors allowed only one hit ;hrough the game while. Joe Mat- !ock, Stevens pitcher gave up four Angel Estrada hit a homerun with one man pn base, while liud Torlncjas Red Caps Slate Doubleheader Wilh Santo Tomas iy Lawrence knocked out a thrdc bagger. Jack Glover.;m«de."the solitary .lit' for Stevens. Othere. in the hitting: lint-wore Vicente ' R a m u e z a double and tippz a' single The game was a sizzling conies throughout' a f u l l ' seven innings. ..'. -; ! iirr 1NWA 01VKN DKI1T M O U R E NEW DRLI1I, I/Pi -- India's per capita himlcn of tl,c public delit stands at about 06 rupees, Finance Minister C. D. Dcshmukh told a questioner in Parliament. (The rupee is worth itbout 24 cents.) "For obvious reasons." Deshnmkh said, "the figure is hound to be much less than in Ihe United States und United Kingdom." The earliest known organized system of illovlhunJ was prnctic- by the Roman:) and ,'ateil hucii to G3 Ji. C. A double-header "baseball game, will be pluyecl between , Tot-In gas Red Caps nnd Santo Tomas teamfi at Tortugas diamond this' afternoon. Game time IB 2 p. m . A r t J t o Nunoz will stari for the Red Caps on the mound in the first game. Secondary pitchers for the tnil game will he Paz and Sanchez, The Red Cans clumped El Paso'fl Cosa Cola 9-0, in the last game played, July 4. Other upper valley league games played July 4. we're: ,- Cnnutillo 8. Sunto Tomas, 7. Chamberinn 8, Hatch 6. Brazito G, Vndo I. Other games slated for today in league play are: El Pnso Cora Coin vs. Tigers at I .as Criices. Brazito at Canutillo. Vado at Hatch. ' Blue Sox Play At ·, ftiamogordo,. Blue Jays iTo Tackle Sanfa Hiia n h So*, play Jt natni' aiva.v - I, .ilny, w h i l e l.a .Mi-wi n i c r l H Sniilii I t l l u .Mill, 'I* "" II"' Inline I l i - l i l "I l-a M'-MI I'"' I'"' |iihii-l| linsi-li.ill n i - l l v l l y In llu- l l l l ' i l I l i l l . V . . . . l.-ls Crlli-rs Illlll' SuV IvilH-l I,, Alan"* ....... t i l l - all'Timi'li I N S U R A N C;E F I R E - - L I A B t U T Y - PRpPERTV " LOANS PERSONAL - COLLATERAL - COMMERCIAL STATE FIIJANCE CO., IHC. 117 East drigg* . ' ' ' ' ?««»·«·· ood for Ion t PROMfT SETTLEMENT OF CLAIMS VALLEY NSURANCE AGEMC t I f Rl Ull( N T H A L · MASONIC TtMPU ' ' J , it LA', ^ . R U C t S N t f l l SAVE! SAVE! We've taken the rubber band off the bank-roll lo-allow you ifcorc- more-more for your old tires. 'We're trading high . . . to get you on safe new'-Goncral Squeegee and Silent Safety tires. Dnye in today^ Ym11 be surprised how.litlle extra it costs to ride on Generals . . . -Amcuca s top-quality tires! ' - . . So ~ travel Safety and know it- Let us check your tires before you start. We'll- Remove your tires and lubes, and Check for: Nails, glass, splitting, separations, blisters, and uneven tread wear. Everything--Will be in Perfect Condition when you start. ". STOP IN -- ASK ABOUT OUR TIRE SERVICE Why gamble with doubtful - tires when you can have top quality General Scueegee and Silent Safety iires now, at big cash savings that can't be matched regardless of price or quality. i M E S 1 L L A M O T O R C O . B O O N . M a i n , . , . Phone 203 \ Is Your Credit ? ·, ( J » I ' · - Th,-,. art- .hv; I.. I r v t h e m o t l U ' "f it m a n . TlinvV. his Tltm-'s t l t e .Iccp-thmatal lullaby of its pnwcrful engine; w M v, n- 1 u. -his i-,«,n,,,-...|,is ln»i..^- his ihrn-'s t h e *....hi..p,, fi-laxing ndci and thL-re» ' , I - - m tare a i c ' l t i s nwn I,,,, VS ...ul a T i,,.,ms. tl.c »,f, «wi»h of the wind a» i. ,.»t th, Arcam- ' , . , , , linnl ln,.lv. Mun Inuk forward Hi it throiiglunit the day. i Ami, ' f l , : i man iiuisi p i « " . I'-vi'iyihmn hi-pl;ins lor There is nothing more valu- able to you lhan a good credit rating. It is Just like having money in the bank when you wish lo buy on credit. It's nice to be able to buy merchandise, and say ''Charge U please". \\- c |,. U . L , ·,, ,,,, ,|, t . W onl of a great statesman, and a ' " ' ' ' ' l S ' . . . . t h e IV/.I.VI'MI; one n f the t w e n t y - f o u r . l u s i ID/TO* at it, in t h r d r i v i - w a y , insiir:itiim-- · · ' · i ·. 'il'iviii'l, b e a u t i f u l , e.i(-,i-i iiiul M i l i s t a i i u a l . So there yon have the prescript!TM, l i e i t e r come in a n i l , Wl..^ AmUh,.Low j-m, ,est w h e n it takes to tlu-l.igl.wayl see us ,oday-aml arrange to have i, filled, What d'ya mean -- my credit's no good? Why, it hasn't been six months since I last made a payment on my account- Credit accounts are establish- ed by your local merchants as a convenience to you. They show good faith in you by extending you this courtesy. Show good faith in them by paying your account promptly- CACTUS MOTC-R COMPANY N. MAIN ' , PHONE 7« K E E P Y O U R CREDIT R A T I N G G O O D .1 P A Y YOU'R. D E B T S P R O M P T L Y O R A S A G R E E D \ ' V SPONSORED Itf THE INTEREST OF IMPROVED CREDIT · · ' · ' by .' MERCHANTS OF LAS CRUCES AND DONA ANA COUNTY

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