Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 2, 1970 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1970
Page 12
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Page 12 GREELE1 flUBUNE Tues., June 2, 1970 g us jneSS LAFF-A-DAY Buih T*kn M*n«9*mtnt Court* Everett E.' Bush of Garnsey Wheeler was graduated from three-day used vehicle management course conducted at he Ford Marketing Institute in Dallas recently. The course is one of a num- er emphasizing after-purchase service. Courses are developed "rom methods used by successful dealerships. Ford Marketing Institutes also are located in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, De- roit and Atlanta. Since the 'irst institute was opened in 1959, more than 91,000 persons e attended courses. "How come I already know more questions than you know answers?" Oilfield Roundup By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Petroleum information, Denver-based industry publication, said today that interest in oil development from the Ordovician formation in n o r I h-central South Dakota's Dewey County is on the upswing. It reported that a remote wildcat, 1 Holloway NE NW 4-12N- 22E, had a recovery of 2,300 feet of oil from the Red River sand at 5,000-50 feet. The operator is Investors Drilling Ventures of Le Sueur, Minn. The report said pipe has been set at the well and the operator reported oil shows and good porosity at 5,037-47 feet. The wildcat is the fourth in the immediate area to recover oil from the Red River. Dewey County is in the southeastern reaches of the Williston Basin. Other western developments in the weekly survey: Montana--Texaco, Inc. h a s announced a five-well program in Hill County with three to go to the Eagle sand and two to the Sawtooth. In Richland County Tenneco Oil will drill a projected 12,950-foot Red River sand test at 1 Engen SW SW 29-25N- 59E, a mile east of the Fairview Field. North Dakota-- Ten wildcat wells in the Cannonball River area of Grant, Adams, Hettinger, Morton and Sioux counties have been announced by Helmerich Payne and Associates. All will go to the Mississippian formation at depths of 5,000 to 5,500 feet. Shell Oil has abandoned temporarily its 12-31 Bell SW NW 31-137N-99W at 8,155 in Stark County. Wyoming -- Pan American Petroleum has completed 96-SA Tribal-A NE NE 19-2N-1W at 3,632 feet in Fremont County for 722 barrels of oil and 3,430 barrels of water a day. Exeter Drilling and Eason Oil have staked 28-7 Shell-Federal SW NE 28-27N-64W in Goshen County as the 10th well in their series New Mexico--Aztec Oil Gas will test the Pictured Cliffs sane about 2,990 feet in 15 Davis NE NE 11-31N-12W in San Juan County. An El Paso Natural Gas well, 150 San Juan 28-6 NW NE 35-25N-6W, was completed at 7,844 feet in Rio Arriba County for 4,789,000 cubic feel of gas day. 3635 W. lOlh SL 353-5135 Sundays 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. COME IN EARLY!! Dalton en Advisory Board John Dalton of Greeley Monument Works, 1015 7th Ave., las recently been appointed as a member of the Barre Guild Advisory Board for a two-year erm. This board is made up of retail monument dealers in various states in order to provide information and guidance to all retail dealers and to assist them in becoming more effective representatives of the jadilional monument business. Indicts Cigarettes LONDON -- England's chief medical officer, Sir George Godber, says cigarettes are the largest single avoidable cause of death in Great Britain. He claims' that cigarettes cause nine of 10 deaths from lung cancer, three of four deaths from chronic bronchitis and one of four coronary heart failures. Business Mirror By JOHN CUNNIFF AP Business News Analyst --j By A. F. MAHAN Associated Press Writer John Cunniff is on vacation DETROIT (AP) - Whatever tion of the business, Chrysler announced earlier this year a $155 to $190 price" cut in its Dodge Dart models: Chevrolet s the lUtn well m meir series of $35 er car i southeastern Wyoming. T h i s The 19G9g borc highcr prioc wildcat is scheduled to test the Codel formation at about 1,925 feet. Nebraska--More than 3,150 ft of oil was recovered in a drill- stem test of the Massive J sand at 5,066-74 feet at 3-6 Hurt Well SE NW 3-12N-51W in Cheyenne County. The operators are Exeter Drilling, C. W. Hughes, Art Guida and Clark Warren. Locations have been staked by Ackman - Schulein - Roosevelt Associates of Denver for three wildcats in Morrill County and one in Banner County. All are to test the J sand between 4,300 and 5,400 feet. Colorado -- Tom Vessels plans) to set pipe at 1 Calahan NE NE 2-3S-63W in Adams County, 24 miles east of Denver. The well was drilled to 7.635 feet but Vessels has released no details. Germany Investment will drill a wildcat, 16-1 State-Nuefield SE SW 16-18S-50W in Kiowa County to the Mississippian sand at a'bout 5,800 feet. Utah--Shell Oil has drilled below 2,400 feet at 1 Brotherson SW NE 23-2S-4W in Dnchesne County. Sagadahoc Oil Gas of Lakeville, Conn., has scheduled a wildcat, 1 Sagadahoc-Skyline- State SE NE 16-30S-1BE. to go to the Permian formation at about 1.700 feet. tags, up $47 to $52 over 1968s, and when head rests became mandatory under government order on Jan. 1, 1969, the price of these was added: $15 to $17 lore. Increases in labor and male- rial costs, plus added safety and antipollution equipment, largely were blamed for increases ranging from $81 lo $125 in 1970 models. And lop industry executives repeatedly have emphasized "growing costs" in recent public speeches. With other compacts and imports grabbing the major por- happens elsewhere in efforts to followed with a cutback of $159 stem inflation, one virtually to 5160 in its bottom-of-the-line sure economic bet at the mo- Nova, and Buick cut $78 to $142 ment appears to be that you'll pay a higher price for your 1971 automobile, particularly if you like standard-size comfort. On the other hand, you'll have more opportunity to pick and choose among smaller and c h e a p e r models. O n e American-built minicar challenger to foreign imports is here: others coming. There may even be a double- bump upward in prices, as there was on 1968 models: one in the fall and another the first of the year, when the costs of new labor contracts are known. Current contracts expire next Sept. 14, about time 1971s will be rolling to market. The union is coming back this time for bigger and bettter contracts, the automakers are complaining of a profit-squeeze, and the government is requiring an antipollution device to shut off carburetor and fuel tank evaporation in 1971s. Carburetor and tank evaporation controls, required on 1970 models in California, bear an "optional equipment" price tag off its subcompact Opel. But in each instance the major portion of the cutback was included in a reduction from 20 to 17 per cent in dealer discounts, and both Dodge and Chevy pulled some equipment that ha'd been standard and made it extracost optional. Richard C. Gerstenberg, GM vice chairman, told 'the Financial Analysts Federation at Dallas last, month thai "our cosls, rcsulling in parl from Ihe air pollulion and safety equipment added to our cars, have increased more rapidly than the prices our customers pay." To support his statemenl,j| Gerstenberg said that in the last i five years sleel has gone up more than 20 per cent; lead about 10 per cent; nickel, 30 per cent; copper, 50 per cent, and labor costs 38 per cent. In saying that "inflation must be slopped," Chairman Henry Ford II of Ford told stockholders: "It threatens to price American induslry and American workers out of world markets, and even out of additional large segments of the domeslic market." On the other hand, the late Walter P. Reuther said in urging his Uniled Auto Workers to demand and win "equity" in this year's bargaining that "over the long sweep of history" profits of Ihe auto industry have been "fantastic." Chrysler, the least profitable next to American Motors, lost $29.4 million in this year's first quarter, bul Reulher said lhat between 1963 and 1969 il "made over a billion dollars in profit, or a return on their investmenl of 15.4 per cent for each of these seven years." WEDNESDAY COUPON SALE ONE DAY ONLY! Idiots Can't Vote WYNBERG, South Africa (AP) _ The female candidate for Parliament was irritated by hecklers at a political rally when she snapped: "I don't mind interjections. Idiots can't vote." A masculine voice retorted: "But they can sland for Parliament!" R\LSEEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Don't keep worrying whether your false teeth will come loose »t the wrong time. For more security and more comfort just wrinkle famous FASTEETH on your dental plates. FASTEETH Denture Adhesive Powder holds false teeth nrmer lonfrer M»kes eatlnf? easier. Wont sour under denture*. Nn mimmy. {toocv. nasty taste or feel. Dentures that fit EE W «entW to health see your dentist regularly. Get FASTEETH Wd»7 *t »U drug counters. TAKE A TRIP! Use Our Money GREELEY FINANCE CO. 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