Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 27, 1962 · Page 26
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 26

Greeley, Colorado
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Thursday, December 27, 1962
Page 26
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Children Plant Seedling Tough-Minded jCMCoHMjgjt ^ |j^ ore S ur g e ry iPetroleum Needs Trees in Ornonn ditt Turks Guard i , ,,.... i i _ r i i . . i _ j iSeen Increased " 0re S° n State ASHLAND, Ore. iAPt - diaries . ^ " WU8h " grancUon of one of Oregon's lust I H. *. theTM ,o ft* are for them. And then as he ti !«« thai added five month* to J each clukijlale fall and early spring pas- in Ashland I tures. He was one of Ihe origical Pitcher Brieeno ol Kt [Eaton, escaped injury when Some years ago Lhe WASHINGTON--Turkey's 1 a s I'cars they were driving collided a frontier station in lhe Caucasus an intersection just easl o! Ion on Colo 5 about 9:13 a.m Wednesday. I'itcher. driving a 1960 auto Scheduled i«iln get to be an old cowpoke like me you'll eomt back lo this beautiful valley «nd look up at a big live and you'll remember UK day you planted it. And you'll know it's! still your very own." Hoover. 72. has given more than 1UO.OOO seedling trees to children in the past [our years. He hopes to have the total up to 300.000 by the end of lues. "I've found if* the best work this side of heaven." he said Hoover is a retired rancher and Another Braking Test Conducted By Police Dept. West's largest producer of Lotus seed and he was lirst in the region lo ute an airplane for grass seeding and dusting. Then he decided lo turn his business over lo his sons and re- lire. "When you close that oldj desk down." he said, "you're done. There's just no more use for a man who rum, out of things to do. "That's when I decided lo go inlo Ihis tree planting program." he added, "working with our most important crop, the children." He has more than 12,000 thahk- iyou letters. "It is important that jiluldrcn learn to express their thanks." he said, "and these children certainiv have." foothills facing Soviet Russia displays this sign: "We Turks are proud al our freedom, and we are ready to die for our freedom." Geographically, uliat Turkey's a.wo.OOO people are willing lo die years was the ' or ' s a westernized republic slighlly larger than Texas. Theirs is a land of big sky and wide upen spaces, of Isolated villages I - Hen-: derson Supplee J r . president of| 'the Atlantic Refining Co. said ·*" '\Vedncsdavpelroleumdeniand: ..,,..,.. ,. m. BOSTON. AP - Red-haired:.. ihou)d n ; c some ,,, ^ r ,,,,,, in WASHINtrON-boa.'in S ac, and freckle-faced Everett Knowlesi 1963 - the tngiuh Cnannel by kits Thurs.. Dec. 27, 1962 GREELEY TRIBUNE Pa»t 27 Kites Had a Useful Role In Pioneer Days of Aircraft | and f Jr.. calmly awaits a new opera-i south, had stopped 81 a »top sign (ion in which his right arm--and _ al the intersection Highway Pa-medical history-is at slake. mium"product^"HiTlhe" United!TM'" prwed "*"*'· "' s l u n l i In a ycar-end statement lee said the consumption o! pe- 'ross.i'xploit recalls the part that man- is ; l*arin:4 kites played in the picking the trip the hard way.'rjeer days of tlyiBg machines, it can be done, as twu French-! G«4l Was trolman Rudy KSug reported. Youiig Briceno. driving a 1955 car, was westbound. Pitcher's machine was damaged approxi mate!) 1 S'50, Briceno's $100. t cenlral plateau, though exposed to extremes of heat and cold and drought, is oni- of the world's great wheat granaries. The storage elevators stand as tall as those in Kansas. There are only two sizable cities in Turkey. Istanbul, overlooking the pale-blue Bosporus, has a metropolitan-area population of almost two million. Ankara, made to order as capital of tion the republic formed in 1923, has mushroomed from a dusty hilltop town--which was said to be as The Qrewy Police DepartmontisTMTM tay in nearby Central Point conducted another braking lest lie read one from a lourtiVdark at nigh! as the inside of a Wednesday afternoon as port of a year-long study. The lest Wednesday was to determine slopping distances on snoapncked roads. The test was held a! 2 p.m on A St. The temperalure ot the time was 19 degrees and the asphalt road »BS covered with packed snow. Two runs w e r e made with a police car with three occupants. Ihe driver In Ihe front scat and two passengers in the .hat said. "1 like to fish and hunt. [ know when you plant a tree you lelp the wildlife. You make homes :or the animals and when people com» lo Oregon they will enjoy nurseries. In the past year 70.000 .^--.._. .._..-- j -- i uuivuii] pi vnJUlLS 111 lire V. IIUCU _ , - , The 13-year-old boy has been| Slales in 1%3 should riil . al a |nishts from opposite shores, told by Dr. Ronald Mall of|( a st cr ra t e than the Massachusetts General Hospital that he must undergo tlie surgeon's knife again, possibly early Forced Down by Wiring Trouble Bl'ENA VISTA 'API - The pilot of a single-engine plane. W. R. Plumlee of Denver, reported lo aulhorilies here early this morning after a search had been started for the plane which was en route from Denver to Grand June- usefulness. "The word 'kite' uiifortunalely s suggesti\e to most minds ol a 'cneral ti"n- : l)an ° lin S frurn parachute-typeW." wrote Alexander Graham omv J 'kite.s lowed by speedboats. theiBrii. mu'ntor of lhe telephone, in "Moreover," said Supplee ·· l heP artlt ' 1 P ; ' nUs new lmm ^·ncliia 1907 article in the National Ueo- economic lessons which the'indu-j C a l a i s and En 8 1Lsh Dl « r - respec-lgraphic. in January. 'try appears to have learned dur- llivcl - v - in ' A and 74 minutes. , Dr. Bell had then been expe"- Everell says thai iie'l) be readying the pa*i a months .-u^esti lhuusl1 hardly a record maker| m entiiig with kilcs for more than whenever ihe dx-tor is. : that prices may be less voiatile.| f " r eilner *** or comfort, thela decade in an effort to establish i aerodynamic principles Lhat would 'make flight safer and more elfi- cient. Ail ardent supporter of aviation when its perils seemed insur- Imounlable. he was particularly interested in demonstrating t h e strength and stability offered by certain types of kite construction. In lact. as he wrote in another article, "1 have had Plumlee told authorities he land ed the plane about 15 miles north Young Knowles already has undergone a series of liibtory-mak-' ing operalions iD which his completely severed right arm was reconnected to hi" body, although he can't use it yet. He may become Ihe first person in medical history ever to| have a completely severed limb reconnected, with liie. feel and The daring attempt at a medical breakthrough began last May 23 when young Knowles' right of here when it developed trouble arm lvas ' t ut u ff cleanlv by a camel--into a neon-bright city with more than 1.300.000 area residents. The Arabian NighU atmosphere has all but vanished from Turkey, yet a distinctive flavor lingers. In Istanbul, some 450 in the wiring system. Plumlee walked through snow 1 and ice from where he landed thei plane. Officers said he suffered frostbitten feet, a back injury and a sprained thumb He was taken lo , ion 0 , mcdica i ,,,,.,, Massachu- lloover buys liny seedlings from mosques point their minarets at the pwrnment and from private l|ie sky. And where else could one expect to find a confection so · - -··- -··(*·.«.. v ititu u VUI!1C\.UU!I ao have been packaged at his horncltiiaiaiing to Die palate as ot be back seal Al IS mph the car (raveled ii| fln( ) js ,,,, feet 8 Inches durinij the lime thc| re( ) wow ( driver took to react to the signal.l,,,TM;,,,. ne»r Medfwd. Children help with! Ihe work, (he younger ones opening papers and older ones wrnp- pinp, the trees with compost. He has given awav 47 varieties |x . rinwn , in(! he ,,* , ith and braking distance was K fed 7 Inches. Total stopping dhtancc at IS mph was 57 feet and S Inches. The second lest was al i-, mph At this speed the car liavdrd 24 fe*t I Inches during ihp reaction time and Iht brakine distance was 82 feel. Total Mopping dis-, lance nt 25 ni|)!i «as 100 feel 8 inches. Police Chief Earl Townmg cs plained that poll" 1 officers' win. took (wrt in lhe test aic talcr trained thnn the average motorist to re;ict lo danger and kntiw how lo pump Ihelr brakes' lo kw-p liie car under control in an emergency slop. Thus the.; c-nuld rtop their cars Siifrly and in shorter distances than UK average m , Isl. mice reclaimed from lhe desert by develoninp lakes. Mostly the children -- general- Iv from kindergarten through the lower crades -- have been from r our Southern Oregon counties. Tut some in California's Bay Area dave pollen some loo And Ins! Senlember he and Mrs Hoover rfislributed al her ihilrlhoorl home of Gteeniroot Cmmtv. K»nsa Tlin coff "Thai is ri' freight train as he was walking wme from school in suburban Somerville. Each of the several separate operations has been deemed successful, but with lhe usual cau- .·ailed "The Imam Fainted" Though the fez has been out- awed since 1923, many men wear iVcslern-slylc caps lurned lo the jack so they can touch foreheads a ground while praying to Mecca "KH times a day. Most Turks are Moslems. The Turkish race originally sprang from tribesmen of the Asian steppes. Now Turks generally have a swarthy, liquid-eyed .Mediterranean look, but there are blond Turks and iiiian Turks. Ataturk. the swashbuckling fa- (her of modern Turkey, happened lo have red hair and blue eyes. Alalurk holds a unique place in world hislory. having abruptly and forcefully turned a feudal a hospital in Salida. His condi- ion was reported good. Officers said Plumlee was alone. He was quoted as saying the plane was not damaged badly. Plumlee left the Jefferson County Airport near Broomfield at 10: 32 a.m. in a blue and tan Cessna 172 carrying five hours' fuel. He was due at Grand Junction at !:· 52 p.m. . The CAP said Plumlee filed a [visual flight plan which indicated he planned lo fly over Lake George, Salida and Gunnison. sells General Hospital doctors re- 'usc to say al this stage that the joy's' arm will be restored lo usefulness. Foreign Briefs MOSCOW (APi-Tass reported Thurs. that Soviet geologists are looking for oil in Cuba. The dispatch from the official Soviet" said Hoover "We won't Xsi ; llic . natio " ' nl ° « Western- talk about it." s! - vle «TMwacy. Among other mgs, Alalurk separated church Smoking Study To Get Tobacco "'" r Industry Backing nd state; replaced old laws with nodern European codes; gave women political and social rights; holished polygamy and harems; Chicago Grain Market CHICAGO UPi-A revived demand for grain futures carried Ihe market Inlo active short covering in the early afternoon today with numerous contract:- showing gnins of major fractions nr more. Brokers wiid Ihe recovery started with some export demand foi wheat, rye and soybeans. Hcfore these order! were filled, stop loss covering came Into lhe pits from · speculators and speeded the advance. Hedge selling was unusually ' light all nround. Dealers s;iid iha't appeared lo have nrwiinleil for: III? virtual arucncv "f prcssmr. Carlo! receipls lodny were estimated nt: whent nemo, corn .17 cars, oals 5. rye none, barley I and soybeans 1. Wheat was '4 cenl n bushel lower lo =· higher at the close. March fJ.IO'j-'i. mrn ' : lo P i higher. March 11.12'.-13: oals '» lo ' higher, Mnrvh 7:IV74 mils, rye "» In '» higher. March S1.3F.- '; wybf-Rin ', to I 1 : higher. January f2.4i;Hi. CIIK'MUl A P - men; substituted tlie Latin alpha WASHINGTON IAP-George V. Allen, president o! Hie Tobacco In.stilute. Inc.. Thurs. pledged Iht industry's coitperalion in a government study on smoking anc o:illh The industry will cooperate also in an American Medical Association review, Allen said in a yearend MalrnienI, and Ihe Tobacco Industry Research Committee wil continue lo support the work o: independent scientists. "We in the lot/acco industry recognize a special responsibility help science determine the facts." lie said. The lobncco industry contends no direct link bdwmi smoking and lung cancer hns been proved Physicians arc divided on the Uisl monlh. the surgeon gener ill's advisory committee on smok iiiK and health started n broad re \iovv of "tin 1 scientific lilcrMun rind basic studies on all aspect nl I tic tin* of tubncco and smokini lialiils. ns well us possible con irilmlmi! fni'lorf. such ns nir pollu j t i u n . indusliial exposure, radia linn ami nlnthol." lO-nirmlwr committee ex Wheat Mar May .lul Se|) Corn Mar May .lul Sep OBI* May .lul High Ixm Close clew perls to Inkr- about six In eigh is !o eumplrlc Ils rr-pml Described Western dress for Soviet Union. and average somewhat higher over-all than in 1%2. "If this proves lo be lhe case. 1%3 wil! witness a favorable trend in oil industry profits "When final reports are in, il s likely lhat domestic petroleum demand will show an annual! growth of about 4 per cent in 1962." Supplee said lhe 1962 increase, considerably better than Ihe average of the past half decade, was aided by a strong economic re-i Year's Mineral Output Expected To Equal 1961's DENVER (API - Despite some I setbacks. Colorado's mineral production [or this year should be close to the 1901 figure in dol- tars, a state official said Thurs-I" 1 ' fKta * that a covery in the early part of lhe| G ' A - Franl2 Jr - de P l *' slate year.'a favorable level of Sa i es |commi5siomr of mines, said the of new passenger cars and by colder than normal winter lem- peralures. 1962 totals won't be available un- , bl( . u( "' later ' chine." Total production last year wasl Dr Be ij devised and flew kites Bank Robberies, Theft Up in '62 ) - The vear. FBI Director J. loover said Thurs. in an annual! report to Ally. Gen. Robert F. [ennedy. At the same Suggestion for Name Expansion Made by Freeman WASHINGTON (AP) - Secre- ary of Agricidture Orville L. Freeman feels the name of his epartment is not broad enough, that it should be changed per- news agency said they also are lia ps , (o me department of food prospecting in Cuba for iron, nick- ' ' AI me same ume me r n i , r director claimed a marked step-! alo U5cd rnicn - v for hardening in bureau activities. ciled; s!ec · accomplishments in combauing| The state officirJ said some organized crime and racketeering uranium properties in western el, manganese, copper and peal. TOKYO (AP) - Foreign Minister Masayoshi Ohira said Thurs, the Japanese government cannot grant a request by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to halt the export of oil pipes lo the nationwide system of compulsory education. The changcabout did not. of course, turn Turkey into Utopia. N'ot being blessed with abundant vater. minerals, or oil. this farm- ng nation has a difficult time making ends mwl. The main exports are wheat, cotton, tobacco, fruits, poppy seeds, and meerschaum. Per capita incnmc us less than $200 a year. Gu.fdi Rlfht Flank The sile of controversial missile bases. Turkey guards the right flunk ot the North Atlantic Treaty tuitions. It spends up lo a inlt of ils annual budget for de- 'ense. Its army is the largest iii lie Moslem world. Communism is illegal. Turkey, w h i c h occupies the peninsula of Asia Minor and ex,ends onto European roil. i ex posed lo Communist threat foi 1.100 mite. Tlie rectangular conn try touches Bulgaria al its north west corner, fnces lhe S o v i e Union across the Black Sea. anr snares with Iwrder. lan "1 can well appreciate the feel let for Arabic characters; set up ngs of lhe NATO countries.' Ohira said, "but the Japanese ;overnment has no legal powe 0 slop private enterprise from exporting pipes to the Soviet L ; n n "The problem is up lo the in dependent judgment of privat' enterprise. It is not a legal prob 1 im." MOSCOW (AP)-A leading So viel commemaior called on th nuclear powers Thurs. for a volun :ary ban on atomic tesls by Jan I. Such a move. Alexei Popov o he Novosli Press Agency wrot in Pravda. would "create a favoi able climate" for tlie Geneva ne- friliatlom for a nuclear test ban MEXICO CITY I API - Fidel Castro has set a ransom price ol (5 million \vorth of food for six of rtis most prominent political prisoners, n group of exiled Cuban igriculture and rural affairs. Certainly changing times, the WASHINGTON ., .. , ., , . , 'number of bank robberie: Dr. Malt said the operation hei.^ /. eoniemplate3 deals with the nerve fibres, which already have been connected al the point the arm was severed, about two inches below the armpit. jslructed flying machine should be capable of being liown as a kite; and, conversely, thai a properly constructed kile should be a flying ma- valued at almost $397 million more than *170 million in metallic minerals. M3.4 million in nonmetallic production, and $183 million in crude oil, gas and coal. The biggest cloud on the slate's mining scene this year has been the five-month strike at the Cli- * and ' "imax Molybdenum Co., mine and tfl!!ar !mill near Leadville. of various lypes and sizes over the open lields of his summer home on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. These structures were really aerial vehicles," he said. "They were flown after the manner of kites, but their flying cords were stout manila ropes . . . anchored !to the ground by several turns time, the FBI Frantz estimated this has cuus-'around sloul deals, like those em- ed a loss of $30 million in molyb-|ployed in steamships and men-of- denum production. This is a met- and struck the familiar theme lhat the Communist party other subversive organizations pose a continuing threat within the United States. I Hoover said final tabulations' for the year will show these marked increases in FBI accomplishments: More than 12,700 convictions in FBI cases, compared with 12.418 Colorado also were closed this Mining officials claim to see encouraging signs for the future: 1. The reopening of a number of basic metal mines, even though on a limited scale. 2. A rcv-urgence in coal mining, especially in northwestern Colora do. issumption of new responsibilities ' n 1961; apprehension of some ilaced on the department by Confess and the White House and the uevclopment of new problems in rural America outside the scope of agriculture offer Freeman fertile ground for suggesting a change in the department title, He has told newsmen ot his views Food programs, as such, are becoming an increasing sphere o department activity that may be come larger. There are for exam pie, the food donation, foot 1.400 FBI fugitives, compared vilh 10.668 last year, and lines. iavings and recoveries totaling veil over $200 million, compared with $148.421.690 in 1961. In reporting a jump in bank robberies and thefts. Hoover said an average of 100 robberies, burglaries and larcenies of banks ant other financial institutions were reported to the FBI each month of 1962. This, he said, represented 3. An increase in the price of silver. 4. New emphasis on the devol-i ipmenl of such non-metallic substances as cement, lime, shales, -lays, limestone, gypsum, mica, luorspar, pumice and mineral! ertilizers. Dr. Bell assembled huge kites lot tetrahedrons, skeleton building aaving four equal triangular sides. Covered with silk or oiled paper, and fitted together like honeycombs, they combined the quail- lies of lightness, strength, and stability he sought. In December, 1907, the big let- rahedra! Cygnet lifted Army Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge 16* feet above Cape Breton's Baddeck Bay. It came down so slowly and smoothly its passenger hardly realized he was descending. Ltd to Better Dttign . Meantime, aviation had taken stamp and «hoollunch programs ^ itted and the foreign food-for-peace pro-' an increase of approximately 2o per cent over the number com grams. Arguments have been made from lime lo time that most of the domestic food aid programs should be centered in lhe government agency which handles welfare -- lhe Department of Health, | Education and Welfare-and the! food-for-poace in a foreign aid setup. With agriculture becoming more efficient and requiring less land and fewer workers, the task of (inding opportunities for underemployed and displaced larmtrs is becoming a major part of the work of Freeman's department. a different t u r n . Ill 1903, UK Wright brothel's made their his- N.C. But primitive aircraft left much to be desired. 5. A law allowing federal finan-i lroaicall \ Selfridge crashed to cial assistance for small companies in prospecting (or 35 minerals, including gold. his death in a powered plane the year after the Cygnel flight. Indirectlv, Dr. Bell's work with 6 A uranium purchase exten-| kites !ed to important improve- sion program beyond the ous lermination dale of Dec. 31. 1S66 by the Atomic Energy Com- lission. 7. The opening of some ore mills in flying-machine construction. In cooperation with a group of talented young men attracted by his researches. Dr. Bell and his wife. Mabel Hubbard, found- Tlie group, calling itself the Syndicate of KTTO Newsmen of Cuba, said in a «lalr/mcnl Wednes- ciay night that Castro sent agents hero who made the offer to exiles. Tlw Turks ore noted for their! TORONTO Girl Swims to Save Dog, Gets Bites for Effort WASHINGTON AP'-A lively little nipper of a dog whimpered from an ice floe in the Potomac!TM"'"? in thc area - The P lilnt 193 °' s - hl Worlci War "· in Colorado and development of «i tn « Aeria l Experiment Associ- improved processes in ore extrac- ation - ll produced among other lion and fmeiting. -innovations. America's first wing- Backers of the proposed electricjI'P. hinged aileron, later made generating plant in northwestern standard for aircraft. Colorado by the Colorado Ute The U.S. Weather Bureau used Electric Association P( Montrose big box kites to carry observa- conlend it would simulate coal-lion instruments aloft until tlie River. Iwould use coal for fuel. bearing propeller-topped k i t e s Prettv Barbara Foster sootted 1 Tlle Public Service Co.. and thejseiTed as lookouts for German it. stripped down to her undies and swam 50 yards lo the rescue as evening rush hour traffic whizzed by Wednesday near Jelferson Memorial. "1 Pupil of 5 Teachers Hence, his suggestion lh£t"Vne"d£ Tll ° shiveri!1 S German shepherd! LONDON - Bobby Vouns. 13 . . . parlmcnt's title be broadened tor- vcd hpr as sho mad '' hcr wa - v |beconies the only pupil at Suuon! bar Dn tne klte - ls twed a ' oft S «' !.,.,,....,. . , . .,.:, - - Western Colorado Power Co.. op-jsulmiai ines. Radar reflectors have pose the project. [been floated high by kites to ex- ipand their range. A dangerous new sport combines water skiing with kite rid, .ing. The skier, clinging to a hand take in rural affairs Business Corner I US', I'.M 1 . 1 13 l.l-l'l L I B I H'. I 8S' 12.HH-, 2 «i . I Hll'r IT* I I.T, l.l.V. I . I . I ' I 7 I 1 1 I.I.I i.i-r. I.I.I 1 . May I.; .lul 1.1 Srp Soyhr.ins Jan 2. Mar May Jill 1.3SH 1.32'i I M 1 - I.M'i I !n»« \.K\ 13I» 12V. 1 ?.V , of Demand Felt in Nation's njHide Industry WASHINGTON i.\r -- The ng- I i.iJ,liiculituc ili-parlnienl said Thursday inci ivAsliljt MnuBhler nf live sl.ick and a slnckeniii" ilemand jlur Irnther is I'lilliup the nation's i|hidc inrinsliy umlvr Weal I'rcvl Isuie to cul rnsls nnH improve the! huiahly "' it" pri»lm'lf physical toughness onrl tenacity. They have withstood v a r i o u s threats from Russian soil (or 400 year. When war broke out in jKiirca. 30,000 Turks volunteered I for the Mrsl contingent ol 1.800 jdoiined for service w i I h the |l'r.ilcd Nntions forces Ihere. Gen- |eral MarArtlnir called Turkish Janada's five- Zalt Employes Her. M Boou day Christmas weekend set a rec-j Employes of bale's Jewelers ord of 129 accidental deaths. m-|Bor, sth SI . are among Zale per-', chiding K on the highways. 21 inlsonnel in 54 state.* sliar lire?. Id drownings and 13 fraiiu,,,v.i.,i riintim.-n )««»» i oilier t'.X. lighters "the bravest of the Harriman Says China Wants To Be Reds' Leader WASHINGTON iA!'-Assistant through the chill water. tlien|n lt h School for'Boys in Chcam-i-i ic TM ooal until air currents lilt ipromplly bit her four times bc-jrond. Sutton. Surrey, l-ccause all n " n ^yward. At least one skier I fore lhe two were picked up by ajoihc-r 255 boys !cit the school c ' amis 'ha' in trying to get back Kire Department rescue boat, jwhen it was pui up for Mil? P-- ^afely to the wnter -- the bard "Ingrale Mongrel." .-aid ihe'cently. Five master teachers will part--he hKii'd mysterious voices .police. "You wouldn't leave ajrcm.iin on duty at tlie .-t'liool iiinii^oilirtg him not to fly again. He human out there In drown, would'the close of the term a: Christmas'hasn't. you?" asked Miss Foster. 20. alto instruct Fohby Voiin^ as his! }unior at Uw Vnivetsily of llhr.ou- :: n:ilion :.- p;-,id until tiieu i USE THE TR'BUNE WANT ADS Source of Poison ,, . cmsvf - , itribuled this wwk. ii was ..,.Only i.o of the 10 prcn,nc«-| 1H , un( :ed by Gene Guinski. hval: LOXDOX-A poison with »huh: sic manager. Isoulh American pigmies tip their Tlie btmus is in addition to ihc blow pipe darts lo immobilize ihcii Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island - repvrted no arridenta: deaths. The |iic\ious hnliday record was 122 for the three-day dominion day weekend in liX*. The last live-day weekend. Christmas 19;*. had a loll of T.I. Canml along with olhcr mem- !m of the British common- wcnllh, celebrates the day oiler Christmas iis HoMiig Pay. company's regular fringe bcr.cdls.'vivtinif was used i;crc rivmUy So which include r. profit the life of 12-year-old boy p r o g i a in. ImspiUili.-.Jlion :tnA ill with tetanus medical payments, hlmxl bank, stock purchasr i-!.-,n and merchan- Alan Whiliield, paralyp.eil fixim liead t» foot bv an infection which e (.iscounts ;i le picked up atlcr a set - nur.giy liver 3AV (wr«ms in Kaie's 2S!:s!isht cul from ,1 mclai fl.ts: mi ore.-. Oalhis Cciieral otlnv a n d j a putting prrcn. h;:s Kvn c\- Synlhplic- malerlals are ivpl:ic.|Sri-rel,iry r.[ stale Ini- Ic.ilhrr ih many use?. New York buying uiln-e \vi!l i-rivc il ADEN atinouiUTd Thurs. ticmcly ill. hut the jisith Aincii- i\in (XiiM'n lias saved bis life. A I'onnminiqiirl" Ihnl llic Mnlr| 1'adlili state had le-| says Commiinisl China Tin' licp'irtmrn! said fov|'' ''"W 1 "!: openly to take over llic!l wscii s "". :1 " AMul'.a Bin Ollim,-in| : lhi-'luiu; lini llir- iiuluslry's N-.^| lf;1(lc ' sl "P «f lhe wnrid Conimu-i" 1 " 1 . i.n.«l:illed .Mimed Kin AMull.T FARM SALE 2.W. 2 5 P i 2 HI i 2 Ml' 2 -IB'. 2 4 7 a M'\ y sn . 2 SI 1 . 2 5 1 r , |hit|v i in ilcvoltipmn new UM-J-, / . lo;;!lirr. 11«1 mr;iiiuliik'. oiu-j 1 ""'" Aug Srp Nov 2 4 2 ' . 2 II 2 In 1 1 2 W NIW Y O R K O M U F D M E A T n r»i| (Ktlit olrt I^M I h ^ n i »rli-1.« «l-cr ( n f ^ * t *·, Wi 1» V .'if-ior hin.J«]i:n|tr|i M V i.tM (tfflOTiinO; »r:n rhurfci ~^" 1M 41 rtft i^.0" CHICAGO (tUTTCH AhO tOGl j,.i finriil :nt(i l»i D. rs H»l«tlUiniUcs iH-t-- nnri in Oir.lU'niic.'il Ivni HHO cl- i-urinii SAT., Dec. 29, 1962 ·u.tjr.-irihii in in. pi.u-c ; Starlini; at 1(1:00 a.m. i The new sultnn IKIS been niinu-i wn IIT (or guidance and , n - i r.rncst HniNwrll and Krnic While, 10 mi. 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Auclinnrcr WM, a an » I J / I O J J ( l f C / M f H f J Printed or ~Jinr.\l nj I VvrhmanMf. 1 lit- r.rerlry Trihinip ia! Printing Department

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