Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 20, 1961 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1961
Page 14
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H G,REEJ,ET TRIHUJNE Mon., Nor. 20, rom H E L O I U C R U S E oie D*ar Hcloise: .The finest labor-saver I've found is a square of heavy nylon net-.Ihe kind petticoats arc made of. .It's .the best scrub cloth, just scratchy'enough but not'rough enough lo hurt anything. It's good { counters, stove-tops, ovens, painted surfaces and jusl about, everything. It's particularly good for use- as a dish cloth or for taking sticky, foods (such as eggs, mashed potatoes and rice) off dishes and pots before they go into the washer. II will even )«· move a light bum on frying pans. · This nylon cloth rinses out clean and'is very durable and inexpensive. A yard of net is 72 inches wide-and sells-for about W cents a .ya'rd:tl dime, and department slores..-0nc yard can:bc cut into 18-inch squares . . . and it comes m all ^colors. Plus, i t ' s ' a line conversation piece 1 too.-. Almost everybody who comes into my kitchen looks and wonders, even if they are loo petite to askl · This cloth doesn't sour or smell. Even when cleaning a pan that has -had mashed potatoes in it . : . . all one does is run'the clolh tinder Ihe faucet and rinse. Comesj clean immediately, S.H. is Ihe little rim around tho top It catches any slopping grease. Mrs. P. M. Harrington * * * Dear Heloise: . My son marked up my leather couch with a- ball-point pen. 1 have Irieo* cleaners, bleach anc scouring pads, bul have-had no uccess. I would deeply appreciate someone telling me how to clean these marks from the leather. Mrs. Donald Cagle Dear Heloise: To keep ice cubes from slicking lo the bollom of the tray .aftei some have been removed, pu aluminum foil in bollom of thi fray and cubes come out easily. - D.A.C. Dear Heloise: : For those who have badly-slain- id dishlowels that never seem lo Come clean . . . soak all your dirty ones in Ihe sink with suds and bleach. 'Jusl lei Ihem sit awhik and lee how white they get. . . . . : This,will also bleach yonr sink and therefore'. you gel Iwo jobs done at oner. Can someone tell me how to gel the. marks off a glass showei' door? Nc matter what I do . they rwill not come off. 1 ha»e used cleaners. I believe the trouble is soap film, Though can remove it from tile, it will not budge from the glass or melal rim. ,. B.S.D. i * * + Anyone know? Write lo Heloise : e/o (his-paper. We will certainly appreciate il. . . ' * · * * · Dear Heloise: ·"..."., · Tor those who always have Ira bacon grease and md up throwing it away, I have a hint. Wash any juice or beer on lhat has been opened with · beer eai opener. Pour left-over bacon freue m this CM »nd you wi! have easy-to-pour gre»M when yon need K for frying. The nice thing boul Ihese-eans iork Express Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Palricl Burnieister of 'Fort Luplon, a laughter on Saturday, Nov. IS it .Weld County General Hospilal Born lo Mr. and Mrs. William V*n Buskirk of IW7:«th St., a laughter on Sunday, Nov. 19, : Veld County' General Hospilal. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. AUreck ilorado of Severance, a son on Sunday, Nov. 1», »t Weld Count General Hospilal. Born to Mr. and It's. Paul Mo oney of SOW 5th Ave., a daughte on Sunday, Nov. 19, at Wei County General Hospital. This is ibe Moloneys' first child. Sh weighed 8 pounds 1314 ounces an has been : named Regina Louise Moloney is spoils editor of th Tribune. . : · Born lo Mr. and Mrs, Enunui Crepm of Johnstown^ a daughti on Sunday, Nov. 19, at Weld Cour ly General Hospital. Born lo Mr. and Mil. Richai Counli of Route 2, Plalteville, daughter on Sunday, Nov. 19, »t Weld County General Hospital. Born to Mr. and Mri. Vidal E. Arajon of (12 3rd St., « daughter on Monday, Nov. M, »t Welo 1 County General- Hospital. ouple Married f\i Lakewood Miss Jullnnn Gibson, daughter ' Mr, and Mrs. Harry Gibson of akcHood, became Ihe bride of oseph L. Slotts of Arvada, son Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sloils of ^ongrrtont, in an afternoon ceremony, Sunday, Nov. 12, al the Kme of Uie bride's parents. The bridegroom attended Long school. She is a graduate of Lake- cod High School and attended oloratlo Woman's College al Den er. She is employed by May- Thc bridegroom attended I-ong. icnl High School. He served two ears with the Marino Corps. He s now in business al Wlieal Ridge Immediate families of the coupk -ilnessed the double ring ceremony which' was performed by K Hcv. Will Bowman. The bride's airier gave her in marriage,' Whiles flowers w i t h three- ranched-silver c a n d e l a b r a domed the mantle.' The bride wore a .street-lengll ress ot white lace over beige affeta with seed pearl trim. A rown of seed pearl orange blossoms was loaned by Mrs. Robert ,. Smith, a cousin of lire bride, "he bride carried a while orchid n a white Bible. Mrs. Smith, formerly of Gree- ey, was matron of honor. She wore a dress of pink lace and car- led a colonial bouquet. Harry Humphries of Greeley Was best man. Following Ihe ceremony, ceplion was held at the home of he bride's parents. After » short honeymoon, the PRINTED M o Anne Adams, care of Greeley Tribune, Patten Depl., 243 West 7th St.'. New York .11. N. Y. Prim ilalnly name, address with zone, :Jze and style number. * Fall's 100 best fashions,-- separates, dresses, suits,- ensembles, ill sizes, all in our new Pallern Catalog in color. Sew Jor yourself, amily. 35c. tare's the Answer Smart pace-setters! Wear H-jef, easy princess jackel with he front-pleated skirt one day -- vary it with the slim skirl next day. Smart and practical, couple will be al home at 8716 West 54th Place, Arvada. For going away the bride chose a green Italian knit suit. Bishops Declare Moral Principles In U.S. Declining WASHINGTON (AP)- The na ion's ^28 Roman Catholic bishops lave .declared thai moral principles are on the decline in the United States, and that popular education "bears a measure ol responsibility." . . They urged rebuilding of sound religious and moral foundation, saying Ihe hour of grealesl opportunity .is striking now as Iho forces of freedom and tyranny gird- for decision. The prelates, in a 3,000-worc statement issued Saturday at' tho close of Iheit. meeting, deplore; what they called widespread evi dence of moral decline. In .reference to education, th report said: "Al firsl there was no intention of excluding either religion or moraljly from Iho com mon tax-supported school. But, the diversity of our religious pattern and the rising pressure of secular isrn have produced the schoo without religion. "The result is lhal our sociel; is now faced with great number , 42, 44, 46, 48. Size 36 jacket and full skirt lake r ards 54-inch fabric. Send fifty cents in coins for this prlfern--add 10 cents for each jatlern for Isl-class^mailing. Send country." . , Printed Patlern 4922: Women's of youhg,people almost completely , devoid of religious belief am moral guida'nce -- young peopl who are causing increasing con cern at every level ot the c6m munity and in all pails of Ih of H' ty ANDY LANC AP N*wfutvr*i Qotstkri: 1 have, a wife and'sev- children. 1 have lectured Ihem any times' about not replacing 15-amp (use with' one gher amperage. I'd like you to Iwo things for me. Explain f o y. family the danger of using a se too large. And refresh my emory. Didn'l I read somewhere XHit a fuse which will prevent em making this mislake? Arwww: A fuse acls as eakesl link in the -electrical Astern. When- something goes Tong with the line, such as mil circuit or an overload, fuse blows ,tnd, your, line .beco.rnes dead. If it were not for the fuse, the wires would become too hot, sum through the insulation and tart i fire.' When-you put in a Fuse too large -for,thai particular oe, il doesn't blow when it is supposed to anO therefore loses its value. As for- the second question., ask' your hardware or electrical dealer for Type-S fuses with special adapters.^ The adapters are installed in the fuse box and the Type-S plugs are screwed in!o Ihe adapters. Each size fuse has a different thread, so that it is a impossible lo screw in Ihe wrong- Ihe siie fuse. Off jc.iol Romane* r i\~ AKRON, Ohio (AP) -The fat limc'Noncy Carter and Charles Bcnncll went out together, (hey look a prisoner lo the Lima SI ale Hospital for the Criminal Insane. Recently they were married. But they are continuing their jobs -- Nancy as a sheriff's deputy oh cases involving women and juveniles and Charles as a depuly in tho Summil Counly sheriff's jail division. A )·«*( many quick br»dt (made with baking powder or baking soda) slice best after lh« baked loaf is stored in a tightly- covered conjainer overnight. YOU CAN TRUST YOUR PROFESSIONAL DRY CLEANER . . . . to give your suits expert care You look your when your,suits get expert care.'That's why it pays 'to*send' them to your professional..dry cleaner. He mends the seams, brushes the cuffs, rolls the sleeves . . . . cleans spots and revitalizes your suit completely. For best results--leave it to your . Dry Cleaner Campus Cleaners College Cleaners Superior Cleaners Greeley Laundry i Dry' "Cleaning, Crystal While Laundry Cleaners Eaton Cleaners Sanitary Laundry · Cleaners Pioneer Cleaners Peacock Cleaners and Hatters Bennett'Fine Cleaning Kiley's Drive-in Cleaners Lil« in the grtni outrioon lirfet uilh this laleU wfatktr wonder! jvEr INSULATED KNIT SHORTIE Smooth 8o*J-Jtriil- hai * Polyurtlhant loam lining jor xarmlk without ...·«*«!·' ·ollar to rirff.' mroiindyow V £ Lucille Ball Is Married Sunday NEW YORK (AP) -- Married in simple ; church ceremony with a roaring-'crowd in the cold- street outside, flame-tressed Lucille Ball is keeping up her television schedule here while comedian Gary Morion starts a night club engagement in Palm Springs, Calif. "There'll-be »· January honeymoon in Acapulco, .Mex., for the couple whose romance started on a blind dale in a pizza palace here. . After that' home will be a big house k Beverly Hills, Calif. Lijcy, divorced wtft of Desi Arnaz, and Morton, sen of a Bronx Iruckman, were.married Sunday at the Marble Collegiate church by the. Rev. Di\ Norman Vincent Peale. , A crowd of 1|300 jammed the sidewalks near the J9th Street side :ntrance of Ihe church. Ten policemen kept Ihe 'crowd in check. Among Ihe first out of the church and into waiting cars were the Iwo children of Lucy's JO-year marriage to Ainaz--J.ucie, 10, and Desi, 8. The youngsters waved in greeting to the crowd. ONTGOMERY WARD »1S 10th 8t. Greelty, Colo. JS" PHONE EL 3-0204 30-40-50 GAL. . . GAS WATER HEATERS WBettposa f ! \ \\o! * I $24.95 WOMEN'S W-YR, TANK G U A R A N T E E 1-- I Mi i. fc* 5 r f«£( IT Your C h a r g e A c c o u n t s xrd THE JONES SPORTING GOODS , 921 14-21 Itf krii Av«, PiitM IL i-] Provid«« a w}i^y of hoi w-otcr fcr · II your household mi dt.Gon-rir»«d .tanli, 3$l FREEDOM IN THE ROUGH... : '. '. . ' i ' . · A message for your Thanksgiving prepared by Small-fry »rti»t* from one school generation to ffie next are sWI cresting Ihe scene of 1621 .'. .Ihe year'm which a .handful of Plymouth Colonists, in the company of some friendly' Indians, gave ihaoks io God . for their first harvest io the NeV World, ' · . H i« difficult for a youngster's crayons to capture the sfruggtes and.risrdships of America's young years of freedom. Yet sowiehow he understands that Vom this first Thanksgiving oar nation's founoSng fathers reaped such kieats as freedom of assembly, speech, worship aod the right lo earn a Hving- pbeafe to be guarded we*. ' . Ai w« con««f«f MM futw*, let us give thanks for Ihe teachers in our schools .,. men and women inspired by Ihek own devotion to the cause of preserving and enhancing tftis heritage fee our eWtdren. Far tMs fe wtMt* Hw Mriy hm»«i*ti »4 fmrfowi Meet root. GREELEY GAS COMPANY

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