Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 8, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN 1 : · ·· ·*: · ; · · · · ' ··· Water Is the life blood: of the southwest. In critical' drought times, effort should be spared to safeguard supply, .and proper, apportionment of irrigation water. f · ··· -roe 8O*\sunsHine/BtiT; 'News SOUTHERN NEW THE WEATHER LAS CRUCES AREA: Generally fair toduy, tonight and Monday; Continued warm days and nights with some overcast shies in afternoons, ilodcrate to light aftrrnoon winds today and Monday. VOL. 71--No. ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO. SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 8, 1951 CENTRAL PRIC.S.S 1'ICTUHKS PRICE FIVE CENTS Upper Valley Farmers Take Dim View Of New Proposal To Give Water To Hudspeth (Editor's note: This is the second In n series of articles dealing u i t h tin; erlUu*) wuter hltniitlun In Uonu. Ann county, and tint proliublit eiffv.t' of · additional release to HudBjH'th cmuiLy, Tex., fanners who have no t-ottdii acreage restrictions or lejjal walcr ' '" By BUI) KOUSR \ (Sun-News Stuff Writer) . Most farmers in the upper valleys are taking a dim view of a published proposal to allow a one-fourth acre-foot iHinus water increase to flow to Hudspeth county. Mayor Fred Hervey of El Paso said this morning that such a proposal was "under consideration" by the city of El Paso. Thut plan come on the heels of another proposal originating 1 in t Hudspeth county that certain_water well owners in bona Xna 'county turn their water from irrigation wells into Bureau of Reclamation canals io supplement Hudspeth \ county's lagging water supply. Suffer Shortage, . In the first place, all of El Paso and Dona Ana counties arc suffering from one of the worst water y. shortages in the valley's irrigating history. Then, to propose that a bare quarter-foot increase be ulloted to a county where land is free of ) control, and water is allowed land owners free, seems highly inconsistent. If there is a water shortage, why aid and abet that shortage by I turning water so desperately needed Into canals to flow to An area whose land owners paid no part of the huge cost of bringing that wuter to their own areas? \ l*oy Transportation, On top of · such a proposal, the plan asked 'by Hudspeth county would have well owners not only sell- their water to Hudspeth but * pay. for cost of transportation over reclamation service ditches. Cost would be borne 1 'by-local farmers since, they bought and paid for ' Reclamation services by virtue of , being in. this district. j The "whole plan seems to conflict with itself. ". · . What is needed, most farmers Pink Bdllworms · Threaten Texas, Near State Line AUSTIN. Tex.. July 7 UP) ·-- Thirty-nine Texas enmities from New Mexico to the gulf have been , designated as henvily infested with pink hoi I worms. tPcrviotisly, the idea so designated included only counties in the, lower Rio Grande valley. ' Texas agriculture commissioner John White also announced a regulation change to ease movement of cottonseed originating. in the infested area. Under the old regulation, two licnt treatments were required be; 'I fore seed could be taken acioss a i county line, and the producer had to pay for both. * Now seed may move freely n- mong counties in the heavily infested area after only one heat treatment.' Or, seed may move from the heavily infested area to other parts of Texas if it is going to mills where approved equip- t ment is available for the second heat treatment. The 37 counties designated are: Arkansas. Uee, E r e w s t e r, ·* Brooks, Callioun, Cameron, Culberson, Diffitt, Duval, El Paso, Hidalgo. Hudspeth Jeff Davis,Jimm Hogg, Jim Wells, Kenedy, J Kinnoy; Kleberg. La Salle, Live Oak, Maverick, McMuIlen, Nueces, Pecos, Presidio, Reeves, Refugio. Knn PiUiicio, Starr, Terrell, Uval, dr. Val Verde, Ward,.Webb, Willacy, Znpata and Zavallo. Marshall Given Cail-Up?owers ·WAfiHINGTpN. July 7 W '_-'president Truman .today delegated * io Secretary of Defense Marshall authority to cajl up units arid members of the armed forces reserves and retired personnel of the regular forces. 1 The executive order* also gave simitar nuthority over Coost ' Citiard rcsorves comtwncnls to Sec- ictary of the Treasury Snyder. \' They could be called to active : duly for a period of not more : f thnn two years. The order extends for one jfcar ' *. ntithoiSly which now exists, but which would have expired" tomor- V - j . ( ro\v. The cxtennlon was authorized i -r^hy Congroas when it passed the 1 !.'·}'UMT-ScleoUvu Sen-ice net. agree, is a concentrated study of the Hudspeth situation. None deny that allowances of all surplus water to the lower valley farmers would be 'an act of good neighorliness. Krai Surplus? But thti uppermost question is how can there bts a surplus when the entire area suffers from an identical shortage. Pictures taken by the Sun-News April 24 and July 2 reveal there is a great quantity of drain water flowing at this moment to Hudspeth county through irrigation canals and drainage ditches. The water cannot be anything but surplus. If there is a surplus of water then how can there be a shortage? That's a question local fanners find hard to answer. Facilities Paid Perhaps the Bureau of Reclamation can answer how thousands of gallons of water daily can flow to Hurispeth county to irrigate acres of cotton and alfalfa, using the facilities of the Hurcau of Reclamation: Those facilities were paid for by farmers in the IClephant Uutte Irrigation district and tl:e 1-J1 Paso Water Improvement district. Hudspeth farmers bought the Inml chenp, and farm . t h e land cheap, all at the' expense of Dona Ana and Kl Pso counties. Charity to a neighbor is a noble and traditionally Southwestern trait -r but you don't ffled your neighbor when your own are beginning to starve. U. S. BOAVS To Rod Demand To Close ^ Information Service WASHINGTON, July 7--VPt-- The United States informed Hungary-today that, in response to a demand of last Monday, it will discontinue its cultural activities in that Communist nation. This development · is an outgrowth of the recent trial of Archbishop Groesz. Charges of working against the Communist regime were made against American legation officials in that case. The Hungarian government demanded the recall of three officials and the closing down of the U. S. Library and motion picture and musical activities. The Hungarian government charged those activities were "organs camouflaging acts of espionage and subversive activity." The U. S. government first refused to recall three legation officials. The Hungarian government thereupon declared them personally unacceptable, which left this country no choice except to order them out or keep them out of Hungry. Ban On Rollbacks For Agriculture Voted Byjolons WASHINGTON, July 7 UPl -The House Agriculture committee Saturday decided to sponsor a move to prohibit rollbacks on agricultural products. Chairman Coole.y (D-NC) said he would offer an amendment to the defense production bill with his committee's approval. The bill is now under consideration in the House and facing" a stiff'fight. Cooley told reporters after a meeting of his committee that this decision does nqt mean that the group has changed its opposition to all rollbacks on agricultural and non-agricultural products. Must Cojiflm; "But he concluded wo should confine our amendments to agri-- cuHural commodities.", Cooley said. The committee met for three ami one half hours In executive session, and during one hour of this time representatives of farm groups were closeted with them. The House itself, meanwhile took time out from the controls issue with many members looking to the forthcoming Korea cease- fire tfllke for a cue on how to vote. Voting is Monday Actual voting starts Monday, ·with a crucial lest due in mid-week on a move to prohibit pi-ice rollbacks during the one year for which it is proposed to keep the defense production act in opera- vote. It became increasingly apparent, however, that if next week's peace talks bring about an end to fighting in Korea, there will be strong (sentiment to junk controls on sentiment to junk controls on prices and wages. Members advocating an end to controls i n ' t h a t even claim the resulting decrease in defense spending \vill curb inflationary trends and automatically keep prices and wages from rising further. In.wrt Conditions Republican..leaders are considering..making 'tn"p'r6p"oied controls conditional in any event, provided they can agree on how to do that. Administration leaders are trying to meet President Truman's request for a stronger bill than that passed by the Senate and t h a t proposed by the House Banking committee hope for an assist fnim the consuming public before the voting starts. Thirsty Prison Escapee Knocks At Wrong Door COYOTE, July ? (/7J -- A Los Lunas prison farm esuapeis knocked for -a, drink ;1 svate.r at the wrong place lust night. Her knocked n( the horn? of Deputy Sheriff Salomon Lnvntn of Klo Arriha county. Lovalo reeofrnlv.ei! the prison clothing worn by Leslie Otis Hrown, 20, who I'scuprd from the farm- Wednesday. The clflccr turned him over to State. Polieenuin FrVinU Lucent-in Esptuiula, and slate police began it 5?arrh of th" Coyote area for the other two of the- escaped trio. Smoke Jumpers At Little Creek Hold Fire Lines Three-Week Plot Weather Siege Tops Severe Drought liy the As.soi.-!atuit\ Press A Utrec-xvneks hwit ' Only Las Cruces, College Set Record j ^1-;"^ round 75 per cent of the flames j *-' - * droughts in its liisloi \'. t h a t have leaped ocioss lfi.0001 . ." ~ i' ' ' ^o^cLr M m ^i^"^\Air Force Chief Bulwarked oy iresli men a n d ; Q m , is Pl ) ari . tl 1 . omi( i "Q" foi . TJT f~\{ ~T} J A " applied by parachute drops from p l e ( , i p i t u U m i . ' s ^ contl is thl . ,,,,. ; W flUlS Ul ilGQ All 'ive airplanes, the fire .fighters U|]1(1 r(H , tl| . t | of 10 ; ( | P p rePS f o r h M i ' ,-CKtcnlay held the bl.ize to 100 tl . nipl . rntui . 0 . " ' " ! M i f f h t R l l l l r l Tin icre.s spread. The fire is ' in one The report is suhmitted monthly i ^^y^ 1 J J U U U - U J J f the most inacccKsiM the southwest. Bulldozers smashed n h e n d j cut fire lines in the hintorlnml. 1 They have to be supplied with j gasoline by mute (rain. Parachute | ilrtips curry too much dinner ol" flames. :l Todav with continued favorable Official piny in Las Cruces "Lit-1 wealho ;. f the rn , THl scrvif . ( , Sl . ca possibility of controlling the fire 2-1 hour.4. p(clt Prof. J. C. Overpeek, New the noi thi.Msi ami tlu; ljni\!er counties of t h e t.-jiKt aiilis ; ilcies tin; p l r t u r c look nl all hnpe- ( fill. There muisture VHS t it^yu j n o r m a l for t h e J a n u a r y through i May period. 1 G r a z i n g there- Is f a i r t i ynoJ. | I C l s e w h e i t - t i l e ::mpe.s :u-e s;-nied | or drying fast. Home J i o r k Wiiter being 1 lumled in I he iv.v-itern h a l f 'Little League 9 Play Officially. Opens Monday |C^nK i Mexico ASM college cooperative ! LONDON. July 7 I.T. ; '* h(M % v ''fiule.l in the v.-.-.-icci n half 0 I observer. I Hoyt S. Vanilenbei^ said lodriv I nf l n r stllt(? - tlu ' w calher liuivnu T , u uvm( , h i g l l ()f J O . vaj . j^o,.^^ i ) u n p vg to se , hifc niai .,. for the collesc in t h e h i s t o i of w e a t h e r reemds. l!cKr( , t , s , b n t l i p s p i t i - e , h i f c l i : armi.slice, ( h : the r o n t i n u e d ' i- 1 -'! u i r .stmij; ·»s fit' a Korean « ''^P 111 '^. a n ( 1 1 '/ is need tn w t i t e h ! i n R is underway in many ..seel ,1-upof Oomnnm-:! 1 ' 1 " 1 '- 111 " 1 ^' ! " tll(% so-ithensl. i n M - i n c t u i i,i. League" baseball opens Lions park Monday. The small-fry baseball players, resplendent in new regulation.uni- L-ithin another They hope- to start relieving .some- of the C50 men on the l i r e lines j Lou- fur the month was -II! dt-; H(1 l|( ,,| ar0( , i l t n nou - H ,. onfor . -. Rices on June i. i em . ( . Uui( Ri .,, ..... Hlmi! , U i Inm ,. l() . [ Averaj-,0 temperature inr the t 'd by iflO pianos in the month, : month of June, according .o Over- ! 120 of them .jel fighters. The new '·1.2 degree* V.7 above | jjlaacn brunch t the Communist to- normal. Me; degrees a n i l S.'l.O tiegri'L'S for mean a] to al, ou i J . l f l O forms, will field seven teams in tomori ow. the current season play. Two J Rains fell all around the f i r e , hl dear .lays wpi i . l a . s n l i i a U h e . t i m ) S n l u s t , mt , (1S1 , W. H. Page Dies Tn Hospital Saturday W. H. Page, prominent Las Cruces pioneer settler, died Saturday afternoon at Memorial General hospital. He was 79. He has been nospitalizcd since being struck by. an auto Monday, ;July 2. 3n addition to multiple fractures of both legs, he sustained severe body bruises and undetermined injuries. Cause of the death was not given. Mr. Page is survived by three daughters, all of Las Cmces. They are Mrs. Leo Valdez, Miss Justine Page, and Mrs. Fred Garcia. . Kuneral arrangements by Nelson i funeral home are pending. games will he played tach Monday, inea yesterday, hut very l i t t l e on 1 iveimled for the month w i l h iwn I ..,.,.| f cnniplaccncy." and Wednesday evenings at Lion:; u u - Little creek area itself. How-! ."hown us "partly cloudy." N o . ' _ park, until the Liltic Leaguers Uvur. the moisture raised the hu- j i'l»"dy days were recorded. i · » » ' " ' n ^'.. ^! ,,,'J n ,,,"" are able to equip their own home! midiiy from a dnngeioiiK -1 per . Maximum wind ·/olneity for the | it . ^ 1 1 'i M e o f ' t lie* WIU-KL paik. The league is .sponsored hy the Las C'ruCes Optimist club as part of their regular youth program. Motto for the Optimist club is '·Friund of the Boy." :ent to -Hi-omul lit) per cent and j month was 2:1 miles per hour lessened burning conditions and | from the southeast on June ;0. t h e kindling p o i n t . j The lack of precipitaiion shown Parched by lack of rainfall this · was recorded us .f)5 iiK-ln-n under (Continued on page f o u r ) j normal for the month. *,"·"££ ~^^Violence In Hospital Strike and the Cubs vs. Athletics. · f _ , ^ _ ,-. :^^"^^\Ends With Judicial Orders ces aga Cardinals. The youthful ball players are selected from every part of Las CruccH, White Sands Proving Ground and Mesilla Park, and no - Minneapolis. July I/PI ·-- '-. I h u hospitals, w i t h the pohci- uiuler t r i c t Judge D. E. Labile Satur- \ ins i riK ..tions lo escort day signed an order rest raining \ non-professional hospital prejudices or discrimination is per- iroin continuing Iholr .strike :"id,.. A ] nM s , doctors and n l f i - ials through the piclte.! lines. _ | players. P c e t n equal P |lals - milled in selection of Team aspirants all have nn eqi chance to make the various terns regardless of race creed m- color. Equipment and playing fields are. s\zc to fit the small-size players, and each team has its own set' of uniforms and equipment. The public is coidially invited to attend the -first night's play on Monday night. Picketing at ten Mlnncnpoh* hos- ; V i r t m . ' Nnfliln""-- A l l ( i c r f i 0 n . A h b o t t Ex-Sheriff Is Cook In Prison t h i n g s 11ml could happen." Tin? Air Force chief nf s t a f f said the United Slates would reach its planned strength of a !r--}-,TOUp Air l-'nrce. by the spring i-r' ISKV.. 1 but t h a t prodiu'tiun ivmld he Ixuwte.l quickly if necessary In-cause Aiuer- ! ... ican aircraft t a r t dries arc hein.'V Jiuihlc and triple toolcil. VamU'iibcrg .said the T.S. .Strategic Air Koroo a;:, in Ills opinion. "the m a i n ileloront lo win. It conM lo a very powerful job it' anyone w a n t s lo t a k e it on." he :;ani. Five Mo in 1.x. 1 iv I n ( l o u n l v F a m i l y I lavr a d m i n i s t r a t o r , quoted Carle iis The order was directed al l o c a l ! saving "you a i n ' l .seen n o l h i n s yet. \ ' p I · I r r i ' V ' ,. ,. ' " b r i n p i n g o u t Un-i l \ ] ) n O H l I I M S K i l l 113 of the AFL B u i l d i n g Service j Vie. We'll be Employes Union W i n t e r \Vhei · The drought v i r t u a l l y wipeif hilt ! out the cnstern Now Mexico win' Icr when I cvnp. Ha in f a i l HI nee ! spring bus been - .sufficient, lo ! p l p i i t and s u s t n i n sorgh'tiiis and : o t h e r dry land ctops. however. !n i pinto bean districts, the L-V-IH \$ ' a failure. i So far there is enough wnlnr to : sustain most i.'tops in irri.ualoii districts, the Weather HIIITIIU .s.iKI. ; a l t h o u g h nlniij; llw Rin ( i r a m t o In . the snutlH-'ni purl of IliL 1 state-. '· lu.Touges arc icstrictcd. I t i i g a i - int; Wiiter is rationed in all of New Mexico's Rio CJrande valley. Dry forests stand us Under lo , be set off by n spark. The fire ! sctisnn .stiirtt-il early this yenr. and 2r»fl fires have burned Vi.Soo acres of limher. \\elis Dry Up \Vvlls for domestic w a t e r in hamlt'ls anmiRl Taus have ilrieil up, hut the U.S. Oiodt'tic Survey reports there is not noticeable o!'- I'ci-t ye.t in geiu-ial grdiind w u l c r tallies of the jitale, eithor hiH-aiisc of thi' d r o u g h t or 01 heavy pumping in agrictilLtiral :trea:; for irrigation. In n i e t r o p u l i t a n AlbnqiieiqiK.'. a water shortage dovtilojied Thnrs- ilay. City folks were using water t a s t e r t l m n it c'nild bn pii'upoil from 1!S wells. in lorn wi.s ro'jghod up. a was pushed for half a block and veils were torn frovi nuns. Sets IIt'iiring I Judge Labelle set ;: hearinc;- for I Tliursilny morning on ji inntion by j the hospitals to make t h e order Happy Apodaca and Roy Saiul-: permanent. Th* order \vus cffec- muii a i e now cooks and former tivo immediatelv State Police Chief Hubert Bras-j Tlu , ,,,,,,,. n]M . S( , ,,. s , j,.,,^,,. ley is a janitor m Lu Tuna federal j ho Hll| ,,.,,,, Wlls aln ,,. k l ) y ' ., pi Ison. Thut »wl came S . i l i m l . i y , | k , n ,,,,,,, ,,..,,, ,,,,, s ,,,. iml . Hly over the prison (jrapevine to the j hm . t M a n y pi( . h( ,,., a , ; onn,l the Sun-News. Ihosliitul c;irriol Ihc u-omlen i:lnlw. Former Sheriff Apoilnca is n a c c o w n n j 1 0 sister Mury Rlln. Sin- cook in prison officials niura. H'e I I)c ,. viso ,. of po.'sunnel. grapevine says, ami foi - f o r m e r ' · -~ · district attorney fielil iigent Sandman is a cook in the prisoner's T:;:: rs. ^ ,,. ,,,,:=, .,,,*,,».^ r ,,»«m;;' vr-us'-^^n^ssa^i: lh,,t s-nv the strike flare I.eyomi oonr, In the hospitals' mines, for _'TM 5 1 "'^ U .' U J t ' J , | i ,,,,,,,. ',,,,,, ,,,, Th.ns.lav it wa, the jos.HnK and namc-callu^ a lTMP»;»r "^TM"^%»'" ' A^,,.^,.;, iV, Wi .hspat, I, r,,Jiv',!l · M.Wfl.onn ,nllon,,. ' ' stnjTc. RoofliiB nails WCI-L- strewn a Ban on pu M.HH,.. i x . i i m t . i i . . .,. tr.,nM,, Hie , - i l v ruin hospital drivevvay.s. a mule nurse i "im.irul of roofing na,ls IH- said h:u! ·-··"'-' .s.'t,...l.,,. , i n i « a , i , m t , ,m,. was 3tn,ck with a svoouen dub. a n i " TM in I),,, l^nlal d, iv,.-! M' »,,,»·,·« ,,, Sanr, 1- ,, ,,,,,,! ·. ^ ^ ^ ,,.,,,,,'·,,., iMoi-e llun 8(111 iniMMhcis "f II"' . union wi'rc off llii-ir jolis at X.nt!i- , wc'sleni. Swedish, St. M Ahbott. l-'aitviinv. St. l!ar Paikvicw. Ashnry ami Mca I In- f a m i l y v.'a.s coil- : [PI- l l i - a l l h Di'pai-tniein I f n t i l y nf lli.' finally ·y'.i K i l i ' l . . i-onl.i :» r m i i n i IIITI' "inn- Pon". ilias. j Ana r o i i n l y Inis nn lu-::illt oflici-r. nrss ! sitir. 1 I'lf. .lanifi Scdtt of H a n i a !··(- In'cil Dr. K ( I . M. K l l l ' i t s . State GOP Meeling-'Descriljcfl Bv Governor As c Lov f (* Peas!' AL1!LIC}I.:KKQUE. J u l y 7 A p p - n . - n t l y . n i l wiis HWcctin-! An intern at Kairvieu- hospital | l i g h l M t h e H i r e l i n g hisl n i g h l of | i,orl nf l..':i was "roughed up" ;is lie trit-d to j Ri-puM:r;in c m i n t y c h a i r i i u - n w i l l i j h»hy. h n i i n;;sist two girl volunteers t h i - u i i g l i i state- p n r t y Inulcrs. a n . I Quit · . , I - K « - Kflr. -.qi,-:t i n - pickot lines. A j a n i t o r ;it A b b o t t } bospitnl was pushed n b u u t .sfi n i u i - l i Beaselej' sweeps and does t h i n g in the j a n i t o r i a l line at the ml- ] [ lm ^" m . W O U nt] u); ministration b u i l d i n g the ' " ant said. , All three formor officials an; Tonii- | a w a y from Ulc hospital. U n i t AnibuhiiU'c Roofing nails and tacks we serving one-yenr terms for lor- : . str( . lvn in t h e driveways of at lr:i»l luring a negro suspect in (he I S M f l ; ( h r e e hospitals. One ainl)iilani:i! Ovida Cooglcr m u r d e r case. They probably will be paroled sometime late this year. City Chalks Up 258 Traffic Accidents Doing $14,000 In Damage In First Half Of Year m;irk.s n b o n l p a l r n n a ^ i 1 . JJUI tlh* i pi (.·;Mm mnmicr. Piilronngr is inMpon.sihl bivnk \vcelcs :if,o ln-lwc c h n i r n m n John K n o r r of H a r w e l l ; " l . n v i - 1-Viis-l" K j ) f ) k r n i u r n ;;:MI| t l n ' i v was l i l i l c ili.s^iMi.Moii I hid .Mrrhrin f c i T f t i t ( i t i l l ' m o d i t i j ; a:i ;i " l i - f i s t . " T i n - U'eallurr I l i i u - a u i ^ l i i i N i ' r . l i i i u - j t i L ' u i i i i U i L i i t n was :\'2 |u-i ! r i - n i nf i i u n n u l . Tim n'porin ulim, 1 · I'..]!;, of p:ihaps ; i i n r h m i.| t , , m u t l i i ' M j i t ] i a i t nl' Mm K t ; i l i - n » Mr ' i i - - ( i ! - i l : i | i k i . - i i i i j ' a l l in L l i . - uv-;| l « : i l f . : l-'dr tin- p r i i u d f p i i n .|:iiiii:u.\ · l h i i i i i f . h May. fur w i n c h li^ui-,-: ; 1 J i l t : ; i v : i i i : i h l , - , t i n - s l a l i - i:vuni;;c : | · fifi J I I T - i - i i l uf m i n i m i . : I.KIs I C n i n h i l l ulis. tin; We: p i i T i j i l t n t i . m 1 1 1 . ': : sinn v a t S t . Mary's h o s p i t a l l i n i l t w o f l a t tiros sis it sought to use t h e driveway to t i r i n g in a p a t i o n l . At St. Mnry's h o s p i t a l veils wen: ])iillr(f off nuns who came oiit ol i t h e b u i l d i n g to e.scori non-sirikcr:: j cause. through the lines. K n o r r I T n i n v i l r i ) H I U ! C.Iovi-rnnr .Mi-clicin. K n o r r wan | least hvo K c p u b l i c a n s u i i l i : i p p y about t h r slowness w i t h 1 l u r n u M ' l y 77 i n ; p i i r l y t a n k : - ! who wun 1 r.ot in. l( h t h e governor was i i ' p l n n n t i ; su Inppy. GUI* wa.i I ' a u l Pavi.; of n:iiiocr:itic .stiilr wiii-kt'r.s w i t h K c - | K.slanc:a. t t u n n - r T o i ' i a n r c c m i a i y publicans. M f f h c m saiil In* \ v u n l i i ! i - h a i i m a n . The o t h e r w a s l ^ i n i l i a i i o remove Dt'ino r a t u i t i t o v u . K a m l o v a ] i - n i i n i v . - l i e i i f l 1 iiu-nst ViD. inn per vni i.r 1 . . I . S n . '.!·! J I . T cent I . h i m - I pt-r ( L ' l i L ) ; S n i i t h e u s l .'t.;i7, pi-r c . n t ) ; f { i i C : : i u i l f n o r t h A t l i i i i i - . i r n i i i c l . f t l . S2 per r e n t . I. lf per c i - n t . l l - ' l . t in.. 1 0 pri- ll i ; Hin ( h a r n l e .s(.it(!i ( if A I - (iiid t'ormor Sunduval cutmly I'liair- Norman Curie, business a«en'. I for local 113 of the A K L Building | Service Employes Union, was taken A stfltisiical report of accidents in the city of Las Cruces for the first half of 1951 has been completed by City Police Sgt. Kenneth Barntitn for Chief Santos Ramirez. The complete breakdown shows 258 vehicles accidents in the city from January 1 to June -TO resulting in nearly $14,000 in property damage and injury to 13 persons. No fatal accidents were reported in the city limits during the period. In Dona Ann county, two persona have met denth on the highways so far. Multiple Accidents Multiple accidents, those in which two o'r more vehicles were involved, accounted for the bulk of the traffic mishaps. Only right of the total were single-vehicle accidents. The report reveals that .19 women driveis were involved in truffle nccldrnU, while 219 men drivers were found on reports. The high month for rcpoitable accidents waa found lo he June with 31. Low month was April with 13. 104 By Undents City residents accounted for 1 accidents, while 2S were drlveis from out of state. Thc next highest number of tied dents "we re In vehicles owned by county- residents, with the least number occurring t o 1 hy localities to aid Romiroz in con-1 to police hcuduuartcr.s when ho , , . , · protected police action in lialtin:; vehicles driven iiy non-county res-, tro ,, ing ln , ffi ,, mi(1 determining j jostling of an unidcnliiiod man try- idcnts from other ports of t h e . whlf . h p| , v n n i n , K , mi t h ( j i m ) K t ; ing Ln y^-^u, t ,,c hnil.iing. state. Only one train-vehicle collision j was reported during the period, j with a total of five vehiclc-pedi Irian mishaps occurring. Thirty-five citations were issiid during the period with one driver charged with two violations resulting from the same accident. Breakdown of citations shows six persons cited for driving while intoxicated; six for reckless driving; 13 from driving without license; two for hit and run; six for passing stop signs and one accident result- Ing from a parking violation. DiMiuiKc, To Vehicles The bulk of property damage as a result of the accidents WHS to vehicles Involved. Highest number of traffic mis- hnps in the city occurred In the afternoon hnms^ This time was followed by accidents occmrlng between 7 and 8 o'clock In the morning. The highest number nf acctdonU involved drivers In the 20-25 year bracket. Seven accidents were rc- poi ted with women drivers In the 4fi-50 nge bracket. Thc compilation will be followed by a statistical rcpnii of accident* I which city points ! hazardous. P.ui K f i i n k Wort man. (.'have.--. o n n t y c l i Q i i m a n . who WHS rumor- | oil to iigtw w i t h K n u r r , and \ V i l - · ! t h e n: t h e $ : . ! i . i Kmm · p a r t y ov.v:; him f u r l i u m Giillaclic chairman, also repotted t been uninvited, f i t tended. All of the slalc'M :\2 f Squad cars wore C O I l I l t y IH 11 l I l a l ' U H M ' l l . h i l t H ] , n l ( e M H . i h a v e ' nre In Lhr m a k i n g t j the mo.'iey. K I H U I he n m i l r ; ; ' not f u l l :i state i-nrivi'iitiu "1 nn«- I" " Former Cruces Resident, Teacher Heads U. S. Educators SAN FRANCISCO, July 7 l-Ti -- [ cintcd Press cont'spondcnl for I Nnllvc Of Sliilc Y. Cloyd Miller, Deming educator j yt-ars In Deminj; sent this report! A intivi: of Xcw Mexico. Mill and former Las Crucu'a resident, to t h e AlbinaioKjiie hnri'iiu: ; fi'SKluil. .Ii.lm Milm-. AHiiK|itfU|!i up. and teacher, today heads the iar-'i .. j_ c| ( ,y ( | Millor itlooled pit-si-' inini.sti a t o r in New Mexico, lielnn j:est school group in the world. \ t \ en \_ Naliomil ftluriilitui Associii-, comin- tn L:IH Cnin-H in H»2I. li Son of the late Dr. C. A. M i l l e r ) u on today with I,.rt7 vote;) to j pmclicc.l in Tnliimtfl. H.i^.'iinan of Las Cruccs. former hear! of the j 1,21!) for Paul flrig.sby nf tllinojii." ; '"id Lnvini:. slate medical society, he was i-lrct- Only 11 ft-w 'lays liefnn- he wmt od president of the Nulionnl I ' M - ' t h e A.P.': ucation association in San K t a n - ' cisco Friday. His election over a cnndida te from Illinois climaxed nn eight months campaign by New Mexico school people. It was just old fashioned 'politicking, Commented the man who stalled the drive. Kind New Mexican Miller Is the first New Mexico man to hold the position. Miller's t'lei'Uon yesterday concluded the SlJth annual convention "Cmiiml Itfllcvi-. "I (.intuit be.lleve I h f i t N'ew Mexico ran clod a president when a stntt like Illinois is n u m i n a t l i t K a j man." · j Then ho prniKiM Now M o x i r n ! : i n i t i i H i - n i , h f l j j e i l j - i n - i i i l i e n d I h c ! c a m p a i g n . I l l - M i g ; ; i - j . l n l I hi- "Poli- '·'| H i - k i n n 1 1 a n - l e Irisl f a i l a l X M K A n v i - n t i N i i lieie. As a H - u i i l t , t h e p u b l i c ^'lii j M i l l n WHS M?lniflrd dl 1^.1 C H I - ' v ., r l ] 1 ,, r ,,,,. ..i,,,,. i i : i v t , f] U ( ,,] t ,| ; ros, ( j i n d u a t l n H fio.u Xrw M c x i r o ! , ( , . . n ; i | j ( l | 1 w i l h r . l l l ) | ) ; U g n h l e r a | A A - M there n ml h i k i n g » m n . s U - i ' n j U l | l , | ) l l l ) s | m j. M U ] ( T f ( ) l - u,,. ,,,,, I d c g i c - L - I n t e r at the Unlvec-iiy " M x K A p.,.-,t. A l l l e t i e n ; nni;ln Umi; . N e w Mexico i l l e . l u n i t i r m a l » ' f - j m t h ( . M u l e ' s M-hon) ;i n n d - U - s t i n e , ! | m i n i s t r a t i o n . j |,,,. ; .,.| 1( , n \$ , u l r | e i l . i r - a i m . i o n t s i r K | lie i n i i K h l in ( j n l l u p and | ( h i . s , j | h % haV( . ,.,, nUinil|1 nipil . s ,, r ' ( h e j i i i l i i j i l l l e t l e l l n i j ; of M U l t - i ' n V i i - W H oil eilil- llnhin hlfjli JM-hnnlH, w.m · ( ill L:ml).liuri: and rmls-. , ):il . h i M)li ; i( | :im i i etliicntois whn "hovo nut l o f t imy- i , ) n ( I a n t | .supoilntendeiH of ni-himlK j |,",( iou " thing undone . . . and many of my ,,, Loui^iutj,' and Domlnn. w ti friends. Thc cnmpntgn f u r Mlllrr.-i i-lrc- lion wra ^tailed IOH! fall In ihi he hns se) ved 12 years. Wife Accompanies M!« wife and two childu'ti. Jay, 1 Taltc Smivcnlrs i N. M. ilclegale.s ; mri'i i m i K w i t h Di f | i i e 1 r.S. 51 per r u n t ; .fit* i n . ~~ pt-i c e n t : i f . . 10; in. S per r . - i i l ; S m i l h w e s l L'.Ot. Sli per rent, . 1 1 1 . ;;il pel e e n t : ( O H I M ; N . i t h u . - - , l ·J L 1 :;. ;'-.« per C e n t ; 1 .S. r i, t(i pot cent; ^ i n n i n - l . I College Airpori 'Program Okayed The C i v i l Aei innitiLi. Ailmini.str.i- t i n n lei-nn me in Is t h a t an ;iii pot I . w i t h iimwiiys .'l.ODO !· iVi '.- ImiK !).- Inslnlli-Ll at New Mt-\i.-o A.tM cnlK-j;, m I-.L.S (.'tiicrji. i Tlu- ( V AA lecoinmen.h that KG New Mcxicn airport.s In- r e p n i t i - d ' i.r improve.! (liiruu; I lit- next t h i t v vnars. The Nu-w Mexieo A^-M :tii- purl i.i the only major impmve- . nieiit adih-d hi tin- C ? A A li-.i t h i s 'I year. l-McilHies »t the local I'lilli^'.' .111- j i d i l .ire at ppc^oiit usi'il ny tin: Civil A i r I'ntrol .squndron us an n p i ' i a t i n j j hasp. · Some moves Imve lieen rumor( ed Conliiu-ntal inul KronluT an liiu v s inny nuivt tla-ir liead- (Hinrter.H i» t h e college flel.l. Al pre-iont h n t h rnmnu'Klal lillliut-.-i (ipcnito nl inunUMpal ah port nlno milos wi-.-it of (tit 1 city. the national i small ImkiM K t n t c ItftchcrH rnnventinn hy Kupl. l.t, n m l Jnnot .8, a i r w i t h him i n ! day anil trayn, w i l h Hie unrds of thr national mwnclnUnn. Tho | John Milne of Alliuqiieuinc. A* a ; San Kiunolnrn. Miller loaves J u l y - UO.MllKK CUASlllZS PHKKTWICK, Scotland. July 7 i.T' A U. S. Air Force H-'JO w»v- tal t a n k e r crashed and luitiitid' in ballot Rfivc Miller the clerllon over result, the millnn was tlnodod w i l h j 20 for Miiliu l i head the u. iv del- t h e m , they were miule by v n c a l t u n - . a mbt-shrouiled valloy Ul mtle.s . of Oiunlto City, 111. And Miller who hn« bijen AS»O. Milk- in- ej,'Htuui t tildaty. a inruling 'if I h e on of lh«; teaehinn pi l s t u d e n t s 111 on pay u l o u r ) ; fwnn lioio. iipnarently klltliif; Uu. 11 crewmen ahonrd.

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