Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 6, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX-. IAS CHUCES (Hi M.) SUN-IfEWS Liars Overcome Deficit To Lick Kids; DeNolay Smashes Turrenline A;game Uury Lodfie crow over-! for Turrentlne \va.-j Ed Onllvcros en me a four-run 'deflejt to lirk ! ;.,.jih two singles Rtudehttltei Kids 7-6 last, night i"; the'Junior ICJIRIIO. j j un!o| . 1( , nf , U(! ,, p o p u j f l r p ry Studcbakt 1 ! 1 look iw early fi-(r (Joods vs. Rivos Studio, 0 p. in., Icatt, hut javi- up ffiiir runs i n ; J u n i o r high i-chonl, the bottom of the fourth, then ! Kf-nlor league -- P. R. Burn VM. yielded the lying run in the nl.xih. j Stevens F i u n i l u i e . Apod'aca knorked out a single; A d u l t league- - Scott Chpvro- fil llm end of Ihi- Kcvpnlh to .score; ],., O f A n t h o n y (n-|ilncln(,' I.;is t h e . w i n n i n g - r u n . Winning pitch-} cuirr* F u r n i t u r e IhiH gjnnc ( i n l y ) i-r wns HanmtiuV who hold Sin-- ·:;. -uiit A i r Service U n i i , W h i l e ilehfik«;r dnwfc wfitte hiH iwiiiimvtpsi s im ,l.s Proving Ground, went (m tn-'nck,jfjp a h u i d f o u g h t s.'Oio. Loatljn/f' at the plate for Ui? ' : Iitar-.'' was Sanchc-x, V/JKJ kJi'-ickcvi out Ihrcf- for t h r o n . ')',}{· Kni'.i' losing jutrlicr, MOH- ;iye:i. wnn fil.-ifi Us lf*:idinK hitter, W!KI i»i::ti-d t w o in throe, i n c l u d i n g our hoiiji; i n n . \ \ ' i l l i n d i n p l n y i,{ I i a v i n ^ fiu- jidv.'er.'Ui'Miilay hiiuiHhe.l ' I ' u i J ^ n - t i i n - l f v - 7 in IhV S.-nior | ( .;.;,'iif. i ' a n l Houiilirllf. .ij 1 ., sinns-.ln-d (jut t w o iioin't-r, n lil|Ji-. nnd a M n c l c f-.i r)"Mnifiy. f n - n i ; Pfic!.llpy with four fiinjjle l i e d on to t w o · l ( n i i i l " J i m i l l Wlill'.M] lWi(V. Bill l l O i i l c i l I t l i u r l t 'I nut :i hoiiii' i tin. Si.i:iMn«, M H1N li.-muliiy l u L d i H o n t o I I h i t s l i m n Mllir- OiMIlu of T i l n v M t l M c . The Chuvrok'tB m a n n ^ r d lo Men I four h i t s J n i n i R.,iy. jjig l i i l h - r MAJOR. Minor League Results 1U Til,-' AsM.rlali-cl Press N A T I O N A L W. L. I'(;i' | udldyn -17 ^fi .fi-1-I | -··(j , r. ! \VBST TKXAR-NEW MKXICO Albuquerque 9, Borger 0 A m a r i l l o !l, Clovls 5 } 3 ;tmii[i G, I.aniCHa 3 Abilene 0, Luhbock 0 SOUTHWEST 1\TKKNATIO,\AI, LEAOIIK Phoenix 17, Y n r u a 8 [jiis .Vf i ga. c i f), Tijuana 8 Kl Centrn H. Mcxlcnlj -I i:jshe(r-noiifj!(is 10, Tucson 3 K) Pami IS. .luaiez 7' TKXAS IJCAOIJI-: Sun A nl nnio (i-1, Houston 0-2 Oklahoma City 4, Dallas 2 lien union I. 7, Khrevepnrt II Tiilsn 4, l-'nrl Worth y P A r i F I C COAST I.KAMJE Seattle ft. Onklnnd 7 Han KranciHCo 4, San Dingo 1 -Jlallyv.-ood 4. K n c r n m c n l o '.i La« Angelc.i J^, Poi-tlnnd 10 St. Lr.ui Big Abilene Guns Knock Lubbock Out Of Second Cim inniili Huston Chirflgo P i t t s b u r g h .-17(1, .472 Binfihlyii ;ii I ' l i i l i i d e l p h i n ( n l ^ i i l i l I O H t d l l I I I N i ' W YlH'lf S I . I.niiin til [ ' i l l K l n t i ^ l ] ( n i ^ l i l ) r ' i n d n n a t i n t Chicn^o Tlnirwlny's K.-siills , ,Sl. Loulu 10, C;hi':iiK« ? I Ilo.'iton 7, I ' l i l l a ' l i ' l p h l i i 0 ( M ' t ' l M c i i i n n t i -I, Pllt:ibiir|;ll 0 j Uioulilyn 8. Ni-w V o i k -I . ... The Assoeialrd Press ;M :IH ATt\ ','i',l ;iS .IGft i Ahilt'iii-'h big y u n s boru down :!(» ;i7 ,-MK l»Kt night ID knoirk lyiiblmrk out 20 -12 .-108 "f .sci.-nnd plin-R in t.lif! W(wt TtwnB- ; Nc\v Mir.xicn Leagut 1 . l!y x-ii tm; nf I h a t victory and vcr Jjorgi-'r ·ir 20 .G:M ·10 2H .B:M 41 '2U .UtCt S I . L»iiin I-'lhlll.V 1 ", S l ' l l r i l l l l i N.-VV Y l l l h ill. lillKl "Rosio The RivGler" i .'-·'"'·"K" «' «'· ' '"· '- . "'" S T A T E * TONIGHT SAT. ed .si-rnnd pl:ice l.ubljriclc dropped lo t h i r d . KOI mer inn j u r lea^uei- Fred . .S'diinklt held Luhhock In four h i t s ! whil'; hi:; iiiati-n p{iiinili;d n u t five , l i D i n e i H tn sroK- a '.Ml H h u i o u t . II | I WIIH t h e f o i i i l h raraighi . A M K H I C A N | J ( l l ) l j y A M j ) , n i . (I1 ,, ir }i .^ t h r e ( , j w. r, ITT. j J l i K l l l H | \Viill KeHiii, P,iil,c- Tuclify A r t i Howland, O i a i l i i ? Schniidl n n d I MorriH C/iird lionu-red tn account for nix AhiU'iic nut:;. A l t n i i j i t u n i i i i ! d i d n ' t |*nl s t a i t r d on its !)ir v i « : l i n y u n t i l the last (.f I hi; t h u d u-hen it Hi-iii-Pil t h r e e nina. Hy t h a t t i n n r Ktn'Kur had Tour, but A!t)U(|Ui'i(|iie ucored t.nie nioie in l l u - l o i n l h .-unl f i f i h f i i i i n u M u n i l f o u r in tin; seventh. Bub 1 Spem-e held R n r K u v liltU-h.s after t i l e l i n i i . A t n n r i l l n hanfieil out n 0-5 victory over Chivis t u make it n i n e r n i t m ' f i i t i v r A n n i e s the Pionei;r.s I JiiiVc Insl. . I f i h n I!ru7.);a accounted | for four Ainai-ir.o markers with n Blue Sox To Travel To Alamogordo For, CYO Game On Sunday I.;is Cunt's lllur Sox l;isul)all Iciuii tnivt-iH lu Aliiniuuonlo Sund;iy fir a r e t u r n hotil \villt (he.. Alamo Catholic Voutli Ortjanl/.n- Mmi. Tin; Blur SOY, u i t h unr win over 1h« Ahtnio^onUi CYO IiiKl. J i i r i r III, \vill M l t r n i p t n s- roiul victory :'t Hie Alnmo^nnlo pnrlt. (ianir* \\nif- is slated at. Z p.m. In (fur earlier ^ntnc f i u t Ificnls tlitivhcd (he fIVO H-"». Sporis Briefs liy Tin- AsKdclJHfd Press TENNIS Wimbledon. K n p l a n d -- Doris Hail dcrcntcd ncv«rly linker, n n d Khirl«y J-'iy boat d p l n n d i n ^ clinin- pion LOUJHR nroiifjh in Bctnifinals of All-England cIiiimpionRliip. f;OKP PortrUHlii NorLIir.rn Irc.lantl -Max Fdulltnor of l^ totik Iwo-.stiokt: k-iifl for Iirlti«ti Open I ilk 1 with 1-1 J; Frank Ktnmahmi could do nfj.ljeUer t n u i f JHO. TuronLu -- Jack 13itrlu\ Jr., took 1«ad in C f i n a d i u n open w i t h .second ntnil^lit !;Ix-umler-jiar CG. 1JASRI2ALL St. Louis -- T J ,ill Veiick looli over St. Louis Urownn and announced liu would rHuin' Z;if:k Taylor us nuinii^cr, at least for time. R A C I N G * ] Ocuanporl. N . ' J . -- Monmoutli park daily double piifd recoril $2.831.40: A d i n l r u l Drake won six- furlung fuaLiyo. · p Ni:w Ywlt --- Fulton ($0^60) won ?10,0f)0 Ftir^et Hurdle hiinJI- i-ap at Actnifdiicl. ciiiciiKo - - Ciioino cnp- Liinsil 54.000 Park Kidue jjurse at Arlington park. Pawtucki-L, R. I. -- Bated Bmilh ($0.80) won fiix-furlong feature at NJII·ra^nn.seU park, Tnylewuud, Calif. -- .Skellpr ($i:i.00i won $(5,000 Allowance at Hollywood park. ( J E N K H A L Now York -- Fotirtuen formui rdllcyf ba.ikutball stars pleaded K n i l l y in connoution w i t h fixing of Madison £jcmarc Cni'dun games l'hil;i.!cl|.!ii;i nt W a s h!nj!lo I l l l K h t ) Clevi-lniiil n l U i i t i n l L ( l i i K h l ) TliniMhi.v's l i e m i l l s I V t i n i l S.CldraK" 0 . Yurli K. W n n l i i i i K l r i n 2 liuslnn H, P h i l n i l r l p h l a !l nil nt St. Liiids postpnn- Painpa t n ^ r d i n a n a i j e r Jay Hay for seven h l t n good for six i nns and a (i-!l victory over I«»- niL-HH. Lametm rstaljlished it now It'll}; Hit reeoril for tola I n-isista hy one team. U run up a iota! tit 10. eellp.tiiif,' l!u- m a r k of 17 Jicld hy ClnvlH. K l i o r t M i u p (.lion Sclho La Mesa Takes On Santa Rita Miners At Home Sunday l.n Mesa Hltnt Jnys jiliiy a Immr Bailie at ^:,SO p.m., Sunday. .July H,- when they nice! Santa K i t u Miners on I,a Mesa field sonOi nf I.HH r.Ynersi. Adnifssidii for (lie Bailie has hern sot nt $.iil) for adulls, ^.as f n r ehihlreii. Ninety pT rent of U. R. sulphur nnd h a l f thi- world nu]tply come« from deposits in Louisiana am! Texas. ai the RIO GRANDE and STATE THEATRES starling S U N D A Y , JULY 8th IT'S COOLER INSIDE YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO ^ATTEND THE MOVIES TWICi RIO GRANDE STARTS SUNDAY Las Crucos Drug Co _ Hcxall -Hoal Advonluro Filmed in Now Moxlcol Quick Service Cleaners , 3 1 H o . W . I « f c H 0 7 W . P i c a c n The Farmers Markol Supply S A E By Attending The Music Box Las Crucos Furniture Store Tho Dudgol Shop . Tho Fashion Shoe Sioro RIO GRANDE or STATE THEATRES STARTING SUNDAY, JULY 8ih The Merry Go Round ^0^8 WLl BE GIVEN TO All PATRONS! 3 " 1 TAKE YOUR COUPON TOlHE , MERCHANT SPECIFIED ON COUPON W RECEIVE jiwt FREE TICKET Plwno ~- Rlo Grande ·!:«) Stale J5V -- I Little League Play To Open Officially On Monday Night Official opening 1 of Inilgue play in Las Cruces Optimist club-sponsored "Uttle League" baseball opens Monday night, at Lions park. Full schedule of games for the week will be announced in Sunday's Sun-News.' First presentation of the small- fry hall players was marie Monday night by the Optimist club. Seven teams in full uniform played unofficial three-inning games before a capacity crowd Monday night at Lions p;irk aftur the first ball was thrown in the game by Mayor Samuel Klein. League play will c o n t i n u e throughout the summer, and members of the Optimist club say soon Little Leaguers will have their own ball park on a big-league schedule. The tiny ball players are togged out in regulation u n i f o i m s , w i t h all -diamonds and .equipment nit to size lo fit the pl.'iycra. Maximum ages of players is. 1*2. No m i n i m u m is set. Seven teams arc featured in Dm Las Cilices league -- i n n Cubs. 'Cr.'ivi'H, lied So., \Vhitc Ko$, A l H - IcllcH. Yankees and PhilltaK. Popn-lalion- /'VfCY j .s Strict Rationing NEW DELHI '/Pi --One third of India's population is under rationing -- fiJi million in villages and 70 million in cilius and towns. Giving this information in parliament. Food Minister K. M. Munshi said this was a drop of nearly 30 million from Hit! beginning of 1951. The food scarcity in Bihar and Bengal hi!;; brought an additional .'{ million people ·under a kind of rationing -- distribution through controlled "fair price" shops. U. S. Doctor Takes Out Shah's Appendix TEHRAN, Iran, July 7~(/Pl-An American doctor cut out Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi'a appendix today, and the 32-year-old ruler was reported resting comfortably. Four American and three Iranian doctors were present nt the operating- room in Tehran's Bank Melll hospital. The actual operation was performed hy Dr. Frank Glenn, chief surgeon at New York hospital. The Kinp, who has suffered for years from chronic appendicitis, summoned doctors and nurses from New York for the operation he- cause he felt he could not leave his In many stales a will of an un- nmrricd woman is deemed revoked by her .subsequent marriage. The capital of Turkey IK Ankara. Revamped Graces Legion Team Falls Before El Paso A reorganized Las Crunen American Legion team fell 2 to 1 before Rollins Mercury of El Paso yesterday in the Border city. Now coached by Phillip Hike, Mesllla Park teacher, the 'Crucens played'their first game since June £j, when they won 15 to 8 over the same El Paso nine. Previously the American Legion team had opened its season by smashing Alamogordo 31-0. Both teams got four hits yesterday's gnmc n t El* Paso. E1 Ontiveros of Cruces fanned seven Fill Pasnsns, while nine Crucens went down via the strike-out pittn. Rollins grabbed its first run in Friday Evening, July I. ll U. N. World Court Asks Protection For B r i l i s l i Oil Rights THE HAGUE, The Netherlands, July 6 I/Pi -- The International Court of Ju.stim announced today U is proposing provisional steps to Britain oncl Iran which would pri- IM-t British oil lights ptmling nc- gotintion of their oil dispute. the f l i n t , its second in the fourth, and l=d for two innings until Llis Cruces latchcfl on to n single, capitalizing it to its single score. Saturday at 2 p. m. American Legion plays Hurley American Legion here in Las Cruces in Lions park. A'dmission of S .25 will lie charged. Sunday the Cruces Le- K1DS UNDEH 12 FREE -- WHEN WITH PARENTS I 7 MISSION ' - M. 5, , i '.. P.. , L Admission SOc - We - lOc Phone 413 Tonight Saturday 2 FIRST RUNS !' j Mil us* or Minus Also Margarei O'Brien 'Her First Romance" I BLOCK OFF U.S.60 ON COLLEGE ROAr. W TONITE AND SATURDAY NlTE! OPEN 7 P. M. -- SHOW STARTS AT DUSK L: THE ADVENTURE SPECTACLE UNMATCHED IN YEARS ! A colt of thousands!, ond the screen's new discovery CECILEAUBRYwHJACKHAWKiHsW^ EXTHA! "BIG HOUSE 'HODEO" WAR NEWS . . . ! SPECIAL PURCHASE SPECIAL PURCHASE - You have scon those sell for twice this much. All famous labels. Hundreds tn choose from. These crisp shec'rs will keep you cool all summer. .Hurry clown early for best selections. Values lo $19.95--$10.99 or 2 for $20.00 Values lo $12.95 - - $6.90 or 2 for $12.00 Values lo $ 1 4 . 9 5 - - $8.99 or 2 for $16.00 Values lo $22.95 - - $12.99 or 2 for $23.00 Tissue Gingham Gingham Seersucker Printed Batiste -- many others -- I

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